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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Monday, June 09, 2014
WC Alumni Association Needs New Volunteer Leadership
Bonnie Writes:
---My fellow alumni, we have a crisis! No, no one has died. No, no one is
gravely ill. However, the future of our annual alumni weekend is in peril.
Let me clarify, before I continue, I know I'm not anyone who functions for
WC in any official capacity. However, my sending the bulletin was requested
by our former alumni president, 1970's THOS. A. DORSEY, and by our
just-resigned treasurer, 1970's GARY E. JOHNSON. Gary has found someone to
do his duties for this year.  So we're clear on that one.  However, we have
bigger problems.
As I understand it, our alumni president is 1983's DEAN R. POLK. However, I
ve gotten word he has resigned, but did not seek out a replacement. Also,
the vice-president had already quit, and I didn't know that one, at all.  In
any case, if someone doesn't come forward to assume these duties in the next
couple of weeks, our annual event will fade into the sunset.  Obviously, it
has to be someone who lives in the general area, due to the duties involved.
  I know nothing about addressing the secretary slot, so perhaps that person
is still in office.
Tom has agreed to, "tutor," whoever might step forward to do the presidency.
We need someone for the VP slot, too. This event has been nurtured and grown
and a great deal of effort has gone into it, as we all know, over the years
it's been in existence. We've even built an entire variety of, "addendum
events," all around it.  I personally know there are so many of you who are
qualified to do this and are great organizers.  It isn't difficult and it's
not even all that time-consuming.  We've always done so well with pulling
together.  It's never been more important than it is now.  So please, give
this deep thought and your best effort.  I know we can save this!!
---And there you have it! More at 11---

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
---Who knows when this one will reach you? Certainly, not me! In any case, I
'm beginning it on Feb. 5, and intend to shoot for mid-March. Hey, I'll tell
you what. My 72nd birthday, as nearly all of you already know, falls dead in
the middle of March (16th), along with that of my birthday twin (1960's
DEVONA S. TAYLOR), so I think I'll just shoot for that date as being my goal
(Footnote: Yeah, sure! So much for that piece of fantasy, right?)
In the meantime, we will stick with our usual format, first listing our
forwarders: 1954's FREDA P. FLE
Yes, we had more e-mail rejects, pretty much the same ones, though. I'm
right on the brink of deleting the following alumni from our readers list. I
always says if I get 3 consecutive rejects, and no update, I'll delete them.
But the fact is, I just can't bring myself to do it, until I've gotten about
6 of them. I do hate losing even one of us. If you have information which is
Current, let me know. They are 1954's BLANCHE B. MANNING; 1956's BETTY L.
CARPENTER. From 1963's TIMOTHY A. LUCAS we got a hot tip on Jerry and
Madeleine's whereabouts. Tim said his friend in Sebring, Florida, just had
dinner with them, recently. So Tim sent the friend a message, advising him
to tell them their old, WC classmates are
searching for them. He also sent along my e-mail address to give them. So we
hope to hear from one of them soon. At least, we know they're both okay.
Thanks, Tim. But we have others, so pay attention and update me if you know
anything. Thanks for any help you can give on these. We also had a few who
sent an updates and thank you so much for doing that. One was 1958's DAVID L
well as 1960's RICHARD S. HOLT. Thanks so much..
Although I keep delaying this part, trying to find just the right spot to
insert it, there never seems to be one, so I'll just get on with it. Yes, we
ve lost a few more of us, so let's get these done, and then we'll move on
with other news. First of all, I'll mention the thank-yous from 1958's
RICHARD A. FAHRNEY and his 1960 sister, DOLORES K. "DEDE" FAHRNEY. I may
have done that, already, but if so, it's ok and we can mention it again.
These were sent to the alumni in response to the January loss of their
father, 1933's iconic A. EMERSON FAHRNEY. (Footnote: In view of passing time
  and many WC losses, I decided to insert this section, further down in the
text, so keep reading. We'll cover them.)
Oh, my! Time has literally flown past. Doesn't it, always? It's now March 19
  How did that happen? I'm going to go back over everything and see if I can
salvage some time here. Way back on Jan. 28, I got e-mail from 1959's SANDRA
R. KINNEY, in which she requested I add a reader. It was none other
than her classmate and fellow majorette, VIRGINIA K. GAULDIN. I was happy to
do so, and we're all thrilled you've come aboard, Virginia!
Skating right along on those coattails from Sandy, I got an e-mail on this
very day from Brenda K. Heiser, longtime companion of 1958's VINCENT A.
BRODBECK. She sends special thanks to you, inparticularly, Sandy, because of
finding her fellow nurse for her. It was 1961's MARYJANE MYERS. I had a
couple other clues, yes, but yours was key one, Sandy. Brenda is thrilled
and Mary Jane has now reconnected with a number of other old friends, due to
our joint efforts. Way to go, Pirates!
Cousin JUDITH L. SAMUELS is currently undergoing radiation, following her
November surgery which was for the removal of a lung. She's hanging in there
so far, and appreciates any and all support. She especially thanks 1961's
EDNA L. GRAY and P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, both of whom have offered contact
and/or sent cards. How wonderful of you both! (Footnote: Since writing the
previous text, I'm maintaining nearly-daily contact with Judy. She has some
really good days, but also occasionally has several days in a row, when she
s down for the count. I'm hoping for the best.)
We all remember losing WC icon, 1933's A. EMERSON FAHRNEY in January, of
course. I received nice e-mail thank-yous from both 1960's D0LORES K. "DEDE"
FAHRNEY and 1958's class prez, RICHARD A. FAHRNEY. I understand his service
was held on a bitterly-cold day, but still produced an impressive turnout. I
'm not surprised. He was one of a kind. Lots of commentary and a good report
on his service was received from THOS. L. WOLF, JR., 1960. He pointed out we
need to determine who is now our oldest, living alumnus. I think I may have
more on that, later in the text, Tom. Keep reading. Tom also sent news on
the class photo project of the older classes being hung in the hallway,
finally, and I forwarded that info to all of you, so you could make
donations to that project, if you want.   They went to alumni treasurer,
1970's GARY L. JOHNSON. Thanks for your efforts, Tom and Gary.
Thanks all over the place to 1973's JEAN ANN MILLER for providing a website
to view some great WC memories and reading. I was sure I sent that, when I
first got it. But just in case, I redistributed it, on this date (Mar.19),
in order to be certain all had access, who wished to do so. It's an
enjoyable piece of WC history. Lots of folks thought this was a new bulletin
  too. But it wasn't. It was just tacked onto the end of Jean's video.
In latter January, a note arrived from 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, in which
he identified a bit with my nudist colony story, of a while back. He and
share the distinction of having been (he still is, I think) process servers
in Florida. I did that for 8 years. Tom reiterated a service in which a
beautiful lady got his summons papers, totally in the nude, when she opened
the door. His wife was with him and saw it. She told Tom the lady was
beautiful when he got back in the car. Tom replied he didn't know, as he did
not see her face. Hmmmm, wonder why? Good one, Tom!
From 1960s RONNIE R. WHEELER also came some comment on my own nudist colony
story. He said he's still laughing, too. Well, so am I, Ron, now that it's
years into the past. But believe me, that's still one of the most awkward
moments of my life, and I never want to do anything like that again! Ron
also wrote, more recently, of how I should continue the bulletins, as I so
enjoy doing them, and being in touch with so many of you, as a result, but
still finding a bit of time to stop and smell the roses. There's no doubt,
you're right, Ron. I suppose, given my extenuating circumstances, my
rose-smelling time is probably done when I write. I find writing to be
relaxing and a release of sorts. It's a lifelong pursuit for me, but if
there's a downside, it's when I read printed material and/or listen to
nationally-broadcast news programs and read/hear incorrect use of grammar. I
m never, ever going to get over the huge dose of English teacher, the late
REBECCA A. MARSH, which I carry, at all times. But bully for her. I loved
her. Thanks, Ron, I'm going to keep typing!
A wonderful recollection of the 1950s neighborhood on Ellery Avenue in
Moraine City came from 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, as he recapped the period
when everyone went to the home of another 1960 classmate, the late L. EUGENE
  ZINK, drummer in the marching band. Mike wrote of how they all played
euchre there on Saturday nights, all brought to light by the mention of the
late BARBARA K. FARLEY, 1956. Also long-residing on that same street was
THOM B. THOMPSON, 1960's class treasurer.
Boy, the time gets away so quickly, I'm breathless. It's now late afternoon,
Saturday, April 5. I should've had this bulletin distributed by now, so I
want to try and actually do that. I'll resume the incoming e-mail, where I
left off, last time. As usual, there were words of praise and appreciation
from 1961's JACK L. GODBY and from 1970's INDY JO GRISSOM. Indy also
recently sent her real estate newsletter and I got word from Jack he was
going to visit his brother, 1964's W. THOS. GODBY. I haven't yet had the
report on Jack's visit, but I'll bet I'll get one. I hope all went well,
Jack. Thanks for your bulletin, Indy.
JUDITH A. SLIFE, 1960, sent an e-mail saying she wasn't in attendance at the
dinner/dance, due to an important and unexpected occurrence. She said she
will try to come this year. Judy's name was on the list of paid alumni, so
we'd hoped to see her.
From 1957's LAWRENCE J. RENAS, JR., came a little note to let me know he's
feeling all right and also to update us on the whereabouts of his younger
brother, 1960's DOUGLAS A. RENAS. Larry reports that Doug has permanently
moved to Mexico, Missouri, a tiny burg in the center of the state. Larry
also expressed surprise, saying Doug hates cold weather. For a very long
time, Doug was in the state of Arizona. Thanks, Larry, and hope to see you
in October.
I and 1958's BILL R. HOWARD had our usual word game. He was speaking of
pronunciations of the state capitals. Unbeknownst to many, the correct way
to say the capital of South Dakota (Pierre) isn't like the man's name. It
should be said as, "pier," like the nautical term. I would never have known
that, myself, but for my 20 consecutive trips to the place for the Sturgis
Rally & Races (1982-2001). So we had a little trivia lesson.
We still don't know what's up with this year's Miami Shores Memories Picnic.
I do believe the room has been confirmed, but as to who's in charge, we're
unsure. I received e-mail from 1957's BETTY LEE CARROLL and she's as of yet
unaware, also. As I get news and/or confirmation, I will keep all of you
posted. (Footnote: Sadly, you will later read in this bulletin of Betty's
passing away.  She was in the state of Tennessee, as I understand it, and it
occurred toward the end of April, I think.)
PAUL R. BEARDSLEY, 1961, requested an explanation as to why I was ragging on
my old friend, 1960's GARY L. WARLAUMONT, re the new engine for his plane.
Well, I just couldn't resist, Paul. He and I have teased for decades about
everything and I wasn't able to restrain myself. Ha! Also, I was elated to
hear the news of Paul printing the bulletins for 1961's LILY K. "KITTY"
BURDETTE. I thought we'd lost her and, from a techno standpoint, I guess we
did. But she and Paul are cousins through his marriage to her classmate,
SANDRA E. BROCK. So we still have Kitty, which is great news.
Did I already tell you I'm getting company next month? I think I did, but
who cares? It bears repeating. I'll be visited by 1958's LORNA D. TROUTMAN,
her 1962 sister, THERESA M. TROUTMAN, and her spouse Roger M. "Chico" Lopez
III. Lorna and Chico live in Phoenix, Arizona, while Theresa resides in
Denton, Texas.  This is very exciting. They'll be going to Ohio and Kentucky
  also, as Chico is going to the Hamfest event in Ohio. He's an avid HAM
radio operator. I know we'll all have such fun.
We've all been kicking around this oldest living alumnus thing and no one
seemed to know for sure. I wasn't surprised, however, when it was 1960's
DOLORES K. "DEDE" FAHRNEY, who came up with what is probably the correct
answer for this one. Dede reported ALICE GRAY, 95 years old, as going to
Elmcroft Assisted Living in Washington Township, as of February. It seems
Alice's late sister is Katherine, who was the mother of 1960's own MADELEINE
J. BECK. I wouldn't be a bit surprised but that DeDe is correct. Does anyone
have a different person in mind? Thanks, DeDe. Are you reading this, Tom
(Wolf)?  It sounds as though this might answer your query a number of
paragraphs back in the text.
After re-reading the bulletin I wrote last September (for varying reasons),
I began to wonder if I'd given anyone the wrong impression when I was joking
about 1959's COE S. WOLFE, who lives in the same building as does WALLACE W.
ROBBINS. No one said a word about it, of course, but just to be sure, I sure
didn't mean to imply---nor do I think I did so---that there was anything
more there than the fact the two of them happen to live in the same building
That's it. So if anybody got a different impression, I'd like to make sure
we all know that's not the case. I don't want to mislead anyone.
PHYLLIS A. DAVIDSON, 1972, wrote me to get me to nudge her brother, 1958's
BILL R. HOWARD, to write her a few lines. Hey, we got that done, didn't we,
Phyllis? This was conveyed to me through Phyllis' sister, 1963's GERALDINA
SELLARS. Bill and I are also kicking around the possibility that we just
might be related, a few generations back. We've both got kinfolk who share
the same surname. Now, wouldn't that be a hoot? Bill also reported some
health woes with two of his classmates, RONALD D. "TOM" FEE and DAVID L.
HOWARD. As I understand it, both are home and doing pretty well, now, as is
Bill, himself. It's always such a joy to be able to report improvements in
health for our alumni. It seems Tom had a stroke and Dave was having some
heart problems. I'm under the distinct impression both are now resolved. Let
s hope they both stay that way.
Thank you, 1961's RICHARD L. DOLL, for the invite to the Linkedin website.
However, I don't do any of the social websites. Heck, I can hardly manage
some of the things on e-mail, Rich! I've already got a number of methods for
contact and I think if I get one more, especially one I don't know how to
use, I will scream. But I'm always so flattered by the invitation, so thank
you. Rich's classmate is my friend, P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, and they've been in
touch and have discussed some medical issues for the knee replacements, I
Let's get our losses done and we'll proceed from there. I hate reporting the
deaths, but everyone does need to know about them, so here we go. From 1957
s THERESA M. MOSES came the news of the Feb. 16 death of her classmate, JOHN
W. MARKUNES. He'd apparently suffered from COPD. He'd resided in Orlando, at
the time of his death.
Also from 1957's SHIRLEY ANN HILE came notice of the Feb. 6 death of 1955's
PATSY W. KINNEY , but no details. She wrote that's all she knew. I recognize
the name, and remember her face. She had worked for WC schools, for a number
of years, I read. This passing was also reported to me by my
classmate, THOS. L. WOLF, JR.
Tom also reported to me the death of longtime, WC teacher, Marjorie L. Allen
who died at Otterbein Home. Miss Allen was my 4th grade teacher at the
school in Moraine City. I remember her vividly and she was very kind and
very nice and very pleasant. Thanks, Tom.
Although she's listed in the forwarders, I'm sorry to tell you 1957's BETTY
LEE CARROLL passed away, apparently at the end of April, while vacationing
in Nashville. I don't know the circumstances or cause of death, but I do
know Betty had had health problems for a long time. She was so helpful with
The orchestrating of our Miami Shores Memories picnic. I was so sorry to
hear this. She's been long wed to another 1957 class member, RALPH H. WARNER
  We extend condolences to her family and friends, as we do each and Every
single one of the families and friends of all our departed. It was
1958's BILL R. HOWARD, who reported this one.
About March 10, we lost 1951's DOYLE A. LONAKER. He was 80 years old, and
had also been having health issues. Doyle was in his senior class play, I
remember, and was tall and lean. I found a photo of him, once, in the pages
of the 1951 Piratan. I mailed it to him and he was thrilled. This was
reported to me by 1960's THOS. L. WOLF, JR.
MICHAEL DEWAYNE JONES, class of 1981, passed away on Feb. 11. His obit was
forwarded to me by 1959's GARY E. BARNES. He was the son of BONNIE CAUPP,
another WC alumnus. He was but 51 years of age. No cause of death was listed
for Michael. Also from Gary came the obit of 1940's ROBT. L. BARRINGER, who
died on Feb. 27, and had lived a long and storied life. He was 91 years old.
Gary also sent one for the April 8 death of DONALD L. MCELWEE, age 63, and
judging from his age, I'd guess he was the class of about 1971. Perhaps
someone knows.
On May 11, I received a phone call from 1961's SANDRA J. CASEY, longtime
spouse of classmate, THOS. W. WELLER. Sandy's mother, Onda P. Casey, had
passed away, earlier in the week. She was nearly 97, and Sandy and I had
talked, intermittently, over the past few months, re her mother's being a
fan of my dear friend, the late Betty Greenwood. We all offer condolences
for your loss, Tom and Sandy.
This is the extent (thank God!) of all the death notices I've received,
since the last bulletin. We've lost a lot of people, readers! This just goes
to support what I keep saying. Don't delay contacting your old buddies from
high school. The next week/next month/next year thing just doesn't wash!
Pick up that phone, write that card, make that visit, just make it happen.
If you've got any doubts, re-read this list and observe the age range. Don't
assume all is well, and there's no rush, just because they aren't yet
Okay, we're back at it again, on this Mother's Day, May 11. I've had such a
time for the past few weeks, and have been busier than I ever thought I
could possibly be, and have even had a couple of unexpected road trips.
Added to everything else, I've fallen so far behind on this bulletin, I'm
nearly embarrassed. But hang in there with me, I'm determined to finish this
  I'm going to resume with the April 24 news from alumni treasurer, 1970's
GARY E. JOHNSON. Gary has done such a spectacular job for us, I hate to see
him go. We all appreciate what you've done, Gary. Your replacement will
surely have some big shoes to fill. We wish you all the best and we all are
grateful to you.
From 1961's NANCY A. HALL came wonderful comments about the link sent by
1973's JEAN ANN MILLER, regarding her old WC neighborhood. Nancy lived in
that area, too, Jean,and shje wrote she really enjoyed looking at that. Jean
also reported the Jan. 26, 2014, death of JANET SPRINGER, who lived there,
too. I don't know her and have no class year, but I'll bet some of you do.
Thanks, Jean.
Let's all go to website ( www.devinedestinies.com ) and check out the latest
works by our in-house author, 1961's CAROL A. MUMMA. We can also see her
works on ( www.goodmysteries.webs.com ), so be sure to check this out, and
congratulations to you, Carol.
Back in February, I had a nice e-mail from 1960's DAVID A. BLAIR, who
informed me he and wife Marlene were were roaming around Florida, visiting
various friends. I trust you had a great winter, Dave, and that you're both
safely back home by now. Next time you're wheeling through Tennessee, stop
in for a visit.
Before I go further, I want to address the issue of the April 12 death of my
48-plus-years, close friend and very prominent Daytonian, Betty C. Greenwood
  Known for years as, "Dayton's First Lady of Entertainment," when she died,
a huge piece of Dayton history went with her. She was larger than life and I
have no idea if I will ever recover from her death. I've cried buckets of
tears, but was so deeply honored tobe asked to write her news release, write
her obituary, and was even asked to deliver her eulogy, which I did. It was
a quick turnaround trip, and I was in town for just 15 hours, and had to
return home. The trip nearly killed me, at that pace, but I made it. Many
thanks to each of you who notified me and sent copies of her obituary, which
I'd actually written, but you had no way of knowing that. I truly did
appreciate each and every single one. Sandy Casey Weller was in attendance
with her dear, now-late mother, by the way,who was a decades-long, ardent
fan of Betty's.
Here is some wonderful, recent news. On March 24, a little girl was born and
she was named as Penelope Jane Gill. She's the granddaughter of Jennifer L.
Hamblin, who's the eldest child of my close friend, Sandi L. Young, who's
been married about 41 years to my classmate and class vice-president, THOS D
  YOUNG. I saw a photo of, "Grampa Tom," holding the baby. Sandi tells me Tom
is a model grandparent. I'm sure he is and congratulations to all.
From 1956's REBECCA J. POLING came an invitation to join Twitter. I just don
t do those social web -sites, Becci. First of all, I don't have time for it,
and secondly, I don't even know how to use them. I've got 8 e-mail addresses
  two cell phones, texting, a landline, and the postal service. I just don't
think I can come close to handling another form of contact. But I'm very
flattered you've asked, and thank you. Becci was a very good friend of my
late sister and only sibling, also from 1956, JUDY ANN RISNER.
Celebrating a 42nd wedding anniversary on April 21 were 1961's EDNA L. GRAY
and her husband, Richard M. Ryan. Edna wrote and told me they'd had a
pleasant day, spending it with family. She and Dick used to travel a lot,
but like most of us, Dick's health isn't what it used to be, so they now
stay a bit closer to home. She had written to thank me for sending Dick a
birthday card (which is the day prior), and an anniversary card. I wish you
many more annual celebrations, Edna and Dick.
My birthday twin, DEVONA S. TAYLOR, wrote to thank me for writing how great
she looked at the October gathering of last fall. Well, I wrote it only
because it's true, Dee, and I hope life continues to be wonderful for you
and that you're happy. I also got a recent call from JO ANN STEMLEY, of my
class year, to tell me she and spouse, Ronald R. Hall, Sr., have now
returned from Florida. Actually, you see, Ron and I have, "a secret crush,"
on each other. Trouble is, Jo Ann knows all about it and doesn't seem to be
bothered at all. Ha! She also thanked me for his birthday card and told me
his health is holding steadily, always good news.
Okay, we're back at it, and it's now May 13. I have to keep plugging away at
this thing, day after day, as I want to get it sent, even late as it is, so
we can begin a new one, right? An update arrived from 1961's RICHARD L. DOLL
on April 29. He's been a pretty busy guy, doing all sorts of historical and
ancestral research, on the Ohio Statehouse, where he has volunteered for the
past 17 years. He was a history teacher, of course, so that fits the mold
perfectly. On May 11, Rich celebrated his birthday, turning 71. We wish you
many more, Rich!
Eventually, I hope to reunite with insurance agent, 1958's DONALD I. MCCOY,
and change the policy for homeowners insurance. We've been in contact and
are working on that issue. In the meantime, he continues to entertain and
play music in the area, along with wife, Frances A.
It's really big news for 1960's DAVID G. OTT and his 1963 spouse, SANDRA K.
MINIX. At the end of April, they were in New Mexico, offering help to
granddaughter Kim, with her 8-week-old triplet girls. I can't even imagine
what a handful they must be. But Dave and Sandy are both having a ball with
little Taylor, Ryliegh, and Natalie and they're getting a helping hand from
big brother Logan, who's 5. We all offer heartiest congratulations on your
new great-granddaughters, Sandy and Dave. Enjoy!
Hmmmm, boy! I've really fallen down on the job, this time. At the end of
April, I even got a query from 1954's FREDA P. FLETHCER, asking if I was
still doing the bulletins. Yes, I am, Freda, but my plate has been so full
the past couple months, it's been all could do to maintain, but I hope to
get back on track, once I get this one distributed. Freda recently had both
an April anniversary and a birthday on May 12. Wishing you many more of both
  Freda. A similar query came from 1963's TERRIE ANNE STOLTZ, and I assured
her all is well. From 1961's JACK L. GODBY came the usual words of praise
and patience, and also from 1970's INDY JO GRISSOM, as well as her May
As always, 1961's P. LYNNETTE HAWVERMALE and I are intermittently in contact
and yes, I need to call her again. She's recovering from two
fairly-closely-done knee surgeries and I believe she and classmate RICHARD L
DOLL shared some of their mutual experiences from that surgery. Lynn is
currently in a transitional period, considering a permanent move to her home
in Henderson, Nevada, since her surviving son also lives and works there If
you do that, Lynn, I'm sure going to miss our visits when I come to Ohio but
you know I wish you well, wherever you are.
The word on the street is that of 1958's DAVID N. HARRIS making great
strides in his resistance to being immobile. As most are aware, Dave has
suffered from spinal difficulties and has had some big challenges with
walking, which most of us simply take for granted. Dave recently bought one
0ff those 3-wheeled bicycles, and has succeeded in using his walker to get
himself to that bicycle and is now able to take himself about a mile at a
time. Needless to say, he's hoping for longer journeys and will continue his
efforts, until he's able to do that. Good going, Dave, and we're all pullin
for ya'! Keep up that enthusiasm and effort and maybe we'll see you tripping
the light fantastic at one of our annual, WC gatherings, hear? It's so fun
to report such good news!
On May 10, I had the privilege of playing hostess to 1958's LORNA D.
TROUTMAN, her sister, once in the 1962 class, THERESA M. TROUTMAN, and her
(Lorna's) incredibly-charming, unbelievably-talented, intelligent,
charismatic spouse, Roger M. "Chico" Lopez III. Lorna and Chico have lived
for years in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, where her family moved,
immediately following her WC graduation. Theresa now resides in Denton,
Texas, and spent her high school years in Phoenix. Her surname is now
Carriveau. We had such a wonderful and fun visit and I'd love to see them
all return. They were headed for several destinations when they left here,
including a run through the famous Blue Ridge Parkway (always a treat), and
eventually attending the annual HamFest in Dayton. Chico is an avid ham
radio operator. Actually, it seems there's almost nothing at which this guy
isn't an expert. He's an amazing photographer and gifted me with 3 of his
amazing photos of the west. They are huge and I'm having them framed.
Theresa was headed back to Texas on May 19. Lorna and Chico will probably
have returned about the same time, as he returns to work May 21. All of you
are welcome back, any old time, Lorna!
Yes, I had one of those pesky birthdays, during this bulletin period. I
turned 72 on March 16. Many of you took time to send greetings and best
wishes and I appreciated every single one of them. Among them were 1959's
SALLY L. GILLETTE (who had her own birthday on March 14), NANCY A. HALL,
NANCY J. ERTEL, and a number of others, who have been lost in the drifty
corners of what's left of my mind, but whose cards I still have. Thank you,
one and all!
With this edition, we welcome aboard 1964's LINDA SUSANNE MAYO. She wrote me
an e-mail to enlist my aid in locating some classmates for their upcoming
50th, come October. So let's all rally, as we do so well, and see what we
can do to assist Linda. These are the 1964 class members, whom she is trying
gang, let's get those names and locations to Linda, ASAP, whose e-mail
address is ( lberger46@gmail.com ) I hope this helps, Linda, and we all want
the class of 1964 to have a wonderful gathering!
Okay, now it's May 14 and I'm back at it. I'm determined I'm going to
complete this one, very soon. By the time we all read this, 1960's GERALD A
FULLER and his WC-honorary spouse, Rebecca A., will have permanently moved
to their place in Panama City Beach, Florida. A few years back, they got a
place in Louisville, which is Becky's hometown, stayed a while, but recently
sold it. They grew weary of the back-and-forth and weary of the costs and
taxes for maintaining two places. Boy, do I ever get that one! So they're
now permanent, Florida residents, once again. We all hope you enjoy it,
Jerry and Becky. The cell number and e-mail address are the same.
Okay, readers, we've got another, upcoming, significant, WC event this year.
You pay careful heed to this one, FREDA P. FLETCHER. Your 1954 class is
celebrating its 60th, come October, so you are expected to leave Florida and
come to Ohio to join in the festivities. From your class president, I have
an e-mail. JERRY R. GRAHAM says you'll all be congregating at Treasure
Island Supper Club on the evening of Oct. 10. Additional info will be
forthcoming, as the summer progresses. Jerry noted the absence of the
wonderful, late WM. L. MCNABB and the impact its had on various details of
record- keeping and other items. Bill sure was great to me, that much I know
  as well as everyone else. He and I had lengthy exchanges about much WC
trivia. His death left a big gap in communications, that's for sure! For
anyone who wishes to contact Jerry, here's his e-mail ( jrg574@roadrunner
com )
By late April, there had been great improvement in the health of 1958's
RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, who had suffered a stroke, earlier in the year. He was
released from home health care and improving by leaps and bounds. In fact,
he was visited by his lifelong friend and classmate, BILL R. HOWARD, wife
Lucille M. Howard, and also by another lifelong friend and classmate, W.
BAILEY HAWKINS and wife, 1962's JACKQUELYN S. HAINES. Isn't that great? We
hope all is well by now, Tom, and we hope the same for Sandi, who earlier
had her own health problems. It's great to report good news.
Thank you, beautiful homecoming queen and cheerleader, 1959's SHIRLEY R.
PARKS, who's long been wed to 1957's NEIL H. SIZER. When I apologized for
being so late with this bulletin, Shirley wrote back and told me, in essence
to give myself a break. Well, I think I will, Shirley. Best to you and
Neil, and I hope you're both in glowing health.
From 1961's NANCY J. ERTEL came thanks for birthday wishes, too, as well as
a request from a guy named Kirk, who wanted a certain Piratan.  Yes, I still
have many, and even a few extras of some of the years.  However, if you've
never attended a class at good, ol' WC, you won't be getting your hands on
one of MY Piratans!  By the way, I'm still accepting all years from all
sources, and would now KILL to get a 1965 edition.  I've needed one of those
  for reference, so many times I can't chin it.
Do we all remember 1958's BILL R. HOWARD, as the fastest guy on 2 legs, who
has ever run track in WC?  Of course, we do!  Bill wrote and sent some
statistics which I don't understand at all, re track records.  His time was
faster in every event.  Yes, we know that, Bill.  Everyone knew that.  You
football. You were the undisputed champ, that's for sure.
By the way, folks, Smitty and his wife were in a serious auto accident
several months ago and I have yet to get an official update to report.  But
I hear they at least lived through it and he's making his way back, and so
is Mrs. Smith.  Smitty wanted a phone number and contact on classmate,
SANDRA L. PAYNE.  I believe we were able to provide that, weren't we, Bill?
We all wish a full recovery for Smitty and his wife.  I think they live in
Bill also said he and DAVID L. HOWARD felt we should all do a, "brain-pick,"
on iconic civics teacher, MURL E. HUFFMAN. Well, not a bad idea, you two.
Someone needs to get with him and do that. He has called me about every 6
weeks, and he leaves messages if I'm unable to answer.  I believe he's doing
Hey, guess who else is coming to visit me?  I got not only photos of his new
Harley-Davidson, but also several calls from 1970's THOS. A. DORSEY, our
past, longtime alumni prez. He and his wife are going to buzz down on the
bike and spend a bit of time with me.  We'll likely get to take a spin here
and there.  "Come on down!" Tommy!  I've got lots of space.
Okay, all you golfers!  Save the date of July 11.  It's the next golf
tourney for the WC Football Alumni Club.  It will be held at Pipestone Golf
Course in Miamisburg.  This event always comes to me from
1988's JAS. A. MCGUIRE.  Thanks, Jim, and for all of you who wish to contact
him and/or make your reservations, his e-mail address is ( wcfac@yahoo.com )
Gallivanting around in Savannah last month were 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST and
wife, Sally.  I got a postcard, as did EULA FAYE BAILEY.  But Eula Faye was
out of touch for a bit, so I checked on her. All is well and we talked very
recently.  I also got a call from CHAS. A. HIGH, JR., who's still suffering
awful health problems, but hanging in there.  Another call came from CHAS. V
  CARTER, and he's doing all right, too.  I talk intermittently with 1958's
LANDO F. STEELE, and he's hanging in there, too. Aren't we all?  At least,
those among us who are a bit older. As always, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH and I
touch base pretty regularly, too.
Last month, a tornado tore up a tiny town called Vilonia, Arkansas, which is
the postal address for 1958's HARRIETTE E. DOGGETT.  I picked up the phone
immediately, and succeeded in reaching her.  She was fine.  But what else is
new?  Believe me, if a tornado ever came close to Harriette's house, it
would run the other way, and very quickly.  If you doubt me, you don't know
Harriette very well.
Guess what, readers?  We've made it!  I've processed every e-mail I've
received and thrown in every piece of news I can remember.  It will take you
days to read this one, I'm sure.  I apologize profusely for the extremely
long gap.  I'll try hard to avoid that, in the future.  I leave you all with
my sincerest wish for glowing health, personal safety, great happiness,
peaceful serenity, spiritual harmony, and boundless prosperity.  Ciao!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bonnie's Latest WECATON Report: 20 MAR 2014:

---Just in case I failed to share this with all of you, I want to make sure you have it. It has to be quite a treasure to view.  Thanks to 1973's JEAN ANN MILLER.  Scroll down. 
Subject: Re: WECATON NEWS REPORT!!!---
Good evening Bonnie,

Back in the 1950's there was a very close neighborhood of families between Enxing and Gibbons in WC - three of the families, Springer, Sanner, and Miller, had 3 very close little girls.   Just wanted to report that one of those little girls, Janet Springer,  passed away Sunday, January 26, 2014.  I'm sure there are folks from the old neighborhood, (Simpson, Miller, Michael, Duncan, etc.) that remember the family and Janet.

I hesitate to do this, as these are just old home movies, but someone on that exhaustive list of yours might see someone they recognize, or their old home, or neighborhood, so I will share some of my memories from WC 1956.  Yes, I know I'm the 2 year old star but if you look closely, you'll see a number of faces from the 1956 Gibbons - Enxing neighborhood - Dave and Rose Michael, Nedra and Dick Miller, Mayor Jeff Sanner and Doris Sanner, Simpson family, and WCJH bookstore matron Pat Miller and a few more families.  At least I hope you get a smile from it.  Life sure has changed!  

---Okay, as promised, I'm beginning a fresh edition on the very day I sent
one which got so stale. It's now January 18, and let me tell you, this is
the coldest winter I've experienced, here on my little mountain, in the 7
years I've lived here. It may be Spring, by the time I get this sent, but I
sure hope not. We'll begin, as usual, with our forwarders who are 1954's
So far, we've had no luck with finding someone who has an updated e-mail for
1960's RICHARD G. "JERRY" BROWN or MADELEINE J. BECK. We also have had no
luck with getting one for 1988's KRISTIE A. WILSON nor her spouse, 1990's
let's all try to resolve these and get these people back on our readers list
   Thanks for any help you can offer. There was also a glitch with 1960's
JUDITH ANN HUGHES, but I'm hoping that one has been resolved. I'll keep you
all posted. Bless you, my dear and beloved friend, 1961's JOHN W. OBERLIES,
JR., class president and recent retiree.  Yep, John retired.  He sent me his
new e-mail, in order to make sure he stayed in the loop and continued to
receive the bulletins.  Thanks so much, John.  Also, thanks to 1962's THOS.
J. GAULDIN, who sent me an update on 1964's ANNA ARLENE COON.  I already had
the exact, same e-mail address, so I guess that one reject I got on her was
just a fluke. I haven't gotten any since.
Okay, let's get back to where we left off, with my ill-fated, very late,
last edition. I believe we were at Frisch's, just finishing off the evening
of Oct. 11. As I'd written, it was a somewhat lighter turnout this year, but
those who came were still quite a few and we all had a great time. Looking
positively fresh and glowing was 1960's DEVONA S. TAYLOR, my birthday twin.
Her hair had changed and was very flattering, she was constantly smiling,
and here goes one I never thought I'd say. But with her,  it's really true.
She had gained weight and it looked no less than GREAT,  on her! So whatever
you're doing, Dee, keep doing it. It's working well for you.
My dear friend, THOS. D. YOUNG, 1960's VP, and his wife, Sandi L. Young,
were also there, and I was thrilled. We had a personal visit the following
morning, when I made a special trip to their home in Xenia.  Otherwise, I'd
never have seen them anymore, so very glad I did so.
Saturday brought about the Miami Shores Memories picnic, and in my book, it
s always a winner. The one just past was no different. We again didn't have
as big a turnout, this time, but I'm sure all who were there will agree it
was well worth the trip to get there. This event may be imperiled for 2014,
I sure hope not. More later on that, though. The culinary star of the show
was, as always, the chicken and dumplings prepared by 1970's CHERYL R.
COLLINSWORTH. Everyone made a beeline for those, including me. They were
brought to fame by 1958's BILL R. HOWARD, and I can sure see why.
As the event progressed, we had a wonderful treat, never before done. The
very talented DONALD I. MCCOY, 1958, went to his car and fetched his guitar.
Before we knew it, we had live music and he was accompanied by our own
gorgeous LORNA D. TROUTMAN, his classmate, as well as her sister, THERESA
TROUTMAN, who would've been in the 1962 class. It was a highlight which
everyone truly enjoyed. They drew an appreciative crowd,including me.
Sometime after the fact, our orchestrator for the event, 1957's BETTY LEE
CARROLL, sent me an e-mail, in which she advised she could no longer oversee
the event, due to health issues. However, it had been reserved for next year
  already. And she told me it would be jointly overseen and handled by
1958's BILL R. HOWARD and his wife, Lucy, along with 1958's W. BAILEY
HAWKINS and his wife, 1962's JACKQUELYN S. HAINES. There was apparently a
miscommunication, somewhere along the line, though. I sent a follow-up to
confirm this, only to find neither the Howards nor the Baileys had been
given to understand such an arrangement. So I do hope it comes together
before next October. I will most certainly keep everyone apprised, as to the
final disposition on this particular function.
That evening brought about the annual dinner/dance, of course. That's our
premier event, as everyone is aware. Again, there was a lower turnout---I
think.  I'm not that sure, though, as it looked like quite a crowd to me. I
look to the expertise of alumni treasurer, 1970's GARY E. JOHNSON, for the
final say on that issue. As always, I came and went with 1960's CHAS. V.
CARTER, and we both had a heavy evening of interaction with loads of alumni
from varying class years. By the time I get to the night of the
dinner/dance, I've hopefully been able to at least say one hello to most of
my favorite folks.
Also at our table was my lifelong friend, SHIRLEY J. TUDOR, who was
industriously saving a seat for you, JUDITH A. SLIFE. Where on earth were
you? It said you paid for a reservation and we all waited anxiously for your
arrival. Shirley looked groomed and smart and trim, as always. I also talked
some with 1958's LEONARD F. KUHN, and his charming wife, Pat. Lennie
informed me he and Pat have been married 51 years, and had had an
anniversary in September. That's wonderful.
Upon my return to Tennessee, I promptly received an extremely gracious and
complimentary e-mail from 1958's LANDO F. STEELE, in which he told me how
much he'd enjoyed the presentation I gave at his class' 55th dinner
gathering. He also offered gratitude for the 1958 Piratan I brought for him
It seems he didn't have one and I had an extra, fortunately. Over the months
  since that weekend, he and I have maintained fintermittent contact, as I do
with so very many of you.  It's one of the joys of doing these bulletins.
Several of you made favorable comments about Lando now being on the readers
list.  He needs no introduction to most late-1950s/early 1960s alumni, as
everyone knew him.  He was quite the football player and athlete, so we're
all glad he's aboard.
Of course, I think most of you will recall my story about my adventure with
the nudist colony, while in the employ of Ma Bell, many years ago. Well, the
feedback on that one was great, and many of you wrote to tell me how you
laughed aloud as you read it. I thank you for that. Among those who did
write were 1961's FRANCES E. DAYSPRING, JACK L. GODBY, 1960's LOIS ANN
LITTURELL, RONNIE R. WHEELER (who wrote he was still laughing aloud), and
Rebecca A. Fuller, spouse of GERALD A. FULLER, who recalled the story from
before, but said it was still funny, anyway.
When I wrote of the trip to Ohio being more strenuous this year, and I
thought it might be due to meds I now have to take (for the first time, ever
in my life), 1960's DAVID G. OTT was quick to respond he felt we'd all
reached that level, and we're just getting older. Well, you're probably
right, Dave, but I guess I'd prefer to blame meds than old age. Ha! Dave and
his wife, 1963's SANDRA K. MINIX, certainly do their fair share of traveling
Okay, I'm going to write this part, at this very moment, so I remember every
detail. We've gone global! Yes, global. I can scarcely believe this. Just
moments ago (it's Jan. 19), I received a call from our iconic teacher,MURL E
HUFFMAN. As it happens, he recently received a call from cardiologist, Dr.
JOSE ALBERTO DiMATTA, M.D., class of 1967, who practices in Sao Paulo,
Brazil. He was once a WC exchange student---I had no idea, at the time, we
even had those, by the way---and he's now 65 years old. So he tells MEH,
Due to what Bonnie has written on the Internet, I've been able to keep tabs
on exactly what is going on with your health." I was flabbergasted! How on
earth did he ever access my bulletins, or even know about them, for that
matter? Do one of you know this man? Did you forward them to him? I am truly
mystified, yet terribly flattered. Wow! What a hoot! In any case, MEH is in
the pink, again sounding strong and vital. This coming Dec. 29 will be his
95th. When he called, he'd driven Marge to the dentist for a cleaning and he
was at a follow-up appointment, also, himself. He assured me he's doing just
great! He sure did sound like he was, too!
Skating right along on the coattails of this piece of news of global
readership, it seems appropriate to mention the latest statistics on our WC
blog, as capably tracked by master blogmaster, MICHAEL S. WEST, 1960, who
set up the entire blog and oversees and tracks it for all of us. Back on Oct
  28, he sent me the following info: Pageviews today 19; Pageviews yesterday
16: Pageviews last month 606; Total pageviews 24,410!! I'm overwhelmed by
that and so pleased. Many thanks to you, Mike, from all of us, for the
spectacular job you do. I'll bet many folks read these bulletins who are not
on the readers list, at all. That's amazing, and something I could never do,
on my own.
Okay, back to the regular e-mails! I just thought those two snippets were
amazing, though, and had to include them. On Oct. 15, I received an e-mail
from 1961's EDNA L. GRAY, in response to my e-mail, telling her I'd missed
her at all the functions. Edna has her hands full, she told me. Her husband
is aging and had some health problems and she's also coping with the illness
of her step-son. So we all wish you well in dealing with all this, Edna, and
we sure do hope things turn around enough, by this October, so you can join
us for at least one or two events.
The same day, I received gracious thanks from 1958's RICHARD A. FAHRNEY,
class president, who expressed his appreciation for my coming to address his
class. I think I've already told all of you, I've agreed to a repeat
performance for their 60th, also at Dick's request. We both hope to be
around to do this. If I am, it will mean I've completed 18 years of doing
bulletins. I can scarcely believe I've now done over 13 years, as it is.
Next came a lovely incident with 1961's THOS. W. WELLER and his spouse,
SANDRA J. CASEY. I was aware of Sandy's mother being a longtime, ardent fan
of my dear, dear, close friend, Betty Green -wood. In recent months, she's
again begun semi-regular entertaining---utterly amazing, as she'll be 92 in
July!---and loves it. She constantly says she wants to be, "where the action
is," and by golly, she sure is doing it. Anyway, she wanted a local test
audience for a first, run-through rehearsal. The timing was good on this, as
it was October and I was in town, and spent time with Betty 2-3 different
times. I was able to make connections for Tom and Sandy to take Sandy's
mother to Betty's pre-show. I later was told Mrs. Casey got to meet Betty,
personally, and take photos. It was an absolute thrill for me to be able to
orchestrate (no pun intended) this for her. I'm so happy they enjoyed it.
Sandy told me her mother was thrilled. It's always a humble feeling for me
to have the good fortune to help someone with something they enjoy.
On Oct. 27, along came an e-mail from 1958's REX E. HEETER, (a retired WC
police officer) and he gave me a health update on another retired officer,
Robt. E. Dowler, whom I met during motorcycle events in Florida, way back in
1990. We did some riding together and Bob was an ardent bike racing fan, who
loved to ride. We'd get together every time he came down for the events I
was so sorry to hear of his health woes, and do hope he will improve.
He's a stand-up guy.
In the meantime, though, we all have to work on getting you, Rex, to come to
the alumni events, along with your 1971 spouse, ROBYN L. GENGLER. We keep
looking for you, every year, and hoping to see you. Is there any chance for
next year? Rex tells me he and Robyn are deeply involved with their
grandchildren and I can surely understand that. But how about seeing if you
can squeeze out just one night for your old alumni pals, come next year, Rex
and Robyn.
From 1968's ROGER D. LUCAS came an auto-reply to my special bulletin of Oct.
27, and I always do wonder, when I get those, if the intended recipient
finally does receive them. I hope so. I've also had 3 more invitations to
join social websites and they came from 1956's REBECCA J. POLING, 1964's W.
THOS. GODBY, and 1963 class member, HARRIET M. BURKE. Many thanks to each of
you, but I'm not yet technologically savvy enough for that stuff, and don't
know if I ever will be. But you can always get me on e-mail.
Finally, I have had some lengthy exchanges with 1961's DONNA J. RICHARDS.
The two of us have jointly solved every major problem on the face of the
earth, so all is well. She told me she's doing well, tired of the cold, and
preparing for a 6-week getaway to Florida with two of her best pals, who
include 1961's SALLY L. GILLETTE and 1962's BARBARA T. O'NEAL. I'm sure that
will be quite a fun trip. I hope to persuade them to swing by my place on
the return trip.
There was a welcome blip from a very beloved member of my 1960 class, on Oct
29. WM. O. "BILL" WALKER and his charming and personable spouse, Karen M.
Walker, wrote a couple lines, saying they're all right and how much they
missed everyone. Well, we missed you both, too, Karen and Bill, and we hope
perhaps we'll get to see you next October.
In October, 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT was involved in yet another head-on
car crash. She'd just had one last May, in Nevada. Neither was her fault.
She had one knee replacement in September and just had the other one done on
December 31. She's far braver than I! We did get to visit at the MS
Memories picnic, so I was glad I got to see her. But she's really been
through the mill.
Lynn wrote she's looking forward to moving permanently to her home in
Henderson, Nevada. I will sure miss my visits with her each year, if she
does. Her son, Randy, is now her sole survivor, though, and I think she
wants to be where he is. She also says she enjoys the lifestyle there. Her
classmate, RICHARD L. DOLL, had the same operation on one knee, and said he
has no idea how she was able to do both, so close together. I believe they
had contact with one another, and probably discussed it. We hope both of you
are doing well.
Nov. 3 brought an e-mail of praise from1963's PAUL R. BEARDSLEY and SANDRA E
BROCK, in which Paul praised the musical talents of 1958's DONALD I. "DON"
MCCOY and his apparently-equal
-ly-talented spouse, Fran. I believe the Beardsleys are frequently visited
by the McCoys, so they get to be the fortunate audience for their musical
forays. Having now heard Don, myself, and hearing much about the talents of
Fran, too, I'm sure they're wonderfully entertaining.
Next came an after-the-fact (AS ALWAYS!!!) report from 1960's EULA FAYE
BAILEY about a mishap as she stepped off an elevator with her grandson's
guardian dog, got tripped up in the leash, and fell. I understand this
resulted in a serious break, in which she's gotten a brand-new knee (or was
it a hip, Eula Faye?) In any case, she insists she's doing all right, now.
But it would be nice if we knew these things as we go, so we could all send
cards and flowers and good wishes and let you know we're all thinking about
you. So how about a little advance notice next time, huh?
Speaking of falls, we got an update from 1961's JACK L. GODBY, who lived the
storied life of a stage actor in Chicago and New York (and now resides in
NYC), he wrote to say he's feeling pretty good by now, from his own fall of
a couple months ago, but was still a little sore, at that writng, which was
early November. I'll bet you're doing great by now, aren't you, Jack? He
also wrote he worries about falling, since he lives alone, but that he has
wonderful neighbors who look out for his welfare, We're all glad you're
doing so much better, Jack, and do be careful! Jack never fails to send
words of praise, after he reads each bulletin, as does 1970's INDY JO
GRISSOM, with great consistency.
On Nov. 22, 1933's A. EMERSON FAHRNEY turned 98 years old. We all know he's
a WC institution, who did many wonderful things through many decades for the
WC school system, including years of faithful service to the school board.
Chances are, he's one of a tiny handful of survivors of his era, who knows
mre WC trivia than anyone else. His daughter and my classmate, 1960's
E" FAHRNEY, and her brother, 1958's RICHARD A. FAHRNEY (class president and
football star of both WC and his college) are both very good about keeping
us informed. DeDe writes her father doesn't get up a lot now, and sits in a
wheelchair to eat most meals. But she said she did have a good
visit with him for a period of 9 days. I also recall Dick saying he'd often
visited him during his Ohio stay, too. Dick and Jan had come into town about
a month early and I'm sure it was so they could spend a bit of extra time
with Mr. Fahrney. We all wish him well, DeDe and Dick. Thanks for keeping us
up to date on his status. Dick had also requested an e-mail  address for
classmate, LINDA L. BECKETT, which I happily provided. (Footnote:  DeDe
wrote to tell me her father was in hospice care, effective with Christmas
Eve.  She went to Ohio on 12/29 and Dick flew from Colorado on Jan. 8.  I've
heard nothing since, and will add to this, as further news arrives, if it
does.  I know we all wish the best for the Fahrney family.)  (Footnote #2:
This is one I never wanted to have to write.  It's Jan. 25, as I write this.
  At 1;25 p.m., I received a call from DeDe Fahrney.  She informed me her
98-year old father
, a WC institution, A, EMERSON FAHRNEY, Class of 1933, and the most senior
person who ever read a bulletin, passed away this morning.  He left an
indelible and admirable history with WC, on so many levels.  He also left
talented, athletic, well-liked, WC offspring.  Our very sincerest
condolences go to the Fahrney family.  Thanks, DeDe, for letting me know.
Communications continued with a lovely Thanksgiving greeting from 1960's T.
BARRY RUSSELLO. I do believe he and wife, 1959's BETSY R. MURPHY are to the
point they're somewhat retired now, and opt to spent some of the colder
months in Florida.  Of course, this year, Florida's winter is a bad one,
just like the rest of the continent.  But it's probably at least better than
My wonderful, travleogue letter from Rebecca A. Fuller arrived.  She does
such a great job telling us all about the travels and adventures of her and
my classmate and old friend, her spouse, GERALD A. FULLER.  Usually, in any
given year, the two of them manage to cover an awfully lot of ground and
there are always some nifty photos, too.  Thanks, Becky.
Of course, I also had my, "Freda Fix," for this bulletin.  I always somehow
manage to exchange several varying tidbits of trivia and items of national
importance with 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER.  She and I always wind up with
interesting exchanges, every few weeks, it seems.  All is well with her and
Larry, in their Florida home.
From 1963's ILONA T. "LONNIE" DEBRECINI came an updated e-mail address, as
well as a list of the names of the daughters of the late teacher and coach,
DONALD C. BOGAN, whose widow is now wed to MURL E. HUFFMAN, as we all know.
She said the girls' names are Bonnie Lee (same as mine) and Donna. I don't
think I knew that. Did they go to WC? Anyway, Lonnie now lives in Peoria,
Arizona, and she just updated me on her e-mail address. That's very much
appreciated, Lonnie, and thanks.
SHARLENE N. MERKER, 1987, continues her quest for a new scoreboard for the
WC football field.  I feel certain she will update us all, the moment
progress is made, with that undertaking.  But from yet another source, 1960
s THOS. L. WOLF, JR., recently came an e-mail in which he informed me there
will be a new scoreboard next year, regardless, due to some cost-cutting
measures which have been implemented.  Tom also corrected me about Sharlene
s title in the October parade, pointing out she was the grand marshal and
not the queen.  Actually, I knew that, already.  I just didn't take the time
to go back and make the change, as I should have.  Also, I confess to being
slightly biased about her, as it so happens she's a queen to ME.  However, I
do stand corrected, and thank you, Tom.  As we are all also aware, I sent a
copy of Tom's notice about the progress on class photos of the older classes
and getting them hung on the walls of the, "new," high school---yes, 1961, I
know.  But to me, and classes prior to mine, it's still the new one.  This
is a wonderful undertaking and I extend my personal thanks to Tom and to
1970's GARY E. JOHNSON, alumni treasurer, for their efforts toward this.
SALLY L. GILLETTE, 1961, weighed in on the idea, and wrote she loves it. Oh,
and by the way, Gary also sent a breakdown of donations for the scholarship
There's a Texas Hold 'Em Tournament at Treasure Island Supper Club, come Feb
  8.  I have no idea if this bulletin will get done, in time to let everyone
know.  But I hope so.  I'm trying desperately to get a little more current,
in order to compensate for the long stretch of the last one.  I think this
notice would have come from 1988's JAS. A. MCGUIRE, as the event is being
held by the WC Football Alumni Club with which Jim is so closely affiliated.
On Jan. 4, I was deeply saddened when I received an e-mail from Rebecca S.
Schoch, a resident of Cincinnati, in which she informed of the death of her
step-father, 1960's BOYD H. JENKINS, JR.  He'd died on March 21, 2013.  I
don't know why I didn't hear of it earlier, but didn't.  Boyd's birthday was
on Dec. 29, so when I sent his annual card, it was forwarded to Becky, and
that's how she let me know.  I sure was fond of Boyd.  What a truly nice
man!  Comments came from MICHAEL S. WEST and from DOLORES K. "DEDE" FAHRNEY,
to that exact effect.  He had severe heart problems for years, and I knew
that.  If I'm not mistaken, his father also died from it, as did his older
brother, 1955's EDGAR EARL JENKINS, a couple years ago.  Another death
arrived, too, from 1959's GARY E. BARNES, and it was for his classmate,
JANET E. HALL, who passed away on Christmas Eve. We extend condolences to
the families and friends of both Boyd and Janet.  Thanks, Gary.
Wonderful photos and gracious words arrived from the lovely, popular,
beautiful and talented LORNA D. TROUTMAN, 1958, who was such fun throughout
our entire alumni weekend.  She smiled, she sang, she danced, she laughed,
she hugged, and she consumed life with a gusto which was delightful to
observe.  I think her infectious personality has a positive effect on every
person with whom she's in contact.  I'm so glad I got to spend a bit of time
with you, Lorna, and I'd be absolutely thrilled for you to visit me, as have
so very many WC alumni!  Be sure to bring along your hunky spouse, Roger M.
Chico" Lopez III, in his puffy, white, Scottish shirt, too!
From 1957's LINDA L. MCAFEE came an e-mail in which she wrote her e-mail had
been hacked. I'm sure she was getting it straightened out, though. We all
want to be sure it's okay, Linda, so let us know and if there's a change,
keep us posted.  Thanks for the notice.  Also, a few changes and corrections
reached me and if anyone needs them, let me know. From 1958's BILL R. HOWARD
came an update on the e-mail address for his sister, 1972's PHYLLIS ANN
SELLARS.  Thanks for that, Bill.
We also got an updated cell phone number from 1956's CAROL ANN HOHNHORST and
she's done away with all other numbers, she says, which means the landline
is gone.  That brings me to that very topic, by the way, and it's something
I've wanted to address for quite a spell.  Hopefully, any and all who are
interested have, in the past, made note of my phone numbers.  In the event
you don't have them, here they are again;  Home 423 726-2268  Cell 386
290-3381.  Now, I know what a shock this is going to be.  But bear in mind,
I'm a 1950s kid, techno-challenged, aging, grumpy, and set in my ways, okay?
Here we go!   Anytime you try to call me, please call my home phone FIRST!
I'm so frustrated with all this cell phone mania, it's driving me batty.  I
do not keep my cell phone implanted on my hip, 100% of the time.  Often, I
can't even hear it ring, to be honest, because my house is so huge.  When I
do hear it, I often go running wildly through the house in a desperate
attempt to reach it before it goes to voice mail and I have the missed-call
tone, which goes off endlessly.  Then, there are the times it drops calls or
I just barely touch a wrong spot on the screen and it cuts off the call or
it tells me there's no service.  They're so small and the keys are so tiny,
so for me, they're hard to handle, too.
Fast-forward to my trusty, never-fail landline!  Yes, I still have it.  I'm
a Bell retiree who's in the group of 100% concessionaires, so my landline is
free (but I'd keep it, anyway).  It can be answered in no fewer than 42
locations in my house---I told you it's huge---it never drops calls, it
never cuts me off, it always has service, and transmission is flawless, even
during power outages.  I've now started totally turning off my cell phone,
when I'm at home, which is 98% of the time. So please note this and, should
you ever need to call me for anything, dial the landline number first.  By
the way, my door is always open to all weary, WC travelers who may be
passing through the area.  I've got plenty of space, the sheets are clean,
the coffee is good, and the scenery is spectacular!
From 1971's RODNEY R. GABBARD came a report he's having some problems and
pain again.  I so hope things are better now, Rod.  You've had your share of
problems for a very long time, now.  Keep us posted and let us know how it's
Along came a request from Brenda K. Heiser, the longtime significant other
of 1958's VINCENT A. BRODBECK, in which she wished to locate 1961's MARY
JANE MYERS, with whom she'd done years of nursing. Well, believe you me, we
all quickly joined forces and solved Brenda's challenge in a big hurry.
First of all, retired police officer and current private investigator, 1958
s BILL R. HOWARD, quickly connected the dots in finding one who fit the
profile and never mind that her last name is now Smith!  Not only that,
DONNA J. RICHARDS logged in to tell us her husband's name is John.  So we
were coping with locating a John and Mary Smith, can you believe it?
Still, no problem!  Jumping right on the bandwagon was 1959's SANDRA R.
KINNEY, who wrote she knew for sure that Mary Jane is a current employee in
the deli of Dorothy Lane Market at the nearby Springboro location, where
Sandy often shops.  She said she's talked with her, knows she's a WC grad,
and knows she's the one Brenda is trying to locate.  We also had input from
1961's SANDRA S. HOLLINGSWORTH, who felt SANDRA S. MAYO might be in touch.
Also giving it a shot was 1949 class member, ROBT. E. HOFFMAN, while 1957's
SHIRLEY ANN HILE wrote to say she had no clue
But at least we knew she was reading it.
It went well, quickly, and smoothly. Mystery solved!  This was all done
within a 24-hour period, after Brenda wrote me.  What a crew we have!  That
was terrific teamwork and I can tell you, Brenda is just
thrilled.  This 50-year nursing anniversary function is to be very special
to her and I was so happy we were all able to help her.  You did such a
great job.  So thanks to each and every single one who had a hand in this,
especially you, Sandy!
From 1958's NICHOLAS P. WOLARY came definite confirmation of the death of
1956's BARBARA A. FARLEY on July 21, 2013.  During the last 2-3 bulletins, I
ve been asked is she had died, but had no confirming reports.  Nick even
transmitted a copy of her obituary, so yes, she is deceased.  Even my
sister-in-law, her classmate, ANITA RAE MASON, had asked me, I believe.  So
at least, we now know.  Thanks, Nick.
Remember when I asked about the SIZER brothers, 1957's NEIL H. and 1959's
GARY L., in the last bulletin, and was alluding to the health of both?  Well
  I don't know if whatever was wrong has now resolved or if my information
was in error.  However, 1960's RICHARD S. HOLT wrote to tell he had recently
seen both of them, and they looked to be, "in the pink."  So that's always
great news.  I love being able to write positive news about the health of
our alumni.  Thanks, Rich.
From 1964's KARL R. BURRUS came some very exciting news.  In March, Karl
will be retiring from the Alabama Power Corp., but he also had a knee
replacement done on Jan. 13.  He says he wants to be back on the golf course
by March, and of course, is very much anticipating his class' 50th, come
October.  He says he definitely wants to attend.  Well, you'd better, Karl!
Heartiest congratulations to you upon the great occasion of your retirement.
  Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!
From my treasured friend, 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, came photos of his
beloved 1948 Olds.
He's got a veritable fortune sunken into that car, but he doesn't care and
it's gorgeous.  I always refer to it as, "my car," in fact. That's because,
during our high school years, I rode more miles in that car than did all his
high school girlfriends, combined.  When girlfriends weren't around, Bruce
and I went by ourselves.
Bruce recently celebrated his 74th birthday (Jan. 26) and wrote to thank me
for sending him an actual, postally-mailed card, complete with postage,
postmark, and a handwritten message.  As I told him, it's the only way I'll
ever do it, as long as I've got breath in my body and can see and can write.
  I love the personal touch it imparts.  I hope your birthday was great,
Today, we do things a lot the same way as we did in high school.  He comes
to my house about 3 times a year, on average. My grandson adores him, too,
and he's become somewhat of a substitute grandfather figure to him, since my
husband passed away.  BJ gets very excited when he knows Bruce is going to
visit.  We all have a great time together. About half the time, he's
accompanied by his longtime significant other, 1971's PATTY JO WHEELBARGER,
of whom I've also grown very fond. But Patty is usually off hiking the in
the wilderness somewhere, regardless of weather or temperature, and Bruce
kills some time at my house, when she's hiking in the Appalachian region.
It all works out well.  By the way, Bruce, BJ just got a certificate on Jan.
27, from his college.  He's on the president's honor list, having achieved a
perfect 4.0 GPA.  I know you'll be pleased to hear that.
From 1963's LEE JEAN JORDAN came a report on her class' 50th get-together
which took place in October (I think).  She wrote of seeing ALVIN M.
PEARLMAN, a classmate whom she had not seen in 50 years. She said she
recognized him right away.  Bully for you, Alvin!  She also wrote of all the
Jordans who are still WC affiliates, attendees, and grads.  It sure is a
long WC history.  Then she asked how I keep up with all this.  Well, Lee
Jean, the answer is that I don't.  All of you are the ones who keep up with
it.  I merely pigeonhole the e-mails, then go through them one at a time and
record the details in what is hopefully a readworthy format.  So there's
your answer.
NANCY A. HALL, 1961, wrote to say I shouldn't apologize for the bulletins
taking so long. Well, I guess I just feel as though I should, Nancy.  I'm
normally not so lax about the time frames.  Nancy's husband recently took a
spill and we're all glad to know he's okay now.  They were in Hilton Head,
South Carolina, returning from Orlando where their daughter ran in the
Disney Goofy Challenge on Saturday and Sunday.  She was also thrilled to
know Pat Barnes is doing well, saying Pat and husband 1959's GARY E. BARNES
were so helpful to them when her father moved to Wisconsin.  She added she
was happy to hear JACK L. GODBY is doing all right after his fall.
The update on the health of 1961's JUDITH L. SAMUELS  seems to be okay for
now.  She had cancer surgery on Nov. 4 and is coming along.  She says she
feels fine and she has opted out of the chemo for now.  It's a possibility
at a later time, depending on extenuating circumstances.  She gets a lot of
conflicting reports from the various doctors, and it takes a while to sort
through and process all that.  She's much better, but not yet quite out of
the woods.  We are in daily contact.
We have some would-be snowbirds, and I understand 1961's ROBT. W. BRANE did
make it to his place in Florida.  Also currently there is 1959's JERRY L.
WEBB, 1960's CHAS. V. CARTER and JO
ANN K. STEMLEY.  At this writing, and hoping to head that way are 1960's
BARBARA T. O'NEAL.  We hope you all have a wonderful visit, although this
the coldest winter on record for much of Florida.  But it probably beats
Alumni with whom I've recently spoken include 1960's SHIRLEY J. TUDOR (who's
doing well and, as already stated, heading to Florida), CHAS. A. HIGH, JR.
(whose health is precarious and touch-and- go, due to his heart problems
which cannot be resolved because they can't seem to get his high blood
pressure under control, so I'm very worried about him), GARY L. WARLAUMONT
who thanked me for
his birthday card and said he had to go to work to pay for new engines for
his private airplane, the poor bastard--Tsk! Tsk!), 1958's BRUCE E.
CHENOWETH, about whom I've pretty much already covered the bases, and 1961's
DONNA J. RICHARDS, whom I've also already discussed.
As unbelievable as it is to me, I've now finished yet another bulletin, but
I was doggedly determined to make these last two come together a little more
closely, due to the long gap between the last one and the one prior.  So I
hope I have redeemed myself.  Now, I hope to get back on my regular,
8-week-ish interval.  So be sure to send all your news and happenings and
travels, will you?  I leave you all, once again, with my personal wish for
glowing health, personal safety, great happiness, peaceful serenity,
spiritual harmony, and boundless prosperity.  Ciao!

Back in the 1950's there was a very close neighborhood of families between Enxing and Gibbons in WC - three of the families, Springer, Sanner, and Miller, had 3 very close little girls.   Just wanted to report that one of those little girls, Janet Springer,  passed away Sunday, January 26, 2014.  I'm sure there are folks from the old neighborhood, (Simpson, Miller, Michael, Duncan, etc.) that remember the family and Janet.

I hesitate to do this, as these are just old home movies, but someone on that exhaustive list of yours might see someone they recognize, or their old home, or neighborhood, so I will share some of my memories from WC 1956.  Yes, I know I'm the 2 year old star but if you look closely, you'll see a number of faces from the 1956 Gibbons - Enxing neighborhood - Dave and Rose Michael, Nedra and Dick Miller, Mayor Jeff Sanner and Doris Sanner, Simpson family, and WCJH bookstore matron Pat Miller and a few more families.  At least I hope you get a smile from it.  Life sure has changed!  
---And there you have it! More at 11---

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