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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Monday, February 09, 2015
Bonnie's Latest News from WCHS Mid Century Classes
---Well, it's now January 20 and the last bulletin was sent January 10. So

let's see how we do with this one. Remember, I warned you, I can't get one
done every month, but I'll try hard for 6 to 8, each year, and that's a
reasonable goal. We'll stick to protocol and list forwarders first: 1954's
As regards our e-mail lost, I've gotten no updates, unfortunately, which
would've taken any of them off the elimination list. I'm very fearful
several of these alumni are actually deceased and no one knows about it. If
you know anything, please let me know. If you have an updated e-mail, please
let me know about that, too. Therefore, I've deleted all the following
alumni, albeit very reluctantly; 1945's NORMA J. BROWN (deceased), DONALD R.
BARBARA J. THOMAS; and 1960's BEVERLY J. HAAS. Any updated information
would be welcomed.
Among those who have kept us posted is 1956's ANN C. WEIDLE, who took the
time to notify me of her new e-mail address, postal address, and the change
of her surname from Brown to Axetell, in line with her recent remarriage.
She remains in residence in Foley, Alabama. Thanks so much, Ann.
It became instantly apparent I wasn't the only one who had fond memories of
my Little Miami riverbank (on both sides of the river, by the way) and the
many years of fun times in South Moraine Platte behind the old Indian River
Fruit Market. The mention of that area brought forth a flood of responses,
as well as lots more names from that neighborhood. First checking in with a
comment was 1959's CAROLYN E. EUBANK. She remembered the ROSE family, the
THACKER family (1960's LONNIE M.?), 1954's C. ELAINE BARKER, and Carolyn's
own sister, SHIRLEY, who had died of cancer 20 years ago. That was such a
sad memory and I didn't even know. But thanks for all that, Carolyn.
Then there was my old pal and dearly-beloved friend, 1961's JOHN W. OBERLIES
JR., class president and longtime member of the South Moraine Platte gang.
He also recalled many of the names---CROY, GILLETTE, THACKER, and EUBANK.
But more humorously, he reminded me of a great, great story which I'd all
but forgotten, until he related it again, after all these decades. I love
this one! Many of you, I
am  sure, will remember the fire in the late 1950s, which burned down Woody
s Little Farm.
As it happens, John's parents' home and the home of 1960's CHARLES V. CARTER
sat side by side and shared a joint driveway. The step-father of Charles was
Carl R. Roberson (now long since dead), and he was hired in the clean-up
crew for the fire. Well, here he came, up that joint driveway, the truck
bed filled with all the burnt beer from the fire. Carl temporarily dumped it
at the head of the driveway. Of course, all the neighborhood guys,
especially John and Charles, stole all the burned beer they could get in
their hands (and pockets and jeans and pants and whatever). So the eventual
clean-up was far fewer bottle of burnt beer than was the original dump. As
John put it, "The beer tasted just awful, of course, but we were so proud of
ourselves." He wanted to know if you remember that, Charles. I know very
well, you do. He also alluded to a pass-through-Indiana visit from Murl E.
Huffman and how fun it was to reminisce with him. John said MEH was far
younger, then, "only 94." Thanks, John, what a fun e-mail!
Also checking in was 1956's Rev. Dr. R. GWINN LACY.  He provided the
geographic location of the Little Miami River, and of course, I knew he was
correct.  But in my Miami Shores youth, we always did call the river by that
name, simply because that was, "the littlest width," and dozens of we old
Miami Shores Kids often swam back and forth across that river.  I did it
many times, myself. Gwinn also wrote kind words about my late sister and his
classmate, JUDY ANN RISNER.  On February 26, it will be 7 years since her
death and I can scarcely believe that. He sent best regards, also, to my
now-sister-in-law, ANITA RAE MASON, who is very ill. He expressed great
sorrow, also, about all those we've lost, and I know I feel a pang with each
and every single one of those I report, even if I didn't know them at all.
We all jointly comprise that big quilt of humanity which makes WC so unique,
and is also a part of the reason we all seem to be so closely-knit.  Thanks,
There was also a note from 1963's NORMA ELYN SPEELMAN, who lived in one our
most frequented residences there behind Indian River, or at least the side
yard. She mentioned the WALKER twins, also THACKER, 1963's BEVERLY K. LIGHT,
JERRY T. EUBANK, and THOS. M. BEACHLER. Pretty good line-up, Elyn, and
There were the usual, wonderful notes of thanks and appreciation from a
number of you, each of which I fondly treasure. They include 1954's Rev.
GODBY, 1963
(current alumni prez).  My thanks to all of you, and once again, we're
adding readers, which I still can't believe, after it's now nearly 15 years
(come October), since this, "accidental bulletin," began.
Let's welcome aboard a slug of new people, most from 1956, and most
attributable to the efforts of one 1956 class member, RALPH D. WILSON. Those
MAE HINTON (who was already there, unbeknownst to me), JACK L. STOTTS, R.
GWINN LACY, J. DONALD RUHKAMP (also already there, unbeknownst to me), SHEL
BY ANN STOKES, and MARJORIE A. YATES.  (Margie, where is your brother, who
was my classmate, 1960's DONALD YATES?)  These were all a result of the sad
news of the death of one of their class members, ROSETTA PRUETT, on January
10.  Thanks, Ralph.
We've also added 1978's KEVIN L. WHITWORTH, through the efforts of 1964's
RICKEY A. BUSCH. As soon as I saw the Whitworth name, I was reminded of 1952
s LESTER L. WHITWORTH, and learned Kevin is his  son, as I'd thought he
might be. So welcome to you, too, Kevin, and thanks, Rick.
Thank you so much, PAMELA K. SHIPLEY, for your invite to the FaceBook thing.
But it's just not for me. We've been all through that, and I'm none too sure
I'll ever be getting involved in any of those high-profile social websites.
They're just not my cup of tea, and the last thing I want or need is yet
another layer of . communication.  I'm a person who still hand-writes people
  stamps and postally mails items, still have my landline, and in addition to
all that, I've got 9 e-mail addresses, and two cell phone lines.  After my
brief bout with FaceBook, it became instantly apparent to me, I could never
be a part of it.  I'm way too much of a 1950s Miami Shores Kid and old, WC
Pirate. But thanks so much for asking.
On January 12, I spoke to my brother-in-law, who informed me he'd been
contacted that day by 1981's TODD R. CARROLL, who informed him of the sad
news of the Jan. 10 death of his mother, who is 1956 class member, ROSETTA
PRUETT. She and I had a delightful visit in October, after her move back to
the area, following many years in Arizona. I had no idea she was even ill,
at the time. Apparently, neither did she, but she was a victim of cancer and
by the time it was discovered, it was too late for her. I later learned
there was to be no service, per her wishes. We extend condolences to Todd
and all of Rosetta's family. Thank you for letting us know, Todd.
Okay, I'm back.  It's now February 6 and lots has happened since my last
entries.  The big thing was a frozen water pipe and I had to have my entire
house replumbed.  Now, that's done and they're working on the drainage
system while they were at it. So I had them re-do my gray water drain.  (For
those of you who are familiar with RVs, you'll know just want I mean.  My
vintage home was built in the 1950s, and was outfitted with a black water
and a gray water drain. But if you're unfamiliar with RVs, you may not know
what I mean.  In any case, everything will be all new, and I'm delighted.)
As of today, we're coming to a close with that work and I'll soon be able to
enjoy it all.
Okay, back to our Pirate news!  Every now and again, I go through and update
my particulars on some of you. Such was the case, just recently, with 1954's
FREDA P. FLETCHER. We've got everything all corrected now, and current.  She
had more addresses than a fleeing felon.  Ha!  Thanks, Freda.
From 1963's LEE JEAN JORDAN came a wonderful e-mail, reminiscing about the
wonderful times and the great world of the 1950s. Things began a noticeable
about-face, as early as 1961, and I vividly recall wondering, way back then,
where our world was going.  Little did I know! Like so many of us, Lee Jean
has roots which go way back in WC history. She worked 4 years at Woody's
Arctic Bar with Mrs. Wolfe, mother of 1959's COE S. WOLFE, 1960's MILTON R.
WOLFE, and 1963's JOHN R. WOLFE. She has also worked in the hospice field
and at the WC Fire Dept., for 24 years.  She remains active in line dancing,
and says anyone is welcome who's at Yellow Rose in WC on Saturday nights at
9:30. The more, the merrier and every is welcome to join in the fun.  Thanks
  Lee Jean, lots of good memories!
From 1958's BILL R. HOWARD came photos of him and lifelong friend, RONALD D.
"TOM" FEE, and they were taken 60 years apart.  How wonderful to have a
nurtured friendship for that many decades. He (Bill) referred to them as,
two old geezers."  Somehow, I still don't think of so many of us 1950s and
early 1960s people as being old, even though I know we are.  The Howards,
along with daughter Laura, visited the Fees in Zephyrhills, Florida, in
January.  That's wonderful, They even checked out the facility there for
skydiving, although Bill opted out of actually doing it, he wrote. Probably
a good thing!
On January 13, we all received the horrible news about the illness of 1962's
MARY  ANN DUNCAN, who is the longtime spouse of her classmate, RUSSELL L.
RUSTY" ELLIOTT.  She is also the sister of my 1960 classmate, WM. D. DUNCAN.
  To say everyone took this news very hard would surely be a huge
understatement.  Many words of encouragement and support flowed in for Mary.
People called, sent her cards, and sent encouraging e-mails.  Among those
who made such gestures were 1958's HARRIETTE E. DOGGETT, LORNA D. TROUTMAN,
1971's RODNEY R. GABBARD, and likely many, many more of whom I'm unaware.
But I know we're all banding together to support Mary and let her know we're
all pulling for her and Rusty.
On February 1, I received word from 1959's NORMAN E. SANFORD, about the
January 27 death of BARBARA H. "BOBBYE" HAGGERTY, wife of WC's iconic,
longtime, marching band director, HARRY C. HAGGERTY.  Their residence is in
Tucson, Arizona. I did not know Mrs. Haggerty, but heard only the very best
things about her from many alumni who were close to them. They included Norm
  of course, and 1970's INDY JO SUMNER and VICKIE JO GILBERT, who gave them a
going-away party when they moved to Arizona, as well as 1961's JACK L. GODBY
  who was the drum major, as was Norm. As with Mary's situation, I know there
were many others with similar feelings, of whom I'm unaware.
Also going through a cancer treatment program is Pastor Larry W. Matthews,
Ret., and he is the spouse of 1961's NANCY A. HALL.  At this writing, Larry
is currently hospitalized for some advanced type of chemo treatments.  Nancy
has reported it seems to be working.  We're all happy for that, Nancy, and
do convey our very best wishes to Larry.  Nancy recently had a birthday, too
  and sent me  thank-you e-mail for her card.
While I am on sad topics, I may as well get through this, also. My cousin,
JUDITH L. SAMUELS, with whom I've been close for my entire life, is now in
hospice care at home.  She has no idea how long she has, but has more or
less told me she knows she will soon die, and has asked me to write her
obituary. This was overwhelming for me, and I'm still trying to deal with it
  and not doing well, I must admit. If this really happens, I will be a
basket case.  Writing her obituary will be all but impossible for me, but I
am going to do it because she has asked me.  Somehow, some way, I will get
through it.
It was wonderful for me to read of the reconnection of 1954's JOHN E. CROY
and VICTOR C. NOEL, who were best buds in high school and shared many
adventures.  John told me they exchanged e-mail and it was so fun to hear
from him again.  I'm thrilled about that. John will send a CD of his book to
any who may want it.  Thanks, John.
Recently, I heard from 1986's KEITH A. SIMS.  He wrote he's missing a couple
yearbooks and asked  if I might have them.  They're 1979 and 1980.  Does
anyone out there have extras of these two?  Also, I still accept, buy, beg,
borrow, steal, garage-sale, estate-sale, whatever, any and all yearbooks of
any years.  So if you see any, get them.  Yes, I do have extras of some
years.  But those weren't among them.  If you have them, let me know, and
you can contact Keith.
A thank-you came from 1958'S LORNA D. TROUTMAN for her birthday card and she
also requested a photo of what she called my, "snow-covered mountain."
However, I was unable to accommodate her, as we have yet to see a single
flake of snow, here on my mountain.  Sorry, Lorna.
Okay, let's try to get some upbeat words into this one.  I'm sorry for all
the sad news, this time.  But as I have previously written on many occasions
  in the nearly-15 years I've done these bulletins, I've learned people want
to know these things, even though they're not pleasant nor fun to read.  So
that's why I will continue to report them.
From 1958's LANDO F. STEELE came wishes for a Happy New Year.  He said he's
doing well and still working out at the gym and in pretty fair health.  That
s always great to hear. There was also a note or two from 1960's MICHAEL S.
WEST.  He described my last bulletin as a novel.  Ha!  I guess they're all
like that, really. He wrote of a trip to Murfreesboro to see their grandson,
and on the upside, Sally had but two more treatments to complete her cancer
regimen. We hope all went well, Mike.
In a real bit of interesting trivia, Mike sent statistics for the blog. On
that day (Jan. 22), he wrote there had so far been 15 views. The prior day
was 11 views. The prior month was 904 views. The total views were a
staggering 38,435!  I thought that was amazing.  The blog was originally
begun by NANCY J. ERTEL, 1961, and Mike has maintained it, ever since.  I'd
say it's a hit.  Mike also wrote of something called a, "virtual cemetery,"
which is apparently maintained by RICHARD S. HOLT, also 1960, and I'm making
the assumption he posts all WC passings on this site.
Also checking in with some interesting WC trivia was 1958's RONALD D. "TOM"
FEE, who is one of my fellow Miami Shores Kids.  Like me (and most other WC
kids), he bemoans the passing of our own Woody's Supermarket.  Tom wrote
that, at one time, Woody had more Yellow Page advertising than anyone in the
entire state.  No doubt, Tom, no doubt. He also wrote of the original, Woody
s produce tent, from the 1940s, where he had his chalk board out front with
the specials written on it.  Well, Tom, I still remember that, too.  I was
but 4 years old when my parents first started going there, too, buying the
produce.  I had very curly hair and Woody nearly always patted me on the
head, talked about my curly hair, and gave me a beautiful, fuzzy peach.  I
suspect we all have a story or two about Woody.
From 1963's SHIRLEY ANN RANKIN came a bit of a razzing about my, "Elvis
orders," in the last one of my bulletins.  Of course, I expected that.
Shirley is among those who, in the past 6 months or so, has requested news
on her classmate, FRANCES L. PEFFLY.  There are several who have asked about
her and they include SANDRA K. MINIX, TERRIE A. STOLTZ, and 1961's P.
LYNNETTE GARRETT.  I wish I had an answer for all of you, but alas, I haven
t heard a word!
A wonderful occasion occurred this past summer for 1957's SHIRLEY ANN HILE
and her spouse, Jack E. Richards.  They celebrated their 50th wedding
anniversary and it sounds as if the event drew quite a  crowd. The
celebration was held on June 29 at Miamisburg First Church of God in the
picnic area and Shirley reported attendance was around 130 people.  That's
quite impressive.
Among the attendees were people many of us know, of course, and they
included our iconic civics teacher, MURL E. HUFFMAN, who never seems to miss
anything WC-oriented, "my crush teacher in all my high school years," JAS. C
  JOHNSON, and his wife (that lucky girl!), Ada M., and 1952's DONNA A. SMITH
(now Courtney).  I'm sure there were many others, too. Shirley says they had
5 popcorn flavors and Jack came up with the idea of scoops of ice cream from
The Ice Cream Trolley.  Shirley's sister (but which one?) decided on a
special anniversary cake, which was designed by Loretta Shackleton Van
Norman.  It all sounds like quite a blowout, Shirley, just as it should have
been.  Thank you so much for the great report.
Okay, gang, the Fifth Annual Texas Hold 'Em Tournament is upcoming on
February 28 and will again be held at Treasure Island Supper Club in Moraine
City.  The first 50 folks who pay the registration fee will be participating
  I sure hope I get this bulletin distributed in time to give people a
chance to do that.  My thanks to 1988's JAS. T. MCGUIRE for keeping us up to
date on these events, in coordination with the WC Football Alumni Club.
Okay, gang, I'm sort of wobbling through this next piece of news, but am
going to include it, as it came to me from classmate THOS. L. WOLF, JR.  As
nearly as I can determine, there may not be any alumni of WC in this, but
perhaps there are.  First, Tom wrote of the pre-Christmas death of Dick
Ripley, and said a memorial was held in Lebanon. Tom wrote Dick isn't an
alumnus, but that his second marriage was a bridge between two families
named Ripley and Daugherty.  He wrote there were 11 in the combined family
and that one family member, Alice Ripley, appeared many times on Broadway.
They all came to WC in the mid-1970s.  I knew none of them, but Tom felt
many of you might remember them.
He also wrote of the recent death of Virgil R. Wickert II, in The Villages,
Florida, who is survived by his second wife and caretaker, Sandra A.
Neither of them were WC alumni, either.  However, the way I'm reading it,
Virgil's four children were all WC alumni, but I don't have their names.
Thanks so much for that report, Tom.
Okay, we've once again reached the close of all e-mails.  I'm running full
speed ahead for 2015, as this is already my second bulletin distribution for
this year and it's only February 7.  So I know I'm spoiling all of you, and
it's a very bad habit.  Ha!  No, I can't maintain this pace, that's for sure
  but I'm going to take full advantage while I'm moving along at this rate.
So now, we'll get current on some personal contacts.
The last time I spoke with 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, he told me he was
heading to Florida for a visit with his sister-in-law, and he would be
accompanied by longtime companion, 1971's PATTY JO  WHEELBARGER.  I haven't
yet heard if their trip was completed nor any details, but I'm sure I will.
Also contacting me was EULA FAYE BAILEY, 1960, and we spoke of many things,
as we always do.  Both of us share such fond memories of our long and close
friendship with another classmate, so well-known, BEVERLY A. BOWMAN, who was
also my step-sister for 9 years, along with her siblings, LARRY A., the late
NANCY L., and DANIEL L.  She's rarely out and about these days, and coping
with her own set of health issues, as are so many of us in this age group.
There was a pleasant, wonderful conversation with 1958's HARRIETTE E.
DOGGETT, the older sister of my dear high school friend, the late W. SUSAN
DOGGETT, who was also Bruce's first wife.  Harriette is just like she was in
high school, and what you see (and hear) is exactly what you get.  She was
quite the strong and foreboding young girl in school. Believe me, she still
is, and tough as nails.  She's coming through her own health issues, too.
Aren't we all?
CHAS, A. HIGH, JR., continues to power through his health crises, also, and
stays doggedly devoted to the care of his wife of nearly-46 years, Carolyn,
who is wheelchair-bound from repeated strokes and has lost the sight in one
eye.  I believe Charlie has now had about 22-23 heart procedures, himself.
He told me he thinks he's alive only through determination and will.  I
believe him.
The last time I spoke with Pamela J. Carter, she told me 1960's CHAS. V.
CARTER was likely going to go to Florida during this winter and spend a few
of the cold weeks with his maternal uncle, who is 1959's JERRY L. WEBB.  I
haven't yet gotten the update on that, so I don't know if he did or did not
When last I spoke with 1958's LANDO F. STEELE, he said he'd recently
attended several of those Tuesday breakfasts with WC alumni, and I know some
of the regular attendees include not only Lando, but also Bruce and also
their football icon, FLOYD R. "BUBBLES" WILLIAMS, JR.  As most of us are now
aware, he doesn't wish to be addressed any longer by his fabled nickname,
but as I once told him, "You've got be aware of the fact you made that
nickname famous among all of us, that's how we all know you, and when fellow
WC people say it to you, it's done with fond affection and great memories of
your incredible football feats in high school." Every word of that is true,
too. I believe another fairly regular attendee is 1959's GARY E. BARNES, as
well a couple other 1958 class members, VINCENT A. BRODBECK (another
football icon) and BILL R. HOWARD, the record-holder of the fastest pair of
feet in the history of WC track records, and maybe even in the state of Ohio
  I remember that, too, and boy!!  He really was that fast.  I do believe
DAVID L. HOWARD also attendes.  So keep up those breakfasts, all you guys,
and have a great time of it.
There was also a call recently from my birthday twin, 1960's DEVONA S.
TAYLOR, and we got current on lots of stuff, in general.  She's doing all
right.  Where are you, JO ANN K. STEMLEY? Still in Florida? Call me!  Or I'm
going to call you.  Did I mention a thank-you from another classmate, LINDA
L. SHANK? She was also thanking me for a birthday greeting and she has a
birthday twin, too.  It's SHIRLEY JAY TUDOR.  Our class has yet a third set
of birthday twins, too, in the persons of GERALD A. FULLER and WM. O. WALKER
  Come to think of it, the 1960 class has yet another distinction.  We have
8 couples from our own class, who married each other.  I wonder how many
single WC classes have that many, or if any WC class has more?
Okay, readers, we've come to the close of another WeCaTon.  Again, I deeply
thank each of you for your dedication to reading these, even taking the time
to add more readers, contributing all your news, and most of all, for
seeming to truly enjoy them.  I appreciate that part, I think, more than
anything else.  But do remember, without your input, there will be no
WeCaTons, so it's very important.  I'm humbled by your expressions of
enjoyment and appreciation, and it's exactly what keeps me pounding these
type-writer keys---ok, keyboard! I'm a 1950s kid, what do you expect?  My
typing teacher ANN SPANGENBERG
would be so proud!  I can still do about 80 words per minute, with accuracy!
  So I leave you all with my usual wishes for glowing health, personal safety
  great happiness, peaceful serenity, spiritual harmony, and great prosperity

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sorry this is late (ed.)

---Aaaaannnnnd we're off!!! This one is beginning on December 16, which just

happens to be the 73rd birthday of 1960's CHAS. V. CARTER. Tomorrow will be
the 45th birthday of 1987's SHARLENE N. MERKER, who married into the
well-known SIZER family (1957's NEIL H., 1959's GARY L., and 1987's JEFFREY
A., not to mention yet another member of WC royalty, who married into that
family, 1959's SHIRLEY R. PARKS, homecoming queen and cheerleader.) So it's
an eventful week, as I type, and yes, we're going to do forwarders first, as
always; 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER. MARILYN CULTER; 1957
Okay, right here, while this is in my feeble brain, I'm going to insert this
note of pride about one of our 2014 grads, who's also a member of the famous
Sizer/Tudor clan. The son of 1987's JEFFREY A, SIZER and 1989's SHARLENE N.
MERKER is ANDREW W. SIZER.  I am told, come March, he'll report to the U.S.
Navy, where he'll begin his training to become one of those famous, skilled
Navy SEALs!  Isn't that just magnificent?  I know we're all bursting with
pride for Drew, as he's addressed by his family, and we wish him all good
things in this incredible undertaking.
Next, of course, is our e-mail-lost list and the following readers have now
had at least 6 rejects and will now be deleted from the readers list, unless
some of you are able to provide updates on the addresses. They include 1945
s NORMA JEAN BROWN (yes, I know she's deceased, but I was thinking of
widower, DONALD R. THROCKMORTON  who might still want to be receiving
bulletins) 1953's ELMER D. MAR RIOTT; 1954's PATRICE B. GAUGH; 1955's
BARBARA J. THOMAS; 1960's BEVERLY J. HAAS. As it happens, I also got a
reject on my own classmate, NANCY E. "COOKIE" BOWIE, who just happens to be
a royal member of my class! But this reject worked out beautifully, as a
matter of fact. I was so surprised by it, I picked up the phone and called
her. Just like the reject on 1954's VICTOR C. NOEL, her e-mail address was
correct, she'd received the bulletin, and all was well. She told me she's
feeling great, still involved in community projects (not to my surprise),
and is planning a March trip to Florida to attend the nuptials of her
grand-nephew, who's the grandson of 1957's GARY D MAYS and the late DONNA M.
BOWIE (her sister, and another of our homecoming queens and cheerleaders).
Cookie's son, Jesse, lives with her and keeps up the outside maintenance on
her home, something for which she expressed gratitude, and she's glad he's
there. So it was great to talk with Cookie. I told her how much we would all
love to see her at the alumni gatherings, too
Responses flowed rapidly on the last bulletin and I must humbly offer my
gratitude to so many of you who always send thanks and gracious words of
praise. I appreciate it so much, especially since it doesn't at all seem
like work, unless one can label a labor of love as being work. So special
thanks for the lovely compliments from all of you, who include 1954's FREDA
P. FLETCHER, JOHN E. CROY, JERRY R. GRAHAM (class president); 1958's RONALD
D. "TOM" FEE, BILL R. HOWARD; 1959's NORMAN E. SANFORD (drum major for the
CAMPBELL, RONNIE R. WHEELER; 1961's JACK L. GODBY(another drum major for the
marching band); 1963's NORMA ELYN SPEELMAN; 1964's LINDA S. MAYO; 1970's
INDY JO GRISSOM (yes, she really did, and I'm not just making this up, so I
can type my favorite name in the world, again!) You are all very kind and I
sincerely appreciate your readership. It makes it all worthwhile, and I hope
to remain your humble messenger for a few more years.
My first response came from Elyn Speelman, in fact, and when I think of the
Speelman name, I do fondly recall the late GEORGE SAMUEL SPEELMAN, JR.,1959
s class president. You see, Sam lived near to me, right behind the old
Indian River Fruit Market, as it was called, on South Moraine Blvd.  Who
doesn't remember that place?  It was a neighborhood rich in WC folks. Not
only did Sam live there, but also 1955's late E. EARL JENKINS; 1960's CHAS.
OBERLIES, JR. (another class president), and many others, whom I'm sorry to
say, I can't recall, at this moment.
In any case, the whole gang hung out together on S. Moraine Blvd., and we
all played touch football in the side yard of Sam's house. Elyn and her 4
sisters were almost invariably there, too, but doing other things, as they
were all much younger. It was a fun time and her e-mail evoked fond memories
  Sam, of course, went on to marry 1961's beautiful SANDRA S. HOLLINGSWORTH
and I believe they had three children together. Fun memories, Elyn, thanks!
On the following day, EULA FAYE BAILEY and I had our long-overdue chat. She
reported she's doing all right, and like most of us, coping with a health
issue or two, but faring well, overall. Eula Faye may be headed in my
direction in the spring or summer, as she has a beloved grand-aunt, who
resides in the same city as me. So we'll get to visit, too.
From 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER came an e-mail in which she recapped a long
story-telling siege between their class president, JERRY R. GRAHAM, and our
iconic civics teacher. MURL E. HUFFMAN. This occurrence took place at their
60th anniversary reunion in October. She also reminded me she and 1955's C
ELAINE BARKER are practically next-door neighbors in Florida. Yes, Freda, it
truly is a very small world, isn't it? These days, I'm sorry to say, it's
also a very scary one! By the way, both Freda and Jerry expressed their
approval about MEH's success in getting his Ohio drivers license renewed
until his 99th birthday. I must admit, he may be the only person I've ever
known who's accomplished that.
Yes, I'm going to write about 1970's INDY JO GRISSOM again, so get over it.
Ha! She and I had a bit of an exchange about her wonderful name and she
reminded me of the story she'd told me, some time back, about how she got
her name. It seems her father became aware of the fact the long-ago humorist
named Herb Shriner has a daughter with that name. Her dad liked it so much,
he decided to giver her the same name. Well, Indy Jo found Indy Shriner on
Facebook and they are in touch as friends, due to the name connection. I
love that story. Thanks, indy Jo! (Yes, I'll try to resist for the rest of
this bulletin.)
Around the second week of December, I spoke with 1958's HARRIETTE E. DOGGETT
  In school, I was terribly close to her sister, the late W. SUSAN DOGGETT,
1960, who was the first wife of my very dear friend, 1958's BRUCE E.
CHENOWETH. Harriette lives in Vilonia, Arkansas, and has been there many
years. One of her sons stays with her and looks after a few things.
Harriette said to tell everyone hello and to tell all of you she's still, "a
tough, old broad," and is doing fine.  In school, many people were very
intimidated by Harriette, and probably rightly so. CHAS. A HIGH, JR., also
called again. He continues to take care of his ailing wife, in spite of his
own health woes. As I've said, I've no idea how he does it.
From 1954's JOHN E. CROY came a great report, in which he recapped the story
of quite an adventure he shared with his classmate, VICTOR C. NOEL. It seems
John and Vic were in John's father's boat, as they raced up and down the
Little Miami River (which ran directly in front of the houses where I loved
for many years, on both sides of the river). They hit the wake of another
boat and theirs capsized. (As a kid, living on that river so many years, I
saw that happen, many times.) Anyway, they were both under the water and
John surfaced first. He didn't see Vic and feared the worst. Just as he was
getting ready to dive below to try and find him, Vic surfaced. John wrote of
how fearful and scared he was for Vic's safety, in that situation. Who
wouldn't be? By the way, John and Vic, did you two get connected yet? If not
make it a priority, and do it now! We aren't getting any younger. John also
wrote he's completed his memoirs and is searching for a publisher. Good luck
with that, John. He was also terribly pleased to hear of the inclusion of
MEH in the sports hall of fame. (Footnote: Thanks to 1959's GARY E. BARNES
by the way, for catching my typo on MEH's 95th birthday. Yes, it was Dec.
29th, not the 19th. Hopefully, you all received my immediate correction on
that, at the time. Also responding to the correction was the lovely LORNA D.
TROUTMAN, 1958. She reported she's doing well. She also just celebrated a
birthday in the month of December). By the way, Gary, 1958's BILL R. HOWARD
was simply awestruck by the fact you recalled that detail from a news story
of 10 years ago!
From 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST came several reminiscences about MEH, too. He'd
recently spoken with him, as I had, and mused his call may very well have
come from the same, mall parking lot, to which I'd previously alluded in the
last bulletin. Anyway, Mike remembered MEH had approached WC's then-top-dog,
HARRY A. RUSSELL, presenting the idea of a golf team. Mr. R., quite rapidly
sounded a loud negative on the notion. However, MEH persisted and finagled
and harrangued, as I'm sure only he can do, and Mr. Russell finally caved.
Some students also requested to have a golf team. So the story goes it had
to be done with no cost to the school and no interference with school
scheduling. Obviously, it did come off with great success and longevity.
At this juncture, everyone is very certain, who's aware of this, much of any
applicable costs of the early golf program (if not all) was very likely
subsidized by MEH. Who knows for how long? In any case, he's finally
received his just due and will be enshrined in the WC sports hall of fame.
Mike also recalled the fact Mr. Russell quietly and knowingly allowed him to
complete his senior year at WC, although he then lived in Centerville. Yes,
I did the same thing, Mike, during my own senior year.
Also relative to JOHN E. CROY was the request for contact info on his sister
1961'ssJUDY K. CROY, by her class-mate, NANCY J. ERTEL. John came through
with flying colors, said he'd sent Judy an e-mail (as did I), and I'm hoping
you've by now sent one, too, Nancy. In fact, I'm hoping you and Judy are
doing lots of chattering and getting current by now. I've asked Judy to
allow me to add her name to our WC readers list, but no response at this
writing, just yet. Thanks, John.
From my classmate, MADELEINE D. CAMPBELL, came some news I didn't want to
hear. Madeleine and I go clear back to day one, and not only that, we went
through Lutheran Catechism together, when we were kids, and were confirmed
together into the old, original, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Moraine
City, under the stern auspices of the late Pastor Chas. L. Mullen (no, there
s no s at the end.) So we date back about 67 years. Madeleine reported she
has chronic liver disorder, can no longer live on her own, and has had to
move to an assisted living facility. We're all deeply sorry to hear of your
illness, Madeleine, and wish you only the best. I hope there will be
improvement. Please do keep us posted. She wrote there was no other option
but, on the plus side, she's near to her children and grand
-children. Of course, I took the opportunity to update her contact
information. You all know how I hate losing any of our readers due to lack
of current info (or any other reason, for that matter).
From another classmate, 1960's RONNIE R. WHEELER, came the news he and his
wife (Ginger, isn't it?) have now twice been great-grandparents. I don't
know details, genders, or ages, but it sounds as if they settled very
comfortably into the great-grandparenting roles. Somehow, I just can't
fathom the fact the people with whom I attended school are
great-grandparents. However, I know many of us are. So enjoy that new
station in life, Ron.
Remember the last bulletin, in which I printed the death of ALICE P. SIMPSON
then looked through the mid-1930s books, seeing if I could find her maiden
name? Well, I was fairly sure (about 95%) I'd been able to succeed with that
and I reported it was ALICE P. GRAY, Class of 1937. I'm happy to report my
findings have now been elevated to 100%, as it was substantiated and
researched by 1959's NORMAN E. SANFORD, who sent me the results. Thanks,
Norm. I always like to be 100% correct on names.
While we're at it, I'll get this sad note written. We received notice from
1964's LINDA S. MAYO, of the death of another 1964 classmate, JOHN E.
HAMMOND, who died December 15. He was but 69 years old, retired from GM, a U
S. Air Force Veteran, and since mention was made of hospice, I'd assume
his cause of death was relative to cancer or some other catastrophic illness
  We extend condolences to his family and friends. Thanks, Linda.
On December 15, we welcomed aboard a new reader, 1969's WM. M. COMBS. Bill
is the brother of my 1962 reader, JOHN A. COMBS, who has long been on the
readers list. He was lured into the WC list by his classmate, MICHAEL J.
LOTSPAIH, he wrote. Thanks so much, Mike. Bill currently lives in Castro
Valley, California. I have noted his contact info, of course. I've also
invited him to our annual weekend. He would welcome contact with any WC
folks who know him. Bill's e-mail ( william.m.combs@att.net ) We're all
happy to have you in the gang, Bill. Be sure to send us your news and any
tidbits about your life. We're all pleased to try to keep pace with one
another. I thank you for signing onto the list.
Wow, I just have to tell you all, I'm nothing short of amazed by the fact,
now going on 15 years of writing these, I'm still getting new people. I just
can't believe it! What a thrill to think there's that much interest
out there in this accidental, little rag I first began to write, way back in
October of 2000, to just 4 WC people (all female members of the class of
1961). I remain humbly amazed. Thank you all so very, very much.
Yep, we've crossed into another calendar year on this one and it's now Jan.
10.  Of course, I observed my standard moment of silence on Jan. 8, in honor
of the 80th birthday of Elvis Presley.  (By the way, it's also the birthday
of the youngest of my 4 grandsons, so how ironic is that?)  Anyway, as all
longtime WC bulletin-readers are well aware, there are but 3 guidelines
which one must acknowledge, for becoming a houseguest at my abode, and that
s especially true if you are in my, "Elvis Presley/Harley-Davidson," bedroom
  The guidelines are as follows: 1.) Elvis was never fat.  2.) Elvis never
abused drugs  3.) Elvis was completely faithful to Priscilla, throughout
their marriage.  Got it?  Okay, then come for a visit!
Okay, here's a special request from 1958's BILL R. HOWARD, for a couple
recipes from The Holy Grail, (at least for we WC folks) the
now-razed-but-still-loved Woody's Supermarket. Bill wants to know if any of
us has the recipe for his potato rolls and also the one for Woody's Special
Double Decker Sandwich.
We both agree on the fact a WC with no Woody's Supermarket is tantamount to
a day with no sunshine. I still bemoan the fact the city (WC) failed to buy
and preserve that historic building as a city facility.  I'm also still
ticked as to why WC has erected no monument sign to the collective memory of
him and  first wife, Addie Louise (nee Shank) Bowman, (who was my beloved
step-mother for 9 years) in front of the bakery which now occupies that site
  It's a travesty!  They did incredible things for WC and, in fact, put it
on the map for many years by having, "the largest supermarket in Ohio," not
to even mention the yummy Woody's Arctic Bar, totally run and managed by
Thank God, at least The Little Farm is still there, and I must tell you, I
have my own, little monument to her and him, as you may recall, in the form
of my custom-built mailbox base, constructed entirely of authentic Woody's
bricks and the glass inserts. They were collected for me, during the razing,
by 1959's GARY E. BARNES, 1960's SHIRLEY J. TUDOR, and 1958's BRUCE E.
CHENOWETH, who also brought them to me in his custom trailer, at great
expense.  I also had my own memorial signs made and attached to my mailbox
base.  So let's see if someone out there can come up with those recipes for
Bill, okay?  In the meantime, stop by whenever you want, to see my Woody's
From 1958's LORNA D. TROUTMAN came a few memories about Ohio's winters and
how hard it was to stay warm while wearing those crinoline-filled, poodle
skirts. Geez, I can't even imagine going to all that trouble anymore, just
to make a skirt flair larger, in order for one to see the entire poodle.
But oh, how fun it was to wear them, way back then!  She also alluded to
smudge pots for warmth.  Well, Lorna, I know the poodle skirts have long
since bitten the dust, but I'm sure smudge pots are still alive and well.
She and husband Chico took a vacation to Grand Falls, Arizona, at the end of
the year.
Okay, let's cover those with whom I've recently spoken. There's always my
dear friend, 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH. I know he and longtime companion,
1971's PATTY JO WHEELBARGER, will be on the way to Florida around the end of
this month. I had hoped they'd be taking the scenic route through this side
of Tennessee, as I've got a couple furniture items I want taken down there.
But alas, they'll be going right down I-75, so I guess I'll have to freight
them, after all.
A call came recently from my birthday twin, 1960's DEVONA S. TAYLOR, and we
always have long and windy chats. She's in pretty good health and doing well
at her home in Mt.Vernon, Ky.  Several weeks ago, I spoke with another
classmate again, EULA FAYE BAILEY, who's been coping with a few health
issues, as earlier mentioned, but still doing well.  I also had a long chat
with Pamela J. Carter, longtime spouse of CHAS V. CARTER, also 1960, who may
have by now headed to Florida for a few weeks with his 1959 uncle, JERRY L
WEBB, but I don't know for sure.
My sister-in-law, 1956's ANITA R. MASON, (now wed to the widower of my 1956
late sister, JUDY ANN RISNER) is coping with the multiple effects of
repeated strokes. She suffered the first one in November of 2009, and has
had several since then. But she's in such good hands, as my brother-in-law
(Ralph J. Osterman) is the ultimate caregiver. He wonderfully looked after
my sister when she was ill.  Anita will have another birthday on Jan. 28.
There was also another conversation with my longtime, close friend, CHAS. A
HIGH, JR., who continues to just amaze me, due to his own poor health.  But
he is determined to care for his wheelchair-bound wife, even though he's had
about 22-23 heart procedures (of various degrees and types) himself, as well
as a few other health woes.  Still, he continues his mantra, when I ask how
he's doing, invariably responding with, "Hey, it's a good day!  I'm this
side of dirt!"  Absolutely amazing, but he's sure right.
There was also a recent long and windy conversation with WC's ultimate jock
of the 1950s, football hero and movie-star handsome, LANDO F. STEELE, of
1958. He's doing well, feeling well, and enjoying his new digs, right on the
edge of WC. I get a kick out of knowing so many who were gone from the area
for so long, then returned, and are enjoying the warm and fuzzy feeling of
home territory. Not only do they include Lando, but there's also 1956's
ROSETTA PRUETT, who returned after many years in Arizona. I also heard
another 1950's football jock, the famous FLOYD R. "BUBBLES" WILLIAMS, just
might come back to WC.  Who doesn't fondly remember his great feats on the
football field, in coordination with not just Lando, but also with VINCENT A
  BRODBECK, RICHARD A. FAHRNEY (1958 class president), and ROBT. W. "SMITTY"
SMITH, all classmates together. What a team they were!
As I told Lando while we talked, "Thomas Wolfe was wrong!"  Remember that
great quote from one of his writings, "You can never go home again"?  Well,
there are lots of WC folks who've turned that quote totally upside-down.  A
few of us do it in the opposite direction, too, as was just recently done by
1958's VINCENT A. BRODBECK.. He has moved from the home he had in WC since
1969, to what might be termed, "a more user-friendly," type of quarters at
this stage of life, and is now in a one-story apartment. He wrote me a
letter, updating me on his new information.  Thank you, Vince.
From our fashionistas, 1960's T. BARRY RUSSELLO and his 1959 spouse, BETSY R
  MURPHY, came their annual newsletter and they're still involved in their
real estate ventures, but letting go just a bit, at this stage of life.
Their two grandsons are pursuing educational credentials and all is well on
the family front.  Betsy and Barry be spending some time very soon (if not
already) in Florida for a few weeks this winter, leaving their real estate
business in the hands of a business colleague.  I'll swear, I'll bet the two
of them look fashionable, even in swimsuits.  They're amazing.  Have a great
Florida vacation, Betsy and Barry!
On that great note, I'm going to close this installment.  Yes, this is quite
a record for me to get one to you in just 27 days.  But I warn you, don't
expect this kind of service all the time.  I'm still doing animal rescue
every Thursday, still putting out a weekly column for the local paper, still
doing a bit of collection work on the side for my friend who owns a local
roofing company, taking care of my dog and 3 cats, and trying to maintain a
house which is the size of small hotel.  That, in and of itself, is becoming
a greater challenge with each passing month.  So don't be misled by my
accidental efficiency on this one, okay?
With the dawning of a whole, new calendar year, I hope it's a great one for us all.  I extend gratitude to all of you for your continuing readership. That's what makes it all worthwhile.  In closing, I leave you with my usual wish for glowing health, personal safety, great happiness, spiritual harmony, peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity.  Ciao!

Monday, December 29, 2014
---Yes, I'm beginning this one on November 1. It's the day after I sent the

last one, although I see (for whatever reason), my server didn't get a
couple of alpha groups sent until the wee hours of this a.m. But neither
here nor there, as long as it was sent. I arose this morning to the sight of
a light dusting of snow, and it's still falling, and melting as quickly as
it does. It's in the low 40s, so I don't see how snow can even form in the
atmosphere. Does it come from a higher-up level, then dissipate as it falls
or what? In any case, everyone is amazed by such an early snowfall. I can't
recall a single year, in all the time I have been here, when we've had snow
on Halloween! Those were the exact sentiments of 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER,
who told me how cold it was going to be, even in Florida, as well as cousin
JUDITH L. SAMUELS, who call this morning from Florida, saying, "Brrrrrr!"
for her opening greeting. Let's start this one with the usual, and that's
our forwarders: We have 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER; 1957's ERCELL P. PHILLIPS,
As for the e-mail-lost list, we still have 1954's PATRICE G. GAUGH, 1953's
ELMER D. MARRIOTT, his 1955 spouse, BARBARA A. THOMAS. We've also got a
reject on 1960's BEVERLY J. HAAS, again, as well as 1945's DONALD R.
N, can doubtless solve this one for us, though. Please help me resolve these
  if any of you is able to do so. I'm very close to deleting them all, but
would prefer not to do so.
On the plus side, we've regained 1954's VICTOR C. NOEL, and I came to
discover we never lost him, in the first place. Vic was kind enough to send
me an e-mail, in which he informed me he'd not only gotten the bulletin, but
also confirming his e-mail as being (obviously) precisely what is shown on
my contact list! Yet, I got a reject on him. How can that be? But it was. I
think we'll need a much more expert opinion than mine, on how that can occur
  I'm thinking maybe 1958 techno-genius, NICHOLAS P. WOLARY, will
Be able to explain that. Anyway, I'm just glad to know we still have Vic on
the list. He wrote and told me his incoming e-mail is set for sort of
limitation, so maybe that's it. I wasn't aware any of the e-mail services
ever did that, now. Freda was assisting me with trying to contact Vic and
Pat. Like me, she got Vic, but no luck yet with Pat. Thanks, Freda.
Let me get a couple of corrections and additions on here, too, before I
forget them. First of all, our live singing group at the 2014 dinner/dance
were the Stingrays, not the Dell Sonics, as I reported. But the part about
them being great was, indeed, correct. About three people there told me the
other name, so I thought it was correct. Thanks to 1970's THOS. A. DORSEY,
we now have it right.
Also, I want to add our sixth class member for 1960, who did put in an
appearance, and that was none other than MILTON R. WOLFE. He slipped in the
door after the dinner and spent most of the night in conversation with his
lifelong pal, CHAS. V. CARTER. But no surprise there. For 1959, I see I
failed to list COE S. WOLFE and L. BERNARD ROSE, who also joined the
1959/1960 table. So it was just great to see all of them again.
There's another thing, too, and this is relevant to the wonderful food they
served. Remember how we always sort of got, "the bum's rush," following the
meal when we were at the hotel, all those years? If you went back out to get
something, it was already gone, tables down, everything put away, and as the
night wore on, it became more and more difficult to get anything like coffee
or tea, or even to find any wait staff to make the request, remember? Well,
at Mandalay, they did not remove the food at all, even though everyone had
gone through the line. There was even an announcement made, encouraging
all attendees to go back for seconds, if they wanted, as there was still
food to be enjoyed, and they left it there for the entire evening, warming.
The wait staff served beverages, brought ice and/or water, right up to the
moment people began to leave. It really was such a refreshing change.
DAVID A. BLAIR responded to my text about 1961's MARILYN J. WINKLER,
thinking she's deceased but I know better, as I spoke with her, myself. Then
he said he thought it may have been her husband, which is correct, I'm sure,
as I think she's a widow. RICHARD L. DOLL, 1961, did try to call her, but
got no answer. He'll keep trying, he wrote.He also expressed great sadness
about our loss of HORACE J. CARROLL, JR., 1959, saying he'd always liked him
and so enjoyed his company. Yes, we all did feel that way, Rich, and his
death was a blow for all of WC.
The news was also not good for our 1960 classmate, RONALD G. PINYON. Doing
some research, was another classmate, 1960's RICHARD S. HOLT, who did
confirm Ron died, way back on March 20, 2008, in Santa Rosa County, Florida,
which is the county of the city of Milton. So I did have the location
correct. Thanks, Rich. This would probably also indicate Nina Mae Pinyon is
his widow and not his ex-wife. It sounds as though she probably moved nearer
to their sons, following Ron's death, given the timeline.
From a very proud, first-time great-grandfather. 1969's ROGER D. LUCAS, came
the report of the birth of his first, a girl, Eve Neff, back April Fool's
Day, 2014. What a cool birthday to have, Roger, and I'll bet you're having a
circus with her, by now! Enjoy every minute, as they seem to reach adult
hood with light
-ning speed. I've got 5 grandchildren, only one girl, no greats yet. But
even the very youngest of them will be a staggering 14 years old, on January
8. I can still scarcely believe that!
Where, oh where, are you, 1958's LANDO F. STEELE? Long time, no hear, but I
know you're one of those roadrunners, so I'll bet you're luxuriating in the
sun, down in Florida, or maybe some other exotic destination. Give us a
report and let us know what you're doing these days. (Footnote:  Lando and I
have been in touch, now. He's doing okay, following his daily gym regimen,
planning his next trip, and faring well.)
How very gracious and kind of you, 1961's SANDRA S. HOLLINGSWORTH, to send
such nice cards and notes to JUDITH L. SAMUELS. She was simply thrilled by
that gesture and wanted to make sure I let you know that. She wants you to
visit her in Florida and has a spare room awaiting you. It's the very same
one I use, when I'm there. Judy also told me she wants to take a
cross-country trip, sometime this year when she's feeling up to par again,
so she can visit P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, at her western home in Henderson,
Nevada. If she drives, she wants to find a great deal on a rental car and
has asked me
if I know any travel agents who might be able to make that happen. So how
about it, gang? Are there any connections out there? If we've got a travel
agent in our readers list, I honestly don't know who it is. Do you? Let me
From 1970's INDY JO GRISSOM came regrets for missing our weekend, as well as
her usual thanks, filled with graciousness, and also her monthly newsletter.
Well, we're sorry you weren't there, too, Indy. (Yes, I typed her name twice
  for as you all know, I'm mad about that name. In fact, if I were decades
younger, I'd probably plunge right in and have another one and name the
child, either gender, that exact name. Let's face it, it would be okay for a
boy, too, right?) Thanks Indy (and yes, I know that's the third time!)
From 1964's LINDA S. MAYO came a great report on her class' 50th gathering,
which was held in the last part of September. I wrote about this in the last
bulletin, too. But I'm writing some more on it, as Linda sent a very good
report. First of all, she told me an impressive 150 people were there, which
I find astounding. That has to be some sort of record. Bully for you Class
of 1964! She also named several teachers who attended, including WC icon,
MURL E. HUFFMAN, W. DEAN POND, and 1957 class alumnus SHIRLEY A. HILE, all
accompanied by spouses.
Speaking of civics icon, MEH, I got a call from him on Nov. 21.  Here's how
it went. He told me he was in the parking lot a shopping mall, awaiting the
completion of wife Marge's shopping. He said he felt it was a good time to
call a few friends. He informed me he's going to be recognized in the sports
hall of fame for WC, in honor of his decades of golf coaching.  No surprise
there..  He then ran down quite a laundry list of all the WC events he's
attended in the past year and ended by telling me he'd just gone to the Ohio
drivers license bureau the previous week and they renewed his license for
another 4 years. "Now, I'm good until my 99th birthday," he said, with
obvious glee. He will turn 95, by the way, on this Dec. 19.
The master of ceremonies for the 1964 class' evening gala was a talented
class member, TERRY LEE WILSON, who came all the way from California. I was
glad to hear about that, as Terry had a relatively-recent battle with
thyroid cancer. I'd have loved to have seen him, myself. Terry has spent
most of his life in some form of the entertainment industry and also wrote
an amusing book a couple years ago, which I read from cover to cover. Linda
indicated Terry is in the midst of yet another book. We all wish you the
very best of luck, Terry.
Finally, Linda offered gracious thanks for the bulletins for which I thank
you in return, Linda, and she gave us a timeline on the death of her
classmate, FRANCES COLLINS, whose death I mentioned in the last bulletin.
Linda reported Frances died on the very day of their 50-year gathering and
she was a victim to stage 4 lung cancer. Very sad, she wasn't yet even 70, I
m sure. Thanks, Linda, for the great report.
Okay, gang, let's get these two people connected, shall we? It seems 1961's
NANCY J. ERTELL, is trying to contact classmate, JUDY K. CROY. She's had no
luck with the Facebook thing and I don't have Judy on my readers list. I do
however, have her brother, 1954's JOHN E. CROY. Maybe a few of you are in
contact with her, too. Whatever the source, let's get some contact info to
Nancy, so the two of them can get together. I'd think this one will be a
piece of cake. Are you there, John? If so, do contact your sister and tell
her to contact Nancy, will you? Nancy's e-mail is ( sftrail@aol.com ) I took
down my 1964 book and viewed Judy's photo. What a beautiful girl it showed!
Then came another e-mail from Nancy, in which she indicated the e-mail
address for John, which I wrote, is incorrect. Tsk, tsk, Nancy! By now, you
know the new one, complete with correction, was written in the WNR which was
sent on Halloween. But just to recap, it's ( deaconcroy@gmail.com ) Also, I
offer an apology to John for misidentifying his class year in the last
bulletin. I know full well he's 1954, not 1955, so that was a typo, my fault
  Sorry, John, and thank you for your gracious compliments.
What a laugh I got from your e-mail, 1961's JACK L. GODBY! Thanks for my
grin of the day. Let me share with all of you that Jack also agreed with me
about the horrible food, historically served at our alumni dinner at that
hotel. He, too, thought it was hog swill, although he didn't use such a
brash term. If food quality has anything to do with a hotel staying in
business, then I know why that isn't, anymore. Yep, it was horrrible, Jack.
No wonder so many people dined elsewhere, then came by to attend only the
dance! So many of you have quietly told me you agreed with me, and that was
even before there had been a change. Well, no more of that, thank heaven.
Following the unseasonable, early-winter blast, which occurred nearly in the
middle of Autumn, actually on Halloween weekend, I had an exchange with 1954
s FREDA P. FLETCHER, and she still lives in Florida and was complaining
about the cold. By the time we're all reading this installment, I guess we
will know for sure.
Congratulations are in order for 1961's JUDY M. FRANTZ, who sent me an
e-mail to the effect she'll be retiring on December 31, 2014. Judy and I
hope to be able to find some way for her to continue to receive the
bulletins, following retirement, as she'd always gotten them at her office.
It's been probably about 5 years since I've been doing the postal mailings.
The printed bulletins average about 10 to 12 pages each. What with print
cartridges costing around $60 per set, print paper costs, then factoring in
the postal costs, it became a huge expense. So I had to stop it. But we do
have several readers who don't have a PC, but who are receiving the
bulletins through their children or a next-door neighbor or a best friend.
We hope to work out a plan like that for Judy.
From 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE came an update, saying he and Sandi are
having a few aches and pains, commensurate with age, but how many of us from
that decade and back, are NOT having such problems? Not many, I'd venture to
guess. However, I'm just happy to be here, able to navigate, still see, and
keep typing! I suppose we can count our blessings. Also, thanks for the kind
words of praise, Tom.
We also got e-mail from, "The Wild, Wild West," with a recent report from
1958's beautiful lady, Miss LORNA D. TROUTMAN. She, her husband, and her
sister, 1962's THERESA M. TROUTMAN, came to the east, way back in May, when
they visited me, but weren't able to make the October outing. But she had
wonderful words of praise for her classmates, BILL R. HOWARD, BRUCE E.
especially her strumming-and-singing classmate, DONALD I. MCCOY and wife,
Frances B. I'm confident they all equally value your friendship, too, Lorna.
Her charming and talented spouse, Roger M. "Chico" Lopez III, recently made
a decision to cut his long, silken pony tail, which he'd worn for years. I
can't imagine how he must look without it, though.
Sadly, on the morning of Nov. 13, I received a call from 1970's THOS. A.
DORSEY, during which he advised me of the death (either that day or the
previous day) of 1948's JACQUELINE L. "JACKIE" KRITZER, who was the widow of
1949's HARRY E. "WILKIE" WILSON, and also a past officer in the alumni
association. I think she was a contributor to some of the WC history
projects, also. Harry, as I recall was the elder brother of 1956's RALPH D.
WILSON. I think most of us remember Jackie, as he always attended the alumni
functions throughout the time her health permitted. We all offer our sincere
condolences to Jackie's family and close friends. Thanks, Tommy.
On Nov. 11, I received a call from 1960's CHAS. A. HIGH, JR. I must say,
Charlie is remarkable in his determination to continue caring for his wife,
Carol, who's wheelchair-bound from repeated strokes and has also lost some
of her eyesight. But Charlie has now had about 22 heart procedures, himself,
and doesn't get around well at all. Again, he told me he will keep Carol at
home as long as he's able to breathe. He turned 74 this past June. I know we
all wish him well.  (Footnote: Charlie called me again, just on December 12.
He's in perilous health and says he's in pain a lot, but still insists o
trying to care for his wife, as long as he can. I don't know how he does it
Recently, I saw my now-sister-in-law, 1956's ANITA R. MASON and my
brother-in-law, who's the widow-er of my late sister, also 1956, JUDY ANN
RISNER, Ralph J. Osterman. He and Anita have now been married over 5 years.
Anita has suffered the effects of several strokes and seizures and her
general ability for recall and cognizant conversation are somewhat
challenged, as a result. She does not drive anymore, so Ralph takes her
wherever she needs to go. As many will recall, Anita is the elder sister of
1957's SARAH M. "JACKIE" MASON. As children, my sister and I lived
(literally) right across the cow pasture from Jackie and Anita, when they
occupied what was then the iconic, Elter farmhouse in Miami Shores and we
were in the very last house on Miami Shores Drive. The four of us were
practically insep-arable for the entire time they lived there. That was also
the very last time I got to be the youngest one in the crowd. Ha! Currently,
Anita continues to cope with her health challenges and my brother-in-law is
the ultimate caregiver, so I know she's in good hands, as regards her care.
It is now December 14, and I'm wondering where went all the weeks.  Yes, I
ve got to get going on this one, and get it distributed.  It's only 10 more
days, and then it's Christmas, so this will be it for this year. I did hear
recently from 1960's EULA FAYE BAILEY and, like most of us, she's also
coping with health issues, but says she' coming along well.
MICHAEL S. WEST, 1960, continues to do his globe-trotting with wife, Sally.
Intermittently, I receive their postcards from various points around the U.S
, mostly, but now and then, an island destination will pop up in the mail.
Keep traveling, you two!  There was also a thank-you from classmate JUDITH A
  SLIFE, for her birthday greeting. I received a similar e-mail for dear JACK
L. GODBY, 1961, for a card for his Nov. 7 birthday. Similar sentiments came
from 1958's LANDO F. STEELE for his Nov. 30 birthday card.
GARY E. BARNES, 1959, sent notice of the death of 96-year-old ALICE P.
SIMPSON and I was unable to determine a maiden name, based on the obit info.
But in view of the fact seniors were only about 16, back then, I'm assuming
she was in the mid-1930s.  So I did my due diligence, researching my ancient
yearbooks and found an astonishingly-similar, far younger face on a senior
picture in the 1937 Piratan, which named Alice P. Gray.  I'm fairly sure it
was her.  Thanks, Gary. Gary also told me he has an old yearbook and, as I
told him, I accept any and all WC yearbooks, in any condition, and for any
Nice Thanksgiving greetings arrived, especially for me, from both 1961's
NANCY J. ERTEL and from 1960's T. BARRY RUSSELLO. Thank you both so very
much. NORMAN E. SANFORD, 1959, wrote of how much he'd enjoyed the alumni
gathering and hopes to attend again. We all hope so, too, Norm!
From 1956's SUSAN M. MASON came a very moving tribute to the late NORMA JEAN
BROWN, who recently passed away. She was the spouse of DONALD R.
THROCKMORTON, and their daughter is KAREN L. THROCKMORTON.  It seems Jean
was Susan's music teacher at the Proctor School of Music, in Dayton. She
described Jean as patient and caring and dedicated. She also said Jean lives
on in her (Susan's) keyboard. What a nice tribute, Susan, and thank you for
sending that.
Unbelievably, this covers all e-mails I've received, up to this point. Of
course, Christmas is right on top of us and I really wanted to get this one
distributed before that time. I thank each and every one of you for your
interest and your dedication in continuing to read these.  Come October, it
will mark 15 years since I began writing them, and I can scarcely believe it
  Every time I receive another new reader, it still gives me a thrill. I
wish each of you a safe and blessed Christmas and a wonderful new calendar
year 2015. I'll hope to send another edition by about late January to early
February. In the meantime, I leave each of you with my usual wish for
glowing health, personal safety, great happiness, peaceful serenity,
spiritual harmony, and boundless prosperity.  Ciao!

Monday, November 03, 2014
2014 WCHS Alumni Gathering Wrapup
01 NOVEMBER 2014

Bonnie's Latest, Post WCHS 2014 Alumni Gathering:

Cordial greetings to all. I had no intention of beginning another

bulletin, prior to our weekend, and this one sure won't be sent until after

it's concluded. However, I've had so many responses to the last one, and the

e-mails are piling up so quickly, I thought I'd better get them cleared, as

I await the next onslaught. As always, we have good news and bad news. Also

as always, we begin with forwarders, who include 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER;








Let's also update the e-mail-lost list. The good news is, we have returned

1963's DAVID R. FRALEY to the fold, thanks to efforts by 1961's SALLY L.


Thanks, girls, and I've already heard from David and he's glad to be back

among us. But we have now lost 1967's ROBT. E. HALLER and his 1965 spouse,

MARY JO CONDON. Any clues? Also staying among the lost are 1955's BARBARA J.

THOMAS and her 1953 spouse, ELMER D. MARRIOTT. We've also lost 1960's

BEVERLY J. HAAS, which could be a very bad sign, as she was catastrophi

-cally ill, just about 2 years ago. Does anyone know anything? Let's all

work together to see if we can solve these. I also will take this

opportunity to thank 1960's IDA JANE TREON for updating me on her new e-mail

I'll be able to continue successfully sending her the bulletins. Thanks, Ida

  We're suddenly getting rejects on 1954's VICTOR C. NOEL again, as well as

one of his classmates, PATRICE G. GAUGH. Do any of you have any clues?

Freda? Prez JERRY R. GRAHAM? If you've got any info on any of these, please

let me know. Otherwise, I have to do deletions and you all know how much I

hate doing that.


My very first response to the last bulletin came from my classmate, WM. E.

BUDDY" STOVER. He thanked me for my efforts and asked me if I knew the

whereabouts of three of our classmates. They are RONALD G. PINYON, RICHARD L

"DICKIE" PHILLIPS, and ROBT. E. "BOBBY" LAMB. Now, over the years, I'd heard

Ron and Bobby had died. But nothing was substantiated, so I never believed

that. At one time, Dick was on my readers list, but I've lost him. I'm sure

he lives in Brookville, and even near to 1962's RICHARD C. CALL. It's

certainly possible Rich may know where he now lives, Buddy, or how to reach

him. Rich's e-mail is ( lolajcall@yahoo.com ) It's his wife who answers the

e-mail and her name is Lola Jean. She uses simply Jean. So perhaps that will

work to get Dick. If you succeed, get his current e-mail for me, so I can

get him back in the loop.


So now we get to Ron Pinyon. I did some digging for you. I think Ron lives

in Milton, Florida. There's no phone listed for him, but so many people have

ended landlines, that's not surprising, and cell phone numbers will never,

ever be listed. I suspect his address may be 3466 Barkwood Drive, Milton, Fl


32571. Now, if that's not him, Buddy, or if he no longer lives there, I've

been able to determine he has two sons, who are Jeffrey S. Pinyon and

William G. Pinyon. I believe William lives at 7340 Stepp Lane in Pace,

Florida 32571. Again, no phone listed. I further believe his other son,

Jeffrey, is living at 11 Point View Place, Cocoa, Florida 32926. No, no

phone listed. But I'm pretty confident of these being his sons, and at these

addresses. I actually found an e-mail for Ron, tried it, but got immediate

reject. There is also a Nina Mae Pinyon living in Pensacola, Florida, who is

connected to both Jeff and Bill, as well as Ron. So this is most assuredly

his former wife. I've got a hunch, if you drop a note to either of his two

boys' residential addresses, you're going to get a hit on Ron. I'm glad to

know all indications are that he's still alive.


So now, we move to your query about ROBT. E. LAMB. I was given to understand

much earlier in the year or later last year, Bob might live in the

Cincinnati area. This information, I believe, came come 1970's VICKIE JO

GILBERT. In any case, I did a bit more digging. I did find a Robt. E. Lamb

in the right age group. He's at 923 Whispering Pine Way, Lebanon, Ohio 45036

There were two phone numbers listed. One was disconnected. The other one is

513 228-1904. I called it, left a message, and explained for whom I was

searching. If this was the right one, I hope to get a return call. Again, I

m so encouraged to know he's probably not dead, either. So let's hope we get

somewhere with locating all 3 of them.


My special thanks to both 1955's JOHN E. CROY, 1958's DONALD I. MCCOY, and


KELLY for inviting me to join them on one of the social media sites. But as

everyone now very well knows, I'm not nearly advanced enough for those

social media sites. I don't know if I ever will be, but I'm always easy to

reach on my regular, old, boring e-mail. While I'm at it, I'll advise

everyone I made an error in the last bulletin, re John's e-mail. The correct

one is  deaconcroy at gmail.com  So please correct your records and my

apologies to you, John. (Footnote: As you're all now well aware, the

Facebook went way over the top for me, and I just can't do the social media

thing. Enough said and end of story. It's just not for me, but thank you,

one and all.)


All those lovely, little thank-yous arrived from several of you, who

included 1954's Class Prez JERRY R. GRAHAM; 1959's SHIRLEY R. PARKS, NEIL H.


1963's NORMA ELYN SPEELMAN, 1970's INDY JO SUMNER---how I do love writing

that name!!---, and I thank each and every single one of you for your

appreciation. As I keep writing, I've gotten a lot more out of this, over

the now-14 years I've done it, than have all of you put together.


On September 25, the horrible news came to me, regarding the previous day's

death of one of 1959's most well-liked members, HORACE J. CARROLL, JR.

Junior, as we'd called him all through school, was also one of my fellow

Miami Shores Kids, as is his widow, 1961's NANCY L. HOHNHORST. The news of

his passing came to me, over and over, for the next 2-3 days. Everyone was

very upset by it. He was highly regarded by his classmates and all who knew

him. What a wonderful tribute to his legacy. During his and Nancy's life in

California, he'd always used his middle name of Jay. He and Nancy had been

married 50-plus years. Deepest sympathy and sincerest condolences are


to her and her family, by us all. It will never be an easy task for me to

report the passing of anyone who attended WC, that's for sure. It was 1959's

GARY E. BARNES, who first notified me, and there were many more, following

him. There were also exchanges with his cousin, 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER

and with Nancy's classmates, P. LYNNETTE GARRETT and SALLY L. GILLETTE. Many

more made comments, though, all lamenting the loss of WC alumnus, Junior. He

ll be sorely missed, of that, there is no doubt..


On the following day, though, we got some wonderful news, which I'm thrilled

to report. The beautiful ANN C. WEIDLE of the 1956 class was remarried on

June 3 in Foley, Alabama, where she lives. She wed Robt. M. Axetell, who

lived in the same neighborhood. She says she will retain her name of Ann C.

Brown, from her longtime marriage to the late RONALD L. BROWN, who was 1952,

I believe. Both Ann and her new husband had been caregivers to their first

spouses, both deceased. So I know we all wish many happy and wonderful years

to Ann and Bob, and we thank classmate, RALPH D. WILSON, for conveying this

great news.


There is other wedding news, too! Apparently, in either latter September or

very early October, 1957 class member, ERCELL P. PHILLIPS, was also

remarried. He sent photos, but I wasn't able to find an actual date. But

neither here nor there, we certainly wish him all the happiness in the world

it looks as though his second wife's name is Jean and perhaps we'll all meet

her at an alumni event, by the time you're reading this. Congratulations and

best wishes to you, Jean and Ercell.


My cousin, JUDITH L. SAMUELS, continues to recover from her many surgeries.

She sends thanks for the kind words from 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE and 1961

s JACK L. GODBY and SALLY L. GILLETTE.. She appreciates your kindnesses. In

the 9 months ranging from November of 2013 to August of 2014, she has

endured lung cancer and the total removal of her right lung, 33 consecutive

radiation treatments, concluding sometime in March, then having cataract

surgery in July, then both a broken hip and carotid artery surgery,

practically back to back, in August. She has so far survived it all and was

miraculously declared cancer-free on Oct. 27. I don't think I've ever before

in my life heard of anyone surviving stage 4 lung cancer, not to even

mention all the rest!


It is now Oct. 14 and I shall leave for Ohio tomorrow to attend our alumni

weekend. I really don't know what to expect this year, but I sure do want to

see a good turnout. I've got some advance news from a few, and we'll see how

it goes, when I subsequently complete this one. For instance, from 1959'ss

BETSY R. MURPHY came a report of her and her 1960 spouse, T. BARRY RUSELLO

not being with us either Thursday or Friday, but do plan to be at the

Saturday night event. So we'll get to see the two of them. Barry just

celebrated a birthday on Oct. 11!


Thanks arrived from 1960's WM. O. WALKER for a birthday greeting I sent to

him. He and Karen will not be with us, this year, opting to remain at home

in Alvin, Texas. The same goes for 1961's JACK L. GODBY, and we're sure

going to miss them all. We'll try for next year.


Also, along came a thank-you from 1958's BILL R. HOWARD for the 44th

anniversary card for him and wife, Lucille M. Howard. Darned if I didn't get

the year wrong, thinking it was the 45th. However, it was the 44th, but we

all hope you had a great anniversary, Lucy and Bill. Let's see, it was Oct.

3, right?


Many, many thanks to you, 1959's SANDRA R. KINNEY, for asking me to join you

on FaceBook. I'm not yet out of the 20th century, Sandy, and don't yet even

know how to cut and paste, can you believe that? I'm not a fan of the social

websites, as outlined in the previous paragraph, and really doubt I ever

will be. But I do plan to keep my old e-mail forevermore and welcome all WC

who wish to use it. By now---it's October 27---you're all aware of my

Facebook debacle. I'm so sorry, I just can't abide that Facebook thing. I

found far more which I disliked, than liked. Miraculously, dozens of you

sent e-mails in support of my decision, and even said you felt exactly the

same. Thank you all for understanding. I repeat, I love my e-mail and I love

my old, landline telephone. Please feel free to use them both, liberally, if

you wish. There's probably going to be more on that topic, as we go through

this bulletin. It seems to be an endless topic.


Among you wonderful folks who helped me through my Facebook dilemma were






SANDRA K. MINIX. I thank you, one and all.


Now, we back up to Oct. 8, when I got a lovely thank-you e-mail from 1961

class president, JOHN W. OBERLIES, JR., who thanked me for his birthday card

(it's on that day), and told me he's a whole year older than I thought. Well

don't worry, John, I'll change it and make you a year older. I hope it was

one, fabulous birthday for you!


On October 9, I received e-mail from 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, in which

she expressed her concern for the health status of my cousin, JUDITH L.

SAMUELS. Of course, I've covered all that in the earlier paragraphs, Lynn,

so I'm sure you're up to date with Judy's health. I also know she's happy


have asked. Lynn and I had out usual, one-on-one visit, during alumni

weekend, when I visited at her Germantown home.  She even took me to lunch!

Thanks, Lynn.


Lynn also told me she had learned of the death of FRANCIS COLLINS, who was

the younger sister of 1961's JO ANNE COLLINS and 1957's MARY A. COLLINS. She

did not know a class year nor did she have the cause of death. Do any of you

know anything about this or any of the details?


From 1960's DAVID G. OTT came news of an Oct. 22 hip replacement surgery for

his 1963 spouse, SANDRA K. MINIX. He reported she was doing great, coming

along well, and would be in rehab for a week or so, and then expected to be

home. We hope you're doing great by now, Sandy.


Where were you over the recent alumni weekend, 1968's ROGER D. LUCAS? After

your e-mail of Oct. 9, I thought sure we'd be seeing you at something. Were

you there? If so, I was unaware. We do hope to see you somewhere, next year.



We didn't get to see 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, nor his wife, Sarah L. "Sally"

West. She has been undergoing a regimen of treatments for breast cancer and

Mike reported all is going well, saying her chances for complete recovery

are looking great. How wonderful to be able to report even more good health



From 1964's THOS. J. HALL came a request for any WC events taking place in

Florida. Obviously, he had heard of the now-defunct, WC Florida Spring Fest

as well as the annual WC Florida Holiday Brunch, which happened in December

I moved in early 2007, Tom, and had diligently hoped those events had by

then taken on a life of their own and would continue. I thought someone

would pick up the reins and move forward with those events, but it didn't

happen. So you'll need to come on up to see everyone in Ohio, come next Oct.

8, 9, and 10.


As the months moved past, I did some updating on my WC address records, in

the process tracking down the latest info on 1958's LANDO F. STEELE; 1960's


all of them, I'm happy to report.


Prior to our alumni weekend, I received e-mail from 1954 class president,

JERRY R. GRAHAM, for the purpose of promoting their 60th gathering. Why didn

t I see you all that weekend, Jerry? Where were you? I also missed FREDA P.

FLETCHER and she told me she didn't even know there were other events! Freda

  you're not reading the bulletins, are you? "Shame-y, shame-y!" One of these

days, I'm going to have pop quiz! I believe iconic teacher, MURL E. HUFFMAN

was at the event, and I know he was at the dinner/dance, along with wife,

Marjorie L. Huffman.


From 1961's RICHARD L. DOLL came a request for info on classmate, MARILYN J.

WINKLER. I had nothing, but was nevertheless able to find her, using the

webiste I constantly use and it's always one, terrific souce (www.whitepages

com)  The extent of obtainable info on there is amazing and I sent it to him

  Did you talk with her yet, Rich?


Let's back up a bit to Sept. 28, which is when I got the latest update on a

Fahrney or two. As we all are well aware, that's an iconic surname in the

annals of WC. So from 1958 class president, RICHARD A. FAHRNEY, came a

report on his trip to Europe, where he was coaching what is termed,

American Football," while in Germany. Dick was coaching 18-year-olds and was

permitted to stay 90 days, then had to leave, due to visa limitations, but

said he'd gotten to bring over 4 grandchildren for a month, so I know he and

Jan had great fun with that. Dick also sent along a message for you, BILL R.

HOWARD, his classmate. He loved the photos you sent to him, and I guess his

thanks brought about nostalgia from the 1950s about your incredible speed as

a track runner and athlete, Bill. Of course, all of us of that era remember

your remarkable achievements, and I'm betting no one's ever yet broken a few


of the records you set.


Unfortunately, this year's timing with the Fahrneys didn't coincide with our

weekend, and we're surely hoping that won't happen too many more years. As I

type (Oct. 28), Dick probably went to Tuesday breakfast at Holly's in WC,

then they will return to do some skiing in Breckenridge, after a visit to

Kalispell, Montana---an area where I've ridden serious, Harley-Davidson

miles for many years, long ago---to visit son Lance, daughter-in-law Melissa

and their four grandchildren. Also, many thanks for the kind words, Dick,

and we sure hope to see you next year.


Toward the end of September, we got e-mail from 1960's THOS. L. WOLF, JR.,

who advised all the old class photos are hanging where they should be in

WCHS. He made arrangement to get them to open the school from 10a.m.-2p.m.,

on Oct. 18, for viewing on alumni weekend. Unfortunately, I was in such a

mad dash, I totally forgot it, but did share dinner with Tom at my table,

later that evening. He also told me the Mandalay Banquet Center is located

in the Kettering School District, not WC, as I'd thought. But that's okay.

Thanks, Tom.


From 1960's EULA FAYE BAILEY came news she wouldn't be with us this year,

either. She has had a number of health issues, with which she's been dealing

  and just isn't up to the traveling. It's been a year since she broke her

hip, but has recovered 100% from that, she reported. So that part was good

news. We all missed you, Eula Faye!


A couple of inquiries came to me for contact information and/or an update on

1963's FRANCES L. PEFFLY. They came from SHIRLEY A. RANKIN and TERRIE A.

STOLTZ. Both want to know how to contact Fran and how she's doing. I wish I

had an answer for you both. I last saw Fran on April 14 of 2012, when I took

her and her daughter to lunch for Fran's birthday. Since then, I've heard

nothing, I'm sorry to say, and don't know why. So if anybody out there knows

how Fran is, let us know. All I can tell you is that I'm not getting any

rejects on her e-mail address, so I have to assume it's still working.


From 1957's SHIRLEY A. HILE came a request for the dates for our weekend,

but I don't recall seeing you anywhere, Shirley. Were you somewhere at one

of the weekend functions, and I missed seeing you, Shirley?


From 1961's SHARON K. WENDELKEN came a report about a class gathering for

her 1964 younger brother's class. He is TIMOTHY L. WENDELKEN, and it looks

like he lives in Gray Court, SC. I was a tad surprised by the timing of the

event, since our annual alumni weekend is so high-profile, now. But the

class met on about the last weekend of September and I have to admit I

wondered why it wasn't coincided with the alumni weekend, which would've

allowed them to see so many more Pirates. My first thought was perhaps the

planners were unaware. In any case, Sharon said her brother told her the

dinner was fabulous and was held at the Presidential Pavilion. In any case,

it's wonderful the class met for their 50th. Thanks for the report, Sharon.


From 1961's NANCY J. ERTEL came regrets about not being able to see the

e-mail address for 1958 class prez, RICHARD A. FAHRNEY. Well, Nancy, we can

sure fix that in a big hurry. I feel very confident Dick will not mind a

fellow Pirate having his e-mail address, especially one who showed an

interest in his involvement in European sports. So here's Dick's e-mail:

fahrney@earthlink.net Okay, Nancy?


A recent call came from 1960's EDGAR L. "EDDIE: KELLY. He'd lost all his

contacts due to a crash on his PC. He also told me he hasn't been up to par

of late, but is making strides. Ed wanted contact info on his high school

girlfriend, 1961's DIANA J. MILTON, so I hope he was able to contact you,

her sister, 1958's MARGIE L. MILTON.


Also checking in with an update was Rebecca A. Fuller, spouse of 1960's

GERALD A. FULLER. She said they'll make an effort to be at our class' 55th

anniversary, next year. I sure hope so! Several years ago, Jerry connected a

few memory dots for me. For years, I'd wondered why and how I could recall a


connection to Jerry, long before we began school together. It was he who was

able to recall the fact I used to visit my aunt and uncle on Dayton's Steele

Avenue, when just a toddler. It was Jerry who was able to tell me his

parents had lived right next door. I recall going to birthday parties for

Jerry, when we were but 3 and 4 years old. I know we met each other before

our 3rd birthdays. That means, we have known one another longer than just

about any other person on earth, but for older, immediate family. I don't

have anyone living, but I think Jerry still has his two brothers, who are



Well, 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER will soon be adding to her vast family. Her

granddaughter by her son, 1975's Dr. MARK T. SCHROEPPEL, Ph. D., is

currently 3 months pregnant with her second child and the family is very

excited. Freda already has 11 great-grandchildren and she was an only child!

I know you're doing your part to re-populate the earth, Freda!


Well, I received a wonderful e-mail from 1961's JANET L. WALTERS, in which

she tried to convince me she, like me, grew up as a Tomboy.  Okay, Janet,

maybe you did, but you sure don't LOOK like any Tomboy I'VE ever seen, and

you're invariably one of the most attractive alumni who comes to any of the

functions.  So if you were ever a Tomboy, you've sure done a great job of

outgrowing it, that's for sure!


From 1969's KAREN L. THROCKMORTON came an e-mail regarding the recent death

of her mother,

1945's NORMA JEAN BROWN, the spouse of her classmate, DONALD R. THROCKMORTON

  We all sure did hate that one, Karen.  I had the pleasure of meeting your

folks at one or two of the alumni functions, and what nice people.  I'm so

sorry we lost your mother.


While there in WC, I made inroads with our new alumni president, 1978's

LARRY W. HENDERSON, and he will be letting me know, as the year passes, if

any big changes or corrections are taking place as regards our plans for

2015. Thanks for stepping up to the plate, Larry, and I know we all

appreciate once again having an alumni president.  I understand the

vice-presidency remains open.  If that's still the case, are there any

takers out there?  If so, please let Larry know.  Keep reading, as I'm

getting to the recent alumni weekend, and will have some coverage on that.


None other than 1958's DONALD I. MCCOY and wife, Frances B., are putting the

finishing touches on a new CD.  As most of us are well aware, Don and Fran

do a lot of entertaining and singing around the area of southern Ohio.  At

our Miami Shores Memories gathering of 2013, in fact, we were treated to a

free concert with Don, classmate LORNA D. TROUTMAN, and her 1962 sister,

THERESA M.  It was great fun.


My dear friend, 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH and his longtime, significant

other, 1971's PATTY JO WHEELBARGER, came to my house for a visit.  Bruce

averages a visit about 3-5 times, each year, and Patty is normally with him,

at least once or twice.  They also headed southward and visited 1960's

MICHAEL S. WEST and wife Sally in their chosen hometown of Gatlinburg.


With this edition, we welcome aboard 1959's NORMAN R. SANFORD. He gave me

his e-mail at our dinner/dance, and sat at the same table, as 1959 and 1960

were seated together. He and his wife live in Pennsylvania.  Many of us

vividly recall Norm, as he was the drum major for the marching band, just

prior to the years when that slot was occupied by 1961's JACK L. GODBY.

Welcome to the WC bulletin readers list, Norm, and we hope you will enjoy.


During our recent weekend, it was the 60th for the class of 1954, obviously.

  One class member was CAROLYN R. GILLETTE, sister of 1961's SALLY L.

GILLETTE, who reported Carolyn asked her to join the 1954 gathering, which

she did.  Carolyn had other family members there, too.  I so regret not

seeing anyone from that class at our dinner/dance.  I had really wanted to

see several of those folks, inparticularly!


With nearly each bulletin, 1960's RONNIE R. WHEELER and I, seem to exchange

opinions on matters of pith and moment, so to speak.  This time, we both

lamented the loss of the moral pulchritude with which we 1950s kids were

raised and how our own children never got to experience that.  How true, how

true, Ronnie, and yes, how tragic.  I've never been sure about modern being

necessarily better.


From 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE came a proud report of the work of his

grandson, Kyle, who's getting launched into the film-making business.  In

fact, he's just signed a contract to do commercials for none other than

Starbucks Coffee.  His other grandson, Ryan, is headed to Los Angeles to

play in the Handicapped World Soccer Cup.  While Ryan is not handicapped,

the rules call for each team to have two non-handicapped players, and Ryan

is one of them.  Is it any wonder Tom and Sandi are so proud of these two



So now, we get to our weekend, as I continue typing on this Halloween night,

which is gray and very overcast for our little beggars. I had a safe and

uneventful trip to the home of my host and hostess, who are always 1960's

CHAS. V. CARTER and wife, Pamela J., who reside in Miamisburg. That was on

Wednesday, Oct. 15, and I spent that evening visiting my brother-in-law,

Ralph J. Osterman, and my sister-in-law, 1956's ANITA R. MASON, his wife of

5 years.  Then it was next door for a visit to my friend, Susie McLaughlin,

caregiver, singer, and roommate to the late, great Betty C. Greenwood, who

died April 12, and whose eulogy I delivered to a packed house. I think of

her often and fondly. Susie was kind enough to make a gift to me of a

beautiful piece of Betty's jewelry, which I'll always cherish.


Then came Thursday and I went to the usual gathering at Ron's Pizza in

Miamisburg. I was firs to get there and, while waiting in my van, 1959's

GARY E. BARNES also arrived. He and I shared supper together, as we've been

doing for a number of years, The turnout was fairly light, probably around

35-40 people. But it was nevertheless fun and pleasant and lots of memories

and nostalgia.  I especially enjoyed seeing the wonderful, old antique car,

driven right to the front door by 1962's RUSSELL L. "RUSTY" ELLIOTT and wife

MARY ANN DUNCAN. Everyone milled around and talked to everyone, as always

seems to be the case. I had a great visit with classmate, DAVID A. BLAIR and

his wife, Marlene.


Friday brought a repeat performance with additional people, and many of the

same ones, as we all gathered at Frisch's. Even GARY L. WARLAUMONT put in an

appearance, and so did our class vice-president, THOS. D. YOUNG and his wife

  my dear friend, Sandi. Daughter Jennifer was also there with her spouse,

Larry M. Hamblin, and the great-grandson, Connor Benjamin Gill. What a cutie

and a real scene-stealer.


Suddenly, there was a tap on my shoulder and I turned to find 1958's star

football jock and hunk, none other than 1950s A-lister, LANDO F. STEELE.  We

had a great visit and went all around the place, as we did table-hopping and

I told everyone who he was.  He said he wanted to talk to everyone and that

was just what we did.  There were lots of 1960 people there, it seemed, and

I was glad of that. Among those I saw, besides Gary and Tom, were DAVID A.


V. CARTER, C. SUE MCCLOUD, and I know others will come to mind, as I do more



We lost the Miami Shores Memories Picnic, due to rescheduling of the weekend

  after the room had already been set for the prior week, the death of 1957's

BETTY LEE CARROLL, who served as our Moraine City liaison, and the confusion

of alumni officer resignations.  I loved that event and have big hopes of

someone taking the reins and resurrecting that event for next year. We'll

see how it goes.


Of course, the almost-canceled-this-year dinner/dance was the following

night. Now, due to all those aformentioned-and-unforeseen stumbling blocks,

we did have a light turnout, maybe a hundred, but let me tell you, if you

weren't there, you missed the very best one we've ever had, and I'm not

kidding! The facility was Mandalay Banquet Center on East River Road, an

extremely nice facility with all amenities and I'm so glad we're going to be

staying there in future years.


While there, I spent time with 1960's T. BARRY RUSSELLO and 1959 spouse,

BETSY R. MURPHY. I  can assure you, they're both still keeping the fashion

bar high. Barry had just stepped off the pages of GQ, as always, and Betsy

continues to defy age, looking about 55 (with a hard push) and fashionable

beyond description. Yep, she's the Vogue girl!  Also present was 1958's

football icon, FLOYD R. "BUBBLES" WILLIAMS, whose face broke into a wide

smile when his football buddy, also a 1958-er, LANDO F. STEELE, entered the

room.  I also spent some time talking with their other football buddy,

VINCENT A. BRODBECK and his delightful, longtime companion, Brenda K. Heiser

  as well as 1962 class member, JACKQUELYN S. HAINES and her 1958 spouse, W.

BAILEY HAWKINS. There were also BILL R. HOWARD and his wife, Lucille M.  Two

days earlier, I coincidentally ran smack into Bill and DAVID L. HOWARD, at

the WC McDonald's, when I stopped for coffee, breakfast, and a paper.  We

had a nice visit, too. Also at my table was CHAS. V. CARTER, who drove me

there and back.  I was happy about that, as it was a rainy night.  Also

there was SHIRLEY J. TUDOR, who was lookin' good, and THOS. L. WOLF, JR.  It

was a great evening.


Now, as much as I hate to say it (but I've already said it, many times), in

ALL past years, I thought the food was absolutely hog swill.  I said nothing

  as I wasn't there for the food, anyway.  But many others echoed my opinion,

very quietly.  Well, all I can say is, "Hog swill days are finished!"  The

food at the Mandalay Banquet Center was absolutely delicious, every single

item.  Everyone, with whom I spoke, agreed with me.


Then came the entertainment.  Yes, we had entertainment and in all previous

years, I didn't enjoy it, at all.  This year was exceptional!  There was a

group there, who call themselves (I think) the Dell Sonics.

They sang many songs from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.  Somehow, some way,

they managed to sound just like the original recording, on each and every

song.  I was amazed, as were many. By the way, the wait staff at this

facility were all Johnny-on-the-spot, keeping coffee and tea all filled,

bringing any requested items to the table, and making sure everyone was

accommodated.  This was a 100%, enjoyable-all-the-way function and I'll bet

it will be repeated, and even better, come next year.


It is my understanding from the current alumni president, 1978's LARRY W.

HENDERSON, we will be doing a repeat performance of all aspects of the 2014

event.  I, for one, am thrilled about that. Larry was assisted this year by

a little presentation from former president, THOS. A. DORSEY.  So if you

didn't make this year's event, as so many didn't, make darned sure you put

it on your calendar for 2015. Hats off to all who had a hand in planning

this year's exceptional event.  We'll also be returning to our regular time

slot of the second Saturday in October. So our WC weekend will be held on

Oct. 8, 9, and 10, come next year.  BE THERE!!!  Don't keep putting this off

  because we're losing more and more people every year.  I especially want to

see a predominance of my own class, 1960, as it will be our 55th.  Not to be

excluded from importance is the class of 1965, who will be the spotlight,

50th class, and it will be the 60th for 1955.  So bearing all that in mind,

make your plans and block off that weekend.  Let nothing prevent you from

being there.  Don't shove this to the side for other events.  If you can

make just one of the events, make sure it's the dinner/dance, as that's the

only official event. If someone wants you to do something on that weekend,

you need to tell them you have already made commitments!


So guess what?  This concludes this installment of the WC bulletins.  The

last one was sent Sept. 24, so I'm pretty proud of myself. On this Halloween

Eve, you'll have lots of reading to do, so I hope you'll all enjoy.  If I've

overlooked anything, please let me know.  I'll get it in the next one. In

the meantime, I'll close with my usual wish for glowing health, personal

safety, great happiness, spiritual harmony, peaceful serenity, and boundless

prosperity. Ciao!

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