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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Saturday, April 17, 2004
Pictures of these get-together reunions are at http://freepages.school-alumni.rootsweb.com/~vlwest/albumwc.html

Date: 15 April 2004
From: Bonnie

Florida Fling, 2004

---It's been about 3 weeks now, since our long-awaited, much-anticipated event. Was it worth the wait? Was it worth the anticipation? Well, for me, it was---and then some! So far, by the way, I've yet to find anyone who was there, who disagrees with my assessment.

When I arrived, around 12:20 p.m., the clubhouse was just about bursting at the seams, already. Everyone ran to and fro, talking to everyone else. No one wanted to miss out on anyone else, who they were, what grad year they were, what they did in school and since school, etc. Of course, there was the usual sidling up to someone you thought would be "in the know" and trying to be extremely inconspicuous as you said, "Hey, see that (fill in the blank) over there? Who is he/she? What class year was he/she?" Then, always, when the reply came forth, it was, "Really? That's (fill in the blank), no kidding? He/ she really looks great!" Now I know that sounds very repetitive, but believe me, I heard that over and over, several times, as they day passed.

Once again, we had a wonderful cross-section of people and personalities. It was a very rewarding day, worth the effort to attend, that's for sure. As nearly as I could tell, we had about a dozen people who came all the way from Ohio. This doesn't come close, though, to NANCY E. "COOKIE" BOWIE, who revamped her entire vacation plan in order to be here, all the way from Eatonville, Washington. WILLIAM O. WALKER, and wife Karen, were here from Dickinson, Texas, and there were a few who drove much further across Florida than did I (a scant 70 miles), in order to be there with us---MADELEINE CAMPBELL, JUDY STALDER, SUE MCCLOUD, ROBERTA RICE, SANDRA BARSALOU, BOYD JENKINS, JERRY FULLER, DICK KNEER, THE THREE FAHRNEYS (more later on them, as I want to save SOME surprises!), MARILYN DONALDSON, LINDA MCAFEE, DARELL TOBIAS, TOM FEE, and PAULA WILSON. In fact, we had class members ranging from the Class of 1933 (!) all the way through to the Class of 1962.

Did I write 1933? I sure did! To the absolute delight of each and every person there, none other than 1933's EMERSON FAHRNEY was in attendance. I know we all remember Mr. Fahrney and we SURE remember his well-known children---the late ROBERT (Class of 1954, I believe), DOLORES "DEDE," (Class of 1960, who was there), and RICHARD A. (Class of 1958, who was also there). Mr. Fahrney served on our school board for 9 years, he's now 88, and he's a virtual treasure trove of WC trivia, believe me. I spent a little time with him and so did the charming and attractive and captivating ROBERTA RICE. I'll be darned if I know why YOU are still a widow, Roberta! It simply HAD to be of your own choosing. Folks, this lady is just spellbinding! She's been everywhere and done everything and is such fascinating company, I could NEVER tire of being around her. If you come over to Florida's east coast, Roberta, you be sure to call me, hear?

But anyway, Mr. Fahrney told me of quite a serious auto accident in which he'd been involved as recently as January. He was hospitalized, and it had been only about two months since it happened. Yet, he showed no sign of trauma, no scars, nothing. Wow! We should all be so resilient. If you're reading this, Mr. Fahrney, we all want you to know how delighted we were that you were able to attend.

Apparently, MADELEINE CAMPBELL and JERRY FULLER shared some close ties as youngsters, as so many of us did. It was wonderful to listen to the two of them, as they exchanged stories from childhood and to realize how special this day really was. The two of them were part of the reason it WAS so special. I also loved seeing Madeleine and Cookie talking together, after all the years apart, and catching up on each other's lives. I wasn't at all surprised, as cell phones were tossed about on that day, that I suddenly found myself chatting with SHARON BORGER, who had not come down, although we tried hard to inspire her. Sharon spoke with me, SUE MCCLOUD, COOKIE, SHIRLEY TUDOR, JOANN STEMLEY, and MADELEINE CAMPBELL. She may have also spoken with others, but I'm unaware, if she did. For those of you who don't know this, Madeleine asked me long ago to see if I could get a 1960 yearbook for her. She said she had lost hers in all the moves or misplaced it and never had been able to find it. Well, as it happened, she had left it at Sharon's house, many years ago. Sharon had hung onto it all these years. Once we managed to get Sharon and Madeleine reconnected, guess what? She got back her long-lost Piratan when Sharon mailed it back to her, just a couple of months ago. I love that story, don't you? Madeleine, I've taken your name off the list for a 1960 yearbook, by the way. Ha! Madeleine's husband, William D. "Bill" McDaniel, was terribly patient for the duration of our event. However, I still told him we all want Madeleine to attend our premiere event, come October, in Ohio.

JUDY STALDER was with us for most of the day, and was intermittently accompanied by her spouse. I always remember Jerry DeAngulo so well, for that glowing smile with those perfect teeth. Judy was fun and personable all day, too, adding a great deal to all our fond memories as the day passed. It was difficult, in fact, to be a part of this function and NOT be in a good mood.

SUE MCCLOUD is so pretty now. She was pretty in school, but she looks even better now. You've got to get all of us some of that stuff that you're "on," Sue! Sue and I talked at length about racial things as they related to our school days, along with JoAnn and Linda McAfee. We all came to one, unanimous conclusion. Racial things just didn't relate at ALL to our school days and we were all pretty proud of that. Yes, it was the segregated 1950s, but to those of us who went to WC, it just never figured into the plan. The black kids were part of our student body, just as the whites were, and I don't recall ever hearing or seeing them maligned or mistreated, I'm happy to say.

SHIRLEY TUDOR was in great form and looked terrific and kept the laughs going. She spoke with everyone and everyone also intermingled with her. SANDRA L. BARSALOU, Class of 1958, was one of those folks who also improved with a little maturity. Sandy looks very nice in her senior class photo, but she looks even better now. I never did perfect that procedure where I get to look better as I get older, as did so many of my cronies from WC, I guess. JERRY FULLER is still a carbon copy of his senior picture, I'll swear! Sandy's husband, Mike Donisi, came along with her. She had several of her classmates present, but she was the only female from the 1958 class.

DOLORES FAHRNEY is a plus at ANY gathering, I'm sure, but that's especially so, for WC. The Fahrney name is so well-known and the sports acumen of the Fahrney family is also pretty well-known. I can tell you, not much has changed with that. Jerry Fuller was just elated to see his high school football idol, DICK FAHRNEY, and I think Dick also enjoyed himself. I do believe that Dick also deserves a pat on the back for lengthy traveling, though. He lives in Colorado now! So we were all terribly pleased to see you there, Dick!

One of the all-time nice guys who has ever trodden the halls of WC, BOYD H. JENKINS, was there, of course. Boyd never misses one WC function, and neither does Jerry Fuller. These two guys show up at everything and I think they both should have a well-deserved pat on the back for such efforts. (That Fee guy is always at every WC function, too!) There's just one thing about you, Boyd. You tend to "disappear without warning." I didn't get to say good-bye to you on either day. I'd ask where you were and someone would say, "Oh, he left." But in all fairness, folks, Boyd had just gotten extensive dental work done and wasn't feeling 100%. But hey, he was there, and that's what matters!

That long-married WC couple, STEVEN M. KOKOT and BARBARA T. O'NEAL, were right there, too! Barb had had so much fun on the previous night, we just didn't know if she'd turn up or not. But there she was, just as fun as she always is, still beautiful, and certainly not looking any worse for the wear. Steve was terribly concerned about his older sister, ROSE MARIE KOKOT, Class of 1954, who is gravely ill. We all hope things are better, Steve, and we also hope you'll keep us posted. Steve and Barb are a welcome addition to any WC function. At this point, it just doesn't seem right if they AREN'T there, as a matter of fact! They made quite a trip to be there.

JOANN STEMLEY, SHIRLEY TUDOR, DONNA RICHARDS, BRUCE CHENOWETH, BILL HOWARD, and LYNNETTE GARRETT all traveled some miles to be there. Yes, JoAnn played hostess, by getting us the club -house in which to meet and she has a condo there. But still, she came down from Ohio early, in order to do that. The rest of those people came ONLY for this function. I think that certainly deserves a mention.

Living in Florida has its advantages when it come to the gatherings like this, as RICHARD KNEER will be the first to tell you. Dick and wife Becky were with us for both days and we were thrilled to have them. Becky was terribly patient and tolerant of all this WC nostalgia, as was each and every spouse who attended. Dick looked wonderful and fit and was very glad to see everyone. I'm thinking you were the only guy from your 1961 class, weren't you, Dick?

People gathered in various small groups, throughout the clubhouse, as well as around the pool. No one looked better sitting around that pool than did PAULA WILSON, Class of 1961, who is still gorgeous and has that dark, golden tanned look. Paula, you were such fun and so cute! We all loved seeing you. Most of you will recall Paula as being in the "WC glamour set," along with Cookie and Paula's other popular and pretty pal, DONNA RICHARDS, also Class of 1961, and also great fun. I will forever have a soft spot in my heart for you, Donna, for your selfless donation of your cherished 1951 Piratan, at a time when I so needed it. Of course, I've since been able to replace it and return yours. But, like CAROLYN GILLETTE and DEVONA TAYLOR, you gave it with the idea that you'd never again see it. I will not soon forget that. By the way, Carolyn, all of your books are in the mail now. You and Dee will also share that soft spot in my heart.

We all secretly hoped that Cookie, Donna, and Paula would break out in cheerleading, while Bill Howard ran laps around the pool as Jerry Fuller and Dick Fahrney threw a football back and forth. But heck, that whole scenario didn't materialize, darnit!

To say that Bruce Chenoweth was a vital ingredient in our gathering, would surely be an understatement. Not only did Bruce make that thousand-mile trip, he was just everywhere and spent time with everyone! He stayed several days with me, which was a real thrill, he flew over to GARY WARLAUMONT's place with him to play golf, he drove over to Tampa to dine and play golf with the Fees and BILL HOWARD, and he also attended both gatherings, as well as visiting his brother in Weeki-Wachee, after all of this. Amazing! But you're an amazing guy, Bruce, and by the way, for you ladies who didn't attend, I must tell you that Bruce is utterly and totally gallant and charming, at all times. We all love you, Bruce, and hope you keep coming to all the WC things. We know you will!

The crowd around the pool was having one heck of a time. Barbara, Paula, Donna, and Shirley kept us all laughing with "WC war stories." Bill Walker and Jerry Fuller chimed in with a few of those, too. Suddenly, we were all hearing the voice of LEONARD F. KUHN, Class of 1958 (or was it '59?) booming through Bill's cell phone
and we heard him announce that he'd had to stay home, due to the first birthday of one of his grandchildren. We'll forgive you this time, Lenny, but we're sure looking for you in October and certainly for next year's Spring Fest on March 27, hear?

Attending with DeDe and her family was also the Class of 1955's (once removed), MARILYN DONALDSON. It had been a solid 50 years, I'm sure, since I'd seen her, but I remembered her vividly, because her folks ran the old Miami Shores Boat Ramp, right beside Jean Ward's house during my early youth. It was just great that you came to join us, Marilyn, and we hope you'll always be there. Several of your 1955 classmates have asked about you, as a matter of fact.

In the early afternoon, my cell phone rang and it was none other than DARELL L. TOBIAS, Class of 1957, who wanted to confirm directions. He was on his way from his Sanford home and was riding his beautiful Harley-Davidson. He took way too long to get there, though, and I become worried a bit. Finally, he did show up and told us all he'd run out of gas (no fault of his, as it seems the petcock on his bike was faulty) and had had to push the bike for a distance, until he got fuel. Wow, what a way to enjoy the beginning of a school function! Darell looks wonderful, folks! I can't think of even one homely attendee, in fact, or one person who didn't look great. I think it was in that WC water. Not only did Darell look terrific, so did his bike. It's just gorgeous! Thanks so much for making that effort, Darell. We were all happy to see you.

That most loyal of WC function attendees, RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, Class of 1958 (once removed), also turned up, with wife Sandy as well as their son, Sean, and Sean's girlfriend. Sean enjoyed leafing through the old annuals and seeing photos of his dad, when he was younger. I think Sandy has finally become impervious to all this WC stuff. Tom, your efforts toward this event were greatly appreciated. For those of you who don't know, it was Tom who was the driving force (no pun intended) behind putting together the WC golf outing, which apparently turned out quite well. (More on that, later.)

The Class of 1957's guys were represented by Darell, of course, and representing the gals was none other than LINDA L. MCAFEE. Linda, what a delight it was to have you there! You added so MUCH to the gathering, you really did. Linda is truly glamorous, folks. She was pretty in high school and she looks terrific now. She's also had one of those "best-seller" lives. Like Roberta Rice, I could have talked to her all day. She's a razor- sharp wit and her personality blended wonderfully with the low-key, subtle humor of Cookie, who was also just delightful, all day long.

Not necessarily saving the best for last, but certainly coming close, LYNNETTE GARRETT was there with husband Frank Hawvermale. Lynn is SUCH a fun and witty person, it's always a delight to be around her, it really is. She is terrib;y interesting and simply wonderful and, Lynn, I'm hoping you will never again come down to Florida, without letting me know. Lynn wasn't feeling her very best that day, so she left a lot sooner than I wanted. But again, she was there, so there's a lot to be said for that. I'm sure looking forward to seeing you again, come October, Lynn. So you be sure to send in that form and make your reservations, okay?

Now comes the part which so many of you are dreading and likely hoping I'd forget---the golfing awards! Let me tell you, folks, Tom Fee thought of everything, he really did! He even went out and bought cute and fun little trophies and awards for this thing. Naturally, he made the presentations at Spring Fest, to the delight of some and the consternation of others. I'm going to tell you all about this and you must bear in mind that I know NOTHING about golf, okay? I'm copying the information given to me by Tom.

Was there ever any doubt that the first-place win would go to GARY L. WARLAUMONT, Class of 1960? He got one of Tom's trophies with a score of 84. I'm told that's very good. Well hey, it OUGHT to be! From what I can gather, he spends night and day on the golf course. So SOMEthing should be coming of all that time, right? He wasn't with us that day, having flown back home on that morning, so someone has by now taken his trophy to him, I presume?

Falling into spot number two, also winning a trophy, was none other than 1955's MARILYN DONALDSON, with a score of 92. Way to go, Marilyn! You're keeping things up for the girls. Hot on her heels was 1958's RICHARD A. FAHRNEY, with a score of 94 and he walked away with the final trophy, but there were other prizes to be awarded.

Right behind her brother, was DEDE FAHRNEY, Class of 1960, who scored a 101 and was awarded a golf- themed toothpick holder. The other three awards went to the other three players, in descending order, and they were WILLIAM O. WALKER, Class of 1960, with a 102, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, Class of 1958, with a 117, and WILLIAM R. HOWARD, Class of 1958, with a 129.
The three of them were given very clever fridge magnets with a little dangle which read as "lousy" or "great" as regarded their daily golf scores. Very cute! Tom put some effort into selecting these awards.

But I have to tell all of you this part, which you don't know. Bruce hasn't played golf in about 20-odd years, due to his left arm having been actually amputated in an airplane propeller accident, back in 1980. He was lucky to have been able to have it reattached, and has fairly good use, but says it heavily affected his golf swing ability, which is understandable, of course. As for Bill, that's the bravest golf story of all because Bill hadn't EVER played golf, even once in his LIFE! But he got out there, in the spirit of the game and in order to have some camaraderie with his high school pals and he played golf! So I say, "Bully for you, Bill!" What a team spirit YOU showed! As most of us will recall, Bill was the hero of the track team in school and he remains a sports idol to a few of his underclassmen, to this day.

It was all in good fun and everyone had lots of laughs and that was pretty much the theme of the entire day. Our original plans had called for a group of us to go over to the nearby Boston Lobster Feast at day's end. But the fact is, no one was hungry. We'd all brought this and that and there was enough food to feed an army and with great variety, too. So that never did materialize.

Besides, everyone wanted to hang on, until the very last minute of the day, I think. Lynn and Frank left, due to her feeling badly. Madeleine and Bill returned to their Lady Lake winter home, Darell rode off into the sunset on his gorgeous Harley-Davidson, and Linda McAfee made a humorously warm and funny exit, befitting a Broadway play. The Fahrneys departed and what a joy THEY had all been. So did enchanting Roberta and pretty Sue McCloud, who wanted to check on her under-the-weather spouse, John. Boyd had somehow slipped away AGAIN, without my getting to say good-bye, as had Bill Howard, once again. Tom Fee and Company made their way back to Tampa, after adding so much to such a wonderful gathering. Sandy Barsalou and husband Mike made their way back to south Florida and Steve also left, with his "gaggle of gorgeous girls"---Barbara O'Neal, Paula Wilson (headed for her Singer Island home near West Palm Beach), and Donna Richards. Bruce took leave to head for his brother's home. To say that the farewells were very fond, would be just another under- statement. Everyone went on and on about what a wonderful experience the whole thing had been. I was thrilled to have been able to be a contributing part of it.

Everyone would be back home by the following day, probably, with their wonderful memories, and anxiously anticipating our next marvelous WC event, which will be the "crown jewel"---the annual alumni gig on October 9. (But let's not overlook the previous night at Frisch's, by the way!) So we were left with the "hard-core folks"---me, Shirley, Jerry Fuller, JoAnn, Cookie, Judy, Bill & Karen Walker. We hung on as long as we could, but feeling that the nearby condo occupants might throw us all out, because we kept laughing so loudly, we all finally had to cash it in and chalk up this wonderful event, as we anxiously anticipated the next one. This stuff is like a drug---the more you get, the more you want. But it's a GOOD drug, that's for sure. Remember when the word, "drug," was one which went just before, "store," where we all went to get a root beer float or a great ice cream sundae? Well, we had all just been to "our drugstore" for the entire day and most of the weekend. Thank you, Jo Ann, for being such a terrific hostess. JoAnn swings a mean mop, folks! As I watched her cleaning up the club house, I decided I sure wouldn't want to tick her off. It had been a wonderful and warm and humorous and reminiscent and affectionate and utterly delightful couple of days.

For those among you who missed this, I can tell you that even with all this writing, it doesn't come CLOSE to how great it really was. My next installment will be the wrap- up and then we will be through with this and back to our regular routine. In the meantime, I leave you all with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serentiy, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

Date: 5 April 2004
From: Bonnie

Florida Fling, 2004

---As we wound our way through the week leading up to the beginning of our festivities, I couldn't help but think that we WC folks are simply the masters of making a single event into 3 or 4 or 5 events. We seem to do that with every gathering. So that tells me something wonderful We like each other, we really do, and we want to spend as much time together as we possibly can. What a great and wonderful feeling!

However, once I had accepted the initial disappointment of losing my very desired houseguests at this point, who consisted of the aforementioned Dee and Donna, I tried to be positive and look forward to the ones who WERE going to be here and they were BRUCE CHENOWETH and SHIRLEY TUDOR. To my delight, Bruce arrived a tad early, rolling in on Monday, March 22. This was just great because we got to spend some extra time visiting and catching up on everything. So I was delighted. The week rapidly evaporated into thin air, though, and it was soon Friday. We found ourselves going to breakfast before Bruce's departure to Tampa and were gone but about 45 minutes to an hour. Surely enough, when we arrived back home, there was Shirley exiting my front porch. She and friend John Combs had driven through the night. We caught them just in time, although I'm sure she would have returned.

Bruce was gone within the hour, off to a dinner date with the Fees and Bill Howard, on the "left coast" of Florida. Shirley and I visited for a spell after taking Bruce for a loaner car. His was having a new a/c unit installed. She looked great and we always talk incessantly. She finally decided she really wanted to see Disney World, so she opted to go on over to Orlando and we'd see each other the next night, at the Ale House.

Before I knew it, it WAS the next day and it was time to leave for the Ale House. I was terribly excited and didn't have a clue who would be showing up over there. But I walked in promptly at 6 pm and went through the entire place and didn't see one, familiar face. I was crushed, hoping that someone was going to appear. How little did I know! Within minutes, I spied the familiar face of JOANN K. STEMLEY and husband Ronald Hall. Right behind them was JUDITH A. STALDER with husband Jerry DeAngulo and this just the beginning. All of us sat together and the chatter began. It was the beginning of what was to become yet another terrific WC evening of fun!

Soon, SHIRLEY TUDOR entered, looking radiant and smiling broadly. Almost right behind her was STEVEN M. KOKOT and his vivacious spouse, BARBARA T. O'NEAL (note: f/k/a Barbara Thomas, for those of you who may be wondering, but I've recently learned that her OWN maiden name was O'Neal, not Thomas, so all future bulletins will refer to her with her own correct name), PAULA WILSON, and DONNA J. RICHARDS. As the evening progressed, it became apparent that Steve would have his capable hands quite full and it was a role he handled with panache and aplomb!

Next came MADELEINE D. CAMPBELL with husband William D. McDaniel. Everyone was just thrilled to see Madeleine, after all these years. We're all SO happy that you were there with us, Madeleine! Bill, you simply MUST get Madeleine to the alumni gig! We soon laid eyes on our popular and glamorous 1960 class member, NANCY E. "COOKIE" BOWIE, all the way from Eatonville, Washington. It was truly a special treat to see you, Cookie! By the way, folks, Cookie is still popular, glamorous, humorous, warm, and funny.

We no more than looked around and there was 1960's shining example of the "serious and studious" set, none other than ROBERTA A. RICE. Roberta, you were no less than a delight and such fun and so interesting. I'm sure everyone enjoyed your company just as much as I did. We want you to attend EVERYthing, from now on, okay? Roberta also looks marvelous, folks. Check her out on NANCY ERTEL's website! She sure wasn't serious and studious on THAT evening!

A tall, lanky, silver-haired, handsome fellow appeared in our midst and that turned out to be our own RICHARD KNEER with his charming spouse, Becky, who was patient as the day is long, with all this WC stuff. I recall Dick as one of our basketball stars. He was witty and funny and we were all happy to see you, Dick, and to meet you, Becky. We hope to continue to see both of you at all WC functions.

At the very next table was a very attractive lady, whom I didn't recognize at all. It was SANDRA L. BARSALOU, Class of 1958, with spouse Mike Donisi. Sandy and Mike had driven up from South Florida, making a weekend of it, as did a number of people. Soon, I saw a familiar figure, winding her way toward our group. It was that fun and funny and down-to-earth enjoyable lady from the 1961 class, LYNNETT GARRETT, with husband Frank Hawvermale. Darnit, Lynn, we didn't get to visit very much! You be sure to call me the very next time you're down here. I want to have another visit like the one we had when you came here and I went up there, okay?

Also appearing were two of my very favorite fellow 1960 classmates, GERALD A. FULLER and BOYD H. JENKINS. Believe me when I tell you this, you two were simply two of the nicest and dearest most memorable of the members of our class. I'm so happy each time I see either of you and I do so hope your dental work is all well now, Boyd, and that you're feeling much better. For those of you who are unaware, Boyd had recently had extensive dental work done and wasn't at his very best. But the good news is, even in a GRUMPY mood, Boyd Jenkins is nicer than most folks you meet who are in a GOOD mood! Boyd's looking pretty good these days, too, girls. He's been a widower for about 13 years now and I'll be darned if I can figure out how he's done THAT. Boyd, you must be able to run awfully fast, that's all I can say.

Jerry Fuller and I are, and will forever be, practically "genetically connected." We're both Miami Shores kids, we went through school from day one to day last, at the very same schools, all the way through. Seeing him is like seeing a family member. If you don't remember who he is (and I can't believe anyone doesn't), just check the Piratan. Jerry's one of those who looks identical to his WC class photo to this very day. Jerry made a HUGE donation to what I've come to call, "The Alumni Fund," for lack of a better term. He said it was for postage and printing costs, but Jerry, I don't mail anything to YOU! He was very insistent, though, so I've thrown that in the kitty and will use it only for related expenses. Many thanks, Jerry. That was a very magnanimous gesture. Jerry, by the way, has missed not even ONE of our functions! Boyd, you seem to make everything, too.

Then came "Mr. Golfer," GARY L. WARLAUMONT with wife Jill. As I told you all before, God has been good to us and has finally endowed Gary with a wrinkle or two. But it's nowhere NEAR what it SHOULD be, so I'm not going to be too smug about it. You know I'm only kidding, Gary, and we all love you. We just wish you would be able to come to more of the gatherings. For those of you who do not know, Gary flew over to Ormond Beach on Tuesday, March 23, to "pick up" Bruce and fly him back to Apopka for a day of golfing. In fact, on the same day we all gathered at the Ale House, a group of our WC folks played golf together over in Tom Fee's neck of the woods, Tampa. RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, Class of 1958 (once removed) put together a golf outing for the alumni to compete together. It was apparently quite a day. We'll have more on that in the next chapter. He was lightly assisted, I believe, by WILLIAM R. HOWARD and BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, Class of 1958 (both). Now there are three MORE guys who never miss WC stuff, by the way.

It was a wonderful treat for me when the ever-gracious and way-too-nice WILLIAM O. WALKER, came strolling into the Ale House, with his just-the-same spouse, Karen. It had been over a year since I'd seen them and they're truly dear folks. This was turning into a great gathering and every person was having a great time. As I talked to Bill and Karen, I noticed a terribly attractive blonde lady at one of the tables and that turned out to be none other than LINDA L. MCAFEE, Class of 1957, and I'm here to tell you, folks, Linda looks positively GREAT! I was delighted that you put forth the effort to attend, Linda. Since you and I aren't that far apart, we have to get together and shoot the breeze, really soon.

Soon joining us were also Bill Howard and Bruce Chenoweth and when they came in, I looked at the crowd and thought to myself how wonderful this all was. Here we were, some forty-odd years after graduating, a thousand miles from the location of our Ohio school, in sunny Florida. We had about 20 WC alumni gathered in a big bar/restaurant in Orlando. At least 11 of those folks had come down from Ohio to attend this and there was Cookie, all the way from Washington, God bless her! Everybody was talking very animatedly to everybody else and we had class years ranging from 1957 through 1962. The table-hopping was like a race track! Was this great or what?

The entire evening was a wonderful success, to say the very least. The mix of personalities was nothing short of perfect and everyone was delighted to see everyone else, of that there was no question. "The girls" (Barbara O'Neal, Donna Richards, and Paula Wilson) proved to be very adventurous, as the hour grew late. Barbara, in fact, would prove to be the virtual "life of the party." Without her, it would have been a great evening. WITH her, however, it was spectacular! She did the old high school cheer, out on the patio, along with Madeleine, and they even offered an encore, to Steve's horror. Ha! Everyone laughed and he was truly a great sport. Paula Wilson filled us all in on her charmed life on Singer Island in West Palm Beach. You look just terrific, Paula, by the way. Donna made friends with everyone who walked into the restaurant---male or female, young or old, black or white---I can honestly say that you are a truly social person, Donna.

By the end of the night, we would supposedly be graced on the following day by the presence of a Chippendale dancer (male, of course), as well as an exotic dancer from a nearby club, when we had our condo clubhouse gathering. Thank God that did not materialize. As the girls did the high school cheer, they were NOT joined by our own resident cheerleader, Cookie, but Donna joined in a bit. I know people thought we were all crazy, cheering and clapping and telling them that we were all from a high school in Ohio and having a gathering in Florida. But you can nevertheless believe me, when I tell you that we truly had a virtual circus. I'd also have to tell you that I'm terribly sorry if you didn't make it. We had the time of our lives, truly! I wouldn't take a thousand dollars for the experience I had that night and for the people I got to see. It was more wonderful than I can ever say in these few words, believe me. The next installment will be about the condo gathering which took place on March 28. Hang in there! So I now leave you all, once again, with my usual wish for glow -ing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

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