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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Sunday, May 29, 2005
---As much as it troubles me to have to report this, I have decided that I want to get the bad news out of the way, right up front. So I'm going to tell all of you that we have had yet two more deaths among our alumni, during what had so far already been a tragic month. Both of the deaths occurred on May 21. Many of you are already aware of the passing of RICHARD M. BECKETT, Class of 1950. He had been a popular member of his class, according to all reports. Most of us will recall Dick as the older sibling of PETE BECKETT, and sisters, LINDA L. BECKETT, Class of 1958, and JUDI BECKETT, Class of 1960. I know we all extend sympathy to the survivors in Dick's family. I also know that many of you sent cards, flowers, and possibly attended any service which may have been held.

The announcement of the second death came to me just moments ago, from the daughter of 1961'S BARBARA LEE HECKER. Barbara's current name was Campbell. She had been married to Elmer Campbell. Her death also occurred on May 21 in the city of Hurst, Texas. Her daughter did not give details of the cause of death and referred to it as, "unexpected." I wrote back, of course, asking for more info. But so far, have no answer for you.

DONNA JEAN RICHARDS, Class of 1961, I know you have told me on several occasions that you keep track of the passings in your class. Sadly, it seems that you must now record yet another one. If you have further questions about Barbara, the e-mail which reached me was from, "Carrie LeAnn," and the address is as follows:
( carin.cairo@notes.udayton.edu ) I immediately recog- nized that e-mail address, as I have a cousin who is employed by UD and I send him e-mail there. So if you discover any more details, please let us know.

Thanks to those of you who reported to me about the WC passings. They include SANDRA L. BARSALOU, Class of 1958, and 1961's SALLY L. GILLETTE. I also want to take the time to recognize the efforts of 1954's WILLIAM L. MCNABB, 1955's DONNA G. TUDOR, as well as 1971's PAMELA K. SHIPLEY for pinpointing the grad year as 1955, for the late RONALD RIX. It takes all of us, as I've previously written. This bulletin cannot happen without all of YOU. It is, and will ever be, a joint effort.

During this bulletin period, there have been two e-mail address changes. They are for 1961's GARY R. FRANK and for 1960's JUDITH A. STALDER. Please contact me on an individual basis, should you need to contact either of these alumni. Thanks, Judy and Gary, for letting me know. We don't want to lose anyone from our bulletin list, although the e-mail continues to be returned for MILTON R. WOLFE and BRENDA ASHLEY TAYLOR. Does anyone have updates?

It has been a truly disastrous, WC month, folks! Just the people of whom we AWARE, now number a whopping 5, for May. I find this so distressing. I also feel terribly diminished by each and every single one, whether I knew them or not. My treasured friend, EULA FAYE BAILEY, Class of 1960, tells me affectionately that I tend to "preach," when I write these bulletins as I allude to the importance of attending the WC functions, always writing, "We just never know!" Well, I know you're right about that, Eula Faye, but I just can't help myself. No one on the face of this earth, has ever died saying, "Gee, I wish I'd spent more time at the office (or on my hobby or mowing the yard or reading or whatever)." What they DO say is, "I sure wish I'd spent more time with my family and my friends." Well, we've got golden opportunities in OUR school to spend WAY more time together, than do the average former schoolmates. We have two functions here in Florida, the annual Frisch's Frolic (thanks to the genius of 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST), a number of golf outings each year, and we have the wonderful, annual dinner/dance, which is our crown jewel event. Many of us also sneak in a side trip to a friend from school, while we're traveling around the country. (Just ask me and Eula Faye and Bruce about that one. You can also ask Jerry Fuller and wife Becky.) That's pretty easy to do, too. So yes, I'm going to "preach" some more. Be there!! Don't make excuses. Follow the glowingly consistent example of GERALD A. FULLER, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, BOYD H. JENKINS, PAULA ROSE WILSON, DONNA JEAN RICHARDS, and several other of our alumni. These folks make it a point to see their old friends. I'll bet they begin very few of their thoughts with, "Gee, I wonder whatever happened to (fill in the blank.)" Why? Because they get out there and find OUT what happened to (fill in the blank), that's why! Okay, okay, I'm putting away my soapbox for this issue, but think hard before you allow other things to keep you from attending WC functions, okay? Let's get to the regular news!

The first thing I'll list will be those folks who have checked in with the psa's, the jokes, the political pundits, and the community service items. They are 1955's DONNA GENE TUDOR; 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, WILLIAM R. HOWARD, ROBERT W. "SMITTY" SMITH, SANDRA L. BARSALOU; 1960's JUDITH ANN STALDER, BOYD H. JENKINS; 1961's SANDRA S. HOLLINGSWORTH, SALLY LYNNE GILLETTE, P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, LARRY D. GILBERT,JOHN L. MONTGOMERY, 1962's JUDY LYNN JAMES, JOHN E. MCCLELLAN (are you 1962, John?), RICHARD C. CALL; 1971's PAMELA K. SHIPLEY. Many thanks to all. As I've previously written, I seldom have time to read forwardings, but I keep the list, anyway. It lets us know these people are not only alive and well, but reading our bulletins.

We now take this opportunity to welcome aboard our newest additions to the bulletin list. I'm nothing short of delighted to announce that we now have RICHARD L. "DICK" PHILLIPS, Class of 1960. I've asked about you a million times, Dick, so when your e-mail came across my desk, I was very happy. Dick says not only will he be joining us at our future gatherings, but he will also bring along younger brother, JERRY. That's great, Dick, and we all look forward to seeing you! Dick found his way to us through conversations with his old buddy and partner in much high school mischief, 1962's RICHARD C. CALL. Thanks, Rich, nice going. Boy, are we going to have a circus THIS October 7 and 8!!

Okay, now gather 'round, you 1960 folks. As the years have passed, a number of you have asked me about the whereabouts of our classmate, JUDITH ANN SLIFE. Well, wonder no more!! I've got Judy "nailed down," and she has also indicated that she will be joining us. It's such a small world! Judy's current name is Dunker, she wrote me, and she lives less than half a mile from my own sister, right there in Englewood. If only I'd known that, I'd have visited her while I was there recently. But I'm surely looking forward to seeing you on October 7 and 8, Judy! I'm pretty sure Judy is still overwhelmed with reading. You see, I sent her all the WeCaTon Reports since March 2, so that she could get current. It didn't scare you off, did it, Judy? Ha!

Judy writes that she has two daughters, a son, and six grandchildren, retired from NCR, and is a widow now. She travels and enjoys her family. Judy married in 1963 and her spouse was from Germantown (Gary Allan Dunker, Class of 1956). Judy, I haven't forgotten about the people about whom you enquired. I have some info on every single one of them and I promise I will get to your questions very soon. Welcome aboard! By the way, a big thanks to you, LINDA L. SHANK, Class of 1960, for telling Judy about our bulletins. Way to go!

Next, we add LINDA L. BECKETT, Class of 1958. We all know Linda, who needs no introduction. Linda's a fixture in the WC school system, not only graduating from there, but also working there. The Beckett name is well known to all of us. Sadly, as previously written, we just lost one of the Beckett siblings. But welcome aboard, Linda, and we all will look for you on October 7 and 8.

Listen, folks, let's all put forth some extra-big efforts to locate 1959's ROBERT L. TANKERSLEY, for his old pal, DANNY A. WALTERS, Class of 1960. Dan and I have have been working for over a year now, trying to find him. Most of you know I'm pretty good at that stuff, but I'm not very FAST! (Shades of WILLIAM M. ROHLER and EDGAR L. KELLY, both of whom took a staggering 15 years.) Here's what we know so far. The info in the 2001 alumni directory may or may not be correct. My next step is to send a piece of mail to that address, and see if it's returned. If it isn't we'll know he either still lives there, or he's moved in a recent enough time frame for it to have been forwarded.

Apparently, Bob did not retire from the Miami Police Department. Retired officer, WILLIAM R. HOWARD, has been able to verify that. How I wish he HAD! It would have greatly simplified our search. He was born in August of 1940, Bill's resources confirm. The phone number in the directory (alumni) is no good, I've tried it. I've also used some of my Bell Telephone connections (I'm a retiree), in order to assist Dan. Still, no luck. I've checked with my former step-sister, NANCY LEE BOWMAN (Woody's daughter), whose first husband was the late RAY TANKERSLEY. She had no info, either.

As a matter of fact, I've also checked with another of Bob's old buddies, and my good friend, LARRY G. RING, and he had no info, either. It was Larry, in fact, who taught me to ride motorcycles, when I was only about 12. He and Bob hung out all the time, then, brought together by their mutual love of motorcycles. So Bob and Larry saw me take all of my first "dumps," as I learned to ride. But even Larry had no idea. So I have been very busy in my efforts to help you, Dan. I'm just not having any luck. I promise I won't abandon the effort, though. Is there any further help out there? Please let me know, if you know anything at all about Bob! He's out there, somewhere!

As proven recently by the writings of 1961's LARRY D. GILBERT, some high school idol-worship just never dies! Larry wrote, "I'll bet the fastest guy at WCHS will be able to find Bob, Bill Howard." He was referring, of course, to Bill's then-famous and-now- legendary,
considerable track skills, during his high school years.

For anyone who may be interested, Becky Fuller, wife of GERALD A. FULLER, has photos of the recent, Third Annual WC Florida Spring Fest, which was held on April 3. I'm equally sure that our two "computer gurus," 1961's NANCY J. ERTEL and 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, have also done postings on the WC website. So be sure to view those postings. Jerry and Becky are now lounging around in their Kentucky home, and of course, they once again attended the Kentucky Derby, their annual ritual.

As soon as you return, SALLY L. GILLETTE, we expect a full report on the trip you are taking. Sally has reported that she's, "out of the country," until June 6. Now, just imagine THAT, folks! She didn't run this by ME, at all!! She just hit the road. Don't worry, we'll get the full scoop, I'm sure.

Well, folks, "the word on the street," is that those two 1961-ers, PAUL R. BEARDSLEY and SANDRA L. BROCK, have tied the knot, and that it took place on May 17. Could this be true? Now listen, Paul, this was not our agreement! You were supposed to keep me posted, remember? In any case, I know we all wish you both well.

Our 1960 classmate, SHIRLEY SUE MILLER, has written that she will be joining us, come October. That's wonderful news, Shirley! Boy, we're going to have some turnout this fall, aren't we, at least for the 1960 class? I'm just delighted! Doesn't any other class want to try to "outdo" us? I'll bet 1961 can really scare up a lot of people. They always have a great turnout. We'll see. But it IS our 45th anniversary this year.

Speaking of anniversaries, 2006 will mark the 50th for the 1956 class, obviously. It just so happens that I have either 4 or 5 extra 1956 yearbooks. They range in price from $18-$40, and that's just what I paid for them. It just depends on the source and the condition. I will sell them for that exact price, first come, first serve, if anyone is interested. I will sell ONLY to WC alumni.

LYNN GARRETT reports that she recently took yet another trip to Florida for the purpose of caring for her mother and brother. We missed each other on this trip, though, at least in Florida. But there will more on that, later. Lynn is now safely back home in Germantown. Lynn also reported that the1961 gang is getting together to plan their annual outing at the home CAROLE J. LEWIS. I always get a wonderful feedback on that event, each year!

Cousin JUDITH L. SAMUELS continues her travels around Florida with husband Bill. They are in their RV. She tells me she likes the RV travel, because she doesn't have to cook as much. Ha! I know just what she means. Speaking of her, I owe some thanks to my old pal., Bruce. I wrote in the last bulletin that Judy had attended her first WC function, when she came to Spring Fest. That's not so. As Bruce reminded me, she was also at our 2003 WC Florida Holiday Brunch. Thanks, Bruce, and sorry, Judy.

NANCY E. "COOKIE" BOWIE reports that she often speaks with her brother-in-law, GARY D. MAYS, who lost his wife, DONNA G. BOWIE, on May 9. She says he is doing well. I know everyone is interested in Gary's welfare. Cookie, I just mailed something to you today. Let me know when you get it.

Every WC kid is interested in the imminent demise of the building which housed Woody's Supermarket, I've learned. It's going to be a mob scene down there, with people trying to get a piece of that hallowed building. At the top of the heap (I hope) will be GARY E. BARNES, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, and WILLIAM R. HOWARD, trying to scavage a brick for me. As Bruce so succinctly wrote, "We'll be bringing RICHARD G. DENNY out of retirement to get us all out of jail!" I'll bet you got THAT right, Bruce! Now, if we could only find Dick! We will have to contact him through his dinner companions, the WALKERS, WILLIAM O. and KAREN M. They seem always to know where he is.

Mike, (West) please write to Bruce and give him the address for the blogspot. He wants to see what photos are there. In fact, you'd better send it to ME again, too. I just can't seem to keep track of that darned thing!

Now, here's a story to really envy, folks! On May 16, 1960's DELORES K. "DEDE" FAHRNEY, and some friends, hit the road in an RV. They will be gone for 5 months. They will tour most of the U.S. and a huge piece of Canada. I'm SO jealous, DeDe! DeDe promises to write intermittently, to keep us all posted. . Stay safe out there, DeDe. Our 1950s world is forever gone.

Well, I'm going to wind up (can you believe it?) with a report on my recent trip to Ohio. Don't hold your breath, though. As most of you are now well aware, I'm pretty windy. I flew up to Ohio on May 18. That very evening, I
met Bruce, who kindly lent me one of his cars, even though it was a huge inconvenience, during that period of time. I met him at a little place called, "Down The Pike," on Alex Road. I would soon learn that the place was owned by the son of the aforementioned Richard G. Denny and his longtime spouse, LIELA K. GEORGE. He was quite personable and charming, too! I'm sure that is the result of his1950s-style upbringing from his 1950s-style parents. So away I went in Bruce's car!

But it wouldn't be long until I saw him again. On the very next night, he put together an abruptly-arranged, great dinner engagement with GARY L. WARLAUMONT and wife Jill, as well as our WC fashion plates, T. BARRY RUSSELLO and his wife, BETSY R. MURPHY. Of course, Bruce was also there with his companion,1971's PATTY JO WHEELBARGER. We went to the Paragon, had a delightful time, and just for the record, yes, the Russellos continue to keep the WC fashion bar on a high plane. Do you two EVER look less than chic and polished?

My next WC encounter would be on Saturday, although my luck wasn't quite so good as it had been Thursday. I drove down to the home of SHIRLEY J. TUDOR, but she wasn't there. I hung around for a short while, but when she didn't return, I moved on to her daughter's house (1987's SHARLENE N. MERKER.) Once again, no one was home. It looked as though it wasn't going to be my day. Moving right along, I then drove over to the home of CHARLES V. CARTER, a schoolmate of whose family I'd practically become a member, over the years. Well, guess what? He wasn't home, either, and neither was his wife, Pam.

But in the gravel pit, I heard the heavy equipment running and went down there where I found son Chuck. I called Charles and he returned. About two minutes later, Pam was there, too. So that experience worked out a little better. Of course, I had to see Charles in the gravel pit. He won't EVER come out of there! It's his "mistress." He just may be out of there NOW, though! On May 24, he had a knee replacement surgery done on his left leg. However, he DID tell me he'd talked to the doctor about finding a way to prop up the leg, so that he could operate the bulldozer, and I'm not kidding, either!

On that evening, I went to the MCL Cafeteria and met up with another 1960 classmate, JUDY ANN SHOCKLEY, who has worked there for years. I'm determined to get her back on the bulletin list, if only I can get a working e-mail address for her. On the way back, I stopped by the Englewood home of RONALD E. LINK., Class of 1963. From Judy, I had learned that Ron had been married once to 1960's SANDRA LYNN PENWELL. Their son is now 36 years old. When I asked him how to reach her, and told him how many classmates wanted to find her, he replied,---and this is an exact quote---"She don't wanna be found!" Apparently, Sandy has had some challenges in her life and some medical problems which are embarrassing to her. She doesn't want to relate all of this to anyone. He does talk with her and sees her intermittently. So I left my card, invited him to WC functions, and told him to relay all our best Sandy. He said he would. At least Sandy will know we haven't all forgotten about her and perhaps she will feel differently, if enough time passes.

Ron wanted to be reconnected with his best WC pal, JOHN E. WOLFE, Class of 1963, and younger sibling of COE and MILTON. Both Lynn and I found the info on him, when I returned. I've typed it all out and sent it by postal mail, to Ron. So I hope he connects with John.

My last day in town was Monday, the 23rd. At 4:30 that afternoon, I met with 4 members of the 1961 class---LYNN GARRRETT, EDNA GRAY, DONNA RICHARDS, and JUDY FRANTZ---and what a circus WE had! Before we knew it, we had whiled away the rest of the afternoon. But we sure did solve a lot of the world's problems. Oh, who am I kidding? All we did was catch up on the latest gossip!! But it sure was fun.

With that, I conclude (thank God!) both the story of my trip AND this edition of the WeCaTon News Report. I leave you all with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005
This comes to us from 1961's BARBARA T. O'NEAL (aka MRS. STEVEN M. KOKOT, he of 1960) and it sounds as though this is an effort which deserves the support of every person who is able to get behind it. So let's join this venture in as big a number as we can all muster.
From: SBKokot@aol.com
Date: 05/08/05 05:23:46
To: wlcmctr@bellsouth.net

Dear Bonnie:
It would be greatly appreciated if you would announce in you news letter about the annual WCHS Athletic Boosters Golf Outing. It will be held at Jamaica Run on June 10.

Price: $70.00 -- Golf, Golf Cart, Two Beer Tickets and Steak Dinner

For info or to make reservations please contact Gary Conner at 434-9990. (class of 1966)

This is for a great cause and everyone has a great time.

Thanks so much Bonnie. Awaiting more news from you. Take care.

And now, On a more somber note, we now have confirmation that, indeed, 1961's JUDITH ANN HARE passed away on Monday, May 3. PATRICIA LYNNETTE GARRETT reports that Judy's funeral was held on Wednesday. She also reports that Judy was the former spouse of 1959's LARRY FRANTZ, older brother of 1961's JUDY M. FRANTZ. She did not say whether or not Judy and Larry had children together.

So, DONNA RICHARDS, you have your answer and STEVEN F. SHADE, I guess you have to add another person to this year's fallen alumni list.

8-( Bonnie

Which is truly honorable and noble and worthy and worthwhile, I'm sure you'll all agree. Let's get behind this one, about 110%, okay? This comes to us from my classmate, THOMAS L. WOLF, JR., 1960, who also just happens to be retired from the WC school system. It just doesn't get any better than THIS!! Thanks, Tom.

-------Original Message-------

From: Wcwolfs@aol.com
Date: 05/08/05 21:04:42
To: wlcmctr@bellsouth.net
Subject: Re: WECATON NEWS REPORT!!!----

I have been scholarship chairperson for E R A (Education Recognition Association) for the last 6 or 7 years, taking over for Mr. Guiler. E R A was started in 1963 and gives yearly awards to students in grades 6 to 12 who have good grades. The last few years it has been amazing to see the number of scholarships increase as more and more people contribute. The Alumni Association has generously given for the last several years. This year the association is giving money for FOUR schlolarships. So in October, when registering for the dinner/dance, if anyone gives a little extra for scholarships, I can assure him or her that it will be put to good use.

Passed away May 8. This report comes to us, once again, from 1957's THERESA MARIE MOSES. As most of us recall, Donna was our homecoming queen that year and she was also a cheerleader. It is my understanding that she suffered severely from advanced rheumatoid arthritis. I don't yet know further details, but will keep you all posted, as I become aware. Her younger sister, NANCY E. "COOKIE" BOWIE, 1960, just flew in from her home in Washington (near Mt. Rainier) on the 4th, I do believe. They were the only two children in the family, I think. This is very tragic and very sad. It is yet more support for my constant nagging about being sure we all get to our events and alumni happenings. I know we all extend deepest sympathy to Gary and the children and grandchildren he shared with Donna. I've already told you all, I believe, that Donna and Gary didn't have e-mail. Their postal mailing address is 311 North Hill Avenue, DeLand, Florida 32724-3719. I'm sure many of us will want to send Gary a card. Thanks for your prompt report, Theresa.

Hey, folks, check it out!
We now have the attention of a member of the Class of 1995. That's the youngest one we've yet attracted. I'm terribly pleased by that. If you know anyone who is affected by this notice, please pass it along, and thanks.
- B
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From: WCHS-Alumni@yahoogroups.com
Date: 05/10/05 10:50:30
To: ishte@prodigy.net; WCHS-Alumni@yahoogroups.com
Subject: Re: [WCHS Alumni] Re: West Carrollton 20th Reunion Invitation

I thought that I would piggyback on your note if I may. The class of 1995
will be having their 10th year reunion during homecoming weekend for West
Carrollton. Our events start Friday, September 30 - through October 2,
2005. Please visit www.freewebs.com/1995wchsclass for more details.


Justin Craig

>Just thought I would forward this from Courtney Eiken to the list for
anyone Class of '85 like me it's pertinent information.
>What about you other classes? Any of you have reunion information that
you want to share with the list?
> The anticipation has been building and there is a growing intensity and
interest in our reunion.
> Your reunion committee has been working for almost a year to track down
classmates and solidify the plans for our reunion. So now, here it is!
> You are cordially invited to the West Carrollton Class of 1985's 20th
Reunion on
> August 20th from 7:00 PM to Midnight at Chantrell's Banquet Center in
Springboro, OH.
> Cost for the reunion is $30.00 per person (prior to 7/1/05) and ticket
prices increase to
> $40.00 per person after 7/1/05.
> Attached is your official invitation and a short questionnaire that we
would like everyone to complete, even if you are unable to attend the
reunion. Details on what is planned for the reunion, Friday night August
19th's plans to kick off the reunion, and where to send your payment are
all on the attached PDF file.
> If you are unable to access the attachments, please let me know and we
will get the information to you by some other method.
> We hope everyone is able to join us in August for a great evening

---One of our best "newshounds," 1957's THERESA MARIE MOSES, has sent this along, to keep us all posted on the latest news with the May 9 death of our homecoming queen from that class, DONNA GAYLE BOWIE. Thanks again, Theresa. As always, I will caution your to scroll all the way down for complete info.

Well, here I am again, folks! Before I embark on my next trip (which will be on May 18), I decided I need to get all the mail cleared, once again. More importantly, I need to get to the conclusion of the Spring Fest report. So we'll begin with that.

As Sunday morning, April 3, dawned, I was ready for yet another day with my former classmates. Once again, I wound my way across I-4 and found the now-familiar clubhouse. Of course, people were already present and the weather had once again cooperated beautifully. So we had a picture-perfect day. If I do say so, myself, that's always a great time to be in Florida, I assure you.

There were tables of food and drink, brought by all of us, and enough to have fed everyone there for days on end.It always seems to work out that way. Most of us are so engrossed in conversation, and so happy to see one another, the food usually takes a back seat, in the early part of the gathering.

As we glanced around the clubhouse, I couldn't help but notice the absence of our ever-gracious hostess, 1960's JOANN K. STEMLEY. Upon questioning, I would soon learn that something had bitten her on her foot and it had begun to swell, so she went to the emergency room and was accompanied by the spouse of 1960's WILLIAM O. WALKER, an honorary WC-er, KAREN MURPHY. But not to fear! JoAnn and Karen were soon back among us and JoAnn didn't seem to be any worse for the wear. I'm sure she has long since recovered, very nicely, right, Jo?
It's always such a treat to spend time with the Walkers. I just love them!

Those guys who always attend everything, didn't let us down, either. We had 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH 1960's GERALD A. FULLER, (and spouse, Becky, of course) and that other nicest of the nice guys, BOYD H. JENKINS. As I told you before, though, you've got to keep a sharp eye on Boyd. He's a, "slipper-away-er," and you don't get to say good-bye to him, once he has decided he's leaving.

When I went over that morning, I loaded up what I thought might be an adequate supply of our yearbooks. But I missed it by a country mile, opting to take only the years from 1954 through 1964. More later, on that issue.

As the day progressed, more and more people walked through the door, grinning from ear to ear, as they saw familiar faces. Not only were the Walkers, the Fullers, Boyd, JoAnn, Bruce, and myself, in attendance. Very soon, there was RONALD D. "TOM' FEE, with his wife, Sandy. Tom turns up at almost all functions, and the one or two he's missed, were due to a malfunction in his computer, I think.

It wasn't long before JUDITH L. SAMUELS walked in the door (and she later told me how she didn't recognize a soul, but I told her not to worry, we all had that problem, at least at first.) Everyone visited with Judy and they were happy to see her. It's the first WC function to which she's ever been! We also had RICHARD E. KNEER, with wife Becky, and our snazzy ladies from the previous night, PAULA R. WILSON and DONNA J. RICHARDS.
Everyone was inside, then everyone was outside by the pool, and the conversational groups kept changing, as the day passed. I'm pretty sure everyone talked with everyone else, at some point in the day.

We also had the KECKLERS for the day, JAMES E. and wife, Janet, both of whom are always great fun. She brought a very tasty dish to share with everyone and at least one person has already requested her recipe for that. Thanks, Janet!

There were also GARY R. FRANK and ROBERT W. BRANE ("my sixth husband," as you all know, by now), and they always add a good mix to the crowd. Bob and Gary were in Florida for a few months, at that time, and were at Gary's place on Florida's west coast.

Everyone was thrilled to see our former classmate, JACK L. GODBY, when he arrived in the afternoon. He was staying with his brother in Florida, W. THOMAS GODBY, and guess what? Tom came with him and so we got a "double-header" on that one! Tom is a member of the Class of 1964, and he was accompanied by his wife, Christina, a lovely lady who just happens to ride Harley-Davidsons. Everyone was happy to see the Godby brothers, that's for sure! Tom has lived in Florida for some time, and he's in the car business. Jack, of course, lives in New York City and stays with Tom each year, for a period of time. To say the Godbys added a lot to our gathering, would surely be yet another under- statement. Everyone wanted to talk to both of them and Tom Fee was having a moment of amusement when he discovered who Tom was. He told me he and Tom once dated the same girl, many years before. They had a jovial conversation about it, when they reintroduced themselves to one another. Not surprisingly, Tom has already confirmed his attendance for the October alumni gathering.

It wasn't long before Spring Fest became, "the Pence sisters' gathering." We were all thrilled to see 1959's CAROLYN E. "TOOTIE" PENCE come through the door and, to our utter delight, she was accompanied by 1954's PHYLLIS PENCE, as well as 1951's GERALD-INE "GERRY" PENCE. The Pence girls all look just great, folks, so the general appearance of the room really picked up with their arrival, especially when one factored in all the attractive ladies who were already there! But this is where the yearbook factor comes into play. Wouldn't you know I'd miss it, by just that one year (1951) with the arrival of Tootie's sister, Gerry! But I think she "forgave" me. I'll try to do better next year.

Everyone took photos of everyone. Some of them are on our WC website and I'll have to get that from 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, for those who may not know it. One of the great photos of the day, was that of Tootie, flanked by Bruce Chenoweth and Tom Fee. That photo had been taken especially for the curiously-absent WILLIAM R. HOWARD (also 1958), so that he would be aware of how many classmates he'd missed, by not being there this year. We sure did miss you, Bill!

Of course, Boyd did his usual, "silent escape," but I had walked into the parking lot, just at the moment he was starting to disappear, so I did get to say good-bye to him this time. We all had such a wonderful day, I cannot begin to tell you. Again, I stress to you, if you were not there this year, please make your plans for next year. It is truly a wonderful event.

As a matter of fact, even though we did have a wonderful and rewarding day, we sure DID miss many who said they'd be there, and many who attended the previous year's event. For instance, STEVEN M. KOKOT and BARBARA T. O'NEAL, we sure wanted YOU to be there. We missed you both terribly!! You were the life of the party last year, Barb! We needed you! We missed you, too, DARELL L. TOBIAS! But I knew you had moved to North Carolina. Still, I kept hoping you'd relend and appear at the last minute. Although I know you're a newlywed, LINDA L. MCAFEE, I was sure I'd see you there. I even called you! We all wanted to meet your new spouse.

Then there's you, MADELEINE D. CAMPBELL, to whom I just spoke on the phone. You've just GOT to do a much better job of maintaining contact. Wow, did we we ever miss you at Spring Fest this year! Please be there, next year! As for ROBERTA A. RICE, she reports that she had intended to be there, right up to the last minute, but illness caused her to be absent You were a simply GLOWING part of last year's mix and we missed you terribly, Roberta, as we did all of the FAHRNEY clan---1933's A. EMERSON, 1958's RICHARD A., and my class's own dear DELORES K. "DEDE." Yes, I knew you all weren't going to be there this year, DeDe, since you wrote and told me, ahead of time. But that doesn't mean we didn't miss you. Do please make special efforts for next year, will you? That goes for you, too CAROLYN SUE MCCLOUD and JUDITH A. STALDER of 1960. We want you to be with us, come next Spring Fest, hear?

And what about you, SANDRA L. BARSALOU? Why did you not come to see us? We wanted to see YOU! I was crushed, expecting you to walk through the door, at any given moment. How about you, 1954's MARILYN DONALDSON? You would have even had a fellow classmate this year!

Then we had those who were supposed to be there, said they were coming, but didn't show. Who were they? Well, let's see. There were CURTIS A. KEMP, JAMES L. LINDSEY, SHIRLEY J. TUDOR, DAVID G. OTT, SANDRA MINIX, and MICHAEL S. WEST. We sure did miss ALL of you!! Jim reported that his wife was ill and they just couldn't make it. Curtis and his wife got totally lost and drove around in all the wrong areas, finally abandoning the effort, he tells me. Shirley had a friend who was terminally ill and opted to stay home to be with her, so that's a noble effort for sure. Dave and Sandy wrote that they were celebrating the birthday of their grandchild. However, we were all looking forward to seeing you both and do hope you will make it next year, as well as the October gig! Mike wrote that wife Sally was ill and even hospitalized, so I guess we HAVE to excuse them.

We missed out on DANNY A WALTERS, who had asked for details, but we didn't see him and Phyllis, as they didn't arrive in Florida until the 13th. You've just got to plan better next year, Danny! We were all crushed by the unexpected absence of NANCY E. "COOKIE" BOWIE, but we all now know that there was no way she could have made two trips. Cookie and I spent a couple of wonderful hours together on Tuesday, by the way, and she is now back at her Eatonville, Washington, home. We're all firmly expecting you for next year, Cookie, and we also hope you will make a special effort for the alumni gathering on October 8. Of course, there was a HUGE hole in the attendees for ME, with the absence of PATRICIA LYNNETTE GARRET, but I try to maintain regular contact there, especially since I have such an unabashed crush on her husband, Frank! We also missed EDNA L. GRAY, by the skin of our teeth, as she and Dick had just returned from Florida. Timing really IS everything, isn't it? RICHARD G. DENNY and LIELA K. GEORGE, your family members would have been MORE than welcome at our function.

Perhaps one of the biggest disappointments of all, was that of MURL E. HUFFMAN, our former civics teacher, who had intended to be there. But his companion, MRS. BOGAN, fell ill. I believe they completed their trip to Florida at the end of April. We know we'll all see you in October, Mr. H.! (Okay, I admit it! I just can't seem to get the hang of that "Murl" thing, but I'll keep trying, ok?)

Now, in regard to the Fourth Annual WC Florida Spring Fest, which is likely to be held next year, on or about March 25, 2006, (or whatever is the final Sunday of March) I've gotten a number of requests to hold it in the Daytona Beach area. There are several reasons for this. One of them is because JoAnn tells me it's all but certain that she and Ron will be selling the condo, before our next function. So Windhover Condo will be out of the running for it, if that happens. Also, it seems that Daytona Beach is quite popular amongst our alumni and they all like the idea of being near the beach and the ocean and getting to take a gander at the world-famous Daytona Beach Intenational Speedway. So in view of all that, I'm going to check around and see what I can "dig up," in the way of group facilities and will let you know what I find.

Let's see, who checked in during this bulletin period with jokes, political pundits, PSA's, etc., shall we? Well, there was 1958's WILLIAM R. HOWARD; BRUCE E. CHENOWETH; ROBERT W. "SMITTY" SMITH; 1959's GARY E. BARNES; 1960's STEVEN M. KOKOT; BOYD H. JENKINS; 1961'S JANET L. WALTERS; GARY R. FRANK; 1962's BARBARA T. O'NEAL; 1971's PAMELA K. SHIPLEY/ Thanks to all.

Speaking of announcements, we had quite a few, this time. I refer to one from THOMAS L. WOLF, JR., for starters. He's 1960 and is a retired teacher (?-Tom) from our school system, as is his charming wife, Susan. The alumni association bestows scholarships upon deserving young people. Let's all try to remember that, as we send in our reservation funds this year. Send that extra $10, $20, whatever you can afford. It will be greatly appreciated and put to good use for a good cause!

Also, let's not overlook the June 10 golf outing, to be held at Jamaica Run Golf Course. It is being handled by 1966's GARY CONNER (434-9990) and will benefit the Athletic Boosters. Thanks to 1962's BARBARA T. O'NEAL for submitting that notice.

Other notices include the already-sent notice for the 20th class reunion of the 1985 class, submitted by CYNTHEA POTEET and (I'm thrilled to report) we even got a notice from the very young 1995 class, courtesy of JUSTIN M. CRAIG, which I've also already sent along. I'm delighted that some of the younger classes are beginning to climb aboard.

Speaking of those who have climbed aboard, I'm happy to announce the addition of MISSY BARNES, Class of 1985, and her 1988 spouse, ROB ZIMMER. We have also added 1957's BETTY JANE HAMILTON. This is so wonderful and I sure hope I don't run out of capacity on my machine! Rob and Missy have joined us, courtesy of her dad, Gary. Betty has joined us, courtesy of her 1957 classmate, THERESA M. MOSES. Welcome to all!

Does anyone yet have a handle on a new e-mail address for either MILTON ROSS WOLFE or BRENDA ASHLEY TAYLOR? Their items continue to be returned, and I have no updates? Thanks for any help out there.

On Tuesday, May 10, I met with Cookie for a long and windy breakfast. The sad occasion which brought her here, as we all know by now, was the illness of her sister, the homecoming queen for the Class of 1957, DONNA GAYLE BOWIE, who passed away on the occasion of her 66th birthday on May 9. The loss notwithstanding, Cookie and I had a wonderful visit, and she assures me that she will continue to visit Florida and maintain contact with her grandnieces and grandnephews, and Donna's widower, her brother-in-law, 1957's GARY D. MAYS.

As is always the case, both 1959's GARY E. BARNES, and 1958's WILLIAM E. HOWARD, are keeping me well -posted, on the eminent demise of our beloved Woody's Market. I still just can't believe it! Now, listen, they're going to go poking around in the debris, as you all know, trying to retrieve some mementos for me. I want some of you to promise me that you will go and bail them out of jail, if they get into too much trouble, hear? Bruce, can I count on you for that?

Lately, I've kept up a running monologue with DONNA J. RICHARDS, EDNA L. GRAY, and PATRICIA LYNN -ETTE GARRETT. As is always the case, I also maintain good contact with BRUCE E. CHENOWETH and also with EULA FAYE BAILEY. Donna reports that she recently had coffee with Boyd Jenkins and commented about how nice he is. See, I told you! Bruce reports that he ran into AARON COUCH recently, and the outlook has not improved any, for his oldest boy, who is battling cancer. Eula Faye reports that she was treated like a queen all day on Mother's Day, by her children, children-in-law, and grandchildren. Good for you, Eula Faye!

Lynn reports that another Florida visit is about to occur for her just about the time I'm flying out of here, but we may get to cross paths, anyway, due to my family reunion and her return date. And what does Edna Gray report? Well, I got to read another of Edna's wonderfully-written "travelogue" reports about her most recent trip. She was in Meridian, Mississippi, visiting antebellum homes, for a bit, and she also plans a trek to Texas with younger sis, Brenda, fairly soon.

The sad death of JUDITH ANN HARE was confirmed by many of you, and thanks so much for that. Not only was it Theresa, but also NANCY J. ERTEL, former sister-in-law, JUDY M. FRANTZ, and T. BARRY RUSSELLO. As it happens, reported Nancy, they did have a son (she and WC former husband, LARRY FRANTZ), named Doug. We are losing too many of our people, folks. We just HAVE to make more of an effort to attend all our functions. Please add that your list of things to do, okay?
Barry reported the fond memory of Judy's step-father, Mr. Stragand, giving him his first-ever job at his store, Stragand's IGA.

Now, finally, I'm almost to the end of this gargantuan report. Please sort of hold off on e-mail from the 18th to the 24th. I won't be here and you know how it piles up and up and up. Wanting to conclude on a pleasant note, did all of you see the photo of the baby bear who wound up in the yard of Mike and Sally West, just recently? How wonderful! So I leave you all with my usual wish for glowing healthy, great happiness, peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

It is with the greatest regret that I must report to all of you, once again, that we have lost another alumnus. The news comes to me from 1960's DANNY A. WALTERS, who reports that RON RIX, recently died of a heart attack. I feel that Dan is extremely sure of this, or else he would not have sent it along.

If there is someone out there who can pinpoint his class year, full name, and whether or not he had children, do let me know. Dan has not written any other details. Once again, need I tell you to get to the WC events! We just never know. So far, May has been an especially tragic month, with 3 deaths, of which we are AWARE! There could be others, who knows? It would nearly impossible to catch every single one, given how widely we are spread across the country.

On a lighter note, Dan has asked for help, once again, in locating an old high school pal, Robert "Bob" Tankersley We had Bob traced down to the Miami, Florida police department at one time, but couldn't seem to get any further along with it. Is there anyone out there who has any connections for tracing former police officers? I'm thinking he may have retired from that department, but am not absolutely positive. Let's all pool our resources and see if we can possibly "hook up" these two old high school buddies, please!! As I had previously written, I'll be flying to my family reunion on Wednesday morning, so effective with the evening hours of the 17th, please try to hold off on the e-mail. I shall return in the early evening of the 24th. Thanks to all and I'm so sorry to have to report yet another fallen WC alumnus.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Yearling Bear Cub Posted by Hello


A Mother's Day Visitor to our neighborhood in Gatlinburg.
This yearling bear's mother was killed by hunters this
Spring. It is quite tame, due to tourist's (bad and illegal)
behavior. State and Federal law prohibit feeding bears.

Sunday, May 01, 2005
** Paraphrased from the Dayton Daily News **

(A note from your humble editor - The original article was nearly incomprehensible! I have reformatted and rearranged parts to improve readability, but it's still pretty deplorable! Miss Marsh is probably spinning in her grave)

County grant sought to help cover demolition
By Jaclyn Giovis, Dayton Daily News
WEST CARROLLTON The demolition of a colorful West Carrollton fixture could help spark redevelopment at the city's gateway. Plans are in motion to tear down the vacant Woody's Market, a 70,000-square-foot grocery and restaurant building on East Dixie Drive, just east of Alex-Bell Road, but property owners and city officials are waiting to see if they will receive a county grant to help cover the $150,000 demolition costs. If the building is razed, the land could be split into two parcels and marketed for redevelopment, said Pete Nichols, a broker for Miller-Valentine Group. "We think it would definitely help us with the marketing of that property," Nichols said. "It's hard for them (potential businesses and investors) to visualize what that property would look like because the building really commands the property."

Other redevelopment and plans to complete the Interstate 75 interchange at exit 47 also will spur economic development, city officials said. "There's tremendous potential in the vicinity of that interchange," said Tracy Williams, West Carrollton city manager. Preliminary studies show nearly 3,500 new jobs could be created within a 1-mile radius of the improved interchange, he said.
*** If you believe this, I have some stock that I would like to sell to you!!! *** -ed.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has approved the $22.8 million interchange project, which would include adding four ramps to the existing interchange to complete the traffic flow patterns. The project is slated to begin in January 2009.

Soon city officials will find out whether the Woody's demolition project will have the funding it needs to move forward. West Carrollton requested a grant from the county's Economic Development /Government Equity program for $50,000. The match funding is secured through Woody's Market Inc., the owner of the property and the city of West Carrollton, which have each committed $50,000 to the project's total cost. The ED/GE committee is expected to make its funding recommendations to the county commission May 18.

If approved, the Woody's demolition is scheduled to begin in June and be complete by August. Woody's is a landmark in West Carrollton, there's no doubt about it," said David Humphreys, assistant city manager and economic development director. "It'll be difficult to see the building go."

Last summer, residents who attended the city's public forum on economic development expressed a desire to save the building and find another user. But Woody's Market has been vacant since January 1999 with little prospect of reuse, Nichols said. The building was expanded several times, and would be difficult and expensive to convert to another use. "Shovel-ready sites are really the only kinds of sites that have the chance to be redeveloped," Humphreys said. Land open for development can be found across the Dayton region, and sites not yet primed for new opportunity often are overlooked because of competition, Humphreys said.

Near Woody's, where a beer drive-through was located, other development plans are moving forward. McDonald's is planning to relocate from Central Avenue to Alex-Bell Road between Central Avenue and Dixie Drive, Humphreys said. The West Carrollton Planning Commission on April 7 approved plans for the McDonald's restaurant, and building permits soon will be issued, he said. "It will provide a catalyst for the redevelopment," of the area, Humphreys said. "This will be a quality project." The McDonald's will be a 4,500-square-foot restaurant with a brick exterior. "Part of the reason for the relocation was better access for our customers to be able to get into our restaurant," said Jeff Kane, Ohio regional marketing manager for McDonald's.

Contact Jaclyn Giovis at 225-2348.

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