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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Sunday, May 27, 2012
Bonnie's Latest --  From 21 MAY 2012:

As seems to be my usual practice, I'm beginning this one on the day following the last one I sent. So it's Sunday, April 15. Feedback has been great for this most recent one. Thank you all so much. I appreciate each and every e-mail which can be turned into newsy text for our bulletins.
We begin, as always, with our forwarders, of course. They are 1949's ROBT. E. HOFFMAN; 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER; 1955's C. ELAINE BARKER; 1956's REBECCA J. POLING; 1957's BETT
Our list of, "e-mail lost," continues and, in the event you can assist with updates on any of these, please let me know, or please have that alumnus e-mail me directly, so we can get them back in the loop. They are teacher DAVID E. COLLINS; 1953's ELLIS B. DEAN (or is it B, DEAN ELLIS?); 1958's KEITH E. ANDERSON; 1959's CAROLYN E. EUBANK; 1963's JOYCE ANN KUHN; 1969's KAREN L. THROCKMORTON; and finally, there's this odd e-mail I don't recognize ( deleted ) No kidding, and this person wants me to up-
date his/her e-mail address. I don't have the foggiest notion as to who this is. Does anyone know who this is? Please advise, if you do. (Footnote: Just two days later, I got confirmation of an address on MARIANNA L. LAKINS. I also got word from 1956's ANN C. WEIDLE of successful transmission to her brother, 1961's THOS. L. WEIDLE. So we can remove those two from the list, too. Thanks, Ann and Marianna.)
A million thanks to the glamorous, vivacious, and ever-youthful CHRIS L. CLEARY, who represents the epitome of the wholesome 1950s high school girl. She was a star student, a cheerleader, and even the homecoming queen, to the surprise of no one. She still looks as though she just stepped off the pages of the 1961 Piratan, and hey, she's also efficient. She changed her e-mail address and took the time to let me know! Thanks, Chris, I appreciate it.
Many thanks for gracious words of praise and appreciation, as regards the writing of our bulletins. Such comments came immediately from 1961's JACK L. GODBY, who told me it was, "a fun and brilliant read." For the record, Jack has always had a gift for being able to schmooze people. I'm no exception and besides, I love him, so I'm an ardent fan of Jack's polished schmoozing. There was also 1954's JERRY R. GRAHAM (who was class president); 1959'sGARY E. BARNES (my main roving reporter and the person who named the bulletins);1961 class members, NANCY A. HALL, NANCY J. ERTEL, JUDITH L. SAMUELS; 1962's BRENDA C. ROSS; 1963's RONALD D. KISSEL; 1970's INDY JO GRISSOM (who also informed me 1970's VICKIE JO GILBERT is the sister-in-law of my e-mail lost list's, 1959's CAROLYN E. EUBANK). So how about it, Vickie, any update on Carolyn's e-mail? (Footnote: With lightning speed, the very next morning, Vickie sent me the update, so we can mark her off the e-mail lost list, too. Thanks, Vickie.)
We also have an update on the postal address and mailing address for 1960's DEVONA S. TAYLOR. She moved to Mount Vernon, Kentucky, and due to the illness of her now-late husband, EUGENE COUCH, forgot to notify anyone. So if you need an update for Dee, do let me know, please.
Hopefully, I'm going to get this one distributed at least a week before July 13, which is the date of the 3rd Annual WC Football Alumni Club's Golf Classic at Pipestone Golf Club. I think this function is orchestrated by 1988's JAS. A. MCGUIRE. Mark your calendars, save the date, and contact the folks at Pipestone, if you wish to participate.
Finally, I was successful in transmitting the clone, look-alike photo of the man who is a nearly -exact twin for 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH. He said the man looks to be in far better shape than he is. Well, I don't know about that part, Bruce, but he sure does look like you. If only he'd had blue eyes, even I would've thought it was you, standing there in his face! The resemblance is uncanny!
This next report came from 1958's REX E. HEETER. Now, I know this person isn't a WC alumnus. However, he is a retired WC police officer and he also happens to be an old motorcycle-riding buddy of mine, from my years in Florida. His name is Robert E. Dowler and he lives on Pease Avenue. He's been ill and if any of you know Bob, be sure to wish him well. He's a heck of a good guy, whom I've known about 20 years, I'd guess. He's currently undergoing some health problems and I know we all wish him well and much success with overcoming the challenges. Thanks for that report, Rex.
"Another county heard from!" (You'll all just have to bear with me, when it comes to the phrases encased in quote marks. I hate writing anything which is grammatically-incorrect, so that's why I do that. I don't want any of you to think this phrase is deemed as being correct, by me. But I digress!) Anyway, I got an inquiry on April 16 from 1957's SHIRLEY ANN HILE, in which she expressed concern for the welfare of our Civics teacher, MURL E. HUFFMAN. Not to worry, MEH, as I've assured Shirley you're doing well and I gave her your phone number, so she can touch base with you. (Frankly, Shirley, I suspect since they're still newlyweds, they spend much of their time engaged in the throes of passion. How fun!) But seriously, he's fine, and so is she. (Footnote: On that very day, Shirley apparently called him, and they had a pleasant chat. She told me he's doing fine.)
As you're all aware, one of the great joys of doing such a bulletin, is the wonderful ability to reconnect old friends and classmates. This time, I got to do two of them. A request came from 1956's CAROL A. HOHNHORST to put her in contact with classmate DENNIS A. MICHAEL. I do hope they got together. They're practically neighbors, what with Carol living in Hudson, Florida, and Dennis in nearby Zephyrhills. I hope you have both had a great visit by now.
There was also a request from 1957's LAWRENCE J. RENAS, JR., for contact info on his former neighbor, 1962's WM. T. SHARKEY, our newest addition to the readers list. I was happy to oblige and I hope you've both gotten connected by now, too, Larry and Bill. Larry also gave me a brief update on my 1960 classmate, his younger brother, DOUGLAS A. RENAS, who's once again residing in Tucson, Arizona. Larry says Doug isn't big on the colder weather, so he stays there most of the time.
Boy, what is it with my PC? Can you give me a clue, oh mighty guru, 1957's NICHOLAS P. WOLARY
? Why is it sending multiple copies? Do I have something set wrong? Is it just screwed up? Why? I got notice from several who said they got multiple copies again, who include 1958's ROBERT W. "SMITTY" SMITH; 1961's NANCY A. HALL, and 1963's LEE JEAN JORDAN. I suspect there were many others in those alpha groups, who simply ignored it and figured it was better to get 2 or 3, than to get none. Sorry, folks.
Nancy Hall, by the way, continues her encouragement of my involvement in with my Lutheran church here, a faith in which she and I were both reared, and to which we both still subscribe on a regular basis. We sometimes exchange stories about the formidable Pastor Chas. L. Mullen, who formed our beliefs at such an early age. We agree, he still looms large in both our childhood memories.
From 1981's D. BRIAN BRODBECK, son of 1958's VINCENT A. BRODBECK and the late 1960's DOROTHY J. "DOTTIE" WILLMAN, and 1985's AMY L. HAWKINS, daughter of 1958's W. BAILEY HAWKINS and 1962's JACKQUELYN S. HAINES, came a request for info on the Florida lifestyle. Sadly, I didn't have a lot of good things to tell them, due to the astronomical cost of living, which still exists there, as well as the searing and unrelenting heat, humidity, and bugs. However, I sure do get the Florida mystique, as it's the very thing which drew us to go there, way back in the mid-1970s. It was a terribly different Florida, then. But whatever you both decide, Brian and Amy, I sure do wish you well.
When it comes to interstate moving, I see 1956's JOS. F. SNELL (classmate of my late sister, JUDY ANN RISNER) and his wife, Linda, have made a decision they're going to love. Joe and Linda have bought a place about 40 miles from me, in Greene County, the same county of residence for 1963's FRANCES L. PEFFLY. It's right there near the Gondolier, a favorite eatery of mine and Fran's. Now, listen, Joe and Linda, remember to contact me as soon as you're settled. I'll drive over there, and we'll dine together. Deal? Guess where we will go! You're going to be so thrilled with living in this area!
By the time you all read this bulletin, (probably) my next set of houseguests will likely have come and gone. About May 17, 1961's JUDITH L. SAMUELS and spouse, Wm. D. Van Cleef, will be arriving for their annual visit. With the exception of last year, they've been to my house every May, since I moved. However, last year worked out all right, after all, as I wound up going down there for my granddaughter's graduation, which was also in May. I hope to be able to haunt a few estate sales with them, while they're here. The ones here are just great, and I normally find quite a few treasures which I'm able to resell at a nice profit. We all enjoy them.
Just before that, though, we'll have had the 50th wedding anniversary on May 12, of 1956's RALPH D. WILSON and wife Marilyn K. Wilson, who reside here in Thompson's Station, Tennessee, which was also the longtime home of country singer, Billy Ray Cyrus. Ralph and Kay have been to my home in Kingsport, too. By the time this bulletin is sent, I'm hoping you've had a terrific 50th, Ralph and Kay!
A reminder arrived from 1962's BRENDA C. ROSS, re the death of JUNE E. "JUNETTA" BUNDY, which was either last year or 2010. I've forgotten which. But I still had Junetta on the list. Thanks, Brenda, and I've now removed it. I appreciate the reminder. Sometimes, I overlook that detail, when we have a passing. Brenda further reported she spent a great day on what was both her birthday and 50th wedding anniversary, back in February and had a great time. She's also terribly excited about this October being her 50th class year and she can't wait to see everyone. I'm sure the feeling is mutual, Brenda, and we'll all look so forward to seeing you, too!
On April 17, I got a welcome call from old friend, JO ANN K. STEMLEY, who'd recently returned from a few winter months in Florida. She and spouse, Ronald R. Hall, had taken a short detour on their return trip, so they could drop in on DEVONA S. TAYLOR, who was recently widowed and had moved to Mt. Vernon. I think I mentioned the move in earlier text and Jo Ann said Dee is doing well and adjusting, as necessary.
Recently, I got a call from 1960's CHAS. A. HIGH, JR. I'm sorry to say, Charlie doesn't sound well at all, and even told me he's having further problems. At this time, he's now experienced an incredible total of 20 heart surgeries, which is truly unbelievable! In my wildest dreams, I can't even imagine that. His wife, Carol, is in extremely poor health, too. So if you've been thinking of calling or visiting Charlie, please do so, without fail.
It's been a very long time since I heard anything from WALLACE W. ROBBINS. Are any of you in touch with him? I'm going to try the number I still have for him, and see if it works. But it's been an uncharacteristically long time. He normally calls me about 5-6 times a year. If any of you know anything, please let me know. I just had an exchange about him with 1961's PAUL R. BEARDSLEY, who's trying to help me locate him. We seem to be having a tough time with it. But I haven't exhaust
-ed all my sources, just yet. I know his brother, Carl, (middle initial F, wife's name Jean) lives in Texas. I'll try to do a people search on him. While we're on the topic, I know he's also very close with his sister, Shirley, and aren't some of you in touch with her or another sister? If so, please ask someone in that family to contact me. I appreciate it.
So help me, 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER is surely, "The Unsinkable Molly Brown." I don't know how you do it, Freda! I got a recent report from her. She and her husband of 2 years (on April 23, in fact) are currently buying one property, selling another, and moving major items from his old place to her old place. They plan to spend time this summer in Pineola, North Carolina again, too. I think they're 76-77, but sure should be an inspiration to us all. That's the way to do it, Freda. Keep the
bones in motion!
We've got a very nice update from 1963's RONALD D. KISSEL, who wrote he recognized names of classmates SHIRLEY A. RANKIN and FRANCES L. PEFFLY, and he also mentioned he's enjoying reading the bulletins. Thanks, Ron, I appreciate that. Ron is retired from NCR, and wife Linda is still working. They live in Woodstock, Georgia, and have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. They'll celebrate a 44th anniversary on June 1, so if this comes after that date, we hope it was a great one, Ron and Linda. Ron is an avid tennis player and both he and Linda have a large garden. He also served us in the military, and we all thank you for that, Ron, and many thanks for the great update you sent.
From 1960's THOS. L. WOLF, JR., came news about our alumni association awarding four $1,000 scholarships this year. The deadline for applying was in mid-April. Tom said he loves being able to see the names of the parents and grandparents, many of whom are also WC alumni. Thanks for that report, Tom, and I hope you're doing well.
Another 1960 heard from, in the person of DEVONA S. TAYLOR, who's very much enjoying her new place in Mt. Vernon, just a few miles from the edge of the Renfro Valley area. She recently drove to a nearby truck stop to meet with JO ANN K. STEMLEY and spouse Ronald R. Hall, as they weaved their way to their Riverside, Ohio, home on the return trip from Florida. Dee writes they had a windy and delightful visit. No doubt!
Okay, we're off and running again with Donnie Schaaf. He would be so pleased to know so many of his old WC cronies are trying to solve the mystery of his class year, once and for all, even though I understand he's been deceased for a few years, now. In any case, "my leading field reporter," 1959
's GARY E. BARNES, has uncovered more of the mystery. His curiosity was piqued by my writing of JAS. L. LINDSEY saying Donnie was in the class of 1959. Well, he wasn't. Gary found him in the 1952 book and he was then in the class which graduated in 1958, and yes, his name is correctly spelled as Schaaf. So dare I write, once again, "Mystery solved!" and thanks, Gary. I looked in that one, too, but must have missed him.
Yet another 1960 class member checks in with a report, and this time, it's our perennial athlete, who is DELORES K. "DEDE" FAHRNEY. Yes, she's still an active athlete. You go, DeDe! She played in the senior softball tournament in Pensacola in mid-April and won in the 70-plus age bracket. (No surprise there.) She's in Ohio for latter May and early June, and hoping to touch base with more of our classmates. She reported her father, 1933's A. EMERSON FAHRNEY, now resides in Bethany Assisted Living, and has now been there about a year. She wrote he wasn't eating properly nor taking his meds correctly, so they felt he would need a 24/7 care facility. He will be 97 on November 22 and DeDe says he walks with a cain, but aside from that, is doing very well. Isn't that amazing? I have yet to meet a Fahrney who wasn't, though, I must admit. Everybody who's anybody, and is from WC, knows your dad, DeDe, so please convey our best to him, will you? Thanks for the great report and keep doing what you're doing. I also appreciate the kind words.
My sympathy to 1963's SHIRLEY A. RANKIN, who wrote she lost her dog, who was 18 1/2 years old! Pets are like family members to me, so I'm sure Shirley felt similarly. She and Terry are back home for the summer, and she says they're again placing their property on the market. They live in the town of Clarkrange, have 3.9 acres, and the property has two houses on it. So if you're interested in being in Tennessee (as are so many of us, it seems), you might want to contact them.
From 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT came news of her return to her home in Germantown, while husband Frank L. Hawvermale remained in their Henderson, Nevada, home to do some things he'd wanted to complete prior to his return. (He may be back, by now, I suspect, as today's date is May 21). Frank has been really ill over the past year/year-and-a-half, but Lynn says he seems to be doing fairly well now, and that's wonderful news.
A recent e-mail from Lola J. Call (spouse of 1962's RICHARD C. CALL) indicated they still think of the idea of leaving Ohio, from time to time. But Jean says Rich doesn't want to give up all his space and all his toys. Jean also doesn't want to get too far away from their daughter. So it sounds as if they will stay put, for the time being. Jean also gets a pat on the back and a big thank-you for letting me know of their new e-mail address.
From 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST came a request for the address of DEVONA S. TAYLOR. As you all know, I'm always too happy to oblige such requests. Also, sticking with our regular regimen, EULA FAYE BAILEY and I just spoke recently. We both make efforts never to go more than 4-5 weeks with no contact. Let's face it, folks, we're all getting to that age. If you're thinking of seeing or calling an old WC friend, please don't delay that wonderful intention. We just never know.
My 1960 friend and classmate, DENNIS A. ROSE, recently sent notice to me of the death of the spouse of JUDITH A. STALDER. Dennis, you were the only one who told me of this, so thanks. He died about the last week of April, maybe around the 26th, I think. His name was Jerry DeAngulo. I did talk with JO ANN K. STEMLEY about it,after I learned of the death. Dennis had requested info on contacting Judy to send a card. But everything I had is old, outdated, and no longer valid. Do any of you have any contact info for Judy? If so, could you please send it, and thanks? Our condolences go to Judy and her family, of course.
Speaking of Jo Ann, on a recent day, she told me she was having lunch with two other 1960s girls, KAREN L. KLINE and S. KATHLEEN MILLATT. So how did that go, Jo? You didn't send me any of the news. Where did you dine? What did you discuss? How's Karen's health? Hey, Karen, I know you're reading this, so write and tell us how you're doing, will you?
EDNA L. GRAY, 1961, checked in to thank me for her husband's (Richard M. Ryan) birthday card. I was happy to send that to him, Edna, and hope his health is getting better. Edna wrote of her and Dick's winter interlude in Key West for the month of March, where Dick was able to fish daily. They also celebrated a 40th wedding anniversary on April 21, driving through Ohio's Amish country and dining in Indiana's famous Hagerstown Buffet. You all know how I love Edna's travelogues, so I was thrilled to finally get another, even though it was brief. You could make a living doing travelogues, Edna. By the way, my best to your wonderful, lovely sister, my classmate, FLOSSIE J. GRAY.
On April 14, I had the distinct pleasure of sharing the 67th birthday of 1963's FRANCES L. PEFFLY, when I drove to nearby Greene County to Greeneville's wonderful Gondolier Restaurant. We had a lovely meal and she was accompanied by daughter, Kelly Ann Moore. Directly after we finished, they were headed for Florida and I haven't heard a word since. So call me, Fran! In the meantime, I still await the arrival of you, 1960's KEITH H. CLENDENON, so we can go back to the Gondolier. You hurry on down here, okay?
On Mother's Day, can you believe it, I got a text in honor of the day, from my treasured, old friend, GARY L. WARLAUMONT. Thanks, Gary, how thoughtful! Now, jump in that airplane and get down here for a visit!
If you can believe it, folks, it's only May 21 and I've finished yet another WeCaTon News Report. I'd sent the last one, only on April 14, so this is close timing. However, it's such a long one, already, I don't want it to languish any longer. Besides, I'm expecting Judy and Bill and their guests in just 3 more days, so I need to get this out of here. I also have to finish my newspaper column today, so it's going to be lots of keyboard time. It is my wish not to send multiple copies to any of you, but with this machine, who knows? If it happens, please just delete all but one, will you? Hopefully, you'll read the last one. For today, I'm going to luxuriate on one of my porches, as I lounge around and look at my beautiful, new windows on my ground floor and my new, wrought-iron railing around my highrise deck. I'm so thrilled, I can't begin to tell you. So I'm anticipating doing that, once I finish my writing.
Oh, before I forget, several of you have again asked for my contact info. Obviously, you have my e-mail address, but here's the rest: Bonnie R. Romanczuk, 305 McTeer Drive, Kingsport, Tennessee 37663-2012, Landline 423 726-2268 Cell phone 386 290-3381 (Always try the landline first, please, as transmission is always better and no dropped calls). My door is always open to any and all WC people who visit this area---always! Stay as long as you like (plenty of room) and enjoy the view, fresh coffee, fabulous sheets, and the wonders of this area, which are many. I leave you all with my fondest and usual wishes for glowing health, personal safety, great happiness, spiritual harmony, peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity. Cia0!
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