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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Saturday, August 06, 2011
** WECATON NEWS REPORT **,  06 AUG 2011:

---Well, if you thought you were getting rid of me, after that last one

, think again. I'm back, just like the proverbial, bad penny. It is now July 11, as I begin this one, and I've set my self-imposed date of distribution at August 28. So far, so good, and I know I'll hit the old brick wall, sooner or later, but I'm minding myself pretty well, so far
, and hope to continue. Let's see how I do, this time.
Let's do our usual thing and begin with forwarders:1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER; 1955's CATHERINE ELAINE BARKER; 1957's BETTY LEE CARROLL, RALPH H. WARNER, DARELL L. TOBI
As much as it pains me, I've so far gotten no updates on those who are, "lost in cyberspace," and so have removed them from the readers list. I hope to get updates, so I can put them back on the readers list. They've all been listed in the last 3 bulletins, so I won't do that again, in an effort not to be too repetitive.
With great regret, I must report the July 7 death of 1959's CHAS. D. SHOCKLEY, who resided in Vandalia. He would've been 70 in September. No cause of death was listed, but I got the distinct impression it may have been cancer. He was the brother of my classmate, 1960's JUDY A. SHOCKLEY. This was reported by 1959's GARY E. BARNES and BETSY R. MURPHY, as well as 1960's LINDA L. SHANK. Thanks, Gary, Betsy, and Linda.
This is something I fear I'll forget, if I don't get it written here in this first part. Does anyone out there remember ROBT. R. WASKOM and INIS M. PENNINGTON? I'm sure many do. Anyway, I found both of them a couple of days ago. I think Bob was maybe 1962 and Inis may have been the same, or maybe 1963. I'll bet a lot of you can tell me. Anyway, they live in Barbourville, Kentucky. Along about 1963, they lived next door to me on the river, just down the road from the old Smith's Boat House. My sister and I used to take care of their two kids, now and then, if they wanted to go out. I got curious and got on the old computer and found them pretty quickly. Amazing! Bob was a dead ringer for Elvis Presley, when he was in school. He and I talked a few minutes and he said they are both in good health and doing well. I invited them to our WC alumni functions.
Several exchanges have occurred, resulting from the mention of Donnie Schoft. As it happens, his name is apparently Schaaf, as researched by 1958's WM. R. HOWARD, and supported by 1961 class member, PAUL R. BEARDSLEY. In any case, it seems he still operates a body shop in Miamisburg, but still no class year, if he attended WC.
Reporting in for a couple of lines was KEITH H. CLENDENON of 1960, whom I invited to my house and encouraged to get another Harley-Davidson so we could ride the Tennessee mountains. He has informed me, sadly, his riding days have come to an end, as his balance is too far off to do it any longer. Well, drat! But there just has to be someone in WC who's still riding and can come to the mountains and go with me! You can still visit even if you're not riding, Keith!
You will be pleased to learn, 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER, I had a specific request from 1970's CHERYL R. COLLINSWORTH to send her your writings and photos and recollections of life in our dear, old Miami Shores. I fulfilled her request, post haste, and I know she likely enjoyed it all as much as I did. I still have it, by the way, if any of the rest of you wish to read it.
As she always seems to do, 1963's LEE JEAN JORDAN came up with a great recollection, recounting those marvelous custard treats of the old Woody's Arctic Bar. She worked there and had fond memories, and don't we all? Its primary creator and manager was the classy and elegant lady who would become my stepmoth -er for 9 years, Addie Louise Bowman, Woody's first wife. We all used to walk to the Arctic Bar, from my house on the river, during the summers. What a great place it was! That was a good one, Lee Jean.
A light banter continued with 1959's SHIRLEY R. PARKS, whose
Longtime spouse is 1957's NEIL H. SIZER. I sure hope this will serve to get you and Neil to the festivities in October, Shirley. We
would also love to see all people named Parks, and all people named Sizer, particularly 1959's GARY L. SIZER and 1987's SHARLENE N. MERKER, and her 1985 spouse, JEFFREY A. SIZER. Let's get busy and make all this happen!
Exchanges continue with 1955's CATHERINE ELAINE BARKER, and at this writing, I'm anticipating a great visit with both her and 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER on July 29 at Pineola, N.C., where Freda is camped with new husband, Larry L. Green, and where Elaine will be soon arriving nearby. I'm driving down there to meet both of them. They will be but a scant 62 miles from me. So there will doubtless be a footnote to this particular paragraph. (Yes, I'm right, and here is the footnote, being written on July 30. All our plans fell through, and I'm terribly disappointed. Elaine's time was short, so she was on too tight a schedule, and Freda was sick as a dog. I guess this wasn't meant to be, this time. But I'm sure hoping to be able to plan it again, in the near future.)
Does anyone have any updates or any contact info on 1960's BEVERLY J. HAAS? Our latest info, which was months ago, was that she was in critical condition in an Indiana hospital. I've heard nothing since. If you know anything, please advise. MICHAEL S. WEST has also spent some time looking into this, but he has no updates, either, as yet.
Okay, 1961's NANCY A. HALL, no breaks for you. Get this, all you readers. This is Nancy's 50th, of course. She's waffling a bit, as a relative has a function a full week before our alumni weekend. So here you go, Nancy, and we're having none of this. You and, "the Hunk," had better be there, hear? But I'm still having problems with one of, "the other nancys," that being NANCY J. ERTEL. I'm still going to work on you, Nancy E.! It's all so easy. Just click your heels together twice, grab your husband, and say, "Don, I don't believe we're in Kansas anymore!"
What about you, 1960's RONNIE R. WHEELER? Ron and I have been having a few exchanges, here and there. I'm so glad you're reading and enjoying our bulletins, Ron. So how about giving a bit of consideration to joining us this October? I promise, you'll have the time of your life!
From 1985's M. CYNTHEA POTEET came a very enthusiastic e-mail about the nuptials of MURL E. HUFFMAN and MARJORIE L. BOGAN. She's very excited and happy for them, as I'm sure we all are. Cynthea wrote she's posted the happy news on the pages of FaceBook, in order to let everyone know. Speaking of FaceBook, no, I haven't actually signed onto that yet. I did, however, get a very nice message from 1962's RICHARD G. DENNY and classmate spouse, LIELA K. GEORGE. I hope you two are doing well, and we'll all see you both in September.
JACK L. GODBY, 1961, wrote to say how sad he was to read of the death of classmate, J. FREDERIC RANDALL. There are so many who shared your feelings, Jack. I never knew Fred very well, but he was certainly apparently a very well-liked member of the 1961 class. He was still so young and it seemed as though he ought to be around for another 10 years or so. We are losing far too many of us. Don't miss the alumni gatherings!
Working diligently on our blogspot is 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, and he's going to try and get all the old bulletins posted and he's already been posting a few of the more recent photos, including those of the July 17 nuptials of MURL E. HUFFMAN and his bride, MARJORIE LEE BOGAN-BURKHARDT, who will now be known as (I assume) MARJORIE LEE HUFFMAN. I got a direct report from MEH, regarding him and Marge, in which he told me they're doing great and both feeling well. WM. R. HOWARD, 1958, took quite a cache of photos which he sent directly to Mike for posting, for everyone to view. Also attending this grand affair was 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH and 1960's JUDITH A. SLIFE and LINDA LEE SHANK, as well as scores of others, I'm sure, of whose names I'm as yet unaware. If you haven't seen the blogspot of late, do long on ( www.wchsblogspot.com ) and get current on all the latest. Mike has been very busy with it.
By now, Mike may also have the most recent photo of 1958's DONALD I. MCCOY, and his lovely wife, Fran. They're terribly happy and having the time of their lives. Isn't that simply great? I suggest you keep an eye on Mike, though, Don. He wrote me back, after seeing you and Fran's photo, raving about how pretty she is. Be sure to tell her! I owed Don a big apology, though, for somehow failing to add his e-mail back to the list, after he retired (well, semi-retired) last year. He wasn't getting any of the bulletins, of course. I've now corrected that.
Those with whom I've spoken recently include 1960's THOS. D. YOUNG, who reported a golf outing with WC fellow golfers. He said he couldn't recall of them, but of the ones he remembered were high school golf pal, DAVID A BLAIR, CHAS. A. "BUD" LOWMAN, and 1959's JOE E. STOMPS. To tell you the truth, Tom named a lot more than those, but now, I'm the one who's forgotten, so could one of you please write me the full list, so I can get it in the next bulletin, please? I also got to speak with Tom's wife, Sandi, who's one of the very special people in my life. Ever since we first met, I've wanted to, "grow up and be just like her."
However, it has never happened yet, but I keep trying.
On July 30, I spoke with Pam Carter, spouse of 1960's CHAS. V. CARTER. She had the most wonderful news I've heard in a while; i.e., that being, he's currently free of cancer, can you believe it? I was simply thrilled. He got on the phone, too, and we talked for a long time. By the way, 1960's MILTON R. WOLFE, Pam read me the card you sent to him. She told me he treasures it, due to your long friendship. He's been enjoying all the cards from each and every single one of his fellow alumni, and appreciates them all. He said you, SHARON L. BORGER, had been wonderful, also, with sending him cards. He wanted to thank everyone.
Also checking in with her back-home-safely report was 1960's EULA FAYE BAILEY, who reported she took in 8 different states, in her recent road trip and said she may never do that again. I'll bet you will, though, Eula Faye. You had so much fun this time, I think you might want to do it again, say, in another couple years.
Finally, SHIRLEY J. TUDOR and I got connected and we chatted for quite a spell and got current on each other's lives and events and families, etc. We usually have to play phone tag for a while, but we usually finally make the connection.
Also doing some traveling is 1961's SALLY L. GILLETTE, who's visiting Florida, doubtless to see son D. MARK WARLAUMONT,
and her two grandsons. She was flying, she wrote, and would be gone one week.
JO ANN K. STEMLEY, 1960, is long since back from her winter home in Sebring, Florida, and is busy orchestrating lunches for the 1960 girls. At this writing, she has one planned for August 11 at the Starlite Diner in Kettering. So if you didn't catch the special bulletin which was sent, then consider yourself notified. If you're a member of the 1960 class, and you're in the area on that day, do try to be there. I wish I could be there, in fact, but can't get away at that time.
In June, RONALD D. "TOM" FEE celebrated a birthday. I believe it was the 72nd. Is that right, Tom? I remember one year I gave you a year and one year, I took away a year. Is there any way to win? Ha! In any case, I hope it was a good one and thank you for the thank you.
Bless your two hearts, 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH and 1963's CHERYLE JEAN SMITH for continuing to try to acclimate me to the FaceBook thing, but the fact is, I'm just not ready for that and don't know if I ever will be. It's all I can to engineer my e-mail. Ha! But I appreciate both your votes of confidence that I may be, "ready for the big tgime." Believe me, I'm not. I still send hand-written, postally-mailed birthday greetings, still write letters with stamps, and it's a fluke I'm even able to send e-mail. Get this! I have no idea how to cut and paste, and you think I can do those social websites? Ha!
From 1961's lovely and gracious DONNA J. SIMPSON came a request for some of her classmates' e-mails, cell phones, and all other info. I was only too glad to oblige. She's hard at work on the 50th and, with her on the job, I'm sure it will a smashing success. I was also told there are a number of them (WC alumni) who are going to Michigan together, and so, I shall be anxiously awaiting a full report on that venture.
You could say I was quite thrilled to hear from 1963's FRANCES L. PEFFLY, recently. She's been overwhelmed with family duties, work, and real estate interests and therefore, has been gone from Tennessee for a number of weeks. So I've very much missed my visits with her and her children. That will hopefully be resolved in the coming week or so, and am I ever looking forward to it.
The mother-in-law of 1960's GERALD A FULLER is going to turn 85 soon. I believe her daughter, who is Jerry's WC-honorary wife, Rebecca A., is planning quite a bash, along with many other of her family members. We all wish your mother a great day, Becky, and I know you will make it very special.
From 1987's JEFFREY T. GILES came a report and photos on the recent golf outing for the WC Football Alumni Club. Please go the Mike's aforementioned blogspot to get the address to access it on FaceBook. Jeff, I did it that way because I know I'd never in a million years get that address correct, but Mike will. Thanks so much for sending it.
A significant accomplishment was achieved by the son of 1985's JEFFREY A. SIZER and 1987's SHARLENE N. MERKER. He's 15, I believe, so maybe he's going to be class of 2014(?), but this wasn't school-oriented. His name is ANDREW W. SIZER and he, along with another boy (DEREK MCGREW) went to the freestyle championships in Fargo, North Dakota. I believe this is wrestling, and if that's not right, Sharlene, please tell me. Anyway, they were both on Team Ohio, and it seems they're the very first from WC to do this. That's quite an impressive accomplishment.
Drew has an impressive WC lineage, I can tell you that. Not only is he the offspring of two WC parents, but his paternal grandfather is 1959's GARY L. SIZER, his maternal grandmother is SHIRLEY J. TUDOR, 1960. His 3 maternal grand-aunts are the late DORIS D. TUDOR, 1955, the late DEANA C. TUDOR, 1957(or was she 1958?), and 1955's DONNA G. TUDOR. Paternal grand-uncle is 1957's NEIL H. SIZER and grand-aunt is 1959's SHIRLEY R. PARKS. (By the way, for those of you who might be wondering, no, it's not great aunt, it is correctly grand-aunt, grand-uncle, etc. Aunts and uncles run in the same generational lineage as do our grand-parents. There's actually really no such thing as a great aunt or a great uncle. The closest we get to that would be, for instance, Shirley's parents, who would be his great grand-aunt and great grand-uncle. I'm writing this purposely, in order to avoid the many e-mails I might get, telling me it should be great uncle and great aunt, but no, it shouldn't.) In any case, this kid has one long, WC pedigree! We all offer heartiest congratulation on this wonderful achievement.
All Sharlene's news wasn't so cheery, though. She also included the deaths of two alumni, neither of which had been previously reported to me. It seems one of her classmates, 1987's ERIC THOME, committed suicide on July 5. How very sad. She also told me of 1981 class member, LORI FEARN, who died of liver cancer on July 26. Those people were so young and we lost both of them so tragically. I didn't know either of them, but each loss is a loss to us all, as a whole. Thanks for the report, Sharlene.
Another report reached me, also, this one from 1965's STEVEN F. SHADE, who always does such a great job keeping me in the loop on various updates and changes. Since I'm really nobody, as regards anything official, I do appreciate his doing that. In any case, the latest item he's sent, contains several items of news I'll share with all of you. First of all, he writes he'll continue to do the website and the vitals, but nothing further. Also, he won't have an updated e-mail list at all times, anymore.
Further, the Alumni Association has changed its name and will now be known as the, "WC All Class Reunion Association." So that's an interesting change. Steve has some concerns about the name change becoming confused with gatherings apparently held at a Miamisburg Moose Lodge, which are also referenced as being, "all class reunions." His other news is that postal mailings may be replaced by e-mail, in the future, but no surprise there. I presume that would not be the case, though, with the people for whom there is no e-mail address.
Then there's the issue of the Holiday Inn Express having been bought by another company and being named, "The Garden Hotel ," and as Steve wrote, "same place, different name," so I took that to mean we'll still be going there. He also stated he thought the Holiday Inn is building a new place, nearby. Finally, in his news, he listed all the most recent of the deceased of whom he's aware, and I'll recap those for you:
1936's ALICE ROSELL KIRK, 07/15/07 (a late reporting, I guess)
1945's CHAS. L. MCELWEE, 07/02/11
1953's FRED CARR, 2011, probably, but date unknown
1962's MARY COLEMAN CONWAY, 07/14/11
1987's ERIC THOME, 07-06-11
Teacher MARION WERTH 06/30/11
Thanks for the report, Steve, and yes, I'll look forward to continuing to work with you, too.
Is Alfred Wm. Poock, Jr., a WC alumnus? If so, what class year? I'm guessing he is, as he sent me a commentary on the recent WC Football Alumni Club outing, saying how much he enjoyed it. If you're reading this, Bill, please give me your class year and an e-mail address which I can use to add you to the readers list and please confirm yourself as being WC. Thanks.
Now, I'm hearing little rumors, here and there in regard to 1956's JOHN L. "JACK" FREIER. Those rumors included serious illness and one person even wanted to know if he's deceased. I assure you all, he's not. I know, first-hand. The reason is because Jack and I lived for years, in very close proximity in Volusia County, Florida. I'm still quite well-connected down there, and I happened to know Jack had taken a part-time job as a car courier for a huge Chevy dealership there, with which I'm personally familiar. So after I heard this stuff, I called them. He did, indeed, have a serious car crash, a few months back, but he's still with us, so we can lay that rumor to rest, I'm happy to say. My primary, "field reporters," who is 1959's GARY E. BARNES, was doing some snooping on this one, so all is well, Gary, and thanks.
My classmate, CHAS. A. HIGH, JR., continues to maintain good contact, and he also continues to experience medical problems while caring for his wife, about whom he's terribly worried. They have been together for 40 years, so it's sure understandable. I'm also in daily contact with cousin, JUDITH L. SAMUELS, whose husband has had some health problems over the past couple of years, but is now doing well. Judy's birthday was July 20. They didn't get to visit me this year, and I was so disappointed, but I did get down there in May and stay with them, which is normally the month they come here. So it all worked out well.
It is but a scant 3 1/2 weeks since I sent the last bulletin. But the fact is, I've covered all the e-mails and this one is now so long, I'm reluctant to hold it any longer, fearing you won't want to read it, if it grows much lengthier. It's already the length of a mini-series. So I can sure say I've met my self-imposed release deadline of Aug. 28, haven't I? Several of you have written to ask for my vital info and here it is again, for anyone WC, who doesn't have it. Please remember, I'm no longer Miller. This is current info: Bonnie Risner
Romanczuk, 305 McTeer Drive, Kingsport, Tenn., 37663-2012 Landline 423 726-2268 Cell 386 290-3381, and my e-mail is obviously at the top of the bulletin. My door is always open to any and all weary WC travelers, and you can believe me when I tell you I have plenty of room for you to spend a night, any old time you want.
Please make it a point to send me all your news. If your name is not in this bulletin, it needs to be in the next one. So please make that happen, will you? As I close this installment, I leave each of you with my usual wish for glowing health, personal safety, great happiness, peaceful serenity, spiritual harmony, and boundless prosperity.

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