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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Monday, March 29, 2010
On February 10, 2010, Bonnie wrote:

From: Retha Bashford
Date: 01/30/10 20:49:52
To: Bonnie

Read your article about the snowman, brought back memories and a smile about playing in the snow when I was small and living in West Carrollton. Remember making your own sled? Well, we did, using anything that we could find.
Now I live out here in 'sunny' CA, but we missed the sun last week due to an unusual amount of rainfall that is for the desert areas. We got a little over 3" in 4 days and our mountains got covered with snow. The background behind Palm Desert and Palm Springs is beautiful and thats the way I like snow now.
We all should remember our childhood and its fun to take a step back in time once in awhile.
Enclosing a picture of our desert area.
Thanks for the memories.
Retha Bashford
Bashford's Hot Mineral Spa

Check Facts:
www.Snopes.com--- On Sat, 1/30/10, Bonnie Risner Miller wrote:
From: Bonnie Risner Miller Subject: WNR SPECIAL BULLETIN!!!---To: undisclosed-recipients@yahoo.comDate: Saturday, January 30, 2010, 11:17 AM
---Well, gang, it's official! Your nutty news writer has officially and finally lost her mind. (I refer, of course, to myself.) All of you know how I tell you everything. Nothing seems to be out of bounds. I've just done the nuttiest thing, ever!

Only moments ago, I came in from the yard and it's a huge yard! We had a big snow overnight, and as I sat here looking at it, I was overcome by the notion of building a snowman. So I did it!
Yep, I put on my heavy sweatshirt, gloves, and a set of earmuffs, and away I went. What fun! I found myself wondering why on earth we stop building snowmen, once we reach adulthood.

This isn't a big one and it's sure not a Salvador Dali. But it's reminiscent of all those wonderful snowmen we built, when I was a child, in dear, old Miami Shores. This was also, "the perfect snow," for snowman-building, I might add. It all stuck together perfectly, although I had to do a bit of re-learning on exactly how to roll it up and make it stay together. But I got it, by golly! I'm
now looking at it, through a window by my desk and it makes me smile. It's my first snowman in about, oh, 55 years, I'd guess.

When I finished with that, I then reached up and shook the big layer of snow off the branches of my fir tree (the same one into which I would've fallen on Christmas Day, had I let go of the rail), and I watched as the snow blew about and fell all over me in wispy, beautiful, white flurries.

After that, I walked up the mountain in the snow, listening to each and every crunch beneath my mukluk-like footwear, and listened to the sounds of small animals scurrying through the freshly-fallen snow, as they heard the approach of, "the enemy," (a human). So I'm pretty sure I've finally lost my mind, altogether, and I just wanted to let all of you know, in advance!

On March 16, 2010, Bonnie wrote:

---Yes, I'm like the proverbial, "bad penny," and I'm back again. I'm starting this one on January 30, the day after I sent the last one. This is the only way I can stay current. (What a laugh! As if I'm staying current---yeah, sure!) So away we go with our usual beginning, by listing forwarders: 1945's RETHA MARIE SCHOONOVER; 1954's FREDA P. FLECTHER, WM L. MCNABB, V. J

We got immediate kickbacks on a few of, "the
lost," once again. I doubt, though, that any are truly lost. I think it's simply they've made e-mail changes and forgotten to notify us. If you do find
someone in the list, on whom you have current info, please let me know. They are 1960's FRE
Y; 1971's PHYLLIS A. DAVIDSON. On the plus side, I'm thinking Fred's issue will resolve itself, as it's only a full mailbox, and so is the message for John. Tom will get a forward, I hope, from 19
58's BRUCE E, CHENOWETH. I will hear from sibling, 1958's WM. R. HOWARD on sis Phyllis. But Bob is a different story. It shows a reject due to no such address. So I do think he's the one upon whom we need to focus.

Yes, we had passings, of course. We're just at that age, those of us, primarily who came from the 1940s, 1950s classes and back. It's always such an unpleasant part of the bulletins, but one (I've learned) of which readers wish to be made aware. I'm going to begin this with a loss from my own1960 class, FRED A. SURRELL, who died on February 1, a victim of cancer. This was first submitted by 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, so thanks, Mike. I know we all extend deepest sympathy to Fred's family and friends.

Our official source on this is, of course, 1965's STEVEN F. SHADE. Steve is my rock, when it comes to getting dependable info and I heavily rely upon him. He never fails me. So I'm going to post another public thank-you in this bulletin, Steve, for your unfailing help. He also sends me all the passings he gets, as he did so recently, and I'll do a listing on them, just to be sure every
-one knows. They are 1939's PAUL J. "HONEY" HARP, who died on January 17; 1974's KAREN LYNN BACH, who died on January 23; 1963's ROBT. J. ANSLINGER, who died on January 29
; 1965's JAS. DOYAL JONES died November 15, 2009; 2001's COLIN D. BIR, who died on January 17. Many thanks, Steve, as there were a couple I hadn't yet gotten. By the way, Colin was a member of the class of 2001. We thank 1960's RICHARD S. HOLT, for that info. Colin graduated with his daughter.

On March 13, I became aware of a tornado as it passed through Zephyr Hills, Florida. Instantly, I thought of 1956's DENNIS A. MICHAEL and of 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, both of whom are residents of that city. So I called them and found it was the usual, Florida-weatherman, run- of-the-mill drama. Yes, there had been a small tornado, but all was well, and they were both all right. Tom even told me Sandi is better, after her stroke.

But the news from Dennis wasn't nearly as good as that from Tom. No, there was no damage or anything like that. But Dennis' wife, he told me, had passed away about 2 weeks prior. He is quite devastated by her loss. Her name was Barbara and she'd long been battling cancer.
Dennis described her as, "my perfect partner." I can feel your pain, Dennis, and I know we all offer you our sincerest condolences.

As we spoke, Dennis reminisced about how much Barbara had enjoyed visits with my late sister, 1956's JUDY ANN RISNER. Thank you for those kind words, Dennis. Judy was equally fond of Barbara. Dennis also told me his sister- in-law, 1959's SANDRA RAE KINNEY, has now remarried to a man in Waynesville who owns a big farm. Sandy was the widow of Dennis' late brother, 1958's DAVID L. MICHAEL. I know we all wish the best for Sandy.

On the following day, I received an e-mail from 1971's PAMELA K. SHIPLEY, who reported the death of her husband, Jas. Harris, on March 11. I had known Pam's husband, many years before they met, when he was a beer distributor in the Daytona area, and I was in the bar business. I know we all send sincerest condolences to you, Pam, upon this sad occasion. Pam was also nursing a broken ankle, as recently as the first week of February. Your luck hasn't been good, Pam. How's the ankle now?

Everyone in my era remembers Steve Shade's fairly- famous, WC grandfather, WALTER E. SHADE. Steve and I had a very nice exchange about him. I had always been so fond of Mr. Shade and I do remember him as being a firm and fair man.

We have illnesses to report and a few to update
, also. First of all, I'll tell you that 1956's ANITA RAE MASON was coming along splendidly, but suffered a sudden setback again, after a stroke of November 28. It was February 1, I believe, when she had back-to-back seizures, and had to be returned to the hospital. She's doing a new rehab program and will hopefully do well. I spoke with her recently, as she's now back at home and doing all right. I talk regularly with her husband (who's my brother-in-law and she's now legally my sister-in-law,of course), and he says she's slowly coming along, and grateful for all the prayer chains to aid her throughout her recuperation.

Our girl, 1961's DONNA J. RICHARDS says her WC friends are a Godsend. When we become aware of an illness, we all offer moral support, send cards, add names to prayer chains, and truly pull together. (So don't we all know THAT'S the truth!) She says the adjustment to the meds has been difficult, but that she's doing her very best and trying hard to continue to improve. She is very appreciative of all the support she has received throughout her illness. She also likes her doctor and says that helps. But Donna is not quite yet bouncing back. She's having a tough time with this one, she tells me. But we're all here for you, Donna, and if there's ANYthing any of us can do to help you, I know we'll all be right there. Keep that stiff, upper lip!

So far, 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT hasn't made anymore noises about her bad knee, but did tell me, if it gets worse, they'll be returning to their Germantown home, and she will have that knee examined and hopefully resolve whatever is causing the difficulty.

On January 5, Sandi Fee, wife of 1958's RONA
LD D. "TOM" FEE had suffered a stroke, as I'd earlier mentioned. She's doing well, so far. He is taking care of her, of course, and says she's coming along. Sandi has also suffered two, prior strokes. Tom, do please tell Sandi we're all pulling for her, and we hope for a full, speedy, 100% recovery. We hope to see you both in October.

Okay, we've now got a couple of very serious illnesses to report and I want you all to roll out all the Bibles and the prayer lists and all the good thoughts you can muster. We've got a couple of alumni who need all the strength and support we can muster for them. I'm going to begin with one who is very special to me. It's 1955's NORMAN E. JACKSON. Norm sent several e-mails to me
, during the week of February 8, in which he told me he's suffering from a strain of cancer known as multiple myeloma. For those of you who are
unaware, that's the same strain of cancer which my own husband had. So Norm, if you're read- ing this, please know that you're now on a list of prayer chains all over the place and everyone is pulling for you. I want you to be the one who gets to enter full remission. Please keep us posted!

Sadly, Norm is not our only serious illness. All of them want to be on the prayer lists, and in our good thoughts, and have written to tell me to let you all know. Longtime companion of 1960's ROSS A. HODGSON, who is 1965's LINDA S. JOHNSON, has written us at his request, to let us know that Ross is facing some very serious health issues. Linda wrote that Ross has been hospitalized with serious problems which are a result of several old strokes. The problems he has, include calcified aneurysms in the brain and one in a blood vessel, which is also in the brain and inoperable, and he also has diabetes and had pneumonia. He's doing well on his diabetic diet, she wrote, but also has (or had) infection of the urinary tract, his kidneys, and bladder. So let's all pull very hard for Ross' full recovery! Thank you so much for the report, Linda. If anyone wishes, they may send cards to Ross at 333 E. Cottage Av., WC.

We have another very serious illness, too, which is sent from 1963's FRANCES L. PEFFLY, to
pray for the recovery of her sister-in-law, 1961's JANET M. HISEY, who has cancer. I'm aware of Fran's closeness to Janet, who's long been wed to Fran's younger brother, 1961's JAKE L. PEFFLY. So let us all hope for the very best for this family. Knowing the 1961 people as I do, I know they will want an address to send cards to Janet, and here it is: 10294 West Emerick Rd., Laura, Ohio 45337. We're all pulling for you, Janet, and please stay strong. Thank you for letting us know, Fran.

We also have a report on the health of former WC teacher, RICHARD E. FOWLER, which is
from 1985's M. CYNTHEA POTEET. I looked in my yearbooks and found Mr. Fowler to be one of the teachers of the 1970s-1980s era and he taught science and math, it said. But as of the 16th (February), Mr. Fowler was hospitalized in Dayton somewhere. I wish I had more info, but don't. Perhaps one of you does. We do have several WC teachers and retirees, even current employees on the readers list, so I'll see what feedback I get, and will report next time. In any case, I know we all wish Mr. Fowler a return to robust health. Thank you for the report on him, Cynthea. We all appreciate it.

There was a blanket-wide Yahoo glitch, which I shared with my, "computer guru," who is 1958's NICHOLAS P. WOLARY. Nick is of the opinion the problem was with Yahoo, and in your usual capacity, I think you were right, Nick. I followed your instructions on the resend and it seems it went through. So thanks again. By the way, it seems the e-mail instructions have done their job, too. I've got them all on the other PC, also, now. I hope I remember to update, as I get new ones! I keep driving you crazy, Nick, I know. So you'd better watch it, MICHAEL S. WEST,1960! He's going to kill you for telling me he's better at this than you are, isn't he? Ha!

Since the last bulletin, news has poured fourth on the old e-mail. I'm so happy about that. I've now got a second PC, which means I've got one in my office area, and also one in my bedroom. As I've been transferring e-mail addresses and the accompanying data, I've noticed we've got a few dozen folks on our readers list from 1970s and 1980s classes, and even a 1990s alumnus. So for all of you in those WC decades, I want to tell you, I'm not hearing NEARLY enough from you. I want to include news from ALL decades of readership. We've got 8 decades of readers on this list, believe it or not. But 90% of news in here is generated by those of us in the 1940s, 1950s, and early-to-mid-1960s. So please do join us, you younger readers, and send in your news. I'd LOVE to include it!

Sending in a new report on recent news, as a matter of fact, was Martha E. Craig, widow of 1960's RONALD P. CRAIG. Martha reported she'd recently seen 1960's CHAS. A HIGH, JR., at the funeral of his brother-in-law. As we're all aware, Martha said Charlie didn't look as well as we'd all like, due to his health problems. So let's all pull for a better year for Charlie. She also reports the winter weather lets her stay in the warm inside of the house and rest a bit, as opposed to doing all the outdoor work in the better weather. Well, Martha, it looks as though you're going to be getting even more rest. They tell us another big snow is coming your way and it's now February 9.

Recently, I spoke with 1958's BRUCE E. CHEN OWETH, who has informed me his knee isn't working as well as he'd hoped, after surgery, nor as quickly as he'd hoped. He says it just couldn't have anything to do with his being 70 years old. Naaaahhh, that's not it, Bruce! I'm sure you're right! You'll be back in the pink, in plenty of time to dance in October!

If I write all month (and I already have), I could never tell you what wonderful retorts came back to me in response to my snowman-building venture. I suspect we have among us, dozens of, "closet snowman-builders," judging from the response. Let me give you a few examples: RODNEY R. GABBARD, 1971, wrote, "It sure sounds like you had some genuine fun!" (He also added you all already knew I was a little off, but it's just part of my charm. Thanks, Rod.) His sentiment was shared by 1961's BARBARA J. TURNINGTON, too (about all the fun, I mean)! INDY JO GRISSOM, 1970, insists I've found my mind, not lost it. Well, many thanks for that, Indy, but the jury's still out on that one. However, a lot of you agreed with her! DONNA J. RICHARDS, 1961, described it as, "beautiful and inspiring," which is pretty much what I write, when I'm talk
-ing about HER! Classmate, 1961 's DALLAS K. MATHIS, wrote it did his heart good to read
of one of his contemporaries doing something so youthful. That's just how I felt, too, Dallas---youthful (and nutty, of course)!

From 1960's DAVID G. OTT came the usual use of his wry sense of humor, when he wrote, "You know the old saying, take time to smell the snow." Right, Dave, and that's just what I did! He also said I'd found my mind, not lost it, and that sentiment was also shared by 1961's JACK L. GODBY. Thanks, Jack! Also agreeing with them was 1963's LEE JEAN JORDAN. A very profound statement arrived from RICHARD LEE JOHNSON (1958) in which he opined he would
love to build a snowman but when there's snow on the ground, it's cold outside, darnit!

From the beautiful Ann Mays (wife of 1960's J. DAVID MAYS) came the message that my nutty snowman-building, "sounds both lovely and therapeutic," and 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE said I might not have lost my mind, after all
. Who knew? I also received an encouraging message about retaining my sanity from 1955's JACK L. KNIGHT, who also agreed I'd found my mind, not lost it. RICHARD L. DOLL, 1961, told me to use walnuts for eyes, and don't forget the OSU hat. JUDY M. FRANTZ wanted to know if I had named the snowman. (No, Judy, I didn't get far enough for that. I was thrilled, just to get it done.) My pal and 1960 classmate, KEITH H. CLENDENON, wrote that I'd found a childhood happiness, and yes, also that I found my mind.
Along those same lines, CAROL A. MUMMA, of 1961, wrote that I had discovered the child who lurks in all of us. Very profound, Carol!

SHIRLEY A. SEXTON, 1962, advised that's just what happens when we lose our minds: i.e., we build snowmen! My good friend, P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, 1961, advised she was glad I was enjoying the snow, but she thinks she's all done with snow and doesn't want anymore of it. In the capacity of his usual acid wit, 1958's WM. R. HOWARD told me I could've saved myself the bother of letting you all know I was crazy, as you have all been aware for quite some time, and just were waiting for me to find out, on my own.
As it happens, 1963's SHIRLEY ANN RANKIN also played in the snow, just several winters ago, when they fell into the snow and made a snow angel. SUE L. SPEELMAN, 1962, said I just need some peace in my life and you just may be right, Sue. Don't we all?

From 1960's EDGAR L. "EDDIE" KELLY, I got the brief, typical, Fonzie-like response, "You go, girl!" and that said it all. Writing the exact same sentiment was RICHARD S. HOLT. PAULA J. STRAUB of 1968 said the same thing and even told me to reach for the stars. I just may do that, Paula, one never knows. I loved this next one, which was from 1960's PHILLIP D. HOWARD, who wrote, "Thanks for being the surrogate for all of us who might wish to be foolish." But an-other 1960 classmate, LOIS ANN LITTURELL,
did agree that I had, indeed, finally lost my mind. I guess you may be right, Ann. Ann said she'd rather be building a sandman in Florida. Well, I guess I had enough of that, after 30 years. For those of you fellows who are footloose, by the way, I highly recommend a long look, hard look at Ann. She's absolutely gorgeous, still!

A cute one came, via 1969's MICHAEL J. LOT-SPAIH, who wrote that, as regards losing one's mind, we'd all have to get in line. He wrote he'd lost his, "way back in 1969, when I had to study for one of Mr. Bashore's tests!" It seems Mike just bought a new snowblower, so I guess he did
not lose ALL his mind! My wise and sage pal, FREDA P. FLETCHER, 1954, says she loved the snowman story. Of course, I always learn so much from Freda, so I was very pleased by the fact that she liked it!

Talk about a creative snowman-builder, get this! A suggestion came from 1960's EULA FAYE BAILEY, in which she said this is what it does to people to live in Tennessee, and that I should do a snow-woman, complete with boobs, and she wants me to make another one and dress it as a Pirate. Good idea, good idea, Eula Faye, but my snowman-building urge has now passed. I'll keep it in mind, though, as flakes are now falling furiously, even as I type. Yet another 1960 class
-mate, LINDA LEE SHANK, wrote, "I'd love to go crazy with you."

Classmate JUDITH A. SLIFE offered that it all sounds like a delightful adventure to her. Well, it was, Judy! From 1961's SANDRA S. MAYO came an e-mail in which she said it reminded her of making snow angels in her back yard, at the time her two boys were young, and what fun it was, and classmate, JANET L. WALTERS is of the opinion I have found my mind, not lost it. Sharing her opinion was NANCY J. ERTEL of 1961. Putting it more succinctly was another of their classmates, SALLY L. GILLETTE, who did a single sentence, "My hat's off to ya'! Sounds glorious!" Yes, it was, Sally, but I'm all over it, right now. Too cold out there! We also heard from 1945's RETHA MARIE SCHOONOVER, who said my e-mail reminded her of her own, fun, childhood winters in WC, and all the snow adventures they had. She also sent a couple of photos of her current place in sunny California, which I'm sure Mike will get on our blog, very soon. From Retha's 1945 classmate, N. JEAN BROWN, came a message in which she said she, "could see the kid in me." Well, thanks for that, Jean. I thought the kid had forever left.

The LESHER sisters checked in, too (1961's
JACQUELINE N. and 1963's GAYLE E)/ Gayle recently built a snowman with her grandchildren, she wrote, and Jackie says I'm just enjoying the season. Well, I was, as a matter of fact. But as I look out at today's snow, Jackie, I'm wondering where all that enjoyment went. Ha!

There were lots and lots of nifty e-mails from all of you, regarding snowmen, so that made it very worthwhile. From 1956's CAROL A. PFISTER, longtime spouse of classmate, RONALD LEE "PETE" BECKETT, came a wonderful writing
about how people get out in the snow in their longtime home in Alaska (!) and actually do a bit
of serious painting (art, not commercial) and a number of other outdoor activities. Now, I think it's safe to say that Carol knows a great deal about spending time wisely when it snows!

It was refreshing and wonderful to read all the excitement in an e-mail from 1971's RODNEY R. GABBARD, as he joyfully wrote of reconnect
-ing with two of his old classmates, ROBYN L. SHEPHERD and BONITA J. OVERSTREET.
He's terribly excited about seeing old friends again, and he reports that they both intend to be at the future events. Rod said he's so excited about it, he's going to make every effort to be there, himself. There's no denying that lifelong bond we all share with our old school friends.
The passing years do nothing to preclude that, either, even if we don't maintain contact. Those years fade away, literally in minutes! Now, let me see, did I add Robyn's name to our readers list? I think I did. Also, I found out we had hit a double-header on MICHAEL S. LOTSPAIH, 1969. As it happens, Mike is married to 1970's LINDA M. LINDSEY. So we welcome Linda to the list and I also must apologize, Linda, for failing to previously list you. But I'm going to blame you for that, Mike. You didn't tell me you are long married to a fellow Pirate, now did you,

Mike reported that he's had quite a long history of health problems with his heart, but that he's come through it all very well. He's getting along fine now, and hopes to be with us for a long time to come. He has a pacemaker and it's working well for him. Well, we hope so, too, Mike, and we'll all be keeping our collective fingers cross-ed for your continued, good health. We all look forward to seeing you and Linda at all our 2010 functions, too!

We welcome aboard JESS E. HOHNHORST, of 1955. He came to us, courtesy of 1954's FREDA P. FLETHER, his cousin. (For those of us who don't know, nearly everyone at WC is a cousin of 1954's Freda or 1955's NORMAN E. JACKSON.) I got confirmation on the correct name from sister, CAROL A. HOHNHORST of 1956. So welcome to the club, Jess, and we hope you'll enjoy all the reading. We hope to see you in October, too!

Okay, 1957's SHIRLEY ANN HILE wanted to know if 1960's DAVID A. BLAIR is related to Karen Blair. I don't know, Shirley, but I do know, in his immediate family, there was only him his late brother, 1956's JAS. BLAIR. I worked with their mother at Dayton Tire & Rubber. So how about it, Dave? Are you related to Karen or not? She married Dale Medford, if that helps any. Hang tight, Shirley, we'll see if we get a reply from Dave.

Many thanks to 1959's GARY E. BARNES, 196 0's JUDITH A. SLIFE, 1961's JACK L. GODBY, 1969's MICHAEL J. LOTSPAIH, and 1971's RODNEY R. GABBARD, for the many kind and gracious comments on the last bulletin. I shall try very hard to get the bulletins to some loosely-structured schedule of one per month, and hope I can make that goal. I'll try very hard to do so.

Of late, I have been blessed to have long, windy, enlightening, delightful e-mails about life and its problems and its joys, with 1960's JUDITH A. SLIFE, 1961's SANDRA S. MAYO, SALLY L. GILLETTE, CONNIE K. STREETE, and 1963's FRANCES L. PEFFLY. I also had a lengthy exchange with 1970's INDY JO GRISSOM, who works in real estate. She happens to own a
parcel in Tennessee, and we talked about the joys of living here (yes, I hear you, Mike), and she and her husband hope to build on their lot, I presume.

We've received good responses, already, to our queries about WC alumni whom others are try-ing to contact. Who asked me about WARREN COLLINS? I do so hope you're on the readers list, because we have gotten a response on him from 1958's RICHARD LEE JOHNSON, who writes that Warren used to be in Cheno Valley, Arizona, but that he must have moved. He said Warren's brother, Jim, may still be local. But I think it would be quite a challenge with that name. I'm sure there are many of them. But perhaps a people search in Arizona, or even in that same town, just might locate him. Let's all keep trying, on this one, gang, and thanks for the lead, Richard.

From 1962's (?) HARRIET M. BURKE came some info on JUDY CROY. Harriet writes that Judy's surname is now Hendricks and that she lives at 116 Bellaire Avenue. She says this info is in the latest edition of the alumni directory. It would've been printed in 2006, so let's hope the info is still good. The phone is 937 746-1113 and it's in Carlisle, Ohio. Thanks very much, Harriet.

It may be time for me to give you all what I like to call, "advance warning." For the many of you who have maintained contact with me for years, you will recall that, for 38 years of my life, my last name was Romanczuk (pronounced almost as, "romantic," but with a Z sound, where the T is).
Well, sometime during this calendar year, it is my intention to legally change my name back to Romanczuk, so be prepared. I will notify all of you, of course, once it's legally done.

It may seem strange to all of you, for me to go to such a difficult name. But the fact is, I never did change my name to Gil's, until we'd already been married for 23 years, due to business reasons. Yes, it's a pain in the butt to spell a name on the phone, which contains an m, an n, a c, and a z, I'll admit. But you'd never beLIEVE the number of problems I've encounter
-ed with commonality of the Miller name. I can scarcely wait, in fact, to put it behind me. There are just 46 households in the entire U.S., who have my name I'll resume, Romanczuk. I will no longer be confused with anyone else, I will stop getting phone calls for everyone whose last name is Miller, and first initial B, and I will stop being hounded by bill collectors who are looking for the Millers who don't pay their bills and stop getting mail for everyone named Miller. I'm not going to keep bringing home wrong orders from carry-out food, wrong prescriptions, and my little identity thief will be stopped cold. You see, this
21-years-younger-than-me girl, named Bonnie R. Miller, is quite the scam artist. She's all over the country and people named Bonnie Miller are quite numerous. She discovered me, several years ago, along with my 803 FICO/Beacon score, and made 2 very hard attempts to steal my identity. She was unable to succeed, but she came close. I was made aware of it, only when I did things relevant to my Tennessee move, at the end of 2006. I began then, to constantly use the Risner as my middle name, and it served to deter a lot of that. So there you are. Brace up for my announcement of the name change, later in the year of 2010.

Okay, let's move along to some social events, travel news, and good stuff, whaddaya say? I'm simply green with envy, I can tell you that. From 1955's CATHERINE ELAINE BARKER (one of the best-looking members of her class, I might add) came a report on her impending trip to the Holy Lands, with her retired dentist husband. I have want to go there, forEVER! Elaine, I want a full report! Tell me everything, absolutely all details, what you saw, where you went, what you ate, everything. Nothing else will do. You're a lucky stiff, you are!

Before I forget, 1958's WM. R. HOWARD wrote to tell me I'd done such a good job of selling my
-self in the last bulletin, he was just about ready to put in an offer, himself. Well, I'd surely advise against that one, Bill. Lucy wouldn't approve of it, I'm sure, and I'm really not in the market. But hey, thanks for the offer!

During the month of January, I learned that the MAYS household (1960's J. DAVID and wife Ann) hosted a slew of WC people who included, "my first husband," LARRY M. PENDLEY and DAVID A. BLAIR, both 1960. They also hosted the gorgeous 1961 homecoming queen/cheer- leader, and gorgeous gal, CHRIS L. CLEARY, and her new spouse, whose name (I think) is Stephen Raines. If Chris and Ann were both at that house all the time, I'd daresay all the men were very happy, with such a heap of that great, "feminine pulchritude," wandering through the house. I keep saying The Villages will soon be able to change its name to Maysville. Thanks for the report, Ann!

Also from the 1960 class, RICHARD S. HOLT reported that he was running alongside a 1911 replica Wright B Flyer, prepping it for a trip to Texas at the end of the month. So how did that go, Richard? Give us a report. Have you yet come and gone?

Also doing a little running of her own, is 1963's SHIRLEY A. RANKIN, who's wintering in sunny (?) Florida with husband Terry. He working at Sea World, while she's at Disney's Liberty Tree Tavern, and they've already been on another cruise. Shirley writes that this was their 13th cruise and they already have the next one all scheduled. They'll remain in Florida until latter-March, and then return to their home base, in Clarkrange, Tennessee.

We just might have another celebrity among us, folks, albeit once removed. The news is upbeat from 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, who has written of his and Sandi's grandson, Ryan, who is studying film production at the University of South Florida. It seems Ryan recently won quite a nice prize of $10,000, after a national movie competition, in which he submitted one of his movies to an intercollegiate competition. Also, he won, "best actor," for a film in which he had a role. Tom and Sandi's son, Sean, is DJ who is developing quite a local following. Tom wrote that a waitress in a restaurant called someone over to the table, "to meet Sean Fee's dad." I offer you congratulations, Tom and Sandi, on your family's successes, as I know we all do. So keep us posted, okay?

There was more feedback on my accidental, Christmas Day lockout, from 1957's BETTY L. CARROLL, who also asked me who was, "that guy," who spoke to us at the 2nd MS Memories picnic. Of course, I told her that was you, 1971's THOS. A. DORSEY. She said you were a good speaker. Well, we all knew that, didn't we?

On Feb. 1, I had a marathon conversation with 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT. Yes, we talk fairly regularly, as you all know, but this one was the be-all and end-all. We spoke for a record- breaking 3 hours and 5 minutes. It's the longest conversation I believe I've ever had in my life, on a single phone call. We just had a lot to cover, didn't we, Lynn?

An interesting e-mail came recently from 1971's PAMELA K. SHIPLEY. It seems she reads the Kingsport Times-New every day, online. Why? It so happens, this is her hometown! I'd had a letter published in it, which caught her eye, and she e-mailed me about her connections to this area. I drive down Shipley Ferry Road quite often and we have a state rep here whose name is Shipley. The Shipleys were a founding family of Kingsport, who go way back. It's sure a small world, eh, Pam?

As always, our people continue efforts to be in contact with one another. From 1960's LINDA LEE SHANK came a request for the e-mail for SHIRLEY J. TUDOR. As it happens, she and Linda share the same birthday of Jan. 1, 1942. I didn't previously know that, so I told Linda our class has 3 sets of birthday twins. Besides her and Shirley, there is GERALD A. FULLER and WM. O. WALKER, both born Sept. 22, 1942. I and DEVONA S. TAYLOR were both born Mar. 16, 1942. Do we have any others in our class?

We also got a full update on the new address for WM. D. DUNCAN, from his brother-in-law, RUSSELL L. "RUSTY" ELLIOTT and we all are looking forward to finally seeing you, Bill, come October. It's our 50th, so no excuses!!

Who was looking for 1962's (?) JUDY A. CROY, recently? Or is she 1961? Was is you, NANCY J. ERTEL? Anyway, 1962's MARY A. DUNCAN
writes that Judy lives at 116 Bellaire Drive, but didn't give a city. (Dayton? Centerville? WC?) Anyway, she also provided a telephone number of 937 254-1826. So there you have it. I hope this helps, and thanks to Russ and Mary.

Other attempts at contact have been exhibited by 1960's RICHARD S. HOLT, who wants us all to show up for our 50th in October. I hope we've got a great turnout. As reported by Richard, a few of 1960's male class members have been meeting on the first Tuesday of each month at Marion's Pizza on Kingsridge Rd. Plans for the gathering were initiated by CHAS. A. "BUD" LOWMAN III, and Richard reports that those in attendance have included the two of them, as well as a number of others, whom I will have to do from my best recollection, as I've mistakenly deleted Richard's list. But some of them are
DAVID A. BLAIR, LARRY M. PENDLEY, GARY D. RICHARDS, GARY L. WARLAUMONT, R. GERALD "JERRY" BROWN, and I know there are more. So if you're one of them, please let me know. He also reported that 1960's JUDY A. BECKETT attended the first one, with her husband, back in November. I presume they're still doing this. Please contact Bud or Richard to confirm. This is great and I hope will be a continuing thing.

Also in 1960's class news, I learned, is the fact that two class members, RICHARD G. "JERRY"
BROWN and MADELEINE J. BECK are going to (or probably already have, by now) remarry. I got this news about 2-3 months ago, so I'm sure it's taken place by now. Several people asked about Madeleine, over the years, so it seems a certainty we will now see her, come October, as well as Jerry, once again. Naturally, we all wish them well.

Richard has been quite the busy guy! Not only did he give me the rundown on all this, but he's also amassed the e-mail addresses of all our 1960s girls and guys, and even ran onto WM. E. "BUDDY" STOVER, whose address has now been added to our list. So welcome aboard, Buddy, and we all expect you, come October!
Many thanks, Richard!

For all us old, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church members out there, under the auspices of the formidable, late Pastor Chas. L. Mullen, I want you first to know I've made an incredible choice for, "my new spiritual advisor," in the person of 1961's NANCY A. HALL, and I've also found a lovely, tiny, rustic (1793) Lutheran church in the nearby burg of Blountville, where I've broken the ice and attended. The entire congregation is but 55-60 people, gorgeous stained-glass windows everywhere, original arched double doors, a tiny narthex, tongue-and-groove high ceilings, and original handmade bricks with crooked mortar joints. Love it! I was literally swarmed with the welcome mat. I'll be returning! Thanks, Nancy, for all your advice and synod facts. By the way, folks, Nancy's foot is all healed, now.

There hasn't been a recent update on the knee surgery for 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH. I wonder about you, all the time, Bruce. You said you weren't walking as well as you wanted, so do tell us, how is that going, now? Is there any improvement? Will there be another surgery? Is there any news on that?

Recently, EULA FAYE BAILEY and I had our usual contact, just to check up on one another and see how things are going. So did CHAS. A. HIGH, JR., and I. During the week of March 1, I received a lovely letter and card from 1958 's beloved class member, VINCENT A BROD-BECK. How delightful of you, Vince! I shall respond, I assure you. A lovely thank-you came to me from, "my first husband," 1960's LARRY M. PENDLEY, for my remembrance of his 68th birthday on February 13. Well, you're sure very welcome, Larry, and I'll bet you're just like me, wondering how in the world we got to 68, this quickly! May you have many more. There was also a call from 1960's WM. M. ROHLER, on Feb. 17, thanking me for HIS birthday card. We talked for quite a spell. I've always been terribly fond of Bill and we were great pals in school.

We're going to 1971's THOS. A. DORSEY to pick his brain for this next couple of questions. I also may impose upon 1971's GARY E. JOHN -SON and/or 1965's STEVEN F. SHADE. They serve as my official sources, in many capacities
, for my very-unofficial bulletin. Tommy is alumni president, Gary is treasurer, and Steve does everything, so here goes. They always humor me, even though, in the grand scheme of things, I'm really no one. So thanks for that and here we go.

From 1961's RICHARD L. DOLL came news of the alumni association deleting people from the mailing list, if they've received invites for quite a few years and never responded. Of course, in today's economy, I can certainly understand that sort of move. So if YOU happen to be one who has received that type of notice, there's a very easy fix; i.e., RESPOND AND ATTEND! Voila! Your name magically remains on the list. Let's all remember that. Failing that, if you don't get a form, go online (www.wchsalumni.org ) and do your own downloading. The important part is, "Be there! Support our scholarship fund, if you can, and join us for more fun than you will ever have, all year long, I promise."

The next issue is that of the spotlight class each year (those of the 50th, as is ours, this year). At last year's event, it was obviously 1959. As the classes were announced, for the the first time, it came to my attention that there was no school name announcement and individual entrance of members of that class, as they were called by name. I had looked forward to that, remember-ing everyone in that class, so I'd know who each of them was. When it didn't happen, I question-
ed Tommy at a later time. He said it was the choice of each of the 50th-years classes. For whatever reason, it was requested not to do that with 1959, he told me. Well, this year is my own class, and I'm of the opinion it SHOULD be done, but I'm nobody in the grand scheme of things, and will pass this request to our esteem
-ed class president, LONNIE M. THACKER. How about tossing an opinion into the ring on this one, Lonnie? I vote for each class member being announced. Let me know how the rest of you feel. Thanks.

As always, cousin JUDITH L. SAMUELS and I continue our daily banter. It's recipes, house projects, car repairs, meetings, and all the stuff of daily life. Judy and her husband will be here during their normal, annual time frame, around May 17, and will spend two nights. This year, though, they'll be in the ground floor bedroom, where I can prevent her from the act of removing my oak windows and marring my antique table tops. Ha!

Okay, so now I'm going to give you all a reply to a question which has been posted to me, many times, in the now-nearly-10 years I've written the bulletins. It's going to be a generic answer. At the point when I began to suspect these writings were going to continue to grow---and I was right about that, obviously---I determined I would not use them as a platform for the two no-no's ( yes,
politics and religion). I meant I'd never make an effort to change or influence anyone's religion and I would never use it as a platform to favor or influence anyone's political beliefs, neither my own nor anyone else's.

As nearly as I can determine, I've stuck to that ideology, pretty firmly. Yes, I talk of my own faith, from time to time, due to so many of us in my era, having shared the same church. But I've not co-erced anyone to join the Lutheran faith. I will venture, generically, into the political thing, to let all of you know this much. I do NOT subscribe to either political party and I do NOT believe in party politics, period. I think party politics ought to be outlawed, frankly. There are so many reasons why I believe this, there isn't even space in my own bulletin to explain it. Many of you have asked me, over the years, to which of the parties I belong. I'm thrilled to report I reside in a state which does not require me to record that information on my voter card. When I'm ask
-ed this question, my reply is always the same, and it is, "I'm an ultra-liberal, ultra-conservative,
extreme left-wing, extreme right-wing, Independ
-ent, Democratic Republican." That's as much as I'll say, and that should cover it all. What I mean to say is, I don't think ANY of them are right 100% of the time. No, I will not espouse any political issues in this bulletin, nor will I act
-lively promote any religion in this bulletin. This will be the only time I will broach this subject. I hope I have adequately answered the questions
posed by so many, among you and thank you.

Other questions have been asked which aren't as unapproachable, for me. The most oft-asked question is that of how I'm doing, and so many of you have been SO kind, SO supportive, and SO compassionate to me, since my husband's death, I could write all day about that, but I dare not. I'm already on Page 11! But overall, I'm in a pretty good place, right now, and am doing all right. I've opted to view this as a new phase of my life, rather than as the end of something. I'm kicking around a few ideas for a part-time job, and one of them includes the possibility of doing a weekly, community news column for the local paper, the Kingsport Times-News. It's in the very early stages, and I have no idea if it'll go
anywhere or not. But we're chatting on a very
elementary level. I love writing and journalism, as you all know, and have also worked for news
-papers, in the past. I'm in no hurry and don't wish to make any major decisions in haste. So I'll take it slow and see how it goes. Naturally, I'll keep you posted, if anything occurs. If it does, it will NOT affect my continuing to write the WC bulletins. I'm in no rush.

What a delightful surprise I got, as I walked to my vehicle, on a rainy March 11 afternoon! The cell phone rang and it was none other than 1960 pal, JO ANN K. STEMLEY. She was whiling away the winter in her usual digs at Sebring (in Florida, of course), and it seems she was in the midst of a mini-1960 class reunion, as she gave her phone to everyone in the room, for a brief chat with me. As a result, I spoke with CHAS A. "BUD" LOWMAN III, RICHARD G. "JERRY" BROWN, and MADELEINE J. BECK. Jo told me C. SUE MCCLOUD was also present, but we were losing the signal, so ended the call. I did, however, finally get a new e-mail address for Jerry and have added Madeleine, through him. Jerry and Madeleine, once married for a lot of years, have reunited, they tell me. But they have not actually remarried. Anyway, we're all happy for you both, and to all of you with whom I spoke, on that day, I shall see you on October 9, WITHOUT FAIL and NO EXCUSES!! For you, RICHARD S. HOLT, here is Jerry's e-mail to add to your 1960 list ( jerryb8343@yahoo.com )
I'll try hard to keep you current!

Celebrating a birthday on March 14 was 1961's SALLY L. GILLETTE. She sent a photo of her terribly good-looking family. Her two handsome sons and gorgeous grandchildren share genes with 1960's GARY L. WARLAUMONT. Sally's birthday was great fun, she reported.

Two days later, there I was, having my own 68th birthday and I heard from quite a few of you. I had e-cards from JUDITH A. SLIFE, SALLY L. GILLETTE, NANCY J. ERTEL, GERALD A. FULLER, and my usual, singing birthday call from the dashing T. BARRY RUSSELLO. We spoke for quite a spell and he brought me up to date, with the good report that he and his 1959 spouse, BETSY R. MURPHY, are both in glow-ing health. There are others, too, but forgive me
, I'm running out of memory!

This next item is a first in my nearly-10-years of WC news-reporting. It's just a sign of the times in which we live, I guess. On March 5, e-mail arrived from 1961's NANCY A. HALL, in which she reported that the daughter of a cousin of her husband, who had been missing for a number of years, has now been found, alive and well. I'm sure we may hear more about this, perhaps on national news, who knows, as the story evolves. Nancy wrote that the family is elated, of course, and she wanted to share this good news with all of us. I know we're all terribly happy for your husband's family, Nancy, and we hope all goes well with your newly-found family member!

Checking in with her usual, cheerful hello was 1961's JUDY M. FRANTZ and Judy's still doing about a zillion jobs, but manages to keep her cheery attitude. Also checking in was my dear, old pal, 1955's NORMAN E. JACKSON, who requested we add his 1954 sister, V. JOANNA JACKSON, to our readers list. We're happy to do that, Norm, and welcome aboard, Joanna! I want us all to add Joanna's son to our prayer lists and good thoughts. She tells me he's been diagnosed with cancer, also. We'll all send him our strongest vibes, Joanna!

My young pal, Kelly Ann Moore, daughter of my good friend, 1963's FRANCES L. PEFFLY, has checked in to see how I'm doing. Thanks, Kelly, I'm doing all right, and still writing and driving all WC people nutty with these long bulletins!

From 1960's DAVID G. OTT came an e-mail in which he described running into another of our WC alumni in Florida. It was 1951's EVERETT "JESSE" WEIDNER. The Weidner name is one which is well known in the history of WC. There are many Weidners. Did you get his e-mail for us, Dave? Did you tell him about our wonderful, annual weekend of events?

Of late, I've had some lengthy exchanges with 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT. She and her husband remain in Henderson, Nevada, for the time being. I'm going to get on the phone with Lynn again, very soon. But I've got to set aside a good block of time. I have trouble ending my conversations with Lynn. We always have SO much to discuss! I enjoy every minute. Yes, it's my fault, not hers.

With 1963's SHIRLEY A. SEXTON, I had this little exchange about living in Miami Shores, as a child. It seems we all have similar, fond, and wonderful memories of those years. I know I sure do!

Hey, we've got another celebrity among us! On March 6, I received an e-mail from LINDA LEE SHANK, 1960. As it happens, Linda's son is none other than Brian Kretzer, the bowler who appeared in the PBA tournament on March 7 on the ESPN channel. Congratulations to your son AND you, Linda! How did that go?

Boy, am I ever late on this one, and I apologize to you, 1987's JEFFREY T. GILES. He sent me a notice about the Football Alumni Association Kick-Off Dinner, which was on this very day at 6 p.m. (March 16). I plead being old, Jeff! But I do still welcome you to the reader list and, if you will give me another chance, I promise I'll try to do better. "Gimme a break! It's my birthday!" I welcome Jeff to our reader list, too!

From 1960's PHILLIP D. HOWARD came quite a wonderful story about our classmate, EULA FAYE BAILEY. He said he told his wife, 1967's MARIAN KAY HUSSEY, that our class had only the prettiest girls. (Well, thank you, Phil!) Well, Kay met a number of 1960 class girls, and said to him, "I'm beginning to believe you about the prettiest girls." He said this remark was made by Kay right after meeting Eula Faye. So there you are, Eula Faye! That ought to make your day. Just for the record, Kay, Eula Faye had her own, devoted, male fan club, back in ol' WC! She still does!

Also checking in was 1987's SHARLENE N. MERKER, wife of 1985's JEFFREY A. SIZER. I will not go further with this Merker-Sizer thing, as it could go on forever and ever and ever, with all the brothers, cousins in-laws, and such. Suffice to say that Sharlene reports that her children are healthy, the economy is down, and everyone is doing all right.

Now, here's a good one. I liked this one. It was from 1960's IDA JANE TREON. She wrote of a fall trip through New England, and added that the trip had accomplished the goal of her and her spouse, to drive through all the lower 48. It reinforced her resolve, she wrote, to remain in Ohio. Okay, Ida, but next time you hit the state of Tennessee, stop and see me, will you?

This bulletin is now about 12 pages long, can you believe it? I have the most amusing story to add, but I think I'll save it for the next edition. In the interim, I'm happy to report that I succeeded in establishing communication between 1960's DAVID A. BLAIR and 1961's SALLY LYNNE GILLETTE. I just love it when a plan falls into place, don't you? My wonderful story, by the way, is one which involves 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER, and you're going to love it. But for now, it's time to go.

In closing, I wish me a Happy Birthday! Okay, I know, but I still do. So as always, I will leave each and every one of you with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, spiritual harmony, constant safety, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

Sunday, March 28, 2010
28 MARCH 2010, SUNDAY:

I have fallen behind with posts of Bonnies newsletters. Hopefully I will catch up this week!

On December 20, 2009, Bonnie wrote:

---Yep, it's another one! No, you're not going to be reading it before alumni weekend, but I've got a start on it, at least. It is mid-afternoon of Wednesday, Sept. 30. I'll leave here on Oct. 7, I think, perhaps the 6th. In any case, even now, we have much news, and I need to get a jump on this one, because it's likely to be 15 pages or more.

So let's list our forwarders, as always 1945's NORMA JEAN BROWN, DONALD R.THROCK
A K. MINIX; 1964's JOHN A. COMBS; 1965 's LINDA S. JOHNSON; 1966's JOHN E. MCCLE
CK; 1986's AMY L. HAWKINS.

Problems persist with successful e-mail delivery to THOS. L. WEIDLE, 1961, but I'm trying to get past the hurdles by having his things forwarded by someone else, usually 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST or 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH. I think he's probably getting them, anyway, so I won't worry too much about that one. I suspect it may now be resolved, since he's sent me an e-mail directly, as evidenced by my list, and I've responded, in kind. So I may now be on, "the okay list."

Among those who passed away is 1966 class member, NANCY ELLEN TULLIS. She died on Sept. 28, and I don't have a cause of death, I'm sorry to say. But she was only 61 years old! It was submitted to me by her classmate, JOHN E. MCCLELLAN, so thank you, John. He sent the obituary notice link, but it listed no cause of death either. We send our condolences to her family and friends, of course.

Okay, let me get to my screw-ups in the last bulletin! I extend apologies to 1956 husband and wife, RONALD LEE "PETE" BECKETT and CAROL A. PFISTER. It seems I referred to Pete as Richard. RICHARD BECKETT is the late brother of Pete. I hope I didn't confuse any of you with that one.

But that wasn't all I did. Somehow, and before I could catch my own error, I released that last one with erroneous info on another husband and wife. I named 1958's BEVERLY ANN TYSON as the wife of 1956's DOUGLAS H. HOWE. I knew better than that. I know full well that she is married to her classmate, 1958's DELMAN D. HOWE. Doug's wife isn't a WC girl. Apologies to all and I hope this clarifies that one.

For reasons I can't quite fathom, I keep getting e-mails from people who want to know if they'll need invitations to attend various of our events. I haven't even the slightest CLUE how anyone EVER came up with THAT one. In all my years of doing these bulletins, I've never once heard of one event, relative to our alumni weekend, for which any invitation has EVER been required! So I want to really stress that point. ALL of our WC people, and their guests, are welcome at ALL events. From 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST came several queries about this very thing. It occurred to me, if HE could think that, perhaps others are thinking that, too. So no, there's no such thing as an invitation. If you ever attended WC, then that IS your invitation, okay? So let's leave no further doubt on that issue.

You've done it again, NANCY J. ERTEL, 1961! I assume most of us will recall the dazzling brain power of this particular alumnus. Let me assure you all, it hasn't faded one bit, over the years! I appreciate your assumption, Nancy, that I can grasp all that, "technological lingo," which you're capable of correctly using. But I promise you, I can't!! Ha! As all of you know, when I have big problems with PC stuff, and I need to ask one of us a technical question, it's always either Nancy or 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST or maybe his pal, who lives in nearby Sevierville, 1958's NICHOL-AS P. WOLARY. But ME? Forget it! However, I do appreciate the vote of confidence, Nancy!

On Sept. 28, I received a worried call from the widow of 1960's RONALD P. CRAIG, Martha E. Craig. Martha is very concerned for the health of our classmate, CHAS. A. HIGH, JR. So am I, for that matter. Charlie was recently hospitalized on what was apparently an emergency basis. I assume it was the ill effects of that bungled visit to the doctor, which occurred last June, causing him numerous problems. I'm going to call his brother, Ed. Martha gave me the brother's cell phone and home numbers. So I'll keep you all posted, as I learn more. Charlie has had a truly tough time of it, in recent years.

The news isn't nearly so bad, though, for 1958's JAS. E. RICHARDSON. Spouse and classmate
, K. JUNE CRUTCHFIELD, reports that Jim, "is doing GREAT!" Wow, that's wonderful to hear, June, and thanks SO much for letting us know. A lot of us had wondered about that. It's now Oct. 2, and I believe Jim' surgery was June 17. By the time we read this, I will hopefully have seen both Jim and June, and will have been able to personally extend my good wishes.

It is now safe to say, I believe, that DONALD I. MCCOY, 1958, has finally resolved all health issues resulting from his April surgery for his gall bladder, and has had no repercussions. He is back up to full speed and feeling great. He also reported to us that the plans for the Second Annual Miami Shores Memories Picnic have come along wonderfully. But with the people who are running it, what else could we expect? It's not only Don, but also classmates WM. R. HOWARD, founder RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, and 1957's BETTY LEE CARROLL, who sure seems to be the original, "git 'r' dun," girl! In addition to all of them, though, there was the bonus of the aforementioned Richardsons, who also attended the last meeting for this event. So we are all in good hands, and thanks to you all.
Special thanks to you, Betty, for all those great compliments you keep throwing my way. They are so appreciated!

One person who's very excited about the picnic is 1969's JACQUELINE J. CLARK, who plans to be there, "with bells on." She has sent a few e-mails and writes of telling numerous others of it, also. She says she knows many who will be in attendance. Well, it sure was a fun event last year, Jackie, and I'm sure it's going to be even moreso, this year. So we'll see you there!

Fond memories continue to come from those who were fond of the late, great BERNARD H. KOKENGE, proprietor of the WC-famous Knot Hole Restaurant. An especially-nice tribute to him, came in from 1961's DALLAS K. MATHIS, who also remembered him with great respect and affection, as do so many of us. He sent me a copy of an article about him, which I read from start to finish. Yes, Mr. K. was quite a guy and surely a dedicated WC citizen, as well as being a public servant, a devoted husband, model dad, and successful businessman. I hope the city of WC will do something fitting to commemorate his contributions to his hometown. I also hope they will eventually do something like that for WOODROW W. "WOODY" BOWMAN. They were both SO significant in the evolution of the entire area.

Our own movie guy and media mogul, 1964's TERRY L. WILSON, continues his considerable efforts in the radio/film/tv industry. Terry has just recently returned from an extensive trip to Monaco, where he did some filming. While there, he also spent time sightseeing in that dripping-in-big-bucks, Monaco. He says the jet lag is grueling! Yes, I'd LOVE to have that DVD, Terry. Please send to 305 McTeer Drive, Kingsport, Tenn. 37663-2012, and thank you.

Terry continues his world travels in February with a trip to Abu Dhabi to cover the yacht show there. Disappointingly, Terry reported he would not be at our big weekend this year. He has a big media commitments, which preclude us, I'm sorry to say, which includes doing work in China and who knows where else? If you'd like to see some of his work, visit ( www.wealthtv.com ) and see what cable providers show them. We sure do hope for next year, Terry!

Unfortunately, a few others have written to say they will not be with us this year, too. Among the unfortunate, in that regard, are 1961's JACK L. GODBY, whom I will personally miss very sorely. I've always been terribly fond of you, Jack, as you know, and it won't be the same without you.

Also among the sorel-missed will be 1958's NICHOLAS P. WOLARY. Nick is having a few health problems, he writes, and will therefore be unable to join us. He's also trying to assist his 20-year-old granddaughter with some education issues, and wants to be available for that. We look forward to next year, Nick!

We also will not have 1945's N. JEAN BROWN nor spouse, DONALD R. THROCKMORTON. I had very much wanted to meet both of them, but I guess I'll to wait. I hope you change your mind and attend anyway, though.

Will we, or will we not, have 1960's PHILLIP H. WOLFORD? Well, Phil, I guess you're a coin toss, at this writing. Phil has commitments, but if there's any chance he's going to see his old pal, WM. D. DUNCAN, then anything is likely to happen. Is that right, Phil? So let's all keep our fingers crossed that this pair of high school best friends, do manage to get reconnected. In any case, Phil has faithfully promised he will be with us on the 50th in 2010. I can even imagine an acceptable excuse for ANY of us to miss that one, though! Death, perhaps, but that surely would have to be about the only one.

Are you there, RICHARD LEE JOHNSON, 1958? We got our reply on the HOHNHORST family tree for you. There IS one brother, yes, and he is the eldest. JESS HOHNHORST is his name and he's in N. Charleston, S.C. There's CAROL ANN HOHNHORST, 1956, who was in my late sister's (JUDY ANN RISNER) class and there is NANCY L. HOHNHORST, 1961, who's the wife
of 1959's H. JAY CARROLL, JR. The third and final daughter is MELANIE HOHNHORST, who is in Lebanon. So there's your answer, Richard.
This information is as first-hand as it can get, having come from both Jay in California and from Carol in Hudson, Fl. So we now know. Thanks, Jay, and thanks, Carol, for your prompt replies.

Carol also wrote of her first husband, who was a 1956 classmate, NORMAN A GARNER (Sr., as he later became). I remember him, vividly, but I didn't know he had died in 1965. I'm sure a lot of you already knew that, though. Thanks, also, for your lovely compliments, Carol. I recall my sister being very fond of you and speaking of what a nice person you are.

It's looking as though cousin (1961) JUDITH L. SAMUELS is going to be famous amongst the WC alumni for that great carmel corn recipe. I got several queries about it, and it sounds as if the ELLIOTT household (1958's THOS. D. and THERESA M. MOSES) may have already tried it. So how did that go, Tom and Theresa? It is one yummy-sounding recipe, eh? Give us the update!

Did anyone else have trouble with securing the WC Alumni pins? I got 2-3 e-mails in which I was told they were having trouble accessing the way to get them. I referred them to you, 1970's GARY E. JOHNSON, alumni treasurer who sent the notice. One of them came from 1957's THERESA M. MOSES. Did you finally get that info, Theresa? I'll bet any of us can get to that website ( www.wchsalumni.org ) and find out what we need to know on them, too. Gary also sent a breakdown on reservations and I hope a lot more of them have poured in by now. I know we always have a lot of drop-ins, after we have completed the dinner portion, too.

By the time we're all reading this, we'll know of the success of the invitation of 1961's JAS. E. CURTIS, for alumni to come to the VFW, after the Frisch's Frolic. I'm sure there will have been a great showing, just as there was last year.

We welcome aboard a new reader from the Class of 1959, ELIZABETH LEE THOMPSON, who goes by Beth. Beth lives in Beavercreek and, of course, this is their 50th. As you're all aware, the 1959 class, for whatever reason, has never had a very good showing. If not for two people, over the years, GARY E. BARNES and BETSY R. MURPHY, we'd never have seen one person from that class, for the most part. So we hope to see that come to a screeching halt this year and see many more of them. Thanks for writing you've enjoyed the forwarded bulletins, Beth. I can now tell you they won't be forwarded anymore. I will send them directly!

We also welcome DONALD D. RICHARDS and I think Donnie was also in the 1959 class. Is that right, Donnie? He's the older brother of GARY D. RICHARDS, my 1960 classmate. After so long of sending the bulletins, and never hearing a single word from Gary and Betty, I wondered about that. So I sat down last week and sent a card about the MS picnic. Well, as it happens, Betty didn't know what it was, when she saw, "WeCaTon News Report," and thinking it was something else entirely, she had been deleting them! Hopefully, she won't be doing that any longer and we'll see the Richards family at least at the MS picnic, and maybe a few other things, too, henceforth! So welcome aboard to you, Donnie, and happy reading.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed for successful shoulder surgery for Jas. Meadors, the spouse of 1956's REBECCA J. POLING. Becci wrote he would be doing it soon, and that was Sept. 29. I'd hoped we'd see Becci (and all the Poling girls) this year, but I guess not. Let us know how it went, Becci!

From 1963's SHIRLEY A. RANKIN came news that she expects to be with us, and she will be driving up from Orlando, where she will winter. She goes to work on Oct. 21, for Sea World. She hopes to share a ride to Ohio with you, JOHN E. "JACK" KREBS, JR. We all hope that's going to work, so we can see you both. Shirley wrote that this year is a special one for her, as regards our WC alumni events. We all look forward to you both being there, Jack and Shirley!

Okay, it is now Oct. 14. I've returned, obviously, to my dear mountain abode in Tennessee. The trip was safe and unevently, both ways, happily. That's the good news. The bad news is, we've now got to wait another year. However, nearly a whole week of it is already gone, right! It will be here again, before we know it.

Before I begin the newer, post-weekend e-mail, I'm going to go back and finish the ones I had, before I left. I want all news to be current and I also want everyone's e-mail included. So away we go, once again. First of all, I will tell you of the latest WC acquisition of 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, who wrote of me of his little golf-cart-like, electric transport, is painted red and black, of course, and has WC Pirates all over it. WAY too cute! How I'd love to have one of them to run around in my lower woods! That would have to be great fun.

Also prior to our weekend, I noticed the use of the term, "Moraine City Picnic," repeatedly, in e-mails from several of the alumni. Of course, all of them were referring to the Second Annual Miami Shores Memories Picnic. Now, I know all about Miami Shores becoming a so-called, legal part of Moraine City. That's all well and good, I guess. But the fact is, for those of us who lived there in the 1940s until that annexing occurred, make no mistake! It IS, and will ever BE, Miami Shores. That's how we remember it, that's what we call it, and that's what we will call it, forEVER! Furthermore, we were (and will be, again forever), Miami Shores Kids, not Moraine City kids. If you weren't raised there, you just might not, "get it," but if you were, as I was, then no explanation is necessary. Not only are we all WC Pirates, but we who lived in MS are all also MSKs, and proud of it. Just ask any one of us, and we'll tell you, end of story. We'll have more on that hallowed place, and the picnic, as this bulletin makes its rounds.

What a joy it was, prior to my leaving, when I got an e-mail from 1967's MARIAN KAY HUSSEY, in which she reported the wonderful news that she and her spouse, 1960's PHILLIP D. HOW- ARD, would be able to attend this year's annual dinner/dance! There was just one problem. It seems they didn't get their reservations sent in an adequate time frame and wanted to know if there was a solution. Well, isn't there always a Plan B? As it happened, 1963's FRANCES L. PEFFLY was on a business trip, had bought 4 reservations, couldn't use them, and told me if I knew someone who could, to please transfer them.

The problem was solved, thanks to the speedy action of 1970's GARY E. JOHNSON, who is our alumni treasurer. A quick e-mail to him, a note to the Howards, and the deed was done! I could hardly wait to see Phil again, and to finally meet his wife. More later on this one, too.

Prior to my departure, I had the usual sparring with 1958's WM. R. HOWARD, and we would continue our repartee about our now-infamous wager. Okay, Bill, no more on that one, finally. I will tell you all, though, that try as he might, he was unable to grab my Frisch's check. One of you out there did get it, and I don't even know who it was ! So thank you, whoEVER you are! We can lay this to rest, Bill, once and for all. So remember, "Stay down, Champ, stay down!" I will have a bit more about Bill, further in the text.

Prior to my departure, I got a lovely e-mail from 1958's NICHOLAS P. WOLARY, with a terribly gracious offer to assist me with any needs I may have, as regards computer problems. I know of Nick's considerable expertise in this field. I do appreciate your offer, Nick, and who knows? I just may take you up on it, so be careful. I hope we will see you, come next year.

Also prior to my departure, a confirming e-mail arrived from 1958's DONALD I. MCCOY, who's a helper with the MS picnic, confirming all the ducks were in a row, and all was ready. He was right, and indeed, they were. Nice going, Don, and all other MS picnic organizers (its founder, 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, WM. R. HOW- ARD (and spouse Lucy, I'm sure), and 1957's BETTY LEE CARROLL (I suspect, her spouse, too, RALPH H. WARNER, also 1957).

A quick e-mail arrived from 1963's ANNA MAE STOKES, in which she told me to feel free to use the other two unused tickets Fran had, as she had no one to use them. Well, I did. They went to 1956's ANITA RAE MASON and her 1957 sister, SARAH M. "JACKIE" MASON. But they didn't make the dinner, only the after-time.

By this time, I've arrived in Ohio, and the whirl- wind begins! I spent extensive time visiting with my brother-in-law and with my old friend, ANTIA RAE MASON. On the following day, it was the 8th and we were having the gathering at Ron's Pizza in Miamisburg. But prior to that, I did a very long visit with 1961's P. LYNNETTE GAR- RETT at her Germantown home and we always do have SUCH a great time. That's why I make it a point to go there, each time I'm in Ohio. Of course, I also visited with Lynn's husband, Frank L. Hawvermale. Lynn and I, in fact, had two very lengthy, one-on-one visits, while I was there.

Another household where I also had two lengthy visits was that of CHARLES V. CARTER, 1960, and his wife, Pam. In the past several years of visits, I've also established a very friendly and cordial and good-natured relationship with their son, Chas. E. "Chuck" Carter. On that evening, just as she'd done last year, Pam sent me off to Ron's Pizza with Charles. I couldn't convince either her or Chuck to join us. Now mind you, I don't mind that. But one of my favorite sayings, in my old age, is that of the realization of what I'm about to write; i.e., "For my entire life, every woman has always trusted me implicity with her husband, significant other, roommate, boyfriend (or whomever). You get the idea. I had always been so proud of that! But now that I'm nearing 68 years old, when I look back on that, it's really starting to tick me off!" So there!

Anyway, Charles and I were off to Ron's and an evening of great fun. When we first arrived, we saw 1959's H. JAY CARROLL, JR., seated with spouse, NANCY L. HOHNHORST, 1961. Also with them was Nancy's sister, MELANIE. Nancy reported that she's feeling great and the heart stents she has (August) are working great. We were all thrilled to hear that, of course.

Also seated were 1961's THOS. W. WELLER and his spouse, SANDRA J. CASEY. Tom is one of those guys who never seems to age and as I sat by Sandy, I couldn't help but notice her meticulously-perfect make-up and beautiful skin. What IS it about those 1961 people, anyway? I then noticed her beautiful hands and natural nails and began to feel the usual level of my long -standing inferiorty complex, when in the 1961 group. I just am not good with make-up and I've long ago given up trying, I guess. You looked wonderful, Sandy, and Tom, you looked terribly youthful. It was so fun to see you both.

There's no way I can list every person who was at Ron's, no doubt about it. But I'll do the best I can. Of course, Lynn was there and she has one of those classic, ageless, 1961 faces, too! I even asked her if she'd, "done something," she looked so much younger!

Then along came 1961's JANET L. WALTERS who, believe you me, could surely be the next Sports Illustrated swimsuit centerfold. You're just plain disgusting, Janet! You look better and better and better, with every passing year! How DO you do it? Accompanying Janet were her 3, also-movie-star gorgeous daughters (and I truly am not kidding), as well as her grandson, who was the star of the show, of course, completely adorable! This group together, improved the scenery greatly, believe me.

When I first entered, Bruce was there with long-time companion, 1971's PATTY JO WHEEL-BARGER. He said he was going somewhere for a short time and would return, so I thought I'd visit with Patty, but alas, she was gone before I could get there! So I missed her, but did get to see her, very briefly, on the following day. Patty, I missed you! I hope you and Bruce will be here soon for a visit!

Then I looked up and saw this guy who seemed SO familiar to me. I kept looking and looking. I just had this, "feeling," and I knew I didn't know him. I kept staring, though, due to that feeling. I then heard someone say, "Oh, look! There's Brian!" Behind him was his mother and his step -father, and it suddenly dawned on me that this was C. BRIAN WARLAUMONT, son of 1960's GARY L. WARLAUMONT, and 1961's SALLY L. GILLETTE. Is it any wonder he looked SO familiar to me?!?! He was the epitome of his parents, with Gary's stride, carriage, height, and build, and Sally's fair coloring and blonde hair. I recalled holding him, when he was but 2-3 days old, and hadn't seen him since infancy. It was great fun to meet Brian in adulthood, after so many years, and I did take few minutes to tell him so. We also discussed his wonderful and unique paternal grandparents, Henry and Mabel Warlaumont, whom I'd known well for so many years, and really adored. Visiting with Henry and Mabel was much like being on the set of a very successful sitcom. It was a laugh a minute!
So thanks for the memories, Brian.

Naturally, I also visited with his mom, Sally, and spouse CHAS. A. "BUD" LOWMAN III, and I got to meet his VERY pretty wife and two beautiful daughters. one of whom appears to be Sally at 17, no kidding! The resemblance was uncanny!

As I glanced around the room, I saw one after another of familiar faces; i.e., 1961's JAS. E. CURTIS, the vivacious and still-oh-so-attractive DONNA JEAN RICHARDS. Donna can still wear her cheerleading outfit, I'll swear, and her face it still gorgeous and she's a truly riveting conversationalist, with whom I could talk for hour after hour, given the chance. But the line is long to gain the favor of HER company.

We all had a great conversation with the ever-charming and suave DAVID A. BLAIR, 1960, and tried hard to remember his high school girl- friends, but couldn't. So we finally just asked him, as he sat on my lap. (Not to worry a bit, Marlene, just read the earlier paragraph). He told us of classmate NANCY E. "COOKIE" BOWIE, who was one of our more popular class members, of course, and I can't even recall the other ones. But it seems there were two more. Fill me in, will you, Dave?

Along came 1959's GARY E. BARNES with his wife, Pat, and the ever-present-at-all-things-WC, 1960's GERALD A. FULLER, with his honorary WC spouse, Rebecca A. Our WC fashion-plate couple kept the standard high, as always (1960's T. BARRY RUSELLO and 1959's BETSY R. MURPHY.) I keep waiting for one of them to look old or at least have a wrinkle in a piece of clothing, but it never happens. Across the room sat 1958's LEONARD F. KUHN, with his wife of 48 years, Pat. I've got a new e-mail address for them, by the way, and told Lennie how I wished he'd kept the old one. It was SO cute. But he said Pat gets embarrassed when she gives it to people. Ha! Imagine that! I can barely imagine the great tales Pat could tell, after 48 years with Lennie! I know everyone recalls you, Lennie, as I do, as being one of WC's most unforgettable of all the 1950s characters in our school. For the most part, Lennie you were sure in good company, I'll say that much.

If I had to guess, I'd say we had roughly 75 of us who were at Ron's. It was a great evening and yes, they did have to turn off the lights when they were ready to close. There were still a number of us sitting there, naturally. There have to be many more than I've been able to name, though, so please do send me a quick note, if you were there, so that I can include you, as I fill in things along the way. Of course, they'll all be the, "Ah-Ha moments," which we all now have (I hope). I might mention that, among the sorely missed were LARRY M. PENDLEY and EULA FAYE BAILEY and EDGAR L. "EDDIE" KELLY. I was thinking of that fun combination, as the evening passed. Eula Faye was unable to attend, due to the health of her mother and Eddie is saving himself for our 50th, next year. But Larry, what about YOU? Where WERE you? Remember, NO excuse will be accepted for next year! It will be on October 9 and we're expecting you.

The following day was Friday, the annual golf tourney day, always held at the Mound and led by 1959's GARY E. BARNES. However, it was called for rain, so we got no big golf stories for THIS year, I'm afraid. It rained a lot during our weekend, but was no less enjoyed. I'm hoping the golfers will have much better luck, come next year. I know all the players were disappointed.

For the moment, I'm going to try and finish all the e-mail, up to the time of our weekend, and then cover those events, too. Then I'm going to send this edition, and will begin another one for the follow-up e-mail and all those I've gotten since. If I don't do it this way, this bulletin is going to be about 20-25 pages long, and I can't believe any of us would want to read one which is that long. It is now Oct. 30, and I'm pressing forward.

Just before I left, I had exchanges with 1958's WM. R. HOWARD, in which we speculated on who would and wouldn't appear for the Class of 1959. I honestly don't remember all the class members who were there, but I would surely welcome a report on that, from someone in the know. I guess that would be GARY E. BARNES , who else? Yes, Gary, I know you sent me the photo of the night prior to the dinner/dance, but I would like a list of your class members who did attend the dinner/dance and put in a showing for your class.

That reminds me of a rather sensitive subject I'd like to address. I've recently become aware of a couple of conflicting events on our weekend. I know we have SO many events now, and that's just wonderful. I support and attend each and every one of them, as do many of us. So in view of that, let's all be VERY mindful of the fact that our alumni dinner/dance is THE event around which this entire weekend is built. So if you're able to attend just a single event, PLEASE do make it THAT one. Not only is it the only, truly official event we have, but it's also the only one which supports our scholarship fund.

My only hesitation in being the messenger for the other events, has ALWAYS been that of the attendees choosing the more casual events in place of the dinner/dance. PLEASE do not do that. By that same token, if you are aware of a longstanding event, casual or not, please do not plan an event during that same time frame, as we fervently wish to promote fellowship, unity, and a sense of togetherness for that weekend. Therefore, if you plan an event in a time slot of an already-established event, that serves only to divide us and cause us to make choices many of us would prefer not to make. Please, let's try to keep that in mind, as we plan our weekends for future years. Thanks to each and every one of you for your consideration in this matter.

Ah, where to begn! Or should I say, "RE-begin," which would be more accurate? It's now Dec. 8 and so much has happened. Thanksgiving has come and gone and, as you all know, I've lost my husband. He died on Nov. 21 and WC was right there by my side, every step of the way, not to my surprise. How do I go about thanking all of you? I was overwhelmed with your support! I was, in fact, simply amazed. Even as I type, I'm continuing to get memorial checks from many among you, to be sent to ETSU Medical School in his honor. I don't even know how to begin to thank you. I also received a breathtaking floral arrangement with a Christmas theme, from the class of 1956. Who orchestrated that, please? I don't even know who to thank.

So now, it's December 20, and this news is now a bit old and a bit stale. It is for that reason, I'm again apologizing to all of you and it is for that reason I'm going to go ahead and send this one
, as is, and will begin a new one immediately, and try harder to stay current. I will resume at the point where I've ended, and try hard to fill in the blanks. In many ways, this bulletin is now a reflection of my own life, starting anew, trying to fill in the blanks, and make sense of it all.

Once again, I leave all of you with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, spiritual harmony, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

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