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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Saturday, April 29, 2006

SUE ELIZABETH SOWERS HOWARD, Class of 1958, passed away on Friday, April 28, at 9:30 a.m., according to her cousin, JOHN L. MONTGOMERY. Sue was the wife of her classmate, DAVID LEON HOWARD. The funeral arrangements are with Swart Funeral Home in West Carrollton. I'm sorry to have to tell all of you of yet another WC loss. Sincerest condolences go out to you, David, and to the rest of the family.

Subject: Re: WNR SPECIAL OBIT---
Hello, Bonnie and W.C. Alumni friends. The arrangements for Sue (Sowers) Howard's funeral are as follows: Tuesday evening, May 2. Family and friends may call at the visitation to be held at Memorial United Methodist Church, 26 N. Locust (corner of E. Main and N. Locust, West Carrollton, Ohio). 5 to 8 p.m. The funeral will be at Memorial United Methodist at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 3.

Our sincere condolences to David Howard and family. Burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery, West Carrollton. Swart Funeral Home will be handling the arrangements. Sue (Sowers) and husband, David L. Howard were members of the W.C. class of '58.

Thanks to Bonnie for posting this.

Marian Kay (Hussey) Howard and Phillip D. Howard, Huber Heights, Ohio

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This is a great travelogue, sent to me by Becky Fuller, wife of 1960's GERALD A. FULLER. Read closely, folks. It seems that we've won over Becky and she's "getting attached" to all us WC folks. I'm not surprised. You two have a great time out there and, above all, travel safely and securely.
--- Bonnie

-------Original Message-------

From: Becky Fuller
Date: 04/16/06 18:52:47
Subject: The Fuller's on the Road

Hi All!

We promise not to bore you to death with our "On The Road" travels, but wanted to let you know where we are and some of the sights we've seen. We're having a great time and highly recommend RVing to any and all of you. Katie is traveling well and loves it when we're in a park with trees and squirrels and birds...she's having a ball.

Most of you know we left Panama City Beach on March 15 and headed for Savannah, GA for St. Pat's Day. Had a wonderful time with Dot, Charley, Gayle and Earl. Bill (Jerry's Brother) and Ruth joined us there for a few days in their new motor home and really enjoyed the visit. We hope next year they can stay for the full week since they've sold the marina. Although we decided to pass on St Pat Day at River Street we did get there the day before as well as for a tour of Savannah on one of the trolleys. We stayed on Tybee Island for eight days and we were just a few blocks from the Atlantic so I was able to walk the beach on my morning walks - it was GREAT! Also found an American Legion within walking distance of the park and Jerry traded plates and will be taking a Tybe Island legion plate back to his Kentucky post.

We then headed toward The Villages in central Florida (between Ocala and Orlando). Stayed in a HUGE RV park which luckily was across the street from a really nice American Legion post. Jerry was in hog heaven. We also tried out the driving range next door. The purpose, of course, was the annual "Spring Fling" for all the West Carrollton High School Alum who could make it and there were about forty all total there. We also visited Spanish Springs Town Square and Lake Sumter Town Square to sample great music and good food and drinks. The only thing that could have made it better was if it had been warmer....it was unusually cool......I think about 60 degrees during the evenings and none of us were really dressed for the cold! Jerry and I had a chance to go that week to Orlando and stay with Joanne & Ron Hall for a night where we also hooked up with Bill and Karen Walker and Patty and Lenny Kuhn. We had a wonderful day at Universal and a great night at Pat O'Bien's where we ran into Teresa Wray from PCB no less! That was a shock...we took photo's and emailed them to Mike....he got them before she even got home (T was there for a meeting). Finnally we had a lovely dinner at Dave and Ann Mays the evening before we left. David and Chris Collins, also WC folks were there, as well as several other friends. It was a great time and we really enjoyed it. Had a great and full week here. Bonnie, Donna asked me to email her photo's but I don't have her email address. Would you send it to me, please?

Next we headed to Punta Gorda, Florida (just north of Fort Myers) and spent a week at Live Oak Park where Bill and Karen Walker stay in the winter. They showed us a wonderful time and squired us all over the area ....lots of good shopping, we even got the big Flea Market in Fort Myers.... sadly, I came down with a horrible cold while I was there and missed a day or two but it was still a great time. The park also had a nice 9 hole golf course and Jerry and Bill got the chance to play every day...he LOVED that! One evening we all went to Fisherman Village and met Dick and Lena Denny for dinner along with a whole group of their family down visiting. OKAY, Bonnie...so these West Carrollton folks are starting to grow on me..what can I say!!! We stayed for eight days and then headed back to the panhandle.

We arrived back in PCB and stayed for three days taking care of financial matters and doctor appointments, etc. We actually hooked up at the Fleet Reserve while we were there. Didn't get the chance to see hardly anyone since we had so many errands to get done, but we'll be back to pick up my car after the trip west so we'll see you all then!

We left Thursday for parts west and stayed that evening in Gulfport, Ms. We were lucky to find a place both that night and Easter weekend where we ended up staying in Lake Charles, La. Several of the parks we called were full of FEMA trailers...which....naturally are being paid for by you and us and NOT being lived in! Here in Lake Charles they have 80 trailers waiting for folks who won't even be here until May 1 but FEMA has been paying $800 monthly for....aside from that, the folks in the hurricane areas have done remarkably well at putting their homes and lives back together but still have a way to go. It's inspiring because we've met some of the nicest people and they have absolutely nothing. We all need to be very, very thankful for the blessings which we have been give..boy, are we fortunate.

Tomorrow we will head to Houston and stay on the west side and Tuesday plan to be in San Antonio where we will stay about a week. We promise not to send a lot of bulletins...maybe one a month you can live with?

Love to all of you. Take care and stay in touch.

Jerry & Becky

Sunday, April 09, 2006
Annual WC Florida Spring Fest (2006):

Every year, in late March or early April, all former WC attendees, graduates, teachers and friends, are invited to attend the Annual WC Florida Spring Fest. The affair may take place anywhere that our reputation for rowdiness hasn't yet caught up with us! The location will always be announced, in advance here and in Bonnie's newsletter. The current plan is to meet at The Villages, FL again next year (2007), but probably one week later to avoid travel problems due to 'spring break.'

This year, over thirty-five WC'ers plus their families and friends gathered at the Allameda Clubhouse in The Villages, (near Lady Lake) Florida on 25 and 25 March, for a weekend of golf and socializing. Soon, Bonnie will be mailing a wrap-up newsletter, which you will receive by email or you may read here at this blogsite.

As always, we ask that you send any and all news and pictures to Bonnie for the newsletter.

wlcmctr at bellsouth dot net - Note that you need to convert this phonetic version into a proper email address. The phonetic version helps avoid "email address mining" which results in a lot of the "unusual" email solocitations (aka SPAM) that we all receive.


Picture "50's Graduates", courtesy of Bonnie. Posted by Picasa


Picture "1960 Graduates" - courtesy Bonnie. Posted by Picasa


Picture "All WCHS Graduate Attendees" - courtesy Bonnie Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bonnie at the Sturgis MC Rally,
1993, at Mt. Rushmore. Photo from the Risner Family Archives Posted by Picasa


Yes, Spring Fest is concluded for one more year, but I believe I'm going to do a regular bulletin before I get to the report on that, in order to clear out my once-again-bursting-at-the-seams, WC incoming folder. This has been my very first chance to catch a breath, what with all the other writings I do and also having my nearly-9-year-old grandson for his entire Spring Break week, right after Spring Fest. I'm sure most of you are aware of how all THAT goes!


As we got further through the month of March and much nearer to Spring Fest, things seemed to take on a life of their own, very reminiscent of how these bulletins got started in the first place! On March 1, I received a won-derfully-nostalgic e-mail from 1964's RICKEY A. BUSCH, who requested to be added to our list, of course, and who brought forth fond memories of what was actually located on the stretch of southbound Old Dixie Highway, just below the old Merrie's Inn and just before Frisch's. Let's see, there was a McDonald's, the vet office, Angelina's Pizza Parlor (never in my life, to this day, have I ever tasted better pizza!), and the old Robert Hall Clothing Store. Thanks for that last one, Rick. You are right! I'd been racking my brain for the location of that place. However, the drive-in restaurant of which you wrote was Angelo's, not Angelina's. I think you got that crossed up with the pizza place, a common mistake, as they were but yards apart. Anyway, I offer you a hearty welcome aboard and we all hope you'll attend the WC functions and enjoy all the bulletins.

On that same day, 1955's DONNA G. TUDOR reported that her long-ailing husband has been hanging in there and doing pretty well. That's great news, Donna. Tell Rod we all wish him well. It was a busy day on that day, (WC-wise, that is) and I also heard from 1959's GARY E. BARNES, who teased me with tidbits about possibly being able to make Spring Fest this year. But we are going to have a whole, subsequent report on that.

There were never any such hints, however, from 1961's NANCY J. ERTEL, who openly and consistently states that she will not be leaving her Shawnee, Kansas. home. However, she continues to help with all PC-related odds and ends, at the drop of a hat. Thanks, Nancy. Unlike Dorothy and Toto, I suspect Nancy is ALWAYS going to know she's in Kansas, aren't you, Nancy?

Nancy's preferences to remain at home are right in synch with those of 1957's SHIRLEY ANN HILE, who reports that she is hanging around the house and working on her knitting. Shirley says she's knitting at the rate of about 3" per hour. Is that good? I don't have a clue! But tell us how it looks when you're all done, Shirley!

We have a new e-mail address for 1960's DANNY A. WALTERS. Many thanks, Danny. I do so appreciate it when people keep me updated. More thanks goes out to 1954's WILLIAM L. MCNABB, who also informed me of his new e-mail address. If people don't notify me, then they're lost and they also don't get the bulletins any longer. I have no way of knowing, unless you tell me. We've lost a few of our people, due to e-mail changes---MILTON R. WOLFE, RICHARD LEE "DICKIE" PHILLIPS, WILLIAM E. HECKER (again!), SONJA SUE BANKS. Do any of you know how to reach any of these WC people? We don't want to lose anyone. We've all already spent too many years out of contact, so please help, if you can.

It's true, I suppose, that timing is everything. Such was the case with 1961's SALLY L. GILLETTE and 1960's Honorable Judge CHARLES A. "BUD" LOWMAN III. Sally had amassed a few frequent flyer points, which she told me had to be booked for departure, prior to March 3, or else she'd lose them. So she and Bud made a trip down to Singer Island, Florida, to visit 1961's PAULA R. WILSON, just before we had Spring Fest. Drat the luck! But Sally reported that a good time was had by all. We hope to see you both down here, later in March, come next year.

MICHAEL S. WEST, Class of 1960, inquired about the website which is moderated by 1985's M. CYNTHEA POTEET. Cynthea's e-mail address is as follows;
( ishte@gaias-song.net ) She has a website which has so far attracted a great many of the younger classes of WC people, so that's terrific. We want to get everyone pulled into the circle. Here at my own little accidental bulletin, we have readers who range from 1933 through 1990. But for the most part, it's 1940s, 1950, 1960s, and a good, handful of 1970s. Cynthea is doing a good job with this and is getting attention from our 1980 -and-up folks. So between us, we've got the bases very well-covered, if WC alumni are at all interested in what is happening. Good job, Cynthea, and keep up your great work! By the way, folks,1961's NANCY J. ERTEL recently advised me that Cynthea is searching for input on any plans by the 1961 class for recognition of their 45th year, which is obviously 2006. So if anyone has some info on that, please let Cynthea know.

We also have the alumni website, which is maintained by 1965's STEVEN F. SHADE, www.wchsalumni.org who also serves as one of our alumni officers. Between his site, Cynthea's forum, and my accidental bulletins, we've got some great lines of communications for WC people. Once again, I've got to stress, though, that my bulletins are NOT any sort of official rendering. They are constituted solely of your input and news items, so without all of you, there ARE no bulletins. Please try to remember that. So far, though, there is no problem with input.

The multi-perennial, WC attendee, 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE wrote tell to me know he'd be having his surgery done on March 21. Tom continues to be at home recovering. I know we all wish him a speedy, 100% recovery. We will look very much forward to once again seeing you and Sandy, in October, Tom.

From the Class of 1973 came an e-mail from JEAN ANN MILLER, and although she was able to confirm the death of JAMES R. REARICK, we still don't have any positive info on his class year. Jean believes it was an earlier year than 1971 or 1972. My Piratan records are lacking the years of 1972, 1973, and 1974, but I could look in some previous ones, if no one knows.

Attention, 1971's PATTY JO WHEELBARGER!!! Are you, by chance, missing any Piratans? After Spring Fest concluded, everyone helped me to load up my Piratans. When I got home and put them away, lo and behold, I had one extra 1971 (I think). Since you were, "the baby of the group," as well as a 1971-er, I'm assuming it may be yours. Please advise and I will ship it to you, post haste, if it is.

From 1965's MARY JO CONDON came a wonderful and newsy e-mail. Thanks SO much, Mary Jo! By the way, folks, I goofed on her grad year. It's 1965, not 1967. Anyway, Mary Jo's mother is a member of the Class of 1935, PAULINE E. GRESSBACH. Pauline and her sister, JANE GRESSBACH, Class of 1937, used to ride to work at NCR with none other than 1933's A. EMERSON FAHRNEY. What a joy to be able to write about people in the 1930s classes and know that they are still with us to read it. I'd give anything to see all of the 1930s surviving alumni in October! Pauline is fairly certain that she and BONNIE PARTLOW are the only survivors of the 1935 class. Sister Jane has passed away. But still, I sure do enjoy knowing that I have 1930s readers.

Mary Jo further wrote that, at the 1989 homecoming game were a whole gaggle of the GRESSBACH girls---ESTHER, Class of 1923, PAULINE, Class of 1935, and of course, MARY JO. They were all watching Mary Jo's son play football. He is ROBERT N. HALLER, Class of 1990. By the way, there was also 1940's MARJORIE GRESSBACH, who married 1939's ROBERT SHELL (owner of Shell's Cafe, maybe?), but they are all now deceased. That's quite a WC-historic pedigree, though. Many thanks for a great piece of WC news and trivia, Mary Jo!

EULA FAYE BAILEY, 1960, wrote to say she's expect- ing a rough couple of months in March and April with her work, so I'm going to try not to bug her. However, it's not likely I'll fulfill that pledge. As expected, I didn't. On April Fools Day, I sat down and tried to get current on my phone calls. My finger just automatically dialed up Eula Faye. She wasn't home, of course, but she got right back to me, on the following morning and we got caught up on everything, as well as solving all the major problems in the world. Now, why can't EVERYone do that? Ha! Let's all remember to wish Eula Faye an extra-happy 64th birthday on April 8!

From those travelin' WALKER folks (1960's WILLIAM O. and his WC-honorary spouse, KAREN MURPHY) came a report on Mardi Gras, where they went in order to attend the festivities and to visit son Brian, who is doing insurance work there. They continue to work in the area of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and don't know how much longer they may be there.

We're on the search for two 1955 yearbooks, folks. As you all know, I buy all Piratans from all sources, regard-less of year, condition, or numbers of inscriptions. Just lately, it's been awfully slim pickin's, though. I can't beg, borrow, or steal any of them. The 1955 has ALWAYS been a tough one to get, for some reason, along with 1959 and 1960. NEVER give up your own copies, of course, but if any of you are out and about, at garage sales, old book stores, estate sales, or whatever, and you spot Piratans, please buy all you see. I will instantly reimburse you for them. I've got a waiting list on some editions. Very recently, my old friend, 1955's NORMAN E. JACKSON, wanted 3 different volumes. I had all of them, luckily, but that's not always the case. So keep your eyes peeled. Norm has just celebrated his 68th birthday, folks, and I know we all wish him a happy belated birthday. He also sent along a great photo of him astride his two-wheeler and you'll find that posted on our blogspot, which is maintained by Mike West. By the way, I do still have spares of the 1956 Piratan. Contact me, if you want one.

Cousin JUDITH L. SAMUELS wrote to say she liked the last bulletin. I'll bet she won't be saying that about THIS one! By the time everyone is finished with this one, they'll be visually challenged, I'm sure! But all kind words are nevertheless appreciated.

Throughout this bulletin period, I exchanged e-mails with GARY E. BARNES, 1959. For some mysterious reason, we just can't seem to get our 1959 people on board in any great number. We've got Gary, and we've got another Gary, in the person of GARY LEE SIZER. We also have CAROLYN E. "TOOTIE" PENCE, even though we don't often hear from her, and we have both SANDRA R. KINNEY and DIANA SUE RAY and also JAMES L. LINDSAY. But that may be just about it for the 1959 class members, so let's all try to "drum up a little business" in our 1959 group and let them all know we'd like to see more of them, for I also have noticed a repeatedly low rate of attendance from that class, for our WC functions. Let's all spread the word and see what we can do to improve that, shall we?

From 1966's JOHN E. MCCLELLAN (aka "Apothecary John," for he's a pharmacist, you see) came a website for Pirates' e-mail addresses. I have not yet accessed it to see what treasures may be contained within, but it is as follows:
( http://www.wectek.com/wcaa/alumni_list.html ) Many thanks, John, and if just one pair of old WC pals get re- connected, due to this website, then it will have been well worth the effort.

From 1983's CRAIG A. VAN DYKE, came a notice of relocation. Craig has moved from his home of over 10 years, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (All of you will recall, I'm sure, how Craig described Colorado as a, "dry, dead, brown state." Forgive me, please, but I couldn't agree with him more. I'll never "get" all the hype about Colorado, even if I live to be a hundred!) Anyway, he and his wife have moved to Surfside Beach, South Carolina, which is her home state. It's near beautiful Myrtle Beach. There sure is plenty of lush green in the area, plus a beach and the mountains. You've made a great move, Craig, in my estimation, and I hope you'll both immensely enjoy it. Craig works with Hewlett-Packard, and was transferred to South Carolina. In high school, he dated TONDRA GILEN, grandchild of Woody Bowman and youngest offspring of 1960's BEVERLY A. BOWMAN. Craig now has a new e-mail address, so let me know it you need it.

JOANN K. STEMLEY, 1960, may still be in Florida, at this writing. She and husband, Ronald R. Hall, were in the process of renovating their Orlando condo and pre- paring it for sale. That's why they were unable to host Spring Fest this year, as they've done in the past, but the new location worked out well, too, as you will all read when I begin that bulletin.

Try as I might, I just can't avoid the unpleasant topic of those whom we have lost. From the Class of 1964, we lost DENVER WILLIS BROWN, JR., on March 24. as a result of a long battle with sugar diabetes. He had been a coach at WC schools. I didn't know him personally, but among those who did know him were 1973's JEAN ANN MILLER, who wrote glowingly of Coach Brown, 1961's NANCY J. ERTEL, who capably ferreted out the entire obituary, complete with photo, and his 1964 classmate, W. THOMAS GODBY, 1960's LINDA LEE SHANK, MICHAEL S. WEST, and MONTY ESTEP. Thanks to all. Your help in these matters is invaluable. As I keep writing, if not for all of you, there would BE no bulletins. (Is anyone blind yet? Hang in there! I've got SO many WC e-mails and I don't want to omit any of the news, okay?)

Let's get to a more pleasant topic and discuss the ones we've added this month, shall we? From the Class of 1965 (once removed), we are adding L. DEAN BANKS and if that name rings a bell, it's because Dean was with us from grade 4 through grade 9 and we all know how THAT goes. Once you've been a WC student, it is never the same, elsewhere. Dean has requested to be a "WC kid" again, and I'm more than happy to oblige. I welcome aboard Dean, as I know we all do. We invite you to join us at all WC events, Dean, and I surely hope you'll enjoy our WC bulletins. By the way, folks, Dean wound up graduating from Patterson Co-op and he now lives in Dade City, Florida, so I guess this means we will have one more attendee for our two Florida events, eh?

Also added to our list this period is ALTON ROGER MORGAN, Class of 1961, who goes simply by Roger. I looked you up in the 1961 Piratan, Roger, and I recall who you are, now. We hope to see you at all future WC functions, Roger, and I hope you'll enjoy the bulletins, too. Roger came to us via 1960's MONTY ESTEP. I've got to tell all of you that Monty has served as a terribly capable, goodwill ambassador for the WC cause, very quietly, but consistently, advising everyone he meets, on the existence of the bulletins and continuing to turn in requests from various WC people.

Chalk up another one for the Class of 1956! Yep, we now have DENNIS A. MICHAEL. I'm pretty sure most of us recall Dennis. He's the older brother of the late-and-very-popular DAVID L. MICHAEL (no, there is is no "s" at the end of their last name, even though every-one tries to put one there), who was the spouse of 1959's SANDRA RAE KINNEY. Dennis has lived quite a fascinating life, traveling with the circus, until relatively recently. He has now settled in Zephyr Hills, Florida, and we usually see him in Ohio in October. Welcome to you, Dennis. We're thrilled to have you on the list.

Also coming aboard is 1964's ANNA ARLENE COON.
Anna lives right outside my back door, in Titusville, Florida, the same town in which CURTIS A KEMP lives. The bulletins came to Anna's attention through 1961's RICHARD L. DOLL. Ann's surname is now Silvestri. She wrote that she hasn't been to a WC function of any kind, since 1970. Well, we'll sure have to change that, now won't we? Can you even beLIEVE the number of WC people who are in Florida? I can't! No wonder we have successful WC functions down here! Anna is in contact with people who are acquainted with the family of 1960's PRISCILLA A. COOL, who was the homecoming queen of our class. She wrote that one of her friends is in contact with Priscilla's brother, PHILIP, (was he about 1963?). It seems that Priscilla suffered some sort of mental stress breakdown, sadly, quite a few years ago. So many of you have asked about her, over the years, now that I've got a line on some sort of contact, I'll try to see if I can get any information on her. I am in hopes her health has been fully restored now and that perhaps we can get her to attend a function.

That reminds me that someone named JAMES F. WAGNER sent me an e-mail, in which he had located a BILL ROHLER. It wasn't "our" Bill Rohler, as all of you are aware that I located 1960's WILLIAM M. ROHLER, already, roughly 3 years ago. But WHO is James F. Wagner? I don't know him. Does anyone else know him? Is he WC, as I suspect? Thanks to him, whoever he is, for keeping an eye open to help us find people.

Speaking of finding people, we are still on the search for 1956's PAT EPPLER, ROSETTA PRUETT, and a third one, whose name I've unfortunately forgotten, but who was mentioned in the last bulletin, too. Rosetta is listed with classmates.com, but apparently hasn't been responding to her messages from that site, I don't know for sure. In any event, my longtime very close friend, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, has sent yet another e-mail to Rosetta, through his membership to that website. It is hoped that she will respond, of course. My sister, 1956's JUDY ANN RISNER and her classmate, ANITA RAE MASON, are diligently working on their class's 50th anniversary year and they will be the class in the spotlight at this year's alumni gathering. So if any of you are aware of the whereabouts of ANY 1956-ers, regardless of whether or not you think everyone knows where they are, already, please call Judy at 937 836- 2813, in Englewood, Ohio, and let her know. It would be a real shame for a class member to miss his/her 50th, simply for lack of knowing about it.

As is always the case, we've had a few travelers in our ranks. Don't we, always? The FULLER caravan---1960's GERALD A. and his, "WC-challenged" spouse, Becky (How I do love that expression!), are burning up the roads with their RV. By the way, folks, Becky has come up with another winning phrase for our WC stuff. I just have to share this with all of you. When she sent me their impressive travel plans, which include many miles and some out-west sightseeing, she of course alluded to their plans to be at all things WC, by writing, "---and then, we will be attending another one of Jerry's endless class reunions." I threw back my head and laughed aloud. You're right, though, Becky. I'm thrilled to "confess" that we do always seem to have some type of event occurring in the not-too-distant future. But I'm very happy about that, too. We WC folks are the single, most tightly-knit group of high school friends I've ever seen in my life. Even people who didn't go to WC are simply awed by how often we get to see each other, after all these years, and the number of events we have. Then, when they discover we even have events in Florida which are well-attended---well, they sort of walk away shaking their heads and saying they haven't seen their own high school friends in 30 years, 40 years, and much longer. We will NEVER join those ranks!

Our girl, 1961's EDNA L. GRAY, did her winter trip to Florida with spouse, Richard M. Ryan. They were gone for 5 weeks, and although Edna didn't say where, I'd bet it was another rental in Key West. As many of you will recall, Edna writes marvelous travelogues, when she takes her trips, and I can't wait to read this next one. I'm regretful, though, that she and Dick weren't able to get down here during Spring Fest. I'm waiting for your new report, Edna!

While she isn't actually doing much geographic travel-ing, it sure sounds as though 1960'S LINDA L. SHANK is putting on her fair share of miles, what with her many sporting events she attends, in order to see her grand-children participating. Linda writes that those sports include soccer and indoor baseball. She also went to watch son Brian in a professional bowling tourney. How did he do, Linda?

But I guess there will no traveling (except to the almighty gravel pit) for 1960's CHARLES V. CARTER. Spouse Pam has been trying for years to get him away from the place, so that they can have a vacation together. But so far, nothing has worked. Keep trying, Pam. He's got to get old enough to be unable to do it anymore, ONE of these days!

Also among our travelers is none other than 1961's SANDRA S. HOLLINGSWORTH. No, Sande isn't on the road right now, but guess what? She WILL be! I'm going to be the lucky recipient of one of her visits, it seems. Sande is going to be visiting Florida in May, at the home of her classmate, SANDRA SUE MAYO. If I get really lucky, I'll be visiting with BOTH of them. We're going to try to connect for a lunch or breakfast. I can just hardly wait! I'm having GREAT fun, getting to visit with so many WC people, while in Florida. When I first moved here, someone said to me, "Just stay put. You'll eventually see everyone you know. All people visit the state of Florida, sooner or later." I guess that's right.

As always seems to be the case these days, 1955's FREDA P. FLETCHER and I continue to kick back and forth with all our old Miami Shores memories. I had no idea, way back then, how wonderful life really was and how carefree and fun. Freda's and my memories are very correlated and uniform. In fact, it seems to be that way with nearly all the Miami Shores Kids. Freda did a bit of traveling, too, but it wasn't all so pleasant as some of it was relevant to illnesses with friends and family. We hope that has all leveled off by now, Freda!

From 1957's DARELL L. TOBIAS came the ultimate in compliments (for me, anyway) when he wrote to me, "You are just a prolific writer!" That made my whole day when you wrote that, Darell, and thank you SO much! I have done writing and journalism for my entire life and it is a great passion for me. So when someone pays me a compliment about it, I'm thrilled!

This next, great piece of trivia came to me from yet one more 1957 classmate, BERTHA JAN HOERNER. She writes, "Did you know that the old Please mansion was once a part of the Underground Railroad? We used to go way below the ground, down into the dungeons to play, as youngsters. There were chains and leg irons fastened to the walls then, and also very crude cells. They have probably been removed by now, but who knows? I had forgotten all about it, until my sister, Barbara, reminded me of it recently. I always felt sorry for those people, since all they really wanted was a decent life." Wow! That's kind of bone-chilling, isn't it? Who'd have ever thought of our little WC being part of such a history? That brings us a huge dose of reality, doesn't it? Does anyone know whether those items have actually been removed from that place?

Speaking of more pleasant items of nostalgia, 1964's DAVID R. BURNS transmitted a photo of a wing of an old WC school building and I had thought it appeared to be a part of the current middle school (the high school for most of us). However, I was corrected by the almost -indisputable, nostalgia expertise of 1954's WILLIAM L. MCNABB. I set great store by Bill's recollections and I'd be quite surprised, if he ever gave wrong information on any such history. Bill's family name goes back to almost the first day of WC history, as do the names of several of our readers. So thanks for that, Dave, and thanks for your expertise, too, Bill. We all enjoyed that old photo and had lots of fun trying to determine just what it was and where it was.

It was during this period of conjecture about the old building when 1960's SHIRLEY SUE MILLER checked in and wrote, "I don't know about the building in that picture, but my third-grade teacher was the wife of Professor Plessinger. She was very strict, but good. I learned cursive script by writing the 23rd Psalm from her." Boy, did I enjoy that e-mail from Shirley. Just think of it! These days, a teacher would be taken to court for using a religious basis for teaching. I'm in that group who doesn't feel that modern is necessarily better, by the way! The Plessinger name may never have come up, but for Shirley. Now, there is one historic, teaching name in WC schools. Thanks for a good dose of real nostalgia, Shirley. Let's see, was her first name Elsie (Plessinger)? For some reason, that "rings a bell," (pun intended) with me.

From 1954's JO ANNE MCCLURE came the question as to whether or not that building may have once been the old Methodist church. Gee, I don't know for sure, Jo Anne, but I'll bet someone out there WILL know!

How absolutely delightful it was for me to pull a large, brown envelope from my mailbox on March 24. Guess what was there? Well, it was a book which was sent to me by my 1960 classmate, PHILLIP D. HOWARD, whose spouse is 1967's (?) or 1968's (?) MARIAN KAY HUSSEY. It was a book which outlined the history of all the old drive-in movies in and around the Dayton area. What a hoot! Boy, oh boy, did I ever spend some time turning the pages of THAT book! How thoughtful of you, Phil! Thanks SO much!

As this bulletin period passed, I heard from one WC person after another. Excitement ran high for the up-coming Spring Fest event. It was really taking shape. I got this e-mail from 1960's THOMAS L. WOLF, JR., in fact, in which he wrote that he was bringing me some sort of award from the school board. I was both excited and humbled. There were messages from SO many people. I talked at least 2 dozen times to our host and hostess, 1960's J. DAVID MAYS and his gracious wife, Ann. Everyone was excited. Many thanks to you, T. BARRY RUSSELLO, for your call on my March 16, 64th birthday and for the Dayton phone book. I heard from tons of you---SHIRLEY J. TUDOR, P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, MICHAEL S. WEST, EULA FAYE BAILERY, NANCY J. ERTEL, GARY L. WARLAUMONT---the list is endless, and I'm running short of space. (Ha!)

So now, all but my Spring Fest e-mail has been cleared from my folder. So what does that mean? Well, there's good news and there's bad news. Let's do the good news first; that being, this bulletin is coming to its long- awaited conclusion. The bad news? Well, what else? NOW, I have to get to work on the Spring Fest report, which will hopefully be forthcoming within about a week or so. So polish up those spectacles, folks! I leave you all with my usual wish for glowing health, great happi-ness, peaceful serenity, spiritual harmony, and bound- less prosperity. Ciao!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

(My apologies to all, for the obituary reaching you too late to attend the funeral or to send any flowers. But this just reached me, this very moment, courtesy of 1961's NANCY J. ERTEL. Thanks again, Nancy. At least, we now have a few more details. I hate to say that I'll try hard to do better with the next one, as I keep hoping there will not BE a next one. But we all know that's very unlikely. ----B)


His obit was online two places. Here is the DDN one:

Brown, Coach*

Family-Placed Obituary
BROWN, Coach Denny Of Farmers, KY, formerly of West Carrollton, retired General Motors union representative; longtime coach in West Carrollton, and Rowan County (KY) Senior High School assistant football coach, boys' tennis coach and announcer for the boys' and girls' basketball games, died Friday, March 24, following a lengthy battle with diabetes. Survivors include his wife of 40 years, Sue Ann Brown, and his two children, Denver W. Brown III (Dee) and Sheryl Brown, all of Farmers, KY; his mother, Flossie Curtis Brown of Centerville; a brother, Siah Curtis Brown of Farmers, KY; grandsons, Jake Austin Carter, Clay Allen Carter,and Matthew Earl Reynolds; and aunt and uncle, Willie T. "Babe" and Betty Curtis of Cape Coral, Florida. Funeral services will be 11 a.m. Monday and visitation after 2 p.m. Sunday at Northcutt & Son Home for Funerals, 400 Fraley Dr., Morehead, KY 40351. Contributions may be made to RCSHS Athletic Dept., 499 Viking Dr., Morehead, KY 40351
Published in the Dayton Daily News on 3/26/2006.
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