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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Thursday, December 29, 2005
This complete, family-placed obituary for Mr. Mays comes to us through the courtesy of 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH and 1955's DORIS G. TUDOR. Many thanks to both for your expedience.


Oscar Mays

Family-Placed Obituary

MAYS, Oscar S. Age 101, of West Carrollton passed away Tuesday, December 27, 2005 at Kingston of Miamisburg. He is preceded in death by his wife of 74 years, Bertie and sons Wayne and Kenny. He is survived by his daughters Wanda (Walt) Meyer, Allene (Ken) Townsend, and Wilma Johnson; Sons Carl (Marilyn), Gary, David (Ann), Doug (Renee), Danny (Pat), Greg (Amy), and daughters-in-law Phyllis and Kathy; 30 grandchildren; 73 great grandchildren; 23 great-great grandchildren; and numerous other family and friends. Funeral services will be held 10:00AM at Newcomer Funeral Home, 3940 Kettering Blvd Family will receive friends from 6-8PM Friday, December 31, 2005 at the funeral home. Pastor George Sutherland officiating. Interment at Evergreen Cemetery. The family would like to thank the Kingston Nursing Home and the "B" Hall staff for their loving care. In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to Hospice of Dayton. Expressions of sympathy may be made to www.NewcomerFamily.com

Published in the Dayton Daily News on 12/29/2005.

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---It's just not our year, folks! News has just come to me of the passing of the patriarch of West Carrollton's "Royal Family," the Mays clan. From 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, came a report that OSCAR MAYS died yesterday evening. Mr. Mays, I am given to understand, was 101 years old. He was also apparently quite a character. I have listened to many stories, fondly told by his sons. His wife, Bertie, (I'm almost sure that was her name) preceded him in death. They had 10 sons and 3 daughters. I understand two of the sons died very early in life. Over the last two years, both Kenny and Wayne also passed away. This will likely be a massive funeral, I would guess. Ann Mays, wife of 1960's J. DAVID MAYS, wrote me only yesterday, telling me that all the family was with their father and that he was ill. I know we all extend sincerest condolences to all the members of the huge Mays family. Let's keep our fingers crossed for no more such reports, at least for the few days of the remainder of this calendar year.
-- Bonnie

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Dayton Daily News, 28 DEC 2005
Family-Placed Obituary

HUBBARD, Philip M. 75, of Washington Township passed away Monday, December 26, 2005 at Kettering Memorial Hospital. He is preceded in death by his parents Philip and Mary Hubbard; son Shawn S. Hubbard; and sister Margaret Mellinger. Philip is survived by his loving wife of 31 years, Jean Hubbard; children Philip M. Hubbard, wife Ten, Linda Caine, husband Roger, Richard Franklin, wife Cindy Shen, and Matthew J. Hubbard; grandchildren Debbie Fraley, husband Aaron, Philip M.Hubbard, Susan Hubbard, Sean Franklin, and Maya Franklin; numerous other family and friends. He graduated from Miami University, Oxford with a bachelor and master degree, had 32 years of teaching experience at West Carrollton Senior High School, was a veteran of the U.S. Army (Sgt) with service in Korean War, member of Fairhaven Church and Dor-wood Optimist Club, and researched the life of George Washington, finding where he stayed everyday during American Revolution. Funeral Services will be held 11:30AM Friday December 30, 2005 at Fairhaven Church, 637 Whipp Rd. Family will receive friends one hour prior to services Friday and from 6-9PM Thursday December 29, 2005 all at the church. Pastor Jim Futrell officiating. In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to the Missionary Fund at Fairhaven Church. Arrangements in care of Newcomer Funeral Home, Kettering Chapel. Expressions of sympathy may be made to www.NewcomerFamily.com.

Published in the Dayton Daily News from 12/28/2005 - 12/29/2005.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sent: Tuesday, December 27, 2005 4:30 PM by Bonnie
---has passed away. We seem to be having a disastrous final month of 2005, don't we? I'm sorry to have to report this, right on the heels of all the others. I'm indebted to yet another of our teachers (this one, still current) MURL E. HUFFMAN, for making us aware of this.

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From: Murl Huffman
Date: 12/27/05 13:04:26
To: Bonnie
Subject: Re: WNR Supplement!!---Phil Hubbard dies

Phil passed away with a massive stroke. Service plans: Visitation Thur
6-9. Family visitation Fri 10:30 to 11:30 followed by the memorial service at
11:30am. all activites at the Fairhaven Church corner of Whipp and Marshall.
Cards and ,etters should go to : JEAN HUBBARD

(please write or call Bonnie or Murl for Jean's address and phone number -ed.)

Sorry to ad to the bad news. Hope '06 will be better. Murl


WCHS Class of 1959 and Class President. My thanks to 1955's DONNA GENE TUDOR for sending this to me. Further thanks to Sam's 1959 classmate, GARY E. BARNES, for reminding me of Sam's status as the class president. Also, let's note Sam's full, legal name. When people pass away, we need to recall them with their proper birth names (my conviction, anyway.) I trust a notice will appear when the service will be held. I think our fellow alumnus (Sam's former wife) 1961's SANDRA S. HOLLINGSWORTH, can be relied upon to let us know.

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From: Donna T Johnson
Date: 12/27/05 11:35:02
To: Bonnie
Subject: Obituary of Sam Speelman

George Samuel Speelman

Family-Placed Obituary from the Dayton Daily News

SPEELMAN, George S. 'Sam' Age 64 of Dayton, passed away Thursday, December 22, 2005 at Hospice of Dayton. He was born February 27, 1941 in Montgomery Co., the son of the late George William & Norma (Ankney) Speelman. He is survived by his love Judy Tilton, his children Stacey and James Mackelburg, Gina and Samuel Speelman, Julie and Bill Detamore, Keith and Amanda Tilton, Tammy and Gene Colon, sisters Suzi and Donald Selvage Sr., Elyn and Richard Siefer, Sally, and Donald Siefer, Merry and Thomas Moore, Leslie and Paul Finster, 8 grandchildren, numerous nieces and nephews, and a special nephew Don Moore.

Services will be held at the convenience of the family. His family wishes to express their gratitude to Hospice of Dayton, and memorial contributions may be made to Hospice of Dayton in his memory.

Arrangements in care of SWART FUNERAL HOME, W. Carrollton.
Published in the Dayton Daily News on 12/27/2005.

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Monday, December 26, 2005
*WeCaTon* NEWS REPORT - 26 DEC 2005:

On this wonderful, Canadian holiday called, "Boxing Day," I shall begin what will obviously be the final WNR for the year of 2005. Mind you, I make no promises of its being completed today, only begun. Like everyone else, I suspect, I'm covered up in un-put-away China, crystal, silver, and linens, as well as shreds of wrapping paper everywhere and (of course) several of those well-intent-ioned-albeit-unwanted-and-useless Christmas gifts. If I finish things around the house soon enough, I'll either do the, "Seinfeldian re-gifting," or return the items for store credit. Pretty bad, eh? However, I'm now at the stage of life where I truly don't want anymore "stuff" unless it's "stuff" I really can actually use. Does that make any sense? In any case, let's get going.

We had tons of people during this bulletin period, who opted to send varying materials such as jokes, pundits, political promotions, greeting cards, advice, etc. They were1954's WILLIAM L. MCNABB, 1955's FREDA P. FLETCHER; 1957's BERTHA J. HOERNER, ERCELL P. PHILLIPS; 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, SUE E. SOWERS, WILLIAM R. HOWARD, RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, ROBERT W. "SMITTY" SMITH; 1959's GARY E. BARNES; 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, STEVEN M. KOKOT, CAROLYN SUE MCCLOUD, JUDITH ANN SLIFE, DAVID G. OTT, DAVID A. BLAIR, RICHARD S. HOLT, EULA FAYE BAILEY, WILLIAM O. WALKER, LARRY M. PENDLEY; 1961's PATRICIA LYNNETTE GARRETT, JACQUELYN N. LESHER, SALLY L. GILLETTE, JANET L. CHANDLER, RICHARD E. KNEER, CAROL A. MUMMA, SHARON KAYE WENDELKEN; 1962's BARBARA T. O'NEAL; 1963's SANDRA MINIX. Thanks to all, and if any of you out there, have been searching for any of these people, let me know. We'll, "hook you up."

Yes, we had three deaths during our Christmas season. I always hate hearing that and I always pass those along, right away, so that no one misses a viewing or service or whatever they wish to do. Just to re-cap and make sure everyone knows, it was 1959's SAM SPEELMAN, on December 23. Sam was 65, I do believe. The next one was 1968's GARY L. CHESSMAN on December 21. The other one, 1973's SHERRY WYATT, and I think that was on December 5. I didn't know her, but I'll bet some of you did. My thanks go out to 1973's JEAN ANN MILLER, 1971's PAMELA K. SHIPLEY, and 1960's RICHARD S. HOLT. Additional thanks to Jean for taking the time to send the class year correction on yet another passing which was in the last bulletin. MARK WESTFALL was 1977, and not what I wrote, which I think was 1973. I always want to know, when I have made such an error, so that I can correct it. Hopefully, we won't have anymore deaths for a while, but bearing in mind that life is tenuous at best, I want to remind you all NOT to miss our functions. We just never know.

But let's focus for just a bit on Sam. I got e-mail from several among us, who were close to Sam. Figuring most prominently among them was 1961's JOHN W. OBERLIES, JR. John had lived across the street from the Speelmans throughout our high school days. I was often over there, too, as I was good friends with him, with CHARLES V. CARTER, 1960, who was next door to Joh, and with 1960's GARY L. WARLAUMONT, who was on the other side of John. Just a street or two away was BOYD H. JENKINS, also 1960, and around the next corner was JAMES L. ROSE. During that time, South Moraine Platte, right behindthe old Indian River Fruit Market, was a closely-knit little bunch of WC kids. We all knew Sam well. But those boys (Charles, John, Gary, and Sam) spent a ton of time together. John wrote, "It makes me sad to hear about Sam. His parents and siblings were all great neighbors. We played a lot of foot -ball in his big side yard and shared many other types of adventures. Does anybody remember when he stole his grandmother's car and then crashed it through an old barn door, on some nearby country road?" Yes, John, I remember that one. From Sam's first wife and mother of his children, 1961's SANDRA S. HOLLINGSWORTH, came the announcement that she'd be travling to Ohio to see him, once Christmas had concluded. She didn't get to do that, though. Lynn Garrett also wrote that she was so sorry to hear of Sam's death and said she always liked him. As for me, I remember Sam well. He was so brilliant, a standout in the crowd. He was personable, too, and seemed to have everything going for him. I, too, was sorry to hear about Sam.

For anyone who may be interested, there is a WC site which is moderated by 1985's M. CYNTHEA POTEET. It seems to get a lot of the younger alumni on it and I want to make sure you're all aware. You can get access by entering ( WCHS-Alumni@Yahoogroups.com ) So give it whirl, if you like.

Among our, "lost," are 1960's WILLIAM E. HECKER and 1957's DARELL L. TOBIAS. I've had intermittent little glitches with Bill's, ever since he joined us, but suddenly, everything is being returned again. Can anyone find out about that for me? MONTY ESTEP, 1960, don't you see him, from time to time? Will you make an inquiry? As to Darell, I think I'm just going to call him, directly. We talk from time to time, anyway. But if anyone already has a good e-mail address for him, please let me know now. Also, does anyone out there possibly have a current e- mail address for 1956's DENNIS O. MICHAEL? He gave me one, awhile back, I lost it, and have been trying to put him on the bulletin list, ever since. While we're on the subject of 1956 people, I want you all to know that I have no less than 6 copies of the 1956 Piratan, which I'm willing to sell. With their 50th year rapidly approaching, I think there may be some interest in those. Please be aware, though, as I've previously written, I wll NOT sell them to anyone who didn't attend WC. Some might wonder who (except us) would want them. But I've been approached by media people who are doing research and by sports reporters for high schools who are doing historic fact-checking. While I have offered to research whatever info they need, I've flatly refused all offers of purchase, which nearly all of them made.

We have those who are also, "found," though. Those of you who have been with me on this list for a very long time, are well aware of my 15-year search for my 1960 classmate, EDGAR L. "EDDIE" KELLY. I guess it's now been about 2 1/2years since I succeeded in finding him. He was in Boise, Idaho, at the time. He has now moved to Nampa, Idaho, with wife Marilyn. He and I maintained good contact, once I found him. Now, however, it's going to be even better. You see, I got a call from him, only about a week ago and he and Marilyn have joined the 21st century, AS WELL AS our bulletin list. Yep, I've got Eddie's e-mail address now and here it is:
( email Bonnie for address - ed. ) Eddie regularly enquires about 1960's CURTIS A. KEMP, RICHARD L. "DICKIE" PHILLIPS, WILLIAM M. ROHLER, 1962's RICHARD C. CALL, and AARON COUCH. So you guys make it a big point to contact him. I know he'd love to hear from not only those mentioned, but a number of others, too, who also include his big high school crush in English class, EULA FAYE BAILEY. He spoke about you, too, teacher DAVID E. COLLINS, and how he did so horribly in your class. He always tells me he was paying way too much attention to the feminine wiles of that oh-so-proper-and- gracious Southern Belle, Eula Faye, and that's why he had no time to listen to the proper way to speak. Ha! I imagine Eddie would get a HUGE bang out of hearing a line or two from you, Mr. C., after all these years. On a very sad note, Eddie suffered the loss of his first great- grandchild on October 8, when the pregnant 20-year-old first grandchild was involved in an auto accident and lost the baby. Many of you will recall that Eddie was again not with us, during alumni weekend, as he was having a lot of health problems and had to remain home for doctor commitments. He says, if he must, he's bringing along his doctor to Ohio next year. He was crushed when he heard all his old buddies' names and that nearly all of them were there. Anyway, welcome aboard, Eddie, and I'll take your name off the postal mailing list now.

On Chrismtas Eve, I had a long and windy and welcome call from 1960's CHARLES A. HIGH, JR. Charile and I, like many of my classmates, have known each other since I was just 6. We were also fellow Miami Shores Kids and we share many a fond memory, including his serving as best man at my first wedding (of many to follow, but that's another whole story.) Charlie has had a total of 17 surgeries, most of them relative to his heart problems. He told me they want to do another surgery on him. He is unreceptive to the idea. So I'm unsure as to what he's going to do. Charlie and I did a lot of reminiscing, of course, about the days of our youth, wished each other a very Merry Christmas, and when we ended the call, he told me he loved me, as he always does. I told him I loved him, too. It's important for us all to tell that to all the people about whom we care, isn't it?

Another conversation I had was with my lifelong friend and 1960 classmate, SHIRLEY J. TUDOR. Shirley was present at the send-off party which was held in honor of our former, WC marching band director, HARRY C. HAGGERTY. She gave a good report on it, and told me she was among a few of the older grads who attended. I guess most of them were 1970s and 1980s people, but don't know for sure. In any case, Shirley reported that the food was good, the company was great, and that she shared some good conversations with her old bandmate 1961's DALLAS K. MATHIS. Also checking in on this great occasion was MICHAEL S. WEST, who posted photos of the function and did some reminiscing about the WCHS Boys Choir, of which he'd been a member. We had a couple of interesting exchanges on that and he was particularly curious as to why the choir director, ROSS ROBBINS, suddenly disappeared, way back then. I didn't have the answer, but I'll bet someone out there does. Mr. C.? Mr. H.? After all these years, what can it possibly matter, even if it was something negative or something less than pleasant? Mike also made a few comments on how much he and Sally enjoy reading Reminisce Magazine. I always send it to them, once I've finished it. When they're done, it goes to the local rest homes. So your thoughtful gift, PHILIP H. WOLFORD, is well-read and much-traveled. Mike and I also had a lot of good exchanges about Christmas baking and the utter wonder of lemon zest, as well as his continuing efforts to teach me to cut and paste. But alas, I still don't seem to be able to grasp it. What's that they say? I think it's, "Gettin' old ain't for sissies!" How true!

Other matters which were broached by Mike were a nice call from Eula Faye, he wrote, as well as Eula Faye's intent to call 1960's BEVERLY A. BOWMAN, who is currently in Arizona with two of her three children. I have had no follow-up as yet, on the call. However, I can tell you all that Beverly's father, WOODROW W. BOWMAN, longtime proprietor of our beloved Woody's Market, will turn 93 on January 6. I know we all wish him well. To my knowledge, he remains in residence at his farm located in Waynesville, with wife number three, 1955's JACKIE DUNCAN, who was our homecoming queen. They have been married for 18 months now. Mike also posted the photos of the WC Florida Holiday Brunch, which were sent, courtesy of Rebecca A. Fuller, long-suffering and, "WC-challenged," spouse of 1960's GERALD A. FULLER. Many thanks, Becky.

Sticking to the,"all-things-WC" theme---don't we all?---I was browsing the WC items on e-Bay the other night when, "What to my wandering eyes should appear," but a new, WC-themed Afghan!! I liked it, on its surface appearance, and wanted to know if it was from the local area. So I wrote my dear friend, Bruce, to ask him if he'd yet seen it. It's way too late to make a long story short, but suffice to say that Bruce dived in and bought me one for Christmas and bought himself one, too, of course. So thank you so much, Bruce. Florida's version of winter is upon us and I will warm my tootsies with it. Bruce and his longtime companion, 1971's PATTY JO WHEEL-BARGER, had plans to break up the Christmas day into three visits (his sister, her parents, then to her house.) I hope you both had a wonderful day.

That perkiest of all WC alumnus, 1961's DONNA JEAN RICHARDS, and I have had exchange after exchange. We seem to feel that we can solve all the world's woes and neither of us understands why it isn't as simple for everyone, as it is for us. Ha! I'm fond of saying that you can always spot a knowledgable and well-informed and educated individual. It's very simple. Their views will always coincide with your own. "Double-Ha!" But that's so true, isn't it? We'll keep at it, Donna. Sooner or later, they'll all listen to us. Donna will be back in Florida in a few days. I hope to once again steal an hour or two with her, as we did on the last visit.

From 1954's WILLIAM L. MCNABB, came a request to find his classmate EVELYN GEORGE. When he read that 1962's LIELA K. GEORGE had attended the WC Holiday Brunch, he had hoped she was a relative. But in checking, we found that Liela was not related to Evelyn. so if anyone out there knows how to contact Evelyn, do let me know or do e-mail Bill, please. Bill also reported lots of snow in Ohio and we continue to discuss a few points of WCHS history, too.

From 1960's WILLIAM O. WALKER (actually, Karen) came a report that they continue to work in the area of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. It's hard for me to grasp just how long this storm damage claim stuff can last. But it was so tragic and so extensive and so devastating, some reports say it could go on for years. I have heard of no WC people who were involved in this, but I'll bet we had some, nevertheless, and just don't know about it.

Thanks to 1959's JAMES L. LINDSAY, for acting as the go-between when communications broke down between me and 1957's BERTHA J. HOERNER. Her e-mail was too full and my sendings were returned. But we got it all straightened out now. In fact, Bertha sent her sister's name to add to our bulletin list. So welcome to 1955's BARBARA ELAINE HOERNER (her current name is Richardson). We hope you enjoy the bulletins.

Lynn recently sneaked into Florida and went back home. We didn't get to see each other this trip. Her mother has been ill, her brother is handicapped, and her father is just about to drop dead, himself, from caring for the two of them. So Lynn's time was very tight and she couldn't get away. But we'll hook up next time, for sure. Lynn wrote an e-mail about her fond recollections of living down the street from 1962's RICHARD G. DENNY, also a Miami Shores Kid. She said she was glad that he and Liela had come to the brunch. Well, so were we! I wanted to see you, too, FREDA P. FLETCHER, yet another Miami Shores Kid. But Freda wrote and told me she didn't want to drive that far. Well darnit, Freda, we hope you'll change your mind by next year!

Aside from the Walkers and Lynn, we had a few others who did some traveling, too. Reported 1958's JAMES E. KECKLER, as of December 14, "Please hold all e- mails. We are headed north to find Santa and catch a cold." Jim wrote that he and Janet would be returning on this very day (12-26). So welcome home, Kecklers. We hope you found Santa, but hope you did NOT catch that cold. Considering a bit of traveling for next month is none other than 1960's DAVID A. BLAIR, who sent me a note to find out who to contact for his upcoming stay in Florida. I provided the info I had, but haven't heard any follow-up. How are your plans coming, Dave? Will you be spending your winter in Florida?

Cousin JUDITH LYNN SAMUELS and I got to talk a bit, one day last week. She and husband Bill spend a lot of time at the Eagles and the VFW. We may look into the possibility of a Spring Fest, in one of those places, or even a Moose facility, where I expect to be dining, come tomorrow, with JOANN K. STEMLEY and her spouse, Ron, whose anniversary it will be. It's also Judy & Bill's anniversary, by the way.

Now, we come to a great round of exchanges which took place between myself, 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST and THOMAS L. WOLF, JR. and our former teacher DAVID E. COLLINS, about the Class of 1960's Senior Class Play, "Fog Island." Many of you will recall that I played the part of Mrs. Williams to 1960's LARRY M. PENDLEY portraying Mr. Williams, which resulted in our referring to one another as, "My first wife," and, "My first husband." I had found the script book in my outbuilding. It was a bit "bug-eaten," but still usable. What great memories! I've sent the book to you, Mike, so that you can scan and enter whatever you can glean from it. When he's finished with that, Mr. C., it will be coming to you, just so that you can look it over and enjoy a few memories. When you have finished with it, you can then return it to me.

Mike wrote that he remembered his mother making him a great corduroy vest to wear for his role in the play. He actually found that paticular play on a DVD! I wonder if high schools are still using it? Mr. C. was the one who reluctantly directed us in it. His memories aren't nearly as fond as ours, by the way. It was Tom Wolf, as he so capably wrote to me, who played the role of the bumbling sheriff who spent most of the play in a windowbox, but popped out at the end, catching the villain. I vividly recall all that Tom and Mike wrote, too.

Then came a great e-mail from MARIAN K. HUSSEY, who told me she's 1967, not 1968. I'm so sorry about the error, Marian, and thank you for letting me know. I always want to correct those things. Marian is married to 1960's PHILLIP D. HOWARD, by the way. Marian is the daughter of two former WC teachers and she also wrote about many plays and productions in which she either appeared or helped. Many thanks for the great memories, Marian. Marian wrote something else, too, which I really liked. She wanted to know what was the big flap about saying, "Merry Christmas." Well, I'd like to know that, too, Marian. "Politically correct," my eye! I say there's just a bit too much political correctness on that one!

To you, MURL E. HUFFMAN, we wish you a wonderful and healthy birthday on December 29. My books says you were born in 1918. Now, that can't possibly be true. I must have made a mistake, didn't I? Mr. H. loves to hear from WC people. His address is 6531 Ocala Court Centerville, Ohio 45459. We wish an equally happy day to 1960's BOYD H. JENKINS (who lives in Okeechobee, Florida) and was also born on December 29!

Now, I'm down to the battle cry contest for our WC alumni weekend for the upcoming year. None other than 1961's NANCY J. ERTEL has come up with the winning line. I may have told you something else, Nancy, I don't know for sure. But in any case, as I re-read all my entries, I settled finally upon yours, which was, "Get you WC fix in 2006!" So let's remember that one, folks, and make your plans accordingly, okay? It's the second Saturday in October, as always. In the meantime, more infomation will soon be forthcoming about WC Florida Spring Fest. Thanks so much, Nancy. We can't get Nancy out of her Kansas home, folks, but she tells me that SHE gets her WC fix, each time she reads one of my bulletins. Oh, you're ever the diplomat, Nancy!

After writing that I hope everyone has had a great and safe Christmas and hoping you all have a wonderful and Happy New Year, I leave you all with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful prosperty, and boundless serenity. Ciao!

---And there you have it! More at 11--- B


Another Alumni passing. Yes, I know it's the day of Christmas Eve. However, I feel that notification of WC alumni passings is among the announcements which should not be repressed, for obvious reasons. The announcement comes to us from my 1960 classmate, RICHARD S. HOLT. Thanks, Richard (or do you go by Stan, as I'm thinking?) In any case, thanks for letting us know. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, in spite of the sad news. Once again, I'm sure I speak for all of us, when I offer sincerest condolences to Gary's family and friends.

---And there you have it! More at 11--- B
-------Original Message-------

From: Richard Holt
Date: 12/24/05 14:07:06
To: Bonnie
Subject: Another Passing

Gary L. Chessman, Class of 1968 passed away December 21, 2005 in Eaton, Ohio.
Services at Swart Funeral Home 10:00am Dec. 28, 2005

Friday, December 23, 2005
Bonnie Writes:
---It is with great sadness that I announce to all of you the passing of 1959's SAM SPEELMAN. He died only yesterday, December 22, at about 9 p.m. This news came to me directly from Class of 1961's SANDRA S. HOLLINGSWORTH, who was his high school sweetheart, his first wife, and the mother of his children. Sande also grieves his loss and had spoken to him every couple of days, from her California home, right up to the time he passed away. I'm sure I speak for us all when I offer sincerest condolences to her, their children, and Sam's remaining family. I feel certain that someone will forward an obituary.

Friday, December 16, 2005
FROM VICKIE EUBANK ('74?) Who reports that "there were 54 in attendance, ranging from 1960 graduate to 1974 graduates."




Sunday, December 11, 2005
From the Dayton Daily News, 11 DEC 2005:

William Mark Westfall, Class of '77, of White Mountain Lake, Arizona, died November 30, 2005 at Flagstaff Medical Center following an auto accident near the White Cone School in Navajo County, AZ. Mark graduated from West Carrollton High School in 1977, earned a Bachelor of Arts from Ohio University and a Masters in Art Education from Miami University. He taught elementary and secondary art in several schools in the Dayton area including West Carrollton. After moving to Arizona in 1997, he taught in the Show Low, Snowflake and White Cone school districts. Mark was a high-energy individual. Among his many interests were camping, fishing, art, music, and competitive athletics especially straight-on place kicking. For the past decade, Mark's priorities and devotion focused on his wife Amber, his son Samson and his step-son Joshua. Mark is also survived by his mother Patricia of Tucson, AZ; father Robert and step-mother Nancy of Bellbrook, OH; father and mother-in-law Fred and Maureen Sirianni of Ontario, Canada; brother Eric of Sapporo, Japan; sister Christine of Centerville, OH; brother Jon of Tucson, AZ; step-sister Valerie Graeser of Del Mar, CA; and step-brother Doug Graeser of Miamisburg, OH.

A memorial service will be held at Central Presbyterian Church located at 4699 Lamme Road on December 28, 2005 at 2:00pm.

Contributions in Mark's memory may be made to Central Presbyterian Church and will be used toward camping scholarships and financial support for the arts and music in worship. Published in the Dayton Daily News on 12/11/2005.

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Friday, December 09, 2005

Subject: [The **WeCaTon** - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)] 12/08/2005 10:16:55 PM

My name is Christine Westfall (WCHS Class of 1979). My brother is Mark Westfall. He was in an auto accident on Monday 11/28/05 near White Cone School in Navajo County, AZ where he taught art. He died in the morning of Wednesday 11/30/05 with his mother and wife, Amber at his side. An obituary will be posted in the Dayton Daily News (DDN) within a couple of days and probably on the DDN website as well. --Posted by Chris to The **WeCaTon** - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial) at 12/08/2005 10:16:55 PM

Since this was posted as a BLOG comment, we do not have an email address

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Third Annual WC Florida Holiday Brunch, December 3, 2005

Bonnie to the rescue! She Writes:
At left, 1960's Gerald A. Fuller, then 1958's Bruce E. Chenoweth, then 1962's Liela K. George, then her 1962 spouse, Richard G. Denny, then me, then 1960's Boyd H. Jenkins, then (standing) 1961's Richard E. Kneer, then (seated) Rene Mays, and in the really dark shadow beside her is 1963's Douglas M. Mays, then up front is 1960's (almost) Curtis A. Kemp. That's a clockwise reading, going right around the photo from left to right, as they are seated around the table. If I've done it in a confusing manner, let me know.

From the editor: I have received several email messages about Mark, but the information is rather vague at the moment. Mark died as a result of injuries sustained in an auto accident, somewhere in Arizona (?)--- I have not been able to find anything on the internet.
This post will be updated when more information is available.

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From: more information on our latest loss, Class of 1977's MARK WESTFALL. I received this from 1973's JEAN ANN MILLER. Many thanks, Jean. The age of this particular alumnus would leave open the possibility of it being the son of other WC alumni. Mr. Collins, you know the father, you wrote. Did he or Mark's mother attend WC?

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From: JMPALUM, Date: 12/06/05 08:55:3
To: Bonnie Risner Miller
Subject: Re: Well, gang, our December isn't going--- This is from my sister, class of 77. I have checked the arizona papers and nothing yet to verify.. Will keep looking for you..Jean
Mark graduated in 77 - . He was a fantastic punter for the fb team. I remember he suffered a knee injury, which probably kept him from a pro career. He was a tall, handsome kid. They lived up on Morning Glory, at the end of Carnation Rd. if I remember correctly. I know we rode the bus together to jr high. I'm pretty sure he had gotten married. Don't know if he still was or not.

Monday, December 05, 2005
05 DEC 2005:

Bonnie Writes:

(This is coming to all of you, the moment I received it. I do not know this particular alumnus, and there doesn't seem to be a mention of WC in the obituary, but I give great credence to its accuracy, as it was sent to me by her classmate, JEAN ANN MILLER, who has long been on our bulletin list. Our condolences to the family. Each WC passing diminishes all of us.)

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From: Jean Ann Miller
Date: 12/05/05 12:06:04
To: Bonnie
Subject: Another Passing - Class of 1973

This just arrived and was verified by the Dayton Daily News.
Sherry was a long time member of the WC community and Class of 1973, Carrolltone, girl scout, etc.

Sherry Petrarca, WCHS '73

Family-Placed Obituary:
PETRARCA, Sherry Wyatt

On Saturday, December 3, 2005 of Bethesda, MD. Beloved wife of Carmine N. Petrarca, DDS, MS. Loving mother of Justin Paul Moore and Gina Maria Petrarca. Daughter of Ray and Nina Wyatt of Dayton, OH. Sister of Teresa Wyatt Woodward of the Cayman Islands and Tami Arlene Wyatt of Dayton, OH. Friends will be received at PUMPHREY'S BETHESDA-CHEVY CHASE FUNERAL HOME. 7557 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda, Maryland on Tuesday, December 6, 2005 from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 PM. Funeral Service will held at The Church of the Redeemer, 19425 Woodfield Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20879 on Wednesday, December 7, 2005 at 11:00 AM. Entombment to follow at Gate of Heaven Mausoleum, Silver Spring, MD. In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to World Vision, Inc. PO Box 70172, Tacoma, Washington 98481 or the Samaritan's Purse, PO Box 3000, Boone, NC. 28607. The family would like thank Family Care and Nursing and the Montgomery Hospice Society for their loving care and attention. Please view and sign the family guestbook at: www.pumphreyfuneralhome.com

Published in the Dayton Daily News on 12/5/2005

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Oh my, it's the Christmas season already! How did that happen? In any case, it seems that a whole load of us are finding the time to put out forwarded materials, such as jokes, political satire, psa's, warnings, etc., so as usual, I'm going to get those out of the way, right up front. They include 1955's DONNA G. TUDOR, FREDA P. FLETCHER; 1957's ERCELL P. PHILLIPS; 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, WILLIAM R. HOWARD, ROBERT W. "SMITTY" SMITH; 1959's GARY E. BARNES; 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, LINDA L. SHANK, DAVID A. BLAIR, LARRY M. PEND- LEY, (aka, "My First Husband," eh, Mr. Collins?), BOYD H. JENKINS, RICHARD S. HOLT, EULA FAYE BAILEY, WILLIAM O. WALKER, STEVEN M. KOKOT, DAVID G. OTT; 1961's SANDRA S. HOLLINGSWORTH, JANET L. WALTERS, SALLY L. GILLETTE, JACK L. GODBY, LARRY D. GILBERT, RICHARD E. KNEER, SHARON K. WENDELKEN, NANCY J. ERTEL; 1962's RICHARD C. CALL, BARBARA T. O'NEAL; 1963's SANDRA MINIX; 1966's ANGEL MONTGOMERY; 1970's VICKIE JO GILBERT; 1971's PAMELA K. SHIPLEY.

My next order of business is directed at 1960's DAVID A. BLAIR, in the form of a public apology. As I recall, I sort of admonished you, Dave, for failing to notify me of your new e-mail address. As I've already told you, I'm sorry for that. Dave DID advise me of his new e-mail address, folks. It's just that he sent the info to another of my e-mail addresses and it is one which I check only about twice a year (if that), and so, I missed it. In any case, the important part is that he is on our bulletin list!

We have new sign-ons, by the way. One of them is none other than ROBERT H. FULLER, the older brother of 1960's GERALD A. FULLER. Bob lives in New York now, and was originally in the Class of 1958. But as was so common in the 1950s, I believe he joined the Navy when he was about 17. So thanks for your service to our country, Bob, and welcome aboard. We all hope to see you at future WC functions!

As some of you may have already noticed from previous paragraphs, we also have added 1970's VICKIE JO GILBERT. Welcome to you, too, Vickie! She happens to be the party repsonsible for spreading the word (and doing a lot of work, too, I suspect) about the recent send-off to Arizona, of our former marching band director, HARRY C. HAGGERTY, and his wife. One of those who was interested in just where they would be moving was 1973's JEAN ANN MILLER. Apparently, the Haggertys' offspring are all ensconced in that state and they have opted to be nearer to them. I know we all wish them the very best in their new home. Perhaps when the Haggertys are settled, and have made contact with a WC-someone on our list, we'll get them back. So keep your eyes and ears open for a new e-mail address for the Haggertys, okay?

From 1957's BERTHA J. HOERNER came an e-mail in which she asked about how many from her 1957 class were at alumni weekend. I remember, of course, all of the ones I mentioned in the original bulletin reports, but can't recall if there were others. Bertha wrote that she very much enjoys hearing about her fellow classmates and keeping up with everyone. Well, thanks for keeping in touch, Bertha. Your writings contribute to the success of the bulletins.

Our former teacher, DAVID E. COLLINS, and I, have had a couple of amusing exchanges. As I was doing some of my fall cleaning, what should I find but my orginal copy of our 1960 senior class stage play, "Fog Island," in which I played the role of wife to LARRY M PENDLEY's portrayal of the husband. (Shades of why I refer to him as, "My First Husband," and he to me as, "My First Wife.") In any case, the copy is a bit shopworn and "bug-eaten" from being stored in a box in my outbuild-ing. I can't believe I knowingly put that out there. But anyway, it was signed, at the time, by the entire, original cast. What a treasure! Since it was Mr. C. who directed us in that effort, I told him I would send that item to him, for his perusal, and that he could return it to me at his leisure. I haven't yet made it, Mr. C., but I promise I will. Just give me some time, okay?

From yet another former WC teacher and alumnus, 1960's THOMAS L. WOLF, JR., came a report that WC was advancing through the ranks, regarding football. Now, that would be over by this time, right Tom? How did that go? This was about a month ago, folks, and at that time, Tom reported a lot of excitement in WC.

As many of you may recall, I tried to be sort of, "off the cuff and casual," in my last bulletin, opting to use the phonetic spelling of the word, "Beaucoup." I put it in a sentence, purposely, as, "boo-coo." Naturally, I got "caught" at it, by none other than my fellow wordsmith, (apparently) 1958's WILLIAM R. HOWARD. Okay, Bill, okay! I promise never to do it again. Ha! I'm glad we have people who are paying that much attention, though, I really am.

Cousin JUDITH L. SAMUELS (1961) and I have been batting around ideas for Spring Fest, which falls this year on March 26, the last Sunday in March. With news from our perennial hostess, 1960's JOANN K. STEMLEY, that she is unable to hold it at her clubhouse this year, I have gotten numerous requests for it to be held in the area of Daytona Beach. Apparently, many of you like the idea of being on the Atlantic Ocean and spending a couple of days here in the usually-warm, Spring sun. So Judy has suggested the VFW club's private room. That's certainly a consideration. Also in the running would be the private room at the Moose Lodge in nearby Ormond Beach. I'm going to check in on both places and see what fees are involved, what are the requirements, etc. I know, though, right up front, that we'll probably never again get the deal we had at JoAnn's place. I'll keep you all posted, okay?

Judy and I had other exchanges, too, and among them was the revelation that one of her friends had died and she had to attend the funeral on the same day as our holiday brunch, so she wouldn't be able to come, this year, due to the timing. She and her husband continue to do a lot cowboying around in their RV.

Did you all see the photos of the beautiful, old Ford hot rod, acquired by 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH? He is getting to be WC's official antique car collector, as a matter of fact. I'm willing to bet that 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST has posted that on the WC blogspot, haven't you, Mike? By the way, folks, as I type this, Bruce is sitting in the easy chair in my Florida room, having come down for the Third Annual WC Florida Holiday Brunch, which took place today, and upon which I shall be reporting in this very bulletin. Hang tight!

By now, everyone is aware of the passing of 1958's DONNA LEE HOWERTON. According to her close friend, 1955's DONNA G. TUDOR, she had been ill for a long time, with a number of health problems, including diabetes, lung disease, and heart disease. Donna had been married for many years to her classmate, LANDO F. STEELE, but I am given to understand that they had divorced about 3 years earlier. Donna was a lovely person in school and I'm sure that carried over, throughout her life. I thank 1961's PATRICIA LYNNETTE GARRETT for the first notice on this passing. Further information was forthcoming from 1958's BRUCE K. COPSEY, 1959's GARY E. BARNES, 1960's RICHARD S. HOLT and MICHAEL S. WEST, and her old friend, 1955's DONNA G. TUDOR. So thanks to all of you, too.

As I read Lynn's e-mail about Donna's passing, she offered a bittersweet reminiscence about a time many years ago, when she sat just behind Donna at a football game in which Lando was playing. She wrote that she thought about how lucky Donna was, to be so pretty and to also be going with the best-looking guy in WC. I'm sure a lot of us probably thought that same thing, back in those days, Lynn.

Lynn and I continue to maintain regular contact, as do 1960's EULA FAYE BAILEY and I. Eula Faye just sent me a yummy recipe for something called, "Three Milk Cake," and I'll have to give that a whirl during my "free time." Ha! Who has THAT, anymore? Eula Faye is doing well and still working full-time, for Carter's, the children's clothing company. We try to talk on the phone at least once every 2-3 weeks, the same as Lynn.

Also checking in during this bulletin period was the lovely and gracious JANET L. WALTERS,, 1961. Janet was noticeably absent at our alumni weekend and I was so disappointed that I didn't get to see her. So I sent her a little note. Janet was under the weather that weekend and not feeling up to socializing, unfortunately. But she assured me that she will be with us at future gatherings. We're going to hold you to that, Janet!

Her 1960 brother, DANNY A. WALTERS, have also had a chat or two of late. Dan and I are trying to accomplish a small business venture, so we've been exchanging a few ideas. If we both should become millionaires, I'll let you all know. However, I'm still going to write these WC bulletins!

Class of 1961's SANDRA S. HOLLINGSWORTH also checked in with a lovely Hallmark e-Card to me. I thank you very much, Sande. How thoughtful of you. We also missed YOU at alumni weekend and look forward to seeing you at all future functions.

From the chic and fashionable RUSSELLOs (1960's T. BARRY and spouse, 1959's BETSY R. MURPHY) came a beautiful, 2006 calendar from the real estate company they own in Vandalia, The Realty Group. Thank you, Betsy and Barry! I always so enjoy that calendar, as it shows homes from various cities in Ohio, which always give me shot of pleasant nostalgia. I can say the same about the calendar I've received for the past two years from 1960's NANCY E. "COOKIE" BOWIE, who now lives in Eatonville, Washington. She sent me a lovely and truly picturesque calendar from Mt. Rainier with spectacular photos. Thank you, too, Cookie! Florida is quite stingy with calendars and I keep them in about 4-5 places in the house, so I love getting them. Cookie had a shoulder replacement surgery on November 9, she wrote, and is doing pretty well, but is very impatient with the idea that she can't just, "get up and go," whenever she wants. She was restricted from driving for about a month. Chin up, Cookie! It's almost over now. How is it going and are you healing well? Keep us posted.

One e-mail which came in during this bulletin period was one which really tugged at my heartstrings. It was from none other than my classmate, PHILLIP D. HOWARD. I know many of you remember Phil and like so many of us, he was a Miami Shores Kid, too. Phil has been married to 1966's MARIAN K. HUSSEY for many years. But he and I go clear back to the first day of the first grade, so I was thrilled to get an e-mail, directly from him. In it, he alluded to our Miami Shores childhood together, and all of you know what a soft spot I have for that humble, little enclave. Phil wrote of many childhood names from there and talked of the lifestyle of Miami Shores, recalling many of its fondest memories (for me) and how he also wishes someone would write a history the place. So do I, Phil, so do I. At the end, he also reminded me that he had once been our paperboy. (Wow, remember that term? No one says, "Paperboy," anymore, do they?) It was a great e-mail and you and Marian simply MUST be at the upcoming functions, Phil! As I told you at the time, it made my day.

From the Class of 1971, RODNEY R. GABBARD wrote to tell us that his back surgery went well. Rod is home recuperating now and looking forward to his recovery. He wrote that he's in a lot of pain, but doing okay, all things considered. We all wish you well, Rod, and let us know how you're doing, from time to time, okay?

We had a few requests from alumni who wished to make contact with other alumni. I'm always thrilled to be able to accommodate such requests. For instance, 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST wanted contact info on our fellow alumnus, JOANN K. STEMLEY. I was happily able to provide that. Then I had another one from our class, CURTIS A. KEMP, who wished to contact his old pal, EDGAR L. "EDDIE" KELLY. As it happens, I was able to accommodate that request, as well. If I can't find an alumnus for another alumnus, I always put out a blanket message. Usually, someone out there knows something which eventually leads to contact. We have to work hard to bring us back under that big, WC umbrella.

Mike also reminded me that 1960's SHANNON N. ASTOR has requested to be on our postal mailing list. Shannon was at Frisch's and we visited for a spell. I was quite thrilled to see Shannon again! Not to worry, Mike, I'm going to see to it that Shannon is included in all our news for the future.

The same goes for 1957's BETTY JANE HAMILTON, who conscientiously notified me of her change in e-mail addresses, and that's what allows me to stay current with us all. Thanks, Betty, and we all look forward to seeing you at the events now. SHARON L. BORGER, are you getting the bulletins, via e-mail now? Will you please respond for her, Larry? If she isn't, I'll happily resume the postal mailings to her. Thank you.

From our "fearless leader" and former teacher, MURL E. HUFFMAN, came an open invitation for any and all WC people to visit him, anytime they're around and anytime they're in the mood for an ideas exchange. Right after I distributed that, 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT made the suggestion that she and I come to visit you, Mr. H., the very next time I'm in town. Well, I think we'll just do that! Lynn also reported how cold it had already gotten in Ohio. Oh, I know, Lynn. How well I know. We ought to take 1959's JAMES L. LINDSEY with us, by the way, when we go to visit Mr. H. Jim is an avid fan of Mr. H.!

The Thanksgiving holiday came and went, and during that period, I got a few e-mails from those who wrote that they wouldn't be attending the holiday brunch, for various reasons. I was disappointed with each and every single one, I must admit. Lynn said she and Frank wouldn't yet be in Florida. But as always, the ever-present GERALD A. FULLER, and wife Becky (who coined the phrase, "West Carrollton-challenged), were back on the road and confirmed their attendance, as I knew they would. As they toured around Florida, they ran smack into 1955 's CARL R. MAYS, at The Villages. It seems half the school is moving there. Well, at least a lot of our own "royal family" is moving there and that will include not only Carl, but also 1960's J. DAVID MAYS and his very charming, movie-star-looks wife, Annie. Annie wrote me an e-mail, confirming that they will be permanently living there, effective next month. That meant, of course, that they were still in Ohio, and also wouldn't be at our holiday brunch, darnit!

Then came another series of explanations from people who couldn't be there, who included 1960's GARY L. WARLAUMONT, who won't be in Florida until the end of January. There was also DAVID G. OTT and spouse, SANDRA MINIX and DELORES K. "DEDE" FAHRNEY, ROBERTA A. RICE, 1961's JACK L. GODBY, 1958's ROBERT W. "SMITTY" SMITH, JAMES E. KECKLER, SANDRA L. BARSALOU, and WILLIAM R. HOWARD, none of whom would be here at that time.

It sounds just ominous, doesn't it? You'd think NO ONE was going to be there! However, although this function usually proves to draw a smaller group, it's always utterly delightful. This year was no exception. When Saturday morning rolled around, I was giddy with excitement, as I always am, when I know I'm going to be seeing my old classmates. Two days prior, Bruce and I had met with the Fullers, at the local Cracker Barrel and had a long and windy breakfast. It was there, by the oddest of coincidences, that Jerry and I finally discovered that we had actually known each other for 2-3 years BEFORE we went to school together. As it happens, he lived next door to my mother's sister, on Steele Avenue in Dayton, before moving to Miami Shores. This means he and I have known each other longer than anyone in the world, but for parents and siblings. Amazing! So I looked very much forward to the day's activities, as I loaded up my Piratans (of which I did a very poor job, I might add, but more on that, later.)

Bruce was in the parking lot when I arrived at Dixie Crossroads about 11:15 a.m. We just knew that 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE would be there. He said he'd drive right over from Tampa, right after his appointment, but we never saw him and were terribly disappointed. Bruce had especially wanted to see you, Tom. What happened? Likewise with 1961's PAULA R. WILSON, who also confirmed that she'd be present. She didn't show, either. We'd have come to get you, Paula! Where were you?

So who WAS there, besides Bruce and me? Well, we had CURTIS A. KEMP, RICHARD G. DENNY, LIELA K. GEORGE, BOYD H. JENKINS, DOUGLAS M. MAYS, GERALD A. FULLER, and RICHARD E. KNEER. In addition, there was Dick's wife, Becky, Doug's wife, Rene, and Jerry's wife, whose name is also Becky. It was a great mix of people and a wonderful time. We flew through an entire 3 hours of gabbing and visiting and reminiscing.

Front and center, and by popular demand, Curtis once again told what has now come to be known as, "The Thumb Story." It's the same story which kept us in tears of laughter last year. This year, he remembered even more detail and the story grew funnier and funnier, as he told it. The people who were lunching at the surrounding 4 tables, all grew quiet. They, too, listened and laughed. "The Thumb Story" has now become an official part of WC folklore, and we look forward to next year's telling, just as enthusiastically as this year's. We know you'll add even more twists and turns by next year, Curtis.

Curtis' 39-year-old daughter had suffered an aneurysm of the brain and had been expected to die, as recently as 4 days prior. However, she somehow pulled through and was being released from the hospital on that day. We all wish her well, Curtis, and keep us posted on how she's doing, please.

To my utter delight, we FINALLY got to have a MAYS (DOUGLAS M., Class of 1963) at one of our Florida functions! Many thanks to you, Doug, for making the effort to join us. You and Rene really added a great deal to the atmosphere. Florida is simply crawling with Mayses, or so it seems, but we can never get any of them to our functions. You've broken the ice, Doug, and we hope to see you at a lot more of them. By the way, folks, I've been miscrediting Doug's grad year. It's not 1964, it's 1963. Anytime I make such mistakes, I want to know about it right away. Doug was funny and person-able in the grand tradition of the Mays clan, and his wife, Rene, was delightful and utterly charming. By the way, we now have Doug on our bulletin list, too. He says he's doing well and feeling great. How wonderful!

Then there was 1960's BOYD H. JENKINS, who makes the effort to be at everything. It's always a joy to see YOU, Boyd! Did he pull his now-famous, "disappearing act" again? Yep, you bet he did! You've just got to keep an eye on Boyd. He'll tell you he's going to take a smoke or go to the bathroom and that's it, you don't see him any -more. He slips away. Boyd, we REALLY wanted to tell you good-bye, darn you! Poor Rene Mays thought she might have done or said something to offend you. It was her first time with us and she was unaware of your very consistent tendency to do that. We explained it to her, though. "You gotta quit that!"

Another of my fellow Miami Shores Kids was there, too, in the person of 1961's RICHARD G. DENNY. Though he didn't remember me, I was happy to see Dick again. I had heard a lot about him, over the years, and about his high school sweetheart wife, LIELA K. GEORGE, who accompanied him. Dick and Liela are often in Florida. I remember thinking, when I was in school, that Liela was one of the prettiest girls there. I always envied her that great face. Well, folks, nothing has changed. Liela is STILL a great beauty! She reminisced about walking to school with 196O's EULA FAYE BAILEY. I'll bet you remember that, too, don't you, Eula Faye? Dick said he is up and on the computer at 4:30 and 5:00 a.m., some- times. I guess I'll know who I can e-mail in the future, and expect an answer at that unGodly hour, now, won't I? If you are reading this, RICHARD C. CALL, listen up! You were not forgotten on that day. Dick must have mention -ed your name half a dozen times. He really wants to see you! So e-mail him, hear? Call him! Write him! Get in touch with him, will you? I told him to be at the alumni stuff next year because you're always there now. So you two get reconnected! Two people enquired about 1961's JAMES E. CURTIS. Are you reading this, Jim? No one has forgotten you. You need to join us at our functions, hear? Where are you?

To both Dick and Liela, I apologize, for getting their grad year wrong, too. All this time, I've had them as 1961 and they're both 1962. In addition to that, I also apologize for the failure to bring their year's Piratan AND Doug's year, too. That will NOT happen again, I positive-ly promise! We were all SO pleased to see you both again, Dick & Liela. Thank you for making that effort and we can't wait for you to be with us all again. Your great company and your wonderful reminiscenses were greatly enjoyed.

Also becoming pretty regular attendees are 1961's RICHARD E. KNEER and his always-tolerant, good sport spouse, Becky. Dick has good stories to tell of his school days, and Becky knows many of them, by now. He, too, wondered where you were, Paula. He and Becky would have come to get you, too. We're looking forward to seeing you both at Spring Fest, Dick and Becky. It was SO fun! Thanks for coming to join us.

The FULLERs are, as previously written, ever-present at WC functions. You can count on it, just like the sun rising and the rain falling. Wherever there's a WC event, Jerry is right there. Becky has now become a veteran and she also takes great photos. Jerry has wonderful memories of school sporting events and of several of his high school heroes, such as 1958's "SMITTY." Jerry looks so forward to seeing you, Smitty, at Spring Fest. Becky, as always, remembered to do photos, and I'm sure she'll send them to Mike West for posting.

BRUCE CHENOWETH, 1958, is another one who is going to appear at anything WC. He doesn't care HOW far away it is! If there are two or more people from WC, who are going to congregate somewhere, just let him know. He'll jump into one of his many vehicles and he'll be right there, if you just give him enough notice. Bruce spent a couple of nights at my house, visited his brother, went to the brunch, and hit the road again, this morning. He's meandering his way back to Ohio, but will return in the Spring, of that there is no doubt.

We had a good group this year and a wonderful time. If you COULD have made it and didn't, shame on you! The loss was yours, I assure you. For future reference, PLEASE block out the first Saturday in December of next year. I think it's probably December 2. We will once again convene at Dixie Crossroads. Don't blow this off for something else. If someone has a conflicting event, please say you are already committed. Do NOT say, "Oh, well, I'll go to it next year." We all know how that goes, don't we?

A perfect example of that very thing, came to me from 1958's WILLIAM R. HOWARD, who missed EVERY- thing on alumni weekend. He wrote, "Now, I am really disappointed I didn't make the alumni dinner! Larry McVey was there and I haven't seem him since we ran track together in 1955. He was a senior and I was a freshman. He was a great role model for me. I have enquired about him many times over the years and no one seemed to know where he was. I would have liked to talk to him for awhile. Jerry Davis was also there. As you and most everyone else knows, Jerry Davis WAS (and IS) my idol. When I come back reincarnated, I'm going to be a Jerry Davis clone. Carl Mays was on that 1955 track team, too, and he was there, and one of the all-time nicest guys to ever attend WC, Dick Gibbons! What a super guy HE was! I'm even sorrier now, than I was before!!!"

Well, Bill, we were all sorry you didn't make it, too, but do not make that mistake again. Let's all learn from Bill, gang. DON'T miss our WC functions. There are TOO many who have said they will, "do it next year." But for some, next year doesn't arrive. Let's be there!

From this period's messages, I have learned that DeDe Fahrney has relocated back to Ohio, for the time being. She is still being treated for the freak accident which occurred on her RV trip. Hurry and get well, DeDe! Now that you're back in Ohio, I'm sure Bruce is going to want to play some golf with you. By the way, speaking of the Fahrney family, on November 26, reported DeDe, her father, 1933's A. EMERSON FAHRNEY, celebrated his 90th birthday. Wow! That's significant. We all wish you well, Mr. Fahrney, and congratulations on achieving such a benchmark birthday. That's terrific! She said she also saw 1960s DOROTHY J. WILLMAN and her 1958 spouse, VINCENT A. BRODBECK, and that they are faring well. Hi, Vince and Dottie! I hope all is well for both of you. (You, too, Amy and Brian!) For those of you who may not know, That's Vince and Dottie's son and daughter-in-law and the daughter-in-law is the apple of dad's eye, who is W. BAILEY HAWKINS. Small world! BRIAN D. BRODBECK is Class of 1981 and AMY HAWKINS is Class of 1986.

As I was inviting people to Spring Fest, I somehow had the impression that 1961's MARSHA PYBURN lives in Florida, too. So I sent an e-mail to her son, KEITH A. SIMS, Class of 1986, but he told me that Marsha does not live down here. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Darn! I was going to call and ask her to join us, too!

Arriving in Florida for the winter was none other than my 1960 classmate, JOANN K. STEMLEY, and her spouse, Ron Hall. They are going to spruce up their condo and do a lot of work on it, to prepare it for sale in late winter or early spring. Hence, we cannot have our annual Spring Fest at their clubhouse any longer. Yes, they may still be there, then, but there is no guarantee. So we're on the seach for the replacement, as earlier written. Bruce suggests we write WC Florida Spring Fest into JoAnn and Ron's sales contract. Ha! I wonder how THAT may go over with the buyer?

To my 1960 classmate, PHILIP H. WOLFORD, I offer my thanks for the renewel of Reminisce Magazine. How very nice of you, Phil! I often wonder, by the way, if you have yet managed to reconnect with your high school pal, WILLIAM D. DUNCAN. I do hope so. If you haven't, do not give up the effort. It will eventually materialize.

In any case, I'm all through writing this bulletin, folks. I'm trying to come up with a new slogan for our 2006 alumni weekend. How about some of you innovative people (of whom we have so many) sending me a few of your own creative suggestions? So far, I've got, "Let's keep the mix for 2006!" What else do we have? I leave you all with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

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Saturday, December 03, 2005
From all of us here at the WeCaTon editors desk.

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Bruce Chenoweth '58, writes:
This is a photo of the '31 Ford Tudor that......I traded the Shovel for. I'll probably sell it in the Spring and put the profits toward the "48 Olds Fastback I haven't found yet. You know how I'm dying to get my hands on one of those babies, so I can paint it Red. I will spend the winter looking for someone who has the Olds I want, that would really rather have a Ford Rod. Posted by Picasa

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