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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Monday, November 03, 2014
2014 WCHS Alumni Gathering Wrapup
01 NOVEMBER 2014

Bonnie's Latest, Post WCHS 2014 Alumni Gathering:

Cordial greetings to all. I had no intention of beginning another

bulletin, prior to our weekend, and this one sure won't be sent until after

it's concluded. However, I've had so many responses to the last one, and the

e-mails are piling up so quickly, I thought I'd better get them cleared, as

I await the next onslaught. As always, we have good news and bad news. Also

as always, we begin with forwarders, who include 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER;








Let's also update the e-mail-lost list. The good news is, we have returned

1963's DAVID R. FRALEY to the fold, thanks to efforts by 1961's SALLY L.


Thanks, girls, and I've already heard from David and he's glad to be back

among us. But we have now lost 1967's ROBT. E. HALLER and his 1965 spouse,

MARY JO CONDON. Any clues? Also staying among the lost are 1955's BARBARA J.

THOMAS and her 1953 spouse, ELMER D. MARRIOTT. We've also lost 1960's

BEVERLY J. HAAS, which could be a very bad sign, as she was catastrophi

-cally ill, just about 2 years ago. Does anyone know anything? Let's all

work together to see if we can solve these. I also will take this

opportunity to thank 1960's IDA JANE TREON for updating me on her new e-mail

I'll be able to continue successfully sending her the bulletins. Thanks, Ida

  We're suddenly getting rejects on 1954's VICTOR C. NOEL again, as well as

one of his classmates, PATRICE G. GAUGH. Do any of you have any clues?

Freda? Prez JERRY R. GRAHAM? If you've got any info on any of these, please

let me know. Otherwise, I have to do deletions and you all know how much I

hate doing that.


My very first response to the last bulletin came from my classmate, WM. E.

BUDDY" STOVER. He thanked me for my efforts and asked me if I knew the

whereabouts of three of our classmates. They are RONALD G. PINYON, RICHARD L

"DICKIE" PHILLIPS, and ROBT. E. "BOBBY" LAMB. Now, over the years, I'd heard

Ron and Bobby had died. But nothing was substantiated, so I never believed

that. At one time, Dick was on my readers list, but I've lost him. I'm sure

he lives in Brookville, and even near to 1962's RICHARD C. CALL. It's

certainly possible Rich may know where he now lives, Buddy, or how to reach

him. Rich's e-mail is ( lolajcall@yahoo.com ) It's his wife who answers the

e-mail and her name is Lola Jean. She uses simply Jean. So perhaps that will

work to get Dick. If you succeed, get his current e-mail for me, so I can

get him back in the loop.


So now we get to Ron Pinyon. I did some digging for you. I think Ron lives

in Milton, Florida. There's no phone listed for him, but so many people have

ended landlines, that's not surprising, and cell phone numbers will never,

ever be listed. I suspect his address may be 3466 Barkwood Drive, Milton, Fl


32571. Now, if that's not him, Buddy, or if he no longer lives there, I've

been able to determine he has two sons, who are Jeffrey S. Pinyon and

William G. Pinyon. I believe William lives at 7340 Stepp Lane in Pace,

Florida 32571. Again, no phone listed. I further believe his other son,

Jeffrey, is living at 11 Point View Place, Cocoa, Florida 32926. No, no

phone listed. But I'm pretty confident of these being his sons, and at these

addresses. I actually found an e-mail for Ron, tried it, but got immediate

reject. There is also a Nina Mae Pinyon living in Pensacola, Florida, who is

connected to both Jeff and Bill, as well as Ron. So this is most assuredly

his former wife. I've got a hunch, if you drop a note to either of his two

boys' residential addresses, you're going to get a hit on Ron. I'm glad to

know all indications are that he's still alive.


So now, we move to your query about ROBT. E. LAMB. I was given to understand

much earlier in the year or later last year, Bob might live in the

Cincinnati area. This information, I believe, came come 1970's VICKIE JO

GILBERT. In any case, I did a bit more digging. I did find a Robt. E. Lamb

in the right age group. He's at 923 Whispering Pine Way, Lebanon, Ohio 45036

There were two phone numbers listed. One was disconnected. The other one is

513 228-1904. I called it, left a message, and explained for whom I was

searching. If this was the right one, I hope to get a return call. Again, I

m so encouraged to know he's probably not dead, either. So let's hope we get

somewhere with locating all 3 of them.


My special thanks to both 1955's JOHN E. CROY, 1958's DONALD I. MCCOY, and


KELLY for inviting me to join them on one of the social media sites. But as

everyone now very well knows, I'm not nearly advanced enough for those

social media sites. I don't know if I ever will be, but I'm always easy to

reach on my regular, old, boring e-mail. While I'm at it, I'll advise

everyone I made an error in the last bulletin, re John's e-mail. The correct

one is  deaconcroy at gmail.com  So please correct your records and my

apologies to you, John. (Footnote: As you're all now well aware, the

Facebook went way over the top for me, and I just can't do the social media

thing. Enough said and end of story. It's just not for me, but thank you,

one and all.)


All those lovely, little thank-yous arrived from several of you, who

included 1954's Class Prez JERRY R. GRAHAM; 1959's SHIRLEY R. PARKS, NEIL H.


1963's NORMA ELYN SPEELMAN, 1970's INDY JO SUMNER---how I do love writing

that name!!---, and I thank each and every single one of you for your

appreciation. As I keep writing, I've gotten a lot more out of this, over

the now-14 years I've done it, than have all of you put together.


On September 25, the horrible news came to me, regarding the previous day's

death of one of 1959's most well-liked members, HORACE J. CARROLL, JR.

Junior, as we'd called him all through school, was also one of my fellow

Miami Shores Kids, as is his widow, 1961's NANCY L. HOHNHORST. The news of

his passing came to me, over and over, for the next 2-3 days. Everyone was

very upset by it. He was highly regarded by his classmates and all who knew

him. What a wonderful tribute to his legacy. During his and Nancy's life in

California, he'd always used his middle name of Jay. He and Nancy had been

married 50-plus years. Deepest sympathy and sincerest condolences are


to her and her family, by us all. It will never be an easy task for me to

report the passing of anyone who attended WC, that's for sure. It was 1959's

GARY E. BARNES, who first notified me, and there were many more, following

him. There were also exchanges with his cousin, 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER

and with Nancy's classmates, P. LYNNETTE GARRETT and SALLY L. GILLETTE. Many

more made comments, though, all lamenting the loss of WC alumnus, Junior. He

ll be sorely missed, of that, there is no doubt..


On the following day, though, we got some wonderful news, which I'm thrilled

to report. The beautiful ANN C. WEIDLE of the 1956 class was remarried on

June 3 in Foley, Alabama, where she lives. She wed Robt. M. Axetell, who

lived in the same neighborhood. She says she will retain her name of Ann C.

Brown, from her longtime marriage to the late RONALD L. BROWN, who was 1952,

I believe. Both Ann and her new husband had been caregivers to their first

spouses, both deceased. So I know we all wish many happy and wonderful years

to Ann and Bob, and we thank classmate, RALPH D. WILSON, for conveying this

great news.


There is other wedding news, too! Apparently, in either latter September or

very early October, 1957 class member, ERCELL P. PHILLIPS, was also

remarried. He sent photos, but I wasn't able to find an actual date. But

neither here nor there, we certainly wish him all the happiness in the world

it looks as though his second wife's name is Jean and perhaps we'll all meet

her at an alumni event, by the time you're reading this. Congratulations and

best wishes to you, Jean and Ercell.


My cousin, JUDITH L. SAMUELS, continues to recover from her many surgeries.

She sends thanks for the kind words from 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE and 1961

s JACK L. GODBY and SALLY L. GILLETTE.. She appreciates your kindnesses. In

the 9 months ranging from November of 2013 to August of 2014, she has

endured lung cancer and the total removal of her right lung, 33 consecutive

radiation treatments, concluding sometime in March, then having cataract

surgery in July, then both a broken hip and carotid artery surgery,

practically back to back, in August. She has so far survived it all and was

miraculously declared cancer-free on Oct. 27. I don't think I've ever before

in my life heard of anyone surviving stage 4 lung cancer, not to even

mention all the rest!


It is now Oct. 14 and I shall leave for Ohio tomorrow to attend our alumni

weekend. I really don't know what to expect this year, but I sure do want to

see a good turnout. I've got some advance news from a few, and we'll see how

it goes, when I subsequently complete this one. For instance, from 1959'ss

BETSY R. MURPHY came a report of her and her 1960 spouse, T. BARRY RUSELLO

not being with us either Thursday or Friday, but do plan to be at the

Saturday night event. So we'll get to see the two of them. Barry just

celebrated a birthday on Oct. 11!


Thanks arrived from 1960's WM. O. WALKER for a birthday greeting I sent to

him. He and Karen will not be with us, this year, opting to remain at home

in Alvin, Texas. The same goes for 1961's JACK L. GODBY, and we're sure

going to miss them all. We'll try for next year.


Also, along came a thank-you from 1958's BILL R. HOWARD for the 44th

anniversary card for him and wife, Lucille M. Howard. Darned if I didn't get

the year wrong, thinking it was the 45th. However, it was the 44th, but we

all hope you had a great anniversary, Lucy and Bill. Let's see, it was Oct.

3, right?


Many, many thanks to you, 1959's SANDRA R. KINNEY, for asking me to join you

on FaceBook. I'm not yet out of the 20th century, Sandy, and don't yet even

know how to cut and paste, can you believe that? I'm not a fan of the social

websites, as outlined in the previous paragraph, and really doubt I ever

will be. But I do plan to keep my old e-mail forevermore and welcome all WC

who wish to use it. By now---it's October 27---you're all aware of my

Facebook debacle. I'm so sorry, I just can't abide that Facebook thing. I

found far more which I disliked, than liked. Miraculously, dozens of you

sent e-mails in support of my decision, and even said you felt exactly the

same. Thank you all for understanding. I repeat, I love my e-mail and I love

my old, landline telephone. Please feel free to use them both, liberally, if

you wish. There's probably going to be more on that topic, as we go through

this bulletin. It seems to be an endless topic.


Among you wonderful folks who helped me through my Facebook dilemma were






SANDRA K. MINIX. I thank you, one and all.


Now, we back up to Oct. 8, when I got a lovely thank-you e-mail from 1961

class president, JOHN W. OBERLIES, JR., who thanked me for his birthday card

(it's on that day), and told me he's a whole year older than I thought. Well

don't worry, John, I'll change it and make you a year older. I hope it was

one, fabulous birthday for you!


On October 9, I received e-mail from 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, in which

she expressed her concern for the health status of my cousin, JUDITH L.

SAMUELS. Of course, I've covered all that in the earlier paragraphs, Lynn,

so I'm sure you're up to date with Judy's health. I also know she's happy


have asked. Lynn and I had out usual, one-on-one visit, during alumni

weekend, when I visited at her Germantown home.  She even took me to lunch!

Thanks, Lynn.


Lynn also told me she had learned of the death of FRANCIS COLLINS, who was

the younger sister of 1961's JO ANNE COLLINS and 1957's MARY A. COLLINS. She

did not know a class year nor did she have the cause of death. Do any of you

know anything about this or any of the details?


From 1960's DAVID G. OTT came news of an Oct. 22 hip replacement surgery for

his 1963 spouse, SANDRA K. MINIX. He reported she was doing great, coming

along well, and would be in rehab for a week or so, and then expected to be

home. We hope you're doing great by now, Sandy.


Where were you over the recent alumni weekend, 1968's ROGER D. LUCAS? After

your e-mail of Oct. 9, I thought sure we'd be seeing you at something. Were

you there? If so, I was unaware. We do hope to see you somewhere, next year.



We didn't get to see 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, nor his wife, Sarah L. "Sally"

West. She has been undergoing a regimen of treatments for breast cancer and

Mike reported all is going well, saying her chances for complete recovery

are looking great. How wonderful to be able to report even more good health



From 1964's THOS. J. HALL came a request for any WC events taking place in

Florida. Obviously, he had heard of the now-defunct, WC Florida Spring Fest

as well as the annual WC Florida Holiday Brunch, which happened in December

I moved in early 2007, Tom, and had diligently hoped those events had by

then taken on a life of their own and would continue. I thought someone

would pick up the reins and move forward with those events, but it didn't

happen. So you'll need to come on up to see everyone in Ohio, come next Oct.

8, 9, and 10.


As the months moved past, I did some updating on my WC address records, in

the process tracking down the latest info on 1958's LANDO F. STEELE; 1960's


all of them, I'm happy to report.


Prior to our alumni weekend, I received e-mail from 1954 class president,

JERRY R. GRAHAM, for the purpose of promoting their 60th gathering. Why didn

t I see you all that weekend, Jerry? Where were you? I also missed FREDA P.

FLETCHER and she told me she didn't even know there were other events! Freda

  you're not reading the bulletins, are you? "Shame-y, shame-y!" One of these

days, I'm going to have pop quiz! I believe iconic teacher, MURL E. HUFFMAN

was at the event, and I know he was at the dinner/dance, along with wife,

Marjorie L. Huffman.


From 1961's RICHARD L. DOLL came a request for info on classmate, MARILYN J.

WINKLER. I had nothing, but was nevertheless able to find her, using the

webiste I constantly use and it's always one, terrific souce (www.whitepages

com)  The extent of obtainable info on there is amazing and I sent it to him

  Did you talk with her yet, Rich?


Let's back up a bit to Sept. 28, which is when I got the latest update on a

Fahrney or two. As we all are well aware, that's an iconic surname in the

annals of WC. So from 1958 class president, RICHARD A. FAHRNEY, came a

report on his trip to Europe, where he was coaching what is termed,

American Football," while in Germany. Dick was coaching 18-year-olds and was

permitted to stay 90 days, then had to leave, due to visa limitations, but

said he'd gotten to bring over 4 grandchildren for a month, so I know he and

Jan had great fun with that. Dick also sent along a message for you, BILL R.

HOWARD, his classmate. He loved the photos you sent to him, and I guess his

thanks brought about nostalgia from the 1950s about your incredible speed as

a track runner and athlete, Bill. Of course, all of us of that era remember

your remarkable achievements, and I'm betting no one's ever yet broken a few


of the records you set.


Unfortunately, this year's timing with the Fahrneys didn't coincide with our

weekend, and we're surely hoping that won't happen too many more years. As I

type (Oct. 28), Dick probably went to Tuesday breakfast at Holly's in WC,

then they will return to do some skiing in Breckenridge, after a visit to

Kalispell, Montana---an area where I've ridden serious, Harley-Davidson

miles for many years, long ago---to visit son Lance, daughter-in-law Melissa

and their four grandchildren. Also, many thanks for the kind words, Dick,

and we sure hope to see you next year.


Toward the end of September, we got e-mail from 1960's THOS. L. WOLF, JR.,

who advised all the old class photos are hanging where they should be in

WCHS. He made arrangement to get them to open the school from 10a.m.-2p.m.,

on Oct. 18, for viewing on alumni weekend. Unfortunately, I was in such a

mad dash, I totally forgot it, but did share dinner with Tom at my table,

later that evening. He also told me the Mandalay Banquet Center is located

in the Kettering School District, not WC, as I'd thought. But that's okay.

Thanks, Tom.


From 1960's EULA FAYE BAILEY came news she wouldn't be with us this year,

either. She has had a number of health issues, with which she's been dealing

  and just isn't up to the traveling. It's been a year since she broke her

hip, but has recovered 100% from that, she reported. So that part was good

news. We all missed you, Eula Faye!


A couple of inquiries came to me for contact information and/or an update on

1963's FRANCES L. PEFFLY. They came from SHIRLEY A. RANKIN and TERRIE A.

STOLTZ. Both want to know how to contact Fran and how she's doing. I wish I

had an answer for you both. I last saw Fran on April 14 of 2012, when I took

her and her daughter to lunch for Fran's birthday. Since then, I've heard

nothing, I'm sorry to say, and don't know why. So if anybody out there knows

how Fran is, let us know. All I can tell you is that I'm not getting any

rejects on her e-mail address, so I have to assume it's still working.


From 1957's SHIRLEY A. HILE came a request for the dates for our weekend,

but I don't recall seeing you anywhere, Shirley. Were you somewhere at one

of the weekend functions, and I missed seeing you, Shirley?


From 1961's SHARON K. WENDELKEN came a report about a class gathering for

her 1964 younger brother's class. He is TIMOTHY L. WENDELKEN, and it looks

like he lives in Gray Court, SC. I was a tad surprised by the timing of the

event, since our annual alumni weekend is so high-profile, now. But the

class met on about the last weekend of September and I have to admit I

wondered why it wasn't coincided with the alumni weekend, which would've

allowed them to see so many more Pirates. My first thought was perhaps the

planners were unaware. In any case, Sharon said her brother told her the

dinner was fabulous and was held at the Presidential Pavilion. In any case,

it's wonderful the class met for their 50th. Thanks for the report, Sharon.


From 1961's NANCY J. ERTEL came regrets about not being able to see the

e-mail address for 1958 class prez, RICHARD A. FAHRNEY. Well, Nancy, we can

sure fix that in a big hurry. I feel very confident Dick will not mind a

fellow Pirate having his e-mail address, especially one who showed an

interest in his involvement in European sports. So here's Dick's e-mail:

fahrney@earthlink.net Okay, Nancy?


A recent call came from 1960's EDGAR L. "EDDIE: KELLY. He'd lost all his

contacts due to a crash on his PC. He also told me he hasn't been up to par

of late, but is making strides. Ed wanted contact info on his high school

girlfriend, 1961's DIANA J. MILTON, so I hope he was able to contact you,

her sister, 1958's MARGIE L. MILTON.


Also checking in with an update was Rebecca A. Fuller, spouse of 1960's

GERALD A. FULLER. She said they'll make an effort to be at our class' 55th

anniversary, next year. I sure hope so! Several years ago, Jerry connected a

few memory dots for me. For years, I'd wondered why and how I could recall a


connection to Jerry, long before we began school together. It was he who was

able to recall the fact I used to visit my aunt and uncle on Dayton's Steele

Avenue, when just a toddler. It was Jerry who was able to tell me his

parents had lived right next door. I recall going to birthday parties for

Jerry, when we were but 3 and 4 years old. I know we met each other before

our 3rd birthdays. That means, we have known one another longer than just

about any other person on earth, but for older, immediate family. I don't

have anyone living, but I think Jerry still has his two brothers, who are



Well, 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER will soon be adding to her vast family. Her

granddaughter by her son, 1975's Dr. MARK T. SCHROEPPEL, Ph. D., is

currently 3 months pregnant with her second child and the family is very

excited. Freda already has 11 great-grandchildren and she was an only child!

I know you're doing your part to re-populate the earth, Freda!


Well, I received a wonderful e-mail from 1961's JANET L. WALTERS, in which

she tried to convince me she, like me, grew up as a Tomboy.  Okay, Janet,

maybe you did, but you sure don't LOOK like any Tomboy I'VE ever seen, and

you're invariably one of the most attractive alumni who comes to any of the

functions.  So if you were ever a Tomboy, you've sure done a great job of

outgrowing it, that's for sure!


From 1969's KAREN L. THROCKMORTON came an e-mail regarding the recent death

of her mother,

1945's NORMA JEAN BROWN, the spouse of her classmate, DONALD R. THROCKMORTON

  We all sure did hate that one, Karen.  I had the pleasure of meeting your

folks at one or two of the alumni functions, and what nice people.  I'm so

sorry we lost your mother.


While there in WC, I made inroads with our new alumni president, 1978's

LARRY W. HENDERSON, and he will be letting me know, as the year passes, if

any big changes or corrections are taking place as regards our plans for

2015. Thanks for stepping up to the plate, Larry, and I know we all

appreciate once again having an alumni president.  I understand the

vice-presidency remains open.  If that's still the case, are there any

takers out there?  If so, please let Larry know.  Keep reading, as I'm

getting to the recent alumni weekend, and will have some coverage on that.


None other than 1958's DONALD I. MCCOY and wife, Frances B., are putting the

finishing touches on a new CD.  As most of us are well aware, Don and Fran

do a lot of entertaining and singing around the area of southern Ohio.  At

our Miami Shores Memories gathering of 2013, in fact, we were treated to a

free concert with Don, classmate LORNA D. TROUTMAN, and her 1962 sister,

THERESA M.  It was great fun.


My dear friend, 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH and his longtime, significant

other, 1971's PATTY JO WHEELBARGER, came to my house for a visit.  Bruce

averages a visit about 3-5 times, each year, and Patty is normally with him,

at least once or twice.  They also headed southward and visited 1960's

MICHAEL S. WEST and wife Sally in their chosen hometown of Gatlinburg.


With this edition, we welcome aboard 1959's NORMAN R. SANFORD. He gave me

his e-mail at our dinner/dance, and sat at the same table, as 1959 and 1960

were seated together. He and his wife live in Pennsylvania.  Many of us

vividly recall Norm, as he was the drum major for the marching band, just

prior to the years when that slot was occupied by 1961's JACK L. GODBY.

Welcome to the WC bulletin readers list, Norm, and we hope you will enjoy.


During our recent weekend, it was the 60th for the class of 1954, obviously.

  One class member was CAROLYN R. GILLETTE, sister of 1961's SALLY L.

GILLETTE, who reported Carolyn asked her to join the 1954 gathering, which

she did.  Carolyn had other family members there, too.  I so regret not

seeing anyone from that class at our dinner/dance.  I had really wanted to

see several of those folks, inparticularly!


With nearly each bulletin, 1960's RONNIE R. WHEELER and I, seem to exchange

opinions on matters of pith and moment, so to speak.  This time, we both

lamented the loss of the moral pulchritude with which we 1950s kids were

raised and how our own children never got to experience that.  How true, how

true, Ronnie, and yes, how tragic.  I've never been sure about modern being

necessarily better.


From 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE came a proud report of the work of his

grandson, Kyle, who's getting launched into the film-making business.  In

fact, he's just signed a contract to do commercials for none other than

Starbucks Coffee.  His other grandson, Ryan, is headed to Los Angeles to

play in the Handicapped World Soccer Cup.  While Ryan is not handicapped,

the rules call for each team to have two non-handicapped players, and Ryan

is one of them.  Is it any wonder Tom and Sandi are so proud of these two



So now, we get to our weekend, as I continue typing on this Halloween night,

which is gray and very overcast for our little beggars. I had a safe and

uneventful trip to the home of my host and hostess, who are always 1960's

CHAS. V. CARTER and wife, Pamela J., who reside in Miamisburg. That was on

Wednesday, Oct. 15, and I spent that evening visiting my brother-in-law,

Ralph J. Osterman, and my sister-in-law, 1956's ANITA R. MASON, his wife of

5 years.  Then it was next door for a visit to my friend, Susie McLaughlin,

caregiver, singer, and roommate to the late, great Betty C. Greenwood, who

died April 12, and whose eulogy I delivered to a packed house. I think of

her often and fondly. Susie was kind enough to make a gift to me of a

beautiful piece of Betty's jewelry, which I'll always cherish.


Then came Thursday and I went to the usual gathering at Ron's Pizza in

Miamisburg. I was firs to get there and, while waiting in my van, 1959's

GARY E. BARNES also arrived. He and I shared supper together, as we've been

doing for a number of years, The turnout was fairly light, probably around

35-40 people. But it was nevertheless fun and pleasant and lots of memories

and nostalgia.  I especially enjoyed seeing the wonderful, old antique car,

driven right to the front door by 1962's RUSSELL L. "RUSTY" ELLIOTT and wife

MARY ANN DUNCAN. Everyone milled around and talked to everyone, as always

seems to be the case. I had a great visit with classmate, DAVID A. BLAIR and

his wife, Marlene.


Friday brought a repeat performance with additional people, and many of the

same ones, as we all gathered at Frisch's. Even GARY L. WARLAUMONT put in an

appearance, and so did our class vice-president, THOS. D. YOUNG and his wife

  my dear friend, Sandi. Daughter Jennifer was also there with her spouse,

Larry M. Hamblin, and the great-grandson, Connor Benjamin Gill. What a cutie

and a real scene-stealer.


Suddenly, there was a tap on my shoulder and I turned to find 1958's star

football jock and hunk, none other than 1950s A-lister, LANDO F. STEELE.  We

had a great visit and went all around the place, as we did table-hopping and

I told everyone who he was.  He said he wanted to talk to everyone and that

was just what we did.  There were lots of 1960 people there, it seemed, and

I was glad of that. Among those I saw, besides Gary and Tom, were DAVID A.


V. CARTER, C. SUE MCCLOUD, and I know others will come to mind, as I do more



We lost the Miami Shores Memories Picnic, due to rescheduling of the weekend

  after the room had already been set for the prior week, the death of 1957's

BETTY LEE CARROLL, who served as our Moraine City liaison, and the confusion

of alumni officer resignations.  I loved that event and have big hopes of

someone taking the reins and resurrecting that event for next year. We'll

see how it goes.


Of course, the almost-canceled-this-year dinner/dance was the following

night. Now, due to all those aformentioned-and-unforeseen stumbling blocks,

we did have a light turnout, maybe a hundred, but let me tell you, if you

weren't there, you missed the very best one we've ever had, and I'm not

kidding! The facility was Mandalay Banquet Center on East River Road, an

extremely nice facility with all amenities and I'm so glad we're going to be

staying there in future years.


While there, I spent time with 1960's T. BARRY RUSSELLO and 1959 spouse,

BETSY R. MURPHY. I  can assure you, they're both still keeping the fashion

bar high. Barry had just stepped off the pages of GQ, as always, and Betsy

continues to defy age, looking about 55 (with a hard push) and fashionable

beyond description. Yep, she's the Vogue girl!  Also present was 1958's

football icon, FLOYD R. "BUBBLES" WILLIAMS, whose face broke into a wide

smile when his football buddy, also a 1958-er, LANDO F. STEELE, entered the

room.  I also spent some time talking with their other football buddy,

VINCENT A. BRODBECK and his delightful, longtime companion, Brenda K. Heiser

  as well as 1962 class member, JACKQUELYN S. HAINES and her 1958 spouse, W.

BAILEY HAWKINS. There were also BILL R. HOWARD and his wife, Lucille M.  Two

days earlier, I coincidentally ran smack into Bill and DAVID L. HOWARD, at

the WC McDonald's, when I stopped for coffee, breakfast, and a paper.  We

had a nice visit, too. Also at my table was CHAS. V. CARTER, who drove me

there and back.  I was happy about that, as it was a rainy night.  Also

there was SHIRLEY J. TUDOR, who was lookin' good, and THOS. L. WOLF, JR.  It

was a great evening.


Now, as much as I hate to say it (but I've already said it, many times), in

ALL past years, I thought the food was absolutely hog swill.  I said nothing

  as I wasn't there for the food, anyway.  But many others echoed my opinion,

very quietly.  Well, all I can say is, "Hog swill days are finished!"  The

food at the Mandalay Banquet Center was absolutely delicious, every single

item.  Everyone, with whom I spoke, agreed with me.


Then came the entertainment.  Yes, we had entertainment and in all previous

years, I didn't enjoy it, at all.  This year was exceptional!  There was a

group there, who call themselves (I think) the Dell Sonics.

They sang many songs from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.  Somehow, some way,

they managed to sound just like the original recording, on each and every

song.  I was amazed, as were many. By the way, the wait staff at this

facility were all Johnny-on-the-spot, keeping coffee and tea all filled,

bringing any requested items to the table, and making sure everyone was

accommodated.  This was a 100%, enjoyable-all-the-way function and I'll bet

it will be repeated, and even better, come next year.


It is my understanding from the current alumni president, 1978's LARRY W.

HENDERSON, we will be doing a repeat performance of all aspects of the 2014

event.  I, for one, am thrilled about that. Larry was assisted this year by

a little presentation from former president, THOS. A. DORSEY.  So if you

didn't make this year's event, as so many didn't, make darned sure you put

it on your calendar for 2015. Hats off to all who had a hand in planning

this year's exceptional event.  We'll also be returning to our regular time

slot of the second Saturday in October. So our WC weekend will be held on

Oct. 8, 9, and 10, come next year.  BE THERE!!!  Don't keep putting this off

  because we're losing more and more people every year.  I especially want to

see a predominance of my own class, 1960, as it will be our 55th.  Not to be

excluded from importance is the class of 1965, who will be the spotlight,

50th class, and it will be the 60th for 1955.  So bearing all that in mind,

make your plans and block off that weekend.  Let nothing prevent you from

being there.  Don't shove this to the side for other events.  If you can

make just one of the events, make sure it's the dinner/dance, as that's the

only official event. If someone wants you to do something on that weekend,

you need to tell them you have already made commitments!


So guess what?  This concludes this installment of the WC bulletins.  The

last one was sent Sept. 24, so I'm pretty proud of myself. On this Halloween

Eve, you'll have lots of reading to do, so I hope you'll all enjoy.  If I've

overlooked anything, please let me know.  I'll get it in the next one. In

the meantime, I'll close with my usual wish for glowing health, personal

safety, great happiness, spiritual harmony, peaceful serenity, and boundless

prosperity. Ciao!

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