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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Wednesday, June 23, 2004

---Here we go, folks! We're off and running. I keep trying to hold off for monthly bulletins, but I get back too many e- mails to do that, I'm happy to report! Tonight's bulletin is especially rewarding for me. I've just hung up from what you might call, "a reunion telephone call" with none other than RICHARD C. CALL, Class of 1962. Yes, Richard will be joining us in October. He lives in Brookville with wife, Jeannie, has two children, and two grandchildren, tells me he's in good health, retired from GM, and he also asked about a number of you. For years, Rich (as we used to address him), ran around with the likes of EDDIE KELLY, BILL ROHLER, AARON COUCH, COLIN KELLEY, and a few other WC adventurers. He's quite anxious to see everyone again, too. So as a result of that one phone call, we'll add, "Just One More For 2004!" That makes about 3 "just-one-mores" for me. So how are all of YOU coming along, with your "just-one -more" efforts? I gave Rich the numbers for Eddie and Bill, of course, but I don't know Colin's number. Does anyone have that? Rich is now a permanent part of our bulletin list, so welcome aboard, Rich! We all can't wait to see you, come October. If anyone wishes to directly contact Rich, please let me know. He's up for hearing from any and all former WC folks.

We had a good response to the request for those of you to donate money (if you're able) to our former classmate who's nearly homeless. BRUCE E. CHENOWETH made a journey recently and has delivered funds to that person. He will be going again, in about 2-3 more weeks. Several of you have asked me to recap this, so here goes. We have someone who's in a bad situation, to make it short and sweet. This person is a former WC attendee, as well as a Miami Shores Kid, like many on this list. There is no substantive address to which to send funds and the person has no banking connections, so that is why I recommend making checks payable to Bruce. He is in contact and takes funds to this party, as they are donated. He has generously donated, also, I might add. So if you would like to be a part of this very compassionate gesture, send a check to Bruce at his home address of 10899 Pomona Street, Miamisburg, Ohio 45342. He'll likely know what it is and for whom it is. I thank all of you who have sent money and I assure you that the recipient is also very grateful.

Checking in over the past couple of weeks with notes of humor, wisdom, and also just interesting stuff, have been the following people: JOANN K STEMLEY, SANDRA L. BARSALOU, EULA FAYE BAILEY, DARELL L. TOBIAS, SALLY L. GILLETTE, SUE E. SOWERS, LINDA L. SHANK, & CAROL A. MUMMA. We're all pleased to hear from all of you!

Among one of the more amusing items, came a note from SANDRA S. HOLLINGSWORTH, which bore the comforting news that chocolate is a vegetable! Aren't you just thrilled to know that? I know it sure gave ME a warm and fuzzy feeling. That is surely a comfort to all of us. Thanks, Sande, that was a cute one!

Darell, you and I are going to have a tough time, getting in that H-D ride, what with all this rain, aren't we? Eula Faye, did you get all your new addresses downloaded? I can scarcely wait to see all of you, come October! I do hope everyone plans to be there. I've got my airline and car reservations already set!

Once again, I've been enjoying some great Miami Shores memories with PAUL R. BEARDSLEY. You and I just can't stay off that subject, can we, Paul? God help us all when you show up at Frisch's on October 8! We will bore everyone to tears, won't we? Paul got one of my extra Piratans and we were reminiscing a bit. I still have a few left, if anyone is in the market for a particular year. Let me know and I'll check my inventory.

MICHAEL S. WEST and I have had a couple of good exchanges and have even spoken on the phone. I'm sort of in the mood for a bike trip and I love Tennessee. That may be my next destination, so look out, Mike & Sally! By the way, Mike continues to maintain contact with L. EUGENE ZINK (1960) & NICHOLAS P. WOLARY (1958). Again, we hope to see everyone in October. I spoke with Gene, by the way, and he's doing a bit better. He even invited me to Alabama! Careful, Gene! I just may take you up on that.

BEVERLY J. HAAS has come up with an ingenious plan for keeping everyone in touch. It's some sort of YaHoo website where we can all chat and I can even post my bulletins there. I haven't yet figured it out, but I know she is right about all she said about it. I just have to figure out how to do it, that's all. Thanks for that, Zoe!

Bruce and I have also talked and he may also go down to Tennessee, sometime this summer. In fact, a lot of us are planning a few summer trips. I've recently spoken with my "birthday twin," DEVONA S. TAYLOR, and Dee is doing well and in good health. She tells me that her husband, EUGENE COUCH, is also doing well. We'll see them in October, and we're going to be looking for you, too, AARON COUCH! (So will every woman in Ohio, who is single, widowed, or divorced, I'd guess!) For you men, of course we have the charming, forever- Old-South girl, herself, Eula Faye Bailey. So you can believe me, when I tell you that there is something for everyone at THIS function!

From CAROLYN SUE MCCLOUD, Class of 1960, (or was that you, John?) came an e-mail called, "Take A Walk With Me," and it mentioned everything from fender skirts to the word, "supper," which will forever mean the evening meal, to 1950s kids. We had breakfast, dinner, and supper. Lunch was used, only if you were eating the midday meal away from home, remember?

On June 1, came the newsy inquiry from GARY E. BARNES, about how to reach CHARLES A. HIGH. He also gave me the news that GARY D. MAYS, Class of 1957, and his homecoming-queen wife, DONNA BOWIE, were in an auto accident. Gary has spoken with
Mays sibling, WILLMA, who informed him. Gary & Donna live just about 30 miles from me. I sent a card to them and Gary called me last Saturday. We had a windy chat, during which I tried to talk them into coming to the alumni gig, of course. I also mailed over a packet of the bulletins. We'll see what happens.

WILLIAM O. WALKER and spouse, KAREN MURPHY (honorary WC-er) remain in the state of Kansas, working storm claims. They will also be doing some visiting when they finish, seeing their, "inherited grandchildren," the offspring of the best friend of their late son, TIM. We wish you a great visit, guys, and we hope to see you in October! They're staying very busy, though, working the storm claims from their RV.

Leave it to NANCY J. ERTEL, Class of 1961, to find me this wonderful website for motorcycle events. But I'm just not clever enough to get the hang of using it, yet. I've kept it, though, and intend to explore the options, if any. Many thanks for thinking of me, Nancy. Did all of you get to see the great photo of Nancy with her handsome spouse whose name is Donald? If not, perhaps you will soon be posting that photo on the WC website, right, Nancy?

From WILLIAM R. HOWARD comes a note of thanks for his recently-received copy of the 1955 Piratan, which he has sought for so long. I'm unsure, but I do believe that may complete Bill's Piratan requests. I was successful in getting him a 1958, a 1955, and Bill, didn't I also get you a 1957? I've done so many now, my recollections of which ones I got for which WC people, are all merging together.

JUNE CRUTCHFIELD checked in to say that they were having an alumni meeting on June 8. I haven't yet heard from her, as to just how that went, but I'm sure she'll be checking in again soon with a full report. Once again, I want to reiterate the importance of reserving your seat for the alumni dinner this year. Yes, you can come after the dinner is concluded. But there are sometimes a few problems with the arrangement. If you weren't there for the dinner, then it's possible you may not have a seat, once it's over. Besides, everyone wants to have dinner together and let's not forget that our alumni association reaps the benefits of what we pay for this dinner. So I urge all of you to pay for a reservation. This is more fun than I can EVER tell you in this bulletin. Just be there, okay? If you go to that first one, you'll never miss one again, I promise you.

GERALD A. FULLER checked in and he and Becky are in their Kentucky houseboat home (Lancaster, to be precise). The Fullers are just wonderful about keeping up good contact. Jerry would like to see us hold a WC Florida Spring Fest in his hometown of Panama City Beach, one year soon. We'll have to think that over. I guess a lot of us wouldn't mind a different place, from time to time, I don't know. The only meeting place which seems to be "written in stone" is that of the Frisch's in Moraine City, for which we all seem to have such a soft spot in our hearts. But I'm open to any suggestions from anybody about holding WC gatherings, aren't you?

From JOANN STEMLEY came a cordial note, inviting me to come and stay with her anytime and we'd get together with some of the old classmates and rehash old times. Somehow, you'd think we'd all get weary of that, wouldn't you? But we never, ever do!

SHIRLEY ANN HILE also checked in to say what a small world it truly is, based on the story which was sent to me by MR. JOHNSON and his wife, about the fast-food stop in Kentucky. I have to say, that WAS a good one. We hope you will be with us in October, Shirley. (That goes for you Johnsons, too! After all, what would a WC event BE, with no Mr. Johnson? That goes for MURL E. HUFFMAN, too!)

Several people, including the Walkers and SUE SOWERS made sure we all knew that our former class- mate, LEONARD F. KUHN, Clas of 1958, just underwent a triple bypass recently. Lennie is recovering rapidly and successfully, as I understand it. We fervently hope that Lennie will also be with us in October. We all wish you well, Lennie.

CURTIS A. KEMP has positively assured me that he and his wife WILL be at the alumni gig, come hell or high water. You sure had BETTER be, Curtis! Not only is your old pal, EDDIE KELLY, looking forward to seeing you and coming in all the way from Idaho, but now, even RICHARD CALL will be there and HE wants to see you, too, hear? So don't let us down! I know you won't.

Cousin JUDITH L. SAMUELS reported in, to say that she was taking a trip to Savannah on June 2. I guess you are back by now, Judy. How was your trip? Judy also expressed sympathy for our almost-homeless WC person and made the observation that there may be many of us, who are in that situation and just one paycheck from bankruptcy. I suppose that's probably true, so I'm very grateful for the small measure of security with which I've been blessed.

An interesting e-mail popped up from SHARLENE N. MERKER, Class of 1987 and daughter of 1960's SHIRLEY J. TUDOR. Sharlene wrote me of their plans to go on a Disney Cruise in October of 2005. But she also asked me about the most famous female serial killer, who lived in this area, Aileen Carol Wournos, upon whose life is based the Oscar-winning film, "Monster." I was surprised she asked me about this woman because I had, indeed, had a couple of brushes with her, while she lived here in Volusia County. So I told her all about that. We just HAVE to get you and your WC husband, JEFFREY A. SIZER, and your WC father-in-law, GARY L. SIZER, to a WC function, Sharlene! C'mon, you're gonna love it!

From COOKIE BOWIE, came the disappointing news that she won't be with us in October. But there's a bit of an upside to this, folks! Cookie won't be here because ---get this!---she's going to Arizona to visit with JUDI BECKETT! Now, we all know Judi is a member of our 1960 class, too. So I suggested the two of them get together and come to the alumni gig during their visit. I just thought that sounded like a great idea, don't you? We're not giving up on you, Cookie. We all just LOVED having you at Florida Spring Fest and you added SO much fun to the festivities, so please don't write us off, just yet, ok?

As always, Bruce and I maintain very steady contact and I also think he retains all of my bulletins in his computer, which is something I don't do. So if any of you miss them, accidentally delete them or whatever, let me know and I'll hook you up with Bruce. Before I forget, Bill Howard sent me a postal request to mail bulletins to EVELYN JEAN HOLLINGER. Do you all remember her? I do. I sent her the last grouping, just this past week.

We still haven't heard the update on the Colorado Springs vacation of THOMAS L. WOLF, JR., and his wife, Susan. So Tom, how did that go? Do you love Colorado? I have to confess, I really don't, but I don't mind visiting from time to time. We hope you've safely returned. Listen, gang, I need more notes, more news, more tidbits. Let's get with it, hear? Tell me about your kids, grandkids, vacations, plans, illnesses, operations, etc., okay? As I keep telling you, I can't do this on my own. Without all of you, I'm dead in the water, and that's the end of the bulletins! YOU are the ones who make this work and the ones who keep the wheels turning, by sending me your messages and news. Thanks.

So that pretty much winds up the news for this edition of the WECATON NEWS REPORT. (Thanks again, Gary Barnes, for thinking up that wonderful and nostalgic name for our bulletins. I just love it!) All of you take due care, live carefully, wear your seat belts, and look forward to our WC functions, please. With that, I leave you all with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

May 31, 2004

---No, it's not the first of the month, but it's darned close. So we will call this the June reminder for our "crown jewel" event of the alumni gig on October 9, preceded by the Frisch's Frolic on the previous night (yes, it's at the Frisch's in Moraine City), and probably a brunch or two here and there on the 10th. So remember, everyone, your time is occupied for the weekend of October 8, 9, and 10. Please do NOT make other plans, as you already have plans, ok? We don't want to forget about the Second Annual WC Florida Spring Fest, either, and that will be on April 3, 2005. For all following years, it will always be on the final Sunday of March. But in 2005, that is Easter, so that's why we pushed it back by one week. Then there's going to be the Second Annual WC Florida Holiday Brunch on December 4, the first Saturday of the month, at the Dixie Crossroads. We're still working on the idea of the "WC Gatlinburg Gala" in the hometown of 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, to be held during the mid-summer period, possibly. I really do like the ring of that one, I have to tell you, and that would give us 4 gatherings each year. I love Tennessee!! Mike is doing his follow-up care on his medical problems and he seems to be doing well. We can't wait to see you in October, Mike, as well as you, Sally!

All 3 of my people have advised me that they've gotten the Piratans which I sent them (WILLIAM R. HOWARD, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, and PAUL R. BEARDSLEY) and are enjoying them immensely. That's great and just what I like to hear. We also have another request for a yearbook and it comes from RICHARD D. WELLS, Class of 1983. It seems Rick would like to have a copy of his class yearbook. I don't have a 1983 and cannot fulfill his request. Is there anyone out there who can give Rick a hand with that? Don't worry, Rick, I'll keep an ear to the ground and I'll try hard to find one for you. It just may take a while.

CAROLYN SUE MCCLOUD, Class of 1960, and her witty spouse, John Mack, Jr., continue to maintain contact with their witticisms and clever transmittals. We expect to see you both, come October, hear?

By now, you're all aware of the great story which was submitted by JAMES C. JOHNSON, who taught us all so much, in school. As a result of that little stop at a fast food restaurant in Kentucky, we now have on board, SUE ANN ALEXANDER, Class of 1969. Sue, you're our first 1969-er, I do believe. We all welcome you and hope that you have planned for October 8, 9, and 10.

That most popular of the popular WC gals, EULA FAYE BAILEY, Class of 1960, and I, have been having both wonderful e-mails AND wonderful phone calls, this last couple of weeks. I'm so excited about seeing you in October again, Eula Faye! She and I have both been working on trying to get our classmate, BEVERLY A. BOWMAN, to come to some of our functions. We're not going to abandon the effort. By the way, Eula Faye has a new e-mail address, so if you need to reach her, do contact me.

Just last week, I began to think about my October trip. I assessed the cost of fuel and driving and where we're at on world situations. With great trepidation, I logged on to the computer and looked up costs of flying and renting a car, as opposed to driving up there again. To my utter amazement, I found a deal which included a round-trip, non-stop ticket from Orlando to Dayton, as well as a car rental for six days, for a grand total of $370. Well, that seemed too good to pass, so I booked it. I'm all set and I'll arrive about 9:20 p.m. on October 6, pick up my car, and be on the road. I'll leave on Tuesday, October 12, at 8:15 a.m. So I'm good to go. There's just one thing. I sure do hope I don't get up there, after driving to Orlando, flying on a plane, and renting a car, only to find that there are people on this list who LIVE there, and don't attend things! I'm going to "inventory" these names and faces and I'll be looking for all of you, hear?

Lately, I've had lots of exchanges with BEVERLY J. HAAS, Class of 1960, also. She reported, sadly, that her cousin, JACK BOYER, passed away last week. She is quite upset about his passing, as they were quite close. Many of you will remember the Boyer brothers. There was Victor, Jack, and Robert. Bob is the sole survivor of the boys. I know I speak for us all when I offer her our sympathy upon the loss of her beloved relative. She is in hopes that Jack's mother will come out to live with her in California, now that Jack is gone.

My classmate, THOMAS L. WOLF, JR., and wife Susan, left on May 25 for a visit with their son, who lives in Colorado Springs. Tom says their son just bought a new home and they will also be helping him do some fixing up and painting, etc., as well as visiting. The Wolfs will be returning to Ohio about June 2. We hope you've had a great visit, Tom and Sue!

Also fresh from a vacation is SANDRA SUE HOLLINGS -WORTH, Class of 1961, who returned on May 24, after telling us all she'd be eating too much, drinking too much, and talking about all of us. Great, Sande, and we hope you had a wonderful trip!

Folks, we've somehow lost CHRIS LYN CLEARY on our list. Is anyone up to date on that? Does she have a new e-mail address? How about someone checking on that and getting back to me? I hate losing people, once they have been on our list. That brings me to my classmate, MONTY ESTEP and his 1962 wife, BEVERLY WALKER. They have a new e-mail address and I thank you, Monty, for letting me know. If anyone wants to reach them, please contact me. In the meantime, Monty and Bev, we'll be looking for you in October!

My cousin, JUDY L. SAMUELS, has been facing some health challenges. She had tests recently which thank- fully confirmed that she doesn't have anything terminal, but she is in considerable discomfort, so let's keep good thoughts for Judy and hope that she is better, very soon.

Also checking in with a few witty transmittals was SANDRA L. BARSALOU, Class of 1958, and STEVEN M. KOKOT and wife, BARBARA T. O'NEAL. Then, of course, there was WILLIAM R. HOWARD, who did what he called, "Some Groaners," and were they, ever! But it's okay, Bill, we love you, anyway. CAROLYN J. and DAVID R. BURNS also checked in with a little "Biker Chick" humor. Did any of you get that one?

Those WALKER people (WILLIAM O. & honorary class member spouse, KAREN MURPHY) have checked in to tell us they're currently in Kansas, working another storm. Afterward, they'll be visiting grandchildren, so they were very excited about that.

We also got a couple of lines from those two hard-working alumni folks, JAMES E. RICHARDSON and K. JUNE CRUTCHFIELD, both of whom we'll sure be seeing in October. I'm still awaiting a response from you, June, on the proposal I sent in for the October gig, so get back to me when you can.

DONNA J.. TUDOR, Class of 1955, always keeps good contact and she wrote to tell me of her impending trip to Washington State to visit the daughter of her late sister, DORIS D. TUDOR, Class of 1955, who was also our homecoming queen that year. We hope you have a great trip, Donna! I've also recently spoken at length with Donna's sister, SHIRLEY J. TUDOR. She and I maintain fairly good contact, too. Shirley and Donna will be at all the October functions. Donna sends special greetings to you, DARELL L. TOBIAS. She wants to contact you, so I'll send you her e-mail and I'll also try to remember to send yours to her, hear? Donna is looking forward to seeing you.

Our "in-house" computer guru, NANCY J. SWEEN, also checked in to tell me that she was fast asleep on the night I flew through her hometown of Bonner Springs, Kansas, when I considered calling her, but thought better of it. I guess it's a good thing I did, huh, Nancy?

DONNA J. RICHARDS, Class of 1961, also checked in and we both compared the impacts of our lives on the people about whom we care. I've decided that Donna is WAY ahead of me. But I'm trying hard to get current. She also let us know about the heart surgery of another WC alumnus, LEONARD F. KUHN, Class of 1958. SUE E. SOWERS, Class of 1958, has confirmed that he is doing well, post-surgery. We all wish you well, Lennie, and I hear you're doing great. We truly want to see you in October, too!

CHARLES A. HIGH, JR., continues to have a very tough time of it. He's still caring for his invalid wife and trying to maintain his own health, too, after his quadruple bypass surgery. We're all pulling for you, Charlie! Please try to hang in there and we would sure love to see you this October!

L. EUGENE ZINK and I had a great conversation when he called me, about two weeks ago. Gene wants to know when I'm coming to visit him at his Cedar Bluff,
Alabama home. Well, you just never know about me, Gene. I could pop up anywhere, anytime!

GARY E. BARNES, Class of 1959, checked in to tell us all that he thinks DAVID PIERCE lives in Springboro, and his brother, WILLIAM G. PIERCE, lives in Piketon. Of course, both of these are Ohio towns.Someone had asked about them both, not so very long ago.

Also receiving queries are those two popular WC girls, NANCY E. "COOKIE" BOWIE and CAROLYN E. "TOOTIE" PENCE. I can't begin to tell you two how many people want to see you both at the alumni gig. I know you were in Florida for Spring Fest, Cookie, but I sure do hope you will give very serious consideration to the alumni gig. MADELEINE D. CAMPBELL, you tell Bill I said to let you be there, too!

This next subject is touchy, folks. I've vacillated back and forth, about whether or not to include this. Then I asked myself, "Would I want to know about this, if I were NOT me and already knew it?" The answer I gave to me, was yes. So here I go. Among our ranks, we have one of our own who is on the verge of homelessness. This news just reached me, in the past week. We also have one among us, who is in somewhat regular contact with this person. That person happens to be BRUCE E. CHENOWETH. Yesterday, I drove to the main post office and dropped an envelope in the mail to Bruce, which contains a nice, little piece of change for this fellow WC person, who has fallen upon hard times. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this person will receive this money from Bruce, during the upcoming weekend. I don't know just how much it will help, but I can tell you this much. It sure made ME feel good. If you want to know who this person is, please ask me on an individual basis and I will tell you. I don't want to turn this into a huge, blanket humiliation bulletin of abject embarrassment for this party, though. This party was involved in an auto accident, which rendered them unable to work and they have not yet reached the 62nd birthday and therefore, there is no income at all. Could this have been me? Of course, but it wasn't. I was more fortunate than that and besides, I'm already 62. Could it have been you? Once again, yes, it could have been.

As we contemplate our good fortunes with nice homes, decent cars, adequate food and clothing and a nice family life with an adequate income, let's ask ourselves if we can possibly donate a little toward the welfare of this person. If you decide it might give you a good feeling to do this, as it did me, then put whatever you feel you can comfortably afford, in the form of a check, money order, or even cash, into an envelope and mail it right away to Bruce E. Chenoweth, 10899 Pomona Street, Miamisburg, Ohio 45342. I made my check payable to Bruce, as I know he will convert it to cash before he makes the trip to deliver the funds to this person. If there is one thing I know about WC people, it is that we are innately good, inside. I thank in advance, any and all of you who may choose to contribute to the welfare of this person. I will tell you that this person is also a former "Miami Shores Kid," just like me, and many others on this list.

Please keep those notes and new tidbits rolling in for me, gang! I can't do this alone. Without all of you, I'm dead in the water. With that, I leave all of you with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

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