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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sent: Sunday, September 27, 2009 1:17:52 PM

On the hallowed day of 09/11, I begin this newest effort. Yes, it's the day after I sent the last one, and yes, I'm still on my shaky, old PC. Ha! I swear, I'm going to get it fixed or replace it soon, okay? As I told my old friend, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, 1958, I'm terribly intimidated at the thought of going shopping for a new one, to be quite honest. I'm rather technologically-chal-lenged, as compared to most people, and don't want to appear stupid in the effort of shopping for a new one. So I guess I'll ride it out with the old one and see how long she lasts (but should I screw up the courage to shop for a new one, I may do that, too, who knows?)


At this writing, I have no response yet on the e-mail for 1956's RICHARD L. "PETE" BECKETT
and spouse CAROL A. PFISTER. I do hope to receive that prior to the completion of this one, and will keep you updated, if I do. The last two bulletins to them have been sent back to me as rejected. (Footnote: As expected, I got a very immediate response on the correct e-mail for Pete and Carol from their classmate, RALPH D. WILSON, and many thanks for that, Ralph! I've entered it again, and I do hope it will stay, this time.)

The same thing has been happening on e-mail to 1961's THOS. L. WEIDLE, but I think I have found a way around that one, as I had Bruce for
-ward it to him, and have heard of no rejects, so perhaps I'll continue that effort, in order to keep Tommy in the loop. You all know how much I just hate losing even one of us!

Attention, EULA FAYE BAILEY: When Bruce forwarded the last bulletin to you, he did it at my request, as I'd gotten a reject on you, too, for some reason or other. However, you told me you had gotten it, so if it was transmitted twice to you, I am at fault for that, not him. I'm aware that same thing happened to several of you and it was done automatically, especially the ones which arrived at weird hours of the early a.m.

For the second time, I'm going to welcome two new readers to the list. Yes, for the second time (and it's all my fault!) Some of you may recall I welcomed RUSSELL L. "RUSTY" ELLIOTT of 1961) as well as his1962 spouse, MARY ANN DUNCAN. Well, I thought I'd added them into the alphabetical grouping list of the readers to whom I send. So when I got an e-mail from them on Sept. 11, in which they asked what they had to do to get on the list, I was quite surprised, so I went right to my groupings to check those who were included. To my amazement, I discover-ed I'd forgotten to add them into that list. Then I realized, even though I thought I recalled doing it, I was only glancing at last names, saw that of his brother, 1958's THOS. D. and his spouse, THERESA M. MOSES, and thought it was them
. So I publicly apologize to you both, Russ and Mary. I'm so sorry for my oversight! The Elliotts (Russ and Mary) were kind enough to send me photos of a gathering which took place at their house on Sept. 5. Present in the photos are 19
60's STEVEN M. KOKOT, WM. D. DUNCAN (Mary's older brother), all four of the Elliotts, a smattering of spouses, 1962's BARBARA T. O'NEAL, KATHERINE A. "KAYE" BOLINGER, and NANCY S. ARGABRIGHT. I've forwarded this to 1960s' MICHAEL S. WEST for his expert posting on our blog, so that you all can see it, too, of course. ( www.wchs.blogspot.com )

The only downside to this, which comes to my mind, is that we once again won't be seeing WM. D. DUNCAN and wife Suzanne at our WC events of October. Or will we? Bill, I heard you had moved to Texas, so I'm writing this, only due to the fact that I'm assuming if you and Suzanne were here in September, you won't be coming back in October. Then again, perhaps you WILL be there and are staying with Russ and Mary until our festivities have concluded. That's my hope!

Messages are furiously flying into my e-mail and I wish I could write they're all good news, but it's not the case. For instance, the aforementioned Eula Faye has informed me she won't be with us this year. I'm truly crushed!! She and I run around quite a bit and get in some visiting when we're there, and I'll sure miss that. Eula Faye, I do hope you'll change your mind. How terribly you will be missed!

Also reporting he will not be with us this year is 1961's JACK L. GODBY, a most beloved and popular member of his class. By the way, that happens to be a class which is literally bursting at its very seams with beloved and popular folks
, but that sure doesn't take away from the fact we are all going to very much miss you, Jack! He's assured me he WILL be there for his 50th in 2011, but that means we have wait two more years to see him! As is always the case, Jack gave me gracious and flattering compliments on the bulletins. Thank you, Jack.

Responding to the sincere invitation of 1956's RALPH D. WILSON, as regards his wish for as
many of his classmates as possible to attend the WC alumni events this year, were 1956's DOUGLAS H. HOWE and1958 spouse, BEVE
RLY ANN TYSON. Unfortunately, they will not be with us, either. But Ralph, your message was truly a great one, and I do hope it will be a success in the numbers of your classmates you get to see. (Footnote: I've just received e-mail from Ralph, in which he has informed us he is going to cancel his alumni weekend plans. He has noted that, if he attends, he'd have to make two Ohio trips in two weeks, he doesn't want to take that much time from his job, and no one in his 1956 class is saying they're going to attend. So there are a few disappointing pieces of info in THIS e-mail, I'm sorry to write.)

Those who WILL be attending, will be legion in numbers, I'm sure. Our big weekend is steadily growing and when I speak to others about it, we are all in agreement that we have a unique and unequalled bond, amongst ourselves. I really do like that, don't you? Who knows why and who cares? It's just there, that's all! Everyone works hard to keep it going, too, so that's great. Those who do not attend will be missed and we hope, in the future, they'll be sure to put WC weekend at the top of their priority lists.

Did everyone get their notice about the WC pins and did you get yours ordered? I was certainly going to order mine, but was beaten to it, by that fastest wallet in southwestern Ohio, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, who was kind enough to order one for me, when he ordered his own. So many thanks to you, Bruce, and yes, I'll see you when I get there, so I can wear it! The pins came to our attention through the efforts of our treasurer (of the alumni, of course), GARY E. JOHNSON, of the Class of 1970. Thanks, Gary. Gary also sent me a confirmation about the receipt of my reservation form and check. So thanks for that, too, Gary!

Thanks also to my good friend and fellow Miami Shores Kid, P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, 1961, for your gracious remarks on the last bulletin. I guess I wasn't feeling so sure of myself, when I wrote that one. But Lynn was quick to reassure me that I'm not slipping and haven't, "lost my edge," as I write them. She also congratulated me on beginning my 10th year of writing them, come next month. I can't believe that! Lynn was one of my charter readers, by the way, along with EDNA L. GRAY, NANCY J. ERTEL, and JUDITH L. SAMUELS, all 1961 people. There were just the 4 of them and me, and it branched out from there and we are now more than 700 strong and I remain SO amazed by that, every time I write one of these! It's almost a miracle. So, many thanks to all 4 of you, as it was you 4 who spread the word on this and got this huge ball rolling. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined it could ever come to what it is.

Lynn and I plan to spend some quality time with each other, catch up on all the news and maybe just throw our feet up and sit on her terrific back porch at her Germantown home and listen to the birds singing. Who knows? I always have a lot of fun with Lynn, that's for sure. So I'll be seeing you soon, Lynn! (By the way, do NOT fall asleep and forget the dinner/dance this year, hear?)

Cousin JUDITH L. SAMUELS and I are now on a kick of discussing astronomically-high costs of living in Florida. I'm so glad I got out of there, "while the gittin' was good," or else I'd have very likely been one of the homeless people by now, I suspect. Ha! It truly IS just awful, now, to try to be a regular, retired (or even working, if you're lucky enough to have a job) person down there. They have more increases in everything down there now, than does any other state. They have also lost population for the past 34 months in a row, and I know WHY! But I don't have nearly so far to drive now, to get to WC, do I? I just love Tennessee, anyway, and never do I ever want to return to Florida. However, I do await the arrival of my children. They're still there and awaiting Tennessee transfers. It'll happen in time, I know. It can't be soon enough for ME!

Judy and I exchange a lot of food recipes, too. Among her favorites is her recipe for her carmel corn. She recently told me she bought a pack of Orville Reddenbacher carmel corn and, in her words, "I could teach Orville a few things about carmel corn!" Judy has always been quite an accomplished cook, in fact, and here's what she does for her carmel corn: She uses a 1/2-cup each of corn syrup, white sugar, peanut butter, and a teaspoon of vanilla, melts it all into syrup texture, and pours it over freshly-popped corn. She says it's scrumptious, and I'll bet it is. I'm going to make some soon, myself, just to try it.

Since our last bulletin, we've had a little trivia on names with 1958's RICHARD LEE JOHNSON
. It's relative to the HOHNHORST family, so we are in a fortunate position for an accurate reply, since we have 1961's NANCY L., on our list. So help us out with this one, Nancy. I vividly recall you from school, of course, and I also remember your sister, MELANIE (Class of 1956?), as she graduated with my late sister, JUDY A. RISNER, right so far or not? Or was it, in fact, Carol? So anyway, neither Richard nor I recall the other Hohnhorst siblings. Were there any? Richard says he DOES recall a Carol. I'm not sure I do, although it sounds a bit familiar. Also, were there any boys in your family? Neither of us knows that one. So hang on, Richard, we're going to get a reply soon on this one, I'm sure. If Nancy doesn't do it, I'm sure her spouse, 1959's H. JAY CARROLL, JR., will get back to us very soon. I'll report as soon as I know.

Once again, old pal and fellow Miami Shores Kid, 1958's WM R. HOWARD, has decided to chastise me for reminding him of his loss of the Big Boy bet on the telephone exchanges. So of course, here I am, reporting it once AGAIN! Did you ever watch any of those old boxing movies, Bill? If you did, you'd recall the scenes wherein, once the guy has just had his brains beaten out of him, he keeps struggling to arise, but he's SO bloody and beaten, he just can't. Yet, as he tries and tries (unsuccessfully) to struggle to his feet, people on the sidelines are screaming at him, "Stay down, Champ, stay down!" But you wrote me back AGAIN about this, so of course, I had no choice but to recap your e-mail, right? So here it is again! So Bill, in concluding this para
-graph, I would say to you, "Stay down, Champ, stay down!" I'll see you soon. But heartiest congratulations are in order for Bill, everyone. He celebrated another birthday on September 8. I hope you had a good day, Bill, and many more to come!

An absolutely wonderful report has come in from my classmate, 1960's PHILLIP L. WOLFORD. It was prompted by my transmitting the photos of his best, high school friend, WM. D. DUNCAN. By the way, Bill, have you gotten in touch with Phil yet? If not, you really SHOULD get right on that, okay? Anyway, Phil sent a great report of life after retirement and how everything's going at his New Jersey home, since his retirement.

Phil was very pleased to see recent photos of his old pal, Bill, for starters. He says he's doing lots of things around his house, but not yet able to cross off a lot of items from his, "to-do," list he's kept for years. (Haven't we all?) Phil also reports that he's doing lots of that pumping iron stuff and we can sure all use a dose of THAT. He's had to get a belt to hold up his pants, as he has lost weight.

He has also become a cook, a housekeeper, a major errand-runner and says he does all the grocery-shopping, which is his favorite thing. His wife, Cheryl, still works full-time teaching, so that's why he's taken over all the running of the house and writes that grocery-shopping is his very favorite. Well, watch out, Cheryl! How many of us would like to have one of THOSE? Ha! We sure hope to see you in October, Phil. Will you and Cheryl be with us? I'm sure hoping so, but do remember, for 2010, NO EXCUSE will be acceptable! Thanks for the great update and give our best to Cheryl.

The mystery is cleared up, as to who originally sent me the names of BARRY P. BARNES and TIMOTHY A. LUCAS. It was none other than 19
61's SANDRA S. MAYO. She also wrote a great e-mail, in which she reminded me of the fact that Tim and Barry are both Miami Shores Kids, too. I remember that now, Sande! But I didn't, until you wrote. Thanks for that.

The wildly-popular and ever-gorgeous CHRIS L. CLEARY, 1961, wrote a bit more for us on her upcoming nuptials, teling me the ceremony will occur in a picturesque garden area of the NCR County Club. She also writes there'll be a family dinner immediately following the wedding. Chris has are SO many well-wishers among us! We all want everything good for you and your newly-found happiness, Chris!

Okay, it's now September 21, and autumn will begin tomorrow. For those of you who may not know this, you can believe me when I tell you the Appalachian area is simply stunning in the fall, especially over here in his northeastern part. I'll also go so far as to write that New England has NOTHING on this part of the country, when it comes to fall leaves, believe me! (Oh my! I've done it again! I can just hear you, MICHAEL S. WEST, telling to shut up about the panoramic grandeur of East Tennessee.)

This past Saturday, I spoke at length with 1960 class president, LONNIE M. THACKER, and his lovely bride of 1960, also, LINDA J. SNELL. I can report they're both doing fine. Lonnie and I tend to talk too long, and get too detailed, don't we, Lonnie? But I guess that's okay, too. In any case, I have much to report from the Thackers corner of the world.

Let me begin with reporting they've made a very significant contribution to the old news bulletin fund. I went to the mailbox on Saturday and in it was a huge envelope from them, with an 8-page (!) HANDWRITTEN, letter from them, written by Lonnie. In it, he offered me much flattering and lengthy praise for doing the bulletins. That was so appreciated, Lonnie, and thank you. He's of the opinion that my bulletins elicit lots of warm and fuzzy memories. Well, I sure hope they do, in fact. They do, for me, that's for sure.

Our 50th will be in 2010, as we all know, and Lonnie wants our class to be significant in the grand scheme of our scholarship fund. I think that's an admirable undertaking, too. He also indicated he has sought counsel on this matter from a class member who's closely affiliated with it, THOS. L. WOLF, JR. So how about it, Tom? Is it okay for us to impose upon you and ask you to handle the reins on this? There will be more later, of course.

Linda continues to do her daily gardening for 3- 4 hours, Lonnie's nearly-88-year-old mom is in a nearby assisted living facility and they see her almost daily, and Lonnie is coping with a few health problems right now, like so many of us. On the downside, they won't be joining us this year, but on the upside, Lonnie says they'll be with us next year, even if he has to use a gurney to do it! Well, we hope that won't be the case, Lonnie and Linda, and we do look forward to a long and wonderful visit, come 2010!

There was some conjecture regarding the golf tourney, annually always run by 1959's GARY E. BARNES, but that has all been resolved now, and will continue as originally planned. This is being included simply as general information, in order to make sure everyone is aware. So do be there, as scheduled!

Sadly, I received an e-mail from 1956's RALPH D. WILSON, in which he indicated he's terribly disappointed in the response to his message from his classmates; so much so, he writes he may even cancel, himself! Ralph, we sure hope you won't do that! Yours is one of those faces we all hope to see at our weekend. Besides, it is for ALL class years and this is what makes it better in so many ways, from a single-year class reunion. It's given us all the opportunity to make friends and get to know people from other years at WC. So we all hope to see you there! (As I have already earlier written, Ralph's plans have changed, and he won't be with us, after all.)

Oh, my! I've done it again! You're all terribly patient with me about these things and I do so appreciate it. Okay, remember when I wrote of class years and people in the last bulletin? Well, I got a couple of them reversed. MELISSA K. "MISSY" BARNES is 1985 and her spouse, ROBT. E. ZIMMER is 1988. I got those exactly reversed, even though I had them correct on my records. Thanks to Missy's dad, 1959's GARY E. BARNES, for this correction, and apologies to Rob and Missy. By the way, Rob's mom is 1965's LINDA S. JOHNSON, the longtime com-panion of 1960's ROSS A. HODGSON.

On a more humorous note, Gary wrote that his wife, Pat, has told him his baseball hats don't fit him any longer, ever since I wrote of his, "secret admirer." Ha! Well, I guess you'll have to get a few bigger ones, Gary!

Once again, I got rejects on 1956's CAROL A. PFISTER, her spouse RONALD L. "PETE" BECKETT, and 1960's EULA FAYE BAILEY. I have current e-mail addresses for all of them and I suspect this was one of those glitches and not at all legitimate. So if any of you didn't get the last two bulletins, please do let me know, so I can send them, and you'll be current. Thanks.

A note did come from MARVIN A. COLLINS, 1961. He informed me he's back aboard and doing well. It seems his computer crashed, so that's why I got rejects a couple of times. Well, that's a feeling with which I can easily identify, Marvin. I'm thinking mine's going to do the very same thing, soon. But hey, Folks! On the plus side, I finally did buy something called a flash drive, called my old computer guru from Florida, and he talked me through the entire process of using it to load my hundreds upon hundreds of e-mail addresses. So I'm safe there (and don't throw your head in the air and laugh about how ridiculous it was for me to have to have a crash course on the use of flash drives, okay?) I'm just lucky to be able to type so fast, so I never look a gift horse in the mouth. Ha!

From 1955's NORMAN E. JACKSON, came yet another of his motorcycle stories which turn me green with envy, since I haven't been able to go at all, of late. He and his son took another motorcycle trip together, this time going to the famed, "Tail of the Dragon," which is near Mary-ville, Tennesee. I may have mentioned it in my previous bulletins, but it's a true, rider's heaven. There are 318 dips, curves, and turns in just 11 miles. It's terribly challenging, very exciting, and great fun. Yes, I've ridden it, several times, but I could sure do with another spin through there, about now! I think all their photos and his son's great stories and narratives will be on the blog soon. They were sent to Mike.

Norm also noted that TIMOTHY A. LUCAS is yet another of his cousins. It seems, every time I put a new name in the bulletins, if it's not a cousin of yours, Norm, then it's sure to be a cousin of 195 4's FREDA P. FLETCHER. Between the two of you, you're related to almost the whole school!

It is now Sept. 23, and excitement is in the air! I keep getting all these e-mails from people who just can't wait for our weekend to begin. As for me, I can scarcely believe I'm leaving in just two weeks, and am literally praying I get this done in time, before I do. Just yesterday, I got the best surprise, ever! I logged onto my old PC and it gleaned an e-mail to me from 1959's BETTY L. SCHRADER!! I was just thrilled. Of course, I have known Betty for just about my entire life and have asked several people about her and if they know where she is.

Well, folks, I know where she is, now! It's Atoka, Tennessee, ironically. But that's the entire width of the state away from ME. She's just north of Memphis, while I'm sitting right on the border of where Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia all sort of come together, almost. I've sent a reply, we've added her to our burgeoning reader list, and she plans to be at her 50th anniversary gig for the Class of 1959. She's also coming to the Second Annual Miami Shores Memories Picnic. So welcome aboard, Betty, and I just can't wait to see you again. Like so many of us, Betty was also a longtime member of the old, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church under Pastor Chas. L. Mullen. So we go WAY back!

This brings me right up to the latest e-mail from 1957's BETTY LEE CARROLL, who has proven to be the linchpin in connections with Moraine City, in planning the MS picnic. Betty wrote and asked me to be SURE to let you all know we do have the big building this year, at Wendell Wax Memorial Park in MS. It's the Payne Recreation Center, so don't forget, okay? Thanks, Betty, for the reminder. I'm sure we'll all turn out in force on Oct. 10 at 1 p.m. In Betty's words, "It's VERY casual!" I can attest to that. Also, EVERYONE is welcome! This is an open event, so DON'T think you can't attend, if you didn't live there in our school years. We'll see you there! (By the way, there WILL be a registry book for all of us to sign. An inquiry about that very thing was made by 1960's KEITH H. CLENDENON.)

Are you there, 1958's JAS. E. RICHARDSON?
I, along with many others, are wondering how you are doing, after your kidney operation. I'll get a rise out of your spouse and classmate, K. JUNE CRUTCHFIELD, I hope. In any case, we look forward to seeing you both at all the alumni functions. You know we wish you the very best!

Here's some more great news! From California
, 1961's NANCY L. HOHNHORST and spouse, 1959's H. JAY CARROLL, JR., will be coming back for the festivities. It's Jay's 50th, after all! Also planning on being with us for a few things is 1955's football hero, JERRY L. DAVIS, and wife, Ann, I hear. All the travel plans are in place for 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST and wife, Sally, from their mountainside Swiss chalet home in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Naturally, we'll also be seeing 1958's WM. R. HOWARD, DONALD I. MCCOY, and founder RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, at the MS picnic and I'd bet dollars to donuts, 1960's GERALD A. FULLER (who never misses anything WC) is going to be there with WC-honorary spouse, Rebecca A., as will be 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, who also never misses.

However, let's all get together and try to urge our 1960 classmate, LINDA LEE SHANK, to be at SOMEthing, that weekend! Now, Linda lives in the area, but is trying to tell me she can't make any of the functions. C'mon, Linda! Get down to Ron's on Thursday eve, or the MS picnic on Saturday afternoon, or best of all, get to the big one; i.e., the alumni dinner/dance. You've just GOT to make SOMEthing, hear?

From 1963's JOHN L. "JACK" KREBS, JR., I received e-mail which indicated he had plans to attend from his Florida home, also, and then I got another which said he's being plagued with a few health problems. Well, Jack, we'd all just love to see you, so see what you can do, so we can do that, will you? We're looking forward to seeing you, if at all possible, okay?

Delightful messages have arrived from 1945's NORMA JEAN BROWN and spouse DONALD R. THROCKMORTON. I do hope we're going to be able to see you both at SOMEthing, Jean and Don. There are SO many things to attend for WC, between Thursday and Sunday, surely you will be at a few of them, we hope. I thank you for your kind words about the bulletins and am simply thrilled you are enjoying them so very much. I hope to be able to do this, until I fall over dead on the keyboard! (I also hope that won't happen very soon, by the way.)

It is now Sept. 24, and it was a pretty pleasant day. I had a wonderful call from my lifelong pal, fellow classmate, and fellow Miami Shores Kid, PHILLIP D. HOWARD. Phil has long been wed to 1967's MARIAN KAY HUSSEY, as most of us already know. Anyway, we had a long and windy convervsation about all the wonderful and fun things relative to our long-ago, childhood years in MS, and about our school days at WC. Phil's health is doing pretty well, the obvious not -withstanding, and he expects to be joining us at an event or two, during our weekend. Marian had been kind enough to write me a long and newsy e-mail about Phil's health, so it was so good to talk to you again, Phil! We all look so forward to seeing you again!

Phil will be getting a visit from 1958's DONALD I. MCCOY, over the weekend. Don regularly visits with Phil and Kay, and he's now talking of teaching Kay to play the dulcimer. Let me know how that goes, you two!

Let's pull for a speedy fix on a pesky, right knee
, for LILY K. "KITTY" BURDETTE,1961. We all want to see you, Kitty, and you've just GOT to do SOMEthing to make sure we DO! Kitty has had some recurring problems with that knee, which keeps going out on her, and she says she'll try to be with us. I've offered a wheelchair, walker, or even my own car. C'mon, Kitty, we need all the gorgeous faces we can GET, and yours is definitely one of the very best! PLEASE do be sure you join us, won't you? We also want your sister, 1959's BETTY C, BURDETTE, and her spouse, RALPH E. "BUTCH" HARVILLE, and her best friend, 1959's SHARON L. KOOGLER. Between all those people, and all of us, we'll just carry you around, okay?

Finally catching P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, 19
61, at home, we also had a long and windy chat and we're both so looking forward to our many events. Sadly, Lynn advised me of the recent death of her mother, who was a resident in a nursing home in Jacksonville, Florida. She died on Sept. 17. So we all offer condolences for your loss, Lynn. We also planned to have some quality time together, during my visit.

Let's take a moment, once again, to thank our alumni board, which is led by 1970's THOS. A. DORSEY, who is president. They all work long and hard, I know that. I don't know the names of each and every one of them, but I do recall the names of GARY E. JOHNSON, ANNA MAE STOKES, and DEBBIE SPENCER (?). I'm not sure of Debbie's school name, and I apologize for anyone I may have omitted. By the way, I've gotten a reject on Anna Mae's e-mail. Do any of you have an update or a correction for me?

How I do wish I had more hours in the days I will spend, while there! There are SO many things I want to do, SO many places I want to go, and SO many people I want to see. But I just don't have the time. So it's very important to me that we all attend everything. That way, we get to see more people. As much as I'd love to go to that Masonic breakfast on Oct. 10, it's not going to be possible. LINDA S. JOHNSON, 1965, and I have had repeated exchanges, and try as I may, I just can't seem to find a hole in that very tight schedule. But I'm from generations of Masons and Eastern Star, so this is a sticking point for me. But thanks, Linda, I so appreciate your
hospitatlity. By the way, Linda writes there is a banner across WC's Main St., to promote the alumni events. That's great!

Everyone 's been saving their travel stories for the alumni weekend, I guess. Well, everyone but 1971's PAMELA K. SHIPLEY. I'm sure Pam will be with us, of course, but just this month, she also visited Washington, D.C., in pursuit of her political activities and taking in the sights. She has returned home now, safely and soundly. We will all see you next month, Pam!

What a gracious and kind e-mail I got from that 1961 glamour girl, JANET L. WALTERS. Many thanks to you, Janet, for your wonderful words and endless stream of compliments. Janet and I hope to connect for at least a few minutes of one-on-one conversation, but things get VERY hectic on our weekend, because we're all trying SO hard to cram in SO much! But we're sure going to try, Janet. As you all know, when I say, "glamour girl," and, "1961," in the same text, I have to designate just who it is. Those 1961 girls seem to be LOADED with extra charm and good looks!

Sadly, we will not be joined by 1952's RONALD L. BROWN and his gorgeous 1956 spouse, ANN C. WEIDLE. Ann reports that Ron's got continuing problems with dimentia, and says it makes it very tough for them to travel and stay for any length of time in one place. We will all keep you and Ron in our good thoughts and prayers, Ann, and we hope to see you both at anytime you can make it to join us!

Quite by accident, I had an exchange with the daughter of 1956's JAS. L. FORSYTH, who's now on our list. Welcome aboard, Jim! I do remember you. I think your daughter's name is Julie, and boy, does she like YOU! She's also fond of her uncle, 1961's R. MICHAEL FOR- SYTH and, like me, she's trying to get Mike to get a PC, so he can rejoin us. Julie told us to put you in under your e-mail address, Jim, so that's what we've done. If, for any reason, you're not okay with that, just let me know.

Hmmmm, I wonder if there's a golf chat in the offing for 1960's DAVID A. BLAIR and his long- time pal, THOS. D. YOUNG, 1960's VP? I got a request from Dave for Tom's e-mail address and it's getting close to the annual WC tourney, so I hope you two were able to connect. I hope to see you both soon!

From 1963's SHIRLEY A. RANKIN, came an e-mail about her departure for Florida on Sept. 12 and I'm quite sure they've long since arrived. In her message, she wrote of how her thyroid is now under control after a visit to Vanderbilt. We are all happy about that, Shirley! She and Terry were planning a scenic, sight-seeing trip as they passed through Savannah. How did that go and did you like it, Shirley? I love that town! They'll be gone 6 months, Terry will be working at Sea World, and they'll be in their RV. I trust you're coming up to Ohio, during this period, though. Right, Shirley?

Okay, we're now into Sept. 25, and it's a scant 12 days until I leave for Ohio. Unreal! But in my morning e-mail, I've gotten a sad post from our official statistician on the passing of two more of our alumni, I'm sorry to report. (Of course, the official person to whom I refer is STEVEN F. SHADE, 1965).

NATALIE A. BEASLEY, 1981, died on Sept. 18 and I've got no indication of the cause of death. He says it was e-mailed to him from another source and, in view of that, perhaps some of you may be aware of what it was. Condolences go out to the family and friends of Natalie.

From the 1975 class, SUSAN B. TYSSELING died on Sept. 23. Susan was also young, at just 52, lived in Miamisburg, and worked within the school system of the City of Franklin. Naturally, we all send condolences to Susan's family and friends, too. Thank you, Steve, for reporting these to us. As I'm continually writing, these are so unpleasant, and I've thought of excluding this part of my bulletins. However, I've repeatedly found that our people DO want to know about these, especially those who may be living out of the home area (and that includes many).

Riding right along on the coattails of this topic, I received a couple of wonderful reminiscenses about BERNARD H. KOKENGE, who recently died, at the ripe, old age of 91. I know we all surely have fond and wonderful memories of Mr. K. He was, after all, an iconic figure in the WC school days of so many hundreds of us. So it's unusual for me to do this, but Mr. K. was surely an unusual man, right up there with the likes of the late, great WOODROW W. "WOODY" BOW
-MAN. So let's dedicate a few paragraphs to his memory and let's all remember our many, many wonderful visits to his locally-famous Knot Hole Restaurant, shall we?

One especially-nice remembrance came from 1963's SANDRA K. MINIX. Sandy wrote of her working at the Knot Hole, while she was in high school. So many WC folks did! She wrote of the incredible 72-year marriage of Bernard and Grace Kokenge (who survived him), and how we must all offer support and prayers for her.

She also wrote of hurried lunches and rushing to the next class and being tardy. Of all the things people wrote about the Knot Hole and about the Kokenges, there are several topics which all continue to surface. What are they? Well, the food, of course! Like so many, Sandy wrote of the famous butterscotch meringue pie. I recall that, and I also recall the blueberry pies. Their chili was great and those burgers were terrific! I vividly recall the burgers were a quarter and a cheeseburger was thirty cents. I have a recipe for that butterscotch pie, which I do occasionally bake, and I'm told it's just like hers. I know that's a big lie, but oh, how I do love hearing it!

We all do hope to see Sandy and her spouse of 1960, DAVID G. OTT. Sandy says things will depend upon the health of her aging mother, but I know those traveling Otts, and I suspect we're going to see them!

Also submitting a wonderful tribute to the late Mr. K. was 1960's THOS. L. WOLF, JR. Like all of us, Tom remembers the restaurant, but also recalled a number of philanthropic, political, and community efforts of Mr. K. He helped with all the school efforts, and dozens of other things which were relevant to WC, too. So in short, we lost yet another iconic WC institution when Mr. K. died. He's another one who will never, ever be forgotten by any of, "the Knot Hole kids." (By the way, Tom, if you still have that e-mail, please resend it. There was other text in there, which I wanted to re-cap. Somehow, I lost it, before I was able to do that. I'd love to blame my PC, but it's just as likely it was MY fault!)

So here we are again, folks! I've run though all the WC e-mails, AGAIN! It's terribly close now, to the time when we'll all be seeing each other again. Dare I even say there will not be another bulletin before then? Haven't I already written it, about 2-3 times? Ha! I'm SUCH a liar! In any case, it just may be true, this time.

There are several of us from whom I have not heard so much as a peep, in quite a spell. That wouldn't draw my attention so much, normally, but it's because I usually DO hear from you, that I'm so curious about the silence. Where are you, JUDITH ANN SLIFE? How about you, NANCY E. "COOKIE" BOWIE? You two both had e-mail going pretty well, for a while there. Now, I don't hear a thing! PAUL R. BEARDSLEY, are you out there? You're suddenly silent. We are SURELY going to see you and your spouse, SANDRA E. BROCK, at the VERY least at the MS picnic, right? RICHARD C. CALL, 1962, (and Jean), of course, the trip won't be the same
, if I don't see YOU! Word on the street is that 1962's RICHARD G. DENNY and LIELA K. GEORGE will definitely be at the MS picnic. Well, I sure do hope so! By the way, before I end this, I will once again stress that the MS picnic is open to ALL WC people and their guests---ALL!!! I've received several e-mails which indicate people wish to attend, but didn't live there in school. WE DON'T CARE, JUST BE THERE!! I promise we'll treat you as if you ARE one of us, especially since you really ARE! In addition to that, you'll have yourself a circus and it's a great preamble to the main event of the weekend, the dinner/dance. I guess what I'm trying to say is, "Don't miss it!"

Although I wrote something similar to this, in an earlier paragraph, it bears repeating. So while
we're on this topic, I would again remind all of us that the MS event will be held this year in the big building, Payne Recreation Center, so do keep that in mind. As I was reminded by 1957's BETTY LEE CARROLL (who secured the place for us), there are lots of electrical outlets for the slow cookers, warming trays, coffee urns, etc. I am telling all of us, again, because I think Betty is getting the impression that some people are thinking it will again be held outdoors, but that's not the case, this year. So spread the word!

Okay, it's now Sept. 27, folks! I've organized, catalogued, rewritten, translated, conveyed, and announced every single e-mail I've received in the days since our last bulletin. Due to the date, I think I just MAY be safe in saying this WILL be the final bulletin before our upcoming, alumni weekend. (But you know me, and anything can happen, right?) Get on that internet at website
( www.wchsalumni.org ), click on events, and do your own dowloading of a resevervation form, if you haven't sent it yet. It has to be there by Oct. 1, so don't delay. Get your name on that mailing list, too! If you're not receiving your form, it's not the fault of the alumni association. It's YOURS! So take care of that, right away.

Well, my heart is in my throat again, as I prepare to launch the sending process. This old PC has actually become a source of excitement in my mundane life. Ha! So wish my luck and before I go, I leave you all, as always, with my sincerest wish for glowing health, great happiness, peace -ful serenity, spiritual harmony, and boundless prosperity.

Ciao! Bonnie

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bonnie Writes:
---We're at it again, folks! Allow me to repeat myself (as you always do because you're all so tolerant with my feeble brain), and tell you I'm be -ginning this edition on August 30, have no idea if it will be completed before our weekend, and no idea if my shaky, old PC will even be up to the task. But here we go, anyway!

Of course, we begin, as always, with forwarders

Let's get the losses covered before we continue the other text. This time, they include someone who's a WC icon, and that's none other than the longtime owner of the Knot Hole Restaurant, Mr. BERNARD H. KOKENGE, who was 91 years old. He had the Knot Hole for 28 years, but Mr. Kokenge did LOTS more in WC than just that restaurant, as reflected in his obituary. So if you haven't yet read it, please do. Our condolences go to all the family and friends. We also thank 1954's WM. L. MCNABB for submitting this one, and also thank 1960's DELORES K. "DEDE" FAHRNEY.

Unfortunately, there are others, of course. We've also lost 1953's MONA LOU MORTON, who was 75 and died on August 25. Almost all of us remember the Morton family and had one of them in our own class or just a year away. We extend condolences to them, also.

RAMONA M. SHELL, Class of 1949 died, on August 25. The memorial was held on August 29, in her chosen hometown, Martinsville, Va. I believe this is the same Shell family who once owned Shell's Cafe in, "downtown WC," wasn't it? We send condolences to Ramona's family and friends, also. Both of these were submitted by 1965's STEVEN F. SHADE, so thanks to you, Steve.

LINDA LEE CUPP, Class of 1974, died August 29. She was but 53 years old, so this is terribly sad, due to the few years she got to live. We offer condolences to Linda's family and friends and we thank both Steve and Bill for this one.

Okay, I need a little help on 1956's CAROL A. PFISTER and spouse, RONALD LEE "PETE" BECKETT. I vividly recall Carol sending me an updated e-mail address, which I changed in my list. Somehow, though, I got a reject on the last bulletin (so can someone send that to them, for me, please?) and the reject was printed on their OLD e-mail address. So please send me their new e-mail, will you? I suspect you, RALPH D. WILSON, probably have it, but I will sure take it from anyone who has it, and thanks.

Assuming 1964's BARRY P. BARNES is akin to 1959's GARY E. BARNES, I asked Gary to check into the mystery of Barry's e-mail and his standing on our readers list. To my amazement, Gary wrote back to tell me they are NOT related, but he knows him and will be seeing him and he will ask a few questions for me, to make sure Barry's getting the bulletins. Thanks, Gary.

We all breathlessly await any update on the new (possibly?) e-mail address of that ever-popular, glamorous 1961 homecoming queen and cheer -leader, CHRIS L. CLEARY, who has written to tell me her new surname will be Raines, with her upcoming nuptials on October 17. She will be with us on our special weekend, I'm happy to be able to write!

However, I can no longer say the same for her classmate, 1961's RICHARD L. DOLL, who has written to tell me there is some sort of football game which is in conflict with that weekend. I'm getting a message which indicates it would be even costly for him to forego this game to come to the festivities. However, he has assured me he will be there, without fail, for the 50th.

Also, thanks to so many who stepped up to the plate to send the address of 1961's NANCY L. HOHNHORST and her 1959 spouse, H. JAY CARROLL, JR. Nancy's card was promptly placed in the mail. Jay, himself, sent it to me, as a matter of fact, but the very first one who sent it was 1961's JANET L. WALTERS, with a very newsy e-mail, too, which we'll later recap. Also sending it was 1961's SANDRA S. MAYO. Thanks to all.

Such gracious notes of thanks and praise came from 1960's EDGAR L. "EDDIE" KELLY, 1961
's JACK L. GODBY, CAROLE J. LEWIS, P. LYNNETTE GARRET, JANET L. WALTERS, and also saying many nice things about all the bulletins were 1959's H. JAY CARROLL, JR. and 1963's LEE JEAN HELLER. I assure you all, I treasure each and every such remark and I thank you SO much!

As is obvious from my forwarders, we've now restored to the reader list, 1961's MARVIN A. COLLINS. I don't know exactly what occurred when we lost him, but I was getting rejects. So I checked the address on his e-mail and it's the same one I have. So he's back. Aaaaahhh, the mysteries of the internet, who knows?

We also have an update on the e-mail address of 1988'sMELISSA K. "MISSY" BARNES and her 1985 spouse, ROBT. E. ZIMMER. This info came from Missy's father, who is 1959's GARY E. BARNES, so if you're not up to date on this, do let me know. Thanks, Gary.

With this edition, we're officially adding 1955's CATHERINE ELAINE BARKER. She came to us through longtime friend and Florida neighbor (Brooksville), 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER, a reader of many years. I looked in the 1955 book and instantly remembered Elaine. So welcome to the list, Elaine, and we sure hope you'll enjoy reading all the news! Elaine sent a great e-mail to Freda, which she shared with me, and which will later become a part of this bulletin. It is truly a goody!

What a fun mish-mash of confusion I had with 1962's RICHARD G. DENNY! Dick has been a pretty good recruiter, over the years, when it comes to sending me new readers. As most of you recall, he's long been wed to his classmate, LIELA K. GEORGE. Well, he sent me names to add to the readers list. They were 1963's TIM- OTHY A. LUCAS and the aforementioned name of BARRY P. BARNES. I recalled both of those names as having quite the familiar ring, but gave it no more thought. As I added them, I did discover both were ON the list! I wrote back a puzzled e-mail to Dick, in which he said he had been carrying them around in his golf bag for an eternity, and had just now remembered to send them to me. All bases are covered, Dick, so not to worry. They're on the list again, and Gary is checking on Barry, as mentioned. That's all we want, right? Thanks, again!

In a first-hand report from her spouse, 1959's H. JAY CARROLL, JR., I've learned that 1961's NANCY L. HOHNHORST is doing well after her return to California and the heart stents are doing their job very nicely. We're all thrilled to hear of that, Jay and Nancy. We're all pulling for you, as you well know. Take it easy and get lots of rest, Nancy! Thanks, Jay, for the report.

As reported by 1961's SANDRA S. MAYO, she, SANDRA S. HOLLINGSWORTH, CAROLE J. LEWIS, and Nancy were all returning from the annual gathering at Carole's Kentucky home, at the time Nancy's health scare occurred. Sande writes that it was terrifying and they just made it to Sycamore Hospital, in time. I'm sure it WAS a horrifying experience for all, and we're all sure thrilled it turned out so well.

Apparently, I'm missing out on something with this Facebook website. In the last bulletin (or was it the one before that?), I got a prompt on the Facebook website from 1964's TERRY L. WILSON, asking everyone to view his notalgic photos on there. Now, I have one from 1961's SHARON KAYE WENDELKEN, inviting all of us to visit her on Facebook, too! Didn't I get an invite to visit you on Facebook, too, quite awhile back, 1961's NANCY J. ERTEL? Hmmmm, I'd better get up to date, eh?

So far, in this bulletin, I'm not hearing too much about travel, but when I sent the last bulletin, I got an Auto-Reply from 1963's LEE JEAN JOR- DAN. I'm none too sure how that works, being as technologically-challenged as I am. So I'm unsure if those people who use that service are going to eventually get the bulletins or not.

But I would soon learn the whereabouts of the ever-gallivanting Lee Jean, for I got an e-mail from her, the very next day! She was in Boston, Massachusetts, at Harvard University, no less! She was serving as the Director for the week's Continuing Medical Education Conference. On the previous night, she reported, she had met Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, and security was very tight, due to the impending funeral service for the late Senator Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy, and anticipation of the attendance of all living presidents. The procession, reported Lee Jean, was to come within a half-block of them, on the very next day. Surely enough, it did. What an exciting time to be in Boston!

As you all know, I find it so rewarding to be in the humble position of sometimes being able to reconnect old WC pals. What fun! When I got the wonderful e-mail from my old pal, 1960's EDGAR L. "EDDIE" KELLY, he told me of the time, right after high school, when he and 1960
's DOUGLAS A. RENAS, joined the military to- gether on the, "buddy system." Ed had read of Doug in the last edition and the fact that Doug's now in Arizona again, so he was reminded of it.

So I wrote to Doug's brother, LAWRENCE J. RENAS, JR., 1957, and he very promptly got back to me with a current phone number and address in Tucson for Doug. Larry had also sent identical info to Eddie, whose e-mail I had happily provided. So I have high hopes of the two of them getting connected, or at least being able to talk on the phone and get up to date on each others' lives. Wouldn't THAT be fun? Ed, if that happens, please give us a report, okay? Thanks for your help, Larry.

Ed also requested info on 1960's CHAS. A. HIGH, JR., commenting that it sounded as if he really has a full plate, lately. You're sure right about that one, Ed. Ed was planning on send- ing Charlie a card of encouragement and support. I sent him one, too.

But on a not-as-cheerful note, I learned that Ed and Marilyn will not be with us in October this year. It's quite a trip from Idaho, that's for sure. But Ed has faithfully promised he will be with us all for our 50th, come 2010, so that's great news and I can't imagine having it withOUT you and Marilyn, Ed! I do hope AARON COUCH will be there, anyway, with his lovely companion, Linda.

Are we ready for another great story? I hope so, as this one is a real doozie (doozy?)! It came to us via 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER, in a sort of proxy way, as it was written by our very newest reader, 1955's CATHERINE ELAINE BARKER. As I had already mentioned, Elaine lives in Brooksville, Florida, and I'll give you a little bio on Elaine, to bring you all up to date.

Her husband is a retired dentist, they live on a farm with 3 Aussie dogs, 18 head of cattle, and 48 acres of ground. They've just returned from a riveboat trip through Germany and Austria. She writes they love to travel, are enjoying life, and both in good health.

She also wrote about you, 1960 class president LONNIE M. THACKER (spouse of classmate LINDA J. SNELL), and said she lived next door to you, and the two of you have also maintained contact over the years since school, as your mothers were best friends. How nice! So how about the great story? Okay, here it is.

Elaine lived in St. Petersburg for 48 years and, some years back, teacher MURL E. HUFFMAN
was in the area---he's EVERYwhere, isn't he?---and stopped to visit Elaine. She and her spouse
took the Huffmans (wife Charlotte was still alive, then) to a nice, waterfront eatery with a beautiful view of the boats going past the place.

While awaiting a seat, a small boat sped past the window and two young girls aboard, pulled down their bathing suit bottoms and mooned all the restaurant patrons. Elaine wrote, "Imagine how I felt, standing there and looking at that, with Mr. Huffman by my side!" Yes, we can all just imagine that one, Elaine!

As expected, Elaine wrote that Mr. H. laughed hysterically at the incident. When she reminded him of it, years later, she said they laughed once again, and viewed it as quite an adventure. Yes, that's a great story, Elaine, and thanks to both you AND Freda for sharing it.

Also joining us as a brand-new reader is 1962's SHIRLEY ARLENE SEXTON. Shirley came to us as a result of the efforts of her classmate, JACQUELYN S. HAINES, whose spouse is 1959's W. BAILEY HAWKINS. Shirley writes that she now lives in Oklahoma. We sure hope you'll be traveling to Ohio for the happenings on alumni weekend, Shirley! A quick check of the 1962 yearbook indicates you were pretty active and involved while in school, Shirley, so come on back and be active again. I'm sure everyone would love to see you again, and welcome to the readers list. We hope you'll enjoy the WC news bulletins.

Also being added to our list, I'm thrilled to report , are not one but TWO, members of the Class of 1945! They are NORMA JEAN BROWN and DONALD R. THROCKMORTON, and I'm willing to wager they've been married about 60-plus years! Also, can there possibly BE a more WC- oriented surname, than that of Throckmorton? I think not. So it's a thrill to add them to our list. I thank another Throckmorton for this connection, 1969's KAREN L. THROCKMORTON, who is their daughter.

Just in case anyone is less than impressed with the addition of this household, which I serioulsy doubt, let me expound just a bit on the lengthy Throckmorton legacy. First of all, both of these people were in the National Honor Society, my trusty 1945 Piratan tells me. Don was inclined toward sports, as well as singing and music, very unusual for a male student. He apparently excelled at all of them, too! Then there's Jean, whose interests were also in those areas, so it's no mystery how THESE two wound up together. Jean, however, has her own legacy to offer. She happens to be the daughter of a former teacher of many of us, H. RESSLER BROWN. If you see her senior photo, the resemblance is quite evident. I'm thrilled with ALL new readers, but these two are a special treat, as I'm sure we can all agree.

Jean even asked how much it costs to have a subscription to my bulletins. Wow! Did THAT ever pull my chain! You made my day with that one, Jean, and I thank you SO much. No, I don't charge a penny. Writing these bulletins is truly a joy and I get FAR more from doing it, than do all of you, by reading it. Jean tells me there are lots of Throckmortons everywhere and she's go- ing to see if they, too, wish to be on the readers list. So welcome aboard, Don and Jean, and I sure hope you enjoy all the news. Thank you for sending them our way, Karen!

Although I thought I had overlooked the name of 1961's JANET L. WALTERS, in the list of those who attended the annual gathering at the home of CAROLE J. LEWIS, Janet wrote to assure me I didn't. In fact (knock on wood), as I write this sentence, I've received NO corrections on that last one. But as we all know, I'm sure not going to get to the end of this, with a perfect score. Ha!

Janet wrote some more details on that annual soiree, though, and I want to include them. She said your house, Carole, is in Williamsburg, Kentucky, and I don't know how close that is to Cumberland, but I've always thought it was near to there. Janet also wrote it's the 8th year you have all done this, and each year, she thinks it can't get any better, but it always does. That's SO great, it really is. Janet wrote that she and Carole, along with SANDRA J. CASEY, were accompanied by a daughter, this year. Sandy, as most of us know, has long been married to her 1961 classmate, THOS. W. WELLER.

Janet wrote of her eldest daughter in Colorado, by whom she has a grandson, and she is also very pleased with her manicure shop and the state of life, in general. That's great, Janet, but I especially enjoyed your remarks about the very closely-knit relationship all of you have with each other, in your 1961 class. I've long admired that class for their dedication to each other. Keep up the good work and thanks for a great report!

From SANDRA S. MAYO came word that she's now returned to her Florida home after a month in Ohio, during which she also attended the gig at Carole's, of course. Sande also indicated it's possible she may not be with us in October, as she's been invited to California for the month of October. Well, I'm assuming that invitation has come from Sande's lifelong best pal, SANDRA S. HOLLINGSWORTH. But Sande, how about going there AFTER the WC weekend, so we can all get to see you? Give it some thought. I will also miss seeing you, too, Sandy H.!

One person I will NOT miss seeing is 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT. Lynn and I always try to set aside a quality hour or two of time, when we can visit one-on-one. I usually go to her home in Germantown,a town which I love, and I also love her beautiful and interestingly-outfitted home there and feel very comfortable when I visit her and husband Frank. So that's definitely in my itinerary.

Like everyone at WC, Lynn made wonderful and flattering comments about beloved VINCENT A. BRODBECK, 1958, and how kind and gentle he is and what a wonderful person he is. How, after all, could ANYone say anything else about Vince? He IS all those things. Lynn also said she met Vince's new lady friend and they are a perfect match. In her words, "She's a delight?" Well, if she got Vince, she's just bound to be a delight, now isn't she? As I've previously written, we all wish Vince only the best.

While I'm there in Ohio, I'll also be connecting with SHIRLEY J. TUDOR, 1960. We manage to get in an hour or two of time, usually. I'll also get to the home of THOS. D. YOUNG and we'll get in a little quality time, too. His wife, Sandi, and I are extremely close, as most of you know, so I always look forward to visits with them. They'll leave on vacation the day of our dinner/dance, so won't be with us this year. But I do believe we will see them at Frisch's on the previous eve. So we'll take what we can get, right?

The e-mails filled with news are flying at me at a rapid rate, I'm happy to write. I'm finding it very difficult to stay current, and that's a feeling I'm so enjoying! But before I go further, I want to take this opportunity to extend special thanks to my old friend, GERALD A. FULLER, 1960, and his WC-honorary spouse, Rebecca A. They've sent a very generous contribution to what I've come to call, "my alumni fund," which is something I use to maintain ink cartridges, computer and office-type supplies, mailings, etc. The Fullers have done this very regularly. This time, their inspiration was my complaints about my PC, so of course, there they were again, Johnny-on-the-spot. I told them this was unnecessary, but telling that to Jerry, especially, would be like talking to my dishwasher, once his decision is made, I know that for sure. There was also a generous contribution which came from 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, another longtime, extremely- close pal. I appreciate you both so much and I want to be sure you know your contributions will be used only for WC alumni and related efforts. Again, though, I'd stress that it wasn't necessary for you to do this and I certainly never intended to convey that we are ready for the poorhouse, just yet! But I know your intentions are only the very best.

Cousin JUDITH L. SAMUELS and I are still on a daily e-mail exchange, but you can believe me when I tell you that things weren't just the same, daily exchange, this time. Just about 3 days ago, Judy was in a nearby supermarket line at the pharmacy, and while she was standing in that line, she wound up being a witness to the pharmacy's robbery! How scary is THAT? I've heard of putting excitement in one's life, but that is a little more excitement than she wanted, of course. No one was hurt, but that's not always the case, now is it?

Okay, it's time for true confessions. I had not originally planned to print this, but I've changed my mind. After all, what secrets do I keep from all of YOU, anyway? Next month begins my 10th year of writing the bulletins. I've so loved and enjoyed every moment. I've done a lot of study in the fields of grammar, journalism, and such. So I always want everything to be correct when I write these. Of late, I've lost a tad of confidence and have begun to wonder if I'm way too old and drifty to do a really good job on these. That's the last thing I want. So I secretly consulted with 1961's vivacious and fetching (and TERRIBLY bright) English teacher, CHRIS L. CLEARY, to ask if she would let me know if I made any really bad errors, from a grammatical standpoint, as I write these bulletins. God knows I make enough of other types of mistakes, so I don't need that, too. Well, Chris wrote back to tell me she thinks the bulletins are great and that I don't need HER to tell me how to write. That was so kind of you, Chris, and I feel much better about it all now. So I'm going to push onward and keep doing what I'm doing. I appreciated your vote of confidence SO much. Thank you.

It is Labor Day, as I write. On this day, I drove past the local golf course, where I took 1960's GARY L. WARLAUMONT, when he was here, last October. It was raining and overcast. As I casually glanced across the broad expanse of grass (is that the part they call greens?), I saw at least 5-6 golf carts out there, and a minimum of 10 golfers, playing in the rain. I was amazed by that, so much so that I picked up my cell phone, called Gary, and described this scene to him. I also asked him if HE plays in the rain, too. He replied that he does not, to my surprise. For his holiday entertainment, it seems he and Jill had taken a trip to the gambling boat. Hmmmm, so did you win any money?

Thanks to the joint efforts of 1961's SANDRA S. MAYO and R. MICHAEL FORSYTH, we've had a breakthrough on the locating of 1955's JACK L. KNIGHT, at the request of 1963's SHIRLEY A. RANKIN, his former neighbor. Boy, I'm telling you, do we have a network going or what? It's just wonderful! We've got to polish off a few of the rough edges on this one, but I'm sure we're going to get through to him soon. So thanks to Sande and Mike! I'll keep you posted.

All right, get this one! I'm simply blown away by this news. On September 8, I received e-mail from 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT. In the text, she wrote that she was watching the WC council meeting on TV and someone in that council meeting actually mentioned MY name and told people to contact me if they wanted to stay up on WC alumni news. At first, I was so sure she was, "putting me on," but as I read it all the way through, I realized this actually did take place. I simply cannot BELIEVE that! How very amazing! By the way, that date (Sept. 8) was also Lynn and Frank's 24 anniversary, so we all send congratulations to both of you!

With his never-ending love of vintage cars, my old pal, 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, has had another wonderful experience with his 1903 Oldsmobile. Bruce describes the Olds as, "the star of the recently-hold Kettering Holiday at Home Invitational car Show." I'm sure it was, too, and I'll bet we can all log onto the WC blog faithfully maintained by 1960s MICHAEL S. WEST, and get a good look at the car. Go to ( www.wchs.blogspot.com ) You can also get current on any missed bulletins at that website. Thanks, Mike.

As many of us are well-aware, Bruce is in the process of restoring a copy of his high school days Oldsmobile and he diligently hopes to get it done in time for our weekend. Boy, oh boy, did I ride a lot of miles in THAT car! I also can't wait to see it, Bruce!

Okay, I often lie about this, when I say it's going to be the last bulletin until our weekend, but you all know that, already, don't you? Anyway, there is a good chance this MAY be the last one, but who knows? In any case, we want to include the entire schedule of events, just in case. We want everyone to be there, who possibly can.

First, there will be an informal gathering at Ron's Pizza in Miamisburg on Thursday evening (6-7-ish?), October 8. I'm pretty sure this event was sort of, "commandeered," from the 1961 class, who more or less created it, several years ago. It has grown, ever since, and come to be sort of a kickoff event to the weekend.

On Friday, October 9, the WC Golf Tourney will take place at the Mound Golf Course. Players should arrive by 8, with tee-off by 8:30. (Lord, help me with this golf lingo! I know nothing of it, and I do mean nothing.) The event was founded by 1959's GARY E. BARNES, who admirably and efficiently attends to every detail. It, too, has become quite a hit.

Also on Friday will be the Frisch's Frolic. It will begin about 5-ish (?), 6-ish (?), 7-ish (?)---you get the idea---and typically runs until about 10-11, I'd guess. This event is just wildly popular, beyond anything I'd ever have imagined and it was founded by 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, but I don't quite remember the exact year. Mike, wasn't it about 2002? Anyway, it usually draws about a hundred people, in and out, all evening, and is utterly delightful and fun, fun, fun! As I've written each year, don't forget the waitresses!!! As you leave, throw a $5-bill at someone and do thank them for their service, even if you didn't HAVE any service, will you? (Don't worry about your share, THOS. L. WOLF, JR. I'm going to personally spring for that, okay?) Tom and I have a little running joke on that one, folks. I'll have the extra funds this year, Tom, as I've won a Big Boy from 1958's WM. R. HOWARD, due to the old telephone exchange trivia!

Then comes Saturday, and we'll all really have to take our B-12/B-15 shots for THIS day! I'm scarcely able to believe it, but yet ANOTHER event, has been added to the already-busy day, Yes, it has. As reported by 1965's LINDA S. JOHNSON, the WC branch of the Jacob Eby Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star will hold the monthly breakfast on that Saturday morning, in-stead of the usual third Saturday. It will begin at 7 a.m. and go until 10 a.m. Linda believes the chapter has purposely done this to enhance the attendance from our alumni weekend visitors. Yes, all "civilians," are invited to attend. It will be at the Masonic Center on Central Av., between Chase Bank and Tracy Law offices. To reserve a table, call 937 212-1979. There's a hearty and extensive menu and the prices are terribly reasonable, at $6 for adults and $3 for children.

Linda went on to comment on how amazed she is (as am I) about how our weekend has grown and expanded, all from the one event. She also offered me gracious thanks from her and long-time companion, 1960's ROSS A. HODGSON, for my writing of the bulletins. Thank you both, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Okay, the second event of that Saturday will be the Second Annual Miami Shores Memories Picnic. Naturally, this will be in Miami Shores and at Wendell Wax Memorial Park. This one was the brainchild of RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, who has been ably assisted by his 1958 pals, WM. R. HOWARD and DONALD I. MCCOY, as well as 1957's BETTY L. CARROLL, who has the inside track on all things happening in the little burg of Moraine City. So you can come on over, after the Eastern Star breakfast, and then stuff yourself with lunch at the MS park. This was a spectacular event last year, drawing over 125 people, can you believe it? Tom came up with a real winner on this one and I think it will continue. Everyone brings a covered dish of their choice or a bag of chips or a case of Coke or a huge package of napkins, hot dogs, buns, or whatever. Just like a family reunion, it all worked out, just as it should have. This one is SUPER-casual and prepare to have a great time and see lots of old pals. ALL are welcome
, just as they were when we lived there and went to school. We who lived there, after all, KNEW what a fun and special place WE had!

Now for the evening meal, on that same day, we have the alumni dinner/dance. This will begin at 6 p.m. and let me tell you, if you can attend only ONE event, this is the one to choose. I say that, due to the fact that this is the original event, from which all others have come to life. It's the crown jewel of all our events. It's the ONLY one which is official and it's also the only one which offers support to our scholarship fund. So please do NOT fail to be at this one. Get those forms in the mail right away, or go to this website ( www.wchsalumni.org ) if you didn't get one, hit events, and download. It's at the Holiday Inn ballroom of the location on Rt. 725, between Rt. 741 and I-75. Our spot-lighted class this year will be that of 1959. I'm diligently hoping for a great showing for them. But over the years and for whatever reason, sadly, very few of that class seem to ever attend any of the events. We have ALWAYS had GARY E. BARNES and BETSY R. MURPHY (longtime spouse of T. BARRY RUSSELLO, 1960). In recent years, we've all seen their homecoming queen/cheerleader and longtime spouse of 1957's NEIL H. SIZER, and of course, that's SHIRLEY R. PARKS. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for the 1959 class to be well-represented for this very special year.

The next day will be Sunday, October 11, and on that day, we'll be all over the place in select groups, having farewell breakfasts, brunches, and lunches, before we all depart for home. We seem to favor Frisch's, Bob Evans, and Perkins for this last visit together, but we'll probably be all over the place, so no matter where you go, you will likely see a group of us, as happens so very often on that day.

We've had a couple of special news items for this edition, and I want to take time to enter both into this bulletin. One is from 1956's RALPH D. WILSON, the classmate of my late sister, JUDY ANN RISNER. Ralph is diligently urging all his classmates to PLEASE attend the dinner/dance this year. As he so correctly writes, yes, it's two more years until the 55th, but as time, money, and health offer no guarantees at this stage of life, he'd like to see his class getting as many together as possible, each and every year, from now on. Ralph goes on to give great credit to my sister and to her lifelong best friend, ANITA RAE MASON, for the great work they did on the 50th year for their class. Thank you so much for that, Ralph. So for all you 1956-ers out there, please take Ralph's worthy message to heart, and do be there. As he has written, "At least, it gives us our own table to sit and visit for a couple of quality hours." Ralph is a very faithful attendee, who travels from Tennessee, as do I. But for years, I came up from Florida to be at our events. I'm ever-amazed by those who live in Ohio and do NOT attend, and am utterly and simply FLOORED by the number who do live inside that county, and nearby ones, and still do not ever attend the functions. So please, let's try to improve on that. My younger daughter has changed her entire work schedule (in Florida no less) planned ahead for her son's homework, and arranged supervision for her 16- year-old daughter, so that she can come to stay with my ill husband, in order for me to be able to attend. She is driving all the way, too. The usual person who does this, has extensive health problems and couldn't do it this year. So if I can do that much to be there, surely all of you who are now reading this, can put forth a bit more effort, too, can't you? That was a great, e-mail message, Ralph, and thanks for taking the time to do it. I hope you get a wonderful and positive response. Are all of you 1956 people on my list, by the way?

From WC alumni treasurer, 1970's GARY E. JOHNSON, came a transmittal about alumni pins, and I did forward a copy to each of you at Gary's request. Let's support this effort, please, and buy all the pins we can buy. Also, we have now added Gary to our reader list, so we do welcome you aboard the old Pirate ship, Gary. By the way, did you know that three of our four primary officers of the alumni committee are in the Class of 1970? That surely bodes well for their class, so let's extend a hearty thanks to the very many who do SO much work to put this all together for us, each and every year. In today's lapel pin mailing, I did get a reject on JACK L. KNIGHT, but I will continue trying to get a correct contact on him. I also sent it to our very elusive treasurer of 1960, THOM B. THOMPSON. As I wrote to him, "We all hope to see you one day, Thom," and we do!

So guess what, folks? It's now September 10 and that means we are just exactly 4 weeks to the day from the kick-off event of our big alumni weekend! Wow, did THIS year ever fly past, eh?
So here I go again, trying to send on my shaky, old PC. I still haven't tended to this. I just don't seem to be able to find a window of time. But hey, I love living dangerously, anyway. This one is nearly 10 pages long, and if I lose it all, I will surely hang myself from the highrise deck! So I'm in hopes you all get this. Here we go again. I will see you soon, "Lord willin', and the creek don't rise," as the saying goes. As always, I'll leave each of you with my fondest wish for you to have all of life's greatest blessings, including glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, spiritual harmony, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Bonnie Writes:

You're all doing SO great, when it comes to participation! You're sending such great e-mail and lots of news to contribute to our bulletins. I want to thank you all so much for that. We begin this one on August 15, and who knows when it will be read, or even IF? I'm still on very shaky ground with this PC, and still don't have all of my addresses copied! But let's take a chance and start with forward people, okay? They are 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER;1955's NORMAN E. JACKSON; 1956's REBECCA J. POLING; RALPH D. WILSON; 1957's BETTY LEE CARROLL, RALPH H. WARNER, ERCELL P. PHILLIPS; 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, RICHARD L. JOHNSON, RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, WM. R. HOWARD;1960 's LARRY M. PENDLEY, RICHARD S. HOLT, widow of RONALD P. CRAIG, Martha E., EDGAR L. "EDDIE" KELLY, DELORES K."DEDE" FAHRNEY, STEVEN M. KOKOT, JO ANN KAY STEMLEY; 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, NANCY J. ERTEL, DALLAS K. MATHIS, NANCY A. HALL;1962's BARBARA T. O'NEAL; 1963's FRANCES L. PEFFLY, HARRIET M. BURKE, SHIRLEY A. RANKIN;1964's TERRY L. WILSON; 1965's STEVEN F. SHADE;1969's ROBT. L. THARPE, JACQUELINE J. CLARK, JOHN Q. KEMP; 1971's PAMELA K SHIPLEY and JOY I. WOLFORD.

A welcome and pleasant surprise arrived in the form of a lengthy and fun e-mail from 1961 class president, JOHN W. OBERLIES, JR. John and I were great pals throughout high school, lived so near to one another, and spent a lot of non-WC school time together, in his old neighborhood behind Inidan River Fruit Market. We had a big crew of buddies over there, who included not only John and me, but others; 1960's GARY L. WARLAUMONT, CHAS. V. CARTER, BOYD H. JENKINS, 1959's G. SAMUEL SPEELMAN, JR.,JAS. E. ROSE, and many others. It was a great time in all our lives. It's always great to hear from you, John!

He wrote at length of a couple encounters with former teacher, MURL E. HUFFMAN. At about the end of July, John received a surprise phone call, he said. His wife answered and told him the caller wouldn't say who he was. So when he answered, it was, of course. Mr. H. (Yes, I know
, I know, you want me to address you as, "M-m-m-m-murl," but I'm still having a great deal of difficulty with that, so forgive me.)

He was in Lebanon, Indiana, it seemed, for the purpose of visiting his 88-year-old baby sister! So he wanted to call John and say hello. John wrote that his voice was sharp and clear and he sounds about 40. Well, we all know that, John! He said it was a delightful surprise and a great conversation, which he immensely enjoyed.

John then went on to describe another incident with Mr. H., about 20-25 years ago, as he was pulled over in a rest stop on I-71, headed back to Indianapolis. He said he (John) saw him on the walkway and kept wondering who he was, as he looked so familiar. He said he just knew that he knew the man. Just as he was about to give it up and drive away, Mr. H. walked by the car and John simply had to know who he was. So he pulled over and spoke with him and, of course, determined why he looked so familiar. They had a great chat that time, too, reported John.

In travels of a more local nature, NORMAN E. JACKSON, 1955, has reported that he visited the Darke County Fair recently. I'm still waiting to hear those motorcycles pulling into my drive, when you get a little further away from home, Norm, so don't forget!

For everyone's information, we have returned 1958's HARRIETTE E. DOGGETT to our list of readers, thanks to the efforts of her classmate and former brother-in-law, BRUCE E. CHENO-WETH, who telephoned her and relayed the info to me. As most of you will recall, Harriette's sis(and one of my dearest friends in school), 1960's W. SUSAN DOGGETT, was his first wife, so we were both thrilled to find her, some years back, only to discover that Susan had died. So it was a bittersweet kind of discovery. Anyway, thanks, Bruce, and welcome back, Harriette! Naturally, I did send her all the bulletins she had missed and if anyone wishes to e-mail her, just let me know.

We also have an update on the CARMACKs; i.e., 1959's BILLY K. and 1961's CONNIE M.
MARCUM, who apparently changed addresses a while back, but it somehow escaped me. She wrote that she'd sent me an update, but I never did receive it. Adding to the mystery was the fact that I received no rejects on the old address when I sent bulletins. But at least we've got it now. It was sent by 1959's GARY E. BARNES, who saw the Carmacks recently.

However, we now have a new one who is on our lost list. It's 1961's JOHN W. BYSTREK. But I have high hopes for recovering this one. He's 1961 and that class is really tight and they stay up with each other and see each other and are really wonderful about maintaining class contact
. So help me, if you can! The only message it gave is that his mailbox is full. So I'm betting the address may still be good. Do any of you know if a service will resend, when and if that problem clears? I don't know.

For those of you who may have been unaware of this (I wasn't), 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE had been having computer and e-mail woes, but is now back online successfully, and using the same e-mail address, as always. Thanks, Tom, for letting us know.

This may a fun one, folks. From 1964's TERRY L. WILSON came an e-mail in which he says he has posted, "some cool, old, photos," on his facebook page, from a 1963 Beatnik party. He
would like us to have a look at his Facebook page, view the photos, and see if we know who they are. So have a look at it, and get back to me. Thanks, Terry!

We have news on deaths, of course. Let's face it, we're just at that age. To my utter shock and surprise, I learned of the death of music teacher ROSS R. ROBBINS. I had no idea he was even still alive, but he was, until August 13. He was 93 years old. I'm sure there are hundreds of us who remember being a part of his glee club and other musical efforts of which he would've been a part, when we were in school. The news first reached me, via 1965's LINDA S. ZIMMER. Her mother had been in a rest home with him, until her own death about 3 years ago. According to Linda, her mom said Mr. R. was still singing solos at the church services, in a crystal-clear, wonderful voice. Isn't that amazing? This was also sent to us by 1965's STEVEN F. SHADE, of course. Thank you both, Linda and Steve.

WARREN E. CANTRELL, class of 1946, died on August 9. The Cantrell name is well-known to all the 1930s-and-forward, WC people, of course. I didn't know Mr. Cantrell, but I'm sure many on our list, did know him. Condolences go to his family and friends. Again, Steve sent this one, too, so thanks, Steve.

RONALD KEITH BRADFORD, class of 1971, died on August 12. He was retired from the WC Board of Education, as well as being a former student. Mr. Bradford was very young, at only 56. I know we all send our sympathy to all his family and friends, too. This one first came to me from 1969's JACQUELINE J. CLARK, with a quick follow-up from Steve, also. So thanks to Jackie and Steve on this one.

On August 27, 1958's WM. R. HOWARD lost his mother, Lilliane. I know we're all sorry to hear of your loss, Bill, and we send sincerest condolences upon this sad occasion. Thank you for letting us know.

That concludes the losses of whom I'm aware. I have a few health issues to report, though, and among those are 1952'S RONALD L. BROWN, whose spouse is 1956's ANN C. WEIDLE. In her e-mail, Ann writes, Ron's health continues to decline, and they have to stay in one place for a longer period when they travel, now. However, they do attend sporting events of their grandson in Erie, Pennsylvania, and Ann announced they will be leaving for their daughter's home on Aug. 18 and returning on Sept. 9. She writes they'll see a few of their grandson's baseball games, during the visit. We all wish you both a safe and wonderful trip, Ann and Ron!

Ann also reported some news on her younger brother, THOS. L. WEIDLE, 1961. I'm sorry to report that Tommy had to have double-bypass heart surgery in June, and Ann writes he's still in the recovery stages. However, she does say he is doing wonderfully. She has recently spoken with him and says he's going to be responding to your e-mail, JACK L. GODBY, as soon as he
is more rested and back to normal. If you are reading this, Tommy, we all wish you well and a full and speedy recovery! Thanks for the update, Ann, and please keep us posted.

In other health news, let's all pull for the health of 1958's JAS. E. RICHARDSON, spouse of his
1958 classmate, K. JUNE CRUTCHFIELD. On Aug. 17, Jim had surgery to remove one, entire
kidney, which had a mass on it, which the doctor felt is malignant. How scary is THAT? We're all in your corner, Jim, and wishing you well. For me, it's hard to hear of this. As kids, Jim and I and a few other Miami Shores Kids, would walk miles during the summers together, all over MS and into Moraine City, too. We always found our way back home and managed never to get into much trouble. Jim was always the tallest guy in the bunch, of course. Thanks to Jim's life
-long pal and classmate, WM. R. HOWARD, for this news. By the time we all read this, we're hoping you're well on the road to recovery, Jim!

From 1956's RALPH D. WILSON came an up- date on the ever-deteriorating health of 1957's CHAS. T. "CHUCK" CROY. As many of us can recall, Chuck was president of his class, very bright, handsome, and scholarly. So this is very sad. As recounted by his wife, Mary, speech volume comes and goes and he's pretty much relegated to a wheelchair, now. Since Chuck is but 70, I don't know exactly what illness caused this. Can you refresh my memory on this, Ralph, just in case someone would ask about it? Using the text in Mary's e-mail, it would seem he's got some memory problems, so is this a case of Alzheimer's Disease, perhaps? Thanks for the update, Ralph, and please convey all our best wishes to the Croys.

On about August 25, I talked at length with my lifelong friend, CHAS. A. HIGH, JR. Things are not going well for Charlie, I'm very sorry to write. Back in June, he went to a doctor for treatment which involved something similar to the use of a tanning bed. The bottom line is, they burnt him from head to toe, practically. He's got severe neuropathy, is unable to sleep, can't lie down without extreme pain, and yet, still makes efforts to care for his ailing, wheelchair-bound, stroke-ridden wife. He has an attorney, of course, and will eventually reap significant, financial reward. However, he told me he'd give up every dollar of it, just to be able to feel good again and be healthy. On top of that, his daughter (who has two young kids) is having problems which may be breast cancer. They're not yet sure. So let's all pull for Charlie and hope things get better. Charlie has no e-mail, but speaks fondly of so many of you. If you'd like to send him a card of encouragement or a personal note, please address it 5189 Fishburg Road, Huber Heights, Ohio 45424-4345. He'd sure appreciate it, I know. He's really had a bad time of it, in recent years.

The 1950s (and other decades, too?) paddling stories continue. Apparently, we had a few who were pretty severely punished, by the teachers of that day. According to 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, he had a few recollections of the fabled GERALD W. CRIBLEY, himself. Mike wrote he witnessed Mr. C. in a particulary violent incident with LOWELL HARSHMAN, whom he bodily hoisted from a drafting table and threw at least 5 feet' across the room. (Shades of the blow he dealt to KEITH H. CLENDENON!) If there's any defense for this behavior, I don't know what it is and Mike wrote he didn't know exaclty what had precipitated the incident, either. I guess Mr. C. was quite physically strong, as all the WC guys seem to be writing. Memories of Mr. C., suffice to say, are not exactly what we'd call, "warm and fuzzy." Lowell, are you out there? I'm wondering what your version is? I'll bet Mike's is pretty well right on the money, though.

Good advice came to me about the problems of my PC, from 1957's LAWRENCE J. RENAS, JR., 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, and 1965's STEVEN F. SHADE. Larry says junk the thing and buy a new one. That's still under my range of consideration. I don't yet know. I may be too cheap for that one, as I told Larry. Mike says I can program gmail to come to my IncrediMail account. Oh, if only I knew how to do that, Mike!Steve says I should have them clone all info on my old hard drive to the new one, so I don't have to do any re-entering. I had heard of that one, Steve, and will surely tell them to do that! In any case, thanks to all, and I'll keep you posted, for sure! (However, I'm still thinking I'm too cheap to buy a new one, although that's what I'd like to do, really.)

Larry has also reported that his brother, 1960's DOUGLAS A. RENAS, has now returned to his chosen area of Tucson, Arizona. Doug stayed with Larry for a while, apparently using what I've heard are his considerable talents as a finish carpenter, to do some work on Larry's home. I guess Doug is just a western type of guy. I told Larry I hope Doug will be joining us, come next year, for our class' 50th anniversary. We really need to begin the search right now, for those of us who are missing, by the way. Lonnie, are you there and reading this? (1960's class president is LONNIE M. THACKER.)

This is for you, MICHAEL S. WEST, 1960. I do so hope you've posted all the bulletins to your blogspot. You see, I've inadvertently deleted all of them from my PC. So if you haven't, I can't make reference to them, which I normally do, of course. This just happened today (August 16), and I just discovered my blunder. For those of you who may be relatively-new readers, if you want to get current on things, please go to this site: ( www.wchs.blogspot.com ) Mike keeps all the news on there and all the bulletins. I see I'm going to be using it, myself, once again.

No doubt, a number of you will recall a teacher of 1962-1972, named DAVIDA, COOPER. I got a recent e-mail from Mr. Cooper, who was put in contact, via 1965's STEVEN F. SHADE. He wanted to convey good wishes and heartiest congratulations to 1961's CHRIS L. CLEARY, for her impending nuptials on October 17. So I do hope he reached you, Chris! To my surprise, I discovered he's already on our list of readers!

Reporting in from the close of his recent 5,300-mile trip on his Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic (my dream motorcycle, and I've had 3 of them and am lusting after another), was 1960's WM. M. ROHLER (who called me this afternoon). He and Gloria returned home, safely and soundly, on Sunday, (Aug. 23) he told me. Wow, I'm still green with envy!

That envy of Bill's trip has just about done it for me, folks. I've got the itchiest of feet and dying to hit that road again. In fact, I have tentative plans with 1960's KEITH H. CLENDENON, in which we'll both hit the road together, on the big dressers, and just ride off into the sunset. So I just may be writing to you from a laptop on the roadside, one day. Ha! Don't I wish? But says my friend, 1963's FRANCES A. PEFFLY, "We can always dream, can't we?" That's perfectly true, of course.

It has come to my attention that, on or about the 8th of August, something called a, "cruise-thru," was held at the old Angelo's Drive-In. I haven't yet heard an official name for the place, but I do hear people referring to it as 4200, which is its postal street address. Anyway, this news came to me from 1956's ANITA RAE MASON. She was there, along with apparently quite a number of other, WC folks. She reported the event as being a smashing success and crawling with people, and also said the food is simply great with very reasonable prices. Everyone who has a 1950s car turned up and parked in the lot, she said, and everyone visited with everyone, I hear.

If I'm not mistaken, my brother-in-law was there and said he saw and talked with you, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH. I know you have a whole fleet of the older vehicles, of course. I'm sure any of them would look great in the parking lot of the former Angelo's. For those of you who may be unaware, the restaurant is now owned by the son of 1959's BETTY C. BURDETTE and her spouse, RALPH E. "BUTCH" HARVILLE and the son of 1962's RICHARD G. DENNY and his spouse, 1962's LIELA K. GEORGE. I must be sure to go there, when I get to Ohio!

Okay, I've made my decision on what to do, as regards my computer. You're not going to be happy with me, 1957's LAWRENCE J. RENAS, JR.! I'm definitely too cheap to buy the new one, I've determined. The least expensive, new one I can find, right now, will be about $450. I don't want to spend that. So I'm going to my guru on the corner, who will install a new hard drive for me, clone my old hard drive (as recommended by 1965's STEVEN F. SHADE), and even put on the new Windows operating system, if I wish, for a charge of $70 for the new hard drive and $80 labor, plus tax. I'll be sitting at a total of $164.50 and, according to this guy, it WILL be a new computer, after that. The only problem is, I have to be without it for roughly 3-5 business days. But I hope I'll live. I guess I can use my husband's PC, while it's gone. My computer guru, by the way, has been in business, at this same location, since 1981! I had never even HEARD of computers, then! So I guess he has to know what he's doing. Since no one's giving away new PCs, just yet, that's what I'm doing (as soon as I get all these e-mail addresses copied, of course)!

From the gorgeous 1961 homecoming queen, CHRIS L. COLLINS, (giddy bride-to-be, whom she is!), came a note in which she expounded upon the wonderful qualities of her groom-to-be and how very happy she is. Well, we're all very happy for you, too, Chris! Believe me, this guy better be all you say, or else he'll have the whole school after him. Ha!

There has been a little traveling going on with us, as always. At the top of the list are 1960's DAVID G. OTT and his 1963 spouse, SANDRA K. MINIX. Just listen to THIS itinerary! In May, Dave and Sandy went to Georgia for the high school grad ceremony of her niece. While she attended that, Dave did his annual, 5-day hike of the Appalachian Trail.

In June, they headed for upstate New York to visit two grandchildren and one great-grandchild and also went into Canada (Ontario) where they spent a couple of nights and viewed the great tourist attraction, Niagara Falls. (By now, I'M getting weary, just READING all this, never mind actually doing it.

In August, it was yet another trip to Georgia and North Carolina to visit family and friends and to escape Florida's excruciating, August heat (and you're right, Dave, I sure DO know about that). I take it you're both back home resting by now, or are you?

Dave opined that they'd also enjoyed the notes on ZELC, the church to which so many of us had belonged. They were also married by Pastor Chas. E. Mullen and all children were baptized there. I guess that covers a lot of us! Thanks for the great report, Dave and Sandy!

Let's see, we already reported on the trip made by the BROWNs (1952's RONALD L. and 1956 's ANN C. WEIDLE), so we'll move right along to that spectacular, Eurpoean vacation which was taken by 1956's REBECCA J. POLING. It was, indeed, spectacular!

Becci reports she recovered from her surgery just in time for a 5-week trip to Europe. Wow! She and husband Jim, spent 9 days in Belgium with their daughter, then took in a 12-day Baltic cruise. They attended a performance of the ballet, "Swan Lake," in St. Petersburg, Russia, and also took in some sightseeing in the area. Next came Copenhagen, Denmark, followed by Venice, Italy, and this was followed by a cruise through the Greek Islands. (Do these people know how to take a vacation, or what?)

Then they walked the wall in Debrovnik, Croatia, swam in the Aegean Sea, then hopped on over to Paris, France, for a few days before heading back home. But that wasn't the end! Once she was in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, she attended the American Idol concert with her sisters (but she didn't say which ones) and finally returned to her California home. Her husband will soon be und
-ergoing shoulder replacement surgery, so we all wish you and him well on that, Becci, and thanks SO much for the great report. Lucky you! On the negative side, though, Becci informs me she's going to be babysitting from Oct. 11-17! I was bummed out! I told you, Becci, we just can- NOT have a Miami Shores Memories Picnic at which there are no Poling girls!!

Are we ready for another trip? This one isn't as far away as Becci's, but nearly as long. I've just had a long chat with my pal, 1963's FRANCES L. PEFFLY, as I regularly do. She has informed me she will be going to her home in Ecuador for just about the entire month of September, as she will be working on her new, cooking website venture there, and other business interests. She has assured me, though, that she will be with us on alumni weekend, haven't you, Fran?

Fran doesn't get to stay home much, though, I guess. Quite recently, she returned from a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, raving about the great restaurants there. That's true, Fran. Being in the cooking website business, I'm sure you'd surely rave about that aspect of any of the areas and places you go!

In other travel news, I had a lengthy call from 1962 alumnus, RICHARD C. CALL. He and wife, Jean, were in Virginia Beach, Virginia, for the wedding of their 22-year-old granddaughter. He and I have been keeping in better touch in the recent years, and I'm so happy about that. We were great pals in school. I'm in hopes he and Jean will be visiting me in Tennessee, one of these days, sometime soon.

Speaking of that, it appears that my old pal and riding buddy, 1955's NORMAN E. JACKSON, just may be visiting me soon, in the company of his son, Chris. The two of them are headed for a motorcycle trip to the Tennessee mountains and, as always, I'm green with envy. They plan to ride that one road with which I'm also familiar. It's in the Smoky Mountains and nicknamed as, "the dragon" (Highway 129) for its 318 twists and turns in only 11 miles, all of it across the mountains. It's a spectacular ride, and yes, I've done it. It's a motorcyclist's dream, in fact. He says they'll stop by for a visit. You two ride very carefully, Norm! I remember a time when you weren't quite so conservative about that.

Norm has been quite ill, he told me, and says he is now pretty much back to normal and looking forward to the motorcycle trip with his son. We are all happy to hear you're well, Norm, and do take care of yourself. Happy ridiing!

There's more visiting, though, and not ALL of it was good, unfortunately. A recent e-mail came from 1963's GAYLE E. LESHER, in which she wrote of extensive water damage to their home in Florida. It seems they experienced a major, indoor flood, back in June, from a broken nut at the base of a toilet. We're all so sorry to hear of that misfortune, Gayle, and hope you've been able to get things properly restored. She wrote that they'd lost a lot of furniture, carpeting, and wall board, which had to be replaced as high as 4'. Wow, that was a bad one, wasn't it, Gayle?
She was pleased (amazingly) by the coverage of her insuror and by the clean-up efforts, so that was wonderful. Such is not always the case, in sunny Florida, I can tell you that from many years of experience.

Gayle had hoped to connect with fellow alumni during her trip, who included 1960's DAVID G. OTT, his 1963 spouse, SANDRA K. MINIX, and other close pal, 1963'S FRANCES L. PEFFLY. I'm almost afraid to ask if you succeeded in that effort, Gayle, as I'm aware of the extensive travel of all 3 of them, but I do hope so.

Of course, we can't overlook the ever-traveling FULLERs (1960's GERALD A. and his WC- honorary spouse, Rebecca A.), who gives us all great updates and travel reports. Becky's Aug. 15 report tells of their wintering in Panama City Beach, Florida, as usual. But this year, they re-mained in their Emerald Point condo, she wrote. They'd had it rented for about 4 years, due to cross-country RV-ing, but have now sold the RV, and are staying put a little more. They even got to attend an annual Christmas party at the home of friends in Savannah, Georgia, and will return to Florida in November. In the meantime, they will remain in the Louisville area, and Becky is spending more time with all her family, most of whom live there.

She reported that Jerry is feeling great, in good health, and doing well. I was thrilled to hear that. He's also staying very busy, doing remodeling work on their home, and he's done most of it all by himself. She says it looks great. We look forward to seeing you both in October! Thanks for the great update, Becky!

Just a couple of nights ago (it's now Aug. 22), I had a lengthy chat with lifelong friend, SHIRLEY J. TUDOR,1960. For some reason, we talked endlessly about the mischievous things we had done as children. I don't know why, as that's not normally what we discuss, but we did. There were Halloween pranks, bus trips to downtown Dayton, sleepovers, Suicide Hill sled races, and so much more, of course. The best part of such talks, I suppose, is the determining of WHY we did what we did, at the time. As it happens, she was able to recall FAR more of that part, than I was. In fact, she recalled a few details which I did not. In any case, it was fun to rehash those long-ago days, which really still seem as though they happened only yesterday. Most of these adventures occurred inside my beloved Miami Shores, before I moved across the river. It's just amazing, how quickly that many years passed!

From 1963's SHIRLEY A. RANKIN came e-mail in which she inquired as to the whereabouts of 1955's JACK L. KNIGHT. I did not have info I was able to confirm as current. But I finally did find a listing for him in an alumni directory of long ago, which I sent to her. If anyone has any-thing current, please let me know. Shirley, did you have any luck with that?

Shirley also wanted to know about someone named Janice Samuels. Shirley, is she WC? I have never before heard the name. Shirley had thought Janice might be the sister of JUDITH L. SAMUELS, but of course, she isn't. Give me a bit more info on her, Shirley, and I'll see what I can do. Also, if any of you know this person and where she is, let me know. Thanks.

Judy and I, by the way, continue our daily banter with all things domestic---cooking, recipes, the art of laundry, floor-mopping, dusting, garage sales, husbands, pets, car repairs, lunches and suppers, grocery prices, etc. It's all very boring, I'm sure, to everyone except us! We do it all by e-mail, as neither of us can spend that much time on the phone.

"Love is in the air!" Hmmmm, I've been getting several reports about our beloved alumnus of 1958, VINCENT A, BRODBECK, having a new lady friend. Is that right, Vince? If it is, I'm VERY happy for YOU, and very jealous of HER! I'm so sure I speak for all of us, when I write that we all wish you every happiness which life has to offer, and many more years of glowing health for you to enjoy it, too!! If this wonderful rumor is true, I am thrilled for you! One of your WC pals, whose identity I shall protect, wrote to tell me you and your lady friend were seen at the WC 4th of July picnic. As described to me, she was, "holding onto you like a box of Esther Price Candy!" I'd say that's quite a testimonial.

While I chose not to reveal the source for that remark, I'm nevertheless able to tell you I did get an e-mail from 1969's JACQUELINE J. CLARK, who told me she saw Vince and talked with him at that oh-so-popular WC hangout, the MB McD's (try to figure out THAT one?) and that he did, indeed, tell her he's involved with someone. In any case, I know we're all happy for Vince!

Well, we've hooked up 1987's SHARLENE N. MERKER and 1963's LEE JEAN JORDAN so that we can see if anything will come of this web -site to post our favorite WC memories. I've got a hunch these are two pretty creative minds we are merging and we shall await the results. I'm sure, if they're able to formulate a plan, it will be a good one! Keep us posted, you two!

In other WC mysteries, we still don't have an okay to report the results, from that mystery alumnus, who's making the cross-country move from one end to the other. If you're reading, do please let me know if it's okay to report. I'm very conscious of boundaries, as I write these things, and that's why I ask.

Yet another mystery? Yep, you bet! This one involves you, 1959's GARY E. BARNES. Did you know you still have devastating effects on these WC women? Watch out, Pat! One of them has written to tell me she had a huge crush on you in high school, Gary. She said, when she sees you at WC events, even to this very day, her heart, "goes pitty-pat." That's quite a testimonial, Gary, and of course, I cannot tell you who it is, as I'm sworn to secrecy.

Another party heard from, as regards church; i.e., Lutheran Church, that is. Gee, was ANYone a member of any other religion except Lutheran when we 1940s, 1950s, and early 1960s folks were in school? It sure doesn't seem like we were. ANN C. WEIDLE, 1956, reports that she and spouse, RONALD L. BROWN, 1952, were members of Grace Luthern in WC. While I was in school, I didn't know the place was crawling with all these Lutherans, did you? In other ZELC news, 1961's NANCY ANN HALL (my recently-designated, spiritual adviser, as some of you may recall) has been keeping me current on recent policies and changes within the basic framework of the church. We've had a few in-depth discussions about all this. We've also exchanged our viewpoints, have bandied about a few of the old names, and extensively talked of Pastor Mullen and how he influenced us and affected our lives. It's fun to discuss this with those who go all the way back to the beginning!

Let's do a couple of updates on earlier topics, okay? First of all, the former WC math teacher, DAVID A. COOPER, reports that he succeeded reaching his old pal and fellow teacher, 1961's CHRIS L. CLEARY, surely one the most popular and beloved of the many sweethearts of THAT class! He says they had a great exchange and he wished her well in her upcoming nuptials (as do we all). Great, David! I'm glad the two of you got connected.

Okay, does anybody out there recall 1955's JERRY W. ESTEPP? I do recall the name, of course. Help me! Better yet,l let's help the afore mentioned DAVID A. COOPER to find him and reconnect. It seems they were college pals and caddies together, and pretty good friends. But then, they lost touch. David would like to make contact and re-establish their friendship. Let's all pitch in and try to find him, okay?

Okay, it's now August 24 and let's do a follow- up on the August 17 surgery of 1958's JAS. E. RICHARDSON. From his lifelong pal, RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, 1958, came an e-mail in which he said he spoke with Jim and he's doing well. I know we're all thrilled to hear that. Tom wanted Jim's address, too, and I happily provided it. We are all out here, Jim, and all pulling for a speedy and 100% recovery. We know you've got the best of nursing in your spouse, 1958's K. JUNE RICHARDSON. June, is he a lousy patient? Ha!

Let me interject a little, personal note to all of you, in this next paragraph. I've said this in my previous bulletins, I'm sure, but not lately. It's a sentiment which bears repeating. For my entire life, I've been totally obsessed with two things---motorcycles and journalism! I love writing, I love words, I love grammar, I love spelling, etc., etc.! For a person such as me, there is nothing more exciting than the thought that what I'm writing, is something people want to read! What a thrill! So I once again offer humblest thanks to each and every single one of you for such devotion to the ramblings which I'm possessed to write, for whatever reason. Every time I take too long to get the next bulletin finished, and one of you writes me to see if I'm okay because it's been so long, I'm thrilled clear down to my toenails. I have gotten FAR more out of doing this, than any of you have gotten, from reading all of it, believe me. So again, thank you, one and all! I will begin my 10th year of doing these bulletins, come October. I hope for 10 more, at least!

Okay, back to business! We welcome aboard 1970's CHERYL R. COLLINSWORTH. Yes, she is the niece of the late SHARON A. of 1954 (or is it 1955)? Anyway, a quick check of the 1970 yearbook confirms that she inherited a few of the beauty genes from Aunt Sharon, that's for sure. We do hope you will enjoy the bulletins, Cheryl, and we SURE hope you'll be attending all the WC events. We all have a great weekend of fun together, every October! When Cheryl wrote to me, she expressed her desire to be on the readers list, saying how much she enjoys reading all the names from the past, then added the sentence, "The stories are priceless!" Yes, I guess they are, Cheryl. We're all enjoying them very much.

Speaking of stories, and getting back to that recent, favorite topic---paddling---we got one more from 1960's RICHARD LEE "DICKIE" PHILLIPS, one of the many great characters from my own class. This was a positively great one, too. Dick recalled a class, taught by one of the female teachers (whose name he doesn't recall, I'm sorry to say). As the class progress- ed, there was some mischief by none other than WALLACE W. ROBBINS, imagine that! Dick wrote that the teacher took him to the hallway, paddle in hand.

Now, as we all know, Wally is (and always has been) quite the charmer with the ladies. His art must have begun early on, too! Soon, the door opened and he walked through, smiling, with the teacher close behind. There had been no noise to indicate paddling, and of course, his smile was the dead giveaway that he had not been paddled. However, his mischief continued (not surprisingly), and soon the teacher looked at him and said quite sternly, "Wallace, if you don't straighten up, I'm going to paddle you, boil or no boil!" Of course, the students erupted in peals of laughter.

Dick wrote that he didn't know which one of them was more embarrassed, Wally or the lady teacher. How I wish I knew what lady teacher that was! Does anyone else recall this story or at least remember who the teacher was? This has sort of a REBECCA A. MARSH ring to ti, don't you think? Anyway, that was a great story, Dick, and thanks for sending it to us. Now, let's wait and see if we get an answer as to whom it was. Perhaps Wally will remember.

We're moving right along with this bulletin, which is now closing in on 10 pages, and we've got a bit more news to include! For instance, I've just received a report from 1957's THERESA M. MOSES and spouse, THOS. D. ELLIOTT, who have reported on their class' annual gathering on August 8. Theresa reported they had 25 attendees this year and had a great time. I'm sure they did! That's terrific, after 52 years!

In addition to Tom and Theresa, in attendance, there were also CHAS. L. "CHUCK" BOND, BARBARA J. CARR, MARY A. COLLINS, CHAS. L. DECHANT (fiancee Barbara Nichols)
, ELMOR D. EVANS (spouse Beverly, also sis-ter-in-law Hilda Evans), BETTY J. HAMILTON (spouse Bill), ARTHUR L. KITSON (spouse Joyce), ERCELL P. PHILLIPS (spouse Betty), JUDY LEE KREITZER, LAWRENCE J. RENAS, JR., NEIL H. SIZER and 1959 WC spouse, SHIRLEY R. PARKS (as well as granddaughter Samantha), and also in attendance were 1958's
JAS. E. RICHARDSON and spouse K. JUNE CRUTCHFIELD, as well as legendary educator, MURL E. HUFFMAN.

Several of them traveled some distance, too. In fact, Larry (Renas) lives in Locustville, W. Va., while Elmor (Evans) lives in Idaho and Chas. (deChant) lives in Florida. As I wrote, that was a pretty impressive turnout, after 52 years. We thank you for that report, Tom and Theresa.

That other, great, annual, WC social took place, too; i.e., the annual gathering of the girls of 1961 at the Cumberland cabin of CAROLE J. LEWIS. Yes, I got a report on that function from their own P. LYNNETTE GARRETT. Aside from Lynn, the attendees included, 1962's (I think she's been made an honorary member of 1961, though) BARBARA T. O'NEAL, DONNA J. RICHARDS, SANDRA S. HOLLINGSWORTH, SANDRA S. MAYO, CAROLE J. LEWIS (of course), NANCY L. HOHNHORST, SALLY L. GILLETTE, JANET L. WALTERS, SANDRA J. CASEY, and I do believe that was it. But if I didn't get your name in here, and you were there for this, PLEASE let me know right away, so I can enter a correction.

Among those who were very sorely missed, according to Lynn's message were CHRIS L. CLEARY, LILY K. "KITTY" BURDETTE, and EDNA L. GRAY. I know there were many others
, too, who usually attend, but weren't there this year, for whatever reason, such as JACQUE-LINE N. LESHER, PAULA R. WILSON, and many others, too numerous to mention. But Lynn had news on a few people, such as Edna and her sisters, FLOSSIE J., 1960, BRENDA (of 1963?). They're all off on a trip to Branson, Missouri, very soon. We all hope you all have a circus, as we know you will, of course!

Lynn also reported that her son had made a trip to Florida to visit with his uncle (Lynn's brother) and that he was doing well. Lynn's father died in February, so her mother is now in an assisted living facility. Apparently, both are doing well.

Lynn had several other pieces of news, too. As it happens, Nancy (Hohnhorst) became ill while in Ohio and had to get back to California and have stents done on her heart. She sent a follow
-up (Lynn) stating Nancy is now doing fine. If anyone has her postal mailing address, I'd like to have it. I would like to send her a card, please. Thanks for letting me know about that, Lynn. Of course, we all wish Nancy a speedy and 100% recovery and we sure do hope to see you and your 1959 spouse (H. JAY CARROLL, JR.) in October. I'm holding out little hope of that, though, due to her having just been here, and also being ill. But we sure will be thinking about both of you, Nancy and Junior!

Okay, I've gotten one query after another from all of you about how I'M doing. As so many of you have reminded me, as much as I write about all of YOU, I never write much about myself. That's true, of course, and I just hadn't given it a lot of thought, I suppose. Overall, things are all right with me, everything considered. My husband remains ill and in constant pain with that darned neuropathy, for which there is no cure and very little effective medication. My time is filled with his care and the care of this monstrous house we acquired in Tennessee. Since so many of you have been here, you know what I mean.

The oldest grandson is here with us and has been doing a lot of work inside and outside the house, which helps a great deal. I do love the climate here, and the cost of living is barely more than half of what it was in Florida! How great is that?

When I finish this one, I'm once again going to try and reach several of my classmates, who include THOS. D. YOUNG, BEVERLY A. BOWMAN, and EULA FAYE BAILEY. I'm overdue with you, Eula Faye, having tough time getting in touch with Beverly, and keep missing Tom and Sandi!

So here I am, at the close of yet another bulletin and wondering where all the time has gone, as I always do. We're now a scant 6 weeks from our big weekend. I know the forms were mailed so if you didn't get one (I haven't, yet), go to the website ( www.wchsalumni.org ), click on events and download your form and get it sent back as quickly as possible!

Will this bulletin get through to all of you? Well, I don't know, as I'm still teetering on the brink of a computer crash. Ha! This particular one is 13 pages long, so if I lose it, I'm going to commit hari-kari (or however you spell it). As I once again leave you all, it is with my wish for each of you to have glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, spiritual harmony, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

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