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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Saturday, August 11, 2012
Bonnie's WECATON News Report for 11 August 2012:

Well, we're back! As I begin my latest bulletin, it's my most unfavorite holiday (4th of July), and yes, I respect and treasure what it represents, I simply despise the way we've always celebrated it; i.e., noise, explosives, smoke, debris, injuries, etc. Yes, yes, I know I'm in the minority, so I'll just say I hope you all experienced a safe holiday, by the time you read this. (Didn't I write roughly the same thing last year
, as I began a bulletin about this same time? Oh, well, at least I'm consistent.)
First, I'll say thank you for all the varied responses and extent of news I've gotten from all of you. That's what makes this tick! Yes, I write these, but that's it. If you don't send the news, there's no WNR!! Let's begin with our forwarders who are 1949's ROBT. E. HOFFMAN; 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER; 1955's C. ELAINE DILLARD; 1956's RALPH D. WILSON; 1957's BETTY LEE CARROLL, RALPH H. WARNER, DARELL L. TOBIAS, ERCELL P. PHILLIPS THOS. D. ELLIOTT, THERESA M. MOSES; 1958's DONALD I. MCCOY, RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, WM. R. HOWARD, W. BAILEY HAWKINS, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH; 1959's BETSY R. MURPHY, GARY E. BARNES; 1960's WM. E. "BUDDY" STOVER, C. SUE MCCLOUD, DELORES K. "DEDE" FAHRNEY, WM. O. WALKER, FRED L. DOOLEY, JR., LARRY M. PENDLEY, EDGAR L. "EDDIE" KELLY, RONALD P. CRAIG's widow, Martha A. Craig, RICHARD S. HOLT, STEVEN M. KOKOT, CHAS. V. CARTER; 1961's SHARON K. WENDELK
Recent conversations include 1956's ANITA RAE MASON, 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH,1960's CHAS. A. HIGH, JR., and EULA FAYE BAILEY. Anita seems to be doing well enough, following a major stroke in November of 2009. It's been a long road to recovery, but she's nearly back to her old self. Bruce is doing equally well, although he feels he'll be forever walking slowly with his cain, which is fine, as it sure beats the alternative. Charlie suffers from endless health woes, yet never wavers from caring for his wife, who also has a long list of problems. Eula Faye seems to be doing fairly well, and stays involved with her family, caring for her home, and whatever other interests may strike her fancy.
On July 2, the 94-year-old mother of 1962's RICHARD C. CALL
passed away. She'd been under the care of a nursing home facility for the past 4 years. I believe Rich and Jean still live in Brookville. I know we all offer condolences to you, Rich, upon the loss of your mother. Thanks, Jean.
Yes, there were again multiple sendings, as you all know. I'll try Nick's other trick, this time, and see if that works. If not, I'm at my wit's end, so just delete any extra copies and keep one to read. We still have our, "e-mail lost," list of readers, but it's getting a bit better than it has been. They are 1953's B. DEAN ELLIS (does anyone have anything on him? This is his third reject, and I have to remove him. I simply hate the idea of losing any of us!), 1954's CAROLYN R. GILLETTE, 1958's KEITH E. ANDERSON (of course), and again, 1959's CAROLYN E. EUBANK. There was also another reject for MARIANNA L. LAKINS, 1954, (but it was only an over-quota, so I suspect she eventually received it. I'm still somewhat confused by the continuing rejects for Carolyn, though), 1970's ALGOTT C. "AUGIE" HERMAN. If any of you have current info on anyone on this list, please convey that information to me, and thanks.
There was also an over-quota notice for 1956's JOS. F. SNELL. But I suspect you got it, didn't you, Joe? I'm also
thinking that's relative to your recent move to Tennessee. Joe and wife Linda are almost neighbors to me, now. We do plan to get together. So many WC alumni are now living in Tennessee, it's quite remarkable. Anyway, Joe, update me on your new e-mail, please. Joe took the time to send me an e-mail on July 1, which included the new postal address and telephone number, but don't yet have the new e-mail.
From 1963's GERALDINA SELLARS came a request to double-check my address for her. As it happened, it was correct, but for whatever reason, Geri hasn't been receiving our bulletins. So I sent her all of them for the past year and she seemed to get them all right. I had to do the same for 1958's DONALD I. MCCOY. So you two should be quite busy reading, for quite a spell!
At the other end of the spectrum, thanks to you, 1963's GAYLE E. LESHER, for sending me the update on your new e-mail address. Please, readers, if your e-mail changes, follow Gayle's lead and let me know the new one, and thanks. One more saved reader has returned to the list, in the person of 1968's ROGER D. LUCAS, who sent me his new e-mail. So I thank you for that, Roger, and we're all pleased to have you back in the fold. If you change it again, be sure to keep me in the loop.
As always, my first responses came from my dear JACK L. GODBY, 1961, and the charming INDY JO GRISSOM of 1970. They gave me their consistently-gracious compliments. I think I must've inadvertently misspelled your maiden name, though, Indy, and for that, I apologize. I also got her class year wrong, as it's 1970, not 1971. I want to be made aware of all such errors, so I can correct them. Thanks, Indy. I also received gracious thanks from 1960's RONNIE R. WHEELER. I appreciate each and every word.
Hot on the heels of Indy, Jack, and Ronnie came an e-mail from 1963's LEE JEAN JORDAN, who also expressed her gratitude and wrote how glad she was to know 1985's AMY L. HAWKINS and her 1981 spouse, D. BRIAN BRODBECK, had moved to South Carolina. (Are the class years right, this time, Amy?) Anyway, Lee Jean wrote she hadn't been seeing them lately at church, and was wondering if something was awry. We all hope you and Brian are doing great, Amy, and loving your new digs, and thanks for recent exchanges.
There was also an exchange with 1956's ANN C. WEIDLE, in which we talked about those who hi-jack e-mail addresses and use them for illicit purposes, especially things which are of a solicitous nature. I do believe 1959's BETSY R. MURHPY had such an occurrence recently. Long ago, I used to change my e-mail address, but quickly discovered that was not only inconvenient, but nearly useless. With this technology we now have, almost anyone can get your e-mail address if they really want it. So I quit that.
We can remove WALLACE W. ROBBINS from the, "where-on-earth-are-you?" list. Yes, he called, finally. No, he hasn't changed one bit. I'm somewhat of a B.S.-er, myself, now and then. But occasionally, I like to hear a professional. So I talk to Wallace, when I get in that mood. He never, ever disappoints, that's for sure. He sounded robust, healthy, and pretty much like he was when he was 18. Of course, he's not nearly as, "dangerous." as he once was, but he would have us believe otherwise. He'll be 73 on July 31, but you've just got to hand it to him. He still lies about his age by a year, and at this stage of life, who cares? He is, however, still in a car and driving with no license. But he swears to me he's getting his license in several more weeks and he insists his eyes have improved due to his health food regimen and his vitamins. "Ya' gotta love 'im!" I keep praying he will not kill or hurt himself, nor anyone else. He's up to hearing from any and all WC alumni and has asked me to give you his number. It's 937 270-8839. (I assured him we all pretty much already have his number, and we had a good laugh about that one.) He especially wants to hear from you, P. LYNNETTE GARRETT
, and from you, 1961's PAUL R. BEARDSLEY. So give him a call. You'll all be thrilled to know he just had to change that last number, due to all the women who kept calling him. Ah, well, he's okay and healthy and back in the loop.
There is lots of musical news from our singing-and-traveling troubadour, 1958's DONALD I. MCCOY, and his musical other half, wife Fran. They have a uTube Video of a gig at Leo's Coffee House, are working on a CD of 1970s music at Don's son's studio in Columbus, and they also entertain at local nursing homes.
Don also wrote of attending the viewing of the late 1958's JAS. E. RICHARDSON, and seeing our Civics teacher, MURL E. HUFFMAN, while there. He exclaimed how he looks exactly the same. Yes, he does, Don. It's quite amazing. In fact, he called me just last week, and I missed the call. He'd been at a breakfast for the 1951 class and told me my name was mentioned. Well, thanks, Mr. H., and I hope you and Marge are doing well. Aren't you two nearing your first anniversary? Back to Don, who wrote he's going to try to join us in October, this year. We sure hope so! (Footnote:
Since this writing, yes, I've gotten another call from MEH, and this time, we connected. He and Marge celebrated their 1st anniversary on July 17!)
Apologies to 1961's NANCY A. HALL, about whose wedding anniversary I wrote, in the last bulletin. I mistakenly cited it as the 40th, but she and Pastor Larry W. Matthews, Retired, have been wed 45 years, not 40. Sorry, Nancy, I didn't mean to cheat you out of 5 years.
Now here's a wonderful piece of news! On June 30, 1959's GARY E. BARNES and Patricia S. Peffly celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! That's a big, "Wow-eeee!!!" Not all of us get to see such an occasion. We all hope you had a truly spectacular day, Pat and Gary, and we wish you many happy and healthy returns!
Back on June 28, I got a great e-mail from 1963's SANDRA K. MINIX, who had just returned from a 3-week trip to France. She stayed in a town called Chambery. She was beside the borders of Italy and Switzerland, and spent time with her son and his family, sightseeing and shopping. She says she and spouse, 1960's DAVID G. OTT, are trying to determine a trip for December, when they celebrate their 50th anniversary. Do keep us posted!
From our master chicken-and-dumplings creator, (just ask 1958's WM. R. HOWARD), 1970's CHERYL R. COLLINSWORTH
, came kind words about the bulletins and the unwelcome news of multiple sendings, again. Yes, I know, Cheryl, and I'm sorry. The same news came from 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE and 1961's LARRY G. DIXON and JACQUELINE N. LESHER, who also expressed appreciation. Since I'm aware the problem exists, as previously mentioned, in the future, all of you just delete extras while I try to blunder through and find a solution. My next effort will be to use the other trick sent to me by my guru, 1958's NICHOLAS P. WOLARY, as previously written. We'll see how that goes.
By now, we're all aware of a total loss of the home of 1960's HARRIET Z. RICE and spouse Larry D. Webster. I sent a special bulletin when Larry wrote the blow-by-blow of the loss in the horrible Colorado wildfires. I was just so deeply saddened to read this, even though I'd been watching it each night on the news. It's much different, I found, when one of the losses is someone you actually know.
We're all pulling for you, Harriet and Larry, and wish you all the best. We're so terribly sorry for this tragedy you're both
enduring. For those who might wish to contact Harriet and Larry, their address is Larry D. & Harriet R. Webster, 5675 Vantage Vista Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919-5556. Yes, that's the house which is now destroyed by fire. However, the postal service is processing the mail for those who lost homes, and they're getting it, so I know that will work. My daughter is a letter carrier and she also lived in CS, for a time. Words of deep regret came from 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, EULA FAYE BAILEY, 1961's SALLY L. GILLETTE, and 1963's LEE JEAN HELLER., although I'm sure we all reflected their very same sentiments.
From 1970's TERRY L. NEUBERG came a request for help with contacting 1969's KAREN L. THROCKMORTON. There is no need to tell you all, I was thrilled to oblige. I hope you were able to make contact, Terry.
Lost in a traffic accident, which occurred on July 2, was 1973 's GARY E. FRALEY. How very sad. He was but 56. This was reported to me by 1959's GARY E. BARNES and by 1963's LEE JEAN JORDAN. Gary B., he wrote, spent time with Gary F., on the WC Fire Dept. Thanks to both of you. Lee Jean also made inquiries about her classmate, FRANCIS L. PEFFLY, as did SANDRA K.MINIX, SHIRLEY A. RANKING, and teacher MURL E. HUFFMAN. As far as I know, Fran remains very busy with her cooking website and her family and her travels. I hope to hear from her soon.
On July 11, it was, "The Big Seven-Oh," for 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST. I believe the same occasion occurred on June 16 for STEVEN M. KOKOT and on July 12 for PHILLIP D. HOWARD
, as it did for the greater majority of our 1960 class, during this calendar year, or late in the last calendar year. Happy birthday to us all.
From 1970's RITA G. JUSTICE came a glowing commentary on the joys of living in Charlston, South Carolina. I have friends who have lived there for years. They just moved last year, as they told me the taxing structures in SC are now horrible, so I hope that's not true. Anyway, here's a piece of trivia for all of you, which I've been trying to determine for years and years and years. So I finally called the state capitols of both these states. In South Carolina, it's Charlston, and in West Virginia, it's Charleston. So I've finally settled that issue. For what it's worth, both cities say they're aware of the two being constantly confused and misspelled, and both assured me this is, indeed, official information. Who knew? Ha! So thanks for a fun exchange, Rita.
About the cities' name spellings, I learned from the folks at both capitol buildings, there are official highway signs in both states which are misspelled, and literally thousands of citizens, living in both cities, who misspell it, too, depending upon in which state they're residing. But both agree on the fact W.V.'s is correctly spelled with an, "e," in it, while S.C.'s is not. So I've finally settled that issue, for me, anyway.
Once again, I'm going to try to meet this summer with 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER and 1953's C. ELAINE DILLARD. Both are going to stay within a stone's throw of each other, in next-door North Carolina, and the area where they are, is but 60-or-so miles from my house, in the northeast corner of Tenn., so we're going to see how that goes, this year. Last year, Elaine left early and Freda was under the weather. We'll all keep our fingers crossed!
Thanks to the efforts of 1957's SHIRLEY ANN HILE, THERESA M. MOSES, and THOS. D. ELLIOTT, we have a full report on the annual picnic at Wilson park for their class. I believe this took place on June 28. Those present, aside from the three aforementioned (plus Shirley's spouse, Jack J. Richards, Jr.) include MURL E. HUFFMAN, (no surprise there), E. BETH BOLINGER (spouse Gary R, Trace), BARBARA A.CARR, DAVID
P. CHANCE (spouse Diane L.), MARY C. GATES, BETTY JANE HAMILTON (spouse Wm. O. Mohn), MELANIE L. HOHNHORST (spouse G. Donald Fox),ARTHUR L. KITSON (spouse Joyce A.
), BERNARD R. KOKENGE (spouse Joy C.), JUDY L. KREITZER, SARAH M. "JACKIE" MASON (spouse Oscar A. Hargis, Jr.), RANDALL W. PARKS (spouse Anita U.), PATRICIA A. SHU-
MARD, NEIL H. SIZER (spouse 1958's SHIRLEY R. PARKS),and CAROLYN M. WRIGHT. Theresa wrote a good time was had by all. I can certainly believe that. My thanks to both Shirley and Theresa for a great report.
By the way, Shirley also reported we have a talented artist in our group, in Theresa. It seems Theresa is taking classes in painting and she finished a beautiful painting for Shirley, and named it, "Bursting Blooms." It's signed by Theresa. Shirley is quite thrilled with it. I would be thrilled, too, Shirley, and lucky you!
This next piece of news is not so cheery. Most everyone in the 1950s and early-1960s classes remember, "Cookie," aka NANCY E. BOWIE, 1960. As I write this, I believe Cookie is still hopsitalized, as she suffers from the same malady of her sister, 1957's DONNA M. BOWIE, who died several years ago. Donna was long-wed to a member of WC's Royal Family, the Mays clan, GARY D. MAYS. My own1960 classmate, J. DAVID MAYS, telephoned me on July 18 (it's now July 20, as I type) to tell of her hospitalization.
It seems, on July 17, Cookie's spouse, David E, Ellis, did not show up at the hospital. Knowing something was awry, some
-one was apparently dispatched to their home. They found him, dead. Cookie wasn't able to go to the house, due to her own health problems. It's hard to imagine anything more horrifying, though. For those who may wish to send cards, notes, letters, whatever, the address I have is Nancy B. Ellis, P.O. Box 996, Eatonville, Wa. 98328-0996. Obviously, both sympathy and get-well cards are appropriate, as well as just words of support and encouragement. It's hard to imagine a much worse scenario. My 1960 classmates were aware, ahead of this bulletin. Thanks, Dave, for letting us know. He says he learned the news from brother, Gary, whose nephew, Jesse, called to tell him. He's Nancy's son and I believe he's there with her, permanently, which is a good thing.
Do most of us remember ROBT. R. WASKOM? I think he was a 1962 guy, but not positive. Anyway, he married INIS M. PENNINGTON. Was she also 1962? Again, I'm not sure. In any case, I spoke to her today. They live in the city of Hinkle
, Kentucky, and Inis informed me Bob is currently suffering from both prostate and breast cancer. He's currently undergo-ing a treatment regimen for both. Let's keep him in our good thoughts and prayers.
We got poignant messages about the tragedies of Cookie and Harriet, by the way, from both GERALD A. FULLER and MICHAEL S. WEST. We're all sad from hearing of our many tragedies, but it's all a part of life, and we're never very happy about these things.
At 5:30 a.m., on July 14, I exited my driveway, headed north for the 90th birthday bash of my dear, longtime friend, BETTY GREENWOOD, Dayton's most fabled entertainer and nightclub owner. It took me 5 1/2 hours to get there, I spent the night at the Miamisburg home of 1960's CHAS. V. CARTER and wife Pamela, my nearly lifelong friends. I went to Betty's home around 5:15 and we spent about an hour visiting, prior to the show. I was very sure we wouldn't get to visit, during the shindig and was I ever right! But we sure had a great visit, beforehand. To say it was a great show would surely be an extreme understatement. It was nothing short of fabulous, as anyone present would tell you. Betty, at 90, went on at 8 and never once left the stage and never once wavered and was nothing short of amazing! I was seated at the family table, right by the stage, so got to see and hear everything.
During my very few hours there, I winged by the home of my old friends, THOS. D. YOUNG and wife Sandi, with whom I'm very close. No luck, they weren't home. Where were you, Tom and Sandi? I also flew by the home of SHIRLEY JAY TUDOR, and again, no luck. I also swung through the business locale of BRUCE E. CHENOWETH. But I was batting zeroes, every-
where. In one final attempt at success, I sped down the road to the Germantown home of P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, 1961, and need I tell you? No luck again. I wanted to leave notes, but had no paper and was also very rushed for time, wouldn't you know? While at Betty's birthday bash, though, I ran right smack-dab into 1961's THOS. W. WELLER and SANDRA J. CASEY. We chatted a bit. They'd brought Sandy's 95-year-old mother to see Betty. I also got to see 1956's ANITA RAE MASON, who's my sister-in-law, and my brother-in-law, Ralph J. Osterman, as well as Anita's 1957 sister, SARAH M. "JACKIE" MASON, and her spouse. Oscar A. Hargis, Jr. If all goes well, I hope to play hostess to Jackie and Junior during August, when they come to the races at nearby Bristol Motor Speedway.
The following a.m., I left Chas. & Pam's house at 6, and was home by noon. I'd been gone for a total of 31 hours, start to finish. It had been well worth every mile. Betty and I talked today for about half an hour. She was thrilled with the show and the turnout and she loved the e-mail you sent to me, 1964's RICKEY A. BUSCH. Rick was there, too, but we did not cross paths. I wish we had.
The 1958 class lost VONA N. HISEL, apparently about July 25. Her obit appeared in the July 27 DDN, and was sent to me by her classmate, DAVID L. HOWARD. Thanks, Dave. I remember Vona well. She was also a Miami Shores Kid and I do believe she resided in Miamisburg. We extend sympathy to Vona's family and friends. Upon her death, she was 73 and her surname was Hudgel.
As most of the longtime readers will recall, 1960's PHILLIP D. HOWARD had a dual-organ transplant several years ago. He wrote to tell me he's doing well and, although he's losing the use of a little finger, very gradually, he seems to be coming along. This was all following his 70th birthday on June 12. I daresay a great deal of his success is due his devoted wife, a member of the 1967 class, MARIAN K. HUSSEY. We're all so happy to hear you're doing well, Phil, and thanks for letting us know.
Everybody, please disregard all those e-mails which named a numeric alpha group and had no text. That was a result of an attempt to transmit my reader list to WC alumni treasurer, GARY E. JOHNSON, 1970, so he could use it for the mailings for this year's alumni dinner/dance. By the way, mark all your calendars. It's another year where it falls late, due to the day October begins. So it's going to be on Oct. 13. Get those reservations sent as early as possible, okay? Thanks very much, Gary. Great job, as usual.
By now, I'm sure the Fee household's new carpeting has been completed. I received e-mail from 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, in which he said his e-mail would be down several days, while they laid new carpeting. He would then have to put it all back together. But that was July 22, and I'm sure it's all long since done.
On July 26, my 1960 class lost KEITH H. CLENDENON. I was especially saddened by his death. Keith was a kind, gentle soul. In recent years, we spent lots of time visiting. He had sent me a Christmas gift, a valentine, and a birthday card in the past year. Only about 3-4 months ago, he even bought yet another Harley-Davidson, writing he'd be fixing it up to ride with me, when he came to Tennessee. I was so sorry to hear of his passing. We had plans to get together when he came to his Tennessee property, also. I know we all extend sympathy to Keith's family and friends. I'll sure miss him at our Miami Shores picnic gathering! He had not yet turned 70. Does anyone know if he was ill or had an accident or what? My thanks to MICHAEL S. WEST, PHILLIP D. HOWARD, FRED L. DOOLEY, JR., DENNIS A. ROSE, and RICHARD S. HOLT, for reporting his death to me.
Hot on the heels of this awful news, came yet another death, this time it was 1956's JOHN A. "JACK" FREIER, who died on August 6, of Alzheimer's Disease, I'm told. Jack and I lived near each other for years, in Volusia County, Florida. In fact, he used to go the dog track with my late husband, never once knowing we knew each other. One night, though, home towns surfaced in the conversation, and that's when he told me about Jack. I began to see him, from time to time, then.
He was at the 2006 gathering, for his 50th. About 2 years ago, he had a severe car crash from which never really did recover, also. Everyone from the 1950s and early-1960s can recall Jack's many spectacular feats of derring-do on the WC football field. It was simply amazing. To this day, he still holds some as-yet-unbroken records, I do believe. We all share fond memories of Jack on that football field, that's for sure. He was a WC legend. Our sincerest sympathy goes to his widow and family. The reports on Jack came to me from classmate, RALPH D. WILSON and 1959's GARY E. BARNES, so thanks to both of you.
Sadly, I must report yet another death in our WC family, and this one is 1954's ROBT. GENE WELLER. There are several brothers, as we all know, and the one I know best would be 1961's THOS. D. WELLER. I know we all send condolences to Tom and to all the rest of the family, as well as all the other brothers. I don't have an exact date of his death, but I think most of you seem already aware. I think it was during the first week of August, though. He apparently went by Gene and he lived in Hillsoboro. Thanks to 1959's GARY E. BARNES for some help on this one.
Ever on the alert for my favorite items, 1958's WM. R. HOWARD found both Piratans and old Bell Telephone pay phone signs for me. Having retired from the pay phone division of Ma Bell, and having one of those connected in my garage, I do want a Bell pay phone sign. So thanks for being on the lookout, Bill.
Once again, DOUGLAS H. HOWE (1956) and I had a couple of exchanges about motorcycle-riding and the fact the annual Sturgis Rally & Races is happening, as I type, for the past 8 days. I attended for 20 consecutive years, so always get a bit nostalgic at this time of year. It's now Aug. 10 and it kicked off on Aug. 2. Come Sunday, Aug. 12, Sturgis will become a ghost town. What a great experience!
We got a follow-up report from 1988's JAS. A. MCGUIRE, re the July 13 Pipestone Golf Tourney, held for WC's alumni football players. It was apparently the usual success. He also wanted to remind us all of the Football Alumni Night on Sept. 21, when the Pirates face off against the district II champs, Trotwood-Madison. Thanks, Jim.
The world travelers, 1960's GERALD A. & Rebecca A. FULLER
have recently returned from what sounds like a world-class trip to Seattle, for his U.S. Army football team's reunion. If you didn't receive Becky's travelogue, you've missed a treat. She included wonderful photos, great descriptions, restaurant reviews, tourist attraction commentaries, and the whole nine yards. What a great report, Becky! We're all thrilled you had such a great trip and I really appreciated all the time and effort you put into that report. It was a good read, and yes, I read it all!
Well, gang, we've done it again! Thanks for your many great e-mails and news snippets. "Keep 'em comin'!" I need each and every single one of them. Without all of you, there's no WNR bulletin, so remember that. All I do is assimilate what you send me, then hopefully write it into a readable form. I can't do it without you. I leave each of you with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, personal safety, peaceful serenity, spiritual harmony, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

Sunday, August 05, 2012
Dear West Carrollton High School Alumni and Friends: 05 August 2012

The Fall of 2012 is approaching and so is the annual West Carrollton Alumni Dinner Dance (Please Note: the name of this event has been changed to: West Carrollton All Class Reunion/Alumni Dinner-Dance). Every second Saturday of October, the alumni of West Carrollton High School return home to renew old friendships, meet old classmates and perhaps make new friends. We return again to the same location. This year the All Class Reunion will be held Saturday October 13, 2012 at the Wyndham Garden Inn Hotel, 31 Prestige Plaza, Miamisburg, OH. (formerly the Holiday Inn) We look forward to a very enjoyable evening.
A few members of the West Carrollton High School Band will play the National Athem, the Alma Mater & the fight song. Band director, Adam Uhlenhake will direct the band.
All graduates, spouses, teachers, staff, family and friends of West Carrollton High School are invited to attend. This year the Class of 1957, 1962 and 1972 will be celebrating their 55th, 50th and 40th year reunion with us. We also salute all of our alumni that have consistently attended and supported the dinner dance and scholarship program -THANK YOU. Please join us and the alumni from many classes for an evening of food, dancing, and fellowship. The dress is tastefully casual. There is a reservation form included with this letter for your convenience.
The schedule is as follows:
6:00 PM Socializing / Happy Hour
Ice Cold Beer on tap courteous of the WCAA along with a Cash Bar
7:00 PM Introduction of the classes; 55th - 50th - 40th - 30th - 25th - 20th - 10th
Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance, National Athem, the Alma Mater, WC fight song
Buffet Dinner
Roll Call of Classes
Association Update
8:30 PM-12 Midnight Dancing with DJ along with entertainment
The Cost is $35 per person for Dinner & Dancing, or $7 if only coming for the "dance-only" portion
Please make your reservations no later than: October 7th, 2012
We will seat by class unless specified otherwise, but it is impossible to guarantee specific seating.
For Those People Who May Find It Difficult to Use the Buffet -- Please Note On The
Reservation Form and You Will Be Assisted in Getting Your Dinner.
2012 Scholarship Fund-Awarded four $1,000 scholarships to:
Miles & Ryan Reagans; Bailey Shurts; Kristina Corbin
For the Reagans twins, their mother, Susan Ketring, graduated in 1983, a grandfather, Joseph Ketring in 1963, and a grandmother, Marcia Helfinstine, in 1962, and a late great-grandmother, Susan Mains, in 1936. For Kristina Corbin, her mother, Cindy graduated in 1988, and her father Garry Corbin West Carrollton, For Bailey Shurts, her mother, Lisa (Johnson) graduated in 1996, and her grandfather, Leonard Sonny Johnson, graduated in 1972.
Go to the following website: http://www.wchsalumni.org/ for details and weekly updates on paid attendees attending the dinner/dance.

Please print it off the your reservation(s) form and send along with any scholarship donation(s) to:

Gary E. Johnson (WCAA Treasurer)
2326 Wrencroft Cir
Dayton, OH 45459-8411
Phone: 937-435-0545
Cell: 614-419-2233

PS. Hope you will consider joining us with an evening filled with fun, excitement, and reminisce about good old times! So please send in your reservation along with your payment and/or donation

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