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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Gary needs more players for this, so let's get busy and sign up, hear?

From: Gary Barnes
Date: 09/26/05 20:27:17
To: Bonnie
Subject: golf outing


If you would, please mention the Alumni golf outing in your next news letter. We only have 7 or 8 playing again this year. We will be playing on Friday, Oct. 7th. The first tee-time is at 9am. You should be at the course by 8:30am to check-in and have time to make up teams. If anyone is interested in playing, I need to know ASAP. We have 3 tee-times on hold which is 12 players. I can always call for more if necessary. Remember, women golfers are also invited to play. Talk to you later !!


Thursday, September 08, 2005

---As I see the Gulf Coast nightmarish tragedy continue to unfold---dead bodies everywhere, reports of anarchy, children and adults hungry and without any resources, people engaged in physical battles and shooting each other, no water to drink ---the adage comes to mind of, "Man's Inhumanity To Man." I cannot, for the life of me, determine why these conditions persist on the sixth day after the storm, in a nation such as ours, but they do.

So I'm doing what little I can do and I am asking for input from all of you, just in case I've overlooked the obvious. I am collecting unneeded-but-serviceable clothing and am going to deliver it to the Red Cross. I've donated funds and given blood. However, these small efforts, in the face of such a monumental disaster, seem woefully inadequate. What else can we do? Tell me what some of you are doing (and I just KNOW you ARE doing), and maybe I can carry this further. Thanks, and let's all pull together to help these people in our Gulf Coast states.

Some Responses:
From: Gary Barnes
Date: 09/03/05 21:24:23
To: Bonnie
Subject: Re: WNR SPECIAL!---


There is a church in the area who was talking about sending 3 delegates to Mississippi to contact either FEMA or the Red Cross about adopting 7 families to bring to Ohio for a month. They contacted their church family for 7 volunteers to take in these families. If approved, they have their 7 families. This could also be done by cities, organizations, businesses etc. Once in the area, businesses would be contacted about giving these people part time jobs so they won't feel that they are just receiving charity. They can feel like they are earning their way. At this point, the entire city could help out and make them feel welcome and wanted. Then food and clothing could be collected and distributed to these families so it wouldn't cost the host families as much. Talk to you later !!



---The following info, which was just sent to me by Bruce, is exactly the type of thing I was after. I've also just gotten a note from 1958's HARRIETTE E. DOGGETT, in which she has said her siblings from her father's side, both in that Gulf Coast area, are a-ok. They're among the lucky ones. We have many innovations out there, as I knew we would. NANCY J. ERTEL, 1961, writes that she has set up a prayer website and 1957's BERTHA J. HOERNER says she's going to bombard the Bicycle Playing Card Co., to give the victims a calmer pastime. I just returned from taking bags of usable clothing to be given to them, too. I'll bet we're ALL doing lots of stuff.

From: Bruce Chenoweth

FEMA has contacted my company, desperately seeking to purchase the following.

Diesel powered electric generators, 250 KW or larger.
Diesel powered pumps, 10,000 GPH or larger.
They can use new or used.

If anyone knows where any of these large pieces of equipment are located that are for sale, Please contact me at bchenoweth@woh.rr.com. FEMA allows a 5% resale fee of which my company will donate to a Katrina Relief Fund (Red Cross and Salvation Army to which we have already contributed) upon receipt.

Semper fi,


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

9th & final edition of the 4 Vagabonds & 2 Couch Potatoes:

--- Here's DeDe's latest (and final) travelogue for all of you to read --- Bonnie

Hi Folks:
It is the 3rd of September and we are in Loveland Colorado at friends. We have been here for 8 days now and will be leaving on Wednesday for Dayton. We are cutting our trip short because Missy is very sick. As I have told you in previous editions, she has been limping almost since we left home. It has been an off and on thing with some bruising in her groin area. In the last addition we stopped in Everett Wa. at a well known clinic and they done a lot of blood work and x-rays of her left hind leg. They put her on antibiotics and she seemed to limp less. As soon as the antibiotics were gone, the bad limp returned. We were in San Francisco at this time for Dede to get her apparatus off. We took Missy to a vet there and she could find nothing on the x-rays wrong with the leg. She gave us some pain pills to give her. We decided to come straight for Colorado. Carol & Diane, told us they have the U of Colorado Veterinary Clinic with all sorts of specialist On the way we did stop at Moeb, Utah for a trip to Canyonland. The next day we toured the Arches. That is sure beautiful country. We then left for Durango where we took the train to Silverton. Don't miss that when you get out that way. What scenery there is in this country. Then it was on to Colorado Springs and the cog train to Pikes Peak. We also toured the Garden of the Gods. That ended our scheduled trip to Colorado. We came north to Loveland to Carol & Diane's. Dede and Nan are staying in the house and Jan & I and the girls are staying in the trailer. They have a beautiful place here nestled by the mountains. They have a horse and stable and 2 dogs. Snoopy & Missy are really having a good time. Some grass for a change and everything fenced in and lots of land to explore. We took Missy to the clinic and they ran more test on her and turned her over to an internalist. They called us in the PM and told us to get her back right away. They kept her and started some procedures and gave her plasma and tried to get a biopsy. No sucess. He called the next day for us to come in and told us the bad news. She had a mass that was in her pelvic area that was too risky to operate on. All the bruising was from the mass pushing on the blood vessels that are in the area. We chose to just take her home. Needless to say we want to get to Florida as soon as possible because she has so much trouble getting in and out of the trailer and van and we have to help her even get up on the couch or bed. We will be in Dayton next Friday and probably try to leave for Florida by mid week. They have showed us a great time while we were here.Carol took us to Rocky Mountain National Park and we have been to Estes Park. More beautiful scenary. Dede has been going to therapy here and they are redoing 2 tests on Missy Tuesday morning before we leave. Talked to Linda this am and she will make an appointment with her vet for Missy to see when we get to Dayton. Probably just for some meds. They gave us Morphine for her when it gets worse. This is sure a sad ending to a great trip. See you in Dayton or Florida.We are on our way.

*** The 4 Vagabonds and the 2 Couch Potatoes

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bonnie Writes:

No, this is not another bulletin and no one else has died. Today, I am simply overcome with gratitude about life in general and with whom better to share such feelings, than with those who date back to the beginning of time in my life--- all of you!!

As I've told many of you and as I'm now going to tell ALL of you, this "accidental effort" has brought great joy and fulfillment into my life. For that, I will be forever ingratiated to each and every single one of you. I was blessed with a "second chance" to become personally acquainted with so many of my former schoolmates, the ones I "missed" in school, and it has genuinely enriched my life. WC produced some of the finest people I've ever been privileged to know, in all my life. I'm so happy I had the opportunity to come to fully realize that.

So for all of you who keep thanking ME for things, please do not feel indebted to me at all. It is I who am indebted to all of YOU! On this day, I will give blood for the poor victims of Hurricane Katrina, and I will donate money, too. I'd bet that most (if not all) of you, are doing the same, if you haven't, already. As I watch the devastating news coverage and see these people in abject misery, I realize how terribly fortunate I am. Soon, I will spend an entire quality weekend with all of you. (Well, at least most of you, I hope.) Let's keep our fingers crossed for the best outcome for those citizens in our Gulf Coast area, and let's be very grateful for our wonderful and life- long friendships. Thank you, one and all!

-- Bonnie --

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