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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Friday, February 23, 2007
WC in FLA... v.2007... ?????

Hey, I haven't heard one utterance yet from anyone, regarding WC Florida Spring Fest, which should take place this year on March 25. What's up? Did anyone get facilities? Have any arrangements been made? I am in hopes that this always-wonderful and incredibly fun event doesn't hinge on the efforts of just a single person (me), and that things will get moving on that. If you are intending in being there this year, please do respond to this e-mail---ASAP! That way, we can get things going, which we absolutely MUST, if we intend to continue our festivities. Or should I now change this annual gathering to something like, " WC Tennessee Tour," and hold it on my new, nearly-3-acre "estate?" The fact is, I'm more than willing to do that, but we wouldn't be having Florida weather. However, it WOULD be gorgeous, sunny, and terribly scenic and picturesque. Listen, get back to me. We need to know what we're going to do this year, okay?

-- Bonnie

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

For all of you who entertained notions of getting rid of me, I've got big news for you. "It just ain't gonna happen!" I am back!!! It's been a long siege, I know, and I can only apologize for that. Believe me when I tell you that I have missed each and every single one of you, and I've wondered every day, about what we all are doing, how we're feeling, what kind of excitement we are experiencing, and all the other things about which we who write, are innately curious.

Yes, I'm firmly ensconced (well, THAT might be just a BIT of a stretch) in my new Tennessee home. I'm very bonded to this place, already, and feel as though it is my destiny to be here. Yes, it's much colder. But hey, did I not hale from Ohio, in the first place? I'll be fine and I'll readjust. It may take me a bit longer. Suffice to say that you could not PAY me to return to greedy, blood-sucking Florida! (Apologies to all those of you who may still live there, but I was a resident there for 29 1/2 years, so I earned a little seniority, and with it, comes the privilege of writing exactly what I feel.) Also, I'm really crazy about my new home.

Another great thing here is the view. At my home in Florida, when I was writing the WNRs, I could glance out a window and see the tree in my front yard and I would know what the weather was like. Well, I can do that here, too, but when I glance out the window, from atop my hillside home, I view the panoramic Holston Mountain Range, in all its glory. It's a part of the entire Appalachian Chain, which runs the course of all states nearby, and includes a number of other ranges which cover Appalachia. It's all truly picturesque and I'm still in a daze that I have actually done this, and that this lovely place is really ours.

Now, I'm going to write about all of YOU for awhile. I want to tell you all how much I have appreciated your e-mails of encouragement and support, about our decision to make this move. But boy, you surely did, "blow my doors off," with all the e-mails asking me if and when I'd resume the WNR reports. I felt so very thrilled by remarks such as "I really miss your reports," and, "We all need you to come back as soon as you can," and, "I know you're very busy, but could you do a report pretty soon?" and many more. Well, believe me, the feeling was 100% mutual. I, too, missed all of you, more than I can ever say. I terribly missed doing my reports and staying current on all the happenings.

So having written that, I will tell you that this old brain just, "ain't what it used to be," and I'm going way back in time now, in order to resume the point in time from when I concluded my last report. As I recall, it was at the time we were getting ready to attend the Frisch's Frolic (brainchild of my 1960 classmate, MICHAEL S. WEST, I might add). We had tons of us there, as we always seem to have, and it was a wonderful and fun time, as always. But as I muddle my way through this, I'm going to ask tolerance. I may or may not be able to recall each and every person. If I miss you, do forgive me. It's not because I don't love you. It's only due to the fact that I'm old and feeble-minded and am not as quick on the uptake as I once was, okay?

On the day in question, I drove to Germantown to see my good pal, 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, as is my usual custom. Not only do I always greatly enjoy our visits, but I also dearly love that tiny town with its spectacular architecture and wonderful Ohio history. But luck wasn't with me that day and I missed Lynn (but did get to speak to her husband, Frank, upon whom I still have a mad crush. Are you listening, Frank?) But I'd been pretty fortunate that day, with my various visits, so I couldn't complain too much. She was helping to plan WC activities, after all.

Somewhat prior to the so-called, "designated time," I arrived at Frisch's and found quite a few of us already there and wasn't at all surprised by that. Isn't that always the case? I greeted 1961's EDNA L.GRAY (please tell me I'm remembering this correctly, Edna) and anxiously awaited the imminent arrival of my dear friend and classmate and 1960 class Vice-President THOMAS D. YOUNG. This would be a double treat for me, as his wife, Sandi L. Young, and I, had been very, very close friends, many years ago. It was I who had originally introduced them about 1968, I think it was. I hadn't seen either of them in quite a spell, but we had recently recemented our longstanding friend-ship, and had had breakfast together on the previous day. We also had plans for the upcoming Sunday.

Seeing Tom created quite a stir. He'd been a terribly popular member of our class and a lot of people were looking very much forward to seeing him, as was I. I was also thrilled to be able to spend some extra time with Sandi, with whom I'd always had an exceedingly special and close friendship. That did not change, with either of them, in spite of the passage of time. It was as if we hadn't missed a beat. Accompanying them was Sandi's firstborn, Jennifer, whom I'd first met when she was just 9 years old. She was with her husband, Larry. I currently refer to Jennifer as, " the brat," for reasons which shall remain anonymous. It was a joy to see her again, too.

So many of us were there, at our old, WC stomping ground, Frisch's. Another flurry of excitement ran through the place with the entry of yet another 1960 classmates, EDGAR L. "EDDIE" KELLY, for whom I'd searched for years and years, before finally finding him. A lot of people were thrilled to see Eddie, too. He had always been the Fonzie of our class. He was the hippest, the coolest, and always projected just a tiny hint of, "bad boy," which served only to make him more appealing. He was accompanied by his lifelong friend, AARON COUCH. The two of them had shared similar traits, when they were in school. Seeing them together again at the Moraine City Frisch's, in and of itself, was a grand moment of nostalgia.

Eddie tells a wonderful story about Miss Marsh's high school English class, always expounding on his big crush on EULA FAYE BAILEY. He said he never did learn a thing in that class because he was so totally smitten with Eula Faye, whom he sat directly behind. He loved her southern drawl, he said, and thought she was so beautiful, and he loved her long, flowing hair. Eula Faye knew nothing of this, until recently.

Earlier that day, I had stopped by the Apple Plat home of my old friend, GARY D. RICHARDS, and he didn't disappoint, just as he'd promised. Gary was there, too, and he's still positively one of the world's nicest guys, just as he's always been Gary looks wonderful and youthful, too. At the time, Gary told me that wife Betty was a bit under the weather. We all hope you're doing great now, Betty!

As always, I spent some more time with fellow Miami Shores Kid, 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, and we sat across the booth separator with 1959's GARY E. BARNES and his delightful and charming and oh-so-gracious wife, Pat. Gary and I got in a lot of extra chatter, as the evening passed.

So many of us were there, it's going to be a challenge to say the least, for this feeble, old brain to remember all the details, after so long. But I'm going to give it the old college try, and once again, ask forgiveness of those whom I miss, and also I'll ask you to remind me of your presence, so that I can bring things current in the next edition.

Looking as attractive as always, 1960's SHIRLEY J. TUDOR (who can literally walk around the corner to Frisch's), came bouncing in with a vibrant smile and talked with everyone. Thank God, we'd already had our personal visit, or I'd have never stood a chance.

From 1957 came THERESA M. MOSES and spouse THOMAS D. ELLIOTT, who had spectacular photos of their model train layout, which occupies a lot of the back yard. I've always wanted to see that, but timing never seems to work out well enough to allow it. I've talked to a few who have seen it and they all say it's quite impressive.

Of course, those two who are present at everything WC, 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH and 1960's GERALD A. FULLER, also came early and left late. I don't think there's a soul at WC whom one or the other of them, doesn't know. Bruce's classmate, BRUCE K. COPSEY, was also in attendance, and I think it was your second year at that event, wasn't it, Bruce?

Making all the rounds at each table was 1960's FRED L. DOOLEY, JR., who spent a good deal of time chatting with classmate CHARLES V. CARTER, who also stayed with us all for quite a spell. RICHARD L. PHILLIPS, weren't you there with us, too?

Soon, BARBARA L. CRIDER (1963, Barb?) came walking in and she looked just gorgeous. I was green with envy all evening, as I always seem to be, at these events. Suddenly, I looked around and there stood none other than OTHEL MURPHY! Othel is still so very pretty, and do you remember her low-pitched, seductive voice? Well, it's still there. It was wonderful to see Othel again! Everyone always seem to look so young and vibrant. So did class of 1961's DONNA J. RICHARDS, whom I can still perfectly picture in my mind's eye, just as she was in school, wearing her cheerleading uniform and that's because she still looks just about the same!

Now mind you, I don't recall Donna being at Frisch's, (forgive me if I'm wrong, Donna!) because there were a couple monumental events occurring on that same evening. You see, it was the 45th anniversary of the graduation of the the Class of 1961 and it was also the 50th anniversary of the Class of 1956, of which my sister, JUDY ANN RISNER, is a member. So we had a lot happening on that particular evening.

We'll get back to Frisch's shortly, but since I've veered over to these other two important WC functions, I'll do a bit of reporting on them, right now. I confess I was unable to be everywhere at once. But I did make the Frisch's Frolic, which was followed by the "crash" of the 1961 gathering. My sister reported that her class had a lovely dinner together on that Friday evening, as well as a great showing. Some of those who were present included classmates SUSAN M. MASON, who came from California for it. There were spouses, CAROL ANNA PFISTER and RONALD LEE "PETE" BECKETT, who traveled all the way from Alaska for this auspicious occasion. Coming up from Florida was DENNIS A. MICHAEL. There were many other of that class present, too. They were well-represented and everyone was thrilled to be there, I am told. Of those who worked diligently on, "gathering the flock," aside from my sister, was also ANITA RAE MASON. I hear they got a great assist, early on, from 1955's CARL R. MAYS, who had helped with his own class for their 50th of the previous year, 1954's WILLIAM L. MCNABB, who knows all things WC, and 1970's THOMAS A. DORSEY, an alumni officer and a pretty, "WC-savvy" guy, himself. With all these capable folks working together, how could the 1956 class miss?

But over at the old girl scout house (which I can't even believe is still standing, but also extremely functional and heavily-used), a whole other gathering was taking place. I happen to know that the bubbly, bouncy, and utterly-irrepressible DONNA J. RICHARDS, worked her butt off to gather her own flock for the 45th. She had lots of company, too, such as P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, PAULA R. WILSON, CAROLE J. LEWIS, GARY R. FRANK, JOICE J. GATES, JACQUELYN N. LESHER, ROBERT W. BRANE, JAMES E. CURTIS, SANDRA J. CASEY, CHRIS L. CLEARY, (who still looks like the homecoming queen, by the way) JACK L. GODBY, EDNA L. GRAY, SALLY L. GILLETTE, JANET L. WALTERS, THOMAS D. WELLER, and there were no doubt many others, whom I've missed.
But I can tell you a couple of things for sure. Everyone had a great time and the food was wonderful and abundant.

So now, we're back to Frisch's, and I'm remembering a few more faces from that function, too. There was 1960's STEVEN M. KOKOT, and his 1962 spouse, BARBARA T. O'NEAL. They were both thrilled to see Tom Young again. Alumni officer Tom Dorsey was also there. So was 1958's JAMES E. RICHARDSON and spouse, K. JUNE CRUTCHFIELD, who both work like dogs, by the way, to get us all together each year. Jim is an old pal of mine, who goes all the way back to Miami Shores and he used to walk all over the place with all of us, in the summer. I often think of how much is lost in today's culture, with everyone in their cars with the loud boom boxes. We had some wonderful times during those long-ago summers, as we walked all over the place and talked all day. Lifelong friendships were formed, as well as wonderful memories (and a lot of exercise!)

Naturally, founder MICHAEL S. WEST, having made the trip from Tennessee, was present. He and I would sidle up to each other, on several occasions during the evening, trying to determine if one or the other of us was able to name a face whom we both knew we should have recognized. Okay, I think I'm remembering seeing you, too, DEVONA S. TAYLOR. I don't know for sure if it was Frisch's or the following night. Help!

Also present was 1955's NORMAN E. JACKSON, with wife Nancy. By the way, the Jacksons recently celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary, so I know we all send along heartiest congratulations for such an accomplishment. DARELL L. TOBIAS, 1957, was also present and, "accounted-for," and I might make mention, at this point, that Darell is currently caring for his elderly mother, whom he writes is quite ill. I met Mrs. Tobias on a couple of occasions and she was very personable and sharp. So I'm sorry to hear that she is under the weather.

There is much more to write about alumni weekend of 2006, and I promise you, I'm not going to abandon my report. However, I'm still immersed in my unpacking from the move to Tennessee. I'm also having work done on my new house. So I'm now going to take a break, but before I do so, I'm going to list all of those who have checked in with the standard, forwarded materials, with my usual list. They are 1954's WM. L. MCNABB; 1955's FREDA P. FLETCHER, DONNA G. TUDOR; 1957's DARELL L. TOBIAS, ERCELL P. PHILLIPS; 1958's WILLIAM R. HOWARD, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, ROBERT W. "SMITTY" SMITH; 1959's GARY E. BARNES; 1960's EULA FAYE BAILEY, STEVEN M. KOKOT, DAVID G. OTT, MICHAEL S. WEST, JUDITH A. SLIFE, RICHARD S. HOLT, WILLIAM O. WALKER; 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, RICHARD E. KNEER, SHARON K. WENDELKEN SALLY LYNNE GILLETTE; 1962's RICHARD C. CALL, BARBARA T. O'NEAL; 1963's SANDRA A. MINIX, and 1971's PAMELA K. SHIPLEY.

Also, before closing this abbreviated edition, I want to tell all of you, just in case you haven't yet heard, that we have lost another alumnus in the person of 1958's SANDRA L. BARSALOU. She was but 66 and she died on January 20. As of yet, I don't know the cause of death. As far as I know, neither does anyone else. I received a personal e-mail from her widower, Michael V. Donisi, who offered no cause of death, either. But he did write, "I have lost my wife, my best friend, my love, and my companion." How very sad!

Okay, I'm going back to work on my new house now, but I promise you all, I'm slowly, "remounting the horse," and will be back in the groove on my reports, as the next month passes. Please hang in there with me. I've still got lots to go, such as the rest of Frisch's, the alumni dinner, the Holiday Brunch, and all the WC current news and messages. I leave you all (briefly) with my usual best wishes for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, spiritual harmony, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

---And there you have it! More at 11--- B

Friday, February 02, 2007
David called Bonnie to report that they are allright after the tornadoes in central Florida. No further information available at this tim.

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