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Thursday, September 26, 2013
26 SEP 2013

WCHS STADIUM SCOREBOARD is Near Complete Exhaustion:

(Looks like all of the smoke that makes it work has leaked out!)

---Okay, gang, scroll down to read this, please.  It's from 1987's SHARLENE N. MERKER, daughter of 1960's SHIRLEY J. TUDOR (whose 3 sisters were the late DEANA C. TUDOR, 1957, and the late DONNA G. TUDOR and DORIS D. TUDOR, both 1955), spouse of 1985's JEFFREY A. SIZER,  with all sorts of WC-connected DNA happening here.  Children are current WC students. Father-in-law is 1959's GARY L. SIZER, his brother is 1957's NEIL H. SIZER, whose spouse is 1959's homecoming queen/cheerleader SHIRLEY R. PARKS, and so on and so forth.  We can nearly craft an entire quilt from all these family connection with these two clans, so the WC roots run very deeply.  Scroll down and see how you think we can help and what steps need to be taken.  Please contact Sharlene whose e-mail is ( MRKR03@aol.com )  We have great minds out there, and gobs of former WC football players and sports enthusiasts.  So let's see what we can do!   
Date: 9/26/2013 12:57:11 AM
Subject: WC football and all sports needs help
Hi Bonnie!
I know you are just the person to get this info to............
WCHS stadium scoreboard is on its last "legs". It has been hit by lightening, transformers replaced, etc but it truly needs replaced with a more contemporary one. After all, we are on Interstate 75...awesome advertising, right? From what I am told it is upwards of $90,000.00 to replace it with the current scoreboards. Businesses could have permanent advertising on it.
I would love to start a fund to get us to that goal - assuming there isn't an incredible person/company out there who would take the whole deal!
My son is a Senior and my daughter a freshman. My husband and I are both alumni. I have a vested interest in this!
Thanks for everything!
Sharlene (Merker) Sizer

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Class of 1963 - 50th!  PARTY at the VFW:

---Since I just sent the final bulletin, prior to our weekend, this is the only way I can help 1963's LEE JEAN JORDAN with promoting that class' 50th, as they're obviously the spotlight class this year.  So scroll down, read her e-mail, and please respond to her, if you have any info on, "the missing."

Date: 9/18/2013 7:37:56 PM
Hi Bonnie - thanks for all of the news!
I was away just to give a presentation for work.. nothing fun but hoping to go somewhere in Oct.
If you can sometime - we would appreciate your great assistance in helping us promote our 50th class reunion this Oct..  starting on that Friday night of homecoming at VFW in WC - reminiscing with some snacks..  we have about 40 coming so far.  Not sure how many are going to the dinner/dance on Sat.
We are excited about seeing people...  and having laughs about the good ole days.
If anyone knows someone from our class of 63 please pass the word along to contact the WCclass of '63 on facebook to give us a shout that they are coming..
question.. how can it be to have our 50th when we don't feel 50.. ?  LOL..  amazing how time flies.  Take care and God bless you.
Lee Jean
Lee Jean Heller, CCMEP

GOLF --- GOLF --- GOLF, 2013 Reunion, Old Fartz Golf Outing:

Subject: golf outing

Would you please send out another e-mail about the golf outing. We have six playing right now, so I would like for anyone who would like to play to contact me by end of day Monday Sept 23rd. I must give the golf course the number of t-times we will need.
Give them my e-mail and phone number. Those who have already contacted me do not have to do it again. This will be the last time we reach out for golfers.    Guests who play golf are also welcome.       Talk to you later !!
Mound Golf Course
Friday, October 11.
Be at course by 8:00 am. First t-time 8:30 am

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
WCHS 2013 Reunion Weekend Approaching
On 18 SEP 2013, Bonnie Writes:

---It just keeps cranking, I'll swear! I was overwhelmed with all the

responses I got so quickly, after my transmission of such a lengthy bulletin
last time. I was so surprised by so many of you reading that one so very
quickly. How very flattering and thank you. It's exactly that, which keeps
me pounding on these keys. I have begun this bulletin August 7, the day
following the last one, due to response volume and trying to prevent too
much e-mail back-up. Let's do our regular thing and begin with our
forwarders, who include 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER; 1955 's C. ELAINE BARKER;
Among the e-mail lost remain 1960's RICHARD G. "JERRY" BROWN and MADELEINE J
BECK. I do hope someone among us is in contact and can get an updated e-mail
for both and we can get the two of them back on the readers list. From one
of the e-mail addresses of 1958's DONALD I. "DON" MCCOY, I got a reject, due
to over quota, but I sent it to one of his others and no reject. (Don got
right on it, folks, and I've got an updated e-mail on him, already, so not
to worry on that one.  Thanks, Don.)
So nothing to do on that one. From 1964's GEORGE E. ERTEL came an
out-of-office reply. I think those are being delivered, they just don't get
them, that day. George, if that's not the case, please let me know.  That
same occurred with the gallivantin', LEE JEAN JORDAN, 1963.  We also
received a reject, for the first time ever, on 1956's BETTY L. CULPEPPER. So
I will refer this one to you, RALPH D. WILSON, as I always do with 1956
people. Yes, Ralph, you did tell me about the July 3 passing of 1956's
MARGIE L. HENDRICKS, and it was in the last bulletin. But back to Betty, and
I believe her surname is now Gary, so if you uncover any info, please advise
  and thanks. Quite a long time ago, we had a problem with 1963's JOYCE ANN
KUHN, as regards rejects. But until now, it never occurred again. But we do
have a reject on her again. My usual point person for 1963 is you, LEE JEAN
JORDAN. Any ideas? Or perhaps we can go to elder sibling, 1958's LEONARD F.
KUHN. So how about it. Lennie, anything on your sister?
INDY JO GRISSOM, 1970, and JACK L. GODBY, 1961, were quick on the uptake, as
always, with nice comments and gratitude for the bulletins. Thanks, Indy and
Jack, as always. Indy confessed she's also unable to address MEH as, Murl,"
So you're joining a recently-discovered and ever-growing WC group, Indy.
Aside from us and 1959's SHIRLEY R. PARKS, there is also 1961's P. LYNNETTE
GARRETT. She wrote she can't squeeze out a, "Murl," either. I'll bet there's
plenty more. Indy also told me she's recently spoken with 1960's T. BARRY
RUSSELLO, her fellow realtor, and he's just fine. So thanks, Indy. We can
also add 1958's LORNA D. TROUTMAN to this list.
We've solved the mystery of, "Who is Janet Gibbs?" Thank you, 1961's CONNIE
M. CARMACK, for taking the time to inform us. Class of 1962's JANET F. GIBBS
passed away July 22, while she was on vacation, here in Tennessee. She was a
resident of Miamisburg, at the time. Yes, she was once wed to 1959's GARY L.
MARCUM, with whom she had two children.
A correction is in order for 1960's WM. C. ARNOLD, not Wm. H., as I
erroneously typed in the last one. My apologies, Bill. I hate getting names
wrong, whether it's a typo or an unknowing mistake. In your case, it was a
typo. I knew it was C. Thanks for letting me know.
We have learned of the death of 1970's JUDY E. GENTILE, through a report
from Indy. She wrote Judy died of ALS. This death occurred either the very
first day of August or the last couple days of July. At this time, I have no
further info, but for the fact her surname was Del Ponte. We send all our
condolences to her family and friends. Thanks, Indy. Also thanks to   RITA G
  JUSTICE, who sent this one to me, too.
Indeed, you were correct, 1961's NANCY J. ERTEL! Nancy wrote to tell me ROBT
  T. HOFF is 1962, but again I ask, "Why isn't he on my readers list?" I also
wonder how he got my cell phone number, as that's the one he called. So if
anybody's in touch with Bob, tell him to send me an e-mail, so we can
get him aboard. Also, lest someone should misconstrue, I really don't care
WHO has my cell number, it's just that those aren't published anywhere, nor
will they ever be. Yes, I've put mine in the bulletins, many times, but he's
not on the readers list. I'm sure he had to contact someone who had it, and
that's fine.
An entire, new list of people have been in contact with MEH, during his
rehab period, and even more have written with thanks for the updates. I
appreciate it and the most important thing is the fact he's on the mend,
even at nearing 94. So MEH, if you're reading this, your legions of students
are pulling for you, each and every day. Just last night at 8:45, he
telephoned me (Aug. 10). He sounded very much like his old, robust self, and
informed me he's mending well and expecting to be among us during our
upcoming weekend. He tried hard to diminish his status among u, but worry
not! I didn't allow him to get away with that one. Among the many following
his progress are 1956's DENNIS A. MICHAEL, SUSAN M. MASON, JOSEPH F. SNELL;
N; 1961's RICHARD L. DOLL; and I know there are dozens of others, unknown to
me. I extend our very special thanks to MEH's daughter, Ann Huffman Warner,
for keeping me informed, so I could also keep all of you informed.
Thanks to 1958's REX E. HEETER for keeping me informed about my old friend
and riding buddy, Robt. E. Dowler. Bob is a retired WC police officer and I
ve known him about 23 years now. We met in Florida (small world), when he
was coming to races down there. Rex is also retired WCPD, so we somehow
found out we both knew Bob. Anyway, Rex referred to my last bulletin as an,
epic tale." I guess it was, too, and this one is rapidly becoming another
one. Rex is married to 1971's ROBYN L. GENGLER, so we have a double-header
with his e-mail address. Thanks, Rex.
As of August 8, 1971's RODNEY R. GABBARD was gravely ill and hospitalized
with heart problems, among his many other health issues, which have dogged
him for years. Please keep him in your good thoughts and prayers and let's
hope for a speedy recovery. We need to do the same thing for 1961's JUDITH
L. SAMUELS, who is also coping with some health issues, at this time. Judy
and I grew up together, and have maintained contact throughout our entire
lives, and still do. I know she'll appreciate all our good wishes.
Rod's report came to us, by the way, from his very concerned, devoted
step-brother, David Rudd. I'm sorry to have to write he contacted me again
on Aug. 13, to tell me Rod was put on life support, the previous night.
This is terribly sad, as I know he's only 60 years old. (Footnote: Since
this writing, Rod has gone back home and things are looking up for him, I
believe. During his illness, I notified his high school flame, ROBYN L.
SHEPHERD, 1970, and she contacted his step-brother, and has also talked with
My mention of classmate ROBT. G. LAMB apparently created some confusion. I
guess I should have been more specific. MICHAEL S. WEST, also 1960, thought
I was unaware of Bob being in our class and 1961's DALLAS K. MATHIS thought
I had the wrong class, altogether, and that he was a year or two behind my
class. But we got it all squared away. There were a couple of e-mail
comments on the mention of Sonny Flaherty, too. From 1961's RICHARD S. HOLT
( d3j8@sbcglobal.net ) came a long website address for accessing info on
Sonny. So if you want to look at it, drop Richard a line.
We got a great travelogue again, this time from 1960's DELORES K. "DEDE"
FAHRNEY, who had even stopped in Sturgis, South Dakota, my old stomping
grounds for 20 straight motorcycle rallies. It seems DeDe is (was?)
traveling with friends on the date of this report (August 10) and she's
covering a lot of sightseeing out west. Of course, that's not the only
reason for her trip. She was also heading to her brother's home in Colorado
(RICHARD A. FAHRNEY, 1958) to take part in the festivities as he and his
wife celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. So we all wish you and your
wife a great day, Dick, and hope you've by now had wonderful time. DeDe, I
so appreciate your thinking of me, with the FaceBook thing, I really do.
But I just don't do the social websites. Heck, I haven't yet fully mastered
using e-mail!
JOSEPH F. SNELL, 1956, reports he and wife Linda are daily growing more and
more enamored of the Tennessee lifestyle. Yes, no one knows that better
than I, Joe. After nearly 30 years in Florida and thinking I'd be there
forever, I've now been in Tennessee nearly 7 years and can no longer imagine
being forced to endure Florida again, with its relentless, searing heat,
dripping, gravy-like humidity, and the endless swarms of insects. (Sorry to
all Florida residents who may be reading this, but I put in my 30 years down
there, and have earned my stripes.) However, we never know what life may
bring, and I may be forced to return, as I age, if my health fails. But I'd
sure like to draw my final breath in the state of Tennessee!
Anyway, Joe had knee surgery back in March and writes he's doing great and,
running races again." I was positively floored, Joe, with the quality of
senior health care, in this state. So I know what you mean. In many states,
we seem to encounter an attitude of casualness, if we're past 65, as though
we have lived our lives and let the chips fall where they may. But it sure
isn't that way, here, I'm happy to be able to say. Remember, when
billionaire Steve Jobs was seeking specialized care, he could've obviously
gone anywhere in the world. However, he chose Tennessee. That speaks volumes
  So do keep getting better and better, Joe. By the way, folks, Joe has a
family commitment during our alumni weekend, this year, so writes he
can't join us. We'll miss you, Joe!
But I won't be missing 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT. We're planning our own,
little meeting while I'm there, so I'm glad you're back in Germantown, Lynn.
I'm a big fan of Germantown, and a big fan of yours, too. So stay well. I'm
sure looking forward to my time with you, Lynn!
From 1961's THOS. A. WOLF, JR., came a request to recognize the efforts of
1987's JEFFREY T. GILES, as Tom says Jeff was probably the original
organizer of the WC Football Alumni Club with its annual activities. So hats
off to you, Jeff! Thanks for your efforts. Tom continues to move forward
with his project of getting early-years grad classes put on the walls of
WCHS. I'm sure it will be a success. SALLY A. GILLETTE, 1961, recently
requested your e-mail address, Tom, so I hope she succeeded in reaching you.
Okay, back at it!  Today's date is Sept. 18, the 48th birthday of my younger
daughter. She was just thrilled when I reminded her this morning, she will
have but one more birthday which begins with a 4.  It seems to be one of my
favorite things to do. Ha!  But I digress, our weekend draws ever nearer,
and I have a lot of ground to cover.
From our alumni treasurer, 1970's GARY E. JOHNSON, came a request to place
yard signs in higher traffic areas.  Did everyone do that?  It was way back
on August 13, and I've heard no reports about the results.  It was to
promote alumni weekend, right?  Thanks, Gary.
On that same day, I got an auto-reply from semi-retired, 1961 class
president, JOHN W. OBERLIES, JR.  So were you gallivanting around the
country again, John, or just hanging out at home?  Will we see you this
year?  I hope so.
On August 14, I received some update info from 1954's DONALD R. THROCKMORTON
and spouse, NORMA JEAN BROWN. They've moved to a new address and want to
notify the alumni association. Norma reports their new address as being 4261
Nightingale Cr., Lebanon, Ohio 45036.  So please record that info, Gary.
Thank you for your kind words, Jean, and I do hope that femur bone has
healed well, by now.  Jean broke the femur bone in her leg, back in April.
She and Don now live near two of their children, who also reside in Lebanon.
Thanks for that update, Jean, and we hope you and Don are doing wonderfully
and experiencing good health.
Cousin JUDITH L. SAMUELS is dealing with some health issues, as earlier
mentioned and that is an ongoing thing, right now.  We still  make daily
contact as we tell each other our recipes, laundry secrets, housekeeping
duties, doctor appointments, and health woes.  It's amazing how the context
of our conversations have changed over the past 6-7 decades. It's an
attractive-sounding statement when we say, "Age is just a number," but come
on!  Nothing could be further from the truth.
From 1971's DENISE E. HURLEY (who's also my neighbor, here in Tennessee)
came some sad news about her brother-in-law, 1977's JAS. NATHAN COLE.  He
passed away August 12 at KMC. He was married to Denise's sister, 1976's
JAIME HURLEY. We're so sorry for your loss, Denise, and we all extend
condolences to your family.  Denise wrote she'll see me in Ohio, if she's
able to get up there for our weekend. I hope you make it, Denise.
In mid-August, 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT reported, "a grand time," as she
put it, with all her old cronies from 1961.  However, believe me, these
girls are not, "old cronies," in the literal sense.  They all look great and
they're wonderful about maintaining contact. Aside from herself, Lynn
reported those present included SALLY L. GILLETTE, SANDRA E. BROCK, SANDRA L
LESHER, & SANDRA J. CASEY. Lynn also reported a knee replacement, due Sept.
14.  At this writing, I know you're still in recovery, Lynn, but let us know
how you're doing, as it goes.
It is with great fanfare I welcome aboard 1990's ROBIN R SHEPPARD! She comes
to us through the courtesy of ELLEN R COMLEY, who did not provide her own
class year. But I'm thrilled to have anyone who's so near to the turn of the
century! Robin, I'm quietly trying to recruit a replacement for writing this
bulletin.  Could it be you? I'm going on 72, now, have numbness in the tips
of both my right thumb and index finger, and I know darned well, there's
somebody out there who loves writing as much as I do, and is even more
capable.  So spread the word and a big Pirate welcome to you, Robin!
(Whoops! Sorry! It's 1954's ELLEN R. SMITH. I knew there was something
familiar about that name!)
Courtesy of 1958's BILL R. HOWARD, I got a few more Piratans and have extras
again, of several more years.  If you're in the market, let me know.  I'll
check and see if I have your year.  I was thrilled, last month, when I was
able to send a commencement bulletin to my old high school pal, RICHARD C.
CALL of 1962.  He was one of the few, two years younger than we were, who
ran around with us a good bit, especially during the summers.  So I was very
happy to be able to do that for him.  I found it in the pages of the 1962
Piratan which had once belonged to the late WC teacher, DICKINSON T. GUILER,
very well-known in alumni from the 1940s through 1980s, I'd say. Bill also
thanked me for this birthday greeting.  It was the big seven-five for him on
Sept. 8!
Bless you both, 1958's DONALD I. MCCOY and 1959's MICHAEL L. SWANK, for
inviting me to join you on the social websites. But as everyone is by now
aware, I'm firmly entrenched in the 20th century and still don't even know
how to cut and paste (although I'd like to learn).  Believe me, if e-mail is
ever made obsolete, we're in big trouble because that will be the end of the
bulletins.  Ha!  But it's so flattering to be invited and welcomed.  I
appreciate it.
Everyone is by now aware of 1959's GARY E. BARNES resurrecting the annual
golf outing at the Mound Golf Course. If there's enough interest out there,
he's doing it again this year, after a few years of absence from it. It will
be held Friday, Oct. 11, and if you're interested in playing, please contact
him at 937 859-4559.  If there are enough groups of four, he'll make the
arrangements. That night, at the Frisch's Frolic, we'll hear lots of golf
stories, if all goes well.
It was wonderful to hear from my classmate, KAREN L. KLINE, who wanted to
let me know the 1960 class will be having a luncheon on Tuesday, Oct. 15,
right after our weekend.  So if anyone's staying in town later, they're all
invited.  It will be at the Byers Road Perkins in Miamisburg.  After that
was sent, I received replies, happy to hear Karen's name again, from both
MICHAEL S. WEST and GERALD A. FULLER.  Obviously, we don't know how many
1960 people will appear.  But I'm sure I'll get a full accounting.  Thanks,
Once again, 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH is gallivanting all over the country,
running from place to place to pick up his significant other, 1971's PATTY
JO WHEELBARGER from her endless treks on the hiking trails of the United
States.  Lately, they've covered a lot of ground---or at least, Patty
has---in the state of Vermont.  Bruce also sent photos of warnings at park
entrances, cautioning about the dangers.  Patty, of course, ignored all of
them and trudged right through, not to my surprise at all.
For those of you who might be unaware, the widow of 1960's RONALD P. CRAIG,
Martha A. Craig, was remarried on April 6, I believe it was.  Ronnie died
Sept.18 (this very day), 2000. So Martha was a longtime widow.  Her name is
now Martha A. Taulbee and she's married to James L. Taulbee.  So we offer
best wishes to the bride and groom and wish you both a long and happy union.
Our own, "blogmaster extra-ordinaire," 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, always has
interesting visitors to his and Sally's mountainside, Swiss chalet.  Since
it literally clings to a very steep mountainside, high above Gatlinburg and
overlooking panoramic views, the bears are plentiful and Mike always shares
those photos with me, of the bears walking around his deck. They're always
delightful and I love seeing the bears climbing on their property and home.
Do you put those on the WC blog, Mike?
As far as I know, teacher MURL E. HUFFMAN is still faring well and
recovering. Yes, many of you have written again about him and I won't list
the legion of names again.  But be assured, throughout his time of recovery,
it's truly been, "All hands on deck," as regarded this crew ship of  Pirates
  The queries were fast, furious, and numerous, believe me.  My most recent
reports came through 1959's SHIRLEY R. PARKS, as her spouse, 1957's NEIL H.
SIZER, had gone to see him. Neil said MEH is sassy as ever, and no surprise
there.  I won't be at all surprised to find him at the October functions.
There's no doubt in my mind, if he can make it, he'll be there.  Thanks,
Shirley and Neil.
On Sept. 9, I received e-mail from 1958's DAVID L. HOWARD of the June 6
death of his classmate, ROBERT E. CARPENTER. Dave wrote the notice came from
Bob's widow, while they were doing the contacting for the 55th. I've known
Bob all my life.  He and his family, like so many other WC families, also
attended Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Condolences go to his family and
friends. The 1958 class seems to have lost an inordinate number of class
members, over the past 18 months.  Thanks for letting us know, Dave.
While I'm on bad news topics, I'll go ahead and let everyone know of this
horrible news.  On Sept. 16, I received an e-mail from my classmate, DAVID A
  BLAIR.  It was truly awful to read, as I learned of the death of BRIAN
WALKER, the elder son of our classmate, WM. O. WALKER and his WC-honorary
spouse, Karen L. Murphy. My heart broke, as I read this.  Brian died of
cancer on Sept. 12. So the Walkers have lost both their children. The
younger son was killed in auto accident in 1990.  There was nothing in this
world the two of them adored, more than those two boys, and now, they're
both gone.  I can't even imagine what they're feeling.  But I know we all
grieve for them and pray we could do or say something to ease their pain.
From 1961's NANCY A. HALL came notice of a recent surgery on her husband,
Pastor Larry W. Matthews, Ret.  She wrote the doctor has given him the
go-ahead for a few swings on the golf green, so he's coming along nicely.
Recently, I spoke at length with WALLACE W. ROBBINS, definitely one of WC's
most unforgettable characters. He's still in residence at an apartment
complex in Waynesville, very near to his daughter, the elder one, I think.
He's discovered one of his neighbors is none other 1959's COE S. WOLFE.  It
sure is a small world, indeed, and you'd better watch out, Coe!  Wallace
says all the senior ladies are rapping on his door, at all hours.  Yes, no
doubt.  Some things never change, I guess!
Also relatively recently, I've spoken with other of my 1960 classmates, CHAS
but Charlie High seem to be doing well.  Charlie has a rough row to hoe, as
you all know, due to his own health, and his efforts to care for his ailing
wife of over 40 years.  So let's all keep him in our good thoughts and
prayers.  Eula Faye says she wants to come to Ohio, if she can find someone
to pinch-hit for her in grandchild care, so let's all hope that happens, too
Back on Labor Day Weekend, 1957's SHIRLEY ANN HILE patronized a Starving
Artist Sale and no doubt, found a few beautiful treasures. It was held by a
close friend and is an event she attended in years past. We all hope you had
a great time, and found lots of neat stuff, Shirley.  Will we see you in
Okay, gang, here's the rundown. I've come to the end of all my e-mails,
believe it or not. So it's time to tell you where to be and when.  The first
little to-do, as always, will be Ron's Pizza in Miamisburg, on Thursday, Oct
  10.  People usually begin trickling in around 5-5:30 and continue through
about 7 or so. We're usually all gone by about 9, I'd say. The following
morning will be the aforementioned golf outing at the Mound Golf Course.
That evening, or late afternoon, is the very popular Frisch's Frolic, which
seems to attract about 80-100 of us, every year.
The following day, Saturday, we'll have the Miami Shores Memories picnic,
orchestrated capably by 1957's BETTY LEE CARROLL.  Lord, help us all if 1970
s CHERYL R. COLLINSWORTH doesn't show up with her chicken and dumplings!  I
ll hear 1958's BILL R. HOWARD, crying all weekend.  That kicks off at 1 PM,
and I'm once going to stress, "EVERYONE IS WELCOME!" No, you don't have to
be someone who grew up in Miami Shores. This, too, has become a very popular
event, much the same as Cheryl's famous chicken and dumplings!  So be there.
  That night will be the crown jewel event of the dinner/dance, so get those
reservation forms returned!
That's it, gang!  How I do hope we all convene together, soon, in great
companionship, camaraderie, and lots of good reminiscing.  This will
definitely be the final bulletin, prior to our weekend.  I do hope I will be
there and that's my plan, at this writing.  I've recovered well, but still
have some edgy moments.  It's getting better by the day, though.  I leave
each of you with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, personal
safety, peaceful serenity, spiritual harmony, and boundless prosperity.

Sunday, September 01, 2013
Mr. Huffman, Hospitalized Again, 31 AUG 2013: Wants Visitors!
Sunday, 01 SEP 2013:  Bonnie Writes About Murl Huffman
---Okay, gang, it's another update on MEH!  He phoned me twice today.  I

missed the first call, and when he called the second time, I was too far

from the cell phone, so he left a voice mail.  Remember, he was recovering

in Bethany Lutheran Village Rehab?  Well, he was doing pretty well, but has

had a relapse.  At this moment, he's back at KMC, He told me it's not his

heart, rather something to do with the stomach.  At nearly 94, I perceive

everything to be quite serious, though.  He's awaiting another surgical

procedure at this time.  He says they expect everything to go well.  Let's

all pray it does.  His final words on the voice mail were, "I need visitors!

Send me some!"  So if you're up there, go see him and I know many of you

will.  Who knows if you'll get in the room?  In any case, he's not in ICU,

so you stand a good chance.  As always, as soon as I know, you will know.

His call came through at 8:23 p.m.  As I type, it's now 8:30.  Let's get the

fingers all crossed.


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