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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Monday, August 23, 2004
WECATON NEWS REPORT!!!-- 23 August 2004

---Well, folks, I did it again! I've been sitting here typing since about 7:15, intermittently. About an hour ago, I threw up my hands in disgust, ready to abandon all effort. You see, I had about 6 pages typed this time, and once again, I hit a wrong button. It wasn't a power outage this time. It was more like a "Bonnie outage." Anyway, all the text disappeared and I thought I would cry. But I didn't. So I'm back again, after an inspiring, spirit-lifting, windy chat with one of my favorite folks in the world, EULA FAYE BAILEY, and I'm going to make every effort to recapture the text. If I work quickly, I'll remember more.

Obviously, the first thing I'll cover is the aftermath of Florida's Hurricane Charley. He paid us a visit, yes, he did! (But it was but a tropical storm at my place.) I've been here for just over 27 years now and am somewhat of "an old pro" at the hurricane thing, even though my exact area has NEVER suffered a direct hit. I didn't get one this time, either. But that's okay, I had all I wanted with just the tropical storm force.

All day on Friday, I trimmed branches, tied down all of my deck furniture, and put away any potential, flying missiles so that I wouldn't have to run outside for anything I might have missed. I had jugs of water, 25-30 gallons of gas (or about $23 worth, for which I had to PAY $59!), about $1500 worth of groceries (in case neighbors lost their food and were hungry) and my ace in the hole, a generator. My husband and grandson were accounted for and we hunkered down to ride it out. It was simply awesome to see the power of Mother Nature, so up close and personal, even as scary as it was. The trees bent sideways, even at windspeeds of only 44 mph. The winds howled, rain flew sideways in solid and blinding sheets and flying debris pelted various points on the outer wall of the house, none of which did any discernible damage. But that is because my house is aged (1963) and is built like an old castle with solid terrazzo floors, real marble, 1 1/2"- thick (literally) real plaster walls, fire walls between each room, steel braces in every corner, the concrete blocks are all filled with re-bar and concrete, studs are 12" apart throughout, and I've got enough lumber holding up my attic to construct another house. So I felt "structurally secure," to say the very least.

Now and then, winds would get up to the 50s and a couple of times into the 60s. I've long been an avid thunderstorm fan, so I was mesmerized by this whole thing, believe me. It was, in the truest sense of the word, incredible. Of course, you've all now read the first-hand account of SANDRA L. BARSALOU (1958), who was in far greater peril than I and mine. You'll never hear the next part from the media. We didn't HAVE a hurricane here in Ormond Beach. The storm lost half its strength before it reached my county and half of it again, before it reached Ormond Beach. I'm not complaining, mind you, it was all I wanted.

At 9:30, I sent out the blanket message to all of you. One hour later, my power failed and did not return until exactly 10:30 last night precisely 3 days. But I suffered a senior moment and told a lot of people it was 4 days. Apologies! I'm old and I exaggerate, sometimes. As the power failed for good, I realized I'd forgotten to put out my candles and also to put fresh batteries in all of my flash- lights. "Oh, no!" I groaned. But with the stealth and familiarity one achieves from living in exactly the same house for so many years, I wound my way through the maze in the pitch dark, reached up on a book shelf, and encircled my hand around a glass-clad candle, which had been sent to me at Christmastime, by none other than NANCY E. "COOKIE" BOWIE (1960), and when I lit it, it provided me with my first glimpse of candlelight, to see me through the storm. We immediately cranked up our generator and plugged in our big freezer and garage fridge, which are side by side, along with the fridge of the neighbors on either side. We were also blessed to be able to use a light or two, a small TV and a couple of fans.

No, it was no fun, being "rustic." When you are that uncomfortable, when it's rainy and damp, when you can't escape it, when you feel so unclean and grimy, and when your house is in utter disarray with cords and lamps and phones and pillows and blankets everywhere, you just want to scream. We had some tenuous moments, but pulled through. When my power was restored, I did a few essentials, then came to check my e-mail, which had so long been neglected. To my utter amazement, I had no less than 45 messages from WC people who were concerned with my welfare. What a crew! You're all so wonderful and I can scarcely wait to see you, come October. It's impossible for me to name every single one of you especially after wiping out such a long message, but I'll forever remember each and every single one of you. I even had long-distance calls from across the country---Alabama (L. EUGENE ZINK), Ohio (JOANN K. STEMLEY)---and so many more, I don't even have the space to list or else I'd be here all night long. I even had offers from my many non-WC friends, an awfully lot of whom are people I know as a result of my 20 consecutive years of attending the Sturgis Rally & Races in South Dakota (1982-2001 and what a hoot!) So it's been very rewarding and heartwarming to be so well-connected and so well-received. It truly did touch me deeply and I thank you, one and all.

Once the dust had cleared, I "surveyed my kingdom" and found one stretch of facia (sp?) board hanging from the corner, which has already been repaired, and one string of wire from my security system (which still works) had come out of its "tuck-in." There was debris all over my yard, of course, but all neighbors pitched in and everyone helped everyone clear out all the stuff. I had just survived the strongest storm I've ever endured in Florida in over 27 years, and it wasn't even very bad. I wondered if I could EVER survive a REAL hurricane.

From DELORES K. "DEDE" FAHRNEY (1960) came a report from Florida's "left side." DeDe had to evacuate and returned to a totally in-tact home, I'm happy to report. She drove through Punta Gorda, she wrote, where her former home also survived. The home which had been owned by her brother, RICHARD A. FAHRNEY (1958), had also survived quite nicely, she wrote. DeDe is now living in Pinellas Park (Pinellas County) and Dick now lives out in Colorado. So we're all happy for DeDe's good fortune. But we are NOT happy that she writes she may not be with us at the alumni gig in October. She says she can't get time off work. Well, DeDe, we just HAVE to fix that, some way or other. Can we even HAVE the alumni gig, with no Fahrneys? Send us your brother, at least, or your dad, if we can't have you. Also, please make sure you're with us, come next year, okay?

Let us all not forget GARY E. BARNES (1959) is busily arranging a golf outing for October 8. Get with Gary at his e-mail address ( patgary@sbcglobal.net ) at your earliest convenience, please, and tell him of your interest. By now, you're all aware of my goof with the website. I put in an extra "s" and made the word plural. I hope all of you were able to decipher the correcting e-mail I sent and thanks to THERESA MOSES (1958?) for being the first to let me know about that. A few others did, as well. My contacts with alumni worker, JUNE CRUTCHFIELD (1958) have been very upbeat and she's working hard for us all. Get those forms downloaded now and get them sent to her! Look who's talking! I haven't sent in my own form yet! However, I actually HAVE mailed (postally) about 16 of them to people I fear may not be on the list. Many thanks, by the way, to 1965's STEVEN F. SHADE, who posted the reservation form on the very day I sent out the last bulletin, in order to accommodate us all.

PAUL R. BEARDSLEY (1961) keeps me well-informed on my old homestead, Miami Shores. You have no idea how much I appreciate that, Paul...I hang on every word. NINA F. KNISLEY sent me an AOL card and there were many who sent forwardings of jokes, notices, chain letters, etc, who included LARRY D. GILBERT (1961) STEVEN M. KOKOT (1960), ROBERT W. "SMITTY" SMITH (1958), SUE E. SOWERS (1958), PAMELA K. SHIPLEY (1971), JANET L. WALTERS (1961), LINDA J. SNELL (1960), and SANDRA L. BARSALOU (1958). We're glad to know that you're all alive and well We'd also enjoy some tidbits on your family and activities.

From RICHARD D. WELLS (help, Rick, I don't know your class year), who now lives on Florida's "left coast," came an alarming report of a recent severe injury to his back. I know we all wish him well and hope for a speedy, full recovery. Aside from the obvious, we will be needing your presence in Ohio, come October, Rick! You didn't say anything about Hurricane Charley on your side, Rick, so I presume you emerged unscathed.

We have had a bit a of a tragedy among us, folks, and I'm going to share this with all of you in the fervent hope that my classmate and friend won't mind. We can all give him and his wife some moral support. The grandson of our former classmate, CURTIS A. KEMP, was shot through the head on August 1. This happened at a little afternoon party which went awry, apparently. No one yet knows all the details.

In any case, this boy is the firstborn grandchild of Curtis and wife Maria and they are extremely close to him. He's but 20 years old. He lost a portion of his brain and his right eye. Bone structure prevents replacement of the eye, at this time. The loss of some brain tissue has affected his actions somewhat. But I just spoke at length yesterday with Maria, who spent the day with him at the hospital in Melbourne. He is doing much better now, she told me. So let's get together and get off a few of those "cheer-'em-up" messages to the Kemps and let them know we're all pulling for them and their grandson. The e-mail address is ( kyoshi@cfl.rr.com ) and the postal mailing address is as follows: M/m Curtis A. Kemp, 2141 Palomino Drive, Titusville, Florida 32796 Telephone 321 267-4241. Get out that card, make that call, make that visit, send that message! Let's all show support for one of our own. You will be SO glad you did!
We're all pulling for you and your grandson (and his mother), Curtis and Maria! Please keep us posted.

Curtis, by the way, is so excited about the October week -end, he's already asked to be seated with his two old friends, EDGARD L. KELLY and AARON COUCH. He says he just can't wait to see them both. We all can't wait to see you, too, Curtis!

Even as I type, 1960's WILLIAM O. WALKER, and his honorary WC wife KAREN MURPHY are doing claims in Florida, from Hurricane Charley. They telephoned me over the weekend, as they were en route from their Texas home. Ironically, they'd just had their own claim from some water damage to their home. So I'll soon be seeing the Walkers, as they wind their way through Florida. We're all keeping our fingers crossed about the storms this year. Last year, a Carolina storm kept them from joining us in October.

In other impending visits and travels, I'm expecting to soon see PATRICIA LYNNETTE GARRETT (1961), who will be in Florida. Lynn and I have great chats and do a lot of reminiscing, so I'm really looking forward to her visit. Also, over the weekend, I got a call from two others of the 1961 class, GARY R. FRANK and ROBERT W. BRANE. These two guys have apparently been buddies for life and they recently arrived in Dunedin, Florida. They're going to comb the state for a suitable place to purchase, in order to escape the Ohio winters, at their separate leisures, and also to wine and dine the ladies while they are here.

Bob has been to 7 of our Bike Week events and Gary has also spent some time in Florida, already having a place here. But they called ME to offer to drive over here and give me a hand with anything I might need done, after the storm, to take me anywhere I might need to go, or bring me anything I might need. I was just touched, by such a magnanimous gesture. Isn't that terrific? Thank you both, SO much! Bob and Gary will be here for 4-6 weeks, during which we'll be getting together for a visit. They will then return to Ohio for our alumni weekend.

Betwee1961's JANET L. WALTERS, DONNA J. RICHARDS, and SALLY L. GILLETTE, we were able to determine that I had my "S" islands all fouled up and that you, PAULA WILSON, are just fine. It seems that Paula is on Singer Island, not Sanibel Island. So she's just fine. We're all happy about that, Paula, and I know you are, too. That "s" letter gives me a lot of problems, doesn't it?
Janet and Donna have been doing some painting, it seems, in Janet's bathroom. Janet says Donna is quite good at that. You should hire out, Donna! People who do beautiful house-painting are qutie difficult to find. At least that's been MY experience!

My dear friend, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH (1958) and I, are just crushed. His Oldsmobile has arrived, but even in the shape it's in, we can't take our ride in this year. It's going to be next year. We'll simply have to hang on, I guess. But I'll be so thrilled to see YOU again, Bruce, I won't think about the car. But I'll sure anticipate 2005!

JUDY M. FRANTZ (1961) sent a lovely message of concern and I've also recently spoken with DEVONA S. TAYLOR. Everyone is so excited this year about our weekend. June tells me she's already getting returns on the forms and I know she's pleased (as we all are) that we aren't having the problems we did, last year. Those problems, by the way, were NOT the fault of our alumni committee and I want to make that quite clear. But it's 2004 now, and all is well.

MICHAEL S. WEST (1960) and I are keeping up a running exchange and I've sadly learned that Mike's elderly mother has recently broken her leg very badly (not that there's any GOOD way to do that, it's just that it's a very complicated break and more severe than normal, he reports.) So Mike is now in Ohio, attending to her needs and whatever else he might be able to do. He says her general health is so poor that the doctors think the trauma of the broken leg may be insurmountable for her. Let's hope that's not the case. Keep us posted, Mike!

WILLIAM R. HOWARD (1958) and I are keeping up a similar running exchange and we have valiantly tried to solve what I've come to call, "The Melzoni Mystery." Poor Tom Melzoni! I say that, not knowing (or even caring) which one it is to whom I refer. The poor guy just wanted to be on the bulletin list. But when I went to add him to my master list, I found there was more than one. (Was there, EVER!) In order to be perfectly accurate---and you all know by now, how picky I have to be about precise names---I tried to get Tom's. One of them turned up for the 1963 class, the 1970 class, the 1977 class, and we think the 4th one is in the 1980s. In any case, folks, we heartily welcome aboard THOMAS MELZONI, JR., who is a member of the 1970 class. We hope you won't think things are ALWAYS this complicated, Tom, and that you will join us in October.

Since the storm, I have heard nothing from ROBERTA A. RICE (1960) who's on Florida's west coast, nor from DARELL L. TOBIAS (1957) who's in the center part. Are you both okay? Also, I understand that 1961's RICHARD G. DENNY and spouse LIELA K. GEORGE (1962) own a home in Punta Gorda, which was hard-hit. We hope for the best for you, Dick and Liela. Let us know, please.

Does anyone have an update on HAROLD PHILLIPS? I happen to know, as previously mentioned, that Eddie Kelly will be champing at the bit to see Harold. Can we get him rounded up, so that he's at the alumni gig. How about a hand from you on that, ERCELL P. PHILLIPS? Let's reconnect two old high school pals, okay?

From MARIAN K. HUSSEY (1967) came a wonderful and newsy e-mail and she also makes reference to her 1960 spouse, PHILLIP D. HOWARD. We look forward to seeing both of you in October, Marian, and many thanks for your e-mail. Marian's schoolteacher sister had just moved to Florida and got kicked out of her apartment because of the storm evacuations. Welcome to Florida! I wonder if she's having second thoughts?

Sally Gillette and I have had quite a number of exchanges and we have talked a good bit about the handsome new grandson, Misha Isaac, and also about Misha's father, MARK WARLAUMONT (1979?), who recently had a successful medical procedure. NANCY J. SWEEN (1961) continues to work hard for us all and I keep trying to pry her out of Kansas, but there doesn't seem to be any chance for this year. Nancy is devoted to husband, home, and hearth, and there's sure nothing wrong with any of that. But we'll all miss you, Nancy and we appreciate all you do for all of us. I've recently also spoken with CHARLES A. "BUD" LOWMAN (1960). Bud is doing well and we all will see him in October, he has assured me.

WILLIAM L. MCNABB (1954) continues to toil away at the 1954 50th reunion. Once again, Bill, let us know if we can help in any way or if there is anyone we can help you find. We sure do wish that class a wonderful weekend, as we do all classes who are celebrating "marker years."

EDNA L. GRAY (1961) pleads with us all to be kind to the postal service from which she is retired. No problem, Edna! As I explained, I'm an ardent fan of the postal service. Remember, my own daughter is a letter carrier.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed for our wonderful EULA FAYE BAILEY (1960). She's still having some problems with that shoulder. As you know, we won't have NEARLY as wonderful a function without her. In fact, I'm unsure that Bruce and I can even go ON without you Eula Faye! So you take care of that shoulder, hear?

Many thanks to 1969's KAREN L. THROCKMORTON for sending in the notice about their 35th runion. I've disbursed that notice to all of you, so please read it very carefully. GERALD A. FULLER (1960) and wfie Becky are whiling away the summer at their place in Kentucky. They'll be with us in October and then will head back to Florida for the winter. Jerry will be playing in the golf tourney, by the way. While in Kentucky, they've visiting family and friends and enjoying their houseboat. We have yet another Fuller member on board and we welcome Jerry's sister, LYNDA A. FULLER (1968). Some of you may recall that Lynda was at the alumni gig last year. We hope to see you again this year, Lynda! DONNA J. TUDOR (1955) reports that's she's already sent in her reservation form while cousin JUDITH L. SAMUELS says she's till unsure as to her attendance. BEVERLY J. HAAS (1960) is remaining in Alpine, California, where she still does web pages for us all.

It has taken me two days to do this one, due to losing all that text in the aftermath of yesterday's storm, while I hit the wrong button. But the important thing is, it's done. So I leave you all with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

---And there you have it! More at 11---

Saturday, August 14, 2004
As Regards Hurricane Charley...Bonnie Writes on 14 Aug 2004:

Many thanks to all of you who have been calling and e-mailing about the path of Hurricane Charley. Yes, we're in it. But I'm sort of "an old pro" at the Florida hurricane thing now, and I feel relatively sure we're looking at no more than a tropical storm by the time he gets in my area (IF he does). The path is always changing and it hasn't been very consistent, to say the least. I've had invitations from a bunch of different states, if I need refuge. But I feel fairly safe. My home is built like Ft. Knox, we have a generator, heavy-duty cord, jugs of water, plenty of batteries and several "transistor" radios. (Remember that term?) As I type, the wind is howling, the rain thunders down, and we await the bigger and stronger winds which should arrive in about an hour and a half. We're "hunkered down," as we are so fond of saying, here in Florida, when we have our hurricane season. But while I'm on here, I will tell you that it's actually Paula Wilson about whom I'M worried, much moreso than me. Has anyone heard from her? She lives on Sanibel Island and I understand it was mercilessly pounded, when the storm first came on shore. If any of you have word on her safety, please tell me. Donna? Sally? Janet? Lynn? I don't care who, just SOMEbody. Thanks again and keep your collective fingers crossed for all of us who in the path of the storm.

---And there you have it! More at 11--- B

Wednesday, August 11, 2004
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Monday, August 09, 2004
On 09 August 2004, Bonnie Wrote:
OK gang, here it is - follow the link below: ( in plain English -- click on it ) and then print it.


It will provide you with a page which shows you the form to download to send in your reservation. Once again, I truly URGE you all to do this NOW. It makes it SO much easier for June and for Steve Shade and for all the others who work so hard for us so that we can have a nice event each year. I've already downloaded 16 copies and I intend to mail them out tomorrow, to those who are on my postal bulletin list. I don't want to take any chances on ANYone being left out of the loop, and I have no idea whether or not these folks are on the regular list. So let's get moving. Thanks!


Bruce Chenoweth's New '48 Olds - Hope He Kept the Red Fender Skirts!
From: bchenoweth@woh.rr.com
Date: 08/06/04 14:10:42
To: wlcmctr@bellsouth.net
Subject: 1948 Olds "98"
Bon Bon,
This is a photo of the car as it will be when it arrives in Dayton. Much to do in 2 months.
Semper fi,


Bruce's Brand New '48 Olds Posted by Hello

On 09 August, Bonnie wrote:
Please note that I'm sending all of you photos of the adorable, first grandson of the Warlaumont family. What a good-lookin' guy, by the way!

From: Slwea@aol.com
Date: 08/08/04 23:51:01
Subject: Re: Hope you enjoy the picture of Misha. The one of him in his diaper is just like looking at Mark all over again. However, his profile is so much of his mother. I guess he is a good mix of both. Sure is cute! S.

Also, I will be forwarding to all of you, a photo of the "newest baby" of Bruce Chenoweth, his recenlty-acquired 1948 Olds in its "arrival state." If you don't receive these, due to attachment failures on the transmission, then I guess you won't know the difference, anyway, huh? I'm sure our "blogger guru," Mike West, will likely post these on our blogspot, though.

But for those of you who do OR don't get it, please go to Steve Shade's website right now and download your reservation form for alumni weekend and get it sent in---NOW! This will be such a tremendous aid to June and the others who are so diligently toiling to provide us all with a record-breaking and wonderful event! DON'T decide you're only going to go to the after-dinner stuff! Oh sure, you can do that. But it did create a seating problem last year. If you haven't reserved for the dinner, then they don't know for how many to prepare and there is no way to estimate the number of those kinds of arrivals. Let's make it as easy on them as we possibly can. Besides, gang, we all want to "break bread" together, right, and the proceeds from this event, go into our alumni fund. So it's a win-win situation. Thanks!


Misha Isaac Warlaumont Posted by Hello


Misha Isaac Warlaumont Posted by Hello

WECATON News Report!! -- 09 August 2004
(Okay, folks, here's a follow-up bulletin from 1954's WILLIAM L. MCNABB. I think I'll be receiving items at a fast and furious pace, now that we're down to just over 8 weeks. So brace up! While I'm on here, I need to tell you that I was under the impression that our new 2004 reservation form was already on Steve Shade's website and ready for downloading. I simply assumed that, due to June telling me she had already received back her first forms. But we all know better than to assume, don't we? I've e-mailed Steve, asking him to post it and I'm sure he will do so as soon as possible, so keep your ears on (or eyes, as the case may be.) Let's spread the word for Bill McNabb and his 1954 classmates, please. Thanks!
---And there you have it! More at 11--- B

-------Original Message-------

From: Bill McNabb
Date: 08/09/04 11:31:20
To: Bonnie Risner Miller
Cc: Wood,Bill; Thompson Clendenin,Pat; Graham,Jerry
Subject: Re: WECATON NEWS REPORT!!!---

Sent: Saturday, August 07, 2004 12:57 PM

Lest we should forget, this is the 50th anniversary of our Class of 1954. Bill McNabb is likely still working hard to get people together for that terrific occasion. If you are one of those folks who has a line on some member of that class, be sure to pass that info to Bill. He may have it already, but he just may not. He's trying to garner every 1954 class member he can find, so if we can assist him in any possible way, let's do it. No one knows, better than I, how great all of you are, when it comes to stepping up to the plate and helping one class member find another. Let us know, Bill, if there is anything else with which we may be able to assist.

Hello Bonnie: Well, as promised, here's the schedule for the Class of '54 - 50th reunion weekend:

Friday, Oct. 8: Homecoming football game at West Carrollton Stadium with the undefeated team of the 1953-54 season being honored at halftime.

On that same evening - Fri. Oct 8: 1954 classmate get together at the Bush playhouse, 2474 Winwood Ave. from 8:00 PM until whenever.

Saturday, Oct 9: We encourage all classmates to attend the WCHS Alumni dinner/dance .

Sunday, Oct 10: A brunch at the Miamisburg Moose Lodge set for 10:00 AM.

Our class mailing went out August 2nd and we included the Alumni mailing with ours to save the Alumni Association a little postage expense --- if any classmate did not get one, let one of us know:

Pat Thompson Clendenin patclenden@aol.com
Bill Wood woodwrls@aol.com
Jerry Graham jrg574@aol.com
Bill McNabb nubby@bright.net

Thanks, Bill

Saturday, August 07, 2004
WECATON NEWS REPORT!! - 07 August 2004:
---We are SUCH interesting people!! I had no intention of writing another bulletin this soon---don't I always write that? ---but we've got so much happening, I just couldn't let it go a day longer. The response was good, to my plea for some news from some of you who don't always regularly maintain good contact. Thanks, I appreciate that. It helps give me more "fodder to feed the mill" and keeps the bulletins in an ongoing state. Isn't that, after all, exactly what we want?

As always, we have those who have checked in with the forwarded materials which include jokes, trivia, safety tips, a political tidbit here and there---you get the idea. They include NANCY J. SWEEN, class of 1961, STEVEN M. KOKOT, class of 1960, BARBARA T. O'NEAL, class of 1962, SANDRA L. BARSALOU, class of 1958, LINDA L. SHANK, class of 1960, JUDY LYNN JAMES, class of 1962, JOHN L. MONTGOMERY, class of 1961, ROBERT W. SMITH, class of 1958, PAUL R. BEARDSLEY, class of 1961, and WILLIAM L. MCNABB, class of 1954. Thanks to all and we look forward to seeing you on October 8 and 9.

Lest we should forget, this is the 50th anniversary of our Class of 1954. Bill McNabb is likely still working hard to get people together for that terrific occasion. If you are one of those folks who has a line on some member of that class, be sure to pass that info to Bill. He may have it already, but he just may not. He's trying to garner every 1954 class member he can find, so if we can assist him in any possible way, let's do it. No one knows, better than I, how great all of you are, when it comes to stepping up to the plate and helping one class member find another. Let us know, Bill, if there is anything else with which we may be able to assist.

When I got an e-mail from BOYD H. JENKINS, class of 1960, I was very happy. I'd been wondering what had happened to Boyd. However, his e-mail wasn't as cheery as I might have hoped. Boyd advised that he's not really sure he'll be with us in October (even though I'm betting he will). He wrote that his granddaughter in Cincinnati has REITS (sp?) syndrome and that she isn't doing well. He said he may be headed that way soon. He also wrote that his brother, EARL, class of 1955, isn't doing well, either. So let's all pull in the positive for both Earl and for Boyd's granddaughter. We're keeping our collective fingers crossed, Boyd, and we really want to see you in October!

The TOM MELZONI mystery still isn't solved. We know for sure that it isn't the one from 1963. We're fairly sure it may be the one from 1970, but I need to confirm his full name and he still hasn't sent that to me. I'll keep all of you posted, of course.

My fellow classmate and WC faculty retiree, THOMAS L. WOLF, JR., whose family is longtime-historically-WC-connected, has agreed to invite a number of our former teachers to the alumni gig. I hope every single one of them will attend and thank you for that effort, Tom.

DONNA J. RICHARDS, class of 1961, also checked in to say that she has recently seen AARON COUCH. We all hope to see both Donna and Aaron, come October. We all wish you the best, Aaron, with your son's health problems. We hope he is well soon. Donna, did you go back to work yet, or are you going to take a little time off?

Guess who else checked in this time, folks? None other than MONTY ESTEP, class of 1960! Now there is a guy about whom I never heard one person say a bad word in high school. I'll bet it's still that way. Everyone liked Monty! Monty reported that he'd recently run into yet one more 1960 classmate,WILLIAM E. HECKER. I'm in hopes you'll see him again, Monty, and that you'll be able to coax him to put in an appearance in October. We're also expecting you this year, Monty, along with your 1962 spouse, BEVERLY WALKER, so don't let us down hear?

Oh, by the way, you wanted some contact info on Bill Hecker, so here you go: Bill lives at 2359 Bradshire Rd., Miamisburg, Ohio 45342. His residence phone is listed as 937 291-9015. Bill's wife's name is Trisha and they have 3 sons (Timothy, Michael, and Marcus). His e-mail address is listed as ( nordy@msn.com ). So there you have it. Let's try to get Bill on board, too, Monty. That's your assignment for this e-mail. Believe me when I tell you, it just takes that one classmate, that one phone call, that one word of encouragement, that one invitation, to let people know they haven't been forgotten. Remember our battle cry! "Just One More For 2004!" Monty & Beverly, we want to add not only both of you, but Bill and his wife, too, so let's get busy. Thanks a lot for e-mailing, Monty!

Boy, do I have some exciting news, folks! Just the other day, I got an e-mail from PATRICIA LYNNETTE GARRETT, class of 1961. (By the way, I just LOVE your beautiful name, Lynn! Patricia Lynnette sounds so pretty.) Anyway, she's going to be back in Florida in about 2 more weeks so that means she and I will get to spend another fun and windy day, visiting and talking about all of YOU! So stay alert for "ear-burning." Lynn, call me the minute you and Frank get here!

Lynn also gave me a good report about a restaurant gathering which included her, Donna Richards, SANDI CASEY, CHRIS CLEARY, JANET WALTERS, CAROLE LEWIS, SALLY GILLETTE, and Barb O'Neal. All except Barb (1962, as previously written) are 1961. What a fun bunch! I love hearing about so many WC people getting together. Now, they all await the annual gathering at Carole's Kentucky getaway on the water. Terrific! Oh, and Lynn also said she thinks Paul Bearsdley is here in Florida. Are you, Paul?

To RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, class of 1958, I extend my sincerest apologies. Tom had not been getting his bulletins and we couldn't quite determine why. I checked my address records and sure enough, the fault was mine. When Tom last changed his e-mail address, I'd failed to update and we lost him for a few bulletins. If there's one guy we don't want to lose, it's YOU, Tom! For those of you who don't know this, Tom goes to EVERY single WC function, regardless of where it is. He's right in there with GERALD A. FULLER, Boyd, both 1960, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, class of 1958, and WILLIAM E. HOWARD, also 1958. People of that degree of loyalty deserve recognition. There are also the Kokots and Donna Richards, you don't do badly, either.

Speaking of Bruce, we've got big news from his corner of the world, and I kid you not. Listen to this! Actually, I'm nearly as excited as HE is! When we were all in school, Bruce had a 1948 Oldsmobile. Oh, the fun we had in that car! Every Saturday night, we went to the sock hop at the Lebanon Skating Rink. I can't count the times we cruised through the Frisch's lot in that car and the school stuff we attended, and God knows what else. That car was special to us all.

At that time, he dated my dear, late friend, W. SUSAN DOGGETT, class of 1960, who was the love of his life and who became his first wife. We all spent endless hours together, many of them in that car. Well, Bruce has just bought a 1948 Oldsmobile, gang! Isn't that great? He's going to try and have it all ready to drive, come alumni weekend. He's even going to have it painted red, the color of, "the original." I just can't wait to see it!

From NICHOLAS P. WOLARY, class of 1958, came a terrific and newsy e-mail. Nick said he loves the bulletins and that he really looks forward to reading them. Thanks, Nick, I appreciate that. He, too, confirmed the good health of former band director, HARRY C. HAGGERTY. He said he thinks that two of the 1960 people, SHIRLEY J. TUDOR and L. EUGENE ZINK, recently spoke to him.

But Nick had other great news. He said his 34-year-old son lives in Jupiter, Florida, and his daughter still lives in the Dayton area. But Nick and his wife are planning to move to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, in a couple of years, near their good friends, MICHAEL S. WEST, class of 1960, and wife Sally, whom they often visit. For the time being being, though, Nick is finishing off his career with Northrop Grumman Co. as a sub-contractor for WPAFB. PAMELA K. SHIPLEY (Pam, are you 1971?) and I are keeping up a running exchange and she's trying to recruit a few more attendees for the October event, also. You promised to be there, Pam! My cousin, JUDITH L. SAMUELS, may even be inspired to attend this year. How about it, Judy?

Remember, all you golfers out there, contact GARY E. BARNES, class of 1959, and let him know of your interest in the golf outing on alumni weekend. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts his number is in the Daytona phone book and I've already sent you all the info on how to contact him. I think the date is October 8. Give him plenty of advance notice. Also working on that alumni weekend is once again Bill Howard, who will serve as our liaison with Frisch's, just as he did last year. I've e-mailed CAROLYN E. "TOOTIE" PENCE, class of 1959, to give him a hand with that. We've got small groups of WC folks, working everywhere, in preparation for our big weekend! While we were at it, Bill and I once again solved all the greatest problems of the world!

From DONNA J. TUDOR, class of 1955, came a wonderful, nostalgic recollection of her life as a child and her visits back to the Kentucky town of Paint Lick, from which they hailed, when she was a child. Donna's e-mails are always so special because I was very close to that family all through school. I remember everything about which she writes. Donna also wrote of a visit to the home of her grandson, Gregg, who took her all through Soutfork, the Texas ranch made so famous by the TV series, , "Dallas." She said it was gorgeous!

Earlier today, I got a call from CHARLES A. "BUD" LOWMAN, class of 1960, the Honorable Judge, himself! Unfortunately, I wasn't home at the time, so I called him back, but missed him. I'm sure in hopes we get Bud out again this, year, for our events.

Per the instruction of our official "blog-spotter," MICHAEL S. WEST, class of 1960, (---and lest we forget, the inventor of the Frisch's Frolic) comes a directive to include the following website in this e-mail, through which you can get current on any all and all missed bulletins. So here it is:
I minded you, Mike! I hope I got it right.

Are you braced up for some REALLY exciting news, now? Okay, here we go. On July 16, a son was born to MARK WARLAUMONT, (1978? 1979?) and his wife, Viktoria, who is Russian. (I'm telling you that, so that you won't think I don't know how to spell her name.) His name is Misha Isaac Warlaumont. He weighed 7lb. 8 oz. and was 20" long. He is the first child of Mark, who is nearly 44 now, so you can imagine how thrilled he is.

Mark and Viktoria live in Plantation, Florida. We have on our hands a positively thrilled paternal grandmother, SALLY L. GILLETTE, (1961), who can scarcely contain her enthusiasm, and I even heard from a bursting-with- pride grandfather, GARY L. WARLAUMONT (1960), who has doubtless already taken the little fellow out on the golf course. This is the very first grandson and Gary is thrilled that the Warlaumont name will continue. So I know I can speak for us all when I offer best wishes and heartiest congratulations to all the Warlaumont family.

Fully knowing that I can NEVER top THAT announcement with anything, it's time to close this edition of WNR. I leave you all with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful prosperity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

---And there you have it! More at 11--- B

Bruce Chenoweth, '58 sent this note and photo to several of the aficionadios of Bonnie's *WECATON* Newsletter. Edited and reproduced here. Thanks Bruce!
I am attaching a photo from the 4th of July weekend, of the five WCHS alumni that made it to Jerry and Becky Fullers boathouse, where they spend the summer.
Sitting: Nina Knisley and DeVonna Taylor. Standing: yours truely (Bruce - ed.), Jerry Fuller, and Eugene Couch.

Semper fi,


Photo - Courtesy Bruce Chenoweth Posted by Hello


At the 2004 Fourth of July Ice Cream Social, Library Park, downtown WC.
Pictured: front - Pat and Gary ('59) Barnes; back - Linda Johnson Zimmer ('61)
and Ross Hodgson ('60). The photo was taken by Carol Mumma Guy ('61) so, she is
not in the picture (of course!) Send another picture and we'll post it also! How about
the author's photo from the book jacket?

This is the booth where Linda and Carol signed their latest book: Murder at
the Ice Cream Parlor.

To see more about the book at Amazon . com : (just click on the line below - you can do it right now while you are reading this) Click your browser back arrow to return <- http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/193174291X/qid=1091221300/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/103-6902809-0386210?v=glance&s=books

PS: I haven't been to WC for a long time. If it isn't called Library Park anymore,
please email me and I'll fix it.

-ed. W4MSW@charter.net

Sunday, August 01, 2004
Golf Outing During Reunion - posted 02 August 2004
---This is from Gary E. Barnes, Class of 1959, as you can see. He needs to know how many of us want to play golf on the morning of October 8. Let's get back to him, ASAP, please!

---And there you have it! More at 11--- B
-------Original Message-------

From: Gary Barnes
Date: 08/02/04 07:14:11
To: Bonnie Risner Miller
Subject: Re: All right! Gary, do you have---


I need you to send an e-mail to all about a golf outing in October. We will try to have it on the morning of the Frisch's Frolic. I need to see how much interest there is before I try to make any arrangements. Have them send me an e-mail or call me.
or 937-859-4559 We need to know something A.S.A.P.




Your Humble Editor (pictured above) invites everyone to send more news and pictures.
If you don't, Bonnie will have to send Guido to encourage you to 'participate'!
email news and photos to me: Wests_of_Gatlinburg@charter.net or to Bonnie:

Posted by Hello

WECATON NEWS REPORT!! - 31 July 2004

---Where ARE all of you? I've got a slug of e-mail to include in here, but it's concentrated on a VERY tiny percentage of you. Now, I just KNOW that all of you have some news to contribute to this bulletin. You're taking trips, you're buying new cars, you're having more grandchildren, you're in the middle of retiring, you're having surgery on some part or other, you've developed a big bunion or corn, you're finally subscribing to Road Runner---SOMETHING!!! C'mon!! You get out of this, only what you put into it, you know. I'm not able to do this all by myself and I'm NOT SuperWoman, contrary to what so many of you keep trying to tell me. With that, let's get going here and see how we do.

From BEVERY J. HAAS, Class of 1960, a request has come to send messages to
( zoe@gfalgraphics.no-ip.com ) Got it? Now, all of you already know that I'm somewhat "techno-challenged," so if you need further info, you're going to need to contact her directly, okay?

From that travelin' pair, WILLIAM O. WALKER, Class of 1960, and his honorary-WC-alumnus spouse, KAREN MURPHY WALKER, came a wonderfully newsy report on their latest ramblings. They left WC only a few days ago, with Bill having played golf with DOUG MAYS and also with RICHARD G. DENNY, Class of 1961, and also with his own two brothers, DENNY WALKER and BUNK WALKER, and visiting with his sister, GERRI WALKER. It seems that Walkers came from everywhere! Karen also made it a point to write about how well the recovery is going for LEONARD F. KUHN, Class of 1958. I know we're all happy about that. Thanks, Karen and Bill, for a great report, and stay safe out there on the road.

MICHAEL S. WEST, Class of 1960, is back at it, full force. He's now monitoring the blogspot, posting photos, and staying in touch with other classmates. Mike and I have now spoken two or three more times, since our last bulletin. He's doing well and has the normal number of aches and pains for those in our age group, right, Mike? We can all exchange stories about our operations and surgeries, come October. Ha!

Checking in with some general material were SALLY L. GILLETTE, class of 1961, STEVEN M. KOKOT, Class of 1960, BARBARA T. O'NEAL, Class of 1962, PAMELA K. SHIPLEY, Class of 1971, SANDRA L. BARSALOU, Class of 1958, RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, Class of 1958, LINDA J. SNELL & LONNIE M. THACKER, Class of 1960, EULA FAYE BAILEY, Class of 1960, SUE E. SOWERS, Class of 1958, and LINDA L. MCAFEE, Class of 1957. We hope to see each and every single one of you in October, folks. Don't let us down, hear?

This morning, I spoke with DEVONA S. TAYLOR, Class of 1960, who's in touch with NINA F. KNISLEY, Class of 1960, and said Nina is doing all right now. She will be with us in October, as will Dee and spouse, GENE COUCH, and also Gene's brother, AARON COUCH. (Aaron, if you're reading this, I'm planning on us having iced tea together, once again, at Frisch's on Friday night, hear?) Besides, we need all the good-looking men we can get, to help spice up the evening, so be there! That goes for you, too, MR. J.!

We were overwhelmed with responses to the request from NANCY J. ERTEL, Class of 1961, about the where- abouts of WCHS former bandleader, HARRY C. HAGGERTY. He lives at 281 Ironwood Drive, right in WC and is doing fine. These reports came from GARY E. BARNES, Class of 1959, THOMAS L. WOLF, JR., Class of 1960, DAVID A BLAIR, Class of 1960, L. EUGENE ZINK, Class of 1960, LINDA L. SHANK, Class of 1960, and MICHAEL S. WEST, Class of 1960. So thanks for all the help, folks, in putting Nancy in contact with Mr. Haggerty again. All of you always come through, if you know one of us is looking for someone. Don't wait, Nancy! Life is just too uncertain.

In the birthday department, cousin JUDITH L. SAMUELS turned 62 on July 20 and we're tyring to figure out how we got so quickly to Social Security age. Judy and husband Bill celebrated her special day in Naples, Florida. Gene Zink turned 62 on July 25 and we all hope you're in great health, Gene, and feeling much better. JOANN K. STEMLEY, Class of 1960, also turned 62, on the very next day. However, I'm not supposed to tell anyone, so keep this very hush-hush, will you please? Jo Ann may get angry with me.

Dave Blair reports that his brother, JIM BLAIR, is doing okay, but still on an oxygen machine. Dave recommends a visit to his brother and the oxygen machine, if you're trying to quit moking. Thanks for the encouragement, Dave, and we all wish your brother well, of course. By the way, folks, I understand Dave recently shot a golf score of 69. What do you think about that, Mr. Golf Club, GARY L. WARLAUMONT? Thanks VERY much, Dave, for your report and nput.

Just recently, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, Class of 1958, and his companion, PATTY WHEELBARGER, Class of 1971, went winging down to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, for a little weekend visit with Mike and Sally West. They called from Mike's house, while there, and I got to talk with all 4 of them. I'm SO excited at the possibility that Patty just may wind up on, "Survivor." I'm going to send her my TV Guide for an autograph, if she makes it. Wow, there can be NO ONE who is more suited for that than Patty!

But anyway, the four of them had a wonderful visit and Mike said he and Bruce bored Sally and Patty to death, with all their old war stories. Mike and Bruce lived near each other, for much of their misspent youth.

Calling WILLIAM R. HOWARD, Class of 1958!! Are you okay, Bill? It's unusual for me to hear nothing from you, for such a long time. Send me a line or two, please, so that I know you're okay. Also, I want to extend thanks, once again, for the great and newsy report which came in from Tom Wolf. I've already shared that with all of you, so I won't repeat it. But I will say this. I don't hear from Tom very often, but when I do, it's always accurate, it's always newsy, it's always interesting, and it's always worth sharing. Thanks, Tom, I appreciate that.

Hey, is anyone going to be around Sandusky, on August 14? If so, be sure to look up our published author, CAROL A. MUMMA, Class of 1961, who will be at Bellevue Senior High School from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., with her book. Go, Carol!

Let's all pull hard for our girl, EULA FAYE BAILEY, who is still having trouble with that pesky shoulder. We have to get her well and happy again, or else we can't even HAVE the alumni gig, if she's not there. We also need to keep in our good thoughts and prayers, the son of AARON COUCH, who has been stricken with a devastating illness.

Several of you responded, about TOM MELZONI. This gets more confusing as we go, though. Thank you, Gary Barnes, Linda Shank, Pam Shipley, and EDNA L. GRAY, Class of 1961. But get this one, folks. We had a Tom Melzoni in 1963, another one in 1971, and it looks like there's a third one, class year as yet unknown. I keep trying to contact the guy who wants to be on the list, but he won't respond, for whatever reason. This is a classic example of why I just HAVE to have complete, legal names, and grad years. But I'll solve this mystery, sooner or later. Gary was able to contact the 1963 Tom and it's not him, so that narrows it down a bit. Gary also located BARBARA TURNINGTON, Class of 1961, and she's going to get a computer, we think, at which time, she'll be joining us. IN the meantime, we welcome aboard JAMES E. KECKLER, Class of 1958, and another Barnes recruit. Word has it that Jim is leaving for Florida on October 1 and can't be with us at the alumni gig. C'mon, Jim! You can leave a few days later, can't you? You have no idea what you're missing, believe me!

From HARRIETTE E. DOGGETT, Class of 1958, comes a message which I didn't want. Harriette says she can't be with us this year. She has taken on the fulltime care of her mother, who is about 81, and has Alzheimer's. She is caring for her in her Vilonia, Arkansas, home. We'll sure miss you, Harriette. We all hope something will happen which may allow you to attend. Let us know if there is any little thing any of US could do, in order to enable you to do that. I know we'd happy to do it. LINDA SHANK reports a marvelous vacation in South Carolina. Great, Linda! You can tell us more about it in October.

PAMELA K. SHIPLEY and I have had yet another rousing round of fun exchanges and have found we know even MORE of the same people. The world has become WAY too small. I look so forward to meeting you, Pam.

We lost KAREN L. THROCKMORTON to technology, but I've figured out a way to keep her in the loop. I refuse to give up our very first, genetic Throckmorton! Linda McAfee sent the last newsletter to her mother, who has also been enjoying them. How nice! I hope to see Linda during Biketoberfest, after we all return from the alumni gig. Right, Linda?

Is there a MAYS out there somewhere, from whom we could get some news? Come on, Mayses! We all want to hear about your family and your lives! We consider you to be our "local royalty," the "WC Kennedy Clan," if you will. So let us know what's up with you, okay?

With that, I close this edition of the WeCaTon News Report and I would remind all of you, since it's nearly the first of August, that if you are reading this, then you are all booked up for the weekend of October 8, 9, and 10. Let's not forget that! For each of you, I convey my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

---And there you have it! More at 11--- B

Not a Newsletter, But News from Tom Wolf ('60) - 25 July 2004
Bonnie writes:  "Hello all, this email comes to me from my 1960 classmate, Tom Wolf.  It's newsy and I know it's accurate, since it's from Tom, so I've opted to share it, in its entirety, with all of you.  Thanks, Tom.  As is apparent from the names on this list, the people who make these determinations are very accurate in their selection processes, aren't they?  By the way, as you can see, we've got Chris Cleary and David Collins back in the loop. 
 ---And there you have it!  More at 11---  B "
-------Original Message-------

From: Wcwolfs@aol.com
Date: 07/24/04 11:28:08
To: wlcmctr@bellsouth.net

Bons, there is no mystery about the whereabouts of Harry Haggerty.  He is STILL at the 281 Ironwood address.   He was inducted into the West Carrollton Education Foundation Hall of Fame a couple of years ago.  This year's inductees are Doug Hatcher, who graduated in the early eighties, Mary Louise Harris, who developed the Land Lab at Harry Russell school, and Leanne Nash, who is with the fire department.  Previous inductees along with Harry (Haggerty) are Jolene (Combs) Rose, Dickinson Guiler, Woody Bowman, Lou Tracy, Murl Huffman, Jack McNabb, Bill Gordon, June Burns, Forrest Treon, Don Mottley, Carol Flint, Will Frush, Selma Frush, Maxine Gilman, Dana Green, Rich Hensley, Elizabeth DeWeese, Harold Schnell, Bill Swart, David Mays, Tracy Williams, Bernie Kokenge, Roy McIntosh, Gene Jarman, Dave Hicks, and James Johnson.

  I don't know why you lost contact with Chris and David Collins. Their e-mail address is
twilight5@earthlink.net.  Send away.     Tom

WECATON NEWS REPORT!! - 19 July 2004
---It's way too late for an old girl like me to even be awake, never mind writing a bulletin, but here I am, nevertheless.  In Sunny Florida, we've had quite an overcast day, which I found to be very pleasant, as our temperatures didn't go above 80 and there was a wonderful breeze.  Much of the nation was sizzling in more ways than one, with some of our citizens enduring the feared forest fires.  Let's keep those folks in our good thoughts and prayers and hope for the very best for them, shall we? 
Since our last bulletin (not that long ago), great efforts have been made to institute and use some websites for WC folks.  These efforts have been made by 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST,  BEVERLY J. HAAS, and by 1961's NANCY J. SWEEN.  We all appreciate all those efforts, too, even though I'M way too "techno-challenged" to cope with it. I realize that most of you aren't, though, and will use the site.  By the way, here's the address of that site:

I sure do hope I got that right, but if I didn't, I know one of our three "computer geniuses" will catch it and let me know.  They all keep throwing around "computer-ese" in such a way as to imply that I might know how to grasp it.  Be not fooled, you three!  I don't!  I'm just a lowly bulletin-writer, who assimilates and disseminates some e-mails and that's it. 
On July 11, we all sent a few birthday e-mails to Mike, who turned 62.  Congratulations, Mike, and it sure does beat the alternative, doesn't it?  I know we all wish you many happy returns of the day.  All was not lost, though, as Mike wrote that he was doing some listening to 950s R&R music and drinking Classic Coke.   But we must also offer condolences to Mike and wife Sally.  I understand he lost his sister-in-law recently.  Mike commented on the great-looking women in the photos sent by 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH.  Those great-looking women, by the way, were none other than DEVONA S. TAYLOR and NINA F. KNISLEY (both 1960).  It's going to be so fun when we all get together in October!  Nina even sent a hello to all of us, during this bulletin period. 
Cousin JUDITH L. SAMUELS remains right down the road and is still trying to sell their boat.  Anyone interested?  If so, call and let her know.  1954's WILLIAM L. MCNABB continues to work on the 50th class reunion for this year.  As I wrote to him only recently, I have just one extra copy of the 1954 Piratan now.  If anyone wants it, let me know.
On Friday, July 9, I arose early and rolled my big Harley-Davidson dresser out of the garage.  Away I went, headed for DeLand to hook up with DARELL L. TOBIAS, Class of 1957, who was riding his Harley-Davidson, also. It was a brief comedy of errors, as we began the day, what with Darell waiting for me on one side of the street and me waiting for him on the other.  But his fellow 1957 classmate, LINDA L. MCAFEE, put us together, via the cell phones.  What did we ever do without those things?
Anyway, we hooked up on a sunny day and finally got in that ride together.  I feel certain we'll do it again, too.  We headed north on Highway 17, clipping along at a pretty good pace.  The sun was out and the wind whipped us in the face.  Darell's bike is beautiful, shiny, and very custom.  Mine is fairly "standard-issue" but it's red and black (on purpose), our high school colors, and my spouse keeps it pretty clean for me, too.  We rode about 50 more miles together, winding up in the tiny town of Satsuma, Linda's home, where she was eagerly awaiting our arrival.  Her house sets on a big lot which has woods to the back and is very spacious and filled with interesting mementoes, from what was obviously an interesting life.  We met her visiting cousin and her 86-year-old mother (who looks about 70 and is incredibly spry and alert.)  Now, I know where Linda got her youthful appearance and good looks!
We visited at Linda's for probably an hour or more and then she wanted to ride on the back of Darell's bike and go have lunch somewhere.  Just before we left, though, Linda's mother approached Darell and Linda, and she said to Darell, "Young man, if you're going to have my daughter on the back of that motorcycle, you ride very carefully!"  Darell, ever the gentleman, could scarcely conceal his grin as he responded, "Yes, ma'am!"  It was a fun moment. 
So away the three of us went and we rode up to Palatka, about 15-20 miles north, winding up at the original, historic, hole-in-the-wall Angel's Diner.  Talk about 1950s!  We sat there and shot the breeze forever, as we had lunch, for which Darell paid the tab, by the way.  (Thanks, Darell!)  Finally, Florida' afternoon clouds began to roll in and I was about 75-80 miles from home, so I told Darell and Linda I would cut off at State Road 100 to the south, which I did, as they headed back to Linda's place.  Linda likes riding and plans to learn to ride, too.  She's already got her "learner bike."   Thanks for a really fun day, Darell and Linda, and I can't wait to do it all over again! 
Also, I got a fun photo from our published writer, 1961's CAROL A MUMMA.  It was from the West Carrollton Ice Cream Festival, held on the 4th of July.  In the forefront was 1959's GARY E. BARNES (originator of the title for our news bulletins) with his wife, Pat, and in the background was none other than another of my 1960 classmates, ROSS A. HODGSON. I'm always happy when I know that WC people are making the effort to spend time together.  Thanks, Carol!
Remember band director HARRY C. HAGGERTY?  Well, who knows where he is?  Who knows how he is?  Who knows how to reach him?  If anyone out there has those answers, let's pass them along to Nancy Ertel.  She wants to know, okay?
Checking in with some interesting little jokes, political commentaries and the usual forwarded stuff this time, were SALLY L. GILLETTE, STEVEN M. KOKOT, BARBARA T. O'NEAL, SANDRA L. BARSALOU, PAMELA K. SHIPLEY, DARELL L. TOBIAS, and none other than CAROLYN E. "TOOTIE" PENCE!  So how about that? 
Yes, Tootie is alive and well and living in Miamisburg.  So all you girls who were so excited about seeing Tootie will surely get to see her, come October, right, Tootie?  After all, she lives right in the town where we're holding our event.  But I know someone who's going to be very disappointed, aren't you, NANCY E. "COOKIE" BOWIE?  Maybe you can drag JUDI BECKETT to Ohio with  you, so that you ALL see each other!  Cookie really wanted to see you, Tootie, and that's why she was so excited that you would be coming to Spring Fest.  But Boo Hoo!  You didn't attend, after all.  Cookie wasn't the only one who was disappointed, though.  So was I, so was SHIRLEY TUDOR and so was BILL HOWARD and a whole bunch of other people, hear?
Amazingly, I got no response to my former request for a grad year for TOM MELZONI.  Is there no one out there who knows the answer to that?  I got a blip in from THERESA MOSES and learned that she is forwarding bulletins to RUSS ELLIOTT. Perhaps he will become her, "Just One More For 2004," who knows?
RODNEY R. GABBARD, Class of 1971 wrote several times and has been getting reconnected with a few of his former classmates, here and there.  That's what it's all about, Rod!  SUE E. SOWERS, Class of 1958, took a little vacation from us, with a down computer, but she reports that she is back now and everything is running.  We also got a nice, little blurb from SANDRA S. HOLLINGSWORTH, Class of 1961, who reports that she is hoping to be with us in October. Sande wrote that her sister still lives in Huber Heights and she's planning to visit her, too, while there.
Hey, folks, remember 1960's class president, LONNIE M. THACKER?  Well, his classmate bride, LINDA J. SNELL, also dropped a couple of lines and she says they're trying to make it back this year.  So let's keep our collective fingers crossed.
From DONNA J. RICHARDS, Class of 1961, came a nice, newsy report about her summer job ending on July 8, so Donna planned to hit the road and do some travel. On her final day there, she reports she saw AARON COUCH, someone we all hope to see, come October.

Donna is visiting her son in Virginia for two weeks and is going to lay around on the beach, she reported.  She also wrote that the 1961 girls are going to converge for their annual getaway at the home of CAROLE J. LEWIS. All of those 1961 gals do this each year and have opted to include BARBARA T. O'NEAL, class of 1962, this year.  Good choice, girls!  Your fun will be tenfold with Barb in the group.  Be sure to send in a full report and a list of the names of all attendees.
One of our new sign-ons, KARL R. BURRUS, and I had an exchange about name structures.  As most you know, I'm somewhat of a nut about names and getting them just precisely correct.  I like the histories of names, too, so I enjoyed that exchange.  We will all meet Karl in October, we hope. 
We had a couple of contact changes this time.  JOANN K. STEMLEY wrote to inform me of a new e-mail address and L. EUGENE ZINK has a new telephone number.  So if anyone needs that info, please let me know. 
Wonderfully, I received a request from 1959's JAMES L. LINDSEY for contact info on CHARLES A. HIGH, JR., which I happily provided.  I believe Charlie and Jim were old Miami Shores Kids together, as were so many of us.

A big welcome goes out to 1961's GARY R. FRANK, who requested his name go on the bulletin list.  Gary was with us all at Frisch's last year, I'm happy to report, and I feel we will be seeing a lot of him at our upcoming WC weekend, right, Gary?  Gary got to us, courtesy of JoAnn, who ran into him on a gambling cruise.  Good going, Jo! But we've also lost somebody.  About two months ago, I lost CHRIS L. CLEARY and her WC teacher spouse, DAVID COLLINS.  Does anyone have an updated e-mail for them?
It was another fun exchange with PATRICIA LYNNETTE GARRETT, Class of 1961, who is now maintaining some -what improved contact, I'm happy to say.  I'm really looking forward to seeing you again in October, Lynn, and if you come to Florida, call me!  Lynn reports that she got together with EDNA L. GRAY and JUDY M. FRANTZ. No doubt, that was one fun group!  I wish I'd been there, too.  Lynn is busy canning fresh things from her garden! She also wrote that MIDGE GILBERT still lives in Miami Shores.  I know that name, but can't attach a face. 
EULA FAYE BAILEY confirmed the nuptials of WOODROW W. BOWMAN and 1955's JACKIE DUNCAN.  They had quite a time in Las Vegas, I hear.  How wonderful and I know we all wish them all the best.  I had a brief check-in from K. JUNE CRUTCHFIELD, who is diligently working on the alumni gig and will give me all updates as soon as they become available.  Thanks, June.  But back to Eula Faye!  Let's all pull together for her complete recovery from a shoulder problem which she is experiencing.  We've got just under 12 weeks left until we all convene and we sure want you to be there, Eula Faye!
Just so that you all know, WILLIAM R. HOWARD, Class of 1958, and I have continued in our quest to solve all the world's problems.  We feel, actually, that we've done a heck of a job, as always, but no one is listening.  We truly did have an interesting exchange about the way athletic things have gone.  Bill correctly pointed out that athletic heroes of "our day" were ones who didn't get all pumped up on synthetic body builders and steroids.  How true!
So that's it for this edition, folks!  Remember, if you miss one or lose this, Nancy will post it on the blogspot.  Or is that you, Mike, or you, Zoe?  I just can't keep up!  I leave all of  you with a reminder of our big October weekend (8,9, and 10) and with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity.  Ciao!  
---And there you have it!  More at 11---  B 

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