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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Monday, July 26, 2010

---This is a follow-up to today's earlier bulletin. I've got a load of rejected e- mail addresses and I need help from all of you. If you have a current e-mail address for any of the following alumni, please send it to me. I really don't want to lose this many people. In some instances, I'm hoping it's just that I might have made a single-character error in the address. Any help will be much appreciated. They are, as follows:

Bandleader Harry C. Haggerty
????? Johnnie Carson Ferrell & Jane E. Gebhart
1953's Janice K. Wireman (Turner)
1954's Norma L. Pope (Blackburn), Jo Anne McClure (Whitteaker), John
E. McCoy, Arthur Enyart
1955's Wm. R. Wood, Jerry L. Davis, Jack L. Knight
1957's Shirley Ann Hile
1958's Keith E. Anderson, Robt. W. "Smitty" Smith, Judith M. Smith
1959's Gary L. Sizer, Betty L. Schrader (Smith), Donald G. Hisey
1960's Charlotte Lee Huey (Quigley), Donna L. Gwinn (Mills), Danny L.
1961's Paula R. Wilson, Sonja Sue Banks (Early), R. Michael Forsyth
1962's John R. Middleton, Carol J. Gilpin (Hisey)
1963's Barbara E. Crider (Daniels)
1965's Mary Jo Condon (Haller)
1967's Robt. E. Haller
1968's Lynda Anne Fuller (Bryant)
1969's Robt. Allan Buckley
1971's Cynthia F. Holmes
1990's Robt. Ned Haller

Please furnish current e-mails for these alumni, if at all possible. Thanks.


---Okay, it's time to begin another. The e-mails are piling up rapidly, and I've got my newspaper column completed. My writing gene is working overtime today, so I decided I'd better get going on the next edition. As I begin, it's Monday, July 5, and everyone is on a long, holiday weekend. I dedicate this edition to the irreplaceable, late WM. L. MCNABB, 1954.

We'll kick off with forwarders, as always, and yes, I confess, I'm still on my old PC (and yes, I'm still hearing you, Nick)! Our forwarders are 1954's V.

(Footnote for 1958's NICHOLAS P. WOLARY: Nick, you'll be pleased to know that I've finally completed the, "moving-in," to my new PC. Since I've begun this bulletin, I've sent all the text, addresses, notes, etc., over to the new one. So this is my very first bulletin which will be sent from the new one. Let's all keep our collective fingers tightly crossed!)

We still have our, "e-mail lost list," and I'm so far having no luck getting updates on these alumni. Again, if anyone has a current e-mail on these, do let me know. Now that I've completed the test mailings (which all of you received, the list is longer than ever, so help me, please! They are 1954's JO ANNE MC CLURE (reason Host Not Responding); 1957's SARAH M. "JACKIE" MASON (reason Not Accepting Mail, so this one is probably okay); 1958's DONALD G. HISEY and his 1962 wife, CAROL J. GILPIN (reason Not A Valid User and it's the same one I've used, all along): 1959
's BETTY C. SCHRADER (reason extended inactivity on this account), BILLY K. CARMACK and his 1961 spouse, CONNIE M. MARCUM; 1960
's CHARLOTTE LEE HUEY (reason is Invalid Mailbox, but it's the same as
I've used, all along); 1964's TERRY L. WILSON;1969's ROBT. A. BUCK
LEY (reason Recipient Address Reject-ed, User Unknown). There are also many from the 1954 class and a few from 1955. So perhaps their class president, JERRY R. GRAHAM (1954) can encourage contact, so we can include them in our news. So on the ones for which there may be a solution or some sort of help, let me know. If they are not in that group, then we'll just wait until we hear from them. (My font has just changed, all by itself, I think. Yes, I still hear you, Nick.)

So we'll back up to my earliest e-mail from the last bulletin. It's from our alumni secretary and that's 1970's GARY E. JOHNSON. Yes, I sent him my list of contacts, but it seems he's such an optimist, he feels he can tutor technologically-challenged me, into a transmittal through the cyber-highway. Well, we'll see about that. I sure do appreciate the vote of confidence, Gary! (Footnote: Indeed, he did talk me through it, and he got the list, via the Internet. Amazing, just amazing!)

We've added another 1970 reader, TERRY L. NEUBERG! I suspect you may have come to us through Gary. Is that right or not, Terry? In any case, we're thrilled to have you on board and we hope you'll enjoy all the bulletins and attend all the events in October. We are also adding a classmate of mine, BRENDA J. LUCAS, who came to us through her 19 68 brother, ROGER D. LUCAS. There is also 1954's NANCY S. DUFF EE, who's a recruit of classmate FREDA P. FLETCHER. Welcome to you both, and thanks to Roger and Freda.

As it happens, I guess 1963's GERALDINA SELLARS and I also have something in common. It seems Geri also rides motorcycles and she wrote me she's going to be jealous at my acquisition of a Harley-David
-son. Well, I recommend you get one, too, Geri! That way, when I wheel down that way for Bike Week, you can come with me. How about that idea?

There was another interesting exchange with 1963's LEE JEAN JORDAN. We shared a few of the same memories, regarding 1956's ANN C. WEIDLE. Who among us (of that era) does not recall the sight of Ann, head majorette, as she marched down the football field in front of the WC marching band? She was so beautiful and even regal, and the envy of nearly all girls in the lower classes. We all wanted to look like her, be like her, have her beautiful olive skin, and her electrifying smile. Lee Jean wrote the same thing.

For me, I had thought for all these years, that it was Ann's mother who
owned the then-very-prestigious Ada's Hat & Dress Shop. I was so surprised to learn it was Lee Jean's very own grandmother, Ada Poff. Oh, I knew it was Ada Poff, all right. I simply thought Ada Poff was Ann's mother. Ann's mother was, indeed, Mrs. Poff's best friend. I was quite surprised to learn of all this. Thanks, Lee Jean. Ann, if you're reading
this, I saw a photo of you from 2006, and you're still just as gorgeous. Amazing!

Special thanks goes to you, 1961's GARY R. FRANK, for complying with my request about the forwards, which helped me to clear the big problem with my PC downloads. I've had no problems since that time, and I sure did truly appreciate your help with that. Thanks also to 1961's CAROL J. MUMMA, who offered words of encouragement about my new status as a widow. I appreciate that, and yes, I get your full meaning. Now, that brings me to 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE. Tom wrote to tell me he feels I should give motorcycle-riding instructions to my prospective male companions. Well, I did teach the course for 9 years, but I don't think I'd want to be responsible for trying to teach men of my age group how to ride motorcycles for the very first time. Hmmm, I'd have to think hard on that one!

A wonderful health update came from 1967's MARIAN KAY HUSSEY
about PHILLIP D. HOWARD, her 1960 spouse. Just over 2 years ago, Phil had a dual-organ transplant and Kay reports he's doing great and getting around so well and really enjoying life. That's terrific for you both, Kay, and you know we all wish you well. There will be a bit more on Phil a little further in the bulletin, by the way.

Continuing a banter of exchanges about a few commonalities we share is myself and 1960's JUDITH A. SLIFE. It seems Judy also enjoys the motorcycle-riding. Who knew? She also likes writing. Were we maybe separated at birth? We also shared a few crushes on the WC teachers.
.Everyone knows who mine was, of course, but Judy referred to hers as being MR. EPSTEIN. I've got no recollection of him, at all!

Guess who else checked in with a few words for us? It was none other than 1959's CAROLYN J. "TOOTIE" PENCE. She commented on her high school days as being some of her fondest memories of her life and what a great bunch of kids we had at WC. Who would disagree with that? Of course, Tootie was the original one-namer, pre-dating even Cher. We had several of those one-namers at WC, in fact, who included Cookie, Boots, DeDe, Bubbles, and Smitty. I daresay we all know who all those people were, right?

Guess what? We've found 1960's RONNIE R. WHEELER! He's on our list now, so welcome back, Ron! He was found as a result of efforts by his half-sister, Winifred L. House. As best I can recall, I believe Ron was once on our list of lost class members, but no more. We hope to see you in October, Ron, as it's our 50th!

Nancy A. Hall, 1961, promises to drop in for a visit when she gets into the Appalachian area. I wonder, Nancy, if you'll beat your classmate, RICHARD E. KNEER and wife Becky, in a visit to my place. The Kneers are in nearby North Carolina and by the time I finish this, they may have already knocked on my door. We'll see.

Class president, JERRY R. GRAHAM, 1954, and I have been exchang
-ing several e-mails in an attempt to get more people into the WC news
loop. Jerry is quite the wellspring of information, I'm happy to write. So
thanks for all your help, Jerry, and I can say exactly the same for STEVEN F. SHADE, 1965. He's right there, every time I've got a question or need some trivia info. We have quite an influx of new people from 1954, and a few from 1955. This is due to the tragic death of 1954
's WM. L. MCNABB, who I understand was responsible for distributing the bulletins among his class and, now that he's not here to do it, we've added them to the regular list of readers. So welcome to all of you, too.

Wm. D. Van Cleef, spouse of 1961's JUDITH L. SAMUELS, completed his surgery and is at home recovering satisfactorily. He didn't lose a limb, as might have been a possibility, and I know we're all happy about that. He and Judy host a never-ending stream of visitor, houseguests, neighbors, and such. She cooks for them, serves them drinks, make all the snack trays and such, and I have no idea how she does it all!

What a warm, funny situation is this next little story. We've all become so much more closely connected in recent years, as we all know. So if a long time passes with no communication, you can be sure one of us is going to notice it. Such was the case with 1958's DONALD I. MCCOY, after a long period of silence. Soon, his old pal, WM. R. HOWARD, wrote to me to say he was quite concerned with Don's silence. He wanted to know if I'd heard from Don. I told him I hadn't, so Bill, using all his skills as the private investigator, set out to find the status of Don. He wrote that if Don was ok, then he was just, "in heat."

Well, I must say, Bill knows Don quite well. As it happened, it was only days until I got an e-mail from Don, in which he confirmed he's been very busy with business, music, home obligations, and yes, he's found himself a new companion. Well, we're glad you're not sick again, Don, and don't stay quiet for so long, in the future, or else we'll sic Bill onto the trail again. Yep, you were right, Bill! Good work, but we finally heard from him, didn't we?

Continuing a running banter are 1963's FRANCES L. PEFFLY and I. She
is still doing her real estate efforts to get to Tennessee and, at last report, was putting in an offer in the immediate area. Hurry up, Fran! We've got lots of estate sales to attend, antique shops to visit, and fancy lunches to have. (Footnote: Apparently, one of Fran's offers was accepted, in Greene County, right next door to me. She said she did not get a reject, which is usually the case, when they aren't accepted, and one is told, right away. I'll check further and give you all the update, as available).

On July 20, who should walk across the back porch of my house but 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT and husband, Frank L. Hawvermale! Of course, I was delighted to see them. We spent the afternoon gabbing and getting up to date on all the latest. They were returning to their home in Ohio, after a visit to Florida, where they spent some time on Amelia Island, which is in Fernand Ina Beach, and they also visited Lynn's brother, who's in a Florida nursing home. They spent the night, leaving around 11 on the following morning. They promised they would return soon. I hope so.

It is now July 24, Saturday. As I sat down, it was with warm recall of my delightful afternoon with 1961's RICHARD E. KNEER, wife Becky, and 3 of their grandchildren, Jenna, Madyson, and Jayde. The Kneer clan drove up to see me from their digs in Bryson City, North Carolina, which is about 144 miles from my house. They arrived around 12:45 p.m., I took them on the ten-cent tour of my place (which takes a little while, believe me), we sat down for a nice visit, and then proceeded to the brand-new Olive Garden Restaurant, where we continued our visit over lunch. (Thank you, Dick and Becky.) That was such a nice gesture.

The girls are all gorgeous, by the way (including you, Becky) and Dick is in great shape, he tells me, following a hip replacement, some time back. He told me he and Becky have put their place up for sale (in Florida) and if it should sell, they won't be buying again, in Florida. That's a very, very wise decision, and one which I fully understand. Around 3:30, they headed
back south again, saying they wanted to go through Gatlinburg on their re-
turn trip, and show the girls a few of the high spots. We had a great visit. I thank you both for coming to see me.

Okay, let's back up a couple of weeks and cover the e-mails from that time
. From 1960's DAVID A. BLAIR came an e-mail about available rentals in Florida. He and Marlene are planning to spend January through March in that state. Dave wants to know if anyone among us is aware of units which are clean and reasonable. I'm sure there must be some, Dave, but take a bushel basket of money with you for living expenses, down there, I know that for sure.

From 1960's RICHARD S. HOLT came a great report about the Marion's Pizza gathering. Thanks for this one, Richard. Aside from Richard, there was THOS. L. WOLF, JR., ROSS A. HODGSON, KEITH H. CLENDENON
, WM. E. "BUDDY" STOVER, and PHILLIP D. HOWARD. What a great group! I'll bet you guys had a circus. The next one will be on August 10, and I understand CHAS. A. "BUDDY" LOWMAN III has committed to be in attendance. You're being held to that, Bud, so be there! Attention, WM. E. "BILL" HECKER! Are you reading this? Your presence has been specifi- cally requested by Keith, so be there! In fact, why on earth are not all you 1960 guys going to this? You'd have a circus! Keep them informed as to dates and times, Richard, and don't give up. Good going! These next few sentences are for you, Tom Wolf. Phil wrote me a special e-mail, in which he expounded on how much he enjoyed talking with you, specifically. He hadn't seen you, in many years, he wrote, and truly had a wonderful time visiting with you. How nice!

Thanks, Fran, for your mention of me in your book, "Painless Cooking," and the beauty of Tennessee. I refer, of course, to 1963's FRANCES L. PEFFLY, who's been a regular visitor to my home in Tennessee, as I've previously mentioned. I'm expecting Fran again, in fact, next month, as it appears she's succeeded in her property purchase here. Oh, boy! We'll soon be neighbors.

It is with sadness I must report the passing of 1961's JANET M. HISEY, on July 9. She was the spouse of JAKE L. PEFFLY, Fran's brother, and had put up a painful battle with pancreatic cancer. Jake and Janet had been married for many, many years and had 7 children. Our condolences go out to both the Peffly and Hisey families. She was also the younger sister of 1959's (I think) DONALD G. HISEY.

We have found 1972's PHYLLIS A. DAVIDSON, who said she hasn't been getting any bulletins for a while. Apparently, they'd been blocked. I'll try to send you some of the back ones, Phyllis. I think I still have them on my other PC. I'm going to see. However, please don't fail to check the blog which is maintained by 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST ( www.wchs.blogspot.com ) He has been quite zealous about postings and you should find them all there.

From our WC alumni secretary, 1970's GARY E. JOHNSON, comes a re-quest for, "the marker year classes," (1945, 1950, 1955, etc.) to please make contact with the association, in order to get your schedule of events and/or activities into the bulletin. Please contact them soon, as they will begin the reservations forms mailings on August 18. (I sure hope I'm going to be get this distributed before that!) Contact Gary at ( wc_alumni@yahoo.com ) or contact 1970's DEBRE D. "DEBBIE" SPENCER ( dh937xo@yahoo.com ) (Her surname is now Hoobler.) Thanks, Gary.

Several of you have sent requests for events for alumni weekend. Boy, am I ever flattered! But the fact is, I'm really nobody in the grand scheme of our events. I'm merely a messenger, and not even official, at that. I make
Lots of mistakes, here and there, and sometimes don't even know what day it is. I'm profoundly grateful for each and every single one of you, who seem to want to read my ramblings, for whatever reason. Also, please remember, the only truly official event of alumni weekend, is our alumni dinner/dance, so if you can make only one thing, be sure it's that, and especially this one if you're a 1960 class member, okay? To 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST and to 1962's MARY ANN DUNCAN and her spouse RUSSELL L. "RUSTY" ELLIOTT, I've sent all the info I know. I want to re-emphasize, I'm no one in this structure, just a writing-crazed, proficient (?)
typist. But thank you all again, for being so kind as to elevate me to such lofty heights.

Recently, I sent a few rather---hmmm, let me see---amusing, shall we say, photos to several of you, whom I thought might enjoy them. Did you, ever!
I got particularly-amusing replies from 1960's GARY L. WARLAUMONT and DEVONA S. TAYLOR. I trust I'll be seeing both of you in October?

From 1957's DARELL L. TOBIAS came the news that he's retired from the company for which I had the other e-mail address, so are congratulations in order, Darell? Have you totally retired, or is it just from that company?

Okay, did I have another royal screw-up? (Well, yes, that was sort of a pun which is intended, as you will read.) It has just come to my attention that I might've been guilty, recently, of writing that 1959's homecoming queen was COE S. WOLFE. Now, we all know it was SHIRLEY R. PARKS, and I know that, too. If I did that, I can't begin to explain why, except I'm old and addle-brained, and yes, I know that Coe was the attendant, not the queen. So let's resolve that one, with this edition, shall we? "I've struck again!" I thank all of you for tolerating me, with my endless goofs. My apologies to both Shirley and Coe.

What a great story from 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE! My mention in a bulletin of Joy Grooms, brought forth his tale of unrequited love. Tom wrote of his transfer to Miamisburg High School and seeing Joy for the very first time. He wrote he knew his life would never be complete until she was his girlfriend. Well, his high school life was never complete, as she never did become his girlfriend, and went on to marry a member of the prominent WC family, the KOKENGEs. I see Joy's name on a few of the forwards I get, so I suspect she'll read this. Anyway, Tom worshipped her from afar, throughout high school, and did, "dream the impossible dream." He says we all have such stories, and I'm sure he's right. I know I do and you all know who it was. (Hint, hint! Sociology teacher JAS. C. JOHNSON, are you reading this?)

It's difficult to find more enthusiasm than that expressed by 1970's ROBYN L. SHEPHERD. She wrote the most infectious and bubbly e-mail ever, as regards the joys of reconnecting with old friends. She wrote of meeting with RODNEY R. GABBARD and having coffee and catching up on all the years. She was ecstatic! Also, are you there, Rod? Robyn wrote of your having surgery on July 2. Did that happen? If so, how did that go? Are you all right? Are you better? Are you the same? Please send us a brief report, at your earliest convenience. Robyn, I'm thrilled to read about your enthusiasm and so hope you'll be at the functions in October. Thanks very much for writing and being a part of our bulletins.

Come October, I'll have been doing these bulletins for 10 solid years. Can you even believe that? I sure can't. It's been the single-most wonderful and rewarding accident of my life. In all that time, however, I've never yet had a single topic which has hung on as long as that of the two-holer. It was just a big joke, emanating from exchanges between myself and 1954 classmate, FREDA P. FLETCHER. Yet, the subject won't die. I get all sorts of cartoons, jokes, photos, and such. Some good ones have come from 1956's ROSETTA PRUETT and from 1958's WM. R. HOWARD and from 1963's GERALDINA SELLARS.

Recently, I received a wordy and interesting diatribe on the topic from 1962's RUSSELL L. "RUSTY" ELLIOTT, in which he expounded on how he's been waiting on a correct explanation for why there are/were two-holers. His e-mail actually made some sense. He says the boys were supposed to use only the one hole (obvious reasons) and that's the reason one was more elongated in design (I've got no recall of that, but at my age, at the time, I wouldn't have noticed.) He says this way, there would be no dribbling on the second seat, which would be used only by females and when men had to sit. (We won't elaborate on that part any further, now shall we?) That's a pretty good explanation, Rusty, and I think even I can buy into that one. Rusty also said with the three boys, there were times when the ideal situation just really couldn't work. (Poor Mrs. Elliott!) Yes, I do remember the big bags of odor-killing (supposedly) lime powder. So that's the latest on the two-holer, folks, and who knows how many more of the two-holer stories are forthcoming?

People with whom I've directly spoken since the last bulletin, include 1960 's SHIRLEY JAY TUDOR, EULA FAYE BAILEY, CHAS. A. HIGH, JR.; 1961 's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, RICHARD E. KNEER; and 1963's FRANCES L. PEFFLEY. I know there will be more of you, as the year goes quickly away from us.

Today, though, I got a very interesting call from 1959's Dr. L. BERNARD ROSE, D.D.S. I had just exited the church and found a voice mail from Bernie on my phone. I returned his call immediately. As we all recall, he and classmate, JOLENE S. COMBS, were married many years ago. He's under the impression that many of us think Jolene is deceased. He wants to be sure we all know she isn't. Jolene has extensive health challenges, yes, but she's still with us. I assured him I would include information on her, so we'd all know she's still among us. Bernie cares for her at home and is dedicated to her welfare and to her fond memory among their former class -mates, too.

Bernie spoke glowingly of Jolene and it was a wonderful conversation. He has been able, he said, to keep her home and care for her, in spite of her number of health challenges. Jolene was essentially pronounced a death sentence on June 13, 1994, said Bernie. It's now more than 16 years and
she's hanging in there. He wants her determination to serve as hope and inspiration for others, he says.

She's been at one or two of the WC functions in the past 5 years. Bernie spoke of her many wonderful accomplishments. He was especially proud of how she'd raised their two daughters, both of whom are educators. The elder girl is making quite a name for herself and has written books, appeared on very noted TV shows, and is becoming quite prominent. Bernie credits Jolene and her child-rearing skills for all their successes, saying he was working most of that time, very long hours. But I know we all remember Jolene as the vibrant, bright, successful girl, whom she was. We all wish the best for Bernie and Jolene, that's for sure. Thanks so much for calling, Bernie! We all fondly remember you and Jolene, and anytime it's possible, we would all love to see both of you at all the WC functions.

From 1958's WM. R. HOWARD came an e-mail regarding the possible passing of someone named BOB ROBERTS. I don't know him, and don't know the class year. Does anyone know anymore about this? Perhaps you, 1965s' STEVEN F. SHADE? If anyone has more concrete info, do let me know. Bill says 1958's W. BAILEY HAWKINS is sure of it. If you are, Bailey, please send me further details, such as a full name, class year, and anything else you may have. Thanks.

We've come to the close (finally) of what must be about 130th-140th issue of the WNR. I haven't kept count and who knew it would ever become what it has, anyway? Once again, I thank you, one and all. You're all cherished by me, believe me. Please mark your calendars for October 7, 8, 9, and 10. That's especially true for October 9 and especially, especially, very especially true for our 1960 class. No excuses are accepted for this year, hear? Well, death, I suppose, but you'll have to deliver a certified copy of the death certificate, in person. I suppose that makes the point.

Please continue to send all your news tidbits. Forwards are fine and they get you on the forwarding list, so everyone knows you're alive and we've got a contact. But please be sure to send items such as babies and cars and vacations and visitors and all that stuff. I want to include your name in the next bulletin, okay? "Enquiring minds want to know!"

For now, I leave each of you with my usual best wishes for glowing health, personal safety, great happiness, peaceful serenity, spiritual harmony, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

Sunday, July 04, 2010
Bonnie Writes:
---Wow! What a rocky start! I still haven't quite totally, "moved into," my new PC. Frankly, I'm finding that part to be a huge pain in the butt. I also (like all us old farts) don't like trying to get used to the feel of a new mouse, new speakers, new keyboard---you know the routine. But I'll get through it. However, I must confess, I'm still on the old PC, as I write this one. Can you all even believe it's still working? Ha! It's been teetering on the brink of collapse for over a year. In many ways, it reminds me of myself. Here we go!

Let's kick off with forwarders, as always. They include 1954's CAROLYN R.GILLETTE, FRED

We also still have lots of the, "e-mail-lost," so give me an assist on these, if you possibly can. They are 1954's JO ANN WHITEAKER; 1959's DONALD G. HISEY; 1959's GARY L. SIZER; 19
60's CHARLOTTE LEE HUEY; 1962's CAROL A. GILPIN; 1969's ROBT. A. BUCKLEY. If you have good e-mail addresses on any of these alumni, please let me know. We're getting their mail back, for varying reasons. Thanks for any help any of you can give. On the plus side, I've got an update on the e-mail from 1961's JAS. E CURTIS. So if anyone needs that, let me know.
Thanks, Jim.

Yes, we've had deaths, I'm sorry to say. Always on the ball with updates on this is WC's official source for this, 1965's STEVEN F. SHADE. He sends me an update about once a month. If I clearly remember already listing them, I won't re-cap. But if I don't, I'll include them. Steve's list includes 1953's THOS. "BUDDY" WILSON, who died on May 29.

We lost 1953's ROBT. W. ELLIOTT on June 15, in Cleveland, Tennessee. Bob had extensive complications in the treatment for his bladder cancer. He's the older brother of 1957's THOS. W. ELLIOTT (his wife is 1957's THERESA M. MOSES) and of1962's RUSSELL L. "RUSTY" ELLIOTT (his wife is 1962's MARY A. DUNCAN
). I know we all send condolences to the Elliotts.
This news was submitted by Rusty and MaryAnn
, so thanks to you both.

GARY W. BARTON, 1965, died in a motorcycle accident on April 30. CHRIS B. HANSELMAN, 1987, passed away on May 12. No cause of death was listed. These, however, are not the only ones we have for this bulletin.

Truly, I was personally and deeply saddened to get news of the recent death of 1954's WM. L. MCNABB. What a stunning blow to our alumni family at WC! Bill was just one great guy and I can't begin to tell all of you how many favors he did for me, over the years of doing this bulletin. I could always depend on Bill. The McNabbs are a dynasty in WC history. Bill is always going to be sorely missed and deserves such special recognition for his dedication to many things. I know we all extend sincerest condolences to his family and closest friends. My thanks to Bill's 1954 classmate, MARILYN CULTER for letting me know about this. We all seem to share such a sense of loss about Bill. He truly was one of our special people.

From his classmate, V. JOANNA JACKSON, I got quite a tribute to Bill, about all his alumni work and class efforts. She is, of course, the older sister of 1955's NORMAN E. JACKSON, whom I shall forever miss. He was also a great loss to our alumni family. I also received e-mail of deep concern about Bill's death from several others, including 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER

As some of you may already know, Donna and
Don are married and have opted to sign onto the readers list. So we welcome both of you, do hope you will enjoy the bulletins, and we all hope to see you both at all the WC alumni weekend events in October!

What an exciting phone call I received last night! My friend, 1963's FRANCES L. PEFFLY, called me in breathless excitement. It seems she's 99 % sure she's finally sold her place in Dunellin, Florida, and will be able to get out of Florida. I'm not the only one who wanted out of there. I just got lucky a little quicker, that's all. But the most exciting part of Fran's call is that she's moving to Tennessee! (Yes, I hear you, Mike.) It will be near me, we think, so that will be fun. She'll be arriving here on June 30 to stay with me for a few days and go property-shopping. She will be in the company of her son, Johnny R. Moore, and her daughter, Kelly A. Moore. I can barely wait for their arrival!

We've had an 11th-hour update from 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER, who's back in Florida, as previously mentioned. She and new spouse, Larry L. Green, are busily running back and forth between their two homes. We all wish you well, Freda and Larry!

Coming up with a great nostalgia story of WC in
the 1950s, was cousin JUDITH . VAN CLEEF. I had completely forgotten about this, which is an exception. It's usually Judy who forgets the stuff, not me. Anyway, we have e-mail exchanges at least once a day, and sometimes 3 or 4. In a recent one, she mentioned her 1954 Ford. That car was light blue and a convertible and in great shape! It was, in fact, beautiful, and we had lots of fun in that car, believe. It was in 1958 or 1959
, remember, and this was a cherry 1954. So it was what we'd have called, "a cool car," by any standards. As was done in those days, the car had its own name. It was, "The Blue Angel." On one fateful evening, in the historic parking lot of the our own Moraine City Frisch's, we were in the usual cruise-through mode. Judy's car was struck by none other than 1960s' SHARON L BORGER. I had totally forgotten that entire night until Judy asked me about Sharon. It vividly re-minded me of a long-ago, similar incident, when 1961's JUDY M. FRANTZ ran smack into the car belonging to the late CURTIS A. KEMP. By the strangest of coincidences, Judy had a huge crush on Curt, so I have always wondered about THAT one! One thing's for sure, she got his full attention. I don't recall what happened in the aft- ermath, with Judy and Sharon, though. Perhaps one of them does.

We had a bit of traveling among us, of late. I got an e-mail from 1960's DEVONA S. TAYLOR, in fact. She and her spouse of 50 years as of this
September, EUGENE COUCH, took their year-ly trip to Lake Tansi, where Dee wants to move, but Gene won't do it. Dee had lots of family stuff to report, too. They will both enter the realm of becoming great-grandparents come November.
Their granddaughter, Jessica, is the expectant mother and she is the daughter of their eldest son, Dion. He's a Chief Warrant Officer in the U.S. Coast Guard and has been in Miami for the past 4 years., but went Arlington, Va., this month (June). Their other son, Derek, lives just about 30 miles away from them. Dee says she used to do a monthly news column, too. Mine is a weekly, of course, and that's as frequent as I want.

It occurred to me that it was the late WM. L. MC
NABB who was likely to be sending my bulletins to all his classmates, so I purloined the e-mail list of 1954's JERRY W. GRAHAM, and sent an e-mail inviting them all to directly join the reader list. Of course, a few are already there. Positive
responses came from several, including PATRI
CIA J. THOMSPON, who is already with us, and we will now welcome to our list 1954's JACK W. PUMMILL and his 1956 spouse, KAREN SUE KRONBORG. All those early- and mid-1950s classes are really coming out in force, now, as are the more recent ones, and I, for one, couldn't be more pleased. We're also welcoming to our list a former president. Yes, that's right! The 1954 class president JERRY R. GRAHAM has also joined out readers list. So welcome to all and we hope you'll attend all the WC events in October. You'll love it!

We add to our reader list the name of RITA G. JUSTICE, 1970. Rita has apparently been read -ing us, for awhile, via proxy. Now, she's on the direct list. Welcome aboard, Rita. We just keep adding more and more names. I can't help but wonder when my e-mail list will max out, if ever.

Let's do some illness updates, shall we? I just spoke recently with my sister-in-law, who is 1956's ANITA RAE MASON, as most you are now aware. She's still doing rehab from her stroke, suffered in November. She's coming along quite well, though, and sounds great.

Not having heard from him in so long, I became quite concerned about my 1958 pal, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH. I called him on June 2, and we spoke for a while. He's having a dickens of a time with that knee of his, still not walking as he wishes, and is planning to pursue other medical options to see what can be done. Do keep us posted.

Then comes one which I never thought I'd be on here writing, and it's 1960'S EULA FAYE BAIL
-EY. You'll have to give me a pass on this one, Eula Faye. Your illness is all over FaceBook and Twitter and all those sites. Everyone is fully aware of it, due to posts which were made by your sister, Siema. Anyway, at this writing, it's June 6, and to my knowledge, she's still in the hospital. She's had some extensive respiratory problems.I'm hoping for a call back from her son or her daughter. I've also been calling to notify our mutual friend, 1960's BEVERLY A. BOWM
AN, when I I get any updates. (Footnote: I've spoken at length with Eula Faye. She's finally on the mend and going through some rehab. I expect, by the time we all read this, she'll be at home and getting back to normal. You sure did scare us, Eula Faye! We're all glad you're a lot better, now. It was our new sign-on, RITA G. JU
STICE, who spilled the beans on you, Eula Faye
! In this age of technology, there just aren't many secrets to be kept, that's for sure!

On June 4, I got a note from 1961's CHRIS L. CLEARY. It seems I had thought it was sister Peg's husband who'd been named as football coach. I'm so sorry! It was Peg's son. I thank you, Chris, for calling this to my attention. She and her husband are still working on the new condo (or is it a house?) Don't trust me! You all know I make mistakes!

In the e-mail of 1960's MADELEINE D. CAMPB ELL, she indicated there had been only minimal damage to her heart, and they expect surgery to go very well. Several special messages came, as regards your surgery, Madeleine, and all of a positive nature. One was from your 1960 class- mate, RICHARD S. HOLT, who said he knows you'll be fine. That same sentiment was echoed by JUDITH L. SLIFE, who's added you to her prayer list.

The two-holer outhouse story continues to bring in responses. Most of you will recall this was an exchange between myself and 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER, which was just hilarious. But it begs the question (for me), "Who would want to do THAT, with another person beside them?" I got a couple of theories on that, in fact. One was from 1961's NANCY J. ERTEL, who opined it could have been for the purpose of young moms of the day, who wished to train their children. I guess that makes some sense, yes. Agreeing with that theory was 1963's GERALDINA SELL ARS, who also offered the old-time privy would have been a scary place for a little kid. I think the ideas you two have presented, are the only ones which make any sense at all! I got the same cartoon, by the way, from 1958's WM. R. HOWARD. I guess great minds DO run in the same channels.

From 1961's LARRY D. GILBERT came nice words about the bulletins and also a photo of him and his knockout wife, Ruthie. They were enjoying a day at a Florida circus with members of their family, who included two of the six grand -children. I forwarded that to 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, and it may be on his blogspot by this time. Take a peek.

Need I tell you the words of wisdom just keep on coming from 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER, as she and new spouse, Larry L. Green, are going all over the northwest on their honeymoon. You two stay safe out there, Freda, and enjoy your- selves to the fullest! She's even sending me the great photos of the northwest and South Dakota areas, where I rode miles on motorcycles and I also saw the Corn Palace, many times, a place about which Freda wrote me. (Footnote: The
newlyweds are now back home in Florida, safe
-ly and soundly, loaded down with photos from the honeymoon trip!)

My spiritual adviser, 1961's NANCY A. HALL, is making it a point to stay up to date on my status as a Tennessee Lutheran. Yes, Nancy, I'm now a confirmed member of Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, as of May 30. When you get to this area, we'll all go to church there, okay?

Many apologies to 1954's MARILYN CULTER. I don't know if I yet addressed this issue, but I've been naming her as Cutler, instead of Culter. I didn't even see that! But I've got it right, now, Marilyn. I hope it's a mistake I never again do, and thank you for the correction.

Once again, I see 1963's LEE JEAN JORDAN, is out gallivanting around the country. We got a
reply which said, "out of office," so I'm sure that means she's out and about, again. So where were you this time, Lee Jean?

Where are you, 1960's SHIRLEY J. TUDOR? I haven't heard a word in so long. When I call, I'm getting a lot of static and that's it. Is it my cell phone or your answer machine? Are you okay?

Among those with whom I've recently spoken by phone are 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH,
NETTE GARRETT, and 1962's RICHARD C. CALL. Of course, I've already told you all about Bruce's knee problems and Eula Faye's respir- atory problems. But Charlie High's wife has yet more visual problems, which kept them from an intended visit to my house, while in Tennessee. I know we all wish the best for Charlie and his wife, Carol.

Wallace is flying high, feeling great, and chasing all the women he can find. He says he's going to fly to the Tri-Cities Regional Airport to visit me for a few days. I don't know if I can run that fast now, but I'm sure going to try. Ha! He's in glowing health and feeling well, he tells me. Oh, and Mike West is still remodeling his and Sally's entire house and has everything torn down and piled up.

As is always the case, Lynn and I keep up quite a running banter, and seem to be unable to talk for under two hours! We just go on and on and can't hang up the phone. We just did it again, 2 days ago. My all-time longest phone chats of my life are with you, Lynn!

Lynn's contemplating knee surgery and still has
not decided just when she will do it. Make sure you're in good walking shape for October, Lynn!

On Monday, June 21, I'll likely go to Gatlinburg
to meet the Wests and the Wolarys. I'm going to see all four of them, I think, and will also join them for supper that day, along with teacher MURL E. HUFFMAN and longtime companion, Marjorie Bogan, widow of another WC teacher, DONALD C. BOGAN. I suspect we'll have quite a great time! (Footnote: Bummer! On the prior day, I was overtaken with a nasty, nasty cold. I'd hoped to make a quick recovery, but didn't, so I had to call Nick and cancel. My apologies to all, but I think I'd have passed my germs to all and I sure didn't want to make everyone else sick. So I had to cancel and was SO disappointed, I can't begin to tell you. I sure hope I make it, next time
. Mr. H. called me, before they left Tennessee, at which time I discovered June 21 had actually been Mrs. Bogan's birthday. So a belated wish for a Happy Birthday is extended to her!)

Thanks to you, 1958's WM. R. HOWARD. Bill kept his eye open and found two more Piratans for me, on e-Bay. I still need a 1965, 1970, 19 78, and 1980. So please stay alert for those, folks. There's another thing some of you may be able to do for me, if you will. I am in need of a new pirate flag for my bell post. The one I've got from Florida is tattered and faded. I can't find one, here in Tennessee. The one I have is red flag material with a black pirate. But it's fine if it's color-swapped. The main thing is that one dimension on one end of the flag must be 13". I hope you'll keep your eyes open. I'll happy pay for the flag and postage.

What a small world! Recently, 1959's BETSY R. MURPHY and her 1960 spouse, T. BARRY RUSSELLO, were flying back from a visit to the home of their daughter in Maryland. When they boarded, who should they see but Betsy's class -mate, CAROLYN J. "TOOTIE" PENCE, who was returning to her Melbourne, Florida, home on what would have to be construed as the most round-about layover in the world. But Betsy and Tootie had a nice visit!

Tootie had been in Dayton seeing her grandson graduating from high school. The Russellos had seen grandson Carson graduating high school, as well, and grandson Cole completing the 9th
grade. Carson has been accepted to U.D., so they're also very excited about that.

My 1960 class members are going to have a cow about THIS one! I got an e-mail from our classmate, NANCY E. "COOKIE" BOWIE, in which she told me she had not planned on a trip to join us for our 50th. After I picked myself up from the floor, I wrote her back, telling her it just wouldn't be fitting without HER. As we all well know, Cookie was one of our most prominent class members---beautiful, popular, well-liked, and, according to KEITH H. CLENDENON, able to deliver quite a forceful, open-handed slap in the face. Ha! She says she's out of touch, but I told her she's as popular as ever and we'd all be sad, if she doesn't attend.

Cookie recently visited her brother-in-law in Florida, 1958's GARY D. MAYS. He and his longtime companion will be going to visit her in Washington, in September. That sounds good, Cookie, because you'll all have time to make Ohio by Oct. 9!

Another of my classmates and I have a lot in common, we discovered. It seems JUDITH A. SLIFE, 1960, also has a bit of history in the field of journalism. Judy and I both have written for papers and have both covered political items. I look forward to seeing you in October, Judy! My other WC writer pal of 1961 CAROL J. MUMMA
, also offered words of encouragement on my new position with the paper. My thanks to you both.

We welcome aboard 1962's REBECCA J. LEI-WIG, who came to us through 1961's LILY K. "KITTY" BURDETTE. Becky was searching for a few of the older Piratans. Sadly, I had only 1959 in my extras, among those for which she was searching. But I'll keep those on the list for you, Becky, and welcome aboard.

From 1970's INDY JO GRISSOM came an offer to assist 1961's CHRIS L. CLEARY in the sale of her condo. I take it Indy is in real estate, and I'm sure I'm right, judging from info in her e-mail address. Whatever happens, we wish Chris all the luck in a successful sale, and I'm sure Indy will continue her success in the real estate field.

Oh, my! I've got to get busy tonight (June 21). I have an e-mail from1970's GARY E. JOHNSON
(who's also the alumni treasurer), for a copy of all my contacts. I'm in dire need of the talents of 1958's NICHOLAS P. WOLARY. I don't know how to do this! (Footnote: In an egregious dis-play of how technologically-challenged I truly am,
I took a printout of all my e-mails, marked them with a green felt tip marker and postally sent them all to Gary. So there!) Yes, Nick, I know, I know.

From 1958's RICHARD L. JOHNSON came a fond recollection of elementary school, which had been prompted by my mention of teacher, WINSTON H. GRESS. Mr. G. had been head of the patrol boys, of course, and Richard had been one of them. He opined that he hoped Mr. G. had, "gotten together," in those days, with an attractive teacher of the time, GLENDORA A. NORTHCUTT. I know many of us remember both of them. I sort of think they, "bonded," as I recall lots of fond looks and giggles between the two of them, when I went to school there. At the time, I thought nothing of it, though. Do any of you know? He also wants to know if either is still alive. I don't know the answer.

A query came from 1961's NANCY A. HALL, as to my newspaper job. Yes, Nancy, it's going as expected, and I love it. I can't believe this has happened, at this stage of my life. Thank you.
Nancy and husband were in Rockford, Illinois, in recent weeks. They rendezvoused with the 92-year-old uncle of her spouse, a minister, also, and they played golf.

On May 19, 1961's PAUL R. BEARDSLEY and SANDRA E. BROCK celebrated their 5th wed-ding anniversary. Congratulations to you both. On June 18, 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE turned 70, I do believe. Is that right, Tom? In any case, it's always good to have another one of those birthdays! It sure beats the heck out of the alternative. CHAS. A. HIGH, JR., also had a 70th in June, and THOS. D. YOUNG turned 69.

From 1970's VICKIE JO GILBERT came e-mail about the old wrestling matches, prompted by my earlier bulletin, in which I had mentioned the old Sucher Park wrestling matches, for which my father was an usher, for years and years. I went to all of them, knew all the wrestlers, and it was next door to the old Dayton Tire & Rubber, where I'd once worked. Vickie recalled those at the old WLW-D Studios in Moraine City. Ah, the
old memories just keep pouring forth!

A couple of weeks ago, I heard from 1960's THOS. L. WOLF, JR. It seems he hasn't been getting any of the bulletins. Well, with all the big
finagling I've been doing with mail addresses, I decided I'd better check and make sure he was still on the automated list. He wasn't! So if you know someone who's suddenly not getting the bulletins, who always did, tell them to e-mail me, right away. Thanks, Tom.

After a couple of exchange with 1956's ROSET
TA PRUETT, I had the darnedest flashback in my memory and in that flashback, I saw her in a majorette uniform, marching down the football field with the band. I wondered if I was losing my mind, and was too lazy to dig out the 1956 Piratan, so I asked her if I was remembering it right, and that she had actually been one of the majorettes. She assured me she had and I was remembering correctly. Thanks, Rosetta, I was sure I'd lost my mind!

We are reminded by 1969's JOHN Q. KEMP of a gathering for WC people which will occur on July 30. This will be held at Miamisburg Moose, 2110 East Central Av., from 7 p.m. to midnight. I hope there will be a great turnout for this and I'd doubt that I'll get out another bulletin before this occurs, so please make note of it, now. Thank you, John!

From 1988's JAS. A. MCGUIRE also comes a reminder about a WC event. Jim has written to let us know of the golf event, which I think was in the last one, but now, it's a lot closer, so this is the final reminder, which be forthcoming in the bulletins.

The West Carrollton Football Alumni Inaugural Golf Classic will be held on Friday, July 23, at PipeStone Golf Club. To register, go to this site ( www.pipestonegolf.com ) Place the mouse over Outings & Banquets dropdown menu. Click on outing registration and you will find the event, then complete the required info. Use the comments box, Jim writes, to register players with whom you'd like to be teamed. We wish you a great turnout, Jim, and thanks for the up-date. Please send us a follow-up report.

JACK L. GODBY, 1961, as always, you are a dear, and I, for one, miss you every year you are not there. So please try to be there this year, will you? We all want to see you again.

From 1962's RUSSELL L. "RUSTY" ELLIOTT and his wife, 1962's MARY ANN DUNCAN, we have received some truly wonderful news. On May 15, two other 1962 class members were married. The bride and groom are NANCY S. ARGABRIGHT and ROBT. T. HOFF. This is just great news! We wish them both all the best
and many years of happiness. It's nice to have good news to report. Thanks Russ and Mary. They also wrote several 1962 class members were in attendance.

The Royal Court gathered recently. at the home of 1961's SALLY L. GILLETTE, for the purpose of celebrating the joint birthdays of CAROL J. LEWIS and JANET L. WALTERS. Many of their pals were present, who included DONNA J. RIC HARDS, PAUL R. WILSON, SANDRA J. CASE Y, CHRIS L. CLEARY, and 1962's BARBARA T. O'NEAL. This class is simply overflowing in great-looking women and I keep wondering if I can get my hands on some of the water they've got or something. It's just amazing!

Sally had other news, too. Her employer is the furniture company, Ethan Allen, and they do a design showhouse room for the Dayton Philhar-monic Women's Group. Sally was on her way to a luncheon there with 1959's COE S. WOLFE, the homecoming queen of that class, and Joy Kokenge, wife of 1957's Dr. Bernard R. "Rusty" Kokenge. So how did that go, Sally? You seem to be having WAY too much fun lately! Good for you!!

RITA G. JUSTICE, 1970, checked in with some very exciting news. On Father's Day, daughter Sarah, gave birth to her second child, a son she named Zane. He weighed in at 6 lb. 5 oz. and Rita reports Zane's big sister, Aleena, is quite protective of her new, little brother. Heartiest congratulations to all!

This is June 28. On this day, I got calls from both 1958's NICHOLAS P. WOLARY and 1960
's CHAS. A. HIGH, JR. Nick was following up to see how I'm feeling. I assured him I'm fine now.
Things weren't quite so good with Charlie, as his health woes continue, as well as those of his wife. But Charlie just hangs in there. I don't know how he does it, but he never gives in and never gives up and never gives out. He's amazing.

So now, I'm going to share another story with all of you, before I close this edition. I guess I'm not quite in my comfort zone just yet, with this widow thing. In the past 3 months, I have been, "asked out," twice! It knocked me WAY, WAY out of my comfort zone. It felt awkward and horrid and I had no idea how to respond. So I guess I'm no
-where near to being ready for THAT! But in defense of those two men---or is it in defense of ME?---it's just as well. Neither of them was rid-
ing a Harley-Davidson, anyway, and I sure can't see myself with anyone who doesn't ride. That leads me to my next big piece of news, which is that I'm going to be doing some serious Harley-Davidson shopping in the next month or so. I think it's only fitting, on this 50th yea after my high school graduation,don't you? Now, THAT puts me in my comfort zone!

So that winds it up for this time. I want to tell you all how much I appreciate your wanting to read these. Please send me all your news tidbits. I can't do this, without you. In closing, I leave each of you you with my personal wish for glowing health, great happiness, personal safety, peace
-ful serenity, spiritual harmony, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

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