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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Saturday, July 17, 2004
*** From your editor ***
Hello All,  It is Saturday, 17 July 2004 at 2:45 EDT in Gatlinburg, TN.  Your editor seems to have finally come to terms with this (BLOG) thing.  Please, send news and views to Bonnie.  We also have, as you can see, learned to post -TADA!-  pictures!-  So send any interesting pictures - along with news, calendar items, gossip and trivia to her.  If you have any suggestions, positive or (gasp!) negative comments, keep in mind that this site is a work in progress and can be reinvented as often as necessary to fit your needs.  If it is to become truly useful and interesting, we need to hear from you. 

OK, PLEASE, remember that Bonnie only produces content and *does not* maintain this site.  She merely passes information along to your humble editor for posting.  So please, send any and all slings, arrows and brickbats to W4MSW@charter.net  --- and we thank you...
Now, for the good stuff: 
Be sure to visit these sites for more really good WCHS trivia and links to (almost ?) all other WCSH websites.  Enjoy, have a few laughs and if a good story comes to mind or you find an old picture - remember, your classmates might enjoy it too.   This site changes frequently, so bookmark this site and return often.
You'll find newsy information at:  http://members.aol.com/medlounge/wchs/
great photos at:  http://freepages.school-alumni.rootsweb.com/~vlwest/
the WCHS Alumni Association at:  http://www.wchsalumni.org/
Check them all!
(You should be able to just click on these).  These sites come to us courtesy of Nancy June Ertel Sween, '61.   Thank you Nancy!   While visiting these sites, look for links to the alumni association pages.

This report is from June 29th and in the transition, missed being posted...apologies to all  -ed.

WECATON NEWS REPORT!! - 29 June 2004

---Well, folks, you won't believe this one!  I've just had a power outage which took out all 5 of the pages which I'd already typed for this bulletin.  While I don't mind the retyp-ing, the big problem is that I deleted each message after its inclusion in the bulletin, in an effort not to be repetitive.  That means that all the e-mails I'd already covered, are now lost.  So I've got to type quickly while my feeble mind still has fair recall of what I already wrote and deleted.  It is fairly certain that I'm going to miss someone, though, so if that happens, please forgive me. 
To the best of my recollection, I wrote to remind all of you of our premier event on October 9, as well as the Frisch's Frolic on October 8, and also that various groups gather for brunches on October 10.  If you are getting this e-mail, then your entire weekend of October 8, 9, and 10 is solidly booked.  Please don't forget and please don't put other events ahead of this one.  Each year, for the brunch, I've been seeing several of you regularly, including BRUCE CHENOWETH, BARRY RUSSELLO, BETSY MURPHY, SHIRLEY TUDOR, and LARRY RING even joined us once! 
Bruce and I have exchanged several messages of late and he will be spending his upcoming holiday weekend down in Kentucky with NINA F. KNISLEY, DEVONA S. TAYLOR, her husband, EUGENE COUCH, GERALD A FULLER, and his spouse, Rebecca.  How terrific! 
How's everyone doing with our, "Just One More For 2004" rallying cry?  I'm going great guns!  Remember, I've bagged EDGAR L. KELLY, for whom I've searched for so long!  I do so hope everyone finds one more to bring to the alumni gig.  Eddie is especially looking forward to seeing HAROLD PHILLIPS, CURTIS KEMP, RICHARD CALL, and COLIN KELLEY.  Don't disappoint him, hear? 
As I had listed in the "bleeped" bulletin, a number of people checked in with information, jokes, and just fun stuff.  I'm going to try hard to remember all of you, but I don't know if I can do it or not.  There was STEVEN M. KOKOT, BARBARA T. O'NEAL, CAROLYN SUE MCCLOUD, JO ANN STEMLEY, JOHN L. MONTGOMERY, SANDRA L. BARSALOU, WILLIAM R. HOWARD, DAVID A. BLAIR,  PATRICIA LYNNETTE GARRETT, SALLY L. GILLETTE, CRAIG A. VAN DYKE,  and I hate to say it, but I can't recall any others.  I'm so angry about the power outage.  This really did screw up a great bulletin!  I apologize in advance, if I forgot you.   
Also checking in was RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, who sent thanks for his June 19 birthday card.  Many happy returns, Tom.  For those of you who may not be aware, Tom is a guy who turns up at each and every WC event.   
Recently, I've talked with Nina Knisley.  She's doing okay and looking forward to spending a week with Dee Taylor.  I will hopefully get a report soon on their extended visit.   Just this evening, I had a conversation with our glamour pair, the Rusellos.  Barry reports that he got a visit from CHARLES A. HIGH, JR., who brought his son to their real estate office to discuss his getting into that field.  It's always just wonderful to have school connections for anything which may arise! Also checking in was HARRIETTE E. DOGGETT, who now lives in Vilonia, Arkansas.  Harriette, I sure do hope you're planning to be with us in October!  By the way, folks, her daughter gave birth on April 20 to a new granddaughter, Bobbi Reed Cassidy, weighing in at 9 lb. 10 oz. and 19" long.  She says everyone is fine! 
JUDITH L. SAMUELS checked in to say she has $50 reservations connections for us to hold a WC function out in Laughlin, Nevada, if anyone wishes to do that.  It's not my own personal cup of tea, but contact Judy if the idea is appealing to you.  Also, if some of you do get together and go out there, please send in a report.  I'm not a fan of what I call our four "desert states" (Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico), but some people are, that's for sure. 
Sadly, I must report another passing.  Many of you from the classes of the late 1950s and the very early 1960s are likely to recall the name of EMMALEE STANSELL.  She passed away on June 23, and it sounds as though it was cancer.  Emmy and I were pretty chummy in junior high school and even spent some time working together in the mid-1960s.  She had an older sister named Arlene, who has been dead for quite a few years.  Her last name, at the time of her death, was Dunaway.  She didn't actually graduate, as I think she was one who dropped out of school to marry, as was so common back then.  But I do believe all of her school years were spent at WC.   

We have this wonderful new website which was set up by BEVERY J. HAAS.  It's ( Wecaton_Daily@Yahoogroups.com ).  Of course, I'm too stupid to be able to sign on to it, even with her help AND the help of our other noted "computer guru," NANCY J. ERTEL, but I intend to continue to try.  Pray for me, okay?   
WILLIAM L. MCNABB  is making huge efforts to round up members of his 1954 class.  Of course, this is their 50th. He was searching for JACK ELLIS and was helped by JAMES L. LINDSEY.  It seems Jack is some sort of world- famous artist, but doesn't include WC in his bio, for some reason.  Let's hope Bill is successful in getting Jack to our gathering and perhaps we can persuade him somehow to acknowledge his WC roots, as he shows his work around the globe. Does anyone know the whereabouts of 1954's REX WALLACE and/or EVELYN GEORGE?  Please help Bill, if you can!  Thanks.   
Today was to be the day when I lunched with LINDA L. MCAFEE and DARELL L. TOBIAS.  But they both had scheduling conflicts.  We all live in Florida, obviously.  We have postponed our little gathering until Friday, July 9, at which time, I will ride about 25-30 miles to meet Darell on his Harley-Davidson (and I'm on mine, of course) and we'll ride to Linda's house.  Darell sent me photos of his utterly gorgeous bike, very custom.  Let me assure you that I will have no problem riding with him to Linda's.  I just can't wait!I know we'll have a great day together. 
Okay, I think that brings me just about to the point where I was, when the power went out.  But I have to tell you that this one isn't nearly as elaborately "wordy," as I wanted to be able to recapture as much info as possible.  Many of you are likely very relieved that it isn't so wordy.  Ha!   
L. EUGENE ZINK checked in with some sort of new stuff on computer software.  But hey, Gene, I can't even log on to the EASY ones, so I'm way out of my league here!  By the way, is that you, PAUL R. BEARDSLEY, who is logged on to the new website? 
We have wonderful and exciting new additions to our list for the bulletins, folks!  Only yesterday, I got an e-mail from a gentleman named HOWARD MCELWEE.  He is the Class of 1940!  Is that great or what?  Immediately, I put my hands on my 1940 Piratan, which was originally owned by band director (of that era) CHARLES E. WEST,  whose name is engraved on the front of the book.  I looked up Mr. McElwee and found that his interests in high school were strictly relegated to music, with the band and singing. I just know he was great pals with Mr. West.  What a thrill to have somebody from the 1940 class on our list!  Thank you, Mr. McElwee, and we sure do all hope that you will be joining us for a wonderful evening of nostalgia on October 9, 2004.  Of course, you're sure more than welcome to come to the Moraine City Frisch's on the previous night, too.  I, for one, can't wait to meet you.  Welcome aboard!  
LINDA L. SHANK instantly provided the contact info which someone had requested on COLIN KELLEY.   Thank you, Linda!  I passed that on to RICHARD C. CALL, his old buddy.  By the way, "Hi, Rich!  Are you enjoying all of this?  We're all looking forward to seeing you."  Linda and her family will be taking an extended trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, over the holiday.  We hope you have a wonderful trip, Linda.  Tell us about it, as soon you get back home.   
EULA FAYE BAILEY and I have been having marvelous conversations and catching up on everything in each other's lives.  It's just great!  You're incredible, Eula Faye!  She's having some shoulder problems, so let's keep her in our good thoughts and prayers.  I can't WAIT to see you again in October, Eula Faye.   
By the way, courtesy of Eula Faye, we now have added to our list the name of 1960's DONNA LYNN GWINN, whose last name is now Mills.  We're happy to have you, Donna, and we sure hope you'll join us all in October! 
Someone named CYNTHEA CARRINGTON who said she is with 1985's class, sent an e-mail.  I sent back, asking if she'd like to be added, but so far, no response.  If anyone knows her, please let her know she's welcome.   
Also added to our list is ANNETTE MARIE GONZALEZ, class of 1984.  Her last name is now Moore.  Thank you, Annette, and we hope we'll see you in October.  Were you a classmate of Craig Van Dyke or do I have this wrong? 
We have now been "legitimized."  We have a real, genetic Throckmorton on our list now.  It's KAREN L. THROCK- MORTON, so how do you like that?  Her current name is Dean and we're thrilled you're on the list, Karen.  Come see us all in October! 
This is all so overwhelming and wonderful.  Never once did I dream, when I sent out a few lines to 5 or 6 WC people, about 3 years ago, that it would burgeon into all of this.  It's truly wonderful and has been terribly rewarding.   
That most "travelin' of all ladies," EDNA L. GRAY, is at it again!  She's on the road.  But I'll hopefully get one of her wonderful traveling stories to share with all of you, when she returns.  She's likely back by now, though, as that was on June 18!  How did it go, Edna? 
GARY E. BARNES reports that he took a trip to Hudson, Florida, during early June where he contacted WC alumnus RONNIE CHAMBERS.  He told him of our gathering, so we hope Ronnie will make it.   
Those other big WC travelers, WILLIAM O. WALKER and WC honorary alumnus spouse, KAREN MURPHY, are still roaming around in Topeka, Kansas, working storm claims. You two stay safe out there, hear?  Be sure you make your way to the alumni gig in October! 
The Walkers have been in contact with two other of our alumni, RICHARD G. DENNY and spouse LIELA K. GEORGE, and we hear they're building a new house!  Hey there, Dennys, how about visiting all of us in October? 
DONNA J. TUDOR, Class of 1955, has just returned from a visit to her niece in Washington, the only child of her late sister, DORIS D. TUDOR, 1955's homecoming queen.  She also reports that she celebrated birthdays 3 and 4 of her two great-grandchildren.  That's delightful, Donna! 
Two newsy e-mails came from NANCY E. "COOKIE" BOWIE, who's going to Arizona in October to see JUDI BECKETT, as you may recall.  We've just GOT to get those two to come to the alumni gig!  It's not going to be the same without you, Cookie.  Now that we got a taste of you at SpringFest, we must make sure you're at everything.  She will likely be here to visit her sister and she and I are planning on spending some time together when she does.  
Bruce Chenoweth reports that he ran right into LEONARD F. KUHN, and that he looks terrific.  What wonderful news! As many of  you will recall, Lennie recently had bypass surgery.  He talked to Bruce about sharing the weekend in Kentucky.  Let's hope he does! The traveling Fullers have been on the road again, with a visit to Jerry's son, Shane, who has apparently just gotten a new home.  Becky and Jerry, as you all know, will be hosting the 4th of July gala at their summer houseboat in Lancaster, Kentucky.  I keep toying with the idea of driving up there.  You just never know about me! 
Attention, JUNE CRUTCHFIELD!  Is there any response yet on that item we discussed or is that still in the offing?  I'll await your reply.   
This next story is of the Fullers, too, and it's too cute not to be shared.  I feel sure that Jerry won't mind.  As many of  you recall, Jerry's father passed away awhile back.  His name was Harry Fuller and he was quite a guy, well-liked by dozens of WC alumni, especially us "Miami Shores Kids," who went to so many of their parties.  They lived in the house on Beechgrove for some unGodly period of time, something like 60 years, I think.  Anyway, Barry Russello (or was it you, Betsy?) finally sold it for them and Jerry's mother moved into a condo.   
Well, folks, Jerry's mother is about 83 or 84, I believe, and he recently told me that she has gotten herself an 83-year -old boyfriend!  Is that just too cool or what?  I say, God bless her.  Go for it, Marie!  I told Jerry to buy her a box of condoms and give them to her and make sure that they are "having safe sex."  He got a big laugh out of that.  I very purposely saved that story for the closer.  So that's it for now, folks.   
As I wrote early on, if I left out something about you, please do resend it, so that I can get it in our next bulletin.  I did that first half from memory, as the e-mails were wiped out. So I do hope everyone is doing well.  Please share all of your news, okay?  With that, I leave you with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serentiy, and boundless prosperity.  Ciao! 
---And there you have it!  More at 11---  B

Thursday, July 15, 2004
WECATON NEWS REPORT!! - 08 July 2004

---No, it's not time for another bulletin, but here I am, nevertheless. It's storming, once again, so I do hope I don't have another power outage before I complete this one. There have been so many e-mails, since the last one, I've got to clear them out, so I'm happy about the responses.

Several calls have come in and I don't want to miss any of those, either. SHIRLEY J. TUDOR, Class of 1960, and I had a great conversation last night, solving all the world's problems, as always. We just can't figure out why no one will LISTEN to us! Oh, well---.

Also checking in by telephone were two more 1960s folks, NINA F. KNISLEY & DEVONA S. TAYLOR. We'll have more on that later, along with other news. I'll start with the stunning news from PATRICIA LYNNETTE GARRETT, Class of 1961, who writes that she and her spouse are building a brand-new home in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it will be completed in January of 2005. I wish you the very best, Lynn, of course. But I'm fearful this means I won't get to see you, when I come up there. I do so hope you're planning on returning to Ohio each October, as it just wouldn't be the same without you!

More reports are rolling in about the miraculous recovery of 1958's LEONARD F. KUHN, after his heart surgery. We sure do hope you're going to be there in October, Lennie. You're one of our most sought-after alumnus, in terms of numbers of queries.

Speaking of that, I have fantastic news about a guy whose presence many of you have requested. I had a long and windy conversation the other night with 1960's CHARLES A HIGH, JR. He says he'll be there this year, come hell or high water. Among those whom he'd love to see are TOM FEE, the HAWKINS brothers, CURTIS A. KEMP, GARY RICHARDS, DONNIE RICHARDS, JERRY FULLER, MIKE WEST, EDDIE KELLY, JIM RICHARDSON, and any of the guys with whom Charlie played football. Of course, like everyone else in WC, Charlie is greatly anticipating a visit with the lovely and gracious EULA FAYE BAILEY, too. I know we'll all be thrilled to see Charlie this year. He says he'll also be at the Frisch's Frolic on the previous evening. Great! That was a TERRRIFIC little gig last year.

Both myself and WILLIAM R. HOWARD, Class of 1958, are wondering where you are, CAROLYN E. "TOOTIE" PENCE, Class of 1959. We haven't heard a word from you in way too long, even though my machine tells me you are getting all my e-mails. Please let us hear from you, Tootie, even if only to say you're okay and that we'll get to see you, come October. Does anyone out there have any info on Tootie? I'm given to understand she sold her home in Florida in early 2004 and returned to Ohio.

Before I go further, I must tell you about "my new best friend" and fellow alumnus, PAMELA K. SHIPLEY, Class of 1971. Her last name is Harris now and we found out that we share a positively staggering wealth of people whom we mutually know, in spite of the huge age gap. Pam and I have also solved all the world's problems, much the same as Shirley and me. We've never met, but we sure are going to do that, and I can't wait!

Pam is married and she has one son, who is 29 years old. We welcome Pam aboard and I'm also happy to report that Pam got reconnected with one of her own classmates, RODNEY N. GABBARD, who has also assured me he'll be at the alumni gig in October. Oh, this all so exciting! I can scarcely wait, can you?

Remember the last bulletin, where I told you about 1940's HOWARD MCELWEE, who joined our list? Well, I was very thrilled about that, as you may recall, and this just keeps getting better and better. Listen to this one! We now have ROBERT EUGENE HALLER, Class of 1967, his wife, MARY J. CONDON, Class of 1965, Mary's mom, PAULINE GRESSBACH, Class of 1935!!! WOW, 1935!! I always get such a charge out of being able to attract the folks from the earlier and the more recent classes. It's always a thrill. I have no 2000s folks yet, and I'd like to work on the 1990s folks, too. We're getting quite a number of 1950s and 1960s and now, 1970s, so this thing has really taken off! Welcome to all the Haller family and by the way, we already had ROBERT NED HALLER, Class of 1990, and son of Robert and Mary.

We always have a few folks who don't send personal messages, but they do check in with blanket e-mails, jokes, political items, or just "stuff." In that group for this bulletin are DAVID A BLAIR, Class of 1960, SALLY L. GILLETTE, Class of 1961, SANDRA L. BARSALOU, Class of 1958, RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, Class of 1958, CAROLYN SUE MCCLOUD, Class of 1960, and JOHN L. MONTGOMERY, Class of 1961. I've also just made an embarrassing discovery. JUDY JAMES, Class of 1962, is the spouse of John, and Judy, I just NEVER mention YOU, do I? I've just noticed that terrible goof and I offer you my sincerest apology with a promise to try and do much better in the future. Please forgive me. When you try to stay current with as many alumni as I do, it's bound to happen. Maybe I'm working beyond my capabilities, but I'll just keep on keepin' on and take my lumps as they come, such as this time, I guess. A number of you also sent good wishes for the 4th of July holiday, for which I thank you very much.

We have a couple more sign-ons, both of whom I wish to recognize. There is KARL R. BURRUS, Class of 1964, and there is also ROBERT DARRELL CHRISTOPHER, Class of 1968, so I heartily welcome both of you aboard and I surely look forward to meeting both of you at our annual "crown jewel event," the alumni gathering which will occur on October 9. Make SURE you're there! On my next one, I need a bit of help from all of you. Does any -one know the grad year of TOM MELZONI? Tom has asked to be added to the bulletin list. Naturally, that's great, but I've just GOT to know his grad year! I wrote back and asked him, but he did not respond as of yet.

At this writing, I'm still putting together my rendezvous with LINDA L. MCAFEE and DARELL L. TOBIAS, both 1958, for tomorrow. It's looking like it's all systems go, but we're getting monster rainstorms here every day and Darell and I were more or less planning on riding our Harley-David- sons, so I do hope it all works out. I'll keep you all posted, of course.

From my dear friend, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, Class of 1958, came a wonderful report on this 4th of July weekend activities, as well as a real memory-jogging photo on e-Bay of the wonderful old car in which we all used to ride in high school. Oh, if only I had one nickel for every mile I rode in Bruce's car, as we all wound our way down to the Lebanon sockhop every Saturday night, not to mention all the other places. Hey, do kids still even USE the term, "Sockhop," anymore? Do they even know what it is (was?) I wonder. I can tell you this much, though, my 17-year-old grandson has an item hanging from his rearview mirror in his car and it's---you guessed it---fuzzy dice! Now, that's just about as 1950s as it gets, isn't it? When I told him that, he didn't even believe me. He thought HIS generation came up with the fuzzy dice. But I guess not everything changes, does it?

Bruce's weekend was filled with all things WC, that's for sure. He went to Kentucky and spent time with my dear classmate, GERALD A. FULLER, class of 1960, and his wife, Becky. He also spent time with two other of my classmates, DEVONA S. TAYLOR and the recently-found NINA F. KNISLEY. Dee was in the company of her spouse of 44 years (almost) EUGENE COUCH. I guess the six of them had quite a time and everyone looks very much forward to our October weekend, which is not to be missed, of course. If you're reading this, then you need to be there, hear? Bruce took photos and sent them and I told him to be sure to send them to our "computer guru WC photo expert," NANCY J. ERTEL, Class of 1961, who will post them on the web for everyone. We all sure do appreciate you, Nancy! Dee called me, this very morning and she and I talked about the great, holiday weekend, too.

Listen everyone, KAREN L. THROCKMORTON, Class of 1969, has a different e-mail address than I originally had, so if you need to contact her, let me know, okay?

Also checking in were WALLACE W. ROBBINS and his significant other, JUDY LINDSEY. He has confirmed that they will both be at our WC weekend.

Our travelers, WILLIAM O. WALKER, Class of 1960, and his spouse, KAREN MURPHY, an honorary 1960 class member (and I'm the one who conferred that honor upon her), are on the road again, they report. They've finished up with the Kansas storms and are going to Oklahoma to visit their son and to Ohio to visit lEONARD F. KUHN, amongst many others, I'm sure. We hold out high hopes of seeing the Walkers this year.

Another great travel report came in from the travelin'est lady I know, EDNA L. GRAY, Class of 1961. Edna has just finished another trip, with sister BRENDA (1964, I think). They took in Savannah, Georgia, Maggie Valley, North Carolina, and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It's hard to beat a trip like that. Edna talked about all the plentiful scrumptious food items in each area. Edna is also a fan of WC's own, published writer, CAROL A. MUMMA, Class of 1961, whose current and writing name is Guy. I also got a wonderful e-mail from Carol, in which she thanked me for putting her bulletin in for her book. Carol listed quite a few people who appeared for her book signing at the West Carrollton Ice Cream Festival which was held on the 4th. Her co-author, she mentioned, is LINDA JOHNSON ZIMMER, Class of 1965. People she was there were ROBERT W. BRANE, DOROTHY J. WILLMAN, VINCENT E. BRODBECK, GARY E. BARNES (with wife Pat), THOMAS L. WOLFE, JR., WILLIAM COLEMAN, and apparently there were others, too numerous to mention. So it was nice to read about that and to know that Carol and Linda also sold some books, while there.

As he usually does, WILLIAM R. HOWARD Class of 1958, has checked in, too. We frequently solve all the world's problems. Like Bruce and me, and like Shirley and me, we just don't know why people don't listen. On another note, BEVERLY J. HAAS, Class of 1960, put in great efforts to get a chat page going for us. But the truth is, I truly AM somewhat technologically challenged and I don't have time to do the chatting, so it didn't work for ME, but I'll bet it worked out great for some of you, and I just wanted to thank her for that.

That winds it up for this time, folks. Let's review, though, just so that everyone knows what is when. On Friday, October 8, the Frisch's Frolic will be at the same time, same place (6pm-ish, at the Moraine City Frisch's) BTW, does anyone really call it 'Moraine City any more? -ed) and on Saturday, October 9, our annual alumni gig will be held at the big ballroom of the Holiday Inn beside the Dayton Mall in Miamisburg. There is no doubt but what many groups will break off and get together on Sunday, October 10, for brunches all over town, before everyone returns home to await next year's festivities. Remember, ALL grad years are always welcome and encouraged, at ALL functions. I leave you with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

---And there you have it! More at 11--- Bonnie

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