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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Sunday, May 23, 2004

---Hi to everyone! It seems just about time to do another WC bulletin, doesn't it? Well, let's see, what juicy news do we have? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, well, we'll just see how it goes, I guess. First of all, I've been in contact with my old pal, NINA F. KNISLEY, Class of 1960. Of course, she has also seen our other cohort, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, Class of 1958. We all very much look forward to seeing each other, come October, once again. Nina, though, has hinted that I might be seeing her, sooner than I think, and I'm unsure as to the precise meaning of that. But I guess I'll be told when I need to know.

It took me a few days to recover from my whirlwind trip to Colorado Springs. I was gone just 3 hours more than 6 full days and I drove this whole trip, a total of 4230 miles. My departure was on Monday, May 10, at 1pm. My return was on Sunday, May 16, at 4pm. From 8pm on Wednesday to 10:30 am on Friday, I was visiting and rapidly sightseeing, so that narrows down the driving time, quite a bit, eh? As I was crossing Kansas, I spoke to Bruce on his cell phone and we both spoke of EULA FAYE BAILEY, Class of 1960, and how great it would have been for me to have been able to see her. But alas, it was the late hours and she was having medical things done, anyway. I had the same thoughts about NANCY ERTEL in Bonner Springs, Kansas. But I may spin out there again, come the late summer, I don't know yet. MICHAEL S. WEST, Class of 1960, had medical things done, too, and he's currently nicely recovering. I'm hoping you'll update us, Mike, on the current situation? Mike wrote the neatest thing about you, Eula Faye. In one of his e-mails to me, it said, "I'll bet Eula Faye Bailey doesn't have much time for anything except fending off all her potential suitors, as charming and gorgeous as she is!" Did I write that before? I don't know, but if I did, it bears repeating. Eula Faye has a new e-mail address, folks. Did you tell everyone yet, Eula Faye?

Another of our folks has a new e-mail address, too. It's RONALD D. "TOM " FEE, Class of 1958, as reported by his classmate and old friend, WILLIAM R. HOWARD. So let me know, gang, if any of you need to reach Tom or Eula Faye and you can't do it, okay?

Recently, and to my utter surprise, I found listed on the Classmates.com site, none other than PAMELA CASE, Class of 1959. Since I'd had inquiries about her, I sent an e-mail, but thus far, there is no response, I'm sorry to say. GARY E. BARNES, Class of 1959, said that she told him she didn't want to be a part of WC things, when she was contacted for the reunion last year, so in view of that, I was surprised she had signed onto that site. Perhaps she has had a change of heart. Let's hope so. If anyone hears anything, please let me know. Thanks.

JUDY M. COFFMAN, Class of 1961, checked in to see how my road trip went. I guess I've already answered your question, Judy. It went fast!

From JAMES L. LINDSEY, Class of 1959, came a note saying that he thinks both of the PIERCE brothers, DAVID and WILLIAM G., are still in the area of WC. He also expressed his sorrow at the prospect of never again seeing Pamela Case. Jim says that Pam told not only him, but also WALLACE W. ROBBINS, that she had no interest in WC folks. Oh well! Since he was NOT one of the two who had already asked me about her, I guess we'll have to start a little fan club, just for Pam, just as we have for Eula Faye, huh? But Eula Faye gets lots more points, as she LIKES us and even travels to be with us!
C'mon, Pam, we're not so bad. Join us for a few things and you just might like us again. We're a BUNCH of fun!

JOHN E. MCCLELLAND (is it 1964, John?) was kind enough to provide me with some addresses of folks who just may be able to tell me if we had yearbooks for the elusive years of 1926-1931. I plan to use them, and thanks, John. Our official "WC computer guru," NANCY J. SWEEN, Class of 1961, took the time to post that great photo of John's mother, ERMA JANE TREON, Class of 1933, on our website. What a great one that is!
Many thanks, Nancy, for your never-ending efforts. Oh, by the way, John ("Apothecary John") is in the market for yearbooks for the years of 1967, 1968, 1969, and 1970. I don't have extras on any of those, I don't THINK. But if I do, you get first crack at them, John. Does anyone out there have any of those to spare?

DARELL L. TOBIAS, Class of 1957, and I, have been exchanging a few notes here and there about the great riding weather we're having, here in Florida, and what a wonderful Spring season we've experienced. Boy, did I EVER appreciate this weather after returning from out in Colorado! On the morning of Thursday, May 13, I drove two of my grandchildren to their Colorado school in a driving and sloshy snow! It was WAY too cold out there for ME! I'm with Darell on this riding weather!

Those WALKER people checked in---WILLIAM O. and KAREN MURPHY---of 1960 (Karen is now an honorary class member, remember?) The Walkers didn't wind up going to California, after all. I think they were relieved. They've covered a lot of ground this year and are now at their home in Dickinson, Texas, doing some sprucing up. Remember, you two, you're BUSY on the weekend of October 8, 9, and 10. We ALL are!

About May 12, JEANNETTE P. JONAS, Class of 1949, passed away. Her married name was Avery. I didn't know her, but she was one of us, and I'll bet some of you did know her. How about you, JACKIE CRITZER, Class of 1948? I'll bet you did, didn't you? Thanks for telling us about that, Bill Howard.

Several folks checked in with notes of humor on various topics, directed at many of us. They include SANDRA L. BARSALOU, Class of 1958, DAVID A. BLAIR, Class of 1960, LINDA J. SNELL, Class of 1960, JOANN K. STEMLEY, Class of 1960, CARLOYN SUE MCCLOUD, Class of 1960, SUE E. SOWERS, Class of 1958, L. EUGENE ZINK, Class of 1960, and also cousin, JUDITH L. SAMUELS, checked in to tell me that she couldn't get things with those little fingers and eyes on them. Well, I didn't like that, either, Judy. Finally, I got it off of there, but not without a few frustrated exchanges with another computer wizard, BEVERLY J. HAAS, Class of 1960. I was thrilled to get that off of there! Part of these e-mails were about NOT buying gas on May 19, by the way.

CRAIG A. VAN DYKE, Class of 1983, and I, had a couple of nostalgic exchanges, even though we're a whole generation apart. Craig and I discovered we had more in common than we might have thought. Craig's e-mail has changed to his home, so let me know if you need it for anything.

PAUL R. BEARDSLEY, Class of 1961, and I, have had numerous exchanges, too, and I've been checking some yearbook pages for Paul. I'm sending you the 1955, Paul, and I'm sending you one, too, Bill. I've got the ones for both of you. Bruce, I've got your 1960, and I have at least 3 extra 1956s, if anyone is interested. I still have to inventory a lot of them, though. So bear with me.

Our girl out in Eatonville, Washington, checked in (none other than NANCY E. "COOKIE" BOWIE). Cookie, you were a smash hit at our Spring Fest. Everyone LOVED seeing you! Cookie has taken a couple more trips since we saw her, folks. She's a traveler, too. We've still got our fingers crossed, Cookie, in the hope that you will break down and come to the alumni gig.

We've added another WC alumnus, RICHARD WELLS, through a bidding war on e-Bay. Rick wanted the post card of the Little Farm. I won. He wanted it so badly, though, I didn't have the heart to keep it. So I'm sending it to him and now, we've got another WC pal. Welcome aboard, Rick!

From THOMAS L. WOLF, JR., Class of 1960, comes an e-mail about the KOKENGES, TOM and RUSTY, of Knot Hole Restaurant fame. Tom has come out of retirement to do some coaching, reports Tom W., and he says both of them are still in the area. Thanks for that update, Tom.

From J. DAVID MAYS, Class of 1960, comes a message about the malfunction and recent repair of his computer. He's back in business now, though, aren't you, David? Listen, let me know what you've missed, please, and I'll try hard to get you current. You were out of service from when to when? That's what I need to know.

SHIRLEY J. TUDOR, Class of 1960, and I have talked at length in the last couple of weeks. There are still many of you with whom I haven't spoken nor gotten an e-mail. So please jump on that bandwagon, will you?

JAMES E. RICHARDSON and wife, K. JUNE CRUTCHFIELD, Class of 1958, both checked in to thank me for bulletins, which isn't at all necessary, but was terribly appreciated. I look very much forward to seeing both of you again.

EDGAR L. KELLY, Class of 1960, checked in to say that he and wife Marilyn returned to their Boise, Idaho, home. Did I already tell you that? Well, now I told you again!

Now, I'm about to tell you all about some news on a WC icon. It is about none other than WOODROW W. BOWMAN, better known as Woody, longtime proprietor of the now-defunct Woody's Supermarket and employer of many a WC kid. As most of you are well aware by now, my ties to that family run very deeply. BEVERY A. BOWMAN was one of my dearest and nearest friends in high school, Woody was bigger than life to me, as a kid, and my father was for 9 years married to Woody's first wife, Louise, a grand and totally classy lady whom I came to dearly love. So I greatly enjoy a chat from time to time, with someone in the family. Just on Wednesday, that someone in the family turned out to be NANCY BOWMAN, Beverly's younger sister, and Woody's youngest daughter, with whom he is currently residing.

It's always pleasant to converse with Nancy and I enjoy very much our intermittent exchanges. Woody was married again in 1964 to the former Wilma Ozbirn, as many of you know. That marriage legally ended, earlier this year, after 40 years. Woody turned 91 on January 6 and Nancy tells me he's doing really well. That's great news, in view of the fact that Woody is going to remarry on June 27. But that's only half the story. The person to whom he is betrothed is none other than a lady named Jackie Adkins, the former JACKIE DUNCAN, who was the WC homecoming queen in about 1954, I believe.

Mrs. Adkins was Woody's personal secretary for about 30 years. Their fondness for each other apparently developed during that time. Nancy is happy that her dad is marrying someone who will take good care of him in his advancing years. I know I certainly do wish them the very best. I recall seeing Jackie at the alumni gig last year. Wow, wouldn't it be terrific if she comes again this year, and brings along her new husband, Woody? If anybody knows how to e-mail her, please ask her to do that, will you? How I'd love to see Woody again!

On that same day, I also spoke with SANDRA HALL, Class of 1961, and she told me that her cousin, NANCY KANNINEN, Class of 1960, now lives in Oregon. I asked that she give Nancy my e-mail address, so perhaps I will hear from her. That would be nice. Sandy still works at the Little Farm, which was recently sold. So that's a slug of news, folks!

Just before I close, will the person who sent me the $50 bill, PLEASE let me know who you are, so that I can acknowledge you in the bulletins? I understand that a few want anonymity, but at least let ME know who you are, okay? I'm using all these donations for postage and computer upkeep and print cartridges for the mailouts, etc., and I thank you very much, whoever you are. But it's difficult to offer proper thanks, if you don't know who to thank, right?

With that, I shall close for this bulletin. It goes without writing it (but I will, anyway) that I leave each of you with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

---And there you have it! More at 11--- B

Tuesday, May 18, 2004
John McClellan of Parker, AZ 85344 wrote Bonnie:

I thought I would share a pic of my Mom on her 92nd
Birthday, yesterday May 1st.

John and Erma Jane (Treon) McClellan WCHS Class of 1930!
(click to enlarge)

I think Mr. Spock from StarTrek said:

"Live Long & Prosper"

Apothecary John






In God We Trust!

April 22, 2004: The WeCaTon News Report

"The Wrap-up"

Wait! What's that I wrote? "The WeCaTon News Report?" Well, what the heck is that, some of you might be musing? Well, I'm going to TELL you what it is. It is now the official name for our bulletin. This ingeniously-thought-out name has come to us, courtesy of GARY E. BARNES, Class of 1959, who wrote me just yesterday, with this idea. I was instantly struck by its wonderful nostalgic ring and the fact that it employs the very first name we ever had for our yearbooks, which began in 1915, as the WeCaTon, an obvious contraction of West Carrollton. So our bulletins will henceforth be known as the WeCaTon News Report. I love it! When you see that line on your e-mail from now on, you'll instantly know it's a WCHS alumni bulletin. Thanks, Gary! What a terrific and innovative idea. Gary, by the way, has committed to be at both our gatherings, October 8 and 9, at Frisch's and the alumni gig, too. Great!

Bill and Karen Walker turned up at my house on March 31, before leaving for their Texas home which is where they are now. We had a wonderful visit and I was more than thrilled that they gave me so much of their time. You can both be sure that I'll be calling, should I happen to pass nearby at anytime in the future. Thanks for coming over and I look forward to October! Karen reported that Bill spent a good deal of time during the first week of April, in playing golf with several members of WC's answer to the Kennedy Clan, the MAYSES. I have to tell you that I was VERY disappointed that we didn't have even one MAYS at our Spring Fest, even though several of them were within a stone's throw. We hope you of the Mays Clan will never allow that to recur. We look forward to seeing all of you in October.

My cousin, JUDITH L. SAMUELS, was to have been at Spring Fest, too. But she was coping with some health issues at the time and unable to make it. However, I understand that things are bit better now, so perhaps we will see her in Ohio, come October! The same goes for MICHAEL S. WEST, Class of 1960, who is also having some health issues at this time. Let's all pull for both Mike and Judy and hope that they are both in the pink for our fall gathering, shall we? We sure did miss you both!

JOHN A. "Apothecary John" MCCLELLAN, Class of 1966 (I believe), also checked in to promote his area of the world out there in Parker, Arizona. How about it, John, are we going to see you in October? I sure do hope so! I really especially enjoy meeting those on my bulletin list with whom I have not yet become personally acquainted. So come and be with us, okay?

LINDA L. MCAFEE, Class of1957, did a quick check-in and let us know that she was home safely. You were such fun, Linda! I sure do hope you'll be in Ohio, come October! Our own 1960 MADELEINE D. CAMPBELL, sent a message to say how much she enjoyed seeing everyone and how happy she was that she took the time to attend. We're glad, too, Madeleine! Now, if we can just get you to the Ohio function-----hmmm!

CAROLYN SUE MCCLOUD, Class of 1960, made a safe journey home, also. We hope that John is doing well, Sue. Sue left a little early because John was ill. JAMES L. LINDSEY did write me on April 3 to say that things just didn't fall into place in such a way as to allow him to join us. So I was glad to hear that he didn't forget about us. RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, Class of 1958, made great efforts to make the weekend the roaring success that it was. BARBARA T. O'NEAL (f/k/a Thomas), Class of 1961, was certainly a wonderful part of our group and it wouldn't have been half the fun, if not for Barb and spouse, STEVEN M. KOKOT, Class of 1960, and a truly nice, nice guy. October, right, Steve?

From our brilliant and dedicated, in-house "computer guru," NANCY J. ERTEL, Class of 1961, came another website to access for photos and there are some on there from Spring Fest. This website is a long one, so pay close attention to the dots and slashes, etc.


That second line is part of the website, too, although it won't highlight in blue because it's the end of the line. Many thanks again, Nancy. We all appreciate it. From WALLACE W. ROBBINS came a postcard in the mail, of his beautiful 16-year-old granddaughter, to whom he wrote he's terribly close. I think she's about 18 now, though, because he said she's going off to college and he's very sad about missing her while she's gone.

Mike West has firmly committed to attendance of both nights in October and he continues to closely monitor the ill health of 1960s L. EUGENE ZINK. We all hope you're up and about and doing well very soon, Gene. Take good care of yourself and stay in touch with us. Gene just mailed an envelope to me, the other day, as a matter of fact! CRAIG VAN DYKE, Class of 1982, also checked in on March 30, to say that he was going to be out of his Hewlett-Packard office in Colorado Springs until April 9. It sounds like you had a nice vacation period there, Craig. Are you going to let us all know where you went?

Once our Spring Fest weekend has concluded, e-mails began to arrive en masse, with writings about how great it had been and how much fun everyone had. There were most certainly unexpected disappointments, too. I had spoken with CURTIS A KEMP, just the night before, and he'd assured me he'd see us all on the following day. He did not show and we got a bit worried. He e-mailed to say that something unforeseen has cropped up, but assured me that he'll be with us in October at the alumni gig. We all look forward to that, Curtis, especially your old pals, TOM FEE & EDDIE KELLY, who will both also be there.

We also all wondered about you, "TOOTIE" PENCE. I have to tell you that you had practically your own fan club awaiting your arrival, all day long. There was GREAT disappointment at your failure to appear. What on earth happened? You'd sent me an e-mail in March, assuring me you'd be there, even if you were living in Ohio by then. You were truly, truly missed. We sure do hope you'll be showing up at the alumni gig in October.

JIM LINDSEY, Class of 1959, you're another one who was supposed to be there, no matter what. Where were you? We all missed you and hope you'll be in Ohio again, come October.

As always, WILLIAM R. HOWARD, Class of 1958, was forthcoming to me with many words of praise about the event. I appreciate that so much, Bill, but as I always write, this is a group effort. We're all in this together. If I didn't have all the input from all of YOU, then this could not happen. So keep those messages and updates on the move, so that I have material for our WeCaTon News Reports, hear?

Due to Bill's efforts, by the way, we now span class years which range from the 1930s (EMERSON FAHRNEY, Class of 1933) through to the 1990s. Bill drummed up a 1990 grad whose name is R. L. HALLER. R. L., we'd like to know your first name, please. We'd also like to hear a bit about you---married, kids, job, living where, etc. We're thrilled to have you on board and you are our very first sign-on from the decade of the 1990s. This is just a thrill! Let's all try to spark some interest in our alumni of the '70s, '80s, and '90s, please. We don't have nearly enough of them. Heck, there may even be some of them who have never heard of the WeCaTon. Just think of that!

From the home of my beloved sociology teacher, JAMES C. JOHNSON (was there ever any doubt?) came a request to add SHIRLEY ANN HILE, Class of 1957. Shirley made the request to be added, through the Johnson household. So we have you, too, Shirley. Her last name is now Richards, for those of you who may not know.

BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, Class of 1958, gave a full report on his successful trip home. No distance, it seems, is too far to travel for a WC event for Bruce. I've noticed that also seems to apply to TOM FEE, JERRY FULLER, BOYD JENKINS, and BILL HOWARD. Just mention a WC event and those five guys are right there. Each and every one of you get a huge, verbal pat on the back from ME, that's for sure. I'm impressed with such devotion to "the cause."

We want to send special wishes to Jill Warlaumont, wife of 1960's GARY L. WARLAUMONT, for the mishap she apparently suffered at a Lexus dealership, earlier this month. Are you doing okay, Jill? We certainly hope so.

In the past month, about 25-30 of you have requested my postal mailing address. I'm going to give it to you now. It's 1259 Vanderbilt Drive, Ormond Beach, Florida 32174-6030. While we're at it, I'll also list my residence telephone number. It's 386 677-4079. There!

Let's all check out the website of WC's published author, CAROL A. MUMMA (last name now Guy), Class of 1961. Her website is as follows:
Carol has recently returned from a trip to Oklahoma City for EPIC, which I'm sure is related to writing. Carol's son lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, she writes, and he often travels to Philadelphia on business. Thanks for the newsy update, Carol!

Also checking in was CAROLYN GILLETTE, Class of 1954, because I asked her about the best time to get her 4 Piratans in the mail and back to her. Most of you will recall how elated I was to receive Carolyn's books last year, when I so desperately needed those editions. She donated them, thinking she'd never see them again. So that's why it was a very special gesture. But as I began to acquire more books, I got those editions, too, and was so happy to be able to return those to her. If you don't yet have those, Carolyn, you certainly will have them very soon. Carolyn also commented on the amount of time I devote to doing these bulletins. Truly, it really isn't all that much, but I'm awfully happy that you all take the time to tell me you appreciate it.

JUDY M. FRANTZ, Class of 1961, also checked in to say that she was sorry she wasn't able to come down for Spring Fest. Judy told me she very recently ran into CHARLES V. CARTER, Class of 1960, and they talked about WC stuff, of course. We expect to see you both in October, Judy and Charles. No excuses! You, too, Pam!

About March 31, DOLORES K. "DEDE" FAHRNEY, Class of 1960, also checked in to say what a great time they'd all had at Spring Fest. DeDe, you really made a GIANT contribution to the attendance number at the event and that is SO appreciated! DeDe not only came to the event, but as you all will remember, she had quite a number of other alumni in tow with her. They included her well-known brother, RICHARD A. FAHRNEY, Class of 1958, her father, EMERSON FAHRNEY, Class of 1933 and longtime servant of the school board, and also family friend and 1955's MARILYN DONALDSON. Also not to be forgotten, DeDe, Dick, and Marilyn ALL did well in the golf tourney. So thanks, DeDe, and we sure do hope that all of you will be present in October. By the way, DONNA J. TUDOR, Class of 1955, wants to contact Marilyn. Did we succeed in giving Marilyn that e-mail? Donna also wrote to apologize for not getting to Spring Fest, but has firmly committed to October.

In the couple of days following Spring Fest, no one wanted to "let go of the mood." From what I can gather, several people spent time together over in Orlando, as they walked Universal Studios and shared meals and great conversation. Those people included JOANN STEMLEY, COOKIE BOWIE, and WILLIAM O. WALKER, all Class of 1960. Karen Walker and Ron Hall were also part of the group (Bill and JoAnn's other halves.) Everyone got along wonderfully and many people made wonderful comments about YOU, Cookie! Everyone was just thrilled by your being there. Is there no way we can coax you into coming to the alumni gig in October? Cookie wrote me that she just loved you, Karen Walker! By the way, I believe we're going to make you an honorary member of the Class of 1960. God knows you've earned it. We don't care whether you like that or not, by the way. Cookie also wrote me about how beautiful she thinks SHIRLEY J. TUDOR, Class of 1960, still is. You were truly such a wonderful addition to the group, Cookie. It felt "right" to have you there, and I'm sure you felt that, too.

Also checking in was that loveliest of ladies, EULA FAYE BAILEY, Class of 1960. My life has been terribly enriched since reconnecting with you, Eula Faye. I'm just thrilled to be in contact again and I can't wait to see you again in October! It's going to be a lollapaloozer this year, I guarantee it! Are we all working on our theme for this year---"Just One More For 2004!" Let's not lose sight of that goal. Bill Howard also confirmed what a good time he had, even though he felt his golf game wasn't "quite up to par." (Pun intended.) Hey, Bill, as far as I'M concerned, your golf game was terrific, in view of the fact that you had NEVER played before. On thing's for sure; you weren't lacking in sportsmanship and could likely give us all a lesson in that.

PHILIP H. WOLFORD, Class of 1960, wrote me the most wonderful vacation narrative, that I've decided to share it with all of you. It's one which could present some serious competition to those wonderful renderings of 1961's EDNA L. GRAY, another beautiful face we missed at Spring Fest, by the way. We'll see you, come October, Edna!

At this writing, I continue to amass Piratans. I've now branched out to collecting Pirate's Logs and also the Junior High Yearbooks, whenever and wherever I can find them. I've got several extra 1956 Piratans now, if anyone is interested. So let me know. As I've told you all previously, I'll sell them to WC people (only) for just what I paid, plus the shipping (which is very minimal, as I always use media mail rates). Keep your collective eyes open at garage sales, attic clean-outs, etc. If you find anything and don't want it for yourself, buy it, anyway. I'll reimburse you and take it. I've got a short list of people who want various books. I hope to fulfill all the requests by year's end. With this, I leave you all with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serentiy, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

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