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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Friday, July 29, 2005

From Jerry ('60) and Becky Fuller at their summer home near Lancaster, KY:
This great picture of Bruce Chenoweth ('58) and Patty Wheelbarger ('71), who dropped by Saturday and he sold us his boat! Unexpected on all fronts.....but a nice visit anyway. They were headed to Lake Cumberland, a little further down the road, but the trailer axle broke and he didn't want to tow it any further. Since we live at a marina in the summer....and the boat was for sale anyway...you see how things happen. Hope you all are doing well...see you in October.
(I think that Becky wrote this -- ed.)
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Thursday, July 28, 2005
Bonnie Reports:
Sadly, I report the passing of yet another WC alumnus. This reports comes to me from 1955's DONNA GENE TUDOR, who thinks this person was a member of the 1954 class. I suppose he may probably have been. However, although I clearly recall his name (and even his high school face), I was unable to find him in the 1954 Piratan. It does, however, seem that he would have 1954. I'm sure someone out there can confirm, one way or the other. --- Bonnie
Bonnie, Thought I would forward this to you. Bill graduation in 1954 I believe.

From the Dayton Daily News
William C. West, Class of '54, Deceased
Family-Placed Obituary
WEST, William C. age 69, of Ocala, FL, passed away Tuesday, July 12, 2005. He was born in West Carrollton, OH and moved to Ocala, FL 25 years ago. He was a member of the Church at the Springs, Ocala. He was active in his church and enjoyed woodworking. He served in the U.S. Army in Germany. Survivors include his former wife, Leah Lamb Perkins of Germantown, OH; a son & daughter- in-law, John & Jean West of Dayton, OH; daughter & son-in-law, Marcia & David Duncan of West Alexandria, OH; former wife, Janet Hollenbeck of Belleview, FL; step-son and daughter-in-law, Randall & Joni Barnett of Ocala, FL; 2 stepdaughters, Vicki Nutter of Winston, GA and Brenda Barnett of Belleview, FL; brother, Clyde West of Florida; 11 grandchildren; 6 great-grandchildren. Preceded in death by a stepdaughter, Debbie Rawls; a brother, Marvin West, and a sister, Onnalee Jones. Graveside services will be held at 11 A.M., Saturday, July 30 at Evergreen Cemetery, West Carrollton, OH. In lieu of flowers, donations to the church of your choice would be appreciated.

Published in the Dayton Daily News on 7/28/2005.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

"Let's Go Pirates!" The Pirate Victory Bell Rings in Ormand Beach, FL.
at the home of Gil and Bonnie Risner Miller. What dedication. Everyone that passes
by should stop to ring the bell. Best time: 3:00 AM!
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Friday, July 22, 2005
WE*CA*TON NEWS REPORT!! -- 22 July 2005:
---Am I ever ticked! While it's not good to be doing anything on a negative note, I have to tell you that I'm not in a good mood. Why? Well, I was in here awhile ago, typed for an hour and a half, finished off my entire bulletin, then hit that one wrong button, and lost it ALL!!! I was so angry with myself, I had to get away from this for a spell, so that I'd be able to cool down and try it again. I realize I have to get right back to it, though, while it's all fresh in my mind, or else I'll forget the text and the list of names. So bear in mind, I'm doing all of this from memory. If I screw up, you will have no choice but to forgive me, although I DO want you to send me a corrective reminder of anything you may have sent, which I overlooked. This happened to me last year, during the hurricanes, as all of you, "old- timers" will recall, when I experienced a power outage. I was ticked, then, even though it wasn't my fault. This time, though, it WAS my fault, so it made it much worse! I offer sincerest apologies, especially, to our two new sign-ons, who will be addressed later. So here we go---again!!

Messages were really piling up and I didn't intend to do another bulletin, quite this soon, but this is good, for it means that I'm hearing from more of you. I do hope this will continue into October, when I shall see every single smiling face on this list, right?

As you all already know, we lost another WC alumnus on July 11, JERRY MICHAEL ARMSTRONG, Class of 1958. Jerry died of cancer. This past year has been just disastrous, as regards fallen classmates. Jerry was but 65, and in his abbreviated life, it seems he managed to accomplish a great deal. This report was transmitted to me by 1961's NANCY J. ERTEL. We can't get Nancy out of Kansas, but she continues to stay abreast of all that happens, and keeps us well-informed. Thank you, Nancy. Don't worry, I'm not going to get out my soapbox again. However, I surely AM going to say to all of you, "Get to the WC functions!" Don't delay. We never know. Life is tenuous, at best, and we continue to have that fact proven to us, with each passing week. So get your plans in place for alumni weekend (October 7, 8, 9). Don't make any excuses. JUST BE THERE!!!

Checking in during this period with the usual forwarded materials were 1955's DONNA GENE TUDOR; 1957's SHIRLEY ANN HILE; 1958'S RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, WILLIAM R. HOWARD, LINDA L. BECKETT, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, ROBERT W. "SMITTY" SMITH; 1959 's GARY E. BARNES; 1960'S LINDA LEE SHANK, MICHAEL S. WEST, STEVEN M. KOKOT, GERALD A. FULLER, EULA FAYE BAILEY, JUDITH A. STALDER; 1961's SALLY L. GILLETTE (finally!), DALLAS K. MATHIS, JANET L. CHANDLER (finally!), LARRY D. GILBERT, PATRICIA LYNNETTE GARRETT, JUDITH L. SAMUELS; 1962's BARBARA T. O'NEAL. I'm still thinking there's someone I'm not remembering. If so, I'm sorry.

Still among the "missing" ---1960's MILTON R. WOLFE, 1961's GARY R. FRANK, MICHAEL R. FORSYTH, and 1964's BRENDA ASHLEY TAYLOR. Does anyone have an update on these folks, or failing that, some way to GET one?

It's been a very long time since I heard from you, Miss Tootie! (1959's CAROLYN E. PENCE) Where are you and why haven't you written us a time or two? We want an update! You have a fan club amongst WC people and I've been getting queries about you! The same goes for you, Miss Cookie! (1960's NANCY E. BOWIE) It's been way too long since I heard from YOU, too! I've been in touch with other people, though, like 1958's Bruce Chenoweth and 1960's Eula Faye Bailey. We all maintain pretty close touch. Bruce drove down to the Bluegrass state last month, he told me, and escorted 1960's NINA F. KNISLEY out to dinner. During Eula Faye's recent Ohio visit, she went to dinner with Bruce and companion, 1971's PATTY JO WHEELBARGER. A recent, chatty phone call from my birthday twin, 1960's DEVONA S. TAYLOR, advised me of her recent move with her spouse of 45 years, GENE COUCH. They're hangin' right in there, reports Dee.

Bill Howard will continue to act as our liaison in notifying Frisch's of our "onslaught" in October. We want to keep that function simple and basic, with no rules and no plans and no dress requirements and no arrival time. So says its founder, Mike West. I couldn't agree more! You hit on a winner there, Mike! This function is now on its 4th go-round, and it gets bigger each year. I'll bet we had a hundred people there, last year.

Donna Tudor checked in to say how much she enjoys the bulletins. I appreciate that, Donna. She also mentioned how much she misses her two late sisters, 1955's DORIS D. TUDOR, and 1957's DEANA C. TUDOR. I know you miss them, Donna. So do I, and I also wish they could still be with us. Donna is good about staying in touch. So is her niece, 1987's SHARLENE N. MERKER, daughter of 1960's SHIRLEY J. TUDOR, who I need to call.

If any of you out there have any information on members of the Class of 1957, please contact THERESA M. MOSES. She is trying to track down members of that class. I was able to give her a bit of an assist with both JAMES J. DOWNS and LINDA L. MCAFEE. I'll bet some of you out there can probably help her out with others, too. By the way, Miss McAfee, why haven't we heard an update on YOU? Do you think you can just get remarried and then blow off all of us? C'mon, send me a message!

Recently, I've spoken again with 1960's EDGAR L. "EDDIE" KELLY. All of us always remember Eddie as being the Fonzie of our class, much the way 1962's RICHARD C. CALL was perceived as the Fonzie of HIS class. Also included in those characterizations was that of 1960's WILLIAM M. ROHLER, who was very much a Vinnie Barbarino type ("Welcome Back, Kotter") That particular character always also reminded me of 1960's RICHARD L. "DICK" PHILLIPS, a recent addition to our bulletin list. Also in that group was AARON COUCH and CURTIS KEMP. It was really a fun bunch. By the way, every time I talk to one of you, every single one of you mentions the others. You're a group who REALLY need to reunite! From all indications, every one of you (with the possible exception of Bill) are going to be in Ohio this October. I want to be around to see this, hear? So don't let me down!

Does anyone recognize this e-mail address? I got an e-mail from it and it seems to be some sort of WC group, but I can't identify the individual. The address is as follows: ( frozgood@cs.com ) I don't know who this is.

My sister, 1956's JUDY ANN RISNER reported that she and her husband went to MCL Cafeteria the other night and spoke at length with 1963's RONALD E. LINK, who is their neighbor and a frequent customer of that place. JUDY A. SHOCKLEY, 1960, has worked there for many years. GARY E. BARNES, 1959, is an old pal of Ron's, as is 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE. Between the two of them, we hope to coax Ron to put in an appearance at this year's functions.

Speaking of e-mail addresses, let's all try to be more aware of e-mailing photos to 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST ( W4MSW@charter.net ), who has proven to be such a vital link in keeping us all so well-connected. Not only did Mike come up with the genius of the Frisch's gathering, but he also hosts a website for WC folks, as well as a blogspot where all of these bulletins are posted. Between him and 1961's NANCY J. ERTEL, they serve as the "technological brains" behind this operation. My sole purpose is writing and distributing information. I don't even KNOW how to do what Mike and Nancy do. So let's all pitch in and send them everything we can. As for me, I've got to get cracking and send Mike the photo of my red and black bell in my driveway, beneath which, hangs a red and black flag of a pirate. He asked me for that, several weeks ago.

Recently, I had an exchange with WCHS librarian, ANNE B. SCHALLER. I asked her to attend our alumni gig and I hope she does. She's been very instrumental, over the past two years, in putting me together with an awfully lot of Piratans, which I needed, in order to do what I do. I'd sucre love to meet her, in the flesh.

Our very popular (and sports-oriented) traveler, who had such a freak accident recently in California, DELORES K. "DEDE" FAHRNEY, 1960, is recovering nicely. She and I talked about 2 weeks ago, and she told me she anticipates no problems. But she's sticking with the same doctor out there. This will be disappointing news for BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, who wanted to have a golf match with DeDe, WHILE the wrist was healing. He said that was the only way he'd stand a chance of victory over her. Ha! Listen, DeDe, if you're getting this, please try to orchestrate your travels so that you can be with us all, come October, hear? (How incredible is this? At the very instant I was writing about DeDe, an e-mail came in from her.) She has visited Yosemite, she says, and is still doing well. Great, DeDe! Everyone has been wondering about you and asking about you. We're all delighted to hear a good report.

In other traveling news, 1958's JAMES E. KECKLER, and wife Janet, are off on a 1-week vacation, he has reported. They'll be returning tomorrow. As many of you will recall, the Kecklers, attended WC Florida Spring Fest in April and we really had a circus. They're truly fun people. Listen, you two! Don't "over-travel" and then not be able to join us in October, hear?

Well, we've finally gotten a working e-mail address for 1960's WILLIAM E. HECKER, it seems. So welcome aboard, Bill! Our thanks to his old golfing pal, MONTY ESTEP, for not giving up the ship and continuing to try to get it. Okay, Monty, get to work on finding a working e-mail address for JUDY A. SHOCKLEY, will you, please? Tell her I want her on our list and be sure to tell her about our October functions.

JO ANNE MCCLURE, 1955, and I have been having a few rousing exchanges. She flies free, due to her airline ties for her retirement; therefore, I'm encouraging her to get things in order to attend the 50th celebration for her class. Apparently, she and fellow classmate, FREDA FLETCHER, are living practically next door to each other on the, "left coast," of Florida. So we're all especially hoping to see you both, on the wonderful and significant occasion of the 50th anniversary of your high school graduation. I know your other classmates want to see you, too. They all want to have as many attendees as possible. Why don't some of you other 1955-ers get in touch with them? Sic 'em, Donna!

Let's give a big welcome to 1964's STEPHEN A. ELLIS, who has just signed on for the bulletins. He used to live in Morristown, Tennessee, but told me he's recently moved to the Bluegrass state. We're glad you're so near to Ohio, Steph. This means we'll definitely be searching the crowd for your smiling face, come October. Please don't disappoint us.

From our not-so-roving reporter in Kansas, NANCY J. ERTEL, (who somehow manages to rise above the challenges of her self-imposed immobility and do a great job of keeping us all current, anyway) came a terribly amusing story about one of our former teachers, PHIL HUBBARD, who was in our last bulletin. Wrote Nancy, "I'm slow responding to this, but Phillip Hubbard drew a big "R.I.P." tombstone on the board one time, for the WCHS marching band, as we were heading off to a contest, I think. He didn't like band events, taking his students out of class." What a great story, Nancy! Thanks for sharing that with all of us. There must be other former band members out there, who also recall that. I find myself musing now, about the environment in those days, between Mr. Hubbard and our marching band leader, HARRY C. HAGGERTY. Are you there, Mr. H.? Do you remember any of this?

Speaking of WC teachers, we are honored with a check -in during this bulletin period from none other than MURL E. HUFFMAN. Mr. H. reports that he's been visiting and reminiscing with 1959's RICHARD C. HENSLEY. who remains hospitalized with cancer. Someone do take him our bulletin, please, and tell him we're all pulling for him. Mr. H. also reports that he really enjoys all the news in our bulletins. So what does that mean? Well, I can tell you what it means to ME! In school, didn't we all do just as Mr. H. requested? Sure, we did! So that means you must all continue to send in news blurbs, because if you don't, I will have no news for Mr. H.! Don't forget!

Cousin JUDITH L. SAMUELS just had a birthday on the 20th. She reports that she and husband, Bill Van Cleef, took in dinner at the Outback. Also celebrating a July birthday was Mike West. Right now, though, he's busily absorbed in reading the latest copy of Reminisce, the magazine which was gift-subscripted to me by 1960's PHILIP L. WOLFORD. I've fallen into the habit of sending it to Mike and Sally, when I finish it, as it's too good a mag to just pitch. Where are you , Phil? You're usually pretty good about staying in touch.

We continue to search for 1959's ROBERT L. TANKERSLEY for my classmate, DANNY A. WALTERS. We are also on the hunt for WILLIAM D. DUNCAN, 1960, for Phil. Is there any help out there? Let me know, please. We know that Bill is in the state of Maryland. I remain relatively sure that Bob is in the Miami area. I will not abandon the search.

With that, I will close this edition of the WNR. I send fond regards to each of you and hope you are doing well. I leave you all with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

---And there you have it! More at 11--- B

Thursday, July 21, 2005
I see that I have mistakenly failed to send this website. I think I should have done this, initially. I didn't, but will try now to compensate for my misjudgment. I'm now getting numerous e-mails from some of you who had positive things to say about Jerry. I think it's great, too, but could you write them just once more, on this website, which will be read by his family. As nice as I think it is, it doesn't mean anything to me, in the same it would to his surviving family. So please, do re-write the nice things and send them on to this website. Thank you.
---And there you have it! More at 11--- B
-------Original Message-------
Subject: More on Jerry Armstrong
Anyone wanting to post reminiscences to Jerry's obituary, please visit:

Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Jerry Michael Armstrong '58 - Deceased: *
Jerry Armstrong of Royal Oak, MD died on Monday, July 11, 2005, after a courageous battle with cancer. He was 65. Born May 8, 1940 in Dayton, Ohio, he was the oldest son of Ophal LaVon Mullenix Armstong-Hintermeister and the late Edward Martin Armstrong. He graduated from West Carrollton High School in Ohio and received a B.A. degree in Data Processing from Ohio University in 1960 and graduate work in pata processing from George Washington University in 1964. He was an accomplished figure skater in college and participated in the 1960 Olympic pairs figure skating competition in Squaw Valley, CA. Jerry served from 1963-1965 in the U.S. Army and was stationed at the Data Processing Division at the Pentagon. He worked in data processing at IBM and the R.L. Polk Co. in Cincinnati and at C.E.I.R. Inc, Control Data and his own companies, Action Data Processing, Inc. and Computing & Mailing Services Inc., in Washington, D.C. In 1971, he moved his family to Royal Oak, MD. In 1973, he started Jerry’s Painting & Remodeling, Inc. in Easton, which he sold in 1994. Jerry married the former Carol L. Wrightson in July 1964. He is survived by his mother, his son J. Michael Armstrong, Jr., his wife Yvonne and grandson, Jerry M. III, all of Smyrna, DE, his daughter, Michelle L. Armstrong-Keen, her husband, Charles and grandsons, Jonathan and Alan, all of Easton. his brother, James A. Armstrong, his wife, Barbara, and nieces Tonya Armstrong and Amanda A. Jennings of Dayton, OH; step-sister, Ann Hintermeister Kuhlmann, her husband, Alfred, and niece, Angelina K. Ruskin of Monroe, OH; an aunt and uncle, Jackie and Jack Mullenix of Dayton, OH, and their son, Terry, of Texas; brother-in-law, “Skip” Wrightson, and his wife Sandy of Oxford; niece Marcia W. Webb, of Chestertown, and nephew, Douglas Tylor Wrightson of St. Michaels.Jerry was involved with many community organizations: Talbot County Chamber of Commerce, St. Michaels Rotary Club and a Paul Harris Fellow, Board of Governors and several committees at Miles River Yacht Club, Life Member of Easton B.P.O. Elks Lodge 1622, MD Home Improvement Commission in Baltimore and the MD Improvement Contractors Association. He also served on the vestry and as Jr. Warden at Christ Church, St. Michaels. He enjoyed his sportfish, “Jerry’s Toy”, on the Miles River and cruises from MRYC and on the intercoastal waterway. He liked traveling to “warm” areas. He also enjoyed working in his yard, playing poker and bridge with his many friends, and eating breakfast with the gang at Carpenter Street in St. Michaels. He enjoyed his family and friends, and especially his three grandsons. A memorial service will be held on Friday, July 22, 2005 at 11:00 AM at Christ Episcopal Church in St. Michaels. Burial will be private. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Talbot Hospice Foundation, 586 Cynwood Drive, Easton, MD 21601, or to the St. Michaels Rotary Club Scholarship Fund, PO Box 394, St. Michaels, MD 21663.
From: www.fhnfuneralhome.com

*The typographic and grammar errors here were all in the original document- ed.

Monday, July 18, 2005
Trivia From Your Humble Editor: 18 JUL 2005
So, how many people out there in WCHS land actually look at this site (or, to put it another way - are we wasting our time)???
According to "statcounter.com", we had 23 visitors to the site last week. Not bad!


(From Bonnie) -- Attention, all! 18 JULY 2005

Remember DeDe's (Delores 'DeDe' Fahrney - '60) RV trip? Well, please open this attachment and read the latest. She has sustained an injury while traveling, so I think things will be slowing down a bit. Let's all keep good thoughts for DeDe, who has apparently suffered a broken wrist, as she was traveling in California. Mike and Nancy, I'm sure one or both you can figure out some way to post her travelogue on our blogspot. I couldn't do it.

Hi Folks:
Left off at Kanab Utah. Beautiful area. We went to both Zion and Bryce Canyons. We have lots of pictures. Then we were off to Las Vegas for 3 days. Boy, was it hot. Was going to be 113 when we left so we left at midnite for the coast of California. We done all the touristy things in Vegas. Lost about $5. We only played the 1 and 5 cent machines. Jan won $56 and Nan won $48. Dede and I struck out. We went to Lake Meade and to the dam one day. Saw all the FREE shows in Vegas.At 9:30 am the next day 6/27 we arrived at Morro Bay, CA. We spent the nite and headed for Big Sur. We stayed in a state campground. How neat that was, right along the Big Sur river. The next day it was off to San Francisco. We arrived at 4 pm and at 5 pm we were in the emergency room at the Marin hospital. I was backing into our space and Dede was out guiding me in when she went over backwards over a timber that they had to mark off the spaces. She shattered her wrist and broke it in 2 places. We couldn't get into the doctor until this am due to the holidays. We went to Golden Gate Park yesterday to the Japenese tea garden and the beach and the brewery and the gardens. They had a band there playing all the patriotic songs. It was neat. Dede went to the sports doctor this am and will be operated on tommorrow at 12:30. The wrist will require pins in and a 6 week healing period. She has to stay here for a post op checkup next Wed. so we are here until then. I will keep you all posted. We have to come to the office to use e-mail which is a pain so if you want to get ahold of us, either call Dede or Jan's cell number.

The 4 vagabonds (grounded) & 2 couch potatoes

Saturday, July 02, 2005
How long has it been? I've actually lost track of time. I have my two grandsons here (8 1/2, 13 1/2) and they are really putting me through my paces. I've discovered I'm WAY too old for this, but can't find any way to avoid it, at this point. So I'm just trying to roll with the punches.

Has anyone been able to get an e-mail update on 1960's MILTON R. WOLFE or JUDY ANN SHOCKLEY? I've also still lost 1964's BRENDA ASHLEY TAYLOR. I think we're now okay with 1958's JAMES E. KECKLER and with 1962's RICHARD C. CALL. But we need to track down new info on those first three. If you can help, please let me know. I'm no longer getting returns on 1961's GARY R. FRANK nor ROBERT W. BRANE, either, so those must have rectified themselves.

Checking in during this period with the usual array of forwarded materials were 1954's WILLIAM L. MCNABB; 1958'S LINDA L. BECKETT, WILLIAM R. HOWARD, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, SANDRA L. BARSALOU, RONALD D. "TOM" FEE. ROBERT W. "SMITTY" SMITH; 1959's GARY E. BARNES; 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, LINDA L. SHANK, JUDITH A. STALDER, STEVEN M. KOKOT; 1961's PAUL R. BEARDSLEY, SANDRA L. BROCK, SALLY LYNNE GILLETTE, JOHN LEE MONTGOMERY; 1962's JUDY LYNN JAMES, RICHARD C. CALL, BARBARA T. O'NEAL; 1971's PAMELA K. SHIPLEY. So we know that all of those people are, "up and runnin'!"

In view of that, I guess I might as well get the bad news out of the way early. You're all probably already aware of another loss for our 1955-ers. As reported by DONNA GENE TUDOR, we have lost DUANE LEE SNYDER, who was apparently a teacher at two of the area high schools. He was living in Centerville and passed away this past weekend. Donna did not give a specific date nor cause of death. I'm sure many of you are already aware of that information, though. I believe this makes our third one for June. So far, May was the most horrid month we had, with six reported deaths. Thanks for the report, Donna. We need to stay abreast of such news items, that's for sure.

To my best knowledge, 1959's RICHARD C. HENSLEY remains ill and hospitalized. I've had no recent updates on his condition, but am relatively sure that his fellow classmate, GARY E. BARNES, would let us know, if there were any significant change. Gary has recently reconnected with old pal, 1963's RONALD E. LINK. He said they rehashed old times and had a good telephone visit. Great! That's what we ALL need to be doing, as the opportunities arise.

During the past month or so, that opportunity knocked for me, more than once. I had a long and windy chat with 1960's EDGAR L. "EDDIE" KELLY, from his new home in Nampa, Idaho. I love talking to Eddie. We always have great chats. I also talked with my cherished friend, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, as well as my wonderful and trusted friend, EULA FAYE BAILEY, also of 1960.

Eula Faye is likely in Ohio right now, visiting her mother and maybe even having supper with Bruce. Eddie is still recovering from the rigors of moving, but he's doing well. He spoke of old pals, AARON COUCH, RICH CALL, and WILLIAM M. "BILL" ROHLER. He said he wants to see them all again.

Just last week, I had a visit from GERALD A. FULLER, one of my oldest and dearest friends in the world. He and wife Becky were on the way to Orlando for a reunion with Jerry's military football team and they worked me into their schedule. Becky described herself and my husband, Gil, as being, "West Carrollton-challenged." Ha! What a kick I got out of that one. But I suppose it's true. My driveway sports a red and black bell and just below it is hanging a red and black banner, which depicts a pirate. Okay, okay, I know! Anyway, the Fullers are safely back in their, "Old Kentucky Home," now, and report they had a wonderful time in Orlando.

TOM FEE got a year older last month! How about that? Let's be thrilled with our birthdays, folks, no matter HOW many they are! Just think of the alternative, and we've had quite enough of THAT!

PAM SHIPLEY and I had a couple of fun exchanges on the e-mail, with our reminiscences of several of WC's teachers. They included DAVID COLLINS, PHILLIP HUBBARD, GERTRUDE WERNER, and MARTHA H. DEAN. The repartee on the male teachers was very upbeat and complimentary. I don't think I'll delve into the exchange on Miss Dean or Mrs. Werner, though. Enough said! In an interesting side note, the son of Mr. Hubbard used to work for 1958's Bill Howard. Small world! We'll talk more later, Pam!

Guess what? We've got 1955's FREDA FLETCHER on our list now!! Welcome aboard, Freda! We didn't know each other well in school. But Freda and I both went to the same church for many years and I vividly recalled her from church. Freda and I had numerous exchanges, as we revisited a lot of old memories, classmates, places we both knew, etc. So I look very much forward to seeing you again, Freda, come October. My sister (1956's JUDY ANN RISNER) also is anxiously awaiting seeing Freda. So don't disappoint us, Freda! Like a couple of others, Freda also subscribes to the Class of 1954, even though her actual year of graduation was 1955. She says she just had one or two credits to go, and that's why she wasn't in the 1954 class. That's okay, Freda. You can belong to two classes or three classes or whatever you want, just so long as you attend the annual gig, okay?

From 1960's THOMAS L. WOLFE, JR., came a report that it may be a bit, until the sacred building is razed which housed Woody's Supermarket. Tom says they're working on grant money. He reminded me that many an alumni gathering had been held at the now-defunct Imperial House Motel, too. He says Interstate Ford is going to move to that location. I guess the only thing which is constant, IS change, isn't it? Both Bill Howard and Gary Barnes assure me that they'll be there to get me "a piece of the action," once the razing begins on the Woody's building. Not to worry, guys, Bruce Chenoweth has assured me he'll find a way to bail you out, should the worst occur. Now, you know that's comforting, right?

So let's check in on our, "traveling alumni," shall we? We have already covered the Fullers, of course, but we have a lot of "roam-arounders" out there, and they are going to visit some really nifty places. Among those are 1960's STEVEN M. KOKOT, and his 1962 spouse, BARBARA T. O'NEAL. The Kokots, they report, have just recently returned from a really nifty vacation trip, out west. They went to Wisconsin Dells, Mall of America, Wyoming, and South Dakota. Now, that's what I call a real vacation. Of course, I'm somewhat predisposed to that Wyoming/South Dakota area, I must admit. As an old motorcycle tramp, I've attended the Sturgis Rally & Races on 20 consecutive years (1982 through 2001) and know those two states like the back of my hand. I, too, love that part of the country!

Then there's cousin JUDITH LYNN SAMUELS, who is also doing lots of mini-trips in her RV, with spouse, Bill Van Cleef. Judy and I have concluded that it takes one full-time job these days, just to pay for groceries, fuel, health care, property taxes, and homeowners insurance. I'll bet NO one can disagree with THAT! Judy also sent in a comment on the new hometown of Eddie Kelly, say- ing she's actually been to Nampa, Idaho, on a big-rig run, to make a delivery. Many of you may not know this, but Judy holds a trucker's license and drove the big rigs for about 3 years. How about that?

Does anybody out there remember 1954's JO ANNE McCLURE? Well, let's extend a big welcome to her, as she is also on our bulletin list now. Jo Anne is a realtor in Florida and if you need her services, please contact her at ( www.elistingservice.com/users/joanne/0007 )
She'll appreciate it. Jo Anne was also once a flight attendant for TWA and she has a son who lives very near to me (about 25 miles) in DeLeon Springs. We all hope to see you in October, Jo Anne. Once you attend one of the annual alumni gatherings, you'll never miss again!

From 1973's JEAN ANN MILLER came a sincere query about the illness of Rich Hensley. She called him a "dear" and wanted to know where she could send a card to her former teacher. I referred her to Gary Barnes, who successfully answered her question, I do believe. I'm sure Rich would have have been thrilled to get your card, Jean. How nice of you!

Then came a fun little exchange with 1963's DOUGLAS OTT, as I verified his name and class year, for inclusion on our list. This is something I always do, as you all know. Doug said he has no middle name. Wow, I wondered! Now, how did he get away with that one, during a time when we all got saddled with those pesky middle names? Just lucky, I guess.

Lest we should all forget, my "land baron" friend, 1961's PATRICIAL LYNNETTE GARRETT, is off and running again, too. On June 25, she hit the trail for her new home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lynn reports she'll be spending about a month there. One of her sons lives out there, too. Prior to leaving, though, Lynn reported the death of the son of Janet Lail. I remember her, do you? Her older brother was Billy Lail. The son was 46 and died on or about June 6, reported Lynn. The Lails were also Miami Shores Kids. Lynn left Frank behind, where he's working. I keep telling you NOT to do that, Lynn!! You know I have this big crush on Frank and if you keep leaving him home alone, sooner or later, I'm going to be up there while you're gone, and then, who knows WHAT may happen? But Lynn wrote that she had to take a break, after a garage sale with discouraging results. I'd never thought of it, but she wrote that e-Bay is ruining all the good, old garage sales. I guess you're right, Lynn!

Well, folks, I continually tell Lynn about my big crush on Frank. She's totally undisturbed about it, though, and even told me to come on up and take him out for supper, while she's gone. Once again, I got to thinking about what I always say to myself. It goes like this: "All my life, women have trusted me implicitly with their spouses, roommates, significant others, boyfriends, etc. Now that I'm 63 years old, it's REALLY starting to tick me off!" So there!

Also out there roaming around right now, are 1960's JUDITH A. STALDER, and spouse Jerry De Angulo. She reported that they left on June 24 and will not be returning until July 10. Judy did not say where they were going, but hey, maybe they have no particular place in mind. Sometimes, those are the best kinds of vacations to take!

Then, of course, there are those, "wandering Walkers," 1960's WILLIAM O. WALKER, and his WC-honorary spouse, KAREN MURPHY. They've packed up their former abode in Dickinson, Texas, and headed further into the Wild, Wild West. They're cruising around New Mexico and Colorado doing some off-road jeeping, attending an RV rally here and there, and visiting with old friends. We sure do hope to catch you THIS October, Bill and Karen!

From 1954's VICTOR C. NOEL came a couple of quick notes, too, in which he confirmed that he is successfully receiving our bulletins now, and also that he is happy to be on the list. Well, we're happy to have you, Vic, so be sure you join us all in October!

From 1987's SHARLENE N. MERKER, came a note of nostalgia about playing Barbie Dolls with a little girl names Lisa Thacker. Sharlene wanted to know if she might be the daughter of 1960 class president LONNIE M. THACKER. I fear I might have said yes, without much thought. However, upon reflection, I do believe Lonnie had only sons. But I'll bet it's one of his relatives.

So here we are, right on top of my least favorite holiday of all time---4th of July!! Many of you, I know, will easily remember my aversion to that one. I have the utmost respect for what it signifies, don't get me wrong. But I just hate the never-ending loud noise, all the smoke, the debris, and the danger. It's just, "not my cup of tea," in short. But all of you who DO enjoy it, please be safe and careful.

As I sit here, about to conclude this WC bulletin, I'm thinking of my "charter members" of this unexpect- edly-popular, accidental publication, which launched itself about 4 years ago. It was 3 members of the 1961 crew. They are NANCY J. ERTEL, EDNA L. GRAY, and JUDITH L. SAMUELS. Geez, who knew?

With that little tidbit, I shall encourage all of you to please be SURE to send in your news. There are an awfully lot of you, from whom I haven't heard a word, in a very long time. Please remember, without your input, there can be no WC bulletins! So I leave you all with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

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