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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Thursday, October 21, 2004

Vince and Dottie Willman Brodbeck looking TOO good! Posted by Hello

---The wrap-up! Okay, you tell me! How on earth did I not mention the presence, at the alumni dinner, of my very own classmate, DOROTHY J. WILLMAN, and her 1958 spouse, VINCENT A BRODBECK? See! I told you'd I'd miss lots of people. Please accept my apology, Vince & Dottie, for I somehow just know you're going to wind up reading this, one way or another. This ageless couple, folks, always attend every alumni dinner/dance We need lots more alumni like Vince and Dottie! Then there's also an apology for a 1955 (I think) alumnus, VERNON SCARBOROUGH. He came to me by way of 1955's DONNA J. TUDOR. Thanks, Donna! Listen, you all, I'm quite serious about letting me know about names who weren't mentioned. When we mention people, it makes them realize that they matter, that we care about them, and that we want them to be there. It's a form of recognition we all seek, so send those names to me, please!

After crawling home from the alumni gig, I just knew I'd never be able to arise the following day. But yes, I did. I dashed over to the Bob Evans Restaurant in Englewood to meet for "the annual brunch." Although I invited my sister and brother-in-law, they opted out. Upon arrival, I greeted CHARLES V. CARTER and his wife, Pam. Also seated was MICHAEL S. WEST. We took a table and were soon joined by BRUCE E. CHENOWETH.

The chatter was lively and non-stop, as we all talked about the events and what fun they'd been and how we couldn't wait until next year. You see, we were awaiting the arrival of our official WC glamour pair, T. BARRY RUSSELLO and spouse, 1959's BETSY R. MURPHY. After about 30 minutes, they arrived, and I can assure you that they did not disappoint. Do they, ever? As I've said many times, they hold the fashion banner high, for us all. I appreciate that, because I'm not much for the glamour thing.

After 2 1/2 hours of sitting there and sharing a late brunch and chattering and enduring those, "are-you-ever- going-to-leave?" looks from the server (whom we hand- somely tipped, by the way), we all convened in the outer parking lot, hovering around Bruce's gorgeous 1956 Olsdmobile 88. Did we take photos with it? Did we, ever!! Bruce put Betsy on the front fender and all of us where hanging on a door or a window somewhere. It was the greatest fun!

Barry, Betsy, and Mike finally had to leave. But Bruce brought his car to my sister's and visited for a while longer, as did Pam and Charles. By about 2:30, though, we had to call it a day. Everyone had things to do and we were all worn to a frazzle. We'd forgotten that we'd gotten old. Ha!

But the fun wasn't quite over for ME! The very next day, I headed down to Miami Shores to the airport there, which ironically sets right on the spot where I was raised, and I met SHIRLEY J. TUDOR there. We have a mutual friend who just happens to have his own private plane (John Combs) and he had offered to fly us down to Cincinnati that day for a farewell lunch, can you imagine!

As Shirley and I awaited his arrival from the sky, we talked of all the fun we'd had as kids, walking across the dam over which we would soon by flying, daring fate. As we chatted, we soon saw John land the plane and we boarded and away we went. I looked at lots of things from up there in the sky, like that dam and Shirley's house and the old WC stadium, at what they now call, "the middle school."

We arrived in Cincinnati, hoofing it across the street to a very fancy restaurant, where John picked up the tab. He was terribly gracious. Back we went to the plane and back to the Miami Shores airport. I'd managed, once again, to overcome my fear of flying. Of course, John was also a very competent pilot, I might add, and a very gracious host. So now, it was truly over. Shirley and I rode around a bit in my car (well, okay, Lynn's SUV) and then called it a day.

Yes, it was now truly over. That evening, I headed down to the lovely Germantown home of LYNNETTE GARRETT to return her vehicle, which she and Frank had so graciously lent to me. Lynn and I had a good visit, too, before my sister and brother-in-law came to get me. I went back to her house and packed and they took me to the airport the following morning. My husband met me at baggage pick-up at 11:00 and I couldn't help but wonder where the days had gone. It all seemed like one, big, ethereal dream. But it had been so wonderful, and I had so many great memories again, I knew it hadn't been. So now, what am I doing? Well, that fact is, I'm getting ready to return to Dayton, this time, via I-75, and this time, with my husband. We'll likely leave tomorrow, but at the very latest, by Friday morn, it appears. So I may just knock on your door, you never know about me.
Let's all get busy on next year's alumni weekend right now. Let's remember our new battle cry, "Keep The Party Alive For 2005!"

There are MANY who disappointed me by not attending. Where WERE you? You all know who you were, I'm sure. Some of you have already written to tell me why you weren't there, but honestly, there is but one person who had a really legit reason. Let's not let this happen, folks. Make sure you're there, hear? As I've written so many previous times, alumni weekend gets to be FIRST, not just an afterthought. Don't forget that. I'll do another, regular bulletin when I return from Ohio. Try not to send me too many e-mails until after about October 30-31. I don't want my system to back up. In the meantime, I leave you with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serentiy, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!
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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Ron and JoAnn Stemley Hall at the 2004 Reunion
We have lots of pictures!Posted by Hello

Here is a wonderful E-mail from--- 1955's Donna Jeanne Tudor (now Johnson) which she has asked me to share with all of you. Even if she hadn't, I would have done so. It's too good to edit. Thanks, Donna! Let's all help her to connect with more of her 1955 class members, for their upcoming 50th year, please!

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-------Original Message-------

From: Johnson Donna T Civ 88 CG/SCQIP
Date: 10/18/04 09:43:05
To: 'Bonnie Risner Miller'

I want to mention the fact that I was invited to sit with Daryl and his sister Pat Tobias and her new husband at the Dinner/Dance. I arrived a little late and the 1955 seats were filled so I was very thrilled to sit with Pat Tobias who is also a 1955 grad. The rest of the people at the table including Daryl were 1957 grads. I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for saying such nice things to me about my sister Deana Tudor who was also in their class, but passed away in 1999. Deana was indeed a very beautiful and sweet girl and Shirely and I miss her and Doris (out oldest sister who passed away in 2000) very much. As many of you may remember, Doris was our homecoming queen in 1955 and also a cheerleader. Deana was a majorette and so was Shirley. I didn't do anything special like that in school but I did have a ball with my best friend Mary Sue McDaniels and all our other friends and by some miracle (my mothers pushing) I did graduate. I am sure Miss Dean remembered me very well as I spent a few times in her office being interrogated about my where abouts on a few days. Ha ha. I do want to say this. No one could have gone to a better school than dear ole West Carrollton. I worked downtown for two years at Schells Cafe and made my spending money to go to Germantown Skating Rink and Miamisburg Swimming Pool. The 50's were a blast. I am so grateful I grew up then but then I am not real sure I ever grew up even though I am now a grandmother of 5 and a great-grandmother of 2. Bonnie, I want to personally thank you for all the work you do in getting all of us together. Those of you who don't come to these functions are really missing a great time. NEXT YEAR IS THE 50TH FOR 1955. Make plans to attend. I am asking Bonnie to forward this e-mail so news can get around. Thank you Daryl Tobias for inviting me to your table. I really do appreciate it. Bill McNabb, it was great to see you. It was wonderful to talk with Roger Duncan, Vernon Scarborough and Mary Weidner. See you all next year.


Donna Tudor Johnson

---As I've told all of you, I need your help in order to get everything correct. Thanks, once again, to GARY E. BARNES, for jogging my feeble brain. What would I ever do without you, Gary? First of all, I want to tell you all that our Frisch's people also included SAMUEL WELLER, Class of 1957. It appeared he did a bit of visiting with other alumni, as did we all.

Also, (and this was such a glaring oversight, I can't even believe it, myself!) I failed to mention that the Class of 1959 was represented. I apologize to that distinguished class, one and all. First of all, Gary was there. How did I ever fail to write that, Gary? I guess I just devoted so much space to the golf outing, I forgot to mention you in the Frisch's Frolic. So yes, 1959 was represented by Gary. But he wasn't the only 1959-er, and thanks once again, Gary. It's he who tipped me off about the "mystery lady" who was sitting with yet another 1959-er, CAROLYN J. MELZONI. That person's name (in school) was DIANA SUE RAY. So there were 3 1959 people of whom I'm aware. I had mentioned Carolyn, of course, but not her class year, as I was unsure. So there! I have hopefully rectified all the goofs of which I'm aware. Do let me know, if there are others.

But here, in this final paragraph, I shall acknowledge the most glaring goof of all. How on God's green earth did I ever overlook the presence of the indefatigable MURL E. HUFFMAN, our Civics teacher? Many apologies, Mr. H., and I hope you will forgive me. Yes, he was there, and he was as lively (or livelier) than were most of US! He came around to every table, greeting everyone, asking us to call him Murl. I'll swear, I've tried to choke out the first name, when I address you, Mr. H., but I just can't seem to do that, even after all these years. You were a childhood figure of such daunting presence and I just can't overcome that image. I'm working on it, though. I'll try for next year. So that's the quick update, folks. My apologies for the omissions.
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WECATON NEWS REPORT!!---Frisch's Frolic, Part 2

Just Thursday, had been great fun, riding all over the area and seeing all the things I get to see each year. But I knew, as the weekend shifted into first gear, it would just get better and better and better. My anticipation would prove to be worth the wait and I wasn't wrong.

Although I did not attend, I got a report on the WC Golf Tourney and I'm under the impression that it was held at a place called the Mound Golf Course. I'm fairly sure of that, although it wasn't officially confirmed. In any case, it was orchestrated by 1959's GARY E. BARNES, and the word is that it will now also become a permanent part of our alumni weekend. By the way, all you lady golfers out there, Gary is looking for some WC women to play in this event, so get in contact with him if you're interested. He says there were no female participants this year, but that was NOT what he wanted.

Please take note that we have now evolved into what is called, "WC Alumni Weekend." I'm being very careful NOT to use the term, "reunion," as that is NOT what it is, truly. That term (reunion) denotes a specific class year and the alumni gig is a non-exclusive event, held for the benefit of any and all who have ever trod a WC hallway. Also, as we now know, it is an event which is held annually on the second Saturday of October. Basically, what that means to all of us is this: If you are receiving this bulletin, then you are, "booked for life" for the second Saturday of October, as well as its preceding Friday and its succeeding Sunday. Do NOT make other plans for that weekend, as you will already HAVE plans. It's not as though you don't know when it is. Alumni weekend should be FIRST on your list of things to do that weekend and should not be knocked out of top priority for ANYthing else---not babysitting, not other parties, not golfing, not other trips, nothing!!! Do we finally have that squared away? I certainly hope so.

Anyway, back to the WC golfing report! Participating in the event, aside from Gary, were also 1960's GERALD A. FULLER and MONTY ESTEP, as well as 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, RONALD D. "TOM" FEE,
and LEONARD F. KUHN, 1961's GARY R. FRANK, who brought a friend whose name was not conveyed, and JOHN L. MONTGOMERY. My report says that you had to leave after 9 holes, John. But apparently, all the others played 18 holes. Anyway, Gary says the following, and this is a direct quote: "I can tell you this. Not one ball was lost and our scores were so good that we decided not to tell, because people wouldn't believe them, anyway. After we finished, we had such a good time, sitting outside the clubhouse, having a few drinks, and telling stories on each other and others. A good time was had by all, and we plan to do it again next year. Hopefully, we will have more golfers. Remember, this is not just a guy thing. Women were/are also invited to play." Gary goes on to write, "This is my report and I'm sticking to it. You (he meant 1958 classmate WILLIAM R. HOWARD) and Bonnie can make up whatever you want from here. Gary."

Well, that's a great report, Gary, and we all thank you so much for sharing that with us. Of course, as we all know, there is absolutely NO CHANCE of exaggeration or a small stretch of the truth on ANYthing a golfer says about golf scores. It's right up there with what anglers say about the size of their catches, isn't it? I thought so! In any case, we're all glad you guys got together and we know this is going to grow into a mammoth, annual happening.

Just look what has happened with the annual Frisch's Frolic, which just had its second year. What a winning idea you formulated with THAT function, MICHAEL S. WEST, Class of 1960!! Yes, the evening brought about our "warm-up event," of the Second Annual WC Frisch's Frolic," which was held---where else?---at our old haunt of the Moraine City Frisch's. How many times did we all drive around that parking lot, over and over and over and over, until we were nearly dizzy. But we just had to be "seen" there.

There were always some amusing incidents, too, such as the time when 1961's JUDY M. FRANTZ whacked into the vehicle of 1960's CURTIS A. KEMP, upon whom she then had such a mad crush. Way to go, Judy! You really knew how to get a guy's attention, didn't you?

As for me, I can still see a convertible coming into that lot and two of its occupants were 1955's EARL JENKINS and NORMAN E. JACKSON. There was a third guy, but I don't remember who that was, for some reason. I had a mad crush, myself, in those days, on Norm. My jaw would drop, as they drove through. (Just for the record and so that you won't have any hurt feelings, I was by then long over my junior high crush on you, GARY L. WARLAUMONT. As the modern saying goes, I had "moved on.") So for all of us to be back at that particular Frisch's, really stirred up many memories of that type. There is a huge nostalgia factor involved there, and that's why I believe that the site for that function is totally non-negotiable and it will be held there for as long as that building stands!

So when I arrived at 5:45p.m., I wasn't on bit surprised to find a whole table full of former classmates, way back in a corner. There sat DONNA J. RICHARDS, LYNNETTE GARRETT, CAROLE J. LEWIS, JUDY M. FRANTZ, SANDRA S. HOLLINGSWORTH, and PAULA R. WILSON! By the way, Paula, what is your name, NOW? I never did have that right. Anyway, I can tell you that all those 1961 gals looked spectacular, no exceptions. I've had this wonderful opportunity, over the last 3 years, not only to reconnect with former classmates, but also to get to know SO many whom I did NOT know, in school. We had quite a crew and believe me, I hold the Class of 1961 in special affection. They are all SUCH a great bunch. Well, I sat right down with them, and the talk came, fast and furious. We went on and on and on.

But the Class of 1961 was not represented by only that great group. There were more people pouring in, all the time. It was terrific! Soon, we also had MICHAEL C. BAKER, ROBERT W. BRANE, GARY R. FRANK, SANDRA J. CASEY, JAMES E. CURTIS, SALLY L. GILLETTE, JANET L. WALTERS, and TOM W. WELLER. That 1961 class was determined not to miss one thing, and they sure didn't! At another nearby table was 1958's CAROLYN MELZONI, who looked fabulous. She was seated with another girl named SUE, whose last name (I'm sorry to say) I missed. But perhaps someone out there can fill me in. But let's digress for a moment---one of my favorite things---while I single out that stunning pair of ladies, Sally Gillette and Janet Walters. I cannot even BEGIN to tell you both, how many people I heard, making comments on how good the two of you look. I mean it, there must have been at least 10 people or more. So how about letting the rest of us in on your secrets, eh?

The defining moment of the evening, though, just HAD to be when none other than 1961's JACK L. GODBY made his way to the center of the WC crowd. Oh, you really had to be there, believe me! He was using his walker, moving very gingerly, and the twinkle in his eyes was just unmistakable. Everyone was thrilled beyond words. He "drew a crowd" all evening, during the time he was there. I don't think there was one person who didn't want to talk to Jack. I'm sure we wore you to a frazzle, Jack, but we were all just so thrilled to see you, we couldn't stand it. No one would ever deny that Jack was "the star of the show," on that night, befitting his extensive background as an off-Broadway stage actor. By the way, folks, in spite of all his trials and tribulations, I have to tell you that Jack has held up admirably and he, too, looked great! Thank you for that incredible effort you made, Jack. We all thought it was well worthwhile and we sure do hope you felt that way, too. Even as I type this, I have a 1961 Piratan packaged, labeled, and ready to hit the mailbox, just for you, Jack. You said you no longer have yours and I just happened to have one extra of that year. I'm sure it was just setting there, awaiting a trip to your house. We all hope you'll stay well-rested and in contact with us throughout the year and we REALLY hope you'll be a permanent part of that 1961 table, from here on out.

Also putting in an appearance from the Class of 1961 was none other than my old riding pal (and instructor) LARRY G. RING. Boy, was I ever happy to see Larry! I wasn't the only one, though. I noticed that several of the 1961 girls went over to talk to him, as did a number of other people. So you need to start showing up at more of these things, Larry. You come, too, Jill!

At one point, I counted heads and got 88 people and they were still pouring in. From the 1960 class, aside from myself, we had CHARLES V. CARTER (to whom I'm very close and of whose family I'm a lifelong satellite member), LINDA L. SHANK (with whom I connected last year and looks great), GARY D. RICHARDS (who is one of my favorite people in our class, just a prince of a guy), LINDA L. BOWMAN (who came with Linda Shank and how we did love seeing you, Linda!), GERALD A. FULLER (whom I dearly love and always will), ROSS A. HODGSON (who refuses to join the 21st century and get a computer, so I'll keep mailing his bulletins), STEVEN M. KOKOT (who's the kindest, most patient soul I've ever known), J DAVID MAYS (who always impresses me with his calm and wonderful demeanor and of whom I'm terribly fond), THOMAS L. WOLF, JR. (of whom I'm also terribly fond and whom I was given a "second chance" to know and I also adore his wife), MICHAEL S. WEST (a big ditto on what I just wrote about Tom, I must say), T. BARRY RUSSELLO (whom I dearly love and who has become so special to me, along with his wife, 1959's BETSY J. MURPHY, who was also with us), DEVONA S. TAYLOR, (my birthday twin and dear friend), JOANN K. STEMLEY (yet another dear friend, with whom I didn't get to spend enough time), SHIRLEY J. TUDOR (who's been my right arm for about 57 years now), MONTY ESTEP (who looks positively amazing), AARON COUCH (the hunkiest of hunks), and IDA JANE TREON (who was also with us last year, so keep on coming to that, Ida). It's safe to say that both 1960 and 1961 were the most heavily-represented classes, at that function.

But there were others, too. Along with Jim Curtis (who looked great, by the way), was his cousin, 1957's DARELL L. TOBIAS. Darell came up from Florida, just as I did, after taking a swing through a couple of other states, along the way. I also got to meet (finally) 1954's WILLIAM L. MCNABB, along with Mrs. McNabb, who did a quick drop-in before tending to his own class's 50th festivities. There was also a table of folks from the Class of 1956, who included my sister, JUDY A. RISNER, NANCY K. AUFULDISH, RUTH ANN GAUGH, and GRACE M. BRODBECK.

The Class of 1958 offered up several members, too, who included BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, JAMES E. RICHARDSON, RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, K. JUNE CRUTCHFIELD, NICHOLAS P. WOLARY, WILLIAM R. HOWARD, LEONARD F. KUHN, and none other than ROBERT W. "SMITTY" SMITH, who traveled from his Wisconsin home to be with us. We're all very pleased you were there, Smitty! We hope you'll always remember to "log in" at the Pirates' main port oF call, each and every year. While I'm about it, I have to tell you all that NO one could have had more fun all weekend, than did Lennie Kuhn. His wife, Pat, is just fabulous! Everyone was so thrilled to see Lennie. He looks terrific and he was yet one more, whom I instantly recognized.

Also among the Frisch's crowd was BAILEY HAWKINS, and we spoke of a few of our fellow Miami Shores kids. I (and also Bailey) sure did wonder where our old pal of 1960, CHARLES A. HIGH, JR., could possibly be. We sure did miss you, Charlie, and hope you're doing okay. As expected, there was much talk and even more disap- pointment at the absence of "the sweetheart of WC,' 1960's EULA FAYE BAILEY. We called her, though, and everyone yelled a big hello. I also kibitzed a bit with an alumni board member, JACKIE KRITZER (1948?)

Then, like a bolt out of the blue, there stood SHARLENE N. MERKER, Class of 1987 (I think) and daughter of 1960's Shirley Tudor, with a class book for me, which I throroughly perused. Sharlene and I didn't have time for our usual, windy visit, but I did manage to get down there to her house, later in the week, so that we could do that.

Others who were present included 1957's THERESA M. MOSES, who showed me some wonderful photos of the backyard train layout which she has, along with her WC 1957 spouse, THOMAS D. ELLIOTT, who made a gift to me on the spur of the moment. It was his kicky and clever ballpoint pen, which lit up when you wrote with it. I thank you, Tom, and I can't tell you how many people have asked where I got that! Each time I use it, I have a fond little surge of memory from our fun evening.

There were some pretty darned neat folks there from 1962, also. For instance, there was the chicly attractive and so-fun-I-can't begin-to-tell-you, BARBARA T. O'NEAL, wife of Steve Kokot. Everyone at WC always wants to see Barb at their functions. You always know you'll be having a wonderful time when SHE'S around. I've often wanted to ask you, Steve, what it's been like to be married to HER all these years. Does the fun ever end? I'll bet not.

But I have to tell you that I felt there was a feather in my cap when I spied the dashing and handsome figure of none other than 1962's RICHARD C. CALL, whom I'd made it a point to phone, last June, and urge him to attend everything. He promised he would, and he was as good as his word. Rich's wife, Jean, is gorgeous and personable and I was SO thrilled to meet her. I think they've been married about 40-42 years, so they're sure doing something right. I recognized him instantly. I'll swear, he hasn't changed one bit. I think I made imprints on his neck, I hugged him so hard and so much. Rich ran around a lot with us in the summers and he was so fun and so ornery, he was one of those irresistible guys. We were great buddies.

Lest we forget, there was 1955's DONNA J. TUDOR, who vows she's going to get to work on her classmates so that they will have some sort of gathering next year for their 50th. Go for it, Donna! Be sure to let us know, if we can help with anything. I have to tell you that Bill McNabb and Gary Barnes are terribly helpful in the area of finding WC people, so call them.

Volunteering for photo duty was 1971's RODNEY R. GABBARD. He did a terrific job, that's for sure. We all thank you immensely, Rod. We sure couldn't have asked for a more dedicated photographer. Many of you may recall that Rod and I met as a result of an e-Bay bidding war for a 1971 Piratan, earlier in the year. I wrote him a note, curious about his zeal to have the book. When I found out that he's a firefighter, a veteran, AND a WC guy, I backed off instantly. Who wouldn't? But what goes around, comes around. When I bought the next load of Piratans from the robber in Washington State, there were 2 of the 1971s in the boxes. It was sure great to finally meet you in person, Rod, and I so hope you will also become a permanent part of our gatherings. I'm in hopes that your participation will bring in more interest from our 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s classes, too.

Okay, so I've mulled this over in my mind, several times. I've decided I simply MUST share this very humorous tale with all of you. I feel certain that its two principals, who are Lynn Garrett and Rich Call, won't mind. So kick back and take in this saga. It's just too funny.

At one point, during the Frisch's gathering, Lynn and I were standing in the aisle chatting. She said to me, "I'm so glad to see Richard Call here. I must talk to him. I want to tell him about my oldest son. He was named after Richard. We call him Richie." ("Hmmmm," I thought to myself.) But Lynn is a quick study and she immediately spied the mischievous question in my eye, and said, "Oh no, it's nothing like that. My first husband was a friend of his and he just thought Richard was the coolest guy in the world. When I got pregnant, he said if it was a boy, he wanted to name him after Richard, so we did, that's all."

Well, I sidled over to Rich and said, "Do you remember Lynn Garrett, Rich?" He said he wasn't quite sure and I said, "Well, you should. She named her oldest son after you." His eyes got wide and he looked very nervous and glanced at his wife, who was distracted and talking to someone else, at that moment. I had to laugh, as I could see that he feared I was going to break news to him of a son he'd had from some indiscretion of 40-odd years ago, right in front of his wife, and about whom he'd never known. So I have to tell you that I did laugh uproariously, as I realized what he thought. I said, "Oh no, Rich, it's not anything like what you're thinking. You were the idol of her first husband, the boy's father, and that's why they named him after you." Well, it was like watching the air slowly leak out of a balloon. You looked terribly relieved, Rich, I must say. I told Lynn about it, later, and she also laughed. By the way, your old buddy's name was Bill McLain and he was from Miamisburg. Do you remember him now?

As the hour grew late at Frisch's, we all repaired across the street to Fricker's. Many people went home, but a lot of us went over there, too. For reasons I am unable to explain, there sat the Honorable Judge CHARLES A. "BUD" LOWMAN, Class of 1960, who had not been at the Frisch's function, but I got to see him, anyway. We had the usual rowdy exchanges. The Russellos were there, too, among many others. As always, they kept the bar high for our "WC fashion expectations." They never fail, always chic and handsome and glamorous and so perfectly groomed. Thank you, Russellos! You do such a great job of that and it makes me feel as though I can "mooch" from you, since I'm not nearly as much into the glamour thing as I suppose I should at least TRY to be. I always feel that you are both glamorous enough for us all, just in case a few of us drop the ball. Gary Frank had a table reserved for WC folks and we all sat around for yet another hour or two, reluctant to abandon the great fun of the evening.

But this old bag of bones finally had to cash it in, around 1:00 a.m. I just couldn't take anymore. I'd had all the fun I could stand, so my sister and I headed back up to her place and I got in bed at 2:00 a.m., wondering how on earth I'd made it that long. It was a truly magical, truly wonderful evening, filled with great folks and the fondest of memories. But wait! This was only Friday! We had yet another night coming up on Saturday and THAT was to be the big one. How would it be? Who would be there? What would happen? Stay tuned, folks! It's all coming up in the next installment. I'm going to try for later this week, but keep in mind, I'm preparing for a return trip to Dayton, this time with my husband. I'll do the best I can. There are bound to be people I've missed and if that's the case, I do apologize and please let me know. I had SO many people I was trying to track, I just couldn't get them all logged! In the meantime, I leave you all with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!
---And there you have it! More at 11--- B

---As I've told all of you, I need your help in order to get everything correct. Thanks, once again, to GARY E. BARNES, for jogging my feeble brain. What would I ever do without you, Gary? First of all, I want to tell you all that our Frisch's people also included SAMUEL WELLER, Class of 1957. It appeared he did a bit of visiting with other alumni, as did we all.

Also, (and this was such a glaring oversight, I can't even believe it, myself!) I failed to mention that the Class of 1959 was represented. I apologize to that distinguished class, one and all. First of all, Gary was there. How did I ever fail to write that, Gary? I guess I just devoted so much space to the golf outing, I forgot to mention you in the Frisch's Frolic. So yes, 1959 was represented by Gary. But he wasn't the only 1959-er, and thanks once again, Gary. It's he who tipped me off about the "mystery lady" who was sitting with yet another 1959-er, CAROLYN J. MELZONI. That person's name (in school) was DIANA SUE RAY. So there were 3 1959 people of whom I'm aware. I had mentioned Carolyn, of course, but not her class year, as I was unsure. So there! I have hopefully rectified all the goofs of which I'm aware. Do let me know, if there are others.

But here, in this final paragraph, I shall acknowledge the most glaring goof of all. How on God's green earth did I ever overlook the presence of the indefatigable MURL E. HUFFMAN, our Civics teacher? Many apologies, Mr. H., and I hope you will forgive me. Yes, he was there, and he was as lively (or livelier) than were most of US! He came around to every table, greeting everyone, asking us to call him Murl. I'll swear, I've tried to choke out the first name, when I address you, Mr. H., but I just can't seem to do that, even after all these years. You were a childhood figure of such daunting presence and I just can't overcome that image. I'm working on it, though. I'll try for next year. So that's the quick update, folks. My apologies for the omissions.
---And there you have it! More at 11--- B

Sunday, October 17, 2004

I definitely have to get out of the mountains of East Tennessee more often! Look at the great high-tech thingie that I discovered while in Ohio for the reunion. While I have been hibernating out here in the woods, technology has been marching on! I found this amazing device at Young's Dairy in Yellow Springs (where else?) -- An all electric, touchless, wireless paper towel dispenser. The world has been waiting for this for years! It was so amazing that I HAD to take its picture....Mikey Posted by Hello


Murl Huffman has taught at WC for 59+ years! Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Golf Outing 2004 (from Bruce Chenoweth)
Are they all playing with just one set of clubs??? Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

At the 2004 Reunion - Bonnie with Jack Godby '61 Posted by Hello


Wow, how does it all come and go, so quickly? Here I am again, back home in Florida. Only yesterday evening, I was touring the lovely home of LYNN GARRETT and her spouse, Frank. How did it all end so quickly? But I digress! (Don't I, always?)

Anyway, as it came time to depart, I was more excited than I can ever write in here. Words are surely inadequate for expressing the the great anticipation I had, along with many other of our classmates. I arose at the crack of dawn on that day, even though my plane didn't leave until 5:20 p.m. But I had to deliver my grandson for his same-day, 11:35 a.m. flight to Denver, so I spent the entire day at the Orlando Aiport (which just happens to have a complete shopping mall and a full-service food court. I've never seen anything like this and was simply amazed!)

Just prior to my departure, though, I had received a few e-mails to be shared with everyone. For instance, there was one from DELORES K. "DEDE" FAHRNEY, Class of 1960, who assured me that she would miss us all, just as we missed her. She conveyed fondest regards to all of us and told us her father, A. EMERSON FAHRNEY, Class of 1933, would be there to represent the Fahrney name. Indeed, he was. He and I had a pleasant chat. I can tell you, though, that you were missed, DeDe. We do all hope you'll make it, next year.

Later that day, came an e-mail from MADELEINE D. CAMPBELL, Class of 1960, in which she told me she was still in Ohio, at a time when she would normally have already come down to Lady Lake, Florida, for the winter season. But Madeleine's husband was ill and she was remaining longer this year, likely due to his medical needs and wanting to remain with the same doctor. I had so hoped to coax Madelein to join us, but alas, she was not with us, either. We sure hope you'll be able to put it all together for next year, Madeleine!

Also doing a last-minute check-in was 1957's DARELL L. TOBIAS, who assured that he and his cousin, 1961's JAMES E. CURTIS, would be joining us for the weekend of festivities. Indeed, they did, although Jim came only to the Frisch's Frolic, but Darell attended both of the evening events. Darell and I will likely connect, later in the week here in Florida, as the 2004 Biketoberfest Rally is set to begin on October 15.

Big efforts were made to include our former marching band director, HARRY C. HAGGERTY. However, I guess the notice was just too abrupt or perhaps he was not up to attending. In any case, I heartily thank 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST and L. EUGENE ZINK, both of whom telephoned me, just prior to my departure, and also to 1959's GARY E. BARNES, upon whom I can ALWAYS depend for whatever WC effort arises in that area. In any case, Mr. Haggerty is now aware that we all would love to see him at our events and that he is terribly welcome. So let's all pull for next year to see him, okay?

At 6 a.m., on the morning of departure, I did one more check on my e-mail and found a message from 1961's GAIL DAUBENDICK. Gail was diagnosed in mid-2003 with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. She was cancer-free, she wrote, until just recently when more problems were found with lymph nodes. However, her progrnosis is good. We all need to "do our thing," once again, and get those cards in the mail for Gail, so that she knows we're all pulling for her. So let's get busy with that, shall we? Here are the vitals: Gail D. Hudson, 4593 Hannaford Street, Dayton, Ohio 45439 (Phone 937 298-2356). We all wish you the very best, Gail, and remember that you have many "Pirate fingers" crossed for you. But here's the very best news of all, folks. Remember my former 1960 classmate, WILLIAM M. ROHLER, for whom I so diligently searched for years? Well, as many of you may recall, he and Gail were high school sweethearts. When Gail found out about the passing of Bill's wife, she called him to offer her condolences. She wrote that they talked for more two hours!! Isn't that just wonderful? I do so hope that you and Bill have solid plans to visit each other, Gail, as life is way too short to allow one shred of happiness to bypass us. Please keep us posted on your health, too.

We had also expected to see the "mystery man," 1970's THOMAS MELZONI, JR., but you didn't show, Tom. Why not? As is written in all the bulletins, the alumni weekend has always been held on the second Saturday of October with the accompanying events being held on the day before and the day after. The dinner/dance is the centerpiece for everything we do. According to my calculations, the 2005 event should be held on October 8, but I shall await "offical confirmation" from 1958's K. JUNE CRUTCHFIELD and her same-class spouse, JAMES E. RICHARDSON. So try to include your old alma mater in your itinerary next year, Tom.

Let's all make a pointed effort to put this function FIRST in our formerly-WC lives, folks. Attending a WC event is NOT something which should be treated as "second choice." As the year passes, and that will be quickly, keep an eye to the calendar, please. Should something arise for that weekend, you don't say, "Oh, gee, I can't attend the alumni weekend now." No, no, no!! That's not the correct response. What you should be saying is, "That event sounds just great, but the second weekend of October is committed to my high school alumni, FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!! I'm very sorry, but if you ever change the timing for this event, let me know. Perhaps I can then participate." Got that? So let's establish the new battle cry for 2005, right now, shall we? We did great with, "Just One More For 2004." So now, we look ahead to 2005. How about, "Keep The Party Alive For 2005?" We just keep adding more and more people. Pretty soon, we're going to need the Astrodome! Let's all focus on that!

Also received was a message from a 1985 alumnus named CYNTHEA POTEET. However, to my knowledge I don't believe she was there. We need to foster more interest from our 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s classes. I know that, and so does Gary Barnes. But I just think not enough years have passed yet, for them. We're beginning to see a larger concentration of 1970s folks now, and the late1960s, too. That's gratifying. Let's keep working! Together, we can accomplish anything!

As I set out on my air flight to Dayton, I was filled with anticipation, and wondering who would show and always remembering how wonderful everyone looked, at all of these events. I think there was something "in the water" during those wonderful days, I really do. My flight was on time, to the minute, and when I finally wound my way out to baggage pick-up, there sat my dear friend, 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, awaiting my arrival. We got my bags and walked out to the parkiing lot, when "What to my wondering eyes should appear,--" but a shining black 1956 Oldsmobile 88, in spectacular shape. As Bruce cranked over the starter, I heard those Hollywood mufflers and was suddenly transported back in time. As I grinned from ear to ear, we were suddenly riding down to the sock hop in Lebanon, once again.

We went to the Germantown home of 1961's PATRICIA LYNNETTE GARRETT, where I picked up her beautiful GMC Yukon GT, which she so graciously lent to me for the duration of my stay. We chatted briefly, but Lynn had just returned from Florida that day, herself, so she was weary, so was I, and we left shortly. Bruce and I had planned on a late supper at the historic Florentine Hotel, but finding it closed, we continued back to Miamisburg and had our late supper, anyway, at a place called Bullwinkle's. We were both anticipating a fun and wonderful weekend and we weren't to be disappointed. We parted around 11, knowing we'd be seeing each other off and on, all weekend, which we did. I proceeded to the Englewood home of my sister, 1956's JUDY A. RISNER, where I almost literally collapsed and fell asleep. I was hoping I wouldn't be that weary, for the entire weekend. Little did I know!

On the following morning, I and my sister headed over to my beloved Miami Shores. I drove every single street at about 3 miles per hour, looking at every home, recalling the names of every person I knew, who had lived in each and every house. The conversation was something like, "Remember that house? Judy Hickman lived there," and "Oh, there's where Tom Fee lived and there's where Charlie High lived," and, "Hey, that was the Hawkins boys' house." Then, "Oh, look, the old Elter house is still there!" and, "I remember going to Brownie meetings at that house. It used to belong to Helen Ary," and, "Oh, my gosh! There's Jerry Fuller's old place. His folks lived there for 60-odd years. I'll bet we all went to dozens of parties there." It was a wonderful experience for me and I stretched it out into about 3 hours, not missing even one street. (T. BARRY RUSSELLO, I can just hear you groaning, right now. Ha!) I also drove all through Moraine City, Miamisburg, and downtown Dayton. I love doing that, each and every time I come up there for this event. I have such warm and fuzzy memories of Miami Shores, my old homestead, and that will never change for me.

However, there is one thing which must change, and right now. This old bag of bones is worn to a frazzle and I'm going to sleep in my own bed tonight, for the first time since October 6, so I'm signing off or now and will try to get out a second installment in the next day or two. But remember, we're right at the beginning of a huge annual motorcycle rally here, so once I rejuvenate, I just may respond to, "the call of the wild." As I always do, I leave you all with my wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

---And there you have it! More at 11--- B

Friday, October 08, 2004

Looky Here!!! -- First Pictures of Frisch's Frolic '04
This shows about 1/2 of the attendees at 8 PM, Friday Posted by Hello


Murl and Dee (1960) Posted by Hello


I Will Be Taking Attendance! No excuses accepted. BE THERE!

OK.....I took attendance and some of you are in REAL trouble! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Just ONE More *Very Last* WECATON NEWS REPORT !!! -- 06 October 2004:
(Before the EVENT, of course... Lots more to come AFTER!
So, OK---try as I might, I couldn't get out of town without another bulletin. It really wasn't something I wanted to do, this time, but my e-mail capacity is so filled, I have to clear it out, or else my messages will be rejected while I'm gone. I'm not one who is willing to fix my e-mail so that it rejects mail when I'm gone. So there you go!

A few details of my plans have changed, but nothing very major. I still fly out from Orlando tomorrow at 5:22 p.m. and plan to arrive in Dayton about 7:30 p.m., assuming all goes well. I still don't like this flying business because it makes you lose all control of your own life, while you're "under their jurisdiction," but I'll cope with it, anyway.


Bruce is picking me up at the airport, in a slight change in plans. Lynn had to make an unexpected trip her folks' home, here in Florida, and will return Wednesday, and DONNA J. RICHARDS will be working until 7 that night. Bruce and I will go to the Florentine Hotel in Germantown to have supper, then to Lynn's home to pick up her and Frank's vehicle. It just wasn't working well, under the other plan. So this will work better.

Bruce has bought himself another "classic ride" and I won't reveal the details just yet, as I want it to be his own surprise. I'm sure he'll be driving it to our functions, so keep out a sharp eye! Another of Bruce's 1958 class- mates, ROBERT W. "SMITTY" SMITH has confirmed his attendance, so 1960's GERALD A. FULLER is going to be very happy about that. Jerry has often expressed his admiration for your athletic skills on the high school football field, Smitty, so I'm sure you and he will have a grand time rehashing a few games, here and there.

Also of 1960 is BOYD H. JENKINS, who suffered heavy damage to his Okeechobee home, during the recent spate of Florida hurricanes. Boyd is insisting he's not going to be able to join us this year, but I'm having a hard time with that one, as Boyd is always at EVERYthing, so I'm praying he will have a last-minute change of heart and jump in his vehicle and head up I-75!

My heart breaks at the notion of Eula Faye being absent this year, but we must all wish her well on her upcoming surgery and happily anticipate the appearance next year of that gorgeous face, attached to that very special person, and know that, no matter how much fun we have this year, next year will be even better, because she will once again be with us! Get well soon, Eula Faye!!!

DARELL L. TOBIAS, Class of 1957, has confirmed his attendance, also, after a swing by a few of the homes of some relatives. Mike West and wife Sally will be leaving their Tennessee abode today, bound for Dayton, where Mike will be checking in on his parents and attending all our functions, too.

RODNEY R. GABBARD, Class of 1971, has stepped up to the plate and will be our official, "blogging photo- grapher" for the events. He's going to coordinate his efforts with Mike, who will be posting the photos. Many thanks, Rod. We all appreciate that effort.

SANDRA S. HOLLINGSWORTH, Class of 1961, will be landing at the Dayton airport from her California home, about the same general time slot as me, so we'll be seeing her, too. We hope you plan to bring your sister
along, Sande!

Speaking of sisters, I'm happy to announce that Dee Taylor is going to be with us, along with spouse EUGENE COUCH, and Gene's brother, AARON. So how about it, Bree (BRENDA TAYLOR, Class of 1967)? We want to make this a REAL family affair, so you jump in that new car and hightail it up there, okay?

PHILIP H. WOLFORD, no more golf outings for the second weekend in October, hear? We expect to see you next year! How about you there, GARY L. WARLAUMONT? I still think you're planning the old bail-out, and I think it even more now, since you didn't answer my last query about it. Shame on you! At least drop by Frisch's!

Gary Frank and Bob Brane pulled out of Florida, pretty unscathed from the storms, I'm happy to say, and they are both in Ohio awaiting our big weekend, for which they will be joining us. Jerry Fuller's place also emerged relatively unscathed from Ivan, which is literally a miracle.
CAROLYN SUE MCCLOUD and spouse John Mack, Jr., also did well at their Homosassa home, referring to it, very humorously, as Plywood, Florida. They also sent an overview of a hurricane coming up the state, which was literally breathtaking, just as they described. They're back in Ohio now, and will also be with us this weekend.

My e-mails for JUDITH ANN STALDER and her handsome spouse with the perfect teeth and gorgeous smile, are being returned. Update me, Judy! Where are you? JOANN STEMLEY, take care of this, please.

LINDA L. SHANK has confirmed attendance for the Frisch's Frolic and I'm still trying to strong-arm her into coming to at least the dance part of the alumni gig. She is bringing another of our 1960 classmates with her, LINDA BOWMAN. Good going!

RICHARD L. DOLL, Class of 1961, checked in to say how much he enjoys the bulletins. Thanks, Richard, I do appreciate that. But we want to see you at the functions, so at least try to come to Frisch's or the dance part of the alumni gig, or both. Your class year is always very heavily represented. You won't be disappointed.

DONNA J. TUDOR, Class of 1955, is just about as excited as we all are. We can't wait to see you, Donna. Donna is exceptionally good about maintaing contact, folks. We could all take a lesson from her. K. JUNE CRUTCHFIELD, Class of 1958, checked in to say she is receiving reservations from various classes. That's what we like to hear!

MARIAN K. HUSSEY, Class of 1967, is enthused at the prospect of getting former marching band director, HARRY C. HAGGERTY, to put in an appearance. I think we'd all enjoy that! I'm having difficulty getting through my e-mail to him, and I do hope several people up that way will pick up the phone and tell Mr. Haggerty how many fans he still has, amongst the alumni. I think that might just get him to attend a thing or two!

NANCY E. "COOKIE" BOWIE, Class of 1960, checked in, but it doesn't look good right now, for her to be with us. We're sure pulling for next year, though. We'll all really miss you, Cookie. It was wonderful to have seen you in March!

PAMELA K. SHIPLEY, Class of 1971, has promised me she will show. I'm going to be looking for you, Pam, so don't disappoint me, hear? Those WALKER people, BILL & KAREN, are still knee-deep in insurance claims here in Florida. I'll likely get to see them before year's end, but it doesn't look good for them for this weekend, I'm sorry to say.

The WC alumni golf outing is a go for Friday, the 8th. I'm unaware of specific details, but please contact GARY E. BARNES, Class of 1959, if you want more details, or if you just want to sit around and chat or watch the action. I am nearly certain that Gary is in the Dayton phone book.
WILLIAM R. HOWARD, Class of 1958, has confirmed that he will NOT be playing golf, but that 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, indeed WILL be playing golf. Bill also asked about 1961's PAULA WILSON, and Donna told me that Paula is coming up for the festivities, so it would seem safe to assume that Paula pulled through the hurricanes which hit her Singer Island home. Donna is also working on JOHN W. OBERLIES, JR., to try to get him to attend. C'mon, John! Remember what fun we all had, last time?

Everyone remains excited at the prospect of seeing JACK L. GODBY, EDGAR L. KELLY, and CURTIS A. KEMP, too. They are all traveling long distances to be with us, so we sure do want to let them all know how thrilled we are, that they are there. ROBERTA A. RICE also briefly checked in to let us know she weathered the storms from her St. Petersburg home. However, Roberta, you didn't say anything about coming to Ohio. So will you be there? DELORES K. "DEDE" FAHRNEY has been "in absentia," for far too long. Where are you, DeDe? We're going to talk about you this weekend, hear?

You're all not going to believe this, but I truly DO have to go now. I've still got packing to do, and cleaning to do, and all that stuff. So I'll be seeing you all on Friday night, and some of you, even before that. I leave you with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

---And there you have it! More at 11--- B

Monday, October 04, 2004
WHAT???!!! - Yet Another 'Almost' Last Message ? -- 04 October 2004

Well, yes, as a matter of fact. This morning, I got a call from L. EUGENE ZINK, Class of 1960, during which he told he'd talked with both JACK L. GODBY, Class of 1961, and with our former marching band director, HARRY C. HAGGERTY. Gene was thrilled, he said, to have spoken with them both. I'm sorry to report that Gene will not be with us on this coming weekend. However, Jack will, as you all know, and I'm holding out high hopes for seeing Mr. Haggerty, too.

As we were ending our conversation, I got a call from none other than WILLIAM M. ROHLER, Class of 1960, for whom you all remember that I searched, endlessly. Bill is not going to be with us, either, as he had always said, but we hold out high hopes for next year.

However, that wasn't why Bill called. During our exchange, he advised me that his wife of 40 years, Betty, had passed away on September 9. She had several health problems, primarily of a cardio nature. As we can all well imagine, Bill is just devastated. So once again, let's all pull together and do that at which we are best--- showing support and concern for one of our own. Take a moment to send Bill a card of condolence, please. It does not matter in the least that you don't know him and he doesn't know you. Just reach out and do it and sign it as your high school name and class year. I know he'll be very appreciative and very touched.

For those of you who are wondering, Bill doesn't have e- mail, so this one is going to take just a bit of our old- fashioned, manual effort. Here is the mailing info:

Mr. William M. Rohler
P.O. Box 292
Niland, Ca. 92257

If you prefer to telephone him, the number is
760 354-4050

We hope, of course, that we won't be getting anymore e-mails with such bad news. See you soon!

---And there you have it! More at 11--- B

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Each day, I'm receiving more phone calls, more e-mails, and even postal cards, in regard to our impending alumni weekend. We're all so excited, we can barely stand it, aren't we?

In any case, today's little note is prompted by a call from 1961's GARY R. FRANK and ROBERT W. BRANE. We all chatted for about 15 minutes, just during the past hour. It seems that Gary has approached the proprietor of the old site of the The Tenderloin, in Moraine City, which is now known as Fricker's. Many of you will recall that a few of us wound up at that very place, after last year's dinner/ dance event, where we spent an addtional couple of hours, reminiscing and visiting. It was great fun!

Well, Gary has asked the guy to set aside some space for us, following the Friday night Frisch's Frolic. I think Frisch's will close about 11, I'm not sure. But last year, we had a place to go, opting to crash the 1959 class reunion, at the old high school building. That was yet more fun, and the night rolled forward very successfully.

This Frisch's deal, which is the preamble to our crown jewel event on the following eve, was the brain child of 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST and our local liaison for it is 1958's WILLIAM R. HOWARD. It is just in its second year and is proving to be wildly popular. So bear this in mind, folks, and save a little time and energy to pop over to Fricker's, once we've all left Frisch's. Thanks for the great idea, Gary, and we'll all see each other soon.

On a closing note and with a sadness in my heart which I can barely describe, I must advise you all that our grandest and most gracious of ladies, 1960 alumnus EULA FAYE BAILEY, is unable to join us, after all. She's in constant pain with the severe problems of her neck and shoulder and she is unable to travel. I could nearly cry, every time I think of that. It's not going to be the same, at all, with her not there. We will all have to sign a big card for her, or something. Oh, how we'll miss YOU, Eula Faye, and take wonderful care of yourself!

--And there you have it! More at 11--- B

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