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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bonnie Writes...
---Yes, it's me again! But who knows just how long it will take to finish this one? Let's make note, right off the bat, of the fact that I'm beginning this one at 2:20 p.m. on Mother's Day, May 11. So it will be interesting to see how long I dawdle along on this one.

As always, we begin with our forwarders. They are, as follows: 1954's WILLIAM. L. MCNABB; 1955's NORMAN E. JACKSON, FREDA P. FLETCHER: 1956's RALPH D. WILSON; 1957's ERCELL P. PHILLIPS; 1958's WM. R. HOWARD, RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, DONALD I. MCCOY, ROBT. W. SMITH; 1959's GARY E. BARNES; 1960's CHAS. A. "BUD" LOWMAN III, MICHAEL S. WEST, STEVEN M. KOKOT, C. SUE MCCLOUD, DAVID A BLAIR, LINDA J. SNELL, LONNIE M. THACKER, the widow of RONALD P. CRAIG, Martha E. Craig (you know, all of you, how I like to get Ron's name in the bulletin)1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, SALLY LYNNE GILLETTE, CAROLE J. LEWIS, JACQUELYN N. LESHER; 1962's J. MICHAEL HARRIS, RICHARD C. CALL, BARBARA T. O'NEAL; 1963's GAYLE E. LESHER, BARBARA E. CRIDER; 1971's PATTY J. WHEELBARGER; and 1973's JEAN ANN MILLER. Thanks to all.

With this edition, I'm going to try a somewhat differing format than I've used in the past, reporting news in dated order of receipt. That won't apply to group items such as those who are, "e-mail lost," nor to my corrections received on the previous bulletins. I want to try and get things in generally-chronological order, if that makes any sense.

First of all, I'm going to do corrections. As I've told all of you, numerous times, I'm heavily dependent upon you to keep me straight here. If I make an error, you need to let me know. I actually WANT to know. That applies to everything---class year, name spellings, a wrong report on who reported what---everything! If I can't do this accurately, I can't do it at all, so please continue to help me with it.

Blunder number one came with my writing that 1971 class member, RODNEY R. GABBARD, was the alumnus who reported the passing of 1951's EZRA F. "BING" VEST. (By the way, your graciousness in not chastising me for this, Rod, did not go unnoticed. Chivalry is not dead.) But thanks to 1962's RICHARD G. DENNY, who actually was the one who reported it, I became aware of that error. (No, Richard, I'm not implying you were unchivalrous. You were not in the same position as Rod, and SHOULD have told me, so I'm glad you did.) Thank you, Mr. Denny, and I do apologize for the error. It was he who had memories of Bing and he who knew Bing was also from Miami Shores. How did I manage this goof? Well, I think it was haste. I glanced quickly, saw an R and a G and I assumed it was Rod. But Dick's initials are RGD and I just didn't pay enough attention. My best to you and to your gorgeous1962 spouse, LIELA K. GEORGE, Dick, and thanks again.

Blunder number two would occur when I referred to the oh-so-beautiful BARBARA L. CRIDER, 1963, as Barbara Lee Crider. My apologies to you for the error, Barb. I know darn well that's not your middle name. I got you crossed up with a friend of mine who does have that middle name (first name Barbara, of course), in my befuddled brain. Thank you for the correction.

By the way, as you all now have deduced, Barb sent a timely e-mail which took her off the lost list. So I was happy about that. Also sending an update was none other than1968's DONNA SUE PARKS, so we can also remove her name from the lost list. By the way, Donna, does my dear old friend, (your sister) ALICE K. PARKS, have e-mail? Give her my best and tell her to e-mail me, if she does, will you?

Then there was blunder number three, which was my placing 1962's FRANK W. SCHINDLER in the 1963 class. My apologies, Frank. This correction came to me via 1963's SHIRLEY ANN RANKIN. So thanks so much for taking the time to let me know, Shirley.

Remember the request of 1961's NANCY J. ERTEL, regarding a recipe for that old 1950s favorite dish, Johnny Marzetti? Well, we got an instant recipe for her from 1957's LAWRENCE J. RENAS, JR., who sent it from his Locustville, Virginia, home. Also responding to the Johnny Marzetti recipe request was 1963's SHIRLEY ANN RANKIN. We will all be awaiting your findings on the recipe, Nancy, once you have tried it!

From yet another 1961 Nancy, NANCY ANN HALL, came more reminiscences about our childhood church, Zion Evangelical Lutheran, which was once at the corner of Stroop Road and Old Route 25 (the northbound side). The old parsonage is still there. I like hearing the things you recall, Nancy, as some of your memories are clearer than mine. By the way, Nancy told me one of her Christman relatives had actually founded that church. I didn't know that, even in all these years! Nancy's Lutheran minister spouse retired on April 30. Heartiest congratulations on that and I just HAVE to ask this question, Nancy. How on earth does a minister retire? Does that mean he will refrain from attending church on Sunday morning
or is it simply that he won't be standing behind that pulpit any longer? Whatever the answer, have a great retirement!

Several e-mails came from 1961's still-beautiful-and- vivacious homecoming queen, cheerleader, and very popular class member, CHRIS L. CLEARY. There's no one among us who doesn't fondly remember her, of course. Chris is still an active school teacher, who is very involved with her students, and also with her family. Many of us probably recall Chris was once wed to our former teacher, DAVID E. COLLINS. We will all be seeing Chris, come October. She will be easy to spot, as she still looks as though she has just stepped off a page of the 1961 Piratan.

As of April 29, 1963's BARBARA E. CRIDER was visiting her daughter in Arlington, Texas. Barb wrote she still lives in Ohio, but spends a great deal of time in Texas. She is still thinking of moving there. Barb, tell your older sister (1960's LORETTA CRIDER) that we'd all love to see her, too, in the fall!

It seems the word is out on a proposed gathering in October for Miami Shores Kids. No, we aren't being selective or bigoted, and anyone can come to it, of course. It's just that we're calling this one the Miami Shores Kids Koffee Klatch, or something like that. It is the brainchild of 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, and I'm merely serving as his news reporter in telling all of you. Tom thought (and so do I) that it would be fun to throw a few MSKs together in the same room and see what happens, during alumni weekend.

Okay, so the only open time slot for THIS event will be around lunchtime on the same Saturday as our big dinner/dance. At least, that's the popular opinion, so far. So where will this one be, Tom? Will we return to Frisch's? Or maybe we could go to the brand-new bakery place where Woody's used to be, since we'll have just been at Frisch's on the previous night. Tell me where you want to have this gig (so I can notify everyone). So far, response has been great. Tom and I will be there, of course. I have gotten a positive response from 1958's JAMES E. RICHARDSON, WM. R. HOWARD, and W. BAILEY HAWKINS, too (thanks to the typing skills of Bailey's 1986 daughter, AMY L. HAWKINS). Also putting in an appearance will be DONALD I. MCCOY, 1960's GERALD A. FULLER, and I'd bet the farm we'll also see 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, LILY K. "KITTY" BURDETTE, HARRIET M. BURKE, and other MSKs. Perhaps Kitty, Don, Jerry, and Bailey will bring along a sibling or two? So how about you, GARY D. RICHARDS, also 1960, and your brother, DONNIE? Do let me know, Tom. Also, is it okay to set this for, say, 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 11? I shall await your instruction.

By the way, Don and I had a rousing exchange of all things MSK, following the last bulletin. So did Tom and I, which is how he formulated this idea, I think. In the way of social gatherings, Don reports that he still does music on Friday nights, following Bible study class, where he always sees 1961 spouses, PAUL R. BEARDSLEY and SANDRA E. BROCK, as well as Sandy's cousin, LILY K. "KITTY" BURDETTE, and her spouse. I can't even IMAGINE an MSK gathering without 1955 class member, FREDA P. FLETCHER. You'd be there, wouldn't you, Freda? Where is MSK, CHAS. R. PENNINGTON, Freda? He's on the lost list now. All his mail is being rejected. Hey, Tom, we can have a circus at this, with your MS trivia quiz. I'm hoping you come up with more fun questions, and I think you and Freda could probably be MS champs!

For about the past two weeks or so, 1963's JOHN E. "JACK" KREBS, JR., and I, have been exchanging a lot of e-mail about life in Florida, and why so many people want to leave Florida; i.e., real estate costs, utility rates, etc. It seems Jack also aspires to leave Florida, eventually. I feel sure we'll all be seeing Jack this fall, right, Jack?

We've got a couple of follow-up reports on illnesses, by the way. On April 29, I heard from my classmate, MADELEINE D. CAMPBELL, who reported that her husband had to have a screw placed in his broken ankle. She wrote it would be removed in about two weeks, so all should be well by now.

From WC icon and legend, MURL E. HUFFMAN, I've received an update on 1955's JERRY L. DAVIS, who had heart surgery in January. He says Jerry is doing well and wants to get out the fifth wheel and hit that road, just as soon as he possibly can. Great, Jerry! We are all pleased to hear of your recovery.

But not all of MEH's news report was as great as that of Jerry. For those among us who recall LYLE FOX, it seems his wife has pancreatic cancer. Her name is Ellen. Lyle was a counselor in the 1960s-1970s for WC. I don't remember him, but I'll bet many of us do. He was long after my time.

He also reported on a recent conversation with the daughter of late WC teacher, GERALD W. CRIBLEY (deceased about 4-5 years now). His widow, who worked in the WC library is LOIS GREEN CRIBLEY, and she's in very poor health at a nursing home in Lexington, Kentucky. I know we all wish her well, and thanks so much for all the news, Mr. H.!

From the wife of 1960's CHARLES V. CARTER, I've received a not-so-cheery e-mail, in which she tells of several family illnesses. Pam's brother AND sister-in-law (who live in Florida) both have cancer. So do their niece, PAMELA S. HAYES (daughter of his late sister, MARTHA J. CARTER) and Charles' uncle, JERRY L. WEBB, brother of Charles' mother, and also a WC attendee. (As many of you may recall, he as once married to 1959's BETTY C. BURDETTE.) This is all a bit much for one family and we all wish them the very best, I know. Pam didn't say precisely what type of cancer any of the family members have, though.

However, Charles is unable to stay out of trouble in that gravel pit, it seems. Pam calls the gravel pit, "the other woman," and rightly so. Charles spends every waking hour there, 7 days a week. However, on May 10, he took a tumble from some equipment and sustained a horseshoe-sized cut on his head, as well as one broken arm and one broken leg. So he's in the house these days, trying to recuperate as he pines away over the other woman. Pam describes his fall as, "a Peter Pan flip-flop." So here's a little message for you, Charles, from just me: "What on earth are you doing, standing atop equipment in the gravel pit, at your age, you old fool?!?! Do you not realize that we're no longer young? You are WAY worse than I am, and I do dumb stuff like that, all the time. So quit it!" Pam, you've got to do something with that guy. On the plus side, even though it was for a negative reason, Pam did manage to get him to go down to Florida, where they managed to spend a bit of extra time with Jerry and Sandy, after caring for ill family members.

A nostalgic visit to a lifelong pal was the order of the day on April 29, when 1960's EDGAR L. "EDDIE" KELLY went to Titusville, Florida, to see a severely- ill CURTIS A. KEMP. These two could tell tall tales of mischief and derring-do, forevermore. I know it was a thrill for them to see each other again, as I vividly recall how close they were, throughout school. Add to the mix, 1960's RICHARD L. "DICKIE" PHILLIPS, the late JERRY W. MCKNIGHT, AARON COUCH, and 1962's RICHARD C. CALL, and I can tell you, it was quite a crew. Frequently, 1960's WILLIAM M. ROHLER was also a part of that mix.

Unfortunately, Curt had to enter the hospital the next day after Eddie arrived. But Eddie went to see him every day, and then extended his stay another week, so they could visit at Curt's house. Eddie reported that Curt's wife, Maria, and daughter, Marcella, really rolled out the red carpet and treated him as though they'd known him all his life. Well, based on Curt's stories, Eddie, I'm sure they felt they HAD known you all their lives! It's just great you were able to spend that much time with Curt. Eddie, I know you're thrilled to be back in contact with your old friend. We're all happy for both of you, too! Hang in there, Curt, and keep fighting! We're all praying for a complete and quick recovery for you.

From 1956's RALPH D. WILSON came a report on his classmate, ANN C. WEIDLE, who's married to RONALD L. BROWN. I thought Ron and Ann were in the same class, but I wasn't able to find Ron in 1956, nor 1955, nor 1954. So I guess I'm wrong. As I have read the e-mails from Ralph, I interpret them as his reporting Ron as having cancer. Ralph also reports 1957's CHARLES. T. CROY (son of late teacher, THEODORE W. CROY) has the same cancer as Ron. We have such a big rash of cancer cases amongst ourselves and our families, I'm given to wonder about that. We didn't hear much about such things when most of US were young. But those days were a time of all home-cooking, natural foods and fluids, not so much emission of bad chemicals and gases. One is surely left to wonder, "IS the modern, necessarily better?" I don't think so. We all hope for the best for all our ill alumni and all their families, I know. Thanks for the report, Ralph.

By the time we're all reading this bulletin, we're well aware of the death of Daniel G. Del Campo, Sr., the spouse of1958's HARRIETTE E. DOGGETT. He'd long been plagued with varying health problems and he passed away on May 11, Mother's Day. I'd sent a special bulletin on that one, as I usually do, but also I always put the losses in the regular bulletin, just in case someone might have missed the notice. The Del Campos live in Vilonia, Arkansas. By the way, when I put her address on an e-mail, I mistakenly wrote Ak., instead of Ar. for Arkansas. I'm glad the post office always looks at zip codes first and thanks to 1958's WM. R. HOWARD for picking up on that.

On May 16, 1960's EULA FAYE BAILEY was right here in Kingsport, visiting her elderly aunt who lives just about 5 miles from me. However, I'm sorry to say, we missed each other. I went to her aunt's place (you don't even know this yet, Eula Faye), but there was no sign of life, so I went back home. I wasn't able to get out again, that day, due to my spouse's illness, and her visit was a quick pass-through with daughter Beth, so the stars just didn't cross right. But she's to return to Kingsport this summer and we'll be SURE to see each other, then.

By now, I'm sure we're all aware of the recent sale of the Waynesville estate of the late WOODROW W. BOWMAN, longtime proprietor of the most fabled WC landmark of all time, Woody's Supermarket, which was razed last year, to the great sadness of many (including me). The estate brought $3.64 mil, according to news reports. Woody is the father of 1959's LARRY A. BOWMAN, 1960's BEVERLY A. BOWMAN, 1965's NANCY R. BOWMAN, and 1968 's DANIEL L. BOWMAN. I surely hope the kids will get the bulk of it and not a flock of lawyers. But that wouldn't surprise me. My thanks to 1960's FRED L. DOOLEY, JR. for submitting this news clip, as well as someone with an e-mail address which reads as somethingundecipherable@yahoo.com) I don't have a clue who you are, though, so please do let me know, will you?

Words of encouragement came to me from so many of you, regarding my husband's health. I appreciate that, SO much! In fact, I got another blurb from 1960 classmate and old friend, GARY L. WARLAUMONT (and was so glad to know he's still among us). Is Jill still going to the gambling boat, Gary? A terribly kind message was received from 1987's SHARLENE N. MERKER (daughter of 1960's SHIRLEY J. TUDOR) and wife of 1985's JEFFREY A. SIZER (yes, he's the son of 1959's GARY L. SIZER).

At this writing, 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT is still holed up in her Henderson, Nevada, home. Her spouse headed back to Germantown around on May 4, and will soon return to work. Boy, oh boy, Lynn! I've been watching the weather out there and I have NO idea how you stand that dry heat out there! I'm simply amazed by your tolerance. Don't forget, I'm a longtime Florida resident and the heat there is bad enough. But I could never endure that Nevada-dry type of climate. You're WAY tougher than I am! Do keep me posted on when you're going back to Ohio.

Speaking of Lynn, are you reading this, 1959's JAS. L. LINDSEY? Lynn wants to know how you are and if you're over that head injury yet. So write soon and let us know. Also, did you return to work yet? Lynn, I'll call you soon, I promise. I'm just so over whelmed right now, I don't know which end is up!

Just today (it's now May 17), I had a lengthy chat with my treasured and lifelong pal. CHAS. A. HIGH, JR. As always we talk about all things WC and share an awfully lot of those MS memories. Charlie talks with 1960's PHILLIP D. HOWARD, from time to time, and is gearing up for a long and windy talk with another old pal and MS Kid, WALLACE W. ROBBINS, who still has severe vision problems. As for Phil, his own battle continues with liver and kidney problems. We are all pulling for both of them, I know.

As always, I speak pretty regularly with 1960's class member and vice-president, THOMAS D. YOUNG. I am uncommonly close with his wife, Sandi, and speak to her, even more often. Tom is doing well and still plays a lot of golf, not to my surprise.

Did I you recently call me, JOANN K. STEMLEY, of 1960? Just a couple of days ago, I scrolled through my recent calls and you were on there. I apologize for missing your call. My life is nothing if not hectic of late, and I can't even imagine where I might've been. I don't get away from the house a whole lot, so I might have been just down in my woods, maybe. Anyway, we will try again soon, to get connected.

Speaking of getting connected, our SHIRLEY ANN RANKIN of 1963, sure ought to get a prize for visiting and maintaining contact with her WC pals. Shirley is always writing me to update me on her visits and fun travel stops around the country. This time, she and classmate, ANNA MAE STOKES, went on a Disney cruise and also to Nassau. That was February 20- through March 13. Then she and Anna Mae headed north and had quite an adventure, outrunning the big tornado which hit Atlanta. Shirley wrote the two of them were but about 5 minutes ahead of it. She still aspires to get up to Kingsport, too! Say, where is your other buddy, FRANCES J. PEFFLY? Fran, are you okay? I haven't heard anything for a while>

Recently, I did speak to 1956's ANITA RAE MASON, best friend of my late sister, JUDY ANN RISNER. It seems Anita is being treated for stomach cancer, so far, so good. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for Anita's speedy recovery. She's being treated on an outpatient basis.

Cousin JUDITH L SAMUELS and I continue our daily prattle about life, but this past month, we had some important items to discuss, in the form of the Florida wildfires. After nearly 30 years down there, I can tell you I went through a number of those fires and it's a very worrisome thing, when it happens. This time, a few people in Brevard County (which is county to the immediate south of my former county of Volusia) did actually lose their homes. Strange and atypical weather systems are repeatedly occurring around the globe. We just never know what's coming.

The next order of business is CONNIE LINCOLN! I am, "Paging CONNIE LINCOLN!" Who are you and what class year? What was your name in school? I wrote you back, but got no response. This one was a link through you, NANCY J. ERTEL, 1961. Do you, by chance, have any further info? This person is one of our alumni, right? Help!

One of my classmates, DOUGLAS A RENAS, is at the home of his 1957 brother, LAWRENCE J., JR., for the time being. Doug is an extremely talented and accomplished finish carpenter, as writes his big brother. I know this to be true, as when I found him in Arizona, several years ago, the people there with whom I spoke, said the same thing about him. How I do wish you were nearer to me, Doug. I've got a lot of, "stuff," I'd love to have done. A talented finish carpenter is a commodity which is scarce as hens' teeth, everywhere I've ever lived. You're pretty lucky, Larry! Doug, we sure do hope you'll be coming to the festivities in October, and you, too, Larry!

From 1958's NICHOLAS P. WOLARY, a request was received to reconnect with his old high school pal and classmate, ROBERT W. HENDRICKS. I'm always pleased to be a small part of reconnecting old WC pals, so I couldn't wait to get the reply sent to Nick. So how has that gone, Nick? Have you gotten in contact with Bob? Do you have plans to visit? Do give us a report. Remember, "Enquiring minds want to know!"

That reminds me, I wrote the same thing to 1961's LILY K. "KITTY" BURDETTE, last time, about her vacation. She did write back and told me she didn't go away on her vacation, opting to spend most of it with her favorite, 82-year-old aunt. That's wonderful, Kitty, and I know you had lots of fun.

Ah, yes! You two who wrote about the blog which is maintained by my right-hand man, 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, were correct, indeed. He 'fessed up right way, that he hasn't yet posted the last 2-3 bulletins and maybe a few photos. But not to worry, Mike, we are all cutting you a break. We know you'll get to it, at your earliest convenience. Mike's father passed away earlier in the year, and he's been involved in settling his estate, as well as maintaining his and Sally's beautiful mountainside chalet in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Mike thought no one was reading the blog very much. I can tell you for sure, Mike, that's not the case. I, myself, do not keep copies of the bulletins. So when I need an accurate reference to one of them, I'm heavily depending upon your blog. I get e-mails all the time, from people who access it and read them, just to get current. So it's a truly well -used site and everyone appreciates it. It is actually the ONLY place where we can all view those great, old WC photos, too! Mike had some great stuff to share during this bulletin period, as did our champ at picking good nostalgia items, 1955's NORMAN E. JACKSON.

Okay, here's a little something with which we need a bit help from all of you. I've got requests to find two WC alumnus. One of them is 1960's MADELEINE J. BECK. I've asked several times about her, with no response. Does anyone know anything? I know she was in Kentucky, but that was some years back and I don't have any new clues. Does anyone know her current last name? That would give a good starting point, if I had that. The other request is to find 1959's MARIAN J. BANNISTER. Isn't it odd to note that both of them have (had) the same initials in high school? Anyway, I know Marian's brother is MICHAEL and he went by the nickname, Mickey. Get back to me, if you know anything on these two alumni, please.

From 1959's GARY E. BARNES came flattering and gracious words of praise for that last bulletin. I was actually expecting brickbats for that one, Gary, it was so long. I had a lot to get into that one, but it seems everyone read all of it, so I misjudged, I guess. But thank you very much.

The 1968 class is trying to get some info on the 40th class gathering, according to a piece of info sent to me by 1971's PATTY J. WHEELBARGER. So if we have anyone who knows the details, let me know. I'd be happy to write them in here, next time. Thanks for letting us know, Patty.

If there is such a thing as saving the best for last, I guess that's what I've done. I say, "last," because I am now down to the last of my newsy e-mails. The remainder of them come from my 1960 classmate, THOMAS L. WOLF, JR., who's a retired teacher and administrator, as well as a school board member. At this juncture, though, I've come to regard Tom as my ace reporter for this bulletin, as he has all the inside scoop on what's happening within the framework of the school. So I appreciate all that info, Tom, and the fact that you take the time to send it to me. (It was Tom, by the way, who originally coined the phrase, "legion of readers," as it relates to my lowly, little, "accidental bulletin."

Anyway, Tom's first news tidbit is of the impending graduation of the Class of 2008. He comments on the amazing number of generations-straight grads there are in the WC system; i.e., great-grandparents, grandparent, fathers, mothers, and children. You are so right, Tom! Even I am aware of that trend.

Tom also reports that our, "teacher emeritus," MURL E. HUFFMAN, will not be in attendance for the WC grad ceremonies this year, for what may be the first time in about 60 years. MEH's son is receiving an award of significance in the Chicago area and he, of course, will be attending that. But I'll bet dollars to doughnuts he's going to be there NEXT year!

On a bright note, I've learned from Tom that the WC school district has purchased back the 50-year-old- plus Scout House from the Lions Club, in order to rid them of the tax burden. I'm glad about that, as it just doesn't seem, "right," for that Scout House to be in the ownership of anyone BUT the WC schools. I'm in hopes it never again leaves their ownership. I'd love to see it become a sort of WC history-housing place, if it can't be used for gatherings.

Tom writes that he's getting inquiries from some of the 1998 class members about their 10th reunion. Is anyone aware of whom to contact? Is there a class member who's in charge of that? Let's try to track down some info on this for Tom, if we can.

In Tom's final news report, on May 12, the alumni association presented two scholarships. One was to 2008's JARED GIBBONS and the other was 2008's SARAH HODGSON. Those names are both all too familiar, of course. Jared is the nephew of 1960's JOYCE ELAINE GIBBONS and Sarah is the grand- daughter of 1960's ROSS A. HODGSON and his former wife, FLOSSIE J. GRAY. Sarah's late mother was also a WC grad. Tom had a good time playing timeline trivia with the two recipients.

Tom also reported that presentations were made by GARY JOHNSON (class year?), 1970's THOMAS A. DORSEY, and someone named DEBBIE, as he put it. I'll bet this was probably Debbie Hoobler (sp?), but don't know for sure. However, all were dressed impeccably in full Harley-Davidson regalia. They wanted to show the 2008 class that, "old people," could be cool, too. Efforts by Tom (Dorsey) to ride his H-D onto the stage were squelched to silly stuff like safety and emission concerns. Ha! So, Tom, we have managed to blast this into readership, and it didn't come out TOO badly, did it?

Now that I've mentioned you, Tom Dorsey, I want to take this opportunity to offer you an apology. I'm very much aware of your friendship with my late sister. I heard her mention you repeatedly, and always with a smile and a word about how fond of you she was and how much fun you always were. I don't know how on earth I overlooked your name in the list of those to thank in their many kindnesses to her and visits to the hospitals and hospice, during her final days. But I did, nevertheless, and I beg your pardon for that.

So guess what, folks? This concludes all my e-mail for the bulletin. Can you believe it? I can't. I'm also thrilled to say that I'm a couple weeks ahead of my self-imposed schedule with this edition, having done this one in a flat two weeks. So I'm thrilled and I want to thank all of you, once again, for your reading loyalty and your appreciation. Keep those news tidbits coming. I can't do this without all of you! Before I sign off, though, I just want to remind you of everything we have coming in October.

Alumni weekend will be October 10, 11, and 12. I'm sure 1959's GARY E. BARNES will be doing the golf outing on Friday, the 10th. That evening, we will have the 6th Annual Frisch's Frolic. If things go along as we hope, we'll launch the gathering of the Miami Shores Kids Koffee Klatch at 1 p.m., perhaps at the new bakery shop where Woody's once sat, if that is amenable to its inventor, 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE. That night, we'll hold the crown jewel event of the dinner/dance at the Holiday Inn, I-75 and Route 725 in Miamisburg. Get those reservations sent in a timely manner!! On the following day, everyone gets together in small groups and has brunch, breakfast, lunch, or whatever. So it's a jam-packed, fun-filled weekend. DON'T MISS IT!! "Let's make it great for 2008!" In closing, I send my usual wish to each and every single one of you for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, spiritual harmony, and boundless prosperity, Ciao!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bonnie Writes:
course, it was too good to be true that we had almost not passings in the last bulletin. But here is the latest one, of which I'm aware. From the class of 1968, we've lost LARRY S. ANDERSON. I didn't know him, as he was way after my time, but I'm sure some of our readers did know Larry. He wasn't yet even 58 years old! Since he died at Sycamore (my sister was also there, for a time), I'm assuming it may have been some sort of catastrophic, terminal illness (although it doesn't say that). Our thanks to 1961's JACQUELYN N. LESHER for spotting this one and sending it to me. Scroll down to read the obituary. Of course, we send condolences to 13:09:26

ANDERSON, Larry S. Age 57, passed away Monday, May 19, 2008 at Sycamore Hospital. He is preceded in death by his mother, Clora Anderson. Larry is survived by his children, Shauna (Darren) Holbrook and Bradley Anderson; mother to his children, Robin Anderson; father, Hobert Anderson, and grandchildren, Dalton and Ava Holbrook. Larry was a 1968 graduate of West Carrollton High School, 1972 graduate of Bowling Green State University where he was a member of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity and a member of the Army ROTC. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 1972 and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the Ohio Army National Guard in 1997. Funeral services will be held at 2:00 pm Friday, May 23, 2008 at Newcomer Funeral Home & Crematory, 3940 Kettering Blvd., Kettering. Military honors will be rendered at Miami Valley Memory Gardens immediately following. Family will receive friends from 1:00 pm until the time of service at the funeral home. To leave a special message for the family online, visit www.NewcomerFamily.com.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yes, we are still here!
A number of you have sent inquiries about Gil's health status. Currently, I don't have time to deal with individual responses for each of them, so I hope this will suffice. He got home on Monday, May 12, in the early afternoon. After the rehab hospital had a series of meetings and ran the usual number of tests, they determined perhaps he wasn't a good prospect for their particular program, after all. This decision was reached, primarily due to the fact that not only is he recuperating from 2 spinal successive spinal surgeries, but he also suffers from the myeloma and osteopena. So the 3 things come together to create quite a conundrum, to say the very least. It's a very specious situation, obviously.

Anyway, he had already gotten approval for a 100% coverage program from the state, called TennCare, which would allow him to go to a nursing home and have 24/7 nursing care. However, I simply cannot do that. So I opted to bring him home and care for him, myself. Yes, it's very demanding. It's also frustrating, scary, tiring---the whole 9 yards. But it's what I must do. He does have home health care and they're here about 3 days per week.

He's conscious, lucid, and well aware of all which is occurring. I shield him from anything at all which I think might cause him any sort of stress or worry, of course. I will handle all of that, on my own, in the way I feel is necessary. No, I don't need it, either, but life tends to present us with perfect dichotomies, such as this, all the time. We have to deal with them.

The only thing which is giving him any actual pain, at this time, is those darned shingles. They continue to hold him captive. The exterior marks are gone, but that little bacterial virus on the nerve ending has yet to run its course. That's what must happen, in order for it to end.

Tomorrow, we go to his radiation ocologist and to his chemotherapy oncologist. It would be so nice if we could finally get some good news for him. Daily, I'm concerned about his nutritional intake. He's holding on okay, but has lost too much weight, of course. I'm plying him with vanilla Ensure, his favorite. I'm able to get modest amounts of food into him, each day, so I don't think he'll starve to death, or anything like that.
He just needs more nitrition.

All of you are by now aware, I think, not to send any e-mail to his computer. For several weeks there, it was piling up to the point where the provider actually called me, to get it cleared, as it was clogging the holy cyberhighway. The last time I sat down, it took me nearly an hour and a half to get it all off of there, after the downloading. There wasn't even one e-mail of a personal nature, out of 267of them. They were all either forwardings or poker sites, but 85% were forwardings. So I appreciate that nearly all of you have stopped with that. Thank you very much. It's a great help to me.

Last Friday, we went to his primary care physician. It was a real struggle, getting him from the bed to the vehicle, believe me. We were doing wonderfully until we came back home. That's when he fell to the floor, as he tried to re-enter the house. I wasn't able to get him up, of course, and wouldn't have tried, as I'm not medically trained and don't know exactly how to, "handle him," without hurting him. He was on the rug in the garage, not in pain, and had broken nothing (thank God), so I covered him and got him a pillow, and then called the rescue squad. They were here in minutes, resolving the problem, efficiently, quickly, and professionally. However, I resolved, after that experience, to use a wheelchair, in the interest of his safety. He was on his walker, when that occurred. I also had a wheelchair ramp built 2 days ago, which leads into the garage.

As for me, I'm doing all right, I really am. I stay busy and I keep moving and I do what has to be done. I feel the day we stop moving, IS the day we stop moving, and I can't do that! This is the single, most challenging thing I've ever done in my life, that's for sure. Perhaps, though, it is also the most important. I'm of the opinion he's going to be able to improve and have a little more of life, even in spite of all his problems. But if he doesn't make it through all of this, I want him to be surrounded by familiar things and be in his own home. So that's all the latest and I do hope this answers all questions any of you may have had. Thanks so much and I hope this finds all of you in glowing health. It's the single most important thing in life, I've learned.

---And there you have it! More at 11--- B

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