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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Monday, January 20, 2014
Bonnies Latest, Long Awaited Post - 18 JAN 2014
The Moving Finger Writes:
---Are we ready, gang? I fear this one may be the blockbuster of all time.

So be sure you've got your spectacles, your favorite drink, and a bathroom
nearby, as you read. Ha! I've got dozens and dozens of e-mails to cover, as
well as our annual weekend, so it will be lengthy, I'm sure. As always, we
ll start with our forwarders, who include 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER; 1955's C
R. F
We also still need an updated e-mail on two of my classmates, RICHARD G.
JERRY" BROWN and MADELEINE JEAN BECK. Is there any info out there? Does
anyone know where either or both of them is? Do you have a current e-mail,
phone number, anything? We have a couple others in the MIA category, so let
s see if we can come together and solve those, too. They include 1988's
KRISTIE A. WILSON and 1990's BRANDON C. CARPENTER (husband and wife), as
well as 1964's ANNA ARLENE COON. Does anyone have updated info on any of
these people? I hate losing a single one of us, as you all know. In better
news, though, I got an update on the e-mail for 1958's W. BAILEY HAWKINS and
his 1962 spouse, JACKQUELINE S. HAINES, so thanks for that, Jackie. We're
also adding to our readers list with 1958's RICHARD C. TYSON, JR., who made
the request at his class' 55th anniversary dinner. We're going to have much
more coverage on that, as we move forward with our news. We all welcome you
aboard, Richard, and hope you will enjoy reading the bulletins, as well
  Okay, I'm back to rushing like mad, trying desperately to finish this, at
least before the end of the year. But it's now Dec. 15, and I depart for
Florida on the 21st and will be gone through the 29th, so the prospects are
looking dim. I can only apologize to all of you, type faster, and pray for
endurance. I've got so much to do and so little time, to let me get back at
But before we begin that alumni weekend coverage, we're going to have to go
backward, for just a bit, so I can cover all my mail from the month prior to1
Hose events. We begin with a Sept. 18 e-mail from my oldest friend on this
earth, 1960's GERALD A, FULLER, whom I knew prior to school beginning. It
Seems we've somehow managed to maintain contact over the years, and that is
due in so small part to his WC-honorary spouse, Rebecca A. Fuller, who
always keeps me well-informed. Their message assured me they'd be seeing me
the following month, and Jerry even made the unbelievable gesture of
offfering to come and get me, then return me, if I wasn't up to the trip.
Bless you, Jerry. You're very dear to me.
On that same day came a request from 1973's JEAN ANN MILLER, for further
info on the passing of JUDY E. GENTILE, as announced in the prior bulletin.
That notice, Jean, came to me from INDY JO GRISSOM, class of 1970. Indy's
e-mail is (write to Bonnie for email)  and her surname is now Sumner, as she's
been long wed to 1971's HUGH ALLEN SUMNER. I suggest sending her an e-mail
and she may be able to provide the info you've requested. I hope this helps.
  Indy, I know you're reading this, so Jean's e-mail is:
 and her surname is now Palumbo. You two be sure to get together and share
some information on our late alumnus.
That Sept. 18 date proved to be quite newsy with tons of e-mails pouring
into my inbox. From 1956's SUSAN M. MASON came a contact request for the
then-recovering, iconic Civics teacher, MURL E. HUFFMAN, which I happily
provided. Susan was headed for Barcelona, Spain, and Paris, France, that
very week. How was your trip, Susan? Give us the highlights!
From 1963's LEE JEAN JORDAN came a request to assist her with promotion and
location efforts for their 50th, which took place in October. How did it go
Lee Jean? Did you have a good turnout, as I hoped? From Gatlinburg
(Tennessee of course) came an astounding piece of news from official,
Blogmaster Extra-Ordinaire," 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST, in which he informed we've had 401 posts and 23,500 viewings. Utterly amazing! Thanks so much, Mike,
and for those of you who wish to get current, or who may have missed
bulletins and postings, go to ( www.wchs.blogspot.com ). You'll be amazed at
the job Mike does for all of us, in keeping the info current and promptly
posting all the news for us. Many thanks, Mike, you're doing such a great
job. We all appreciate it.
Next came a correction from 1945's NORMA JEAN BROWN and DONALD R.
THROCKMORTON. I must confess, my face is really red! I know (and knew) full
well they're both 1945. But for whatever reason, didn't I write 1954,
transposing the numbers? So sorry, Jean and Don. Throckmorton, as we all
know, is one of those revered, longstanding WC families. However, let us not
forget Jean has her own distinction in WC folklore, being the daughter of
the well-known educator, the late H. RESSLER BROWN. Jean enumerated several
generations of WC grads, including 1969's KAREN L. THROCK
given), NEIL A. THROCKMORTON (no year given), and PAUL R. THROCKMORTON, who
attended through 8th grade only, due to a move. Don and Jean, by the way,
now live in Lebanon at 4261 Nightingale Ct., not Cr., as earlier reported.
Thanks, Jean, and I hope this finds you and Don doing well. We all missed
you on alumni weekend.
It seems I have yet another error to report, in addition to Don and Jean's.
*n the last bulletin, I wrote of the knee surgery of 1956's JOS. F. SNELL.
Well, it wasn't Joe, at all. It was his wife, Linda, who had the knee
surgery, not him. I guess we're all glad it wasn't you, Joe, but we're all
also hoping you're okay, too, Linda, and sorry you had to have surgery. I
apologize for the error and thanks for letting me know.
From 1970's RITA G. JUSTICE came notice of 3 alumni deaths. Some of you may
or may not know of these, but here they are. KEVIN S. RHODES, age 51, passed
away Sept. 14. No cause of death was given. He was class of 1980, as was
GAIL RENEE GROW, who died Jan. 14, 2013. She was also 51 and no cause of
death was given. This one is a really, really sad one, as the boy was just
19. His name is JORDAN JOSEPH FARRIS. Again, no cause given and he was class
of 2012. Rita wrote it was a car accident, though. On Sept. 15, JOHN D COOK,
class of 1979, and again, no specific cause of death was given, aside from a
sudden illness. John was the son of 1956's LOISNAN THOMAS, and this was also
reported by her classmate, ROSETTA PRUETT. Many thanks to you both Rita and
Rosetta. I also thank you for your kind words of appreciation about the
bulletins. John's death and details of his service were also reported by my
classmate, 1960's THOS. L. WOLF, JR,  as well as my sister-in-law, 1956's
ANITA RAE MASON. Thanks to you and Anita, too, Tom
As most of us are well aware, 1971's RODNEY R. GABBARD has had so many
health problems and so much bad luck, in recent years. Well, it seems the
tides have finally turned for Rod, and I'm so glad for him. He's feeling
much better, he tells me, can now stand and walk, and he's not having nearly
so many problems. He even extended an invitation to me to visit him and his
wife, Linda. How nice of you, Rod! We're all thrilled for you and hope your
health continues to improve. Thanks for letting us know and best of luck to
On the 19th, I got confirmation from, "my main field reporter," 1959's GARY
E. BARNES, in which he confirmed our standing, early engagement at Ron's
Pizza on the Thursday of our weekend. For about 4-5 years, now, I have met
with him and his wife, Patricia S. (nee) Peffly, and we're always joined by
1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH and 1960's CHAS. V. CARTER, who's always my host,
along with his wife, Pamela. It gives us all some quality visiting time,
prior to the crowd arriving. More later on the events, as earlier mentioned.
  (Footnote: Pat had big health problems, during that very week and was
unable to join us.  I'm sure she's much better, now.)
Still on Sept. 18, I got e-mail from 1960's WM. H. ARNOLD, in which he
advised he wouldn't be at our weekend festivities, as he had a family
obligation, as his  daughter was graduating nursing school in Kentucky and
then they'd be taking a trip which conflicted with those dates.
From 1956's RALPH D. WILSON came an inquiry about 1956's BARBARA A. FARLEY
and whether or not she's deceased. I don't know, Ralph. Do any of you? He
had the same query about J. BRUCE MARTINDALE (is he 1956?) and I don't know
about that one, either. Do any of you? We're also still trying to get a good
e-mail for 1956's BETTY L. CULPEPPER, so if anyone can help us, let me know.
Thanks for your efforts, Ralph, and it was good to see you on alumni weekend
From 1960's RONNIE R. WHEELER came an e-mail in which he wrote I might be
lost, if I ever quit the bulletin-writing and I'd miss it horribly. Well,
Ron, you just might be right, I don't know. I love the e-mail exchanges and
contact with everyone, so I guess I'll keep typing. But one of these days,
someone on the readers list must take over the reins. I know there has to be
someone who's capable and willing. I will continue searching. Thanks for the
words of encouragement.
Then came Sept. 20, when I got a surprising e-mail from 1958 class president
and legendary football player (both WC and college), RICHARD A. FAHRNEY, who
currently resides in Breckenridge, Co. In it, he requested I come to Deer
Run Lodge (between Miamisburg and Franklin) on the eve of Oct. 11, for the
purpose of addressing his class upon the occasion of their 55th anniversary
gathering. I can't begin to tell you all how flattered I was---and how very
puzzled!! So I asked Dick why he'd chosen me, rather than one of our iconic
educators or a highly successful alumnus.
He came back with the perfect reply to ensure my appearance, saying he's a
fan of the bulletins, he wants more members of his class to come aboard, and
he also wants more of them to know exactly who I am, "in the flesh." He also
enticed me with the possibility of attendance by JAS. C. JOHNSON , my
beloved Sociology teacher, for whom I held a blinding crush, throughout high
school, and also by telling me I'm the, "only foreigner," who's ever been
invited to a 1958 event. Now, who on earth can resist such a request as
that? Need I tell you all I did agree to be there? There's little in life
which I enjoy more than the art of putting words together into a read-worthy
format. I love words, I love writing, I love proper grammar (and REBECCA A.
MARSH), and I especially enjoy knowing there are people who want to read it.
  It's been a lifelong passion, even before school. I started writing dumb,
little, childhood tales before I was 5. So Dick knew exactly how to get me
to agree, and I was also very flattered. Yes, more later on this event, too!
(As an aside here, I should also add Dick telling me about the 50th
anniversary celebration for him and wife Jan, which he wrote was spent at
the home of their middle son who lives in Flathead Lake, just south of
Glacier National Park in Montana. That's a place where I've been, myself,
during one of my many, annual trips to Sturgis, South Dakota. Very scenic!)
A request came from 1957's THERESA M. MOSES to try and get the bulletins to
classmate JAS. E. "BUCK' WICKLINE. He has no PC. As my longtime readers will
recall, I once had a mailing list (U.S. Postal, I mean) of about 2 dozen
people with no PCs. For several years, I mailed the bulletins to the
Alumni on that entire list. It became SO costly, I wasn't able to continue
it, I'm sorry to say. There were
A number of factors, not only the cost of the ink cartridges, the copy paper
  the printer, but also the big envelopes, the reams of paper, and the postal
rate for something that lengthy, even at the media mail rate, quickly became
a major expense. After my husband died, and I lost his income, of course,
that was the end of that. So we had to come up with a different idea. It's
highly unlikely, anyone without a PC, doesn't have a close friend or family
member who DOES have one. So we're trying connect the bulletins through that
route, and have that person give them to our alumni. That's exactly what we
were able to do with Buck, so we now have him on our readers list, too.
Welcome aboard, Buck and thanks to Theresa for her efforts, as well as those
of spouse, THOS. D. ELLIOTT, also 1957, as well as 1956's RALPH D. WILSON,
made similar efforts on Buck's behalf. In any case, we're thrilled to
welcome you, Buck, to the Pirate's readers list.
Here are some health tidbits I'm going to throw out there. I heard bits and
pieces on several of them, but don't know much detail. First of all, I heard
1959's GARY L. SIZER broke his leg. Is this correct? Does anyone know? Is he
doing all right, if this is true? If so, when did it happen? It would be
nice to
get correct info on such things, so we can all send cards, offer good wishes
and let our fellow Pirate know we care about their welfare. I further heard
his brother, 1957's NEIL H. SIZER, is experiencing health woes of some sort,
but again, no details. Just let us say, if either or both of you has had/are
having any health problems, we all wish you well.
In latter September, 1961's JACK L. GODBY had quite a scare, he wrote, while
in his bathroom. He blacked out and fell, wedging himself solidly between
the sink and toilet. He couldn't get himself out, nor could his neighbors.
Eventually, they had to call the rescue folks, who had to knock out the sink
order to extricate him. How scary! He told me he was bruised and sore, but
all right. He lives alone, but says he has wonderful neighbors, how look
after him. There's nothing better than great neighbors. We're all so glad
you're okay, Jack!
In other health news, our beautiful 1960 class member, EULA FAYE BAILEY, has
recently undergone hip surgery, the result of a fall. We've recently talked
and she's doing all right. Her 3 kids are always hovering, she said, and
looking after her. On Nov. 24, I'll be attending the 90th birthday party of
her aunt, who's lived here about 60 years. Not only will I represent my
newspaper column, but will be able to give Eula Faye a full report, too.
On November 7, WALLACE W. ROBBINS had extensive spinal surgery at Kettering.
  He's been in a wheelchair for a spell. His hope is to have a successful
surgery which will take him out of that chair. I hope it works for him. We
had a lengthy chat, just the day prior to his surgery. As we concluded our
Chat, he told me he'd be going upstairs to visit with his neighbor, 1959's
COE S. WOLFE. They've been neighbors for a spell. I'm so glad they visit
with each other.  (Footnote:  He called me on or about Jan. 12, says he's
doing all right, able to walk a bit, and hoping to take more and more steps
with each passing day.)
On November 4, JUDITH L. SAMUELS had surgery in Ormond Memorial Hospital,
during which her entire right lung was removed. As I write this (Nov. 9),
she's still in the hospital. I call daily to check on her progress and
condition. She had a mass which was malignant. They think they got it all,
but will not know until further tests, of course. She and I have spent our
entire lives in contact with each other, since childhood. I go to sleep,
wondering how she's doing. I awaken, wondering how she's doing. If not for
my pets, I'd have gone down there for her surgery. She will be on oxygen for
the rest of her life. (Footnote: It is with great concern, I inform you we
all need to please keep Judy in our good thoughts and prayers. Her entire,
right lung was removed on November 7. Following the post-surgery tests, she
was informed of having 5 malignant lymph nodes, for which she must undergo
chemotherapy and/or radiation. Let's all send positive vibes to help her
pull through this. She begins her chemo Jan. 20.)
As most of us are already aware, 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT had knee surgery
  in September. I talked with her and she said she was having great
discomfort with it and certain movements she found very painful and
difficult. While in Ohio, I made 2 attempts to get to her house, but the
roads were so rough and disrupted, I wasn't able to do so. We did manage to
visit a bit at the annual Miami Shores Memories picnic, though. We all hope
you're doing well, Lynn.  (Footnote:  I'm pretty sure she's had the other
knee done, sometime in December.  I'll be checking on her soon.)
Since returning from Ohio, I've contacted 1959's GARY E. BARNES, a couple of
times. I've made an earlier mention of this. But at least contact, his wife
wasn't doing a lot better than when she became ill just before our weekend
began. So I'm wondering, now that some more time has passed, how she is and
what is her prognosis? Give us the latest update, Gary.
Last, but far from least, on the health updates is the one for our iconic
teacher, MURL E. HUFFMAN, who just has to be the modern, male version of,
The Unsinkable Molly Brown." He's doing great, has recovered from his heart
and stomach surgery of the late summer, and yes, he's out driving cars! He
did, in fact, drive himself to several of the WC functions. Our sincerest
thanks to his daughter, Ann Huffman Warner, for keeping us all so
Listen, gang, if any of you are aware of one of our own, who is ill, who is
in need, who needs rides, who needs help, or whatever, be sure to let us
know. I'm aware, over the years, of so many of us old Pirates, who have
stepped up to the plate to help fellow alumni, often anonymously and often
alumni we don't even know, it would surprise you. We've formed a pretty
tight bond over these many years of reading about each other's trials and
tribulations and we sure all want one another to know we're there for each
other. So don't forget that. Just re-read these last few paragraphs, about
our people with health problems, and think what life might be, without any
support from old friends and family.
To say I'm running late---well, that would be the ultimate understatement.
It's now Dec. 7 and here I am trying desperately to get this thing done
before 2013 is a long-gone memory. Apologies to all, as I've been so busy,
it's unbelievable. In the past 3 weeks, I've hosted 3 sets of houseguests,
for starters. I am somehow keeping up with my weekly newspaper column, care
of my 4 animals, this gigantic place in which I live, doing my animal
rescue/volunteer work every Thursday, serving on the church council, and my
other freelance writing. I guess that's about enough excuses, eh? So let's
get back at it.
We'll back up clear to Sept. 26, when I got an e-mail from 1987's SHARLENE N
  MERKER, in which she made a plea for new scoreboard for the football field,
stating the old one has been hit by lightning, had transformers replaced,
and is just generally, "on its last legs." I put out a special bulletin,
have had a couple responses, but as far as I know at this writing, nothing
substantial. If we have any wealthy WC alumni out there, with nothing better
to do, you might want to consider this as a worthy project. I'm sure
Sharlene will contact me, if anything comes through.
On that same day, I received a request from 1971's BONITA J. OVERSTREET,
whose name is now Finch. She wanted contact info for 1959's SHIRLEY R. PARKS
  with whom she wrote she'd worked for years. So of course, I was happy to
provide it, but have received no follow-up as yet. So one of you
tell me if you got in contact with one another, will you?
Again on the same day, a note arrived from 1964's HARTLEY J. LUCAS, JR., in
which he reported none other than iconic teacher, MURL E. HUFFMAN, arrived
at his barber shop, actually carrying his cain, rather than using it. No
surprise there. We had many, many reports during this bulletin period on
the status and appearances of MEH, following his health scare. Thanks, Joe.
From 1970's VICKIE JO GILBERT and 1963's JERRY T. "TED" EUBANK came a Sept.
27 request to contact alumni treasurer, GARY E. JOHNSON. I was able to
provide that, of course, and hope it was a successful contact. There was a
lot of activity around that period, due to our soon-to-occur, annual weekend
  in fact.
By that time, I'd agreed to address the 1958 class, as earlier mentioned.
That made me think of their class member, LANDO F. STEELE. About a hundred
years ago, he and I ran into each other, long after graduating, in a social
setting. I hadn't seen him since and was very curious, so set about trying
to find him, which proved to be a piece of cake. I already had some lovely
friends in that class, who included BILL R. HOWARD, VINCENT A. BRODBECK, and
a lifelong, close friendship with BRUCE E. CHENOWETH. None of them, however,
  had an e-mail address for Lando. To make a long story short, I succeeded in
contacting him, we occasionally talk and e-mail, and he's on our readers
list. I was able to provide him with a much-coveted, 1958 Piratan, as a
matter of fact. (Footnote: During the first weekend of December, Lando made
a trip to Nashville, he told me. During his stay, it was cold and snowy, so
he said he did his best to keep all the girls toasty-warm, as he made his
way up and down Music Row. I can just imagine!  On today's date, which is
Jan. 18, I await Lando's arrival on my doorstep, sometime next week.  He'll
be heading back from Florida, he wrote, and will be coming to see me,en
On October 7, I received an e-mail from 1960's THOS. L. WOLF, JR., in which
he informed me of the annual football parade being held on Thursday, rather
than Friday. Of course, most of you will recall my bulletin, regarding the
aforementioned SHARLENE N. MERKER being designated as queen of that parade.
Her mother, 1960's SHIRLEY J. TUDOR, was one proud mother, indeed.
There were a ton of WC connections forthcoming from 1963's LEE JEAN JORDAN.
Let me see if I can come close to getting them all correct. Her great
grand-niece, SHELBY JORDAN, was voted to the sophomore homecoming court. She
s the great-granddaughter of my classmate, the late JAS. M. JORDAN. The
great-grandmother is 1962's SANDYI (yes, that's how she spells it) M. HAYNEs
whom I was able to find in the yearbook. Niece GINA JORDAN is also a WC grad
  year unknown, as is the wife of her nephew, DEBBIE STIDMAN, class unknown.
In the event anyone out there happens to be able to put their hands on a
1951 Piratan, please let me know. I've got one, but only one. BILL R. HOWARD
made the inquiry for classmate (and relative?), DAVID L. HOWARD. I'll  put
you in touch with one of them, if you have one.
Bless your heart, 1961's EDNA L. GRAY, who wrote me an e-mail on Oct. 7,
offering to come get me and take me to Ohio, and return me, afterward. Edna
s plate is very full, what with her husband getting on in years and a
step-son with terminal cancer and no family, except for Edna and Dick. I got
similar offers from 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, BILL R. HOWARD, and 1960's
GERALD A. FULLER. I'm overwhelmed by such offers. Thank you, one and all
Edna and I also had a wonderful exchange about our
humble-yet-Beaver-Cleaver-like, Miami Shores upbringing, too. We both agree
we loved it there, and now treasure all those great, childhood memories.
Our EULA FAYE BAILEY, 1960, has had a hip replacement and is doing well, she
tells me. We have to keep a sharp eye on her, folks. She's not reporting
things as promptly as she should. However, at least she did update me on her
new e-mail address, finally. I guess she's had quite a time with that. I
recently attended the 90th birthday of her Aunt Elvie, on her behalf and so
I could cover it in my column for the newspaper. It was a fun event. Eula
Faye, we hope you're back, 100%! MICHAEL S. WEST is also keeping tabs on you
  you know. Also updating me on a new phone number was 1960s WM. C.
ARNOLD, who wrote he'd be unable to join us this year.
Recent telephone conversations include 1960's EDGAR L. "EDDIE" KELLY, WM. M.
ROHLER, and CHAS. A. HIGH, JR. Eddie is having a very tough time of it,
since losing his son in September, 2012. He told me he just hasn't been able
to bounce back. But who could? We all send positive vibes your way, Eddie,
and hope things will eventually improve. Bill is doing all right, still
living in Bombay Beach, California, and still working. Charlie gives me
cause for great concern. He's twice been hospitalized of late and still
having heart problems. He told me he thought he might not make it back home
during this most recent episode. Of course, we're all glad he did.
Come Oct. 8, I received e-mail from 1968's ROGER D. LUCAS, questioning days
and locations of the weekend events. Of course, I responded and informed him
  Roger, if you were there, I missed you, or you failed to identify yourself,
I don't know which. Or did you get to anything, at all?
Suddenly, it was Oct. 9 and I was on the road for Ohio. It took me about 5
1/2-6 hours to get there, I think. I'm so far in arrears now, I can't recall
  I stayed with 1960's CHAS. V. CARTER and his wife, Pamela, as I always do.
We always have a great visit and I disappear into, "my condo," which is the
full apartment, beneath their main house. I love it, down there!
That evening, I had a dinner engagement with my 47-years-long friend, the
iconic local entertainer, Betty Greenwood. We went out to dinner with her
companion/caregiver and accompanying singer, Susan K. McLaughlin, at the Old
Hickory on Brown St., and had a rousing good evening. I love Betty and we're
very tight. She still entertains! She'll turn 92 on July 15, and both her
children (two sons) are deceased. She's inspiratonal, to say the least. We
stay in regular contact. Earlier, I misdated the Dec. 15 paragraph. It
belongs here. I simply didn't scroll down far enough. Shades of being in a
The following night, I was at Ron's Pizza in Miamisburg with my usual early
crowd, who include 1959's GARY E. BARNES, 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, and
1960's CHAS V. CARTER, my host. We had a wonderful visit and everyone missed
Patricia S. Barnes, who was hospitalized with some blood cloth problems as
earlier mentioned. I understand she's now doing better, but that gave us all
a scare. We'll expect you to be there next year, Pat, and we sure missed you
As the evening passed, my guess would be that we had roughly 50-60 alumni,
who came and went, as the hours flew past. Everyone hobnobbed with everyone,
as always. It's such a great time! I got to see ROSETTA PRUETT, 1956, for
the first time in years. We got to chat quite a bit. She'd recently left
Arizona and moved back home. She was friends with my sister, also 1956, the
late JUDY A. RISNER. It was a really fun eve!
The next morning brought the resurrected golf tourney at the Mound Golf
Course. Naturally, I had to go over there and see how it all went. Among
those whom I actually saw were 1958's DAVID N. HARRIS, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH,
RALPH D. WILSON, 1955's JERRY L. DAVIS (in the distance, I do believe), and
I sat around and shot the breeze a while. Again, it was a fun event and fun
morning. I'm sure there were many others, too, whom I did not see.
That evening brought the very popular, Frisch's Frolic, founded by 1960's
MICHAEL S. WEST. This is a real winner and we usually have 75-100 people
come and go, as the evening passes. This year was a lighter attendance, but
still great fun, and lots of us there. I began the eve, sitting with my dear
friend of 45 years, Sandi L. Young, and her spouse, 1960's VP, THOS. D.
YOUNG, also a close friend. We got in a good chat, albeit brief. Earlier, I
d committed to address the 1958 class upon the occasion of their 55th
anniversary, at the Deer Run Lodge. I arrived without incident and found
many familiar, fond faces. They included all the ones I've already mentioned
from 1958, and of course, President RICHARD A. FAHRNEY, FLOYD R. "BUBBLES"
as VINCENT A. BRODBECK and his longtime, charming companion, Brenda K.
Heiser. There was also the beautiful LORNA D. TROUTMAN with her hunky  and
charming spouse, Roger M. "Chico" Lopez III, who was snapping photos all
over the place. (He's a professional photographer, as well as a pro at charm
and charisma.) There were many others, including our football and track
RICHARDSON, DAVID N. HARRIS, STELLA M. COOPER (who was nicknamed, "the body,
  in school, and I'll bet she didn't even know it), LINDA A. TURNER, DAVID L
more of whose names I was unaware. Of course, our iconic Civics teacher MURL
E. HUFFMAN was also present, and offered inspiring words. However, the
deaths in this class are very, very great. In the last few years, as I
leafed through their class, I was able to count 30 who are deceased, and I'm
sure there are more. Nevertheless, being there was quite an honor, and I had
a great time talking with everyone and doing my brief presentation to make
everyone aware of why I do these bulletins and how they first began. I think
I already mention Ed Dick and I are planning a repeat performance for their
60th. We're both
very much optimists! Next I returned to Frisch's to finish off the evening
there and got to see lots more of my fellow alumni. That ever-chic pair,
1960's T. BARRY RUSSELLO and 1959's BETSY R. MURPHY were there, looking as
they always look; i.e., as if they'd just stepped off a magazine cover. It
was also Barry's 71st birthday.
Okay, gang, here's the deal.  It's now Jan. 18.  This news is getting almost
stale and this bulletin is far too long, already, not to mention being far,
far overdue.  For that, I apologize.  So I'm now going to very abruptly end
this one, and will begin the next one, right where I left off, in this one.
I hope the new year is going to bring me greater persistence in getting
these done in a more timely manner.  I leave you all with my usual wishes
for glowing health, personal safety, great happiness, peaceful serenity,
spiritual harmony, and boundless prosperity.  Ciao!

Monday, January 06, 2014
Boyd Jenkins - Class of 1960 - Deceased
I wanted to notify just our class members, first, about this
very sad news.  I learned yesterday, we lost BOYD H. JENKINS,
JR.  Boyd passed away on March 21, 2013, while still in Florida.  He had
been diagnosed with lung cancer, and later suffered complications from
pneumonia.  Boyd had just turned 70, the previous Dec. 29.  He was one of
the younger members of our class.  News of his death reached me through
Rebecca Schoch, his step-daughter in Cincinnati, one of four children he
raised as his own.  He had no biological children.  All his mail was being
forwarded to her for one year.  She got the birthday card I'd sent him, for
this past Dec. 29.  I so hate telling this to all of you.  
---And there you have it! More at 11---Bonnie

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