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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bonnie Writes:

---This installment begins on January 30, just a few days after sending the

last one. You've all sent many wonderful responses and they're accumulating

quickly, so I don't want to get too far behind. We'll start with our

forwarders, as always, who are 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER; 1955's C. ELAINE








1964's RICKEY A. BUSCH; 1969's ROBT. E. THARPE, JOHN Q. KEMP; 1970's RITA G.

JUSTICE; and 1971's. JOY I. WOLFORD.

Next, of course, comes our e-mail lost list and there are a number on there

his time, whom I shall have to delete, if I've got no updates. So pick your

collective brains and check your address lists, please. I really hate to

lose a single one of us! They include Ass't Princ. JANET W. BARKER; 1953's

ELMER D. MARRIOTT (mailbox unavailable) 1954's CAROLYN R. GILLETTE (rejected

as being an unknown user), MARIANN A L. LAKINS (invalid mailbox); 1955's

BARBARA J. THOMAS (mailbox unavailable

); 1956's ANITA R. MASON (she no longer uses PC, disregard) 1958's JUDITH M

SMITH (rejected as being an inactive account), KEITH E. ANDERSON

(undeliverable); 1961's LILY K. "KITTY" BURDE

TTE (no reason given) and 1988's e JAS. A. MCGURE, although I think I might

have his, now. I also think I've finally solved the problem with 1959's

CAROLYN EUBANK, thanks to sister-in-law, 1970's

VICKIE JO GILBERT and also 1970's INDY JO GRISSOM. So thanks, Indy and

Vickie. The others will

likely be going off the readers list, at this time, and that just kills me.

So let's try to prevent it. This is a lot of alumni to lose!

My first response to the last bulletin was forthcoming from 1971's RODNEY R.

GABBARD, who was headed for bladder cancer surgery on Jan. 29. He sent good

wishes to all and asks for our collective good thoughts and prayers. You've

got those, Rod, and I feel I can speak for us all, as I write that. Right

now, it's only Jan. 30, so I have no follow-up or feedback, just yet. But I

hope to be able to soon add a positive footnote to this paragraph. "We're

all pullin for ya', Rod. Hang in there"!

Is there anyone of the late 1950s-early 1960s, who doesn't recall the

beautiful LORNA D. TROUTMAN of the 1958 class? I know I sure did, and

immediately. Well, her classmate, BILL R. HOWARD, sent me a photo of her and

liisten up, all you gorgeous gals from 1961! Lorna can give anyone a run for

their money when it comes to keeping her good looks. She's still utterly

gorgeous, lives in Phoenix, Az., (with her hunky spouse) as do a few other

WC folks (1958's JUDITH M. SMITH, 1959's MICHAEL L. SWANK, and married

couple, 1960's LINDA J SNELL and LONNIE M. THACKER, to name just a few.)

Anyway, she and I, along with Bill now and then, have had a number of very

interesting exchanges, catching up on all things WC, one might say. It has

resulted in our now being able to add Lorna to our readers list. I'm simply

thrilled to welcome you aboard, Lorna! Lorna's hunky husband (no surprise

there) is a race car driver, as well as being a professional photographer. I

also found out her real, middle name is Doone, so does anyone except me

remember the film (based on the book of the same name, of course), "Lorna

Doone"? (No, not the cookies!) Anyway, her mother was reading that book when

she was pregnant with Lorna and she was so impressed with the heroine, she

named Lorna after her. I love that story! As I had various e-mail exchanges

with male alumni, I discovered (again, no surprise) Lorna had practically a

fan club amongst the WC guys, during her high school years. Not many

approached her, as they were intimidated by her extreme good looks, they

told me. However, they did worship her from afar!" Well, she's taken,

fellas! So sorry, and her husband looks to be a big, jealous dude, too! She

says they'll be with us in October. I can scarcely wait. She and I and Bill

have been doing lots of excited e-mailing.

It was yet another interesting exchange with 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER, about

our great, good fortune to have grown to maturity in the 1950s, and even

better than that, to have had the privilege of living in my beloved, little

village of Miami Shores. I won't go on again about how fun it was there, as

so many of you already know, but I loved talking with Freda about this. We

also discussed the many facets of past life, which are rapidly fading from

the scene, as they fall victim to the latest technology. They include items

such as books, the postal service, newspapers (boo hoo!), wrist watches,

road maps, film cameras, and so much more. Yes, it's all going away. I have

to wonder how much longer we'll even have retail stores, what with things

like eBay and amazon.com, etc. In short, the world in which so many of us

passed through adulthood---well, it s fading quickly. I believe we call it


In other matters of pith and moment, I believe plans are moving along for

the 55th anniversary of the Class of 1958. These plans are being gently

steered along by BILL R. HOWARD, and there are offers of assistance from

DONALD I. MCCOY and K. JUNE CRUTCHFIELD. Technological assistance of alumni

treasurer, 1970's GARY E. JOHNSON, has been invaluable, as regards contact

info. I'm sure it's going to be a smashing event.

Let us get back to the topic of the Poling girls. You all may recall how

1956's REBECCA J. POLING wrote to refresh my memory of the 5 Poling girls,

right? Of course, I vividly remembered them all, and I wasn't the only one,

believe me. More reinforcement was forthcoming, as 1958's BILL R. HOWARD

wrote of the Poling girls, "Those Poling girls are burned into the

consciousness of many a WC guy, and they weren't all in Miami Shores,either!

Betsy and Becci are emblazoned on my brain. They were, indeed, prime

examples of feminine pulchritude." Well written, Bill, well written. I'm

sure that statement

is absolutely true. So no need, Becci, to let us know who the Poling girls

are. You all practically had your own fan club.

From 1970's INDY JO GRISSOM came a tidbit on our e-mail lost girl, earlier

mentioned, 1959's

CAROLYN E. EUBANK. I have to touch on this again, to give credit where

credit's due. It was quite helpful, too, and caused me to check and re-check

my e-mail list. As I'd expected, the error in this case was my own. Thanks

again, Indy, and thanks again to 1970's VICKIE JO GILBERT, too, who is

Carolyn's sister-in-law, married to 1963's JERRY T. "TED" EUBANK, Carolyn

s brother. Vickie kept giving me the e-mail address (correctly), but I was

failing to check each and every character. So we finally got Carolyn off the

lost list

From 1961's NANCY A. HALL came a thank-you note for her birthday card of Jan

26. It was Nancy's, "Big Seven-O," and we can't forget those, now can we?

Anyway, she and spouse, Pastor Retired Larry W. Matthews, had both been ill,

then recovered, then Larry had a relapse at last writing. So how are things,

Nancy? Is Larry well now? The Matthews are planning a western Carribean

cruise, come spring, so let's wish them both well, so they can go and enjoy


Now, here's an interesting piece of trivia. It seems Nancy's mother and the

mother of 1961's NANCY J. ERTEL were roommates way back in 1943, when the

two of them were born. This gives a whole, new meaning to the phrase, "right

out of the womb," doesn't it? That's how long they've known each

other. Nancy (Hall) and spouse Larry will be stopping in Ft. Lauderdale in

March to visit yet another classmate, CAROL A. MUMMA, her lifelong friend.

Hey, have fun, all of you!

Okay, it's now Feb. 23, and I'm closing in rapidly on my self-imposed

deadline for the bulletins. I guess I'd better get crackin'! From 1970's

RITA G. JUSTICE came a great, "deal of the century," story which parallels

well with my own. She and her daughter found John Keal tables (which sell

for well over a thousand dollars each and usually higher) for a mere $15.

Way to go, Rita! Don't you just love those kinds of bargains? Thanks, Rita

for your comments on the bulletins, too. I so appreciate it and am always so

humbled by such remarks.

Also from Rita came a request to secure a photo of WC student, THOS, EUGENE

COMBS, who died at 19, as a war hero. It was for something Veteran-oriented,

and I didn't quite know where to turn, so I forwarded all the info to my,

all-around fix-it guy," 1965's STEVEN F. SHADE, who never lets me down, no

matter how rare or ridiculous the request. Thanks, Rita, and I know you did

whatever was needed, Steve, so thanks to you, too.

Oh, such exciting news from my classmate, NANCY R. KANNINEN! Guess what? We

have our very first reader in Hawaii! (I think so, anyway.) Nancy and her

husband have moved there and I've got her new e-mail address, too. She loves

the bulletins, she wrote me, and loves hearing about everyone in the old WC

ranks. I'm so glad, Nancy, and I wish you well in your news dig, as I'm sure

we all do.

Hey, let's all keep 1962's REBECCA J. LEIWIG in our good thoughts and

prayers. She's just simply devastated by the loss of her sister, MARCIA S.

LEIWIG, a victim of cancer. Becky also lost both of her daughters, over the

years, as well as 5 of her 6 brothers, so she's having a tough time of it.

She and Marcia were exceptionally close, in a family of 8 and being the only

2 girls. We're all pulling for you, Becky, and so sorry you've endured such

tragedy. Why don't you get together with some of the WC girls who have

luncheons all the time, rebond with them, and spend time togethe?. I really

think it

would help you. We are a truly wonderful bunch of people!

We also need to keep in our good thoughts and prayers, one of my classmates,

EDGAR L. "EDDIE" KELLY. Ed's been having quite a rough time of it, of late.

He lost his son back in September and told me he's just not getting through

that loss very well. But who could? He called me and said he's doing all he

can to try and cope. He also told me he'll be calling old friends and

classmates, AARON COUC

H and WM. M. ROHLER. I have to call Aaron, myself. I haven't heard from him

in a spell and he wasn't feeling well, last time I spoke with him. Has

anyone heard from him? Ed, hang in there. All your old pals wish you well,

and we offer sincerest condolences for the tragic loss of your son.

For me, it was great professional news from 1958's DONALD I. MCCOY. He has

returned to the insurance business, and I couldn't be happier. I've been

very dissatisfied with my insurance, since he sold his other agency. I told

him if he went back into business, I'd be his very first customer. So we are

working, as I type, on changing around my insurance.

Lots of folks seem to be whiling away a few winter weeks in my former home

state of Florida. I got a couple nice e-mails from 1960's MICHAEL S. WEST,

who had stopped at Dixie Crossroads, which is in Titusville, where we used

to have our WC Christmas brunch. Then there's my sister-in-law, 1956's

ANITA RAE MASON, who's visiting down there until the first of April, with my

brother-in-law, who's now her husband. Everyone's having a great time, but

as usual, it's already pretty steamy in Florida.

Along came a note from 1956's RALPH D. WILSON, in which he told me of being

in contact with his classmate, MARGIE L. HENDRICKS. It seems Margie was

pining away to have a 1956 yearbook, so Ralph asked if I might have one.

Margie was sure in luck. As it happened, I had/have more 1956's than any

other year. So I sent one to Margie, post-haste, and she's been writing me

ever since. We are currently getting acquainted, and she has so enjoyed the

book, it was a joy to be able to send it. As most of you are well aware, I

have been collecting Piratans, from every possible source, for about 10

years, now. I store them until a request surfaces. I sell them only to WC

alumni, for exactly what I paid, plus media mail shipping rates. But my

sources have really dried up in recent years, and that's especially true of

the books dating back to the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. So remember, if

any of you stumble onto any of them which are for sale, let me know, and I

ll gladly reimburse you. At this moment, I now have only 2 extra 1956

yearbooks. But thanks for the tip on that, Ralph, and we also welcome Margie

aboard to our readers list, thanks to Ralph. I also sent Margie, "the red

book," which was composed in 2006 for that class, by ANITA RAE MASON and my

late sister, JUDY ANN RISNER

. Judy gave me one and Margie wanted one so badly, I sent it to her. She was

a member of that class and I know she' ll treasure it.

As most of you are well aware, I'm very close to well-known, longtime Dayton

entertainer and nightclub owner, Betty Greenwood. We're in regular contact.

I think most of you are also well aware she lost both her children, both

sons. The younger one, Glenn, just died Nov. 23. She now has his condo on

the market for sale. It's a 2-bedroom/2-bath and looks quite attractive. The

price seems to be a steal at $43,500. So if you know anyone who's interested

or if you'd like to take a look at it, access photos at www.coldwellbanker

com/homesearch/2/547255 It sure looks like a nice one, especially for that


Continuing to spread the word and work valiantly at the 55th for his 1958

class is BILL R. HOWARD, who also strenuously objects to being labeled as

the chairperson. But as I told Bill, he's a natural leader, he has

enthusiasm for the event, he's in contact with many of his classmates, so

hey, who can do a better job? Besides, as I keep telling him, if you step up

to the plate and take the chairmanship, you can delegate all the work, and

wind up doing nothing! So get in there, all you 1958-ers, and give Bill lots

of help.

What spectacular news has come in from Martha A. Craig! As many will recall

she's the widow of my dear, old friend and classmate and Miami Shores Kid,

RONALD P. CRAIG, who died on September 18, 2000. At the end of February,

Martha is going to remarry. I'm so thrilled for her! Martha, what's his

name? What's the exact date? Where is the wedding? Questions, questions,

questions! Thanks for letting us know.

Earlier in the month, I spoke with my dear friend, and another 1958-er,

BRUCE E. CHENOWETH. We got current on life, and I did the same thing last

month with lifelong friend, SHIRLEY J. TUDOR, 1960. I also kept my contact

schedule with EULA FAYE BAILEY and with CHAS. V. CARTER and CHAS. A. HIGH,

JR. Everybody's doing pretty well, but for Charlie (High). I continue to

have concerns for him, as regards his stamina, as I feel he's trying to do

too much. He recently had another heart procedure (his 21st, as I understand

it), and he came through it again. He continues to care for his ailing wife,

totally on his own, even though his own health is probably as poor, and

possibly worse, than hers. So I keep him in my good thoughts and prayers, at

all times.

Well, readers, all the ladies at the senior citizen highrise on Kettering's

Wilmington Pike are in deep mourning, I'm sure. You see, their most famous

and accommodating resident, the unforgettable WALLACE W. ROBBINS, has now

moved away from there. Yes, folks, "Elvis has left the building."

He wrote to give me the full update, saying he moved to Waynesville, just

about 3 minutes from one of his daughters. He said he's now in a

wheelchair/scooter, so I guess he had no choice but to move. If he'd stayed

at the highrise, he'd have gotten hallway speeding tickets in that thing.

Anyway, his new address is 200 Adamsmoor Drive, Apt. 109, Waynesville, Ohio

45068. His home phone number is 513 855-4026. He wants to hear from any and

all WC people, especially the females. Ha!

Cousin JUDITH L. SAMUELS and I continue our daily banter. You'd think we'd

exhaust every topic, but we don't. It's everything from the specials at the

grocery store to car repairs to dog training to garage sales and the

greatest specials at the discount stores. So I guess we'll never run out of

topics and material, will we?

Also finally sending me a juicy snippet was my classmate, THOS. L. WOLFE, JR

I really liked this one. Remember when I told you alumni treasurer GARY E.

JOHNSON, was trying to reach 1948's

ALMA JACQUELINE "JACKIE" CRITZER, a past alumni officer? Jackie had quite a

treasure trove of WC memorabilia, it seems. Her married name was Wilson, of

course, and she'd been married to the brother of the aforementioned RALPH D.

WILSON, 1956. When Gary had requested my info on her, I had to tell him I

had none, so I referred him to Ralph. Jackie's daughter, Annie, contacted

Gary. He and Tom went together and succeeded in retrieving about 6-7 boxes

of those historic, WC treasures, and Tom wrote he had the time of his life,

spending an afternoon going through them. I can just imagine, Tom! I'd

have felt the same way.

Tom also wrote we have a need to, "fill in the blanks," with several

Piratans. Among the missing years are 1936, 1941, 1963, and 1979. Does

anyone have those or extras of them, which they wouldn't be opposed to

donating to the cause? Tom, I've got a full printout of 1941 and it has a

very authentic look to it. It came from the WCHS library and I'm going to

send it you. I don't know if it will meet your needs or not, but you can be

the judge of that. I'm furiously clinging to the original one, gifted to me

some years back, by my classmate, DENNIS A. ROSE. But I'm going to send

this other one to you. I do not have 1963 (been trying to get one for years)

nor any extra 1936, and do not have 1979 at all (another one I want), but

will be sending the 1941. I hope that will help a bit. That's one of the

toughest to get.

Tom informs me he hopes to coordinate efforts among personnel in the school

district, the alumni association, and the Historical Society, to make these

irreplaceable photos, records, and books as available as possible for

viewing by alumni and visitors. This is quite an admirable undertaking, Tom

and I wish you all the success, as I know we all do. I'll get this in the

mail to you, during the coming week. The date, as I type, is Feb. 24. Let

s give a Tom a hand with this, if we can, readers.

Hey, guess what? We're down to the wire again. I've written every single

e-mail I've received and I'm ahead of my schedule! I'm thrilled. This one

is so long, I'd better not hold it. Be sure to send all your news. I'm

merely, "the typist handmaiden," of all of you. Without you, there's no

bulletin. It's now time to proofread (ugh!), edit (ugh!), and hit that send

button. So I leave you all with my usual wish for glowing health, personal

safety, great happiness, peaceful serenity, spiritual harmony, and boundless

prosperity. Ciao!

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