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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Sunday, January 11, 2004
Date: 10 January 2004
From: Bonnie

---What can I say? After about 20-25 years of digging and snooping and questioning and checking and following up on one lead after another, guess what? Today, from noon until about 1:30 p.m., I was on the phone with none other than---get ready---WILLIAM MCKINLEY ROHLER!! Yep, I got 'im! Bill and I rehashed every ornery prank we ever pulled and if your ears were burning, we were probably talking about you, too! Among those whom Bill and I pointedly mentioned, in our lengthy conversation were AARON COUCH, RICHARD CALL, COLIN KELLEY, JUDY SAMUELS, EDDIE KELLY, (Boy did we have a conversation about YOU, Eddie!), and MARTHA CARTER. We covered all the bases and recapped a few fun incidents from high school, too, of course.

He was innately curious as to how I'd tracked him down and I told him of all who had helped me and about your big tip, SUE SOWERS. Once I'd managed to unravel the name of the California city, which was only slightly misspelled, I was able to confirm the fact that he was probably at least receiving mail there (or at least some- one with his same name) and that's where I sent that letter of December 23. Bill lives 17 miles from his mail- box, though, and gets his mail but about once a week or so, easily understandable.

He's in fair health and in his tenth year of being a school bus driver in Riverside County, California. He's been married to Betty (who's from Tennesse) for the past 39 years and has never been to Las Vegas, but for one time, when they married, and that was just for a weekend
and I'm happy to say we can lay to rest those Mafia stories and the idea that Bill is dead. He's definitely with us! He hasn't been to Ohio since 1985 and you just know I tried hard to coax him to our annual alumni gig, but he says it's not going to be possible in 2004, but he will try for 2005.

Bill and Betty did not have biological children, he told me, but they had a heavy hand in rearing no less than 5 children, during their 39 years. Bill has done many things during the years since we all graduated, including carpentry, welding, ice cream vending, and he's also a veteran, having served honorably in the 82nd Airborne Division, as you suspected, MIKE WEST. Bill is up for hearing from anyone who might like to contact him and he's terribly happy to know that all of us didn't forget him. His mailing address is P.O. Box 292, Niland, California 92257-0292. There is no mail delivery at his home which is located at 2183 Second St., Bombay Beach,
California. He is but about 3 blocks from the shores of a body of water called the Salton Sea, which is the largest inland body of water in California (or is that in the United States, Bill)? Anyway, you get the idea. Bill likes to fish, drink a few beers, smoke some cigars, and he's going to put in for his Social Security this year, just like many of us, even though he tells me he will continue to work for a while. If anyone wants to call him, he's fine with that and make sure you remember that he's on Pacific Standard Time out there. He's WAY DOWN in the south part of California, just about 65 miles from the Mexico border. His number is 760 354-4050. Bill says he's still living in the 1960s, and has neither a cell phone nor a computer. I've assured him that's not a problem and that I will add him to my list of WC alumni to whom I postally mail the bulletins. I'm happy to do so and am thrilled to have finally found you, Bill! I wish you well and you can believe me when I tell you that many of us will look forward to seeing you when you get to Ohio! So, folks, we wind up one more successful search. I want to sincerely thank each and every single one of you who put forth efforts to help me find Bill. I truly appreciate it. Isn't this just such a thrill? We must now close in on the focus to find NINA KNISLEY, so everybody get cracking! No word yet from NANCY KERR, but surely she will answer me. DEE TAYLOR, find that address book.

Also, everyone remember to be on the lookout for any and all WC yearbooks. I'll take them all, bar none! I still desperately want an original 1936 and 1941, too, and I have a list of other wanted years, for WC people.

So now that I'm on here, I may as well go ahead and do another whole bulletin, right? Hey, why not? On the request of DANNY L. WALTERS to find ROBERT "TANK" TANKERSLEY, his old high school friend, we got back instant responses from both BERTHA JAN HOERNER and BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, telling us that there is one in the Dayton phone book. I passed the info to Dan, instantly. Unfortunately, it proved to be a dead end. Nice people, wrote Dan, but not the one I needed. We're not giving up, Dan, so hang in there. If we all keep working together, believe me, we can find anyone we want to find. I'm still hoping to make contact through his first wife (who is my former step-sister), NANCY BOWMAN. I'll let you know right away, if I do. I think I already told you that I've written to her, on your behalf. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Many thanks to my classmate, THOMAS L. WOLF, for the report that another classmate, CHARLES A. "BUD" LOWMAN, had surgery on January 4. It's not life-threat- ening and we expect a full recovery, right, Tom? I feel sure Tom will keep us posted on both Bud and our other classmate, DAVID MAYS, who had recent surgery, too. I understand Dave is doing pretty well.

The infamous, "AOL monster" was in full force again, on my last bulletin. Every single transmittal to an AOL address was returned to me, as were the 3 CS users. I am in hopes that, since that time, all of you have gotten that bulletin, through either Bruce, BILL HOWARD or GARY BARNES. I tried to "go through the back door," so to speak, so that you wouldn't miss out. Bill told me he turned off his AOL filtering system and he hopes that helped. But hey, here's where the blogspot comes in, folks. Remember that? It's being done by MIKE WEST and with joint efforts from NANCY ERTEL. Every one of my bulletins is posted on that website, so if you go two weeks and don't hear anything from me, either I've died or you didn't get a bulletin. Check the blogspot and read it, anyway, hear? It's http://wchs.blogspot.com Don't forget that! It will solve all these sorts of problems.

Nancy is also busy posting a lot of photos I sent to her from the Frisch's Frolic of October 10 and the annual alumni gig of October 11. We'll soon be able to see all of them. There are some good ones on there.

COOKIE BOWIE writes with more assurances of being with us on March 28. That's coming at us, faster than a speeding bullet. What with all the bitter winter weather, it will be a welcome respite, by then. Heck, I'm freezing right now, at 40 degrees in Florida, and trying to grasp living again where it's 40 and 50 and even 60 degrees colder than THAT!

A young man named MARK BECKER has asked for my assistance in compiling WC sports records from the very early years, due to my library of yearbooks. I assume he is a WC grad and of course, I'm just thrilled to be able to help him and will do so, post haste.

GENE ZINK writes that he'll try to make it to one of the WC events this year. I sure do hope so! My apologies to our glamorous MARGIE MILTON for misidentifying her as the 1957 class. Margie was 1958, and I knew that. It was a typing error more than lack of knowledge. Still, I wanted to correct it.

Bruce is willing to send photos to any and all who may want them, from the alumni gig. Just send him an e-mail, he told me. If you don't have that, let me know. I'll give it to you. BILL MCNABB sent along a great reminder that we are all responsible for our own level of happiness in life and he is so right. It's not what happens, rather how we reACT to it, which determines who we are. We can all do well to remember that. PHIL WOLFORD, I have received my first issue of your gift subscription to me of the magazine, "Reminisce." It's great! Thank you SO much! Also, thanks to BARRY RUSSELLO and to SALLY GILLETTE for mailing copies of the article on Mr. Huffman. Bill wanted a copy and I told him I'd send one. Since I got two of them, I can do that, and still have one to put in my WC scrapbook.

Realizing that this is a brief bulletin (for ME), I'm going to close and go and try to get warm. I have several ideas in mind on just how I intend to achieve that goal. No, I will not be sharing all of them with you. So I leave you all with my usual wish---glowing health, great happiness, peace- ful serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

---And there you have it! More at 11--- B

Date: 7 January 2004
From: Bonnie

Boy, have I fallen behind with the
--start of 2004, my Neighborhood Watch Program, duties to my newspaper, houseguests from Minnesota and the United Kingdom, not the mention the normal everyday routines of household and grandchild care and pet care, etc., I've gotten simply overwhelmed. Not to worry, for I'm back now! (Not that anyone was worried, but I actually have a couple of you who have asked why I haven't sent anything for quite a few days. How flattering!)

From WILLIAM O. WALKER, Class of 1960, came a series of " sound bites for the New Year," which I was unable to open, I'm sorry to say. I also suspect that came from you, Karen, rather than Bill. The Walkers remain busy working the San Bernardino County fires, I'm sure.

SANDRA L. BARSALOU, Class of 1958, also sent along greetings and best wishes for a great New Year for everyone. Not everyone had such a Happy New Year, though, according to flood photos sent by WILLIAM R. HOWARD, also Class of 1958. One sign which showed in those photos, alluded to Bellbrook, where another of my 1960 classmates resides, SHARON BORGER.

There is still no success with sending e-mail to 1959's RICHARD C. HENSLEY. But perhaps he will soon be back up and running. GARY BARNES, will you keep me posted on that? I also want to thank you, Gary, for making the effort to help with my ongoing search for my classmate, NINA KNISLEY. Gary jumped in with both feet on that one and agreed to make all the effort he can. I appreciate that.

My efforts continue, to acquire any and all copies of our yearbooks, regardless of the year. If any of you would like to donate, trade, sell or whatever, please let me know about that before going to other sources. We've got a lot of people on our list who are in the market for several different editions. These include 3 1960s, 2 1959s, 1 1958, 1 1955, 1 1951, 1 1949, 1 1948, and I still seriously covet an original 1941, an original 1936, and will swap one of my children for anything original between 1926 through 1933. Got it? Among the more serious collectors on my list, aside from myself, are WILLIAM L. MCNABB, Class of 1954, DELORES K. FAHRNEY, Class of 1960, and 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH. I have a list of the books for which these alumni are searching, so if you've got anything, let me know, please.

Class of 1961's EDNA L. GRAY, reports that she has finally completed her collection, which she's been trying to do for years. Edna wanted to have in her library, one book for each year that she and her sisters, FLOSSIE & BRENDA, attended WCHS. She finalized the set just during the past week, with the acquisition of the 1960, which had belonged to JUDY L. SAMUELS. But Judy had buyers lined up, 3 deep, so she could have sold them over and over. I need 1960 editions for EDGAR L. KELLY, MADELEINE D. CAMPBELL, and BRUCE E. CHENOWETH. Get everything you can find, please!

Everyone is now aware of the great newspaper story on our former teacher, MURL E. HUFFMAN. I thought it was a great story, didn't you? I'm sure Mr. Huffman will be with us once again, at the 2004 alumni gathering. I especially liked that the writer quoted DONNA J. TUDOR, Class of 1955, in the story. By the way, SALLY L. GILLETTE, Class of 1961, kindly put a copy of it in the mail to me, on Monday morning. I'll add that to my stack of WC memorabilia. Many thanks, Sally. LARRY D. GILBERT, Class of 1961, checked in to say that he views Mr. Huffman as an inspiration for us all. Few would disagree with that. JIM LINDSEY wrote that, after 45 years, Mr. Huffman was still able to tell him not only his name, but his grad year, and where he sat in his Civics class Amazing!

Sally and I and BARBARA KOKOT (STEVE's Mrs.) did a little exchange on our love of the old curmudgeon, Andy Rooney, who is my favorite journalist and comment -ator, ever! It seems we share an equal love of Andy. It was almost like discovering all over again, all those WC girls who also loved my Sociology teacher, JAMES C. JOHNSON, just as much as I did.

BERTHA J. HOERNER, Class of 1957, shared a bit of her life with us, reporting to me that she has been a widow for the past 24 years, having lost her husband to cancer. Bertha says she just never found anyone who could measure up to her late spouse, so she never remarried. She continues to recruit people for the alumni effort and reports that her sister, BARBARA HOERNER, Class of 1955, will also soon be online and on our list. Bertha resides in North Carolina. One of our most popular WC girls, MARGIE L. MILTON, Class of 1957, also shared a bit about her own life. Margie wrote to say that she's been divorced for the past 18 years (although I can't begin to imagine WHY, unless it's a decision SHE made. Have you SEEN this woman? She looks just terrific, precisely like her senior photo, and I'll swear, I'm not exaggerating.) Anyway, Margie opted to return to her maiden name, following the divorce. She writes that she has one son and one daughter, five grandsons, and works from her home as a medical transcriptionist for Middletown Hospital. Margie says she loves keeping in touch with friends and there may be hope for you guys who live around there. The gorgeous Ms. Milton likes line-dancing. So get out those boots and polish them up! We all just love it that you have joined our list, Margie, and we hope to see you at all the WC functions!

DANNY L. WALTERS, Class of 1960, has checked in once again, in his search for old friend, ROBERT TANKERSLEY, Class of 1958 (?-1959?). Anyway, we need to give Dan a hand in finding Bob. So let's all pull together and see if we can do any good. We tracked him down to Miami, Florida, but that proved to be a dead end. I've now written to his first wife, NANCY BOWMAN HAYSLIP, who was once my step-sister for 9 years, on Dan's behalf. Her son's father is Bob and I'm hoping she'll have some answers for us. Bob was also once very close pals for years with one of MY old pals, LARRY G. RING. So Larry, do you happen to know where he is? If so, let us know, will you? I suspect the phone book in Dayton lists Bob's son, but I don't have one. Can any- body check? Dan, have you looked in there yet for those who are named Tankersley?

We have an answer to the query made by JAMES L. LINDSEY, Class of 1959. You may recall that he had questioned the outcome of the late-1950s tragedy which resulted in the death of JAMES ROSE's wife, LINDA MATHES. Well, Jim is alive and well and living with his elderly mother in Dayton. Her name is Mary and Jim takes care of her. I was wrong about the gender of the infant, though. The child was a boy and apparently he is a "junior," as his name is Jimmy and he lives there with his dad and his grandmother, too. It does not appear that DALLAS K. MATHIS, Class of 1961, would have been a relative, as Linda's name ended in "es," as I had thought. So there you are, Jim. I was happy to get this information, too. I've often wondered. By the way, I will not be printing the name of the informant. That person has requested journalistic anonymity, a request which I shall be honoring. But at least we have our answer.

L. EUGENE ZINK, Class of 1960, checked in to say he really enjoyed the Huffman story and to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. JUDY SAMUELS and I both have new-condition, second Florida homes for sale. Is anyone interested? Come on down! JUDITH FRANTZ, Class of 1961, checked in to say she loves the bulletins and reads them all and encouraged me to continue them. That most genteel and wonderful of southern ladies, EULA FAYE BAILEY, Class of 1960, wrote with similar comments and also shared that she has some company from Arizona. Eula Faye has promised a long "catch-up letter" sometime this week. LINDA JANE SNELL & LONNIE M. THACKER are reporting some problems in receiving on their e-mail. Let's hope that's all resolved now. My machine is telling me you are receiving, Linda. So if you do, please let me know. I got a full report on the birthday of SHIRLEY J. TUDOR, from her older sister, DONNA J. TUDOR. They spent the day together and Shirley made her famous cabbage rolls. As most of you are well aware, Donna and Shirley are the last surviving members of their original family, which also included the late DEANA TUDOR and the late DORIS TUDOR, so they are very close. My dear old pal, JOHN W. OBERLIES, JR., Class of 1961, also checked in to let me know that he's reading and enjoying all the bulletins and we had several, amusing exchanges about "the good, ol' days." It's always wonderful to hear from you, John!

Recently, I sent two packs of photos to NANCY J. ERTEL, Class of 1961, and she will post them to the internet for all "WC junkies" to view. It was during this exchange that I was informed that it's MICHAEL S. WEST, Class of 1960, who is maintaining the website which posts all WC news, even including all of my bulletins! So write this down, folks! Even if you miss a bulletin, you can pull it up and read it. This is great news for those who go on vacations or who shut down the e- mail for various reasons. This will save me a lot of extra mailings through the post office, too. So thanks, Mike, for another great job! Here it is, folks;
http://www.blogspot.com Visit often and read it all!

Bill McNabb and I completed our old WeCaTons and what fun it is to look through them. I suspect he's still transmitting the earlier ones to DeDe Fahrney, though. We'll all have them soon. I know one or all of us will remember to bring them to the functions, so that we can all view and enjoy them. Once again, many thanks to you, Bill. JOHN E. MCCLELLAN, Class of 1966, tried to share scenic photos of the Colorado River. I wasn't able to download them, but hopefully, some of the rest of you got them. CAROLYN SUE MCCLOUD's spouse, I suspect, John Mack, Jr., was unable to resist sending a Harley-Davidson joke, so if that was you, thanks, John. It made a lot good points, eh?

We still haven't gotten back a response from THERESA LYNN MOSES, Class of 1958, who was a recruit of ERCELL P. PHILLIPS, but hopefully, we will. In the meantime, I've tentatively added her to our list. Class of 1960's THOMAS L. WOLF, wrote to say that another 1960 person, DOROTHY J. WILLMAN, ran into yet another 1960 person ( I believe), SHIRLEY S. MILLER, and that she wishes to be added to the list. So I've also tentatively added Shirley and hope to soon get some clarification on her grad year, although I feel sure it's 1960. We had Shirley Sue Miller, while 1961 had no one by that name. But thanks, Tom and Dottie. I'm also trying to get an update on the progress of our classmate, DAVID MAYS, Class of 1960, who had knee surgery on December 22, I think it was. As soon as I know, you will also know.

My sister, JUDY ANN RISNER, Class of 1956, has now returned to Florida, for the remainder of the winter. Her son (and only child) will soon be deployed to Kosovo. She is not happy. I must get a check in the mail to JACQUELYN CRITZER, Class of 1948, so that I can get my photo album of all the grad classes. At $10 per book, that's quite a bargain.

We still have LOTS of folks on the list from whom I have not heard one SYLLABLE in weeks, and even months, in some cases. How about checking in with us, gang? It would sure be nice to know that you're getting these and that you're reading them. Also, a few lines about what's going on in your life, would be equally nice. So with that, I leave all of you with my usual wish for glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

---And there you have it! More at 11--- B

Saturday, January 03, 2004
From: WHoward333@aol.com
Date: Saturday, January 03, 2004 11:53:16 AM
To: wlcmctr@bellsouth.net
Cc: Rontom58@ispwest.com; Piereski@aol.com

Teacher gives longevity lesson

By Dale Huffman, Dayton Daily News
Saturday, January 03, 2004

He has touched the lives of thousands of school children in the Miami Valley during the past 61 years, most of them while teaching at West Carrollton High School.

Murl E. Huffman signed a contract with the West Carrollton school board in September for the 58th year in a row. It is thought to be a record in classroom longevity.

He teaches social studies, and is on the substitute teacher roster now, but says, "seems as if I am always at school. But I can tell you this — I love it."

Some of his grateful students will be taking Murl to a special dinner Monday evening to celebrate his 84th birthday.

"I hit the 84 mark on Dec. 29," he said. "But I am blessed with good health, and get out every day and bike from my cottage at Bethany Retirement Village to the Dorothy Lane Market to pick up a New York Times."

Murl said he still treasures each day in a classroom. "I am proud to say that I consider it a joy to work with the young people," he said. "And I am not bragging, but I can tell you I am amazed the respect they give me. These kids are out of this world."

Rusty Clifford, superintendent of West Carrollton schools says Murl is "absolutely incredible. He is legendary. I wouldn't be surprised if he has not had more classroom hours than any teacher in the state."

Clifford said, "He never says no when he is called to sub. He looks and acts far younger than his age. And he is so reliable. I can say he is revered and loved by the staff and the students."

He added, "I stood outside his room one day and I listened and he is just amazing. He has such rapport with the students. He knows just what to say, how to say it, how to get through to them. He's an amazing educator."

Murl Huffman (no relation to your columnist) says he still has every grade book from six decades of teaching, and many of his students have stayed in touch over the years.

Murl lost his wife, Charlotte, in 1999, so he does all the cooking, the cleaning, and the housework in addition to a good deal of substitute teaching. "I go to Chicago when I am able, where I have family," he said. "I have two sons and a daughter and we stay in touch. That, along with my association with the young people at school, keeps me young."

Donna Tudor Johnson, who graduated from West Carrollton High in 1955 said that Murl is, by far, the most memorable teacher she can remember.

"It seems he knows and remembers each student he has ever taught," Donna said. "He respected us and liked us for who we are. He was a strict teacher in some ways and always assigned homework. I still remember one thing so well. I was tall and he always told me to get my shoulders back and be proud of my height. He is just a wonderful man and has always had a beautiful smile for everyone."

At one time Murl served as president of the Ohio Education Association, and he was responsible for revamping the school's annual graduation ceremony back in the early 1960s after there was a bit of rowdiness at a commencement.

"I democratized the ceremony," he said. "I invited the students to vote on how they wanted the ceremony to be held, and who they wanted to take part. They voted on who would speak. It seemed to work and our ceremonies since then have gone well."

Murl said he likes to go mountain biking at times, and plays golf occasionally.

"Last few years I have been taking organ lessons," he said, with joy in his voice. "Sometimes my friends or former students call and ask me to play them a tune on the phone."

Murl said he has great faith in the young people of today. "They are neat. Sometimes they challenge us, but that is what they should do. If they are not pushing to the edge, what kind of leaders will they be? I don't see that the children are any different than they were 50 years ago. They are the greatest."

He loves what he does and hopes to continue as long as his services are requested.

"It's my life," he said. "I'd much rather be doing this than volunteering some place pushing a wheel chair around. That's important. But my kids are more important to me."

Thursday, January 01, 2004
December 22, 2003, WCHS history from Bonnie:

It may depend upon
---just how picky you want to be about the use of the term, "first," Nancy. You see, WC began having school classes in 1802. At that time, it was just a tiny room and one, proverbial, "Old Maid" schoolteacher. That went on for many years. In 1859, the school "moderned up" a bit and I think they may have had some sort of figurehead then, but I don't think he was recognized as what we now know as a principal.

In the very first WeCaTon (1915), the first superintendent is pictured as C. W. Plessinger and the principal is shown as L. M. Troxell. Until 1879, I think it was, there were no high school classes. It was pretty much the "Three R's" and out the door they went. In that year, a two-year high school began. By 1909, the very first 4- year high school class was graduated from WC and in that class was one Eby and one Shade. I'm still trying to gather more history, though.

December 21, 2003 Newsletter:

How many of you may subscribe to...
---a religious faith, I do not know, nor does it matter. I do recall a Bible verse, however, which reads as, "Ask and ye shall receive." Well, I asked and I received. Check this out! We have among us, a direct descendant of the person who named our school teams at the Pirates. It's none other than one of my own 1960 classmates, Beverly J. Haas, whose name is now Zoe Whitefeather. Please read what she writes. I find it fascinating and perhaps you will, too. By the way, all of my cousin's yearbooks are now sold, so I'm sorry if she had any you wanted, but I'll keep all of you posted on any further findings.

From: zoe
Date: Sunday, December 21, 2003 8:19:30 PM
To: wlcmctr@bellsouth.net
Subject: Re: How about a little WC history---

Bonnie I can help you with this one
My Uncle, Melvin Huden, was a graduate of WCHS in approx 1928 and he was very active on the school newspaper. It was he who called our ballteam the Pirates they had previously been called the Paper Hangers because of the paper mill in town....which i believe is still there.....

Any way the name stuck...... a Few years ago there was a ceremony in which he was honored for the historic bit.. He passed away last year at a ripe old age....

The exact year is approximate since I can only guess....he was 12 yrs older than my mother and she graduated in 1940 or 41 not even sure about that.... and I'm not sure what year he wrote that article.... He called the team the Pirates because they had a track record of appearing to lose the game and then coming alive in the last quarter and winning !!!! So check around I'm sure there is someone there who can fill you in on more of the details.....My Mother and Aunt Bessie were both at that ceremony honoring Uncle Melvin.....perhaps they can give you more details.....

December 21, 2003 Newsletter:

How about a little WC history
---lesson for our next bulletin? I've put a out a feeler on this question, with our "in-house expert," WILLIAM L. MCNABB of the Class of 1954, and when you read this, DOLORES K. FAHRNEY, Class of 1960, I'm in hopes you may also have the answer. When I look at my year-book for the year of 1925, it is named the WeCaTon. When I look at my copy of the 1934 yearbook, it is named as the Piratan. So we can deduce one fact from that, right? Sometime after the printing of the 1925 yearbook, but sometime before the printing of the 1934 yearbook, our annual was renamed to Piratan. Does anybody know what year that occurred. Who did it? How did they come up with that name? Why? TOM WOLF, do you have a clue? Your family goes way back with WC. If anyone named EBY is reading this, you might know. I ask you, IDA JANE TREON. Any clues?How about you, MILTON WOLFE? Your family dates way back in WC history, also. How about a MAYS person? I'll take any answer I can get. I've also learned that there was no yearbook printed at all, for the years of 1919, 1921, and 1922. I have yet to find any answer for that, but I'm going to keep digging. Need I write that I'll keep you posted?

In the arena of further thrilling undertakings with the illustrious Mr. McNabb, I can tell you that he has sent to me and to DeDe, the 1916 WeCaTon, which I have successfully reproduced, and we will be following with the 1917, as well as the 1924. That will give me all 8 of the first yearbooks of our school. If I'm ever successful in getting copies dated from 1926 through 1931, then my library will be inclusive from 1915 straight through 1964. Yes, I am still seeking an original 1936 and an original 1941, so don't let that fall by the wayside, please. My fondest wish is to be able to bring all of them to Spring Fest and also to the Frisch's Frolic and maybe even the alumni dinner-dance. What fun that would be, eh? Other acquisitions we need, for other alumni, is one 1948, one 1949, one 1958, two 1959s, two 1960s, and one 1961. Does anyone have any of these, with which they'd be willing to part?

Of course, you all remember my breakfast meeting with LYNNETTE GARRET & Co. on Wednesday. Well, we had such a good time, but not nearly long enough, that I decided I'd go up to her parents' place in Orange Park (it's just about 85 miles NW of me) this morning and we would get in some more visiting. Boy, did we ever make a day of it!

Away I went at about 8:45 this morning. I arrived at her place before 10. (Yes, yes, I know I was going way too fast and breaking speed limits.) Anyway, I met her sister and her parents and her son. Lynn and I then left behind everyone else around noon and headed out for lunch. We talked non-stop and, as they say, we talked about "everybody and his brother (and in this case, his sister, too.)Well, before we knew it, it was 2:30 in the afternoon and I'd been intending to be back home by 1. She had a lot to do, too, as she and Frank were headed back to Ohio tomorrow. So if your ears were ringing on Sunday, it's no doubt because of me and Lynn. We had a terrific visit and Lynn has intentions of coming to Spring Fest on March 28. I can hardly wait!

In the meantime, BERTHA HOERNER is sure doing her part in getting, "Just One More For 2004!" She has drummed up ERCELL PHILLIPS, Class of 1957, and his wife, Betty, and she's also working on connecting me with my old classmate and fellow Miami Shores kid, PHILLIP HOWARD. Not only that, Bertha is in touch with my sister, JUDY RISNER, Class of 1956. While we're on the subject of adding new folks, I'd like to tell you that we've also added ROBERT D. LOVETT, Class of 1966. Thanks for signing on, Bob. By the way, Bob lives in Marietta, Georgia, these days. I do believe Bob signed on as a result of either LARRY GILBERT, DALLAS MATHIS, or PAUL BEARDSLEY. This has gotten so big, I can't even recall. Let's not forget the December 29 birthday (84th, I believe) of our former teacher, MURL E. HUFFMAN, okay? Send those e-mails, send those cards, make those calls!

MICHAEL S. WEST, Class of 1960, sent an incredible photo of what happens when water pipes freeze in sub- zero temperatures. It was his brother-in-law's Michigan home. Mike is also assisting me in my never-ending search for WILLIAM M. ROHLER. I've now heard from two different sources that Bill is dead. I sure hope that's not true. Neither source is able to confirm it, though. Are you there, DONNA RICHARDS? Did you ever have any luck locating GAIL DAUBENDICK, to whom you thought Bill was married, or not? That seems to be our best lead for finding him. TOM WOLF is among those who wrote me that he thinks Bill is dead. AARON COUCH told me the same thing. Also, I want to gently prod you again, DEVONA TAYLOR. Were you able to locate anything on NINA KNISLEY yet? Both BRUCE CHENOWETH and I are dying to find her. During the past week, I sent a letter to MARGIE L. MILTON, Class of 1958, in which I was encouraging her to join our list. I do so hope she will respond. We'll see.

GARY BARNES, this last transmittal to RICHARD HENSLEY didn't come back rejected. Are you okay and receiving now, Rich? Let me know. I also need to hear from you, too, TOOTIE PENCE. I've got you two on the postal mailing list for now, until I know the status. We don't want to leave anyone out of the loop for the sake of a few minutes time and a few cents in postage.

From SALLY GILLETTE came a gorgeous, musical Christmas card, across the internet. Thank you, Sally! I return your cordial holiday wishes. From STEVE KOKOT and BARBARA THOMAS comes a report that they are visiting out of town for a few days over the holiday season. We hope you've had a wonderful trip and that you have a great Christmas, Kokots!

Before I forget this little piece of trivia, folks, I want to tell you that we also have JACQUELYN CRITZER, Class of 1948! I'm just thrilled! We now have class years which run from 1948 clear through 1982, right here on our little list. Isn't that spectacular? We're spanning nearly two full generations of WC people. Jackie is the one who sells the books which contain photos of all classes from 1909 through 1961. Here's another piece of WC trivia for you. 1909 was the very first graduating class of a 4- year high school in WC. Before that, it was just a 2- year high school. So I'm thrilled you're on this list, Jackie!

Both Bruce Chenoweth and BILL HOWARD report that they shared a meal together this past Friday evening, along with Bill's wife and Bruce's companion, Patty. I hear everyone had a great time and they plan to do it again soon. Bill also reported that he's going to begin asking other WC alumni and get in more visiting with old classmates. Great idea, Bill! Bill also wrote that he ran into COE WOLFE, in the local Kroger store. He said he would try to recruit Coe for our list. SUE SOWERS says that Bill and her husband, DAVID HOWARD, just have to be related because they're so much alike. Ha!

LARRY GILBERT and I had several great exchanges about memories of Mr. Huffman's classes. He wrote a great story about him, in fact, and sent a copy to Mr. H., as did Bob Lovett. That's right, it's Larry who's Bob's cousin, right? Also, if you're out there, LONNIE THACKER, Larry would sure like to hear from you. He wrote a long e-mail about you and what an interesting guy you are. So LINDA SNELL, how about prodding Lonnie a bit and getting him to write Larry, okay?

JOANN STEMLEY and her husband have arrived at their Orlando condo. That's where we'll all be, come March 28. Jo and I will have supper together on the day after Christmas, along with our husbands. I'll update you in the next bulletin after that. She is really looking forward to Spring Fest, I know that.

JUDY FRANTZ writes that both PAT FRITZ and LINDA FRITZ are her cousins. Bertha, I believe you were asking about them. E-mail Judy and she'll give you the scoop. If you don't have her e-mail address, send me a note and I'll give it to you. From EDNA GRAY comes the usual, wonderful e-mail in which she expounds on her excitement at spending Christmas Eve with her two sisters, FLOSSIE and BRENDA and how they've spent every Christmas Eve together for their entire lives. Can you imagine? Isn't that wonderful!! You GRAY sisters have a terrific time, hear?

PAUL BEARSDLEY and I are having some great exchanges about motorcycles and all things "Miami Shores," a subject which is dear to my heart. Every time anyone mentions that place, I could go on forever about it and the wonderful times I spent there, as a child.

We've been pretty fortunate in the way of illnesses in our little group, apparently. But I have recently learned that our fellow alumnus, DAVID MAYS, Class of 1960, has had knee surgery on this past Monday. His wife, Ann, is taking good care of him, I hear. We wish you well, David, and hope that you have a speedy recovery and are back at 100%, in no time!

JUDY SAMUELS has several years of Piratans she wishes to sell. They are all years which I either already have or of which I have more coming, so that's why I'm not taking these. I believe she has 1958, 1959, 1962. She also has 1960 and 1961, but I'm almost certain those two issues are already taken. If not, I'll let you know immediately. They are ones she purchased from the high school library and paid $18 apiece, which is the going rate. It's $2.42 each to send them, via the media mail rate. I think all she wants is what she paid, plus the postage. Believe me when I tell you, as one who has spent a fortune acquiring Piratans from a number of sources, that's a VERY fair price, if you're in the market. Our high school library sells them for that, IF the editions are available. Often, they aren't. So if you're interested, do let me know, and I'll put you in touch with her, if you don't already know how to reach her.

For those of you who aren't aware, we have some neat WC websites which are maintained by NANCY SWEEN, STEVE SHADE, and I think some assistance will be forthcoming from MIKE WEST and NICK WOLARY. So check those out and put your stories and bios there. It's so fun. There are lots of folks from whom I haven't heard in a while. Are you all okay? Send me a line or two. It will be after Christmas before I'm able to do anymore bulletins, folks. (Yes, it WILL be! I can hear you all now, disputing that statement.) Right now, I have to go and do some newspaper articles and I also write and distribute the monthly news bulletins for my little neighborhood of 216 homes, which is due right now. I also serve as the Neighborhood Watch Program Liaison with the local police department. Last week, I went to my meeting for the Bike Week Executive Board, where I am winding up my 19th year of service and am the sole, surviviing board member who has worked the entire time, from beginning to end, so I stay pretty busy.

Since it is time to move on to my next journalistic endeavor---truly my first love---I shall bid you all a fond farewell and a wonderful holiday and will leave you all with my usual wish of glowing health, great happiness, peaceful serentiy, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

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