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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Wednesday, September 30, 2015
On 30 SEP 2015, Bonnie Prepares to Travel to W.C.
---Hi, all! Over the past couple weeks, it has become apparent I will never

get another bulletin completed, prior to my intended departure for Ohio on
Oct. 7.  So I'm writing this as a sort of last-minute reminder for those who
may have forgotten or got no paperwork or whatever.
It is my intention to be at Ron's Pizza on Thursday afternoon/early eve and
I know some people prefer to go elsewhere and that's fine, of course.  I
think everyone should go where they want, don't you? On Friday, I hope to be
at Frisch's, as usual, and Saturday at the dinner at Mandalay Bay on River
Rd.  So there you are.
Also, it was never my intention to use this little blip for this purpose,
but today, I've learned of 3 deaths and I may as well tell you all, now.
First of all, 1961's wildly-popular PAULA ROSE WILSON passed away on Sept.
25. I was advised by her lifelong best friend and classmate, DONNA J.
RICHARDS. Next, 1973's JEAN A. MILLER advised me of today's death of her
classmate, DEBBIE BELL.  Finally, this evening, I got a lengthy call from my
dear, dear, high school pal, ALICE K. PARKS, who was married nearly 54 years
to 1957's ROBERT N. SLATON. She informed me he'd died on June 12, 2014, and
I was completely blindisided by this one. They had his service at Newcomer,
they'd lived in WC their entire lives, and she's related to all the other
Parks in WC, as well as ties to the Sizers, the Merkers, and the other 4
Slaton siblings.  Yet, not a soul reported this death to me, and it's now
been nearly 16 months. So I was quite surprised and very puzzled.
Sadly, we've been hit hard by so many deaths this year. I hate reporting
them, but I hate worse not knowing. So keep telling me, please, and don't
assume someone else has done it. I'd rather get notice from a dozen people
than to wait this long to find out about one of them.  I hope to see you all
next week. Don't stay home! We're losing too many of us to take that chance.
  Stay healthy and safe.

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