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The *WeCaTon* - West Carrollton (Ohio) H.S. Alumni News (unofficial)
Saturday, May 28, 2016
On 22 MAY 2016, Bonnie Wrote:

Okay, we're off and runnin' again! It's May 19, and I'm fiercely behind,
as always. So I'll make a furious attempt to get as current as I possibly
can. .As always, we begin with our forwarders: 1954's FREDA P. FLE
Next, we have our e-mail lost folks who are 1956's JOYCE ANN GAREY, 1957's
RALPH H. WARNER (is he deceased?), 1959's CAROLYN E. "TOOTIE" PENCE, and
1960's HARRIET Z. RICE. If anyone has updated info, please let me know. We
also have a new e-mail for 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER, who always notifies me
of changes. Thanks, Freda.
Our next order of business, unfortunately, is our deaths. Of course, I'm
always going to hate reporting these, but here goes. First reported by 1959
s GARY E. BARNES was the March 20 death of 1962's JUDITH R. PERRY. This
death was also reported by Gwinn and by 1960's RICHARD S. HOLT. Also
reported by Gary was the May 6 death of 2014's AKAILA N. DAWSON, only 20
years old. From 1956's R. GWINN LACEY came the report of the March 26 death
of DAVID W. RIX (1958 I think). MARY LOUISE (nee ROSE) FOX, a media clerk
for WC schools for many years, died April 7, reported by Gwinn, who also
reported the April 15 death of 1957's PAUL H. PETTIT. Paul's death was also
reported by 1961's NANCY J. ERTEL and 1957's THERESA M. MOSES. Gwinn
reported the April 14 death of WC library media specialist, JUDITH K.
HIBBARD, as well as the April 15 death of 1961's MICHAEL C. BAKER. The
Homestead website from 1965's STEVEN F. SHADE reported the death of 1950's
DESSIE OPAL LANGFORD, as did 1949's ROBT. E. HOFFMAN. That's all I have, but
that's way too many.
Okay, now I'm going to tell you, this is probably going to be an
uncharacteristically-short version of WNR. I'm going to tell you why, too.
It's because so few of you are sending me your news. I'm nothing more than
the messenger. Without all of you, there's no WNR. I can't report news which
isn't there. It's all well and good to send forwards. At least, your name
gets on the forwarders' list, in the event someone is trying to locate you,
But forwards provide me with a big, fat zero as regards news to round out
this bulletin. So big thanks to the few of you who actually sent printable
news. But for those of you who didn't, I know full well there's news in
your life somewhere---vacations, cruises, overseas travel, weddings, school
gatherings, graduations, new cars, first grandchildren, new homes, winters
in Florida, a special event of some sort in your life. So if you are at all
iInterested in continuing these bulletins, which I've now been doing for
nearly 16 years, then I would suggest you do your part to ensure their
continuation, and do not send just forwards. If you think no one wants to
read about what you're doing, I can assure you, you're wrong. I will
continue now, with submitted news.
From 1954's JERRY R. GRAHAM (class president) came a great report, which I
found so interesting. He wrote he'd contacted the curator of the WC
Historical Society and they planned to work out the details of a display to
honor the only WC student (who left school in his junior year) who ever
played in the NFL. Jerry wrote the player is ALF ("Big Pup") GRAHAM, the
brother of Jerry's father. How exciting is that? Jerry's dad was CLARE
GRAHAM and he was known as, "Little Pup."
As Jerry described it, his uncle played 11 years for the then-fledgling NFL
for the Dayton Triangles, Chicago Cardinals, and Portsmouth Steamrollers.
Alf even played in a few all-star games. Jerry's father was in the first
class of WC inductees into the WC Athletic Hall of Fame. Alf, however, was
ineligible, due to the fact he didn't officially graduate. (It's long since
time to change that, by the way. In those days, it was quite routine for our
male students (females less often), to drop out for the military or to get
full-time jobs to contribute to the household income. Having or not having a
high school diploma didn't matter so much in those days and we could get a
well-paying, lifelong job at a GM plant, for instance.) Hopefully, this
proposed display will serve to help mitigate that, just a bit. Thanks for
that great report, Jerry, and do keep us posted on the progress. I, for one,
was totally unaware we'd had an NFL player among WC students.
Let's move along to another great story, albeit this one is somewhat
bittersweet. From 1953's JANICE K. WIREMAN (homecoming queen) came an update
on the little girl who served as her flower girl on that big night in 1953.
Sadly, Yvonne Green (flower girl) died soon thereafter, in a house fire.
Janice had written how she was so bothered by that, throughout her life.
Well, the recent story of that little girl stirred Janice to find Yvonne's
final resting place, which she did. She wrote Yvonne is buried beside her
father. I suspect that won't be Janice's last trip to her grave. Thanks for
letting us know that, Janice. Several people recalled the fire, the little
girl, and the overall tragedy, including 1970's INDO JO GRISSOM. I hope that
gave you a little piece of closure, although it was truly a horrible tragedy
From 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE came a short commentary on his love for the
1960 Corvette. He feels about them as I do about Harley-Davidsons. He once
had one, he wrote, and wishes he had another. But he
has a great consolation prize in the form of a miniature version, given to
him by his lifelong friend, the late, great BILL R. HOWARD, also 1958. I
sure do miss Bill and his almost-daily sendings of interesting trivia,
informative stuff, and just saying hello. But mainly, I miss him as a person
  a lifelong friend, a fellow alumnus, and a fellow Miami Shores Kid. His
classmate, LORNA D. TROUTMAN, wrote the same thing. I think lots of us feel
that way and fondly think of Bill.
INDY JO GRISSOM and I had a little exchange about the old Bell Telephone Co.
  from which I retired. She wrote of her mother-in-law also retiring from
that same company, and right there in Dayton, where I worked for so many
years. Such a small world!
Our dear JACK  L. GODBY, 1961, wrote he'd experienced a fall in March, and
suffered several compression fractures, as a result. Jack, I'm hoping (as is
everyone, I know) you're totally recovered by now, or at least very close to
it. Do keep us posted. You know we're all pulling for you. Be cautious and
careful, okay, and thank you, as always, for your gracious words about the
From 1962's BARBARA T. O'NEAL came a request for 1973 and 1974 Pirtans. My
years skip form 1971 to 1975, so I was unable to accommodate her,
unfortunately. But she, too, sent a gracious note of appreciation for the
bulletins. If any of you have those years of Piratans to spare, please let
me know. To this day, I'd still kill for a 1965 edition, but have yet to
find one.
NANCY A. HALL, 1961, recently wrote of it being the one-year anniversary of
losing her spouse, Pastor Larry W. Matthews, Ret., who was a lifelong,
Lutheran minister. So many WC people, it seems, were of the Lutheran faith,
and so many of us, like Nancy and me, attended Moraine City's Zion
Evangelical Lutheran Church. Although a service station now occupies the
ground where the original church was (at the SW corner of Stroop Rd. &
northbound Old Route 25), the parsonage remains, to the immediate south of
the site, and is now some sort of business. I have childhood-long memories
of that church, and my experiences within it.
Not long after my March 16 birthday, I got a warm e-mail from lifelong
friend, 1960's SHIRLEY J. TUDOR, who had spent time in Florida this winter
with the fiancee of the late GARY R. FRANK, 1961. She'd sent me a birthday
card and said she was heading back home to children and grandchildren on
April 10. So I'm sure  she's back home now, and all ready for the summer
From my 1960 class, our perennial athlete, DOLORES K. "DEDE" FAHRNEY
continues to participate in her softball games, having played in the 2016
Pensacola Tournament. Need I even mention she also won the Most Valuable
Player award? Of course not! I could've predicted that one, before they
threw the first ball.
Congratulations, DeDe!!
Thanks to 1964's SHARON ANN CAMPBELL for  a wonderful report on the social
activities in her class. It sounds as though you've really got a good thing
going. Sharon  She wrote of her class's monthly luncheons, saying the number
ranges from 15-35, depending on the season, as some go to Florida in the
winter. She also said she keeps a card file for all her class members and
has found all but 4 or5. The bulletins have been a help in finding a few,
too. That's terrific, Sharon. Every class needs someone with your dedication
  Keep up the good work and my greetings to all your lunch pals.
Does anyone remember an early-50s grad named Stockslager? SHIRLEY ANN RANKIN
  1963, wanted to know if I could locate this person, but didn't find anyone
in the yearbooks' senior class pictures with that name. However, we did find
the nursery/garden center with that name and I passed it along to Shirley,
so if you know who it is, please let me know.
SALLY L GILLETTE remains in residence in Murrell's Inlet, South Carolina,
and seems to be doing fine with her new home. Of course, this week
(May16-22) is likely a lot more noisy, as they're having the big Myrtle
Beach Motorcycle Rally, which I've attended a number of times. I hope  you
re getting some sleep, Sally. I happen to know, though, the thousands of
bikes roar through Murrell's Inlet as they pass into Myrtle Beach. Chin up,
Sally, it's about concluded now, it's May 21.
It seems the frequent topic is motorcycles, with 1961's PAUL R. BEARDSLEY,
ant that' just fine with me, as you all know. By the way, Paul sent a
thank-you for the anniversary card I sent for the significant 10th wedding
anniversary on May 19, for him and classmate, SANDRA E. BROCK.  We all wish
you many more, Sandy and Paul. But he also sent some pretty good nostalgic
trivia about the good, ol' days in Miami Shores and the motorcycles of the
Paul wrote of being a Whizzer mechanic in his youth, referencing the
motorcycle of that name. I'm sure his expertise was probably pretty good.
Anyway, he wrote of someone called Bevo (a nickname I recall, by the way)
selling his Sportsman Whizzer to a fellow named Bob Becraft, another name I
recall, which opened the doors for Paul to work on the Whizzer for Bob. He
also wrote of how ROY LAMB and ROBT. H. FULLER, 1959, had boxes of Whizzer
parts, but went on to say someone named Bob Finley (didn't recognize that
name) was, "the man," as he had 2 Whizzers and used them for his paper route
  Paul wrote of how he also used to help BILLY LAIL when he worked on
Whizzers, and yes, I remember Billy very well.
Apparently, at some point, Paul's brother, JERRY BEARDSLEY, bought Paul  his
very own Cushman. Boy, do I ever remember those! Anyway, Paul wrote of how
they were one day jumping a ramp, propped up with bricks, and it was right
in front of the home of 1958's DONALD I. MCCOY, and he somehow managed to
destroy all the Cushman's sheet metal. So he was without a bike for a while,
but eventually got an NSU, which he wrote he never did get into running
order. Good stories, Paul, and nobody appreciates those kind more than I.
Yet another thank-you came forth from 1956's RALPH H. WILSON, a classmate of
my late sister, JUDY ANN RISNER, for the card I sent for his and Kay's May
12 wedding anniversary. Ralph would like to see more of his classmates at
the school functions and wishes more would attend. So listen up, all you
1956-ers, make it a point to get to the alumni functions. Ralph lives in
Thompson Station, Tennessee, and drives to Ohio to be there, as do I. So if
you live anywhere in the state of Ohio, and you aren't attending, then shame
on you, unless there's some health-related reason which prevents it.
Okay, mark your calendars for July 15. It's the WC Football Alumni Club Golf
Classic to commence  at the Heatherwoode Golf Club in Springboro. This event
will provide fellowship, a day of golfing, and will also be a fundraiser for
the club. It sure sounds as though it's made to order for alumni like 1958's
LANDO F. STEELE and FLOYD R. "BUBBLES" WILLIAMS, JR., and actually, several
other of 1958-ers, namely RICHARD A. FAHRNEY (class president who lives in
Colorado) and VINCENT A. BRODBECK. This notice came from 1988's JAMES A.
MCGUIRE and I'm given to understand his efforts are also heavily supported
by 1987's JEFFREY T. GILES. Thanks to both.
FREDA P. FLETCHER, 1954, wrote she and spouse, Larry L. Green, are trying to
get to their place in NC (Pineola, I believe it is), but were so inundated
by heavy rains and their shed was flooded again, so they were prevented from
leaving. She even mentioned selling off her assets and leaving Florida. Well
  Freda, you know my feelings about Florida, and I feel I earned my, "Ph.D.,
in Florida residency," having lived there for 30 years. I find the place to
be a miserable, blazing inferno with a/c necessary at least 10 1/2 months
each year. So no matter what you decide, I hope you'll like it.
Eat your hearts out, girls! LANDO F. STEELE, 1958, just called me the other
day. Yes, we chit-chat from time to time, and it was well overdue. He's been
doing his usual globe-trotting, cruise-shipping, and bicycle-riding. He says
he's feeling well, doing well, and planning a fun summer. That's just what
we like to hear.
Also, I want to mention my beautiful artwork in my new sun room, courtesy of
Roger M. "Chico" Lopez III, the spouse of 1958's LORNA D. TROUTMAN. You see,
Lorna and Chico visited me a couple years ago, along with here sister, 1962
s THERESA M. TROUTMAN. Chico is a spectacular, professional photographer,
and he gifted me with 3 of his Arizona-themed photos, very large ones. I
kept them carefully encased in the tube he gave me, along with the thin,
cotton gloves used for handling. My sun room was completed in February and I
m still working on finishing touches. I framed them all and they look
magnificent in there. Thanks, Chico!
Now, believe it or not, I'm already at the end of all submitted news. So you
see what I mean by what I wrote earlier, right? Get that news in here, okay?
I've talked with a few of you, yes, who include pretty much my own
BAILEY, and CHAS. A. HIGH, JR. Dee is very happy in her new marriage to
Jimmy L. Silvers. Jo Ann recently returned from her winter digs in Sebring,
Fl, with spouse Ronald R. Hall, Sr. Charles is still diligently working in
his gravel pit as much as he possibly can. Eula Faye remains involved with
the family, especially grandson Joh, to whom she's very close. Charlie High
is in very poor health, as is his wife. They just had their 48 wedding
anniversary on May 15.
So that's, it gang---well, almost!  I did forget to mention I bought another
Harley-Davidson on March 9. Yes, I know.  I said I was going to quit, as it
s just too dangerous and too many nuts on the road, too much distract- ed
driving and yada, yada, yada. Not only did I lie to all of you, I also lied
to myself.  I really tried to quit, "cold turkey." but I just couldn't do it
  I've ridden for 62 years, longer than all my child-rearing, longer than all
my marriages, longer than all my years of education, longer than anything in
my life. So I didn't make it. This is my 33rd Harley-Davidson! I'm hooked
for life, obviously. I leave each of you with my usual wish for glowing
health, personal safety, great happiness, spiritual harmonly, peaceful
serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciaooo 
---And there you have it! More at 11---

Wednesday, November 25, 2015
On 25 November 2015, Bonnie Writes:
---As always, I'm woefully in arrears with my intentions of beginning this
one in a more timely manner. Today's date is September 18, and I can't even
come up with a wild guess as to when it will be distributed. It is now a
scant 3 weeks until our alumni events, so the first part of this one is
likely to be very old news, by the time you are all reading it. But we shall
begin, as always, with our forwarders; 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER; 1955's
(yes, Donna, and it was prior to her death and the last one I ever received
from her); 1962's BARBARA T. O'NEAL; 1964's W. THOS. GODBY; 1965's STEVEN F.
SHADE; 1970's INDY JO GRISSOM (yeah, love that name!); 1978's LARRY W.
HENDERSON (alumni President); and 1988's JAMES A. MAGUIRE..
So we now move to our e-mail-lost list and, as always, I depend upon all of
you to guide me through this one and these alumni restored to our readers
list. If you have have and update on any of them, let me know. As all are by
now well aware, I hate losing a single, solitary one of us! So here goes:
and classmate spouse LIELA K. GEORGE, 1969's KAREN L THROCKMORTON, CAROLYN J
COOK, WALLACE W. ROBBINS (his class years run1957-1960, as his interests
were far from scholastic achievements). This if far too many of our longtime
0lder readers to lose, so let's pull together to get them all back on the
list, please.. However, on a more positive note, we've gotten requests to
add new readers, a happening which always amazes me, after doing these
bulletins for 15 years. They include 1961's ANN L. HINTERMEISTER, 1962's
DIANA L. DeLONG, and 1964's SALLY JO STANSELL. So welcome aboard, Ann and
Diana and Sally, and please keep reading. I'm always so pleased when new
readers request the bulletins, after so many years. Actually, I'm simply
amazed by it, and I thank you.
We also re-added 1960's IDA JANE TREON, who somehow dropped from the list.
Sometimes, when you all send the updated or new or corrected e-mails, my
system doesn't always read it correctly and it's dropped off the list. So
due to that situation, this bears repeating, although I've written it many
times, in the past. If you are on the readers list, and you go 8-10 weeks
with not a word from me, then you need to send me an e-mail to make sure
your name hasn't been dropped. Sometimes, it's my machine, but sometimes, it
s probably me, too. I'm not the most techno-savvy person on the globe, so
please bear this iIn mind. Ida's situation was the textbook example of this,
but she let me know, through classmate JO ANN K. STEMLEY, and now all is
Well. Also, thanks to 1969's MICHAEL J. LOTSPAIH, who also took the time to
inform me of his new e-mail.
Okay, now about this Facebook thing---I need to address that issue again,
too. As you all know, I did not put myself on there. I've written 4 times to
the corporate headquarters, demanding my name and all references to me be
removed from the site. Obviously, that hasn't happened. I guess, once one is
signed into Facebook it then becomes like death and taxes, I don't know. But
here's my real point: If you want to post things to what is erroneously
considered to be my page on FB, then feel free to do so. But please don't
expect a reply to it, as I am NEVER, EVER on FB, will never BE on FB, and
don't even know how to sign onto FB, nor do I want to learn. So my big fear
with all these postings is that of all you are thinking I'm ignoring them,
but in truth, I do not ever even SEE them. So I want to be sure everyone
understands that, and no, I'm sure not angry with anyone, as I know a lot of
you think that's really me on there. Any or all of you can feel free to
re-cap any of my writings and/or news on there, if you like. Just please be
aware I'm never, ever on there and I never will be.
People who posted there include someone name Harley Lee---who is this
person? I don't know anyone by that name, Laura Howard, another person I do
not know, 1957's NEIL H. SIZER, 1959's SHIRLEY R. PARKS
1969's ROBT. E. THARPE; 1970's TERRY L. NEUBERG, and someone named Janet
Turner. If any of you had messages which were intended personally for me, I
did not see them, nor will I ever see them, so please resend to my e-mail,
and thanks.
Amusingly, after the last little blip about my, "anti-Facebook," I received
many supportive (and many of them amusing) comments from some of you. They
Okay, it's now November 22 and how can that be? I've been overwhelmed with
my animal rescue volunteer work and collection and delivery of loads and
loads of items for my recently-launched clothing/shoe drive for the
underpaid and the underprivileged and am finding this effort very rewarding.
I don't see myself ever putting an end to this, as long as I'm able to do it
  As a result, yes, the timing on my alumni bulletins has suffered. Of course
  I'm still doing my weekly news column for the local paper, too, and a
couple ofther publications. I was also recently asked by the Sullivan County
School system to do some tutoring in professional journalism at one of our
local schools. Writing is my first love, so I agreed to do that, too, at
least for a while.
Yes, my plate is very full, but that's okay. I truly believe the day we quit
moving IS the day we quit moving and I'm resisting that, as mightily as
possible. However, I still feel great loyalty to all of you, who have stuck
by me for lo, these 15+ years I've been doing these bulletins. So it's high
time I offer you my apology for the untimely delay and get back in the
saddle and get this thing done, as we move into yet another holiday season
and an entire new, calendar year. Can you even believe it?
Okay, I'm up to the current day now, and have decided I'm going to go
through and pull out all our deaths, in order to get those covered before I
do regular text. Yes, I'll say it again. I hate reporting these, but I've
now done these bulletins 15+ years, and I know everyone wants to know about
the losses. We've had a very sad year of it, that's for sure. Here we go,
andI I'm going back to my earliest dates, which begin in August, I think. I
hope and pray no more arrive as I'm writing this.
The first one came on August 19 from 1964's DESDA E. DOERSAM, in which she
reported the death of her classmate, SANDRA S. ZENNIE. Then on August 24,
notice came from 1965's STEVEN F. SHADE's notification website, Homestead.
It was for his classmate, STEVEN MICHAEL HAUK, who died on August 22. R.
GWINN LACY, 1956, also sent a copy of the obituary. On September 4 came
another notice from Steve for of JOHN R. MIDDLETON, 1962, who died on
September 2. Again, Gwinn followed up with a copy of the obituary, as did
1959's GARY E. BARNES, and a reminder came from 1960's T. BARRY RUSSELLO and
1973's JEAN ANN MILLER. On September 4, I got one from Steve for 1971's
ENRICO R. MARINELLI, who had died on August 29.
Of course, as everyone knows, we lost WC's (and probably the entire state of
Ohio's) fastest man on two legs, 1958's BILL R. HOWARD, on September 6, two
days shy of his birthday.. This one hit me very very hard. I'd known Bill
for my entire life. We had spent our mutual Miami Shores childhood walking
the streets of MS. I'd watched him do track, field and running, throughout
my school years. We were in touch nearly every day, with silly stuff on
e-mail. When I had to get a car from Kettering to my
house, it was he and Lucy who drove it down here for me.
So it was a rough one. Bill was a WC Pirate, through and through, and
gung-ho everything WC. It sure left a big hole in our WC alumn, the 1958
class, and the school, overall. Following his service, I got a report on it
From his lifelong friend, WC classmate and fellow Miami Shores Kid, DONALD I
  MCCOY. Thanks for that, Don. My dear friend, BRUCE E. CHENOWETH, also kept
me posted. Following the announcement of his death, messages poured in on my
e-mail, with great stories of his honorable life and his achievements in the
world of sports. I forwarded everyone the stories from 1961's PAUL R.
BEARDSLEY and 1958's RONALD D. "TOM" FEE, both really terrific and fitting
remembrances of Bill's sport prowess. He was also a highly- respected,
retired law enforcement officer..
Comments of admiration and loss also came from 1957's NEIL H. SIZER; Bill's
class president, RICHARD A. FAHRNEY; 1959's SHIRLEY R. PARKS; 1960's EULA
The next one arrived from Steve's Homestead site on September 27 and it was
for 1977's GLENDA FAYE RUMPKE, who died on September 26. Steve's was the
only notice I received, but late got one from 1973's JEAN ANN MILLER.. On
that same day, I received an e-mail from the also-now-late DONNA J. RICHARDS
  1961, about the September 26 death of her lifelong best friend and
classmate, PAULA R. WILSON. I understand Paula was in an advanced stage of
Alzheimers and her family knew it was her time. But I felt horrid for Donna
s loss. The two of them had bedrooms in each others' homes for years. Paula
sent wonderful remembrances of her fluorescent smile and bubbly personality.
  Absolute shock was registered by so many, including 1960 class members,
LINDA L. SHANK, T. BARRY RUSSELLO, and 1959 spouse BETSY R. MURPHY, 1961's
CAROL J. MUMMA, and every person in that class, I know, and several others.
Now, of course, I like to imagine Paula and Donna together in The Great
Beyond in their WC cheerleading uniforms, as it was but a scant 8 days later
when Donna also died. I was first notifIed by 1962's RUSSELL L. "RUSTY"
ELLIOTT, and I thought he surey had to be mistaken. I'd just gotten notice
from Donna, herself, after all, about Paula dying. So I figured he'd gotten
them confused. Sadly, I was wrong. Messages poured in again, as Donna (and
Paula, too) had both been bright, shining stars in the high school class,
two of the most popular girls in the late-1950s era, in fact. Now, they were
both gone. It was unbelievable. Donna's viewing was held at Sanner in WC on
October 8. I was there, along with what seemed to be every person who had
ever attended WC from 1955 clear through about 1963. I couldn't even begin
to list them all. It was just so, so sad. Yes, Steve sent a Homestead notice
Losing both of them so close together was unreal.
On September 8, another Homestead notice arrived from Steve, this one for
the death of 1971's JAMES R. PATTERSON, JR., who had actually died back on
July 19 in Destin, Florida. Next was Steve's notice about 1970's JONATHAN S
KRULL, who had died September 27. Also notifying me of that one was MICHAEL
J. LOTSPAIH, 1969.
Then on September 29, I received notice from 1973's JEAN ANN MILLER about
the death of her classmate, DEBRA LEE BALL. I've got not date of death, but
it looks like the service was held on October 2, so that narrows it down
pretty well, probably about September 28. Jean sent me quite a list, most of
which I already had, but I'm going to go ahead and list the ones I didn't
already mention.
Jean is reporting a death in September of 2013 for 2010 class member, name J
J. FERRIS-MADDEN.. I have not heard of this one from any other source and
have no further info. She also reported the September 28 death of 1972's
DANNY A. BOHRAM, who's her brother-in-law, and I've gotten no other reports
on this one, either. In addition, she reported the death of 1989's STACY
WOOD, and the death of 1965's MICHAEL DOUGLAS HAUK who died on August 22.
JANIE LYNN MITCHELL, 1973, died on August 17, also coming from Jean. This is
sure getting to be a depressing bulletin, isn't it? But let me power through
the rest,so we can move to the more pleasant news.
On September 29, I got quite the shocker when my dearl, old friend, ALICE K.
PARKS, called me. In high school, we were inseparable and went everywhere
together. I introduced her to her husband of nearly 54 years, ROBERT N.
SLATON, class of 1957, when he came home on leave from the Navy in 1960. So
when she told me he'd died on June 12, 2014, I nearly fell out of my chair.
I couldn't believe I hadn't heard about his death from SOMEONE, in all that
time. But I didn't. On the plus side, I was thrilled to be back in touch
with my old friend Alice, again. We'd always gotten along famously and it
was as though we'd never missed a beat. I was saddened, though, to hear of
Bob's death. From 1970's RITA G. JUSTICE came words of regret about Bob's
death, as she wrote she'd lived right across from him and Alice on Squire St
, as a child. I also got a note of apology from 1959's SHIRLEY R. PARKS
(Alice's first cousin), telling me she thought I'd have been already aware
of Bob's passing, so she never thought to tell me. A similar message came
from 1958's JAS. L. CLEARY.
One of our teachers, WM. RUSSELL SCOTT, died on October 12. This notice also
came from Jean and it was on October 14. Steve also sent a Homestead notice.
On October 12, from someone named Jodi Wright (?-anyone) came notice of the
death of 1984's ELIZABETH STOWE. On October 15, Gwinn sent notice of the
death of 1977's DIRK A. PETTIT. October 7 brought a message from Jean again,
stating we'd lost one, EARL MITCHELL PAYNE, born in 1958, so probably a 1976
or 1977 class member.
A Homestead notice came on October 7 for the October 3 death of PATRICIA ANN
JOHNSON, class of 1947, and on October 17, we learned of the death of JOHN E
HAMMOND, class of 1964, on December 15, 2014. October 23 brought news of the
death of 1973's JUDY A. SPEAKS, who died October 20, and on that same day,
there was a notice for 1971's KATHY SUE WALTERS, deceased as of October 21.
JAS. MAXWELL FUGATE, a school board member died on October 27, as did WM.
EDWARD COST, the director of the auditorium. The class of 1979 lost SCOTT J.
WELLS on October 28. All these deaths came to be me from the Homestead
listings, 1959's GARY E. BARNES, 1956'S R. GWINN LACY, 1973's JEAN ANN
MILLER, and a couple from 1949's ROBT. E. HOFFMAN, and 1957's C. T. "TED"
HOFFMAN. Of course, at least half the school reported on Donna and Paula,
too numerous to list. It is now November 24 and I've received yet another
Homestead notice, this one for 1972's MARK D. FERGUSON, who died on November
That's the last one I've gotten and I can't even believe all these deaths.
This is very likely the saddest and most depressing bulletin I've ever had
to write, in that regard. That leads me to my next topic, which is all the
procrastinators (hundreds and hundreds of whom are actually living right
there in the area, and hundreds of others who are living at least inside the
state of Ohio), and yet do not attend the functions, even though they admit
they'd love to see their old school pals. So many of us utter that ill-fated
phrase, "Oh, maybe next year." Please re-read all the WC alumni names in the
previous paragraphs. There will be no, "next year," for a single one of
We have one more issue, too.  We now have a very pleasant place for our
annual gathering, clean, modern, great food, fabulous entertainment, great
flow, good location. Well, guess what?  For 2015, we had a scant 82 paid
reservations from the 1900 (!!) reservations which were sent. The
continuance of our annual function is in grave jeopardy. Our alumni
president, who is now 1978's LARRY W. HENDERSON, informed me our alumni
association's finances are quickly going downhill. Postage costs are
astronomical and then there are all those who come to mingle, prior to
dinner, and then leave. We also have many who come after dinner, too..This
is wonderful and we want to see every single alumnus we can muster, make no
mistake. But our alumni association is in desperate need of your financial
support, so we can continue our tradition. So how about sitting down today
and sending a check to support our events, even if you didn't eat dinner?
Larry said they make hardly anything on the dinners and with only 82 paid
reservations this past October, things are looking bleak for the future. We
ve been having the dinner/dance about 22 years now, I think, maybe longer. I
d sure hate to see it all come to an end, but sadly, that's where it's
headed. Just think how much more stable the treasury would be, if every
alumnus/attendee would send just $5!  Wow, what a huge difference that would
make! Of course, more would be welcome, too, but that's a start. Let's not
let this fade into the sunset. I think all the people who attended, without
partaking of the dinner, probably assumed reservations money took care of
everything. However, that's far from the case, so let's get with it. Now we
re going to head into other news and after deaths and finances, who isn't
going to welcome that, right?
Remember our little piece on the, "one-name wonders," who attended WC in the
mid-to-late 1950s and very early 1960s? Well, it seems a couple more of
those have surfaced, and yes, I remembered them, once I had read them again.
  For instance, my classmate, DAVID G. OTT, was nicknamed as Zero, by several
of his pals, who included J. PATRICK LAFFERTY, ROSS A. HODGSON, and THOS L.
WOLF, JR. Yes, Dave, we have such fond memories of those times, don't we?
How on earth, do you suppose, did I ever overlook one of the most famous
ones of all, none other than the most well-known football jock and
hall-walking hunk of the entire era, none other than 1958's LANDO F.
STEELE?!? Yep, he was known in those days as Buster. Does anyone still
address you by that nickname,
Lando?  This one was brought to my amused attention by none other than 1963
s ILONA T. DEBRECINI and it comes with an absolutely great story, and of
course, I'm going to share it with all of you. As a youngster, Lonnie (as
she is addressed) lived on Poplar St., in WC, she wrote.Quite often, her
babysitters were---brace for this one!---none other than Lando and his
lifelong best pal, football,teammate and classmate, FLOYD R. "BUBBLES"
WILLIAMS, JR.!!! I'll bet Lonnie is the only person any of us knows who had
a pair of male babysitters known as Bubbles and Buster. She also wrote of
them playing the 45rpm record, "Sixteen Tons," by Tennessee Ernie Ford, for
an entire evening, non-stop. Loved your story, Lonnie!  Hey, you two,
Bubbles and Buster, do you remember this part of high school? I'll bet you
do. Thanks, Lonnie.
From 1957's RICHARD L. JOHNSON came an expression of regret for the death of
his classmate and also childhood friend and neighbor, CAROL A. WRIGHT. He
hadn't been aware of her death, so thanked me for letting him know. As
youngsters, they were apparently pretty good pals.
As many already know, 1961's P. LYNETTE GARRETT sold her nice home in
Germantown and has moved permanently to her place in Henderson, Nevada. I
hated for her to go and will miss my visits to Germantown, that's for sure.
Before she left, she said she'd gone to Ron's Pizza where ran right
smack-dab into classmate LILY K. "KITTY" BURDETTE and her 1959 sister, BETTY
C. BURDETTE. Lynn commented that Betty is still looking like a teenager. I'm
sure that's true, I saw her in 2009 and she did look terrific. Lynn also
commented on how good another classmate is looking, LARRY D. GILBERT, whom
she wrote she hadn't seen in years. We all wish you well out there, Lynn,
but we're not happy about you leaving us.
Thank you so much, 1954 class president, JERRY R. GRAHAM, for your lovely
e-mail. Jerry actually wrote he wants to nominate me for the NBC News
segment called, "Making A Difference," just because I write these bulletins.
That's incredibly flattering, Jerry, and I do appreciate your graciousness
so very much. But I've got a feeling there are folks out there who are doing
far loftier things than typing an alumni bulletin. However, such a sentiment
is certainly not lost on me, so thank you again. Jerry and I discovered we
have a few interests in common, as a matter of fact. Where were on alumni
weekend, Jerry?  I'd looked forward to seeing you, but I didn't find you
anywhere. Were you there?
Remember my asking if anyone knew if there was more than one THOS. E. COMBS?
  Well, that issue was  resolved for me, when 1961's DOROTHY M. COMBS
confirmed that the THOS. J. COMBS, who's in one of the yearbooks, is not
related to her family. RONALD D. "TOM" FEE had thought it might have been
one we all knew, Tex Combs, but no, it's not. That info was sent by 1961's
FRANCES E. DAYSPRING and she also wants to know if anyone out there
remembers any stories or fun things about her late sister, DEBRA ANN
DAYSPRING and her late high school sweetheart, THOS. E. COMBS, war hero.
Tommy and Debby went together and were madly in love. Both are now deceased,
so Fran would love to hear memories of them, as would Dorothy.
From 1963's NORMA ELYN SPEELMAN came a notice she's going to gift me with
some Piratans. As you all know, I take any and all of them I can get and am
constantly leafing through them for correct names and to look up much of WC
history as I write. There are also others out there who want them and they
sort of use me as the clearing house, in the event I have extras. So thanks,
Elyn.I would still kill for a copy of a 1965!
With the last bulletin, Elyn also offered her gracious thanks, along with so
many others among you---1961's JACK L. GODBY, P. LYNNETTE GARRETT; 1970's
INDY JO GRISSOM, 1954's JERRY R. GRAHAM, and then we later had even more
folks who asked to be added. We've got 1967's HAROLD E. CODY, thanks to
1964's RICKEY A. BUSCH. We also have 1956's R. LLOYD KRESS, who also
extended gracious thanks. I also recently added 1962's THOMAS P. THOMPSON. I
welcome each and every single one of you.
From 1960's PHILLIP D. HOWARD and his 1967 spouse, MARIAN K.HUSSEY, came
mid-summer reports on CHAS. A. HIGH, JR., who continues to have endless
health problems, heart procedures, and gallantly tries to take care of his
ailing wife. Phil spent time with him, talked with him a lot, and kept me
posted.  I talk regularly with Charlie, myself, but Phil's observations were
person-to-person, so I was happy to hear what he had to say. It's great that
you see Charlie, Phil, as I know you have health problems of your own.
Thanks for letting me know how things are/were going.
We have a request for the whereabouts of 1959's ROBERT L. TANKERSLEY from
his old high school pal, 1960's DANNY L. WALTERS. Does anyone know anything?
  I remember finding Bob and talking with him about 10 years ago. He is a
retired police officer for Miami, Florida, and that's where I found him. At
the time, he was in the process of moving and I'm betting he's still
somewhere in Florida. If you know where he is or how to reach him, please
let me know, so I can  put him in contact with Danny.
RICHARD S. HOLT, 1960, was curious as to whether or not our classmate, CAROL
F. KNEAR, had died a number of years back. Yes, she died in 2006, and he
found the obituary and yes, she's the same one who had been married to JACOB
EBY. I'm pretty sure he's also deceased, although they'd divorced long ago.
A lovely thank-you came from 1961's JACK L. GODBY for his November 7
birthday greeting. From Ann E. Mays also came an e-mail thank-you for the
August anniversary card I sent to her and J. DAVID MAYS, my classmate. I'm
thinking it was their 48th wedding anniversary. We all hope it was a great
one for you, Annie and Dave. Another Mays, 1955's CARL R. MAYS, earlier sent
a request for no e-mails as he and Marilyn were out of town.  Hmmm, wonder
where they went? I think they travel quite a bit. Good for them!
Alumni forms came out in August and we had a couple glitches with 1955's C.
ELAINE BARKER, 1960's WM. M. ROHLER, and 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER. But we
got them all ironed and resolved and all went well.  MICHAEL S. WEST, 1960,
had been expected, but instead when to Cleveland, Tennessee, to visit our
other classmate, EULA FAYE BAILEY, who was there to assist her younger sis,
who was ill, and see her mother, too. But we missed you and Sally, Mike.
A wonderful photograph was submitted by 1962's SUE LAYNE SPEELMAN. It was of
her and all 4 of her sisters, who include twins, MERRY and SALLY SPEELMAN,
1964, NORMA ELYN SPEELMAN, 1963, and LESLIE SPEELMAN, 1970. The Speelman
sisters are spread out across the country, so they met for one of their
sister weekends in Bloomington, Illinois.  How wonderful that you all do
that, Suzi. Of course, as we're all aware, the family had just one son, the
late 1959's GEORGE SAMUEL SPEELMAN, JR., who was his class president. Thanks
for that, Suzi.
PAUL R. BEARDSLEY, 1961, touched on an interesting piece of trivia, about
which I hadn't thought in many decades. He mentioned the old Miami Shores
Football Team, whose name was the Eagles. Others who played were 1958's
Paul says there were others, but he can't remember. Such teams were funded
by the county and they played other teams, such as Shawen Acres. Who else
remembers details about this team? He says they all had new uniforms and
there was a pastor who was the coach. Thanks, Paul.  Paul also wanted to
reach 1956's JOYCE A. GEARY, and I had some info for her, but it turned out
to be no longer valid. I do believe, though, he found her in Centerville.
Along similar lines, 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER wanted to know where that
jumping site was where the late BILL R HOWARD showed the man the length was
too short or too shallow something. Was that also in Miami Shores or did
that occur at school?  We'll likely get an answer, Freda, so hang on. Just
like me, and probably all old MSKs, Freda drives up and down the Miami
Shores streets on her trips to Ohio. Boy, does that ever bring back the
There were high hopes for 1960's WM. O. WALKER and wife Karen to come to
alumni weekend this year. I was disappointed they didn't. Texas, however,
has had some incredibly bad breaks with weather over recent months, and many
tragedies with flooding. I only hope Bill and Karen weren't in any of it.
The same can be said about 1960's RICHARD L. PHILLIPS, who I really wanted
to see, but the one who was truly gung-ho to see Dickie was 1960's WM. M.
ROHLER, who actually drove all the way across the U.S., from Bombay Beach,
California, in order to attend. It was his very first gathering since
graduation in 55 years. I was thrilled to see him again. He had a lot of fun
chats with a number of people in our class and was particularly pleased to
talk with CHAS. A "BUD" LOWMAN III, as well as with T. BARRY RUSSELLO, CHAS.
V. CARTER, DENNIS A. ROSE, GARY L. WARLAUMONT (Gary and I have a private
appointment to which we must attend, and it's been hanging in the air for 55
GERALD A. FULLER, and DAVID A. BLAIR. He wished more from our class had been
present, but sure was happy with the ones who were.
Does anyone out there know who belongs to the e-mail address of (
judithinc@aol.com )?  I've got e-mail from this person and can't find her
anywhere on my list. I was thinking it might be 1958's JUDITH M. SMITH, but
not sure. Let me know, if you know who this is and the class year.
Okay for you, 1961's NANCY J. ERTEL! Yep, she caught me. I transposed the
numbers in her class year of 1961 and had her printed in the last bulletin
as being the class of 1916. Geez! Now, why on earth would you mind that,
Nancy? Ha! Not to worry, we all know you aren't 100+ and I'll try to do a
better typing job. Nancy also let me know about the victory of the Kansas
City Royals, since she sort of lives in their back yard. But in this case, I
already knew, as I have an extremely close friend there, who had kept me
informed of every move as they went through the World Series.
As of November 3, 1960's JUDITH A. SLIFE informed me she was preparing to
undergo knee replacement surgery. I'm assuming it's done by now, but no
report yet from Judy. Let us know how things went, Judy, and if you're doing
okay, will you?  We all wish you well.
Interestingly, Gwinn found an obit in September for a Joyce Amburgey Risner
of Xenia, Ohio, and wanted to know if we're related.  While I didn't
recognize the name and don't know her, I'd still say it's highly likely we
are related, yes.  It's just a matter of going back far enough through the
old family tree to find the connection. Thanks, Gwinn.
An interesting note came from my classmate DAVID A. BLAIR, in which he asked
me to help him remember the, "pretty, blonde girl, a bit crazy, and maybe a
class ahead." whom he'd dated in school.  Now, ol' Dave's track record in
high school was fairly impressive, as I recall, and not all that easy to
enumerate. But it just so happened, I was sort of chummy back in those days
with 1959's LUCIENNE L. ENGEL.  You see, that big, long, red brick building
beside the WC VFW was my childhood home.  I vividly recall helping my father
nail down the kitchen floorboards in that house, when I was just 14. The
upstairs north, dormered room was my bedroom.
Lucienne lived right across the street, just a bit to the north, in the huge
  old farmhouse which sat directly across from the old Dwyer Mill. Her place
sat back a pretty long, gravel driveway, just before we made it to the
Glen-Mar Restaurant on the opposite side of the road, then Indian River
Fruit Market, just a fad further, and on the same side. Remember those fresh
grain odors which were so strong from Dwyer Mill when we'd turn to the right
  beside the little spaghetti house---was it called Longo's?---as we'd head
out from Miami Shores and enter old Route 25 to go to Woody's? Anyway, all
that came together for me, in my long-ago memory bank, just because Dave
asked me to help him remember who that was. Yep, I think it truly was
Lucienne, Dave, don't you?  I'm pretty sure 1959's GARY E. BARNES told me
Lucienne now lives in Arizona.
Of course, I'm very regularly in touch with my old friend, 1958's BRUCE E.
CHENOWETH. Bruce does a lot of traveling around the country these days. He
enjoys driving and is taking more time away from his business to enjoy that.
Much of his travel of late has been relative to the pursuits of his longtime
companion, 1971's PATTY JO WHEELBARGER, who's the closest thing we have to a
triumphant contestant for the popular TV show, "Survivor."  I'll put my
money on Patty, any day of the week. In fact, Patty recently completed the
feat of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail, start to finish. I announced
that feat at our recent dinner/dance, in fact. I'm  fairly certain we have
another alumnus who did that, too, and I think it's DAVID G. OTT, of my
class. Anyway, big congratulations to you both.
Bruce also wanted to reach EULA FAYE BAILEY and she's another who changed
her e-mail address, but I got it, so I passed it along to Bruce. As earlier
mentioned, Eula Faye was to have attended the dinner/dance this year, but
wound up having to go to her sister's home, due to illness.  We missed you,
Eula Faye!
My humble thanks to each of you who offered kind words for my efforts toward
those less fortunate, hungry, and homeless. These people are now legion
among us. Just think, if each of us gives a single coat, one pair of shoes,
one small bag of food, volunteers for two hours a week---wow, what a
difference we could make. I hope we get out there and do exactly that. I
know most of us can. No, I'm not amazing at all, but thank you so much for
saying that. I'm just the average person as are we all, and each of us can
do a little bit, so let's do it!
  SHIRLEY R. PARKS, NEIL H. SIZER, JOSEPH F. SNELL, and now, let's all get
busy and ream out closets and really get something done!
Attention, 1962's RUSSELL L. "RUSTY" ELLIOTT!  Do you have an older brother
named Robert? A query came from 1954's JOHN E. CROY and he'd like to know.
Along those same lines, someone wrote and said they wanted to talk with 1961
s SANDRA A. HALL, who married Rabbit, the longtime meat manage of our Woody
s. Well, I've got the contact info, so e-mail me again, will you please?
From 1963's SHIRLEY ANN RANKIN comes the latest health update and travelogue
  Her husband had a squamous carcinoma cancer removed from his upper lip in
October and is now doing fine. Later in October, they took a 5-day Disney
cruise to the Bahamas. They're back in Tennessee now, revamping their rental
home, which Shirley says she thinks they'll no longer rent, instead opting
to use it for her arts and crafts.
In early October, I received a wonderful e-mail from my old and dear friend,
JOHN W. OBERLIES, JR., who was president of his 1961 class. He thanked me
for his birthday card and also expressed great sadness for the loss of Donna
and Paula. He wrote about how Paula was one of his first fiends at school.
Yes, so many of us are going to feel a special sense of loss for both of
them, forever. Very tragic. John is now retired and lives in Indianapolis.
One loss I failed to mention earlier is that of the loss of the son of one
of my classmates, DONALD F. CLICK.
Notice came from RICHARD S. HOLT about this one, during the first week of
October. I know we all send our condolences to Don and his family for this
tragic loss. Thanks, Rich.
Now get this!  From 1965's DANIEL L. MINIX came my first-ever, triple-header
  Not only that, the three new readers are brothers. So we now welcome aboard
1964's DONAL G. MAURICE, 1965's RICHARD P. MAURICE, and 1966's JERRY L.
MAURICE. Wow, can you even imagine how busy THAT mother must've been, with
three boys that close together? We sure hope all you Maurice brothers enjoy
the bulletins, and I thank you, Dan, for sending them.
From 1964's RICKEY A BUSCH came a notice to let all the 1964 people know to
contact Sharon at 937 434-5446, so you can connect with classmates. Rick
correctly writes we're losing far too many of us, far too quickly. Well,
this particular bulletin sure is testimony to that, isn't it, Rick?
Special thanks to you, 1955's JERRY L. DAVIS, who took my unstamped birthday
card in the parking lot of Sanner Funeral Home and mailed it for me in a
timely manner. That old song, "Please, Mr. Postman," will now forever make
me think of you, Jerry. Thanks again.
So our 2015 weekend has again come and gone. Next year will be here before
we know it. I got to town this year on October 7 and almost immediately had
a wonderful, long, windy visit with ALICE K. PARKS, and loved every minute
of it. I also spent quality time with BRUCE E. CHENOWETH and got to meet his
darling, big shop dog, Willie, and wanted to bring him home. I also visited
STEMLEY, and at Frisch's, we had about 16-18 members of my class and it was
our 55th year. I wish there'd been more. I spent some time with popular 1958
class member, VINCENT A. BRODBECK and his charming SO, Brenda K. Heiser.
GARY E. BARNES and wife Pat and I and Bruce had our usual early pizza
meeting at Ron's. I also visited the Xenia home of THOS. D. YOUNG and wife
Sandi, both of whom are dear and special friends, and had nice visits with
DENNIS A. ROSE and his wife, Sandy. I returned home thrilled by all those I
saw, but saddened by those I didn't, and I don't just mean the deceased ones
  I mean the many, many who could've come, but didn't.  I hope that will
change, come next year.
This may be the longest bulletin I've ever written, I don't know, but it
sure seemed like a challenge to get it all current. Right now, I'm boiling
eggs for my deviled eggs, and getting ready to make dressing and a wonderful
candied yam casserole, among many other things. Last night, I spent hours
making several different kinds of my holiday fudge, and tonight, I'll dress
a turkey breast and ham and will slow-cook both, throughout the night, as I
ve done for the past 52 years.
So I wish each and every single one of you a blessed, tasty, sleepy,
football-ish, yummy Thanksgiving. I send a special happy birthday wish to
1958's LANDO F. STEELE for his November 30 75th birthday. Stay safe and
healthy, Lando! I shall leave each of you with my usual wish for glowing
health, personal safety, great happiness, spiritual harmony, peaceful
serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
On 30 SEP 2015, Bonnie Prepares to Travel to W.C.
---Hi, all! Over the past couple weeks, it has become apparent I will never

get another bulletin completed, prior to my intended departure for Ohio on
Oct. 7.  So I'm writing this as a sort of last-minute reminder for those who
may have forgotten or got no paperwork or whatever.
It is my intention to be at Ron's Pizza on Thursday afternoon/early eve and
I know some people prefer to go elsewhere and that's fine, of course.  I
think everyone should go where they want, don't you? On Friday, I hope to be
at Frisch's, as usual, and Saturday at the dinner at Mandalay Bay on River
Rd.  So there you are.
Also, it was never my intention to use this little blip for this purpose,
but today, I've learned of 3 deaths and I may as well tell you all, now.
First of all, 1961's wildly-popular PAULA ROSE WILSON passed away on Sept.
25. I was advised by her lifelong best friend and classmate, DONNA J.
RICHARDS. Next, 1973's JEAN A. MILLER advised me of today's death of her
classmate, DEBBIE BELL.  Finally, this evening, I got a lengthy call from my
dear, dear, high school pal, ALICE K. PARKS, who was married nearly 54 years
to 1957's ROBERT N. SLATON. She informed me he'd died on June 12, 2014, and
I was completely blindisided by this one. They had his service at Newcomer,
they'd lived in WC their entire lives, and she's related to all the other
Parks in WC, as well as ties to the Sizers, the Merkers, and the other 4
Slaton siblings.  Yet, not a soul reported this death to me, and it's now
been nearly 16 months. So I was quite surprised and very puzzled.
Sadly, we've been hit hard by so many deaths this year. I hate reporting
them, but I hate worse not knowing. So keep telling me, please, and don't
assume someone else has done it. I'd rather get notice from a dozen people
than to wait this long to find out about one of them.  I hope to see you all
next week. Don't stay home! We're losing too many of us to take that chance.
  Stay healthy and safe.

Friday, July 03, 2015
Bonnie's Latest - Friday, July 3, 2015
It is Saturday, April 25.

The skies are foreboding on my little mountain,
High winds, hail, and heavy rain is forthcoming, they tell us. Just my kind
of weather, and I always seem to be inspired to write, when it's like this.
Who knows why? In any case, off we go with our list of forwarders. They are
Then there are all you gracious readers, such as 1961's JACK L. GODBY, who
wrote to give me far too much credit, saying I'm the reason so many WC
Alumni are in contact. While it would be lovely to be able to claim that
much credit, and I truly appreciate the compliment, I feel pretty sure there
are an awful -ly lot of you who have chosen to maintain contact, long before I ever accidentally began writing these bulletins for any willing reader. But wow!
I'm thrilled you wrote that, Jack, and thank you.
Then came yet another of the best ones I've ever received, from 1963's NORMA
ELYN SPEELMAN, who was writing in response to my former remarks about 1958's
LANDO F. STEELE, the ultimate in late-1950s super-hunks and football heroes.
Elyn wrote. "Lando Steele was a friend of my brother, Sam. There were 5 of
us girls. Every time Lando came to the house, we were all starry-eyed." Yep,
I'm sure, Elyn, it was you and most every female student in the school! I
remain an ardent fan, to this day. I hear from him just about every month, a
line or two, here and there. So I know he's all right and doing well.
More words of condolence arrived for the late MARY ANN DUNCAN, 1962. One
message came from 1961's P. LYNNETTE GARRETT, asking I convey her regrets to
Mary Ann's widower and classmate, RUSSELL L. "RUSTY" ELLIOTT. Having just
recently returned from her home in Henderson, Nevada, Lynn was also unaware
of the deaths of 1956's ANITA RAE MASON and 1961's JUDITH L. SAMUELS.
She also commented on the mention of New Port Richey, Florida, writing she'd
lived that for about nine months, at one time, and loved the fresh seafood.
BRENDA C. ROSS, 1962, also sent condolences about Mary Ann. There are always
all you lovely folks who send me nice words of encouragement and
appreciation for each and every single one of these things and they include
From 1956's R. GWINN LACY and 1959's GARY E. BARNES came news of the death
Of 1970's ROY KENNETH HAMMONDS. No cause of death was mentioned, but he had
To be only 62-63, very young, which makes it doubly sad. Condolences go to
his family and friends. Thanks, Gwinn and Gary.
We got notice of a couple of 1961 birthdays in April. The 28th was DOROTHY M
COMBS and the 30th was RICHARD E. KNEER. I think they both turned 72, and of
course, we hope it was a great day for each of them.
We had several responses to all my queries for 1963's FRANCES L. PEFFLY.
They came from 1949's ROBT. E. HOFFMAN; 1956's RALPH D. WILSON, and 1963's
GAYLE E. LESHER. However, no one's heard a peep, so I don't know what to
tell all of you. To my knowledge, her cooking website is still up and
running, and shows an address in Lady Lake, Florida. But that's in a
shopping center and is not a home. So anybody's guess is as good as mine.
However, her old friend, 1963's SHIRLEY A, RANKIN and I had lots of fond
memories to share about Fran, and we all hope she's doing well. I feel
certain she will contact somebody, sooner or later. She lost son Jonny at
the end of last year, as we all know, and that takes some time from which to
recover, if ever. I know we all wish her well.
Ralph also advised us his classmate, DELORES JEAN BOND, is very ill with
stomach cancer. I know we're all pulling for her and will keep her in our
good thoughts and prayers. Thanks, Ralph. We've lost far too many of us, far
too quickly, so let's all stay in good touch. That's sure one more good
reason to do it.
Okay, we're way, way behind! Okay, I take that back. I'M way, way behind. It
s now June 13 and the last 2-3 months have been a nightmare of trips, a
torrent of houseguests, and the death of 3 different people to whom I was
close. So I've had quite a time, but will not try to get back on track.
Thanks for your patient and abiding nature.
There was a lengthy exchange between myself and 1954's homecoming queen,
JANICE L. WIREMAN, about the child who served as her flower girl, Yvonne
Green, on homecoming night and subsequently burned to death in a fire. By
the way, Janice, 1970's INDY JO GRISSOM enquired about her and thinks she's
the same one about whom she was told, later in life. From her description, I
think it was.Her e-mail is ( hsumner291@aol.com ), and I think you should
contact her. Janice wrote she'd try to join us during alumni weekend. I sure
hope so!
Okay, so here I am again and it's now June 21, as I await the arrival of my
118th set of visitors, since in Tennessee.  Yes, I know, I'm getting further
and further behind with this bulletin and as I grow older, I'm not getting
any speedier, Imagine that! We've just had another one of those roaring,
mountain storms which I love, spattered with thunder and lightning and high
winds. Now, before this slips my mind, I want to make sure and tell all of
you. In the past week, I've spoken with several alumni. As I sat here the
other day, I got a call from 1960's WM. M. ROHLER, who regaled me with the
wonderful news he's pretty sure he's going to be joining us this year, in
October, for the first time, ever. Bill retired on May 20. He lives in
Bombay Beach, California, on the shores of the Saltan Sea (sp.?) and says he
ll be driving his car cross -country. It will be wonderful to see him.
As we talked, we spoke of one of our most colorful and well-liked classmates
  who was a great pal of mine, as well as extremely close to Bill, none other
than EDGAR L. "The Fonz" KELLY, who lives in Nampa, Idaho. So when we
finished talking, I called Eddie, and we had a lengthy chat. He's having a
big problem with his eyesight, but getting various procedures which he hopes
will resolve that. He said one eye has been done and he will be doing the
other. He's also got back problems and says they cause him some discomfort.
He's thinking of coming back this year, too, since Bill will probably be
It wasn't long until I talked with my dear friend, 1958's BRUCE E. CHENOWETH
  and he's taking his longtime SO, 1971's PATTY JO WHEELBARGER on more hiking
trips to the Appalachian Trail. He'll be close to my house, so we'll likely
have a lunch or two, as he'll be in Damascus, Virginia. There was also a
call from my birthday twin, DEVONA S. TAYLOR, who confirmed she'll be there,
too, this year. The next day, I spoke with 1958's official football jock and
yet-to-be-equaled, ladies' "swoon hunk," LANDO F. STEELE. He is doing well,
staying active, regularly rides his bicycle with a group, and says he's
feeling great. Well, that's good, Lando, because there are still a bunch of
WC females who'd probably still love to feel you. Ha! Stay healthy, and we
all hope to see you soon.
It was sure a welcome e-mail I got during the week of June 14, from 1958's
BILL R. HOWARD. As we're all aware, Bill has some very challenging health
issues and we're all pulling hard for him. In any case, he is doing a bit of
sleuthing for me, something at which he's very proficient, and it seems he's
working on a couple things for others among us, too. So thanks, Bill, and
please stay as well and strong as you can. We're all keeping you in our good
thoughts and prayers, that's for sure.
Early in the month, I had contact with 1960's CHAS. V. CARTER, informing me
I'd gotten the age wrong for his wife, Pamela, when I sent her birthday card
  I corrected that, immediately, of course. I hate having those things wrong.
I also received a thank-you e-mail from 1958's beautiful LORNA D. TROUTMAN,
for the anniversary card I sent to her and spouse, Roger M. "Chico" Lopez
III, an utterly charming gentleman if there ever was one, who has gorgeous
hair! We all hope it was a good one, Lorna and Chico.Of course, 1960's EULA
FAYE BAILEY and I maintain our usual banter, too, and she's all right and
very involved with her family/
Okay, that catches all the current buzz and we're now going to back up a bit
and catch all the stuff which is backed up in my e-mail file for the past
couple months. We back up to April with a message from 1961's NANCY A. HALL.
Nancy and I have identical religious backgrounds and share the distinction
with many other WC alumni of having attended throughout childhood, the old
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, which long sat at the southwest corner of
northbound old Route 25 and Stroop Rd. Actually, the parsonage of the stern
and formidable Pastor Chas. L. Mullen still sets right there, to the south
of the station which now occupies the corner. Nancy's late husband was also
a Lutheran pastor, but Pastor Larry W. Matthews smiled a lot and had a
booming laugh, unlike Pastor Mullen. Nancy was asked to complete his term on
the council and she's doing so. You'll do a great job of it, Nancy.
Expressing great regrets for our nearly-back-to-back loss of 1956's ANITA R.
MASON, 1961's JUDITH L. SAMUELS, and 1962's MARY ANN DUNCAN was 1961's P.
LYNNETTE GARRETT, who had just recently returned from her home in Henderson,
Nevada. Lynn was well-acquainted with all three and did not know, until she
returned. She's currently in Germantown and I believe plans to return to
Nevada, prior to winter. I think this may be in an earlier paragraph, but
just in case I missed it, it bears repeating.
Okay, readers, let's put out heads together and see if we can come up with
some answers for 1961's FRANCES E. DAYSPRING.  She wants to know the
whereabouts of the following alumni: VIRGINIA HAYMAKER, JUDY ENGLER, JOICE
GATES (yes, she spelsl it with an I), MARGIE BUTTS, and finally, PATRICIA
HARTZELL. Any takers? I can tell you this much, Fran. Joice Gates lives in
Kentucky and very nearly always attends the October function with her
husband. They're both such delightful people, humorous, and great company.
Fran wrote she still maintains contact with JUDY FLEMING and also with
HARRIET CRUMLEY. So let's see if we can find any of these ladies for Fran.
From 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER came the sad news of the death of dentist, Jim
Dillard, who was the spouse of 1955's C. ELAINE BARKER. She said he died on
April 17.  Thanks, Freda, and all our condolences go out to Elaine. By the
way, Freda and her husband, Larry L. Green, just celebrated their 5th
anniversary, I believe. Is that right, Freda? Not only that, Freda also just
celebrated her milestone 80th birthday. Good going, Freda, and may you have
many more birthdays, as well as anniversaries.
My classmate, RONNIE R. WHEELER, and I had an exchange about how many people
we've lost from our 1960 class. I leafed through my yearbook, studying faces
and digging into my memory. As nearly as I could determine, I think I was
able to confirm the loss of 38 of us (from a class of 147) and I think there
were about 7-8 more I felt might also be gone, but not 100% sure. I always
hate that part.
NANCY J. ERTEL, 1961, sent comment about my story on the actor, Martin Sheen
  whose best buddy was a guy named Johnny O'Hara. Sheen attended Chaminade
High School and Johnny, Patterson Co- op. Johnny had a huge crush on V. JEAN
WARD, who was with us through grade 10, and an extremely close friend of
mine. But everyone had a crush on Jean, so he had to get in line. So there
we were, hob-nobbing with Martin Sheen, as teenagers. The last time we
talked, Jean and I were laughing about that, and she told me she doesn't
discuss it any longer because no one believes her. Well, have them call me,
Jean, and I'll back up every word! I remember it well.
Bless your little hearts for thinking of me, all you folks who keep trying
to get me on the social websites, but I just don't go there. This time, it
included Patricia S. (nee Peffly) Barnes, spouse of 1959's GARY E. BARNES,
1961's JACQUELINE N. LESHER, and 1964's W. THOS. GODBY. I was overwhelmed by
the whole concept, but for me, I think under-whelmed might be the more
appropriate term. So I confess I jumped ship on all that.
It had been so long since I'd heard anything from one of my most admired WC
alumni, 1961's DONNA J. RICHARDS, I finally wrote to her pal, SALLY L.
GILLETTE, to see if she's okay. Sally told me Donna has been very busy and
to try e-mailing her again. So I did and I got back a great report from
Donna. It seems she, like most from our era, is feeling a few more of the
aches and pains of aging, but trooper whom she is, this woman took on the
challenge of restoring a 115-year-old farmhouse, which sets right on the
line between Centerville and Waynesville and she's putting all her
considerable talents into that project. I know it's going to be great, if
she does it. I love the idea she saved that old farmhouse, too.
On April 27, I received an e-mail from 1970's INDY JO GRISSOM, in which she
wrote that someone named RANDY FISCHER had passed away about 3 weeks prior.
I don't know him at all, nor a class year. She also wrote he was the younger
brother of GLEN FISCHER. Indy, are they WC? I'm assuming so. Have you any
further info? Cause of death? Where he lived?
RALPH D. WILSON, 1956, wrote to say he and high school classmate and old pal
  JAS. L. FORSYTH are planning to get together and rehash all the good times.
Now, this was a few weeks back, so tell  us, Ralph, has that happened yet,
or is it still in the offing. Whatever the case, we know you'll both have a
really great time.
A wonderful report arrived from 1961's EDNA L. GRAY. She and her spouse,
Richard M. Ryan, are in the habit of taking drives for the purpose of
visiting all of Ohio's covered bridges. I think that's so great and it's
something I'd sure enjoy, myself. You'd better be glad I'm not there, Edna,
else I'd be bumming rides with you, so I could go, too.  April was a busy
month for the Ryan's. Not only was it Dick's birthday, but also their
anniversary.  We hope both events were fun, Edna and Dick.
There's a 6th annual golf classic which will be occurring on July 17 and it
s for WC Football Alumni Club. I normally get these notices from 1988's JAS.
A. MCGUIRE or 1987's JEFFREY T. GILES, and I see we also have another famous
WC name on the list now, which is that of 1985's TIMOTHY N. SIZER.  As all
we WC old-timers are well aware, this alumnus is the son of 1957's NEIL H.
SIZER, who also played football, and his cheerleader/homecoming queen spouse
  SHIRLEY R. PARKS. So we're sure glad to have you here, Tim. Springboro's
Heatherwoode Golf Club will be hosting this year's WCFAC event and it will
be warm, I'll bet, so be prepared.  It will be an involved event, as I see
there will also be a dinner in the early evening and awards, too. If you'd
like further details, I'm sure Jim will be thrilled to see you get them and
his e-mail is ( wcfac@yahoo.com )  Thanks, Jim.
Many of us recall teacher WILLARD H. FRUSH. He's around 86 now, I believe.
In any case, we've gotten confirmation of the death of his wife of 66 years,
SELMA H. FRUSH, who passed away on June 1. Her obit says she was 85. This
notice came to us from 1956's R. GWINN LACY and from 1969's MICHAEL J.
LOTSPAIH. Thanks, Gwinn and Mike. Also, from Gwinn came a query as to
whether or not I might be related to the late Imogene Risner. There's little
doubt but what I am, Gwinn, I just don't know the exact branch to trace, in
the gigantic Risner family tree. Thanks.
From 1959's GARY E. BARNES came news of the June 3 death of JEFFREY WAYNE
NEELEY, who was probably 1981 class, but possibly 1982. I don't know for
sure. I leave these things in the hands of the experts (1965's STEVEN F.
SHADE) to determine. In any event, this young man left us much too soon,
only 51. We offer condolences to his family and friends. Thanks, Gary.
From 1961's PAUL R. BEARDSLEY came a request for contact information on 1956
s JOYCE ANNE GEARY. We were able to instantly fulfill his request. It seems
she was a neighbor and visitor when he was very young. So did you reach her,
Paul?  Joyce had been friends with Paul's later brother, Jerry, he wrote.
From 1916's NANCY J. ERTEL came a reminder of this being the year for the
75th Sturgis Rally & Races, an event I attended for 20 consecutive years,
when I lived in Florida. Yes, I know, Nancy, and what great memories I have
of that event. It will be an absolute madhouse. I attended the 45th, 50th,
55th,  and 60th. Great times!
From the FAHRNEY clan came news of another running of episode of, "House
Hunters," on HGTV, in which the buyers were Melissa and Lance Fahrney. He's
the son of class president, football hero, and all -around WC athlete and
still-active sports enthusiast, RICHARD A. FAHRNEY (Janet L.).  Lance's aunt
  DOLORES K. "DEDE" FAHRNEY, 1960 (and no slouch, herself, when it comes to
sports) to tell us the episode was going to be aired. However, there was a
glitch, and it wasn't---they wrote. But hey, all you Fahrney people, that
episode actually did run again, here in Tennessee, just so you know. It wasn
t on the date you had said, but it was aired here, so you weren't all wrong.
Thanks for the notice, anyway.
From 1961's BARBARA J. TURNINGTON came a request for the update on my
efforts to dump cable. I am still in the process, Barbara, and it's going to
take about another month. You see, I have a monstrous house which has 6
bedrooms and also has 16 TV sets connected to cable, 8 of which are flat
screens and 8 of which are the older style (still great pictures, very
functional). Anyway, I'm getting ROKU sticks for every single one ($50 a
pop) and I've already got my two, techno-advanced antennas, which will be at
each end of my house (65' wide), and I'm on a mountainside where I have
about 4 acres of ground, about half of which is naturally wooded. So some of
my 100-plus trees could possibly create an issue. We'll see. I'm also buying
all flat screens, two at a time.
My techno guy was just beginning my conversion when his right-hand man broke
his ankle. The guy is still hobbling somewhat and since it will be necessary
to scale walls in this 3-story house, in order to get the antennas connected
  I've got to wait for him to heal. But yes, I'm still determined to dump
cable and my goal is now by the end of July. You see, in early May, Comcast
bought Time-Warner for a whopping $55 Billion. That means cable rates are
now going to go sky-high, and guess what, they already ARE!  It will be
every company, even including mine, which is Charter. So in answer to your
question, yes, I plan to move ahead with this, full speed. I'll keep you
posted. It's going to cost about $2500, total. But I won't have a $145.85
bill each month, so I'll quickly recover that.
Where are you, 1958's DONALD I. MCCOY? I'm trying hard to get back to you,
regarding homeowners insurance. I've sent you several e-mails without
response, which is very, "un-Don-like." So I hope you're okay and faring
A nice thank-you e-mail arrived from 1960's T. BARRY RUSSELLO for the card
commemorating the anniversary of him and spouse, 1959's BETSY R. MURPHY. You
re so welcome, Barry, and we all hope you and Betsy had a wonderful and
special day.
We've got another new reader, folks. It's 1967's HAROLD E. CODY of Fairfax,
Virginia. He came to us, courtesy of his cousin, 1964's RICKEY A. BUSCH.
Thanks, Rick, and welcome aboard, Harold. I hope you'll enjoy the bulletins.
Wow!  Come October, I've been doing these things for 15 years and I'm still
getting new readers. I can scarcely believe it. It's all been so fun.
Rick also wrote of the illness of classmate MARY MARGARET OLINGER (Meyers)
who's in the care of Heartland in Miamisburg. She is bedridden, but otherwise
alert and aware. She wouldn't mind hearing from a few WC folks and her cell
phone number is 937 475-2942. So if you've got a minute, give her a buzz,
will you?
Currently, I'm considering the possibility of becoming a magistrate for the
Sullivan County Courts. It's a newly-created post and I possess all the
qualifications, already. I love re-inventing myself, from time to time.
During my 29 years with Ma Bell, I did extensive writing for various
publications, ran a used vehicle lot (cars, trucks, Harley-Davidson) for 17
years, did 29 years of community service, owned a night club and got a
mixology degree, published a book and had a private letter-writing business.
So I just may proceed with this. I'll keep you all posted. I like keeping my
brain running.
Okay, it's been 67 days since my last report. I'm sorry about that. You know
I'm going to write I'll try to do better next time. Who knows if I will or
won't make it? In any case, I extend thanks to each of you for your
continued interest in, and faithful readership of, the bulletins. They're a
labor of love and much fun. I leave each of you with my usual with for
glowing health, personal safety, great happiness, spiritual harmony,
peaceful serenity, and boundless prosperity. Ciao!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Bonnie's Latest Post, April 17, 2015
---Here I sit, on my Tennessee mountainside. I hear birds singing, even
though the sky is dark.overcast, and foreboding. So we might get one of
those spring storms, for which East Tennessee is so famous. I love storms
and watch them in awe, but I don't want anyone to be hurt nor sustain
property damage. It's now April 17 and it will be 76 today, about 44%
humidity---dreamy (for me), and nothing like trying to breathe in steamy
Florida, where it's constantly like trying to inhale pork chop gravy, it's
so humid.
Here we go with our usual opening list of forwarders, who include 1954's
's C. SUE MCCLOUD, WM. E. "BUDDY" STOVER; 1956's R. GWINN LACY; 1957's
THOS. GODBY. We also got an e-mail update on 1957's RANDALL W. PARKS, so
thank you, Randy. Our e-mail lost list is down to nothing now, and it is not
because we don't have any. It's because, following at least six rejects, I
then deleted the addresses from the send list, in order to cut back on the
time spent for that. But I still want all those people back on the list. So
if you have info on them, I will appreciate getting it.
Naturally, I also thank all you lovely, wonderful, WC readers who make this
bulletin possible by sending your news, continuing to read, and always
conveying so many wonderful words of support, thanks, and appreciation.
Those people are 1954's FREDA P. FLETCHER; JANICE L. WIREMAN (Homecoming
SHIRLEY R. PARKS (Homecoming Queen), GARY E. BARNES (WeCaTon's Chief Field
Reporter, also the one who named this bulletin) ; 1960's EULA FAYE BAILEY;
Freda reported she and her husband will be celebrating his 80th birthday,
come July 9. They plan to be in Virginia with other family members, at that
time. Of course, prior to that birthday, Freda is going to have her own
special day on May 12, when she will turn 79. Just in case you're all
wondering, by the way, we have no reservations about revealing ages in THIS
group! Everyone knows already, just how old we all are. We went to school
together, remember? Also, when you really think about it, what's the point
in lying about your age, anyway? We can lie all we want, it won't do any
good. We're as old as we are, and no way around it. So congratulations and
happy birthday wishes to Freda, somewhat ahead of time, I hope, (and then
Larry). We should all be so lucky! Speaking of birthdays, from darling JACK
.GODBY, 1961, I received a belated wish. Thank you so much, my dear.
From 1956's JOS. F. SNELL came an invitation to drive down to his
neighborhood (about 40 miles from me in Greeneville) so we can have dinner
together at one of my all-time favorite eateries, The Gondolier, which is
right there in Greeneville. Well, we're going to do that, Joe, I promise. It
has been way too long since I've been to that place and I love it!
RICHARD L. DOLL, 1961, wrote to say his parents retired to New Port Richey.
The town caught his eye in the last bulletin, because fellow teacher, DAVID
E. COLLINS, moved there, too. I think I also wrote of the fact 1961's SANDRA
S. MAYO also lives there. In fact, I'm aware we have lots of lots of WC
alumni who live either part-time or full-time in Florida. Richard also
correctly noted that Florida city as being a sort of hideaway in the
1920s-1930s era for celebrities who wanted to escape the spotlight. What
with the modern strain of papparazzi, I'd guess that's now impossible.
Richard tried all the questions on my little trivia quiz, too. He reported
his results. Of course, that served to jog my memory in saying I'd put all
the answers in this bulletin, else I'd have forgotten. So here we go:
1.) The original names of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are Donatello,
Leonardo, Michaelangelo (am I spelling that correctly?), and Raffaele. (I've
heard the modern version is allowing use of nicknames for them (Donnie, Leo,
Mikey, and Raf).
2.) The seven deadly sins, as listed in The Bible, are avarice, envy,
gluttony, lust, pride, sloth, and vanity.
While 5 of them are obvious, I've discovered many people don't recognize the
terms, avarice nor sloth. Avarice was the term for greed in Biblical times,
and is today sometimes used in sentences which incorporate the term,
avaricious." As for sloth, that was Biblical-times term for laziness. These
days, however, people don't use it at all, and it mostly applies to the
animal, the sloth, whom we see in zoos (---and that animal DOES epitomize
laziness and slow, lumbering movement).
3.) The Seven Dwarfs---my all-time, lifelong favorite in terms of trivia
questions---are Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, and Sneezy.
Invariably, if people can name 6 of them, the one they always miss is
4.) The eight reindeer are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid,
Donner, and Blitzen (just as in the famous poem. No, Rudolph was not one of
the right reindeer.
5.) Finally, the most difficult of all the questions was to name the nine,
sitting, Supreme Court Justices. They are Samuel A. Alito, Jr., Steven G.
Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena G. Kagan, Anthony M. Kennedy, Chief
Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., Antonin G. Scalia, Sondra M. Sotomayor, and
Clarence W. Thomas. (I hope you all had fun with all these. I've always
rather enjoyed trivia.)
As much as I always hate this, I want to go ahead and get the unpleasant
news behind us, although I'm well aware, as the weeks pass, I may receive
more. On March 9, we lost 1964's KENNETH R. WRIGHT, who was a victim of
cancer. This was reported to me in time for the last bulletin, by classmate,
LINDA S. MAYO. I somehow did manage to omit it in my last bulletin. For that
  I apologize. Also, Linda reported the April 14 death of yet another of her
classmates, SAUNDRA L. HOWARD, also a cancer victim. This class has been hit
especially hard in recent months. Let's hope they don't have anymore for a
very long while (or any class, for that matter) . Linda also reported the
death of 1963's MICHAEL K. FANNIN, on April 16, but I have no details on
that one. Thank you, Linda.
Of course, everyone is well aware of the death of 1956's ANITA RAE MASON on
April 4. I, myself, was instantly aware of this one, of course, as Anita was
my sister-in-law, having been married for 4 1/2 years to my brother-in-law,
Ralph J. Osterman, the widower of my sister, 1956's JUDY ANN RISNER, Anita's
  Lifelong best friend. Anita was also the elder sister of 1957's SARAH M.
JACKIE" MASON, too Words of condolence came from several alumni, who
included 1956's R. GWINN LACY, RALPH D. WILSON, 1958's RONALD "TOM" FEE,
1960's V. JEAN WARD (Miami Shores Kid, last 2 years at Carlisle HS), WM. O.
WALKER, 1961's NANCY A. HALL, 1963's LEE JEAN JORDAN, and 1969's MICHAEL J.
LOTSPAIH. I also continued to get condolence messages for the loss of cousin
JUDITH L. SAMUELS, with whom I was closer than I can ever describe (March 9)
and I still miss her sorely every day of my life. Those came from 1960's
DALLAS K. MATHIS, 1967's MARIAN K. HUSSEY. Many thanks to all of you. I wish
I were doing better with losing Judy, but honestly, I'm not. At least, not
so far. She was such an integral, close part of my life, every day (!), for
7 decades. We told each other every, single detail of our lives, from the
time we were very small. Her death has been a crushing loss for me. I
honestly feel as though a part of me is now missing. Thank you, again.
No, we aren't yet through the deaths. Classmate THOS. L. WOLF, JR., reported
the death of neighbor and 1955 class member, BARBARA J. THOMAS, the spouse
of 1953's ELMER D. MARRIOTT. She died April 4, Tom wrote, following a
lengthy illness. Also reporting this death was 1956's R. GWINN LACY. We
extend condolences to Elmer, the family, and all close friends. Thank you,
Tom and Gwinn.
The next big shocker came to me on Easter Sunday, with an e-mail from 1961's
NANCY A. HALL, who informed me she'd just buried her husband on April 1.
Retired Lutheran Pastor Larry W. Matthews was a victim of a strain of cancer
called Burkitt's lymphoma, Nancy wrote. He had just been diagnosed last
December. She said there were 25 other pastors in attendance at Larry's
service, among all other attendees. She and Larry had resided in Rockford,
Illinois, and I'm sure Nancy will remain there, as I'm certain she had one
daughter, who lives nearby. We all send you sincerest condolences for your
loss, Nancy. Thank you for letting us know.
On April 14, we lost 1962's MARY ANN DUNCAN, who was the spouse of her
classmate, RUSSEL L. "RUSTY" ELLIOTT. She'd been battling a very aggressive
form of cancer for several months, with her husband at her side. Rusty kept
us all all informed of all changes and her general status, throughout. We
all thank you for that, Rusty, and you know we're all heartbroken for your
loss. Marry Ann was also the younger sibling of my classmate, 1960's WM. D.
DUNCAN, to whom we also extend condolences.
When word went out of Mary's death, there were yet more messages of
condolence and regret, which came to me, for you, Rusty.. Those came from
1958's VINCENT A. BRODBECK (and his longtime SO, Brenda K. Heiser), 1960's
the most accurate assessment of all, came from 1964's SUE LAYNE "SUZI"
SPEELMAN, who wrote, "OMG! What a beautiful woman, such a loss!" You are so
right, Suzi, and I know Rusty thanks all of you.
Next came quite a blast from the past, when I had a long and windy exchange
with old friend, V. JEAN WARD, who moved to the Chautauqua area following
the end of our sophomore year. But for many a year before that, she and I
and late cousin Judy were literally inseparable, living just a few doors
apart on Miami Shores Drive. We did lots of fun rehashing about all, "the
good, ol' days," in magical Miami Shores. Especially amusing is the story of
the two guys (one from Patterson Co-op, who had a huge crush on Jean, but
who didn't?) and his name was Johnny. The other guy's name was Marty. They'd
both come all the way to MS from Dayton so Johnny could see Jean. No, I don
t recall how they met.
But we'd all skip rocks across the river and giggle a lot and do all the
stuff 15-year-olds (or so) did in those days, NOT to be compared with what
they do THESE days, mind you! Anyway, many years later, as I went through
old photos, I kept thinking that Marty kid had a familiar look to him, but I
couldn't figure out why. Eventually, the light went off in my head, as I
realized this kid we'd known as Martino Charles "Marty" Estevez had grown up
to become the famed actor, Martin Sheen. I often wonder if he'd ever
remember any of us. Who knows? It's a great story, a true story, and Jean
and I shared a good e-mail laugh about it. Jean now lives in Franklin,
Tennessee, with her husband, Larry D. Rhule.
Also during this bulletin period, I had a fun exchange with 1959's SHIRLEY R
PARKS and her spouse, 1957's NEIL H. SIZER. We were kibitzing about health
as we age, the puzzle of how genetics work, and why one child is healthy
while a sibling is not, etc. This led to a story about the fact my own
father died in a fistfight at nearly 88 years old, which HE started, by the
way. So we managed to turn the whole thing into something which reflected
good humor and a great story. So it was amusing and cordial.
From 1961's DALLAS K. MATHIS came a response to the trivia quiz, also. He
didn't do too badly. He also reported he maintains intermittent contact with
some of his former classmates and band members who include W. DUANE
  That's great, Dallas, and as all readers know, I'm all for maintaining
contact with our school friends and attending the get-togethers, whenever
possible.  We all need to do that, as we are losing far too many of our
alumni, far too quickly.
Does anybody out there know a Herb or Ed Jackson, who could be WC alumni? I
don't recognize either name, but I think they're much younger.  Anyway, 1954
s FREDA P. FLETCHER mentioned both names, saying she thinks they were
mid-60s grads. We always kibitz about the old Miami Shores memories, of
course, and all the fun we had. Other familiar names she mentioned were WM.
all of them, but Roy was, I think, the elder brother of ROGER D. FITZ.  I
recall Roger having been married to MARILYN L. STRALEY, at one time, but
Marilyn died.  In fact, I believe all those girls are now deceased. The
three other sisters were SHIRLEY, CAROLYN, and HELEN. We lived on the same
street with them for years and years and years.  Good memories in ol' Miami
Shores, huh, Freda? At one time, we even had a horse-drawn, ice cream truck.
  No wonder all the kids from the other neighborhoods came over there, all
the time!
We've got a correction, readers!  I reported in the last one on 1963's
SHIRLEY ANN RANKIN and her broken right shoulder. But the thing is, it wasn
t the right one, it was the left one. Sorry about that, Shirley. But she
says her recovery is fast-paced and coming along well. She hopes to be back
to normal by the time she and her husband return to Florida in September to
resume their tourist-seasonal positions with Disney World. Well, we're all
glad you're healing well, Shirley.
As have so many over the past 2-3 years, Shirley also questioned if I'd
heard anything from FRANCES L. PEFFLY, 1963. Sadly, I haven't, Shirley. It's
as though Fran dropped off the face of the earth, about 3 years ago. I've
had queries about her from 1963's SANDRA K. MINIX, LEE JEAN JORDAN, CONNIE K
  STREETE, 1964's P. LYNNETTE HAWVERMALE, and several others whose names don
t come to  mind, as I type. So I really can't answer, but wish I could.  I
sure do miss what used to be very regular visit intervals from Fran and her
daughter, Kelly Ann Moore.  They were often accompanied by Fran's son, Jonny
A. Moore, Jr., whom we're now sure has passed away.  So if anyone hears
anything from Fran, do let us know.  She has a legion of people who would
like to contact her.
Before I forget, my big news for 2015 is that I'm dumping cable TV service.
I'm really miffed with their greediness and, "forced channel choices," and
have been doing a lot of studying and reading on the options available.  So
here's what I'm doing.  I'm buying one of those new, state-of-the-art,
technological antennas with all the gadgets, having it installed in the most
advantageous spot in or on my house (by a professional whom I've known ever
since living here), then will open a ROKU account to which one can add as
many as 9 televisions.  The cost is $8.10 a month + tax.  I may open a
second ROKU account, too, as my house is humongous and I have 16 (!)
televisions connected to cable
When they demanded a cable box for each set (last year in November), it
would've doubled my already- egregious cable bill.  So I added just the key
locations.  But it's $7 + tax for each box, so do the math. I'm not paying
that!!  I'll have to have the Internet for ROKU, but I'd keep that, anyway,
so I can't make that a part of the cost.  My cable bill is now $146 per
month.  When I'm finished with everything, it will drop to a mere $18, if I
have TWO of the ROKU accounts.  If not, it will be just $9.  I can't wait
and I plan to do this within 30 days of this writing.  (It's now April 21,
by the way.)  I'll keep you all posted. My sources indicate people are
dumping cable, left and right, for the same reasons I'm doing it.  If that's
true, it's a shame, as it will cost jobs.  But no one with whom I've spoken,
is pleased with the way cable TV has come to be structured, and it's the
same thing wish DISH Network. So I'm done!
We had a blip from 1960's DAVID A. BLAIR, in reference to our aforementioned
(in the last bulletin) senior class play, "Fog Island."  Dave wrote,
(correctly, I'm sure) that class play lists (of the actors) were listed in
order of appearance, rather than as, "the stars."  Okay, Dave, thanks for
reminding me of that.  I had deluded myself, all these years, feeling as
though I and my playbill husband, LARRY M. PENDLEY, were truly the stars. Aw
  shucks!  Another myth shattered!
Of course, I replied, and when he wrote back, he reminded me of, "the kiss,"
at the close of the play. It was between Dave and classmate, SHIRLEY J.
TUDOR, and raised a few eyebrows, at the time.  (It was the fall of 1959,
remember, so nothing like it is, now.)  I invited Dave to visit, along with
wife Marlene (of whom I'm also very fond).  I hope one day you'll take me up
on that, Marlene and Dave.
There was also a blip from 1958's football jock and  super-hunk, LANDO F.
STEELE, who seems to be doing well and in good health.  Was there any female
in the entire school, who did NOT have a crush on Lando?  If so, I say you
re tellin' a big fib!  Stay healthy and safe, Lando! We all love
From 1970's RITA G. JUSTICE came news of her visiting her daughter in
Southern California, and no doubt, she's sure enjoying that.  It was April
12 and she said she'd be there 6 weeks, so I don't know if she's returned or
not.  But whatever the case, Rita, I hope you had a great time.  She and I
also had an exchange about the incredible dangers of tobacco and alcohol use
  Both of them kill so many people.  I am also always befuddled by people
using the phrase, "alcohol and drugs."  Surely, we all know alcohol IS a
drug.  I suppose the reason it is separated is because it's legal. But still
  it's a drug, nevertheless.
From 1954 homecoming queen, JANICE L. WIREMAN, came a reminiscent e-mail,
regarding the night she was crowned, walking through the batons with
football captain JACK W. PUMMILL.  She said she was freezing to death that
night, it was so cold.  Her beautiful, little flower girl, whom I'll bet
many of us recall, died in a house fire the following March. Her name was
Yvonne Green, and she lived right across the street from Janice, who wrote
how she loved the little girl. How tragic, Janice!  But how wonderful you
remember her so fondly, after all these years. So how about we just dedicate
this edition of the bulletin to the memory of little Yvonne Green?  We all
should be remembered so fondly and for so long!
From 1964's W. THOS. GODBY came an invitation to join him on a website
called Linkedin. I sincerely thank you for thinking of me, Tom. However, I
don't participate in the social websites, and yes, I know I am living in the
Dark Ages. But honestly, I actually hope to hold onto the Dark Ages for as
long as I can. There is much in this, "new world," of which I do not wish to
be a part. I harken back to the 1950s, just as often as I can. Ha!
Tom has spent his life in the car business, which is dear to my heart. I,
myself, did the car business as a side interest in Florida, for 17 years.  I
learned so much about it and I still call upon that education, each time I
purchase a vehicle.  I also did Harley-Davidsons, but that was much more fun
and personal. Tom's business is in Plant City, Florida, and is called
Universal Auto Sales (owned by Godby Enterprises, Inc.) I know we all wish
you continued success and good health, Tom.
On April 19, I received an e-mail from 1958's BILL R. HOWARD. It seems some
members of that class, who also include DAVID L. HOWARD and W. BAILEY
HAWKINS would like for the 1958 class to now have an annual get-together of
its own.  Now, this is in addition to the regular, WC alumni weekend in
October, of course. In  his text, Bill writes that he and Bailey and Dave
are not very good planners, and they'd like a lot of input and help from
other 1958-ers.  They're tentatively looking at June 27, apparently, for the
first of these gatherings, but nothing is written in stone. So I'm thinking
a good starting point for the 1958 folks is to contact Bill ( WHoward333@aol
com ) and you can all move forward from there.  Naturally, I know we all
want to support all gatherings of all years for any WC group. As my late
husband often said, "I've never seen any high school, in all my life, where
so many people kept in touch with their classmates to the extent West
Carrollton does!"  Then, he'd shake his head in awe.  I know many of you got
to know him, over the years. Well, he was sure right about that!  I do hope
that never changes.
This is WAY too soon to send another bulletin.  However, I'm seeing the news
is picking up, and to my amazement, incredibly, we seem to be adding more
readers with every bulletin period, and this bulletin is already so long, it
s  going to take forever to read it.  So I'm very hesitant to hold it in
queue for another 3-4 weeks.  This is already the third bulletin for 2015
and it's only April.  I don't want to bore you all to tears nor overwhelm
you with all this reading.
But having written all that, I see no other option than to go ahead and send
this, even though it's not yet even 4 weeks until the last one.  But your
responses have been absolutely wonderful, lots of volume, and lots of news.
So thank you so much and as we close, let us all fondly remember little
Yvonne Green, our 1954 homecoming flower girl, shall we?.  As I sign off on
yet another installment, I leave each of you with my usual wish for glowing
health, personal safety, great happiness, peaceful serenity, spiritual
harmony, and boundless prosperity.

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